Roleplaying Log: Gemtastrophe
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Impulse and Misfit out in Manhattan for dinner get attacked… or foil an invasion with Wasp's help. Hard to say for sure.

Other Characters Referenced: Lord Opal
IC Date: February 22, 2019
IC Location: Time's Square
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Posted On: 23 Feb 2019 21:41
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
Scene Soundtrack: [* ]
NPC & GM Credits: Sapphire, Emerald and Opal NPC'd and GM'd by Misfit
Associated Plots

It is a fairly normal seeming evening in Time's Square.

Charlotte, aka Charlie, aka Misfit, aka Chaos Muppet, and Bartholomew, aka Bart, aka Impulse are being hustled out of a restaurant by the owner. Really who needs that many AKAs. Teenage menaces.

The fine dining establishment in question is Churrascaria Platforma, a Brazilian Steakhouse of good repute with a prix-fixe includes the endless grilled meats and the extensive salad bar but not dessert.

The problem is even when trying to be covert Bart and Charlie tend to eat a lot. Bart more than Charlie really. Speedster metabolisms.

"Jerkfaces!" announces Charlie as she stomps out onto the sidewalk and looks to Bart. "Couldn't you like.. buy them or something and then make them feed us endless tasty sea salt steaks?" being indignant enough to totally miss the crackle of dark purple lightning through time-square behind her.

* * *

If one were to look at the young brown haired woman with the big amazed look in her brown eyes. You'd think Nadia was more a tourist than an immigrant. Well currently not a legal immigrant but that's between her and INS.

Orange jacket, strategically ripped but very tight fitting bluejeans, tan wedge heeled hiking boots cