Dead Bird
Roleplaying Log: Dead Bird
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Batgirl and Dead Girl cross paths, and there's the potential for an alliance forged.

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IC Date: November 30, 2018
IC Location: Crime Alley, Gotham
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Posted On: 01 Dec 2018 07:43
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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NPC & GM Credits: Dead Girl
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Dead Girl didn't often do her 'Ghost of Gotham' shtick in the center of the city. Today is different. Someone is here. Someone who needs a taste of a certain ghastly girl following up on them.

"ARe you sure this is the place?" Dead Girl asks no one at all. At least, no one that anyone living can see. "I mean, Crime Alley? Isn't that a little on the nose? Isn't this the place those rich people were murdered… what was their name? Ryan?" she asks, as she looks over towards Wayne Tower in the dark of the night. "You know, the name just isn't there for me." she states, before looking down into the alley. "So, you say she'll be here this evening for a pick up."

As if on que someone shows themselves in the alley- a plain white panel van driving up and into the alley. "Ooh…" Dead Girl says as she leans over the edge of the tall building she's perched upon. Looking down into the alley. "I'd bet that's them." she says, "I guess that means it's time to go to work."

* * *

Apparently someone else is looking for Ryan. Perfectly balanced on the corner of a rooftop, sitting in a low squat with her fingers balancing her on the edge. The slightest disturbance of air catches that scalloped cape. She's across the street from where Dead Girl is perched, and has completely missed the corpse with her attention on the van that turns into the alley.

She reaches down to her belt, finger carefully catching the edge of the hook, and then it is threaded into her compact grapple gun. There's no one to talk to, so she's not having a conversation with herself. That would be an odd thing, even for Batgirl.

She aims her grappler for the opposite rooftop from Dead Girl, intending to swing her way out into the alley the moment somewhere steps out of the van.

* * *

Dead Girl doesn't notice Batgirl, either. She's focused on the van. A young woman is brought out- already dressed for the streets. She seems out of it- drugged, maybe. "Your granddaughter, huh?" she wonders aloud, "Bad crowd? Yeah, seems that way. Well, we can't very well let her live the life they're trying to put her into."

Two men hold the drugged woman- half carrying her as another vehicle arrives. It's a nicer vehicle- a mid-range German import. The trunk is popped and opens slowly under some mechanical assist.

Dead Girl's body goes slightly insubstantial and she sinks through the building's roof. Down, down, into the ground. Disappearing for the moment as she stalks along street level- just a pair of red eyes that peek above the street here and there- little flashes of light that are easily ignored in the dank-darkness of the alley.

* * *

The two men become the entire focus for Batgirl. Her mission. She had been following the van, knowing it's contents, waiting to get her chance. Her eyes narrow at their silhouettes, and then the body they hold. She dips her chin slightly, blue eyes bright and fierce in the dim light, expression becoming hard — serious. Then she tightens the line, and it goes taut. It is thin, but strong, and blesses the illusion of her flying through the air with that cape flying behind her.

She releases at the right heartbeat — the right moment — because those yellow-soled motocross boots slam onto the opened trunk and rear windshield, violently shutting the compartment. Her head lifts, pale skin flashing through the black of her cowl and cape.

She released the line at some point, furthering the illusion of her flight. Under her cape, she's already slotted her razors between the knuckles of her gloves. "Let her go," she says, her voice low and pitched in a threatening tone.

* * *

"Shit, it's the Batgirl!" The two men shout, each grabbing towards a pistol in their belt, even as the import starts to gun the engine. There's a POP. Snap… and the vehicle only hitches forward before stalling out.

Meanwhile, Dead Girl rolls out from under the vehicle. "Ah! Welcome to Dead Gir…Holy crap, are you dressed up like a bat? That is sick!" Dead Girl says as she turns to face Batgirl with those wide, glowing eyes. One of the men manages to get a pretty sharp shot off and shoots Dead Girl in the back of the head- a splatter of face and brains against the window of the German import. One that seems more an annoyance than an issue as her body only stumbles forward a moment before turning to face the men with the guns.

Dead Girl is a sight. Her jaw hanging loose. Only one glowing red eye. By all accounts she should be done- but this particular Zombie doesn't seem phased by the fact three quarters of her face is missing. She reaches up, resets her jaw and her face just sort of crawls back into being. "Oh, right. You two."

