Roleplaying Log: Protocol
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Colossus and Domino meet up again to discuss her potential alliance with the X-Men. Vodka is involved.

Other Characters Referenced: Jean Grey, Rachel Summers, Charles Xavier, Peter Quill, Kitty Pryde, Warren Worthington
IC Date: February 18, 2019
IC Location: M-Town and an X-Men vacation house
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Posted On: 19 Feb 2019 04:11
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 for some language, because Dom.
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Yep. Domino still hates touring Mutant Town. Aside from the obvious, in part including the black spot on her oddly pigment-less skin, the poverty and the hatred of this place reminds her of some of the worst places she's toured over the years. Warzones are one thing but Mutant Town more represents the civilian side of life still clinging to a sense of normalcy while surrounded by the ever-shifting battlefields.

Though as much as she hates to be here, she also recognizes that a time may come where this is one of the safer parts of town for her to lie low in.

Passing by another Brotherhood tag painted on the crumbling brick wall she follows the alley around to the back of the building and comes up to a door barred by rusty chain. Hidden under her coat is a bolt cutter. How convenient. With a *Chunk!* she severs the chain and tosses it aside before muscling the stuck door open.

Inside it smells ..fine… The cold air does little to cut down on the level of fermentation this address has managed to achieve. The cutter gets tossed onto the first table she comes across which first kicks up a cloud of dust before kicking up an even bigger one as the table itself breaks apart and drops to the floor.

"Yep," she comments to herself with hands on hips. "Here's one for the flippers."

An all black bag slips off of her shoulder as she glances at a watch. The party should be starting any moment now…


There are many X-Men well versed in the covert world. Some have been specially trained by government agencies. Others have spent years working deeply undercover on important missions. Piotr is not one of them. It's not that Scott and others haven't tried to train him and all members of the team in those areas, it's just that it does not suit Piotr in the least.

Walking down the streets of Mutant Town, he is far too interested in the lives of the people and the goings on. He stops to chat with shop keepers and greets regulars from the Shakedown by name. He openly rolls his eyes at the tags proclaiming the greatness of the Brotherhood.

But while he may not be great at blending in, he is at least punctual. He checks his phone to double check the address and frowns at the sight of the 'entrance' that was obviously padlocked in the recent past. At the very least he knows not to knock or announce himself. He 'slips' in the door, as best as someone of his size can, and smirks when he sees the bolt cutters, lying in the remains of a table.


His low voice is not loud enough to be heard outside the apartment.



"Over here, Big Guy," calls one familiar voice to another from a nearby room.

The remaining wintery daylight cuts swaths of illuminated dust across the room with so much more of it being stirred up from the recent disturbance. When the big shiny Russkie comes across the albino she's already looking his way. A bottle of vodka in one hand. A small box of tea cakes in the other.

"As promised," she offers with a black-stained grin. "I'd tell you to pull up a seat and get comfy but I'm not sure any of this junk would support me, let alone the equivalent of a Unimog." With a slight motion of her head, she warns "By the way? Watch your step." It's probably best to not trust the floor too much, either.

The two gifts are set aside on a mildewy dresser tucked next to one of the windows before she turns back to the humongous mutant. "It's been a while, Piotr. If I didn't know any better I'd think that you were stalling for time. Every morning brings us closer to Reg-Day and I'm feeling a bit left in the dark. What's the deal? This all part of your modified protocols?"

She pauses here, smirks, and offers a showing of empty palms. As if it's somehow a part of some unspoken trial before she's able to make contact with the rest of the X-Men, she teases "I haven't killed anyone yet."


Ducking under a doorway obviously not meant for even regular sized folks, let alone him, Piotr comes into the dimly lit room. Thankfully for him, he is not in steel form, particularly as the floor does in fact sound like it's straining to support him. The thought that weak floors would be a relatively good trap does cross his mind, so maybe he's not an altogether lost cause just yet.

"Ha!" A loud, friendly one syllable laugh escapes his lips as she presents well presents. He says, "Is this you trying to prove you are a woman of your word? I did not actually expect to be fed simply for meeting." He's also not exactly saying no to it either though. He opens the bottle of vodka, looks around and decides any drinking vessel in this place is far too likely to contain rat poo and just swigs from the bottle.

