Metro ER starring Kamala, Chase, and Superman
Roleplaying Log: Metro ER starring Kamala, Chase, and Superman
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Superman flies a SHIELD agent to the hospital. Meets Chase and Kamala. Selfies with the latter.

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IC Date: November 30, 2018
IC Location: Metropolis
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* OOC Time: Fri Nov 30 17:44:01 2018 *

* * *

"42-16," a voice comes across the radio in Metro-PD's central dispatch.

Gale Flores, seated in dispatch, clicks her headset on, "42-16 go ahead."

"Be advised Superman was on-scene at this personal injury accident. He's already enroute to Metropolis General. Was this accident due to a pursuit?"

"42-16, umm. I don't think so?"

"Okay. Be advised, we've got two in custody for questioning. We're going to need EMS to clear them. Superman reported the injured is a SHIELD Agent. You might reach out to them and tell them they may have an agent enroute to Metropolis General. Scene is secure."

"Copy. Scene secure. We'll let them know."

The automatic doors to the ER swoosh open suddenly. Not entirely unexpected as one of the nurses had left that direction about fifteen minutes ago on break but with no ambulance having pulled outside no one was on alert.

At the desk, another of the nurses looks towards the door. There is a pregnant pause and then she's on her feet coming around the counter, "Superman," she calls aloud looking to her left, "Jerry, get a gurney.."

The Man of Steel holds a slim nondescript man to his chest. He was likely wearing a suit at some point but his jacket has been removed and his shirt is splattered with blood, "He broke his nose," Superman says with casual concern to the rush of personnel, "and was wiping it on his shirt. He's pretty banged up." Blue eyes move across those who approach and when the gurney arrives he lays him gently upon it stepping backward as they crowd in and then begin to wheel him towards a room. The Man of Steel follows. An astute observer would see that he clutches something that looks to be the cross between a firearm and a sci-fi raygun in his left hand — held at the barrel. He follows as they wheel the man away.

* * *

A quick turn of the head has a fiery-haired doctor looking towards the ambulance bay. Just the sight of blood is enough, and with better than lightning reflexes he's at the gurney's side, already looking the man over and assessing him visually. He doesn't give Superman any sort of awe or wow, his focus is on the patient as he's wheeled towards a trauma bed. "What happened?" he asks, giving the Man of Steel nary a glance as he starts his assessment, checking the eyes for dilation and the abdomen for rigidity.

* * *

Ms. Marvel's presence at the hospital, by comparison, as a lot more mundane. Or cheerful, at least. Kind of.

Metropolis General has more than just an emergency room. One of its wards keeps a lot of sick kids, and while they do always appreciate visitors, this visitor can turn into a CAR. Or a bird. Or a big bouncy trampoline. Or just about anything else they ask for, which today included Spongebob, She-Ra, and one of those dudes from Voltron. She tried for both — she'd never done two people at a time — but it didn't turn out well, it didn't look good, and she sensibly changed back really quickly before she made anyone sick. Er. Sicker.

She's just finished, which is to say she finished about twenty minutes ago and has renewed herself by gorging out at the hospital cafeteria. There was chocolate pudding. Key word: was. She's heading out through the ER, still costumed, when a gurney and a superhero and a doctor go rolling past.

Ms. Marvel stops on a dime and wheels around, jogging after (HOLY CRAP SUPERMAN) Superman and the ginger doctor, eyes wide. "Was that his?" She nods to the weapon in Supes's hand. It's a sight better than the potential reaction of "HOLY SMOKES YOU'RE SUPERMAN" that might otherwise have been expected.

* * *

"Front-end collision," Superman begins a sterile recitation of what has led to this moment, "Agent Manheim's vehicle struck a concrete barrier and his air bag deployed. Hairline fracture from his right zygomatic process to the orbital surface and his septal cartilage was crushed from the impact. The whiplash put his forehead into the front-quarter of the vehicle door. He's got quite a goose-egg from the hit but it looks like soft-tissue took the blow — nothing's fractured. Mild concussion but no internal damage — anywhere." He gives the unconscious fellow a mildly apologetic look, "I think the low pressure from the flight caused him to pass out."

It's as if Kal-El can sense the pivot. His attention drifts from the gurney and the inured man to the approaching woman and after regarding her for a beat he nods and seems to welcome her approach, "No," he explains conversationally and lifts his left hand slightly, "It was in the vehicle he was chasing. I thought I'd hang onto it for a while — just in case."

What might be difficult to know is that in the few seconds of conversation he's heard the delighted conversations of the nearby children over their visitor and then, with only slight tension to his gaze, he's focused upon the cells contained within Ms. Marvel's forehead and examined her genetic structure to determine that there's a bit more too her than meets the eye and so he then asks, "You don't recognize it do you?" Offering it towards her without actually allowing anyone to take it from his hand.

