Agent Green: Shaken, Not Stirred
Roleplaying Log: Agent Green: Shaken, Not Stirred
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Parambir Ghai drops a heavy bomb on Agent Green, leaving him shaken.

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IC Date: November 30, 2018
IC Location: SHIELD HQ
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Parambir Ghai has been avoiding Simon Green. To say it has been purposeful would not exactly be fair, but it also would not exactly be out of the realm of logical conclusions. Spies look for patterns, and the patterns are quite clear: lunch dates have been cancelled the last couple days, Rami has been excusing herself from coming over to Simon's place with a variety of lame excuses, she's been obviously missing from her usual haunts around HQ. It hasn't been exactly fair, but she also hasn't really been cognizant of the fact she's not letting Simon in on something — maybe something with Michael, or maybe something with family, or maybe just the timer on this particular relationship is up. He's been kept out of the loop. Until now.

She sits quietly at the edge of his desk at the end of the typical lunch hour. She's got a tea mug in her hands, and she's nursing it slowly. She looks a bit uncomfortable, but tries to present passer-byers with warm smiles that are more in her character. She casually flips through some folders on Simon's desk while she waits for him — a nervous gesture rather than a nosy one. The moment she sees Simon approaching his desk, she straightens up and her smile takes on a small, nervous edge. "Hey there, Bagha." The use of the pet-name hopefully soothes any worries that may have festered in Simon's mind, but it still holds a small tremble of uncertainty.

Simon is good at spotting patterns. Very good, truth be told. And so when Rami started to go dark, he upped the invitations. When she stayed dark… he retreated, the invitations fewer and further between. There's plenty of work to be done, so he's kept busy, but it's been long enough to start to rankle, to get his hackles up. Simon is just back from a workout and a shower with lunch, his ginger hair water-darkened and the collar of his woolly-pully speckled with droplets. When he spots the interloper perched on the edge of his desk, his brows go up, a smile starting to spread across his features before it crashes down into the start of a frown. All of that before his lips tighten a moment and he offers up what can be the most painful of things, a polite smile. "Hey, Rami." The pet-name does indeed soothe some of his frustrated annoyance and his worry, but the tremble of uncertainty sparks other worries, "Trouble?"

She's a handler. She knows how to handle all kinds of people, and Simon is just one more than she has learned how to read. She can see how he starts high, sinks low, and then tries to find some safe plateau. It kills her, and it shows in the way her entire expression softens into something a bit painful. "Yes… I mean, no. Not trouble." She breathes in deeply, rocking up to her feet to touch his forearm. "I need to talk. We need to talk. Do you have time? We can grab a room." She's not really helping assuage anything, and she knows it.

The response doesn't help. Still, Simon's lips press together and he nods, "Sure." Because 'we need to talk' is never pleasant when said between two people who are involved. Perhaps especially when there are still unspoken questions about their future. He nods over toward one of the offices available for anyone who needs them, gesturing her for precede him, his right hand brushing at the small of her back before he grimaces a little, murmuring, "Sorry." Once they're both in, he closes the door and lifts his brows, biting back whatever he might want to say to prompt her with or accuse her of.

Parambir leads the way, though the glance of his fingers across her neck draws her eyes toward him. The apology though has her own lips tightening into a hard line of uncertainty. Nothing is said, not until the door is closed behind them. She glances around the office, and then accepts that there is no way to avoid the listening devices in this room. She breathes out a slow breath, arms crossed at her chest. "I've been avoiding you." The words are soft — the confession a touch guilty. She looks down at the toes of her flat-soled boots. "I needed some time… to think."

"I noticed that," Simon actually manages a little twist of a smile despite his own suddenly-fluttering nerves. At her guilty look, he grimaces and rolls his shoulders, reaching up to scratch at his beard. Finally, he takes a breath, blows it out, and just dives in himself. "If it's about Michael coming back, or your folks, just…" he grimaces again, setting his features again, "…just give it to me straight, yeah Rami?"

Michael coming back? That stumbles her thinking a moment, and her mouth opens before confusion claims her expression and silence stretches between them for longer than necessary. "No. Nothing like that… I mean… this is definitely a family thing, and my parents are going to need to be part of the conversation." Then she steps back, opening the space between them more. Her eyes search his for a long moment before she straightens her shoulders, exhales, and nods. "Alright… I'm pregnant." She opens her hands helplessly at her side.