"Da. I regret not getting in touch sooner. There are many things happening." From helping Ric find missing mutants to Warren being attacked to Tony showing up and nearly being attacked, it's been rather busy since they last talked.

"Good, I am sure this is a heavy load to bear." The sarcasm that he musters is obviously someone else's sense of humor rubbing off on him, not quite ascerbic enough to be from Illyana, perhaps another X-er. "But it is appreciated. Jean would like to meet with you. Are you opposed to a little travel?"


Neena glances at the floor, a half-grin and a half-shrug soon to follow. "I like to follow up on my word." ..Sometimes. For a very short list of people who might be worthy of it. Besides, it's nice to hear Colossus laugh. There's not nearly enough to smile about these days. For the price of those two items? Totally worth it.

"You can say that again," she lilts at 'many things happening.' "I've been finding ways to keep myself busy." Some of them more sane and/or profitable than others.

..Hmmh. Something's different. Domino looks up to Piotr with one brow hooked slightly higher than its neighbor. "Picking up habits from one of the students?" she presses as her lopsided grin edges back into play. "It's a good look on you."

It also leads into the perfect opportunity for something else. An unspoken agenda. There's always -something- else going on with the albino, why should this moment be any different? The pack is retrieved from the floor and easily tossed around one of her shoulders. "Lead the way."

She's never going to tire of things working to her advantage.


Taking a peak inside the box with the tea cake, he smiles, his beard flexing up at the corners. He looks back up at her and quirks an eyebrow about being told it's nice to hear him laugh. He's hardly among the jokesters of the X-Men but it's probably true that his default mode is frowning judgementally, particularly since she has mostly seen him around Wade. So much judging.

Her line about habits is at first misconstrued as being about drinking the vodka, leaving him looking a little puzzled. But then he gets that he means him ribbing her about not killing people. He admits, "I have been told I can be a bit humorless." But he follows that up with, "Though I do not think Quill is a reliable source for this. Or anything." But of course he is trying to lighten up, so it must mean he's putting some stock in it.

He picks up the tea cakes and stoops back through the low doorway. He calls back, it's not too far, just a few hours outside the city. Distance here in America is still hard for Piotr to gauge, traveling for a day or two in Russia is just normal. Getting anywhere in Siberia is never, ever a 'quick trip' so his gauge is skewed.

"But alas, this, will have to wait." He hefts the bottle of vodka, with a good natured shrug as he makes his way outside and back to his parked jeep.


"'Quill,' huh," Domino thinks about the name for a moment. "It'd seem he's at least worthy of a couple new tricks. I'd take that for a dollar."

The bolt cutter gets left behind. It's served its purpose. Besides, she found it in another alley on her way out here. The universe provides.

Back outside she off-handedly warns "Don't wait too long or I'm likely to finish it without you. Sight of the Jeep parked there soon brings a chuckle, "Why am I not surprised." It'll be a rough ride through the city but it's all but guaranteed they'll make it there in one piece.

It's an easy hop into the passenger seat but she doesn't immediately reach for the belt, tossing the bag behind her then closing the door. A pair of blue tinted glasses come out of a jacket pocket and easily slip onto her face. They're more like shields than proper sunglasses, winter tends to be too dim for that.

"So how about a sitrep from the home front," she presses while slapping the dashboard twice in a 'let's roll' gesture. "I'm sure you've heard about the Ossining Incident. What's your take on it?"


Piotr may not have much respect for Peter Quill, but he has plenty for Kitty and so he doesn't share the negative opinions of others here. He manages to secure the bottle, in the back cup holders so it at least looks less like he's drinking and driving, and settles the teacakes on the backseat as well, while climbing into the jeep which manages to not look ridiculously undersized with him in it.

He glances at her and sighs at the mention of Ossining.

"I take it you have seen the news then. At least heard some of what they did.. or tried to do to Warren."

He navigates the city easily, having been commuting in and out of Mutant Town for nearly a year now. He ignores any annoyed or angry drivers with an almost serene calm not normally seen in New York drivers.