* * *

The doctor isn't about due process, and with a swift slip of his hands, he's got his stethoscope in his ears and he's listening to the patient, from his carotid to his heart, his lungs and his belly sounds. "Saves him an emergency trip to X-Ray. Good thing you were the one who brought him in." He does seem to trust Superman implicitly. He then looks over the fellow one more time, pulling the stethoscope out of his ears before shaking his head. He looks to the nurse. "Set him up for an MRI of his skull and a consult with an eye specialist. I want to make sure that fracture isn't going to move and doesn't present a danger to his eyesight. Otherwise, admit him for observation and have the Hospital Physician check in on him." He then pulls out a pad, writing a perscriotion order. "Mild analgesics, for the pain he's undoubtedly going to feel when he wakes up."

Looking back, and down, at Superman, the doctor offers his hand to him. "I don't think we've met. Dr. Chase Stevens, ER Surgeon. At your service, sir." He then looks to Ms. Marvel and lowers his head to her respectfully.

Chase Stevens adds, to the nurse, "Have his nose set, as well."

* * *


Ms. Marvel squints a little closer at the gun, but she shakes her head: "It's not Wakandan or SHIELD tech — or if it is, it didn't come from any kind of normal contractor. It's… I'm guessing that — " She extends a finger — "holds a power cell, and that's the business end there, but beyond that I'd have to take it apart. I'll tell you one thing, though," she adds, glancing between the two gentlemen. "I don't think that gun's from around here. It could be some kind of space gun?"

Sounds dumb now she comes to say it. She does add: "Hi. Ms. Marvel. Sorry to barge in."

* * *

"I thought the same thing," Superman smiles warmly at Ms. Marvel, "The fellows who had it were regenerating really quick;" Superman then adds a bit of well-intentioned dad-humor when he says, "I don't think they're from around here."

"No need to be sorry," he says dropping his left hand, with the space-gun, and then reaches with his right for a moment almost offering to shake his hand but seemingly reconsiders by giving her a fist to bump, "I'm glad you're here." There's something more meaningful to those words like he doesn't mean 'here standing with him' but rather 'here at the hospital because you're awesome' and he clarifies by adding, "You really mean a lot to the kids upstairs. Thank you." That hangs for a moment …

.. and then he turns to Chase as he sends the fellow off for an MRI.

The hand he had offered as a fist-bump to Ms. Marvel is an appreciative handshake to Dr. Stevens, "At /your/ service," Superman says in gentile correction, "Whatever I can do to lend you a hand /let me know/ and don't be afraid to push me out of the way," he says having earlier demonstrated this by evacuating as medical personnel rushed the gurney, "I may be a lot of things but /I'm not a surgeon/. I really appreciate you." He seems earnest and the words hang for a bit before he adds …

"You know," there's some tension to his brow then, this focused contact making him more aware of the tiny artificial lifeforms circulating through the man's bloodstream, "When things calm down I'd love to sit down with you at some point over a tray of cafeteria food to better understand how I can help."

* * *

Chase Stevens laughs to the comment about cafeteria food, shaking his head slowly. "Most of that food has gone through our super-secret, nigh ingenious device that extracts flavor from just about everything," he notes wryly, "Though I will note that the chocolate pudding is pretty good. I was told it was on the menu, so I'll be sure to get some during my break," he notes unknowingly. He then looks to Ms. Marvel, his smile warm. "I guess being at other people's service is a habit and a condition of working for the people, for the patients," he notes before returning his eyes to Superman. "Yes though, I would be more than happy to sit down with you at some point. We can use all the help we can get around here. This may be the City of Tomorrow, but that still doesn't come about without a lot of help."

It's then that sirens can be heard in the ambulance bay, a new arrival. "Dr. Stevens!! Rollover accident on the Parkway. Patient's just arrived!!" That elicits a sigh from the doctor. "If you will both excuse me," he says before he rushes towards the ambulance bay with a stride and a speed worthy of Usain Bolt.

* * *

Ms. Marvel would have shaken hands. For sure. But fist-bumping Superman is possibly a million times better. She determined this using Math.

The comment about the kids upstairs, though: that actually surprises her, both when it comes from Dr. Stevens and the Man of Steel. "I — you knew about that?" Because she'd definitely assumed nobody actually knew who she was apart from 'quite a good clown when needed'. "Hey, sometimes it's not the big things. Sometimes it's not so much saving the world as saving one small part of it. I guess you'd both know about th — "

And then the doctor's sprinting away. It's just her and Blue Tights now — the guy who was in the accident is being hustled off, too. She feels like she should say something. What would a hero say? Three years of being one and even she doesn't always know.

"If — if there's anything you need, though, just call. Not trying to edge in on your patch, but I may be in Metropolis a little more now." What with the registration laws in New York and all.

* * *

Superman grins a bit as the conversation turns to chocolate pudding. He looks about to say something but there's an edge of distraction when he does so and soon the voice on the intercom interrupts whatever he was about to say, "Talk to you soon." Is all he says when the Doctor moves away with an almost supernatural speed.

