Cut Scene: Protection
Roleplaying Log: Cut Scene: Protection
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The Brotherhood keeps its promises. The Shakedown is protected against would be bombers.

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IC Date: February 18, 2019
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For those newly arrived in Mutant Town they might wonder if The Brotherhood is good for their word.

The short answer is: yes, they are.

The long answer is this -

Only moments after Frenzy visited the Shakedown did the protection they promise begin.

Watchers, discreet, might be seen for those with a discerning eye.

The figure often changed. Sometimes a lanky older teen, sometimes a man, sometimes a woman, but always there.

All powered.

All aware of their duty. Even during the boring days and most days are boring, surprisingly or not.

On one particular day an older woman was one of the watchers. A pattern finder. Her eyes watch the whiz of the cars going up and down the road. The steps of those people who walk upon the sidewalks.

It's only after a few minutes that she brings a small radio to her lips.

"The red card. It's repeating."

And while some might not understand what she means, the team she works with tonight does. The majority of the watcher’s turn their attention to the car, while two keep their eyes upon the club.

The club may be ‘closed’, but the Watchers don’t leave until the owner does, and for tonight Rictor can still be found inside.

It passes the Shakedown several times, each time it slows for a few seconds and the four people within focus their eyes upon the building itself. Finally after the fifth circle the car parks and the four leave the vehicle.

Three take point and the fourth stays within the middle, a dark book bag slung upon their back.

The woman upon the rooftop, the one who spotted the pattern, radios again. "Trouble."

The call of trouble goes down the line and while it doesn't take long for a response to be felt, it's long enough for the four young men to circle around the back of the club. The four bend down and start pulling things from the back pack itself.

It's only as they're affixing things to the brick wall, that a shadow suddenly falls upon them.

Four pairs of eyes look up and then up again.

Frenzy looks down.

"I think you boys are at the wrong club."

They try to run, really they do, but it's too late.

Frenzy is here. Help has arrived for the Shakedown and now that help brings in the pain.

In a matter of minutes the four are dealt with. They lay in a heap and a 'bomb expert' is called in.

"Defuse it and keep the evidence."

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