"The Purifiers. A human rights cult was trying to cut off his wings. They had .." He shakes his head, momentarily scowling in anger at the thought. Because while traffic and being sworn at may not rankle him, hurting his friends and wanton violence are pretty sure fire ways to disturb his calm. "They were using mutants as well. Three women psychics. I do not still understand how they made them work for them. Thankfully Katya was able to save Warren while we dealt with the rest." He even got to throw a Wolverine (clone) at someone! Not that he's the type to brag about fun battle events, that gets left to the more loudmouth and usually younger X-Men.


"I got the general idea," Neena admits in a truthful/not entirely truthful response. "Frankly it would have been impossible to miss. Warren's the polar opposite of 'low profile,' that shit's getting onto the news. Sure is a fun time to be carrying a few extra strings of DNA, mutant or otherwise."

Through the initial part of the drive Dom has a chance to sit back and examine the various sights of poor M-Town. She'd never admit to it but inside it makes her heart break to see what the place has become. That everyone here, whether actually a mutant or not, is all but physically branded by the title as if it were some sort of disease.

Having Piotr to talk to helps to keep her from mentally wandering too far into the abyss. It stays her hand before it can reach up to trace the outer edges of the spot around her one eye.

"Classy," she suggests to the wing-cutting while wasting approximately zero seconds before flipping off the jerk who decides that swearing at the Jeep might be in their best interest.

Aha. Some new intel emerges. Through the colored lenses Neena's expression can still be made out perfectly well. She's looking surprised. "'Human rights cult' employing psychics? Glad to see the ol' double standard is alive and well." Huh. And someone else Colossus seems fond of had been there that evening, too. 'Katya.' Dom's learning all sorts of new intel today.

"We're gonna find these bastards, Piotr." She sounds quite serious about it, keeping her tone level and determined while staring forward through the windshield. "No way they're getting away from it."


Warren's high profile-ness causes Piotr to smirk and glance over at her. If anyone could manage to miss Warren it would be more impressive. Piotr is as always glad to remain outside the public eye, even if he does at time wish they didn't need so many secrets.

He groans and nods at her repeating the bit about a human rights cult using mutants or at least metas to accomplish their goals. He shakes his head bitterly and says, "I can not imagine what drives this kind of hate." And really he can't. He just doesn't have it in him to wrap his head around it. And the topic of the psychics just causes him to sigh as well, trying to understand how they could be involved. Surely they must be being held and used against their will? Somehow?

"I do not want revenge Domino." He looks over at her seriously, "Hurting them back will only prove their point." Maybe there is just a twinge of guilt there for the abandon with which he smashed into that crowd in the heat of the moment. "We need to stop them. Yes. But it can not be simply about getting back at them."


"I can," Domino flatly replies when Piotr wonders what would cause someone to act in such a way. "Fear. You know the speech Wheels used to give, 'people fear what they don't understand.' Some people are too damn stubborn or full of pride to try to understand, thus they live in fear. You might be surprised what basic emotions can do to a person."

Which is exactly why she's tried to turn them off. Keep them safely contained.

This is entirely not evident when she suddenly cuts in with "Who said anything about hurting!" with another showing of hands in an 'are you serious?' expression. "Despite popular belief I -am- capable of getting revenge without turning it into a bloodsport. ..It's just not as fun…" she trails off while settling back into her seat.

Of course, it's the smirk being passed his way which belies the sudden act. "We've had this discussion before, Colorado. You didn't ask me to join your cause because you needed another gun. I read you five by five before and I read you just as clear now, but the point remains. We can't leave these guys alone. We're going to find them, and we're going to take care of business."

And if Xavier's way doesn't fit the bill, then they'll have themselves another gun.


Piotr half nods at the part about the fear of the unknown. It just seems so strange that entire groups of people willingly commit themselves to murder those different than them, and it keeps happening. Piotr's not one to go out of his way to hurt anyone so it constantly surprises him. He really should stop being surprised one day.

He half turns again to her as she protests, giving her an openly skeptical look. After a brief reflection, and a convincing statement (at least at first) from her, he realizes that perhaps he is letting her association with Wade in his mind cloud his judgement. And he gives this kind of warning speech to everyone anyway, it's just habit at this point. "Sorry. You are right, you have said you would not go for extra murder times. I will trust you."

