Bloodstone Roses
Roleplaying Log: Bloodstone Roses
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Misfit gets advice from Raven and Bart about Constantine and Limbo

Other Characters Referenced: Zatanna Cosntantine Illyana Earl
IC Date: February 15, 2019
IC Location: Titan's Hideout
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Posted On: 16 Feb 2019 21:21
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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It is actually pretty damn early in the morning on February 15th. To some people it would technically be February 14th.

Charlie though was not out on a date, she has no mundane life, she is dating and seeing no one romantically.

No Charlie was working, actual honest to goodness detective work from Gotham to the Bronx and then things went very very dark. Also weird, but weird can still be dark. Morbid. Santity rending. That poor detective definitely lost several SAN points on his sheet of life dealing with it.

Still he didn't die so that is a victory, though his involvement aint over yet so Charlie probably shouldn't count him out yet, on the dying part.

Anyhow a somewhat disturbed, excited, and furious Misfit teleports into the base common room. She keys her comms and asks ~Anyone at base. I need some advice on how to deal with a really extra AF."

* * *

Sleep is…a natural and healthy habit to have. But there are times when sleep is elusive, slipping away at the edges to leave the deprived staring up at their blank ceilings to deal with their noisy minds for hours on end.

It is not known if Raven goes to sleep at a certain time, nor does anyone know if she rises at obscene hours of the still-breaking dawn. In this case, either one is plausible. Even moreso now that Charlie has returned with many different feelings coloring her being. Still, she picks up the comm she normally leaves on with little fanfare.

"This is Raven." Her voice, while soft, is clear enough to hear. "What's on your mind?"

* * *

The significance of the day had come and gone without much notice for the Titans' younger resident speedster. For him it had been another normal day at school, followed by some time at the office where he spent most of that doing his homework. Slow business day, which, while good in that it meant no boring board meetings, it still had the word 'slow' in it, which meant things were just as torturous for the lack of much else to do. At least he'd been able to finish his homework up.

At least when you're mostly your own boss that means you can take leave whenever you want, or at least so Bart had figured. He'd left the office early and run his school stuff back home in Manchester, Alabama, and then returned to New York for a patrol sweep.

Sleep has always been an elusive thing for him, and when living under the roof of Max Crandall the one thing he despised more than having to be reminded to do things at normal speed was an early curfew. Not his fault that he spent the longest time just trying to fall asleep, but even now the act of resting has always been a nightly menace to defeat. Or was it succumb to? Eh.

Tonight (today?) it has not yet won. It's probably because he's been gaming in his room here in the recently renovated mall, the Titans' headquarters. Bart gives a whoop as he finishes the final stage, his eyes going to his comm as Misfit's voice comes on.

"What's an A-F?" is his inquiry, his response not even made over the comm as he's just suddenly there in the common room not a handful of seconds after Misfit had braodcasted. He's in his usual casuals rather than costume, but it's late night and bed's probably soon to be a thing. Maybe. What time is it even, anyway?

* * *

Misfit steps over to start rooting in one of the fridges grabbing herself a Zesti Cola, honestly blame Tim for getting Alfred to stock them in the fridge in the manor. Also blame Dick. It is the soda of choice for batlings really. Most kids like Soder Cola but then honestly Gotham is definitely weird.

Charlie turns from the fridge her armor clawed up on the front, though the pink skin looks quite intact. She was taking a drink before responding to Raven, but when Bart is just right there she almost snarfs it out her nose. One would think someone used to Batman ALWAYS being behind you would make her more use to speedsters and other teleporters. But there we have it, not always. "Gak"

Charlie holds up a hand for Bart to wait a moment and pushes her goggles up wiping her eyes and taking a breath with a shaky laugh. Maybe it was the problem she wants advice on that has her jumpy. "AF.. uuuuh" tender young speedster ears. "As Fudge… but not fudge… " maybe that will explain it.

Over the comms to Raven, swapping to her channel since she seems awake "I have magic questions. Have you ever heard of a Soul Sword and SoulStones Medallion?" … … .. extra AF indeed.

* * *

"Are you okay?" Raven asks, lacking a stronger note of concern when she catches the cola-snort. She doesn't even wait for a reply as she goes to phase through the curtains and walls of the claimed abandoned bookstore, stopping just outside of it before deciding that a portal will shorten the distance between points A and B.

