Establishing Trust
Roleplaying Log: Establishing Trust
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Domino reaches out to Moonstar about some potential information concerning the attack on Warren.

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IC Date: February 21, 2019
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It isn't that Domino doesn't trust Warren Worthington, it's that ..well, Domino doesn't trust Warren Worthington. Or much of anyone. Naturally this leads to certain complications when trying to 'do business' with others. Particularly those whom she does not know. She's back in the tri-city area and with this come some significant risks to her. Hate groups, the pending Registration Act, superheroes AND supervillains, organizations like SHIELD… They're almost all universally bad for her and many are worth avoiding whenever possible.

And now she has a number for a completely unknown person in order to share some intel on the Ossining attack.

Dani's number had been supplied a few days ago. Today it will receive an unusual text message. All it says is 'Info on Ossining' followed by a location and a time.

The location itself is, naturally, suspect as Hell. It's beneath a bridge in the Manhattan area. At night. There's a rusted out hulk of a car just sitting there all by its lonesome, and on the hood of this car is a burner phone. The same one that Neena had sent the original text from, just in case someone wanted to trace it. She left it powered up and idle for the last few hours specifically for that reason. Google Maps won't exactly lead someone to this location, that's for certain.

Lately Dani gets the feeling that the world is really trying to send her a message.

Something like: And you thought you were busy before. HA. HA. HA.

A cruel message, perhaps, but one that's still heard.

Either way, as she tries to attempt to figure out JUST what's going on with Sloane, as well as SHIELD, and let's not forget Warren, Moonstar's phone buzzes with a text.

Automatically the Agent of SHIELD pulls her phone out and glances at it. The cryptic message causes the woman's eyebrows to knit as she considers the brief missive.

Finally, after a few minutes of contemplation the woman texts back 'i'll be there'.

Then, after send is tapped, Moonstar turns to her SHIELD computer and does what any naturally suspicious person would. She tries to get all the intel on the unknown number pinging her.

Now comes the time and the place and while it is a sketchy area, that doesn't stop Moonstar from going. Her arrival is understated. As is her clothing. She's wearing mostly black; black pants, black shoes, black shirt, black jacket. The only splash of color is the red leather that wraps her braided hair.

Her approach to the underside of the bridge is methodical and careful, and as she steps beneath the overhang of the bridge and into the shadowed underbelly tension settles around her mouth and her eyes.

The remains of the car is focused on and as she steps closer her eyes fall on the burner phone. Sitting there.

"Yup." The Cheyenne murmurs to herself, "This was the best idea /ever/."

It's highly likely that she's also armed, though nothing overt can be seen.

Right on cue the phone on the trunk begins to ring. Suspicious, isn't it? Especially since SHIELD wouldn't have found anything remarkable about the number, itself. First went active a few days ago. No calls. One text sent. One received. Dani can probably guess which texts those were.

Once Dani answers the phone she'll get a -little- better of an idea of what's going on here, though it probably doesn't put her at ease any more.

"Dani. Worthington gave me your number," comes another woman's voice. "I realize this is super cliche but a girl can't take any chances these days. I'm not gonna lie and say that you aren't in harm's way but I didn't bring you out here just for a cheap shot. Warren thought that you were worth sharing intel with. A phone number, in particular. This means that you have the necessary resources to do a deep dive into a number, which means that you aren't working alone. Which is why you don't see me now."

Gotta play it smart! In this case Domino's a few hundred yards out, nested within the scaffolding beneath the bridge watching the other woman through the high power optic of an equally high power rifle.

Paranoid? Nah. Neena likes to think of it as 'prepared.'

As if on cue that phone rings.

A corner of her mouth twitches upward in a rather ironic expression, but that doesn't stop Dani from stepping closer to the car.

She doesn't immediately pick up the phone though, as it rings. First she bends down enough to look beneath the car. Her dark eyes are searching for any odd bumps or silhouettes. When nothing screams BOMB the woman straightens back up.

