Cruel, Cruel World
Roleplaying Log: Cruel, Cruel World
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Arthur Curry and Jennifer Walters talk metahumans and other kind of politics. Food is had, friends are made.

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IC Date: February 13, 2019
IC Location: Long Island - Nassau County - Hempstead
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Posted On: 13 Feb 2019 13:52
Rating & Warnings: Casual flirting, Mild Language
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It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

Arthur, annoyed and frustrated with Atlantean politics, goes to the surface world for literally a breath of fresh-air, and a fine bottle of vodka. wearing clothes that would better fit a biker than a king, Arthur pulls up a chair to the bar and removes his jacket, showing off bare arms with atlantean tattoos.

"The usual, Paul."

the bartender simply gives a thumbs up and gives the Aquaman a drink, which he certainly does indulge in.

It's quiet at the bar though, and loud personalities seem to almost always be welcome.


She-Hulk isn't usually much around Long Island. She likes the sea air just fine, but carnivals invite certain ideas in her head which she'd rather not linger about. She stands out anywhere, of course, long-legged and thick-haired, her green skin shining under the dim lights of the bar as she makes her way in. She wears heels, though she hardly needs them, putting her closer to 6'10" in the spiked shoes. A purple blazer, cream blouse and knee-length skirt with a slit up the side. She crosses her legs carefully as she takes a stool, finding her balance for a moment.

"Long Island it is, so I'll have an iced tea," she said. "I'm not particular which kind," she says absent-mindedly, laying a briefcase on the bar and


Arthur turns his head to the jade giantess as she arrives, giving a raise of his brow.

Because….Whoa. Arthur has NEVER seen a woman that tall, and he's met Amazons! But, he clearly doesn't judge, though she might confuse him for checking her out rather than being simply shocked by her sheer HEIGHT.

yep. not her skin color, or musculature. her height. The rudest thing he could say is 'how's the weather up there' in which he will be appropriately struck by lightning.

"I don't see you around these parts, and I'm a regular. You new?" his voice is more curious and intrigued rather than a voice of suspicion.


She-Hulk raises an eyebrow as she gets her drink, taking a sip through the straw and regarding the tattooed man with a direct gaze. "As you said, I think you'd know if you'd seen me before. I don't exactly blend," she said. "I was in the neighborhood taking depositions for a case. Thought I'd get a bit of local color before I headed back to Manhattan. The subways aren't generally safe at night, but I'm not exactly mugger fodder."


Arthur would shrug softly. "Yeah, I probably would've." he sips his drink in a long and drawn-out manner, before setting the bottle back down onto the table. "A case? What, did something bad happen around here?" he asks in another inquiry. "Well, if you're a little sketchy about the subways, how about I make sure you get home safe. Know this town like the back of my hand."


She-Hulk shakes her head, "Not that kind of case. Just a lawsuit. One of the parks down by the Boardwalk thought it would be a good idea to be discriminatory at their entrance. They're trying to say it's about park safety, but it's just good old fashioned prejudice, of course. Things are a little grim lately in the field of superhuman jurisprudence, however, so I think it probably depends on which judge I get," she says.

At the last thing he says, she smiles, "Are you flirting with me, sir? I am many things but I'm not prone to taking strange men back to my apartment on a moment's acquaintance. Well, not since college anyway."


Arthur just nods very softly. "Geez, bad business." he's not outwardly superhuman, so people don't usually give him looks. It also helps that he's not a mutant. "Especially where mutants are concerned. they should be helped to fit better into the culture, not hated and burned for being different." he shrugs gently.

her question makes him laugh. "Hey, I wouldn't mind goin' home with you lady, but if we do that, let's at least get dinner first." he seems to roll with the comment, whether he took it seriously or not remains to be seen, but he does wink at her. now THAT is a flirty move.

"Arthur. Arthur Curry." he extends his hand to Jennifer.


She-Hulk takes the hand and gives it a squeeze, careful with her strength, "Jennifer Walters," she says. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves, but something to eat wouldn't be bad. Does this place have a menu? I'm sure I could get something smothered in cheese and bacon," she says.

"I think it's okay not to fit in. These were kids, teenagers who just happened to have a bit of fur and a pair of wings to go along with it, but still…they just wanted to eat popcorn and ride the rollercoaster. They didn't mean any harm and it's unfair to assume that they do."


"Nice to meet you Jen." Arthur gives her hand a firm shake, though it's pretty clear that Arthur has a GREAT deal of strength to him, but he releases her hand and looks at the menu. "Of course. they're really good with wings and anything breakfast." he teases.

"yeah…it shouldn't be right. it cannot be right. People are just so cruel to what they don't know or understand."


She-Hulk notices the obvious strength in the man, comparable to her own or, at least, palpable enough that she knows she's not going to break him. "I'll split the difference and get a breakfast burger. No mayo, pickle on the side, please," she says to the bartender.

"They're afraid. I get that. They even have reason to be afraid. We've had enough mutants and metahumans alike getting out of hand, causing mayhem. But humans commit crimes, too. Superhumans are due the same presumption of innocence and process of law as everybody else, the same rights, the same dignity. Even if someone's afraid of them. That's why we have laws."


"They are…" he takes a breath and Arthur looks to the bartender. "nothing for me, I'm just here for the bottle." the bartender nods, and gets to work on Jenn's order. Arthur nods. "In a way, normal humans are realizing they arn't the dominant species anymore. they have people who many would say are naturally better than them. Stronger, Faster, whatever. It's a survival instinct, but it gives no reason for people to be massive dicks."


She-Hulk shakes her head, "Dominant species. Even that kind of talk, I think, is dangerous. I understand the evolutionary elements involved. But humans main evolutionary advantage has been cooperation, social structures, working together. There's no reason for mutation and metahuman emergence to be an adversarial 'us vs. them' sort of scenario. Yes, I'm powered now, but I was a regular human once upon a time. Maybe someday I will be again. You never know what the future holds. But, as you said, people rarely miss out on an excuse to be dicks."


Arthur looks at She-Hulk and he nods. "I know, but still…" he sighs. "that's how people are thinking. it's what's driving them to fight so hard against metahumans. It's fear. it's hoping someone doesn't roba bank that can fly." he looks to She-Hulk, nodding only once. "people rarely do."

of course, he doesn't tell her he's Atlantean, or a Justice Leaguer, but still. "So, how you like the town so far?" apparently happy to shift to a happier subject.



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