Her initial words confuse Simon further, but there's some reassurance there at least. The retreat adds even more to his confusion, and to his worry, but the news that follows is a bolt out of the blue. His mouth starts moving before his brain manages to engage again, "Well, that's certainly a surprise. I have to admit that I wasn't expecting anything like that." That's just the spy response though, where stunned silence is dangerous as all hell. By now, however, he's able to actually get his brain working. "I… thought that was covered? I mean, it's a little late to worry about that. You want to…?" With her family, 'taking care of it' really isn't an option. "…talk about it?"

"Well, I thought it was, too, Simon," Rami sounds a bit terse there. "But nothing is perfect, and so here we are." She turns away slightly, rubbing the heel of her hand against her jaw slightly. Then she looks back at him, expression uncertain. "Of course I want to talk about it… we're not married, we've barely been dating six months…" She crosses her arms as she sinks her focus back toward her feet. "You're not expected to stay." She looks up at him, brows furrowed. "I'm not expecting anything from you."

Simon holds up his hands a little defensively at the terse rejoinder, "I'm not… I'm not blaming you, Rami." Once more, he scratches at his jawline, but when she suggests that he leave, he straightens out of his thoughtful slump, both hands resting on his hips. "I'm not expected to stay? What the hell, Rami?" He steps forward then, reaching out for her arm to turn her back towards him, "There's no reason for me to go anywhere." His voice turns fierce then, "None at all."

The touch turns her back toward him, and she finds that he is closer than she expected. She tilts her head up to meet his gaze, staring into those blue eyes with a deep, searching quality. "Of course there is, love… you really shouldn't deny that. We've barely known each other six months, and you're a spy. I don't know of many who seek to be family types." Then she softens a bit. "But… I will accept that you have more reasons to stay than to go, hm?" Then she shakes her head, reaching to touch his knuckles gently with her fingertips. "I have meant to talk to you all week… but I needed to… think this through."

"Well I wasn't seeking to…" Simon shakes that off, still working on re-establishing his anchor. "I have a lot more reasons to stay than go." His hand collects hers and reaches up to touch her fingertips to his chest over his heart, where she can feel the nervous speed of his heart. Trailing his fingers down along the back of her hand, he draws in another breath and lets it out, "So. How did thinking it through go? How's the Agency's maternity leave? Paternity leave? How's your family handling it?" Since he assumes they know by now.

The feel of his heart quiets her, and she just touches his chest with a gentle pressure. She collects his other hand, sliding her fingers around his until she squeezes gently. "I haven't looked into it. The maternity leave, or paternity leave." She ducks her head slightly before she steps in close. She shakes her head. "Dad knows, and Dada knows." Bearer memories would make that easy. She ducks her chin slightly, just being with him for a long moment. "I haven't told anyone else."

Simon glances down as she threads her fingers into his, returning the squeeze after a moment. "Well then you'd better get doing your homework, hadn't you?" At least he's teasing her again, even if he still shifts his weight from one foot to another, subtle signs that the nerves are still there. "And what do they think?" Blinking, he frowns and backtracks a little, "What do you think, Rami? Is your heart thundering as fast as mine is?"

"I think I had that for about two days, Simon… now it just feels like it's always on the brink of going into full panic mode or stopping altogether." The handler steps closer to him until she is curling her arms tightly around his shoulders, and she squeezes him tightly as she rests her head over his shoulder, chin pressed near the crook of his neck. "You can take time to think," she whispers softly against his skin.

"Well, I'm at…" Simon checks his watch for a moment, even as she steps close. Enfolding her in his arms, he squeezes perhaps a little desperately, turning his head into the tumble of her black hair. "I love you, Rami. I… I'm freaked out, I'm not ready, but I'm not going anywhere." There's a pause, "Unless there's something with your family that I screw up. I mean…" He lets out a breath and then draws it in again, "…I'm not at all what any of them had in mind. Is it going to be a problem for, you know, bearing up?"