Only after one more survey of the area around her, does the Cheyenne finally reach for the phone.

Carefully, like one is touching a BOMB, the woman thumbs the line open.


And when the other woman speaks Dani automatically listens. Though she doesn't necessarily stay still.

She slowly pivots upon her heel to look back towards the way she came. That pivot only stops when Domino drops Warren's last name.

There's a moment of silence as Danielle digests all of what was just revealed. "What's the phone number?" She asks immediately, "And do you have a name?" An innocent question typically, but these aren't necessarily innocent times.

What's the number? "I'll text it to this phone as soon as our call's over," the mystery woman promises.

Through all of this Domino is learning quite a lot more about Dani. The way that she observes her surroundings and checks over the car for traps. Skilled. Trained. Neena was definitely smart to approach this contact with caution.

Warren might not be too thrilled if he catches wind of her methods but she'll cross that bridge when she comes to it.

The detail which really surprises her is that this individual sure seems to have come out here all alone. That's either very confident or very foolish. Considering how Neena had gotten the lady's info, she's willing to bet it's the former.

"You seem like a smart girl Dani, so I'm going to run something else past you here. The crew who pressed the attack, the news called them 'Purifiers' as I recall. They were using military-grade small arms. M4's with giggle-switches." Full auto capabilities, that is. "Now where do you suppose a bunch of religious bigots might have gotten hold of that kind of firepower?" A slight pause. "Asking for a friend." The accompanying shrug can almost be heard upon her voice.

While others might go to the edge of the opening that leads outside to look further out at the street and area beyond, Moonstar doesn't.

She's been with SHIELD far too long to make herself such an enticing target. So, for now, Moonstar stays within the darkness of the underside of the bridge.

The mention of sending the phone number after the call prompts an immediate frown from Dani.

Oddly, Dani doesn't seem to react with any sort of overt surprise to the mention of 'Purifiers' or full auto capabilities. Probably because she was there. Right there when they used those full auto capabilities at the group. Still, while the words 'yeah, I know I was there' leap front and center, Moonstar keeps a tight leash on her tongue.

"I have an idea or two of how they might have obtained that weaponry."

"Now, I'd like that number now if you don't mind. Call me paranoid, but I'm never a fan of 'I'll text you later'. Rarely does that ever happen."

And then, lastly, she also adds, "What's your play in all of this? Asking for a 'friend' doesn't cut it for me."

A soft "Hmmh" can be heard over the line when Dani admits having an idea about the weaponry. This sound comes back in the form of a soft chuckle soon after when she presses for the number, though the following question is responded to first.

"Just a concerned citizen," Domino says with perhaps the -slightest- tinge of humor in her voice. "Idiots hating on metas is nothing new but when they start putting the Army to shame some of us tend to get a little upset. When you've got this degree of violence it's going to start pushing these metas and all it takes is one ending up on the evening news to further support that whole Registration ordeal. I want to see them shut down. Preferrably before that happens."

There's a slight pause before the caller asks "Got a pen handy? Your carrot's incoming." And by 'carrot' she means phone number. Or, rather, phone numbers. There's more than one!

"There's a few ways we can proceed, Dani. You've got the useable intel but I'm gonna take a gamble here and say that you might appreciate some 'off the books' fire support if you find anything worth pursuing. You can take the numbers and we'll call it a night, or I can keep this line available and you can send me anything useful that you might find later on. Either way I'm still in it to help Warren."

And, more importantly, try to figure out where those guns came from because she sorely wants some of them for herself…

Almost Dani snorts at the mention of concerned citizen, but thankfully she stops herself from making such a rude sound. Instead the woman reaches into her pocket and pulls a small earbud from within. That earbud is pushed into her ear and her phone automatically syncs up with it. In doing so this frees Dani to click over to a notepad app.

"Hit me with the digits." She states evenly, ready to type as many phone numbers as Domino has.