Point B — the common area — is where the portal ends up, directly across from where Charlie and Bart are, seconds into the former's explanation of 'AF.' The goth steps out, her oversized plush black hoodie draping over her slim figure as black leggings and fuzzy socks blend in with how dark everything still is.

She blinks, drawing in a breath to refocus, arching a brow at the question. "Soul Sword and Soul Stones…" As she thinks, she also tries to subtly restore the calm over all three of them, folding her arms over one another. "These items sound familiar to me, but I'm not too sure of what you speak of."

* * *

"-sorry..!" Bart quickly apologizes, looking sheepishly at Charlie as she recovers from her unfortunate soda mishap. The confusion on his face is more than obvious as he repeats Charlie's…explanation, once she's able to talk again. "As fudge but not…" he murmurs thoughtfully before it seems understanding dawns, brows lifting as his mouth opens in a wide o-shape.

When Raven arrives he waves a hand at her. "Hey Rach." She's definitely the more qualified to ask about magicky things, he supposes. He's not even wearing his sorcerer hat!

"Soul..?" He blinks, glancing between the two girls. "Where'd you get stuff like that?"

* * *

Well Charlie is less angry but it would take more than Raven's mild damping down to make her less excited, or calm. Damn Muppet of Chaos. "Sokay Bart I do this to people all the time.. fair play right?"

Also there is something deeply out of sorts mystically in the common room when Raven steps through the portal.

Like nails on a chalk board to those mystically inclined.

Also not at the periphery or mild, no it is a very potent presence.

Scratching and scraping at the far edges of reality and time itself with notes of innocence mixed with a heady froth of suffering and pain..

Of course to Bart there is nothing out of sorts.

"Well I was following up on a Family Annihilator.. or um.. so I thought.. also turns out the guy is because someone rewrote time." not a good way to start an explanation. "Soulstones are made from innocent souls .. I guess… anyhow this guy had all sorts of mystic runes and ritual stuff, so I followed the detective that was tracking him on behalf of the extended family.. and we found him in the Bronx. The place was really out of sorts with reality.. I thought it was attuned to hell but now I am not so sure… but I think he punched a hole over to the other side and time is messed up there .. we came in right as he was clawing his way back to our world with an army at his heels."

* * *

To be fair, excitability is more manageable than full-blown anger. Both aren't new to Raven, and being awake as she is, she prefers to go with this. Her brow lifts, the rest of her face the same with the slight change, lips parting. "…Hm. Of course they're made from the souls of innocents," she comments lowly, letting it trail off for a moment.

As her chin tilts downward, she looks like she has more insight on the information Charlie drops. Instead, her shoulders hunch upward, the sudden movement forcing her jaw shut upon impact with a jarring sound of lower molars meeting their upper counterparts. Within seconds, her hands clamp over the choppy strands of color-tinged hair, pressing tightly against her ears to shut out the noise.


She bends forward, trying to breathe, trying hard to concentrate, her head swimming as things become more disorienting.

* * *

"Is that an official title or a description? Either way that sounds pretty terrible," Bart frowns. He blinks at Charlie as though doubting he'd heard right. "Rewrote time? How'sat? Who the heck did you run into??" This was sounding more and more wild by the moment.

Nothing seems amiss to him except for the bizarre tale that Charlie relates- no, tale's not quite the word for it if she'd actually encountered such a thing. "Ugh, I sure hope it wasn't another portal to hell or something- it still feels like we just took care of the last one!"

Even before he finishes speaking he catches the slight movement from Raven out of the corner of his eye, and he's already turning, eyes widening when the half-demon hunches over. "Ray-?!" he blurts, hand resting upon her shoulder as he's beside her then to help keep her steady. "Hey, what is it? What's wrong?"

* * *

Charlie notes to Bart "I'm getting to that part.. it was super freaky.. and it was a portal to Limbo whatever that is."

When Raven starts to freak out though Charlie looks alarmed towards Raven, then teleports, vanishing with a slash of crimson smoke and reappearing way down yonder on the other end of the mall, though still in sight.

She has been around enough she is definitely worried it is the stuff she has worth messing with their demonic empath like that.

Over the comms Charlie encourages "Shields up Raven.. .shields up!" she pauses then adds unsure. "I have two soulstones with me.. twisted bad ones not right ones.. whatever that means for fudge sake… he made them out of the family he killed."

Then Misfit adds "The ruler of Limbo gave them to me .. lady named Darkchilde, childe of Belasco, Queen of Limbo.. she also said her name was Illyana when she looked human. She was the one who undid time and killed the Warlock and then told me I need to release the souls with the detective that was there and told me to find Constantine."