* * *

"I know," Batgirl says with the smallest flash of teeth. "It's a bad day for you." When the car lunches, she's read for it. She rocks out of the crouch, pitching forward into an Aikido-style roll that has her back on her feet and moving forward. This is not before she catches sight of… her breath catches; driven by instincts, she manages to get behind a wall corner just as she spots the pistols.

Her eyes widen at the sight of the zombie, but she cannot let this slow her down. She can put it all together quickly: the corpse is here for the men, she's here for them, too. Temporary alliance. "Thanks," she manages instinctively. Because when a dead person compliments you, and all that…

The bat pushes off hard from the corner, and with a whip of a razor-edged batarang, she catches one of the men in the shoulder. Almost in the same motion, she unhooks the bolas from her belt. The weighted ends begin to move as she spins up the throwing weapon with a hard whoosh.

* * *

Batgirl's aim is true and her target soon has a batarang sticking out of his shoulder, causing him to drop his gun as he stumbles back towards the van- trying to run away from the pair of terrifying women who've shown up here at the drop point. He turns- likely a mistake- and runs towards the driver's side of the van.
Dead Girl runs forward towards the other man- bullets fired. Most are wide or high. There is a certain terror when a few strike and don't slow Dead Girl at all. She grabs him and throws him- hard- right into the wall. There's a *THUD* and a *CRACK* as he strikes the wall and slumps down. Not dead, but he's not going anywhere anytime soon.

The Driver of the import opens the door of his vehicle and tries to make a break for it. Likewise, someone who was riding in the back does the same- opening the door to run the opposite way. It's every man for himself, it seems.

* * *

When Dead Girl drops the second man, Batgirl pivots with a flourish of that cape toward the fleeing man — the one who was in the backseat. Her bolas is whipped loose, and it spins out toward the man's knees. She then whips her head toward Dead Girl, red hair flying with the motion. "Driver!" She points to the other man.

Apparently Batgirl has no intention to let anyone go. She's here to complete this case, to finally get the girl who had been taken. She's not backing down an inch, and that's projected in how she is moving. The bolas has be set loose, and she's after it. She is launching, preparing to throw her knees into the man if he is even still standing. If down, she shoves a boot into his back instead to pin him into the asphalt.

* * *

The man from the backseat goes down hard, a heavy thud as he's suddenly taken out of his dead run to the ground. He's dazed- and any hope he's got of escaping is long gone when Batgirl's boot is jammed into his back.

"Which driver?!" Dead Girl asks- looking into dead space. "Oh, you've got a point." she says- it must be to herself. She's just talking to herself again. "I did disable both vehicles. Okay, so you keep on the creep who brought your granddaughter here." Just who she's talking to is impossible to say.

Dead Girl turns, then, and runs at breakneck speeds- she quickly overtakes the driver of the fancy import, leaping and tumbling with him in the cold and dirt of the street. When they come around, Dead Girl is on top. There's the slightest flash of red light as her eyes flare- and the man just starts to shriek. Shrieking in abject terror- maybe it's the fact some dead woman is sitting on his chest. More likely it's the fear of death that Dead Girl has suddenly brought to the surface as she reaches out with her necromantic energies and touches the man's mind.

* * *

Batgirl is turning, not letting up the weight on the passenger's back. Her heel twists into the man's back with a sight muss of his shirt and skin beneath. Then she un-loops another bolas from her belt, and she twists up his wrists in the lashes of leather and weighted ends. Only then does she start to move, heading toward the girl, but not before she bypasses toward Dead Girl. She tosses her some zipties. "Secure him." Then she stops, and issues a warning because she just can never be sure. "Don't kill him." Or eat him. Then she is heading back into the alley to check on the woman, getting her to her feet before she can gently set her against the wall. She makes eye contact with her. "Police is on the way. You're safe."

Then she glances toward Dead Girl, and her chin nods upward. Rooftop.

* * *

"Oh. He's dealing with some *serious* existential dread right now. Believe me, he's not going anywhere." Dead Girl says over to Batgirl. Still, she ties him up with the zip ties.

The Man is whispering and shivering- pale as death. He's seen death.