"Two minutes." Then her smile softens as he embraces her, pulling her into that comfortable place where she can listen to his heart and hear the way it nervously flutters in this moment of absolute tension. Then hears those words, and her eyes close tight just as tears threaten to edge into her lashes. She shakes her head just barely against his own head. "I love you, Simon." Then she pulls back at the mention of her family, and a small laugh builds at her lips. She ducks her head slightly, smiling a gentle earnest smile. "Well, you're not brown, so that's already been a problem." She lifts her eyes to his before she presses her hand into his cheek. "Have you ever considered becoming a Ghai?"

Simon's hands tighten a little at her back as she draws back, but he allows her the space she wants. "Never have been, never will be, unfortunately. I just get red." Beat pause, "Redder." One hand comes up to scrub at his jawline, "And I don't know… Simon Guy," he very intentionally Americanizes the last name, "really, really doesn't work. It's like, more suspiciously unsuspicious than John Smith." He's letting his mile-a-heartbeat thought process spin a little out of control while his mouth babbles on, "And Green-Ghai is awkward too. So's Ghai-Green." He barks an awkward laugh then, "Oh shit… that's, that's a whole other problem, isn't it. Unexpected and unmarried…" there's half a question there, for all that he's clearly trying not to push anything, certainly not before he has time to think about it.

The Sikh woman just smiles that warm, red smile… until Simon gets to the unexpected and unmarried part, and then she drops her head a bit. Her hands slide against his arms until her fingers hook around his elbows gently. She leans forward until her forehead gently touches his in a warm, quiet communication of understanding. "There's no rush," her words are soft. "My parents are all the way in London." Or at least that's what Parambir thinks. "And Dad has not told Mom yet. There's plenty of time to figure out how we want to frame this… but." She clears her throat, working through this herself. "This child… they might be a Bearer." And that's nothing to say whether or not Simon's own blessing could be passed down.

The light grasp on his elbows is steadying for Simon, and he presses his brow softly to hers, "How long until they're on an airplane though?" There's a chuckle behind the words, and a tiny bit of panic behind the chuckle. Shaking off the question, the chuckle, and the attack of the nerves, he draws in a breath, "And I don't have the X-gene, but I've got no idea what else this…" he gestures to himself slightly, "is." Closing his eyes for a moment to center himself, "Well, you proved that it's possible to rattle Agent Green, Rami. Congratulations. But I think I'm getting a handle on it, for now at least." Drawing his head back just a little, he opens his eyes to find hers, "I'm in. All the way. Whatever we do or don't do with us, I'll be there for the kid. And for you."

Simon's on-point reply has Rami widening her eyes slightly. "Oh bloody hell, I hope not…" She grimaces. "We do not have the space for them. My mother… she will never go home!" Then she sighs, rubbing at her jawline and then neck before she looks up at him with a weary, tired smile. "I wasn't actually trying to rattle you, Simon… never my purpose or chosen task." She presses a soft kiss to his lips — just a testing, little exchange of affection between the two. It warmly expresses her satisfaction at the promise of his resolve and dedication. Then she nods slightly. "Alright, you're all in." Then she seems to sink into her feet, looking abruptly tired. "I have a doctor's appointment in a week… I assume you will come." Then she grimaces slightly. "And not a word to Carter… either of them… until we know that everything is okay."

Simon lets some of the tension out of his shoulders as he returns the kiss, pressing his forehead to hers in the wake of the loving connection. "Yes, let me know when, I'll block the time out of my calendar." He chuckles at the mention of the Carters, "I think you mean 'any of them,' Rami. Not that I've really worked much with Agent 13. But there's always another Carter in the spy business. And if your folks do show up, they can always stay at my place, although then I'd need a place to stay." A moment's puzzlement furrows his brow, "How far along are you, anyhow? Is this like a 'start wearing a scarf or carrying a potted plant' thing, or a 'way early' thing?"

There's a warm chuckle that moves through her at both his puzzlement and queries, and then she tilts her head. "You would stay with me, Simon… I think we're a bit beyond the whole 'outside of wedlock' concerns, don't you?" She's teasing him now, and it's a warm and comfortable return to the norm. Then she shakes her head slightly, pressing another kiss, this time to the corner of his mouth. "Well, I'm only guessing here… four weeks? Maybe five? Not very long." She looks a bit amused. "I think it was that post-mission tumble we took." Then she nudges her nose against his, nuzzling slightly.