See? That's all it takes to win the big guys trust. He tried to be skeptical but then she was hurt that he didn't believe her, and just like that? Piotr's fully convinced.

"I am glad that you are willing to do this our way."


"Well my way hasn't been working too hot so I figure what the hell, got nothing but time to lose," Domino easily replies in a way which is difficult to tell whether she's joking or serious.

Leaning fully back into her seat now, she rolls her head toward Piotr and takes on that customary smirk while peering over the top of her glasses at him. "I'm glad you're so quick to trust but I'm gonna need some help convincing the others. It may not seem like it but I'm putting my neck on the line to fight alongside you kids. When I take up arms in a fight..and we both know that I will..have a little faith that just -maybe- that crazy albino bitch doesn't have her mags filled with hollow points."

Okay, now she's clearly looking amused as she turns back to the windshield. "Modern ballistics are an incredible field of study, you wouldn't believe the options that a lady has at her fingertips these days."

Not that stun rounds are going to be the -only- type of munitions that she'll be packing, mind. That would just be foolish of her. Always come prepared for anything.

Colossus is totally in the right to have a clouded judgement. She might play a solid game now but old habits are hard to break. She'll probably always be one of the wildcards in an otherwise solid deck.


The drive up to the the house eventually turns from highway to more scenic backroads. The winter snow helps make it even more picturesque as they wind up through the hills. Piotr eventually has to pull out his phone and punch in an address. It's obvious that he doesn't come to this particular spot often. It's not the school, they long since passed Westchester. They eventually pull up to what looks like a very expensive vacation chalet. It looks like something plopped out of a brocheure or architectural design magazine. The car is parked as Piotr smirks about the hollow points.

"Maybe. Though I will admit there are times when a more violent approach is necessary." He's hardly one to refrain from punching problems as they arise. Though he is glad to be reassured that she doesn't plan to start with the killshots and go from there.

"I have asked Jean to meet us here, it is one of Warren's homes." As if the obvious smell of money didn't give that away. He continues, "It is a more comfortable place to meet, da? Not that I am criticizing the beautiful apartment you found in Mutant Town." He gently teases her, and underplays the real reason for why they aren't meeting at the mansion, or at an actual operations base. He may trust her, but there are protocols, and he's nothing if not a rule follower.


"There, see?" Domino teases when Colossus makes the admission about violence. "We're not that far out of sync, after all."

Her expression does falter slightly upon seeing where it is that they've been driving to. "Aaand speaking of -trust-…" she trails off while getting to work eyeballing the much smaller than expected but no less expensive building.

Once more her hands lift upward slightly as her head dips forward. "Okay. I get it. Gotta follow the system," is announced while her palms drop back down to her legs. "I can tell that we're all gonna have to work on our business relationship."

She may not appreciate this minor interruption but it really is the smart play for them to make. Considering her spotty (pun maybe intended) at best history with the X-Men it's almost a miracle that she's already made it this far.

The downside is that she's coming into this almost entirely unprepared. She doesn't know what their protocol entails and Piotr here is her one ragged link of trust. For the moment it would seem that he's got the winning hand.

"Just tell me what you need me to do," she sighs while reaching for her bag. Best to get this part over with so they can start to make some actual progress.


Making sure to leave neither the tea cake nor the vodka, Piotr makes his way towards the house with hands full. It's not like Warren doesn't have that magic rich person thing where all their multiple abodes are all properly stocked at all times for a small gathering of seventy five people on like ten minutes notice, but still he was gifted tea cake, he's eating tea cake.

And yes following the system is good, not telling what the system is, is better. Piotr leads her up to the door and some sensor apparently picks up that he's allowed entrance as it unclicks of it's own accord. He pushes the door open and says, "Please, make yourself comfortable. Jean should be joining us shortly… or perhaps Rachel. I admit I sometimes mistake their mental voices."

He scoffs at bit at the part about telling her what she needs to do. He says, "There are no secret tests." But then he adds with a bit more seriousness, though it turns out to be mock-seriousness "But I do have a request. Have a drink with me?" He holds the bottle up and heads to get some glasses.

Because the best way to wait for a serious meeting is drinking straight vodka.

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