Dead Girl then floats up into the sky, through the building and towards the roof. Yes- she went right through the wall as if it didn't exist at all."

* * *

That's all Batgirl needs. Though she is stalled by watching the way the dead woman just floats. She mutters under her breath, "I seriously need to learn some new tricks." Then she is hooking another length of line to her grappler, and she releases it to pull herself to the roof with a fast acceleration. She alights on the roof a heartbeat later. Then she adjusts her stance, slipping off the edge and onto the gravel surface of the rooftop. She turns slowly toward Dead Girl, and something suddenly clicks. "You're her… the Ghost of Gotham."

* * *

"Well, I usually go by Dead Girl- but yeah, the people I've been hunting call me the Ghost of Gotham." DEad Girl offers- she's laying on the roof, looking up at the moon and stars through the patchy clouds. Just relaxed, it seems. "And you must be Batgirl." she looks over with those glowing red eyes. "It's nice to meet you. I've heard about you. You whole bat-people do a lot of good work!" she says with a bright smile as she sits up. "So. What's up? What do you guys do after you pound a criminal? Coffee? Donuts?" she wonders, "I usually go back to my haunt and hang out for a while."

* * *

"Dead Girl. Literal." Batgirl stands there for a heartbeat, looking over the girl with a half-tilt of her head. Her eyes tilt upward toward the moon and stars as if she is trying to track what it is the woman sees. Then she slowly drops into a squat, unwilling to loom over her at this point.

"I am." Then she drops her chin slightly, looking over the rooftops briefly before she looks back at the strange zombie girl. "Usually we go find someone else until we're done for the night." She arches her brows slightly, though it is an expression that is hard to track with her cowl. "… Cemetery?" She ventures, assuming the location of the haunt.

* * *

"Yeah, of course! I have permission from some of the residents to live in one of the spooky mausoleums. I also keep the place nice, you know, spruce up the graves and stuff. The dead really appreciate that kind of thing." she notes, "I've tapped into the city's power and everything. Why, do you want to come and visit?" Dead Girl wonders, "I keep a lot of stuff for the living, just in case I get a visitor." she smiles brightly.

"Oh, but if you want to keep going there's a lot of stuff going on tonight." Dead Girl notes, "A lot of energy out today. Plenty of spirits asking for help." she continues, "They always bother me, so, I mean, it's hard to split my attention- but I know that Jerry Korasani is having some problems after losing his son. We could go visit him and help him out."

* * *

Batgirl looks puzzled. "Permission — ?" Then she shakes her head, dismissing that confusion — or at least burying it. Then she steps back from the zombie a bit, turning a bit with her arms settling across her chest. She tilts her head as she looks down at Dead Girl. "So. You listen to the dead… and they tell you who to find. Help you find them?"

An idea crosses her mind suddenly, and she leans back a bit. "Can you speak to anyone who is dead?"

* * *

"Yeah, they can see me. I can see them." Dead Girl notes, "And yeah, I mean, if they're not a ghost it's a little more complicated, but I can do it." she says, "Why? Do you want to contact someone who's dead?" she wonders over.

"It's not exactly something you do lightly, though. It should be pretty important if you want me to call up the dead. Like really important. You need to have a good question going on. Not something silly, like 'Hey, isn't it weird that you can only carry a bag of poop with you if you're walking a dog.'" she notes, "Which, I realize is not a question."

"Anyways, yeah. I can help with that. I can drag a criminal's soul screaming out of hell if you want." DEad Girl offers with bright smile.

* * *

"If…" Then she frowns as another hint of uncertainty crosses her expression. "If they aren't ghosts?" Then she shakes her eared head, and steps in closer toward Dead Girl. "I have someone I need to talk to… he was murdered before he could give me the information I need." She hesitates. "Dead Girl, this is important."

Her mouth tightens a bit. "You do this, and you can help me avenge him."

* * *

"Oh, yeah. I can do that." Dead Girl says, "Where's his corpse?" she asks next. "I'll need access to that." she explains. "Will that be an issue?"

"Oh, unless he's a ghost. A lot of murdered people are ghosts. A *lot*. Man, I tell you what, Gotham is filled with ghosts. Murder victims." she sighs a bit.

"Anyways, yeah. I can do that whole talk to the dead thing."

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