Simon nods at her teasing response, and he shrugs a little, "I didn't want to assume," with someone he actually cares about rather a lot, "But yeah. It's not like your virtue's in danger." Beat pause, "Anymore." The timeline causes his eyes to lift slightly as he does the mental calendar calculations, "Caught on early. Real early, since you've been ducking me for a little while now." His gaze drops down to her darker one, "I was starting to get worried. And yeah, that sounds like about the right time then. I mean, that or the time in the locker room at the gym in my building." Tilting his head, he presses his lips to hers as he brushes his nose back across hers. The kiss is low and soft, if a little demanding in his relief. "I know you were trying to figure out what you thought of the situation, but avoiding me… It'd be nice if you didn't do that next time something came up."

"Well… I'm not without some memories of these things, love." The word is said softly now, from a source of true affection. "If we assume that half of the memories I keep are from childbearing women, I have quite an extensive library of experiences to pull from." Oh boy. That's going to be quite an experience. She now wonders if her father ventured into those memories, seeking understanding and sympathy for his wife's pregnancies — not all of which were easy and comfortable. Perhaps that's why he was always so loving and caring to Rami's mother during those hard first years. He had been there, or at least he could access the memories of being there. He could feel the tiny weight against his chest, the way the breath was soft and gentle through nursing and cuddling to sleep. In that same heartbeat, Rami's own memories surface and she can feel a sudden pang for motherhood in a way she had not experienced yet. Then came with it, sorrow. Not all children live, and there is at least one Bearer who did not live to see her newborn child. It catches her abruptly, and emotions already spurred from hormones turn into a sudden flood of tears. "Shit," she says, turning away, wiping her hands down her face. "Oh shit, this is going to be the worst." Then she turns to him, and her smile is fragile. "I'm sorry… I'm sorry I didn't tell you right away, the moment I knew…"

Simon's eyes widen as he follows her words, his mouth making a little 'oh' as he ponders the ramifications of hundreds of childbirth experiences — at least. "Wow." And then the tears come, and Simon steps up behind Rami, looking to turn her back around toward him and draw her head into his chest, "Hey… hey… I've dealt with unstable despots. How bad can a pregnant partner be?" Famous last words, right? One hand comes up to stroke at her hair, and he shrugs off her apology, "You don't need to apologize, Rami. You had to get yourself sorted out first." And then he considers, his eyes narrowing a little, "But I do want you to promise me that you're not going to go memory-surfing at random. Not unless we need more information about something in particular."

Parambir just lets that emotion flood, and she's sobbing softly as she turns into him. She feels exhausted suddenly, like everything has come together in one final ache at once. Then she sinks, trying to come back from the flood, and her whole body shivers with a deep inhale and exhale. She starts to nod slowly, head bobbing up and down against his chest as she does. "Oh, love… I'm going to be a nightmare." Then she smiles a watery smile up at him, head tilted aside. "I will try not to, but that is going to be incredibly difficult. Bearers can be… a bit unstable with pregnancy, or at least that's what Dada says." She brushes the back of her hand against her nose, sopping up tears and snot and then she sighs until her shoulders drop once more. "It has been worse the last few days… I'm either sick because I'm hungry, or sick because I just ate, and let's not even get started on the emotional roller-coasters. I don't know how this planet can be so overpopulated if this is what pregnancy does to women."

Simon strokes at her hair as she sobs, "Well, at least you warned me, right?" As she recovers a little and starts to wipe her face, he draws his hands back, checking his pockets and grimacing a little as he fails to find anything that would really suit for a handkerchief, not that he really expected anything. "Too much knowledge can be a dangerous thing." He flashes a grin, "That's why I stay blissfully ignorant." The description of the trials of early pregnancy draw a little chuckle from him, "Well, I've been told that women tend to forget the worst parts of pregnancy, which helps, I'm sure." That grin doubles and gets crooked, "No reason for men to forget, which I guess just shows you how much we like sex if we're willing to risk a pregnant partner again after going through it once."

Luckily, in this office, there is a box of tissues on the table. She snatches a couple from the little nondescript cardboard box, and starts to blow her nose into the thin ply. She looks tired again, like she's been running on low fuel for a while now and has finally reached fumes. She looks back up at him at his words, and it makes her smile vaguely. "Well, we can't all be gifted with ignorance." Then she balls up her tissues and drops them into a waste bin. "Well, men are idiots, at least we can both agree." She smiles wearily at him before she grips at his forearm. "Thank you," she says in a hoarse little whisper. "Thank you, Simon."