The offer of fire support brings Moonstar's gaze up and off the screen of her phone. It's a look of surprise, having not expected Domino to offer such support. Almost she says no, but something causes her to pause and really consider the offer, "I need a name." She states again, "Cause I'm not calling out 'hey you' in the middle of a firefight." Which probably means that yes, Dani will take any and all help she can get on this.

The last bit, where Domino calls Warren by his first name, that prompts a faint twitch to her expression, "It's Warren now, is it."

"Oh, what's this… Am I detecting a bit of a personal connection, Dani? No wonder he gave me your number first," the voice chuckles softly. "His first name is easier to use than his last, just calling him 'Worthington' seems kinda ..I don't know. Butler-ish. Don't look too far into it."

The earbud which auto-syncs with the phone, the proficiency with such tech, the change in Dani's demeanor when support by an unknown third party is offered, it's all noted as it unfolds.

Of course Neena knew there would be a risk with offering to help, but she's willing to bet her last grenade that one of the first things Dani is going to do following this call is reach out to Warren and start asking him questions. Dani knows he's involved, and that he knows more about the person now on the end of the phone. Better that it come from the source rather than the Bird.

"Domino," the woman offers at length. "That's what you can call me. If you don't mind, I'd like to keep this arrangement between the two of us. We're both after the same goals. I'll play nice."

Take that last bit for whatever it might be worth.

Once more Dani's eyes flick around the area, but there's really nothing to be seen. Nothing except trash, the car and deep shadows.

Suspicion flickers across her features for a split second, as she considers whether Domino is somehow spying on the SHIELD agent. In Dani's mind the answer is yes. It's what she'd do after all.

"Butler-ish." She repeats, careful not to react overtly to the mention of a personal connection, because clearly there is one. "That's funny." And in more ways than one, but Dani doesn't elaborate beyond that.

"Domino." She responds, "Well, when we're in the thick of it you can call me Moonstar. It's what most call me."

"It's nice to know we're after the same thing." The black-haired woman says with a touch of a wry tone to her voice, "It totally assuages all my suspicions." The last bit about playing nice prompts an eyebrow raise from the woman, but nothing verbal. Her next words are more statement than question, "Once I have the info on the numbers I'll drop a ping on the phone for a time and place to meet. I also like to know the face of the person potentially backing me up."

Another soft chuckle can be heard when Dani makes a play of her own. Another meeting, this time on her conditions. Way to level the playing field.

"You're suspicious as hell," Domino states with a flat tone. "I get it. That's a good thing. That instinct will keep you alive. Just know that if my intention was to take you out it would have happened a long time ago. You're not the mark of the evening. To me you're a momentary curiosity. A means to an end. I've got nothing against you, 'Moonstar.' I'm hoping that this feeling can remain mutual."

It is most perplexing how Dani seems to respond to any mention of Warren… This piece of information Domino keeps for later. It's too significant to ignore. It may work out to her advantage at some point… Who knows.

"I'm a pretty basic girl so let's leave things simple. Keep this between us and ping me when you're ready to meet. Next time, no smoke and mirrors. You'll get a face to go with the name. Maybe then we can establish enough trust to form a business relationship."

It would have happened a long time ago -

Yes, that definitely confirms she's being watched from afar. Again, it brings a frown to her features, but there's not much she can do. Well, beyond being as careful as she can be.

"Trust is good." She agrees, "And I can say the same to you. I have nothing against you, so hopefully, yes, we can establish that trust."

"Give me a few days to see what I can pull on the numbers. If it's nothing, well, I guess we wasted our time, but if there's something there I'll let you know." By this time Moonstar steps out from under the bridge and as she does so she raises her hand in a casual seeming wave to no one, "I'm sure we'll be chatting again soon. Stay out of trouble until then."

Because Dani just has a feeling that Domino tends to find /a lot/ of trouble.

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