* * *

Thanks to Bart's support, Raven stays mostly upright, still leaning forward as quick shallow breaths escape her. Gasping for air, she squeezes her eyes shut, struggling with the sensations overwhelming her senses.

Shields up, Raven… shields up!

The resonance of Charlie's voice over the comms is barely audible, fighting against the screeching only she can hear. Its presence stretches out the seconds, its heaviness lifting moments after Misfit keeps herself at a distance. Swallowing, the half-demon mutters under her breath, reciting familiar words at a rapid pace to re-center herself. "…No wonder," comes a hoarse, maybe even dry, response amid attempted fuller breaths.

Raven pauses again, inhaling deeply, exhaling slowly, clearing her head as best as she can, brow knitting at what Charlie says about the stones and the story behind how she ended up with them. "…Limbo…is a completely different dimension. Charlotte, 'twisted bad' and 'not right' is still bad." Her tone suffers from her earlier experience, but she still sounds mildly irritated. Not at Charlie, of course, but at how this all happened. "This 'queen' should know better than to hand possessed stones to a random stranger. Then again, we're talking about a queen…" Shaking her head, she gives a sidelong glance to the speedster, then down the way toward Charlie. At the mention of Constantine, she visibly frowns. "Find Constantine? Was this a forced issue?"

* * *

Bart's hand tightens slightly upon Raven's shoulder, his other hand coming around to the opposite side to help brace her, or catch her if she looks like she'd sway. He looks over at Charlie just as she vanishes, frown deepening as her voice comes over the comms in explanation. "You brought them with you?" he asks, his tone incredulous. It's one thing if she wasn't aware of what they were, but just from what she said even he knew it sounded pretty bad. But then where else do you take them?

At least Raven seems to recover, although she still sounds pretty awful. Bart's not gone a second as he's soon holding out a bottle of water to her, still hovering on stand-by.

"Constantine? That's… I think Zee knows him, yeah? Why so specific?" There's a whole lot of questions he has on top of that but he's not sure they're answerable. "Limbo… I thought that was like a dance or something…"

* * *

"I thought it was a dance too…" she mutters over the comm and then Charlie speaks up. "Where was I going to put them. The demon queen of Limbo said she couldn't be trusted to break them. That they had power to grant the warlock immortality, raise an army of demons, and cut a hole from Limbo to Earth to let them invade.. but her own evil or whatever streak meant she .. well she looked like she wanted them for herself then turned away to return to Limbo."

Of course giving them to a mortal seeming detective and a chaos muppet, not sure if that is really a better option for something so powerfully forged, if misappleid, malformed, and bent and broken ones, not pure no.

"She said take them to Constantine, that it would be fun, and that she would let him know we were coming… I don't even know where to find this guy even though I know the name, he is some smartass wizard or something right?"

* * *

Raven nods to confirm the young speedster's inquiry about the mutual acquaintance, taking the water bottle offered while trying to find the feeling in her legs so that he doesn't have to keep holding onto her. Pale hands tremble, but the bottle is opened after a few shaky tries.

Taking a long swig of water, she finds some balance, locking her knees so that she doesn't fall over. Her gaze drops to the spot on the floor in front of her, low-key glowering down at it as Charlie tells them this. "I suppose that makes sense. The last thing we need is another demonic invasion…"

'Fun.' That's a word most wouldn't use to describe the task at hand. Far from it. But the person who told Charlie these things did what she did, and now it has to be carried out.

A rasp of a dry laugh can be heard over the comms. "I wouldn't know, personally. I've only heard of the man, but we never actually met."

* * *

"Somehow it feels like we're still missing a chunk of the story," Bart says, not so much frowning as looking confused. "Where's a warlock come into all this? Or was that the 'family annihilator' who rewrote time? Boy, is it just me or does this sound like a B-movie plot?"

He lets one hand fall away from Raven once it looks like she's got a better handle on herself, stepping to her side, his head lifting to look down the mall for Charlie.

"Hopefully more than just that. I mean, Zee mentioned him at the magic meeting, unless there's more than one Constantine. Sounds like he should know his stuff. Either way, I'm guessing she'd be the best to ask about how to get in touch with him if things are as big as you're sayin'."


"Unless it's like, a trap or something. I mean, that's a possibility too, right?"