"Well, I didn't say idiots, that's your word." The grin stays broad, "I just said we like sex." The grip at his forearm is enough to let him draw her in close, Simon wrapping his other arm around her shoulders and leaning close to press slow kisses to her brow, nose, and lips in turn. "Come on, Rami. You know me. I'm not going to bug out on a good thing just because it gets more complicated." A hint of amusement touches his lips, "Besides. I knew since about the fourth or fifth date that this was going to be long-term or nothing."

The kisses draw her eyes closed, she savors each touch. Then she breathes out a sigh, and her brown eyes open to meet his with a small, fragile smile. "I know." The words are soft. "That's why I love you, Simon… because I'm sure there was an affection there the moment we got onto the ferris wheel." She smiles a bit more steadily, and then she shakes her head. "How much longer do you have on duty tonight?" She glances beyond him back to the bullpen before she lifts her eyes back to his.

"Yes, there was, Rami." Simon shrugs a little helplessly, "Chemistry's real, that's all I can say." The arm not currently wrapped around Rami's shoulders lifts between them, brushing his knuckles low across her abdomen. His eyes drop to follow the gesture, and then he looks back up to meet her gaze, "I'm doing a stack of paperwork, that's all." Glancing over his shoulder, he shrugs just a little, "I can probably finish it in like fifteen minutes." A grin flickers back onto his lips, "Why? Are we going to the Ferris Wheel again? Should be pretty quiet this time of year." And night.

"Mm, glad you noticed it, too, love." Parambir Ghai then dips her eyes to watch his knuckles move across her belly, and she smiles gently before she touches his wrist. She presses his hand flatter against her belly, and then she steps in closer to him. Her fingers touch his cheek and jaw, and she smiles gently as their foreheads connect. It's a warm, affectionate moment that passes between them — warm sunshine. "Okay. You finish in fifteen minutes, and then we can go to the Ferris Wheel." She lifts her lips to his, and the kiss is soft and gentle, but no less adoring.

When Rami turns his palm to her abdomen, Simon looks down again, wondering that he can't feel any difference in the curve, despite how much it has upset his life and hers. He lifts his head into the gentle kiss, and his hand at her shoulders slips back to cup her cheek, fingertips caressing her skin. He lingers in the gentle play of their lips, glorying in the summer warmth that infuses the moment. When he finally straightens up, his brows lift, "You have warm enough clothes, Rami?" Beat pause, "This is where I get to start being overprotective, right?"

It warms the depths of her belly the way he returns that kiss, fills her with a steady energy. Then she lifts her eyes up to meet his, and those browns hold an incredible about of steadiness. Though, soon enough, she's rolling them slightly at his questions. Then she snorts slightly. "I'll let you know when I'm on the brink of choking you out in your sleep." Then she presses another light kiss to his cheek before she releases him, nodding him off with a dip of her chin. "Go. Get that paperwork done. I'll meet you down at the truck in twenty."

"Oh, so you're going to be back to sleeping over, Rami?" Just a little teasing to go with the sudden over-protectiveness. Simon lets his hands slip from abdomen and cheek reluctantly, and he digs into his left pants pocket, holding out the keychain with its big truck key, couple of dongles, and the tiny Patriots helmet. "So you aren't left out in the cold if I'm a couple minutes late." The grin flashes broad again, "Not that I will be." He leans in for another quick kiss — the light peck on her lips is perhaps lighter than any of his previous kisses. Evidently knowing that he's got a long time to get more takes some of the desperation off.

Parambir rolls her eyes, but again — there's deep affection there. "Yes, Simon… I plan to." Then she laughs. "Though if my parents show up, we're moving into my place. My mother will not understand Bastion." Even if her father would — after all, he's seen it before, through his daughter's eyes. She takes the offered keys, bouncing them a bit as he steps back — but not before that light pecking kiss. She smiles warmer to that, full lips pulled into an easy curve. She shoos him off with her hand before she starts after him, aiming to make a slow effort to gather up her things and meet him down at the parking garage.

"I thought that was the plan already. Plus, we can use whatever bugs SHIELD has in my place to find out just how horrified they are about me." Simon's grin goes positively shit-eating then, even as he waves off the suggestion and ducks out, heading back toward his desk.

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