"Sure," Superman replies to Ms. Marvel's question, "and I agree. It may be a big city but life's about doing what you can for people when you are able to do it." Kal-El gives her an easy paternal smile, "If we just sit around waiting for something /big/ to happen then we're missing out on the everyday interactions that really make the world a better place."

A faint gesture with his right hand for her to follows as he walks back towards the sliding doors that brought him here, "I'm just one man," says Superman to her offer, "I need all the help I can get. /Feel free to help anyone you can/."

As they step into the night air he watches as Dr. Chase and the ambulance crew bring the next patient inside before looking to Ms. Marvel once again, "Well, you're always welcome here." Superman says to her, "I never thought that I'd find a place /so accepting/ of someone from another planet and then I moved to Metropolis. There's good people in every city all over the world /the problem is/ sometimes people get scared. /Wherever you are/ I'd just recommend you be the woman who spends her free time entertaining children; spend time /being yourself/. You may not make a difference for everyone but if you make a difference /for one person/ then sometimes /that's enough/ to change the world. Maybe not today — but here in Metropolis we like to think that /tomorrow/ can always be a bit better."

"Isn't the hope for a better tomorrow really the thing that drives us all?"

He lets that hang a moment and then shrugs his caped shoulders, "Ms. Marvel," he then says, "I appreciate you. /If you need me/ I'm here /for you/." Now standing in the open air he glances to the sky and then at her once more, "Okay?"

* * *

The chocolate pudding. Yeah. It was good. Emphasis on 'was'. Maybe they'll make more by the time the doctor's got five minutes to bolt a meal. She hopes so, anyway.

And then Superman just goes all… all super at her. Inspiring and cool and genuine. There's not many people anywhere, not just on Earth, who could say all that and not just look sincere but actually BE sincere. In a world that sometimes seems full of apathy and greed, meeting someone else who Gets It is like a drink of cold water in the desert.

She grins, and when Ms. Marvel grins, it really is ear-to-ear. "Nailed it," she says, and goes on to admit: "You're better at a lot of things than I am, and that definitely includes putting words around things. Important things. You take the same advice too, okay? Don't forget to take some time to yourself."

She glances at the sky, then back to him. "Okay," she says. "But first. You said 'be yourself'. I know you get this a lot and it's hardly dignified, but…"

From seemingly nowhere, Ms. Marvel pulls out a phone. "Selfie?"

* * *


Superman's mien cracks as his casual paternal nature gives way to a moment of true humor.

"Sure," Clark says and makes a show bringing his hand to the lacquered stylings of his hair and attempting to smooth them down so fingers pinch his spit-curl to assure it's just-as people would expect. With unhurried strides he steps for Kamala and then turns stooping slightly so they're shoulder to shoulder before reaching around her back and making a two-fingered 'peace' sign overtop her shoulder.

Squinting slightly he molds his face so that its simultaneously easily recognizable but also endurably playful. He holds this for as long as necessary and after the first picture suggests, "One more. Serious face." And gives the camera a serene look, chin lifted, then suggesting, "Okay. Now let's both look like as you're about to take the picture we both see Metallo," eyes widen with surprise his mouth becoming an 'oh'.

* * *

…okay, this may be surpassing the day she found out she was getting the Stark internship as Literal Best Day Ever. Superman mugs for the camera, and so does Kamala, with the added bonus that she is definitely her own selfie stick.

"We gotta do back-to-back," she adds. Specifically, back to back, arms folded, eyebrow raised like The Rock. She can even master Serious Face, composing her expression into solemnity, even gravity. And then, one more for the road — she closes her eyes, shifts, and blinks in the sunlight. She's about a foot taller, broad shouldered, blue-eyed, dressed in blue and red. Superman stands next to Superman, but the grin is all-too-Kamala. "Last one," she says. It even SOUNDS like him.

The whole thing doesn't take more than a minute or two. It's goofy and friendly and memorable, and it pretty much cements Kamala as Team Superman from here on.

* * *

Back-to-back. Arms folded. However rather than raising his brow he is classically heroic peering into the distance as space-time was not a boundary for his vision of the future.

'Last one'

Clark guffaws and moves shoulder-to-shoulder, "Well," he says as she adjusts the frame, "when I do take a day off at least I know who can take my place at photo ops," just before she takes the picture he nudges her slightly with his elbow just to jostle the picture a bit to potentially force a second take.

"Thank you," he says kindly when the pictures are done and takes several steps backward, "You know — we're starting a char —," sudden pause as he cocks his head.

Seventy-two miles away — just outside of Dover - traffic has stalled. A driver pulls forward across onto a train track and sighs impatiently edging forward. Then the bells at the crossing begin to ring and the arms start to lower. The driver looks to his left and then to his right — and a shock of adrenaline passes through his system. He lays into the horn *HONK HONK HOOOOONK* as the train bears down.

"I've got to go." Superman ends their interaction succinctly and seems to teleport from the ground to the sky a *SONIC BOOM* occurring overhead as he vanishes to the southeast.

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