* * *

"I suppose it is definitely a possibility that this is all a trap for Constantine yes." and with that Charlie frowns darkly. "These stones are real though and super messed up. Also I can feel the power in them.. so I am not sure this Warden of Limbo lied to me."

"As for the story… well the guy who killed his family earlier fled to New York… then came out of Limbo dressed in unholy robes, all sorts of magical profane rituals upon his flesh, and looking at least two hundred if he was a day over fifty…. time there is not a normal thing like Hell I guess." the young chaos muppet frowns "Remember I was gone like a day here but months there when I got lost in hell. It is .. chronologically challenged."

"I guess I will need to hunt Zee down or just break rule #2 and pop over to Constantine with this detective.. well not carrying him but .. ugn.. needing to go with people when you don't know where you are going is hard guys."

* * *

"Traps are always a possibility." Too matter-of-fact, maybe, but it's true. B-movie references aside, Raven takes this as seriously as the others do. "But yes. Constantine wouldn't have been mentioned at all if he didn't know how to handle the forms of magic he comes across."

Her posture straightening, she also looks back down the way where Charlie still stands, looking slightly apologetic despite the neutrality returning in her expression. "Dimensions do tend to mess with the perception of time as you know it," she nods, recalling what she's been told about that particular experience. "Still, speaking to Zatanna would be a good place to start."

* * *

Even though he hadn't been the one stuck in demonland Bart remembers all too well how changed Charlie had been even though they'd tried their quickest to get to her. He'd only partially gone there himself to help retrieve her, but there was definitely something weird about the place that he didn't quite care to stick around any longer than necessary, a creepy feeling that just sorta manages to creep under your skin.

He lifts his shoulders and drops them in a sigh, looking from Charlie to Raven and back. "I'm with Raven on this one. I mean, aside from her knowing the guy, Zatanna's like our magical expert in general, right?" He scratches his head. "Who's this detective guy anyway?"

* * *

"I have no idea… I mean his name is evidently Earl Everett but he seemed like a normal guy. Damn good detective to track the killer to the Bronx but still the whole reality turning in on itself and demon business made him sort of lose his mind and shoot the old TV a bunch that was in the corner of the flop space." Charlie rubs her face and then sighs.

"I am not sure I should take him with me to Constantine but the lady was very clear and he declared he would help free the trapped souls… so I think I should. Once I find out from Zee where one goes to find Constantine right."

* * *

There's a long silence that follows. Humans and demon dimensions — not a good mix. Especially when the loss of sanity is a main factor.

"After he has gone through an experience like that, involving him isn't ideal. But it is his choice. Just as much as your choice in the matter," the Daughter of Darkness replies, tonally distant in the decision Charlie makes in order to proceed with her new objective.

* * *

"TV..?" That's…probably not an important detail but it's nevertheless distracting for Bart as he tries to work in every little thing Charlie mentions into whatever cartoonish reenactment he might be playing in his head. In the end, he shrugs.

"His choice I'd guess. If he's a detective and all, maybe he'll be wanting to see this through, weird a case as it's turned." He nods at Raven and then looks back down the way towards Charlie.

"But yeah. Sounds like a good plan." He smiles lopsidedly, raising a hand to give her a thumbs-up.

* * *

Charlie gives her teammates a thumbs up, well two thumbs up there. "Okay. I'll find her.. probably tomorrow I guess when people are waking up and all…. and this has not changed my dislike for hell dimensions at all." which is probably for the best. They are by definition hellish.

"Thanks you two… I um… am going to go put these in a lockbox where no one can find them until I talk to Zee and find out where to take them.' and with that Charlie vanishes with her soda and the soulstones in a slash of crimson smoke, taking them to lock up in a safe alone in the Batcave for the moment.

* * *

Raven nods again, a faint smile crossing her pale features as she offers a tired wave of her hand. "Good plan," she agrees, "and understandable."

With that, she lets the girl go with no other additions, seeing the puff of smoke dissipate in the dim lighting of the mall. She then sighs, shoulders sagging as she lets her gaze flick over to Bart. "Out of curiosity: how long have you been awake?"

* * *

"Well that's good at least. I'd be more worried if you started making this a trend." Bart gives Charlie a salute as she goes and vanishes again, glad that they were able to help her sort things out somewhat.

Raven's question seems to come out of nowhere, and he looks at her almost blankly as though wondering what it has to do with anything before realizing that it is indeed a very good question.

"Uh. What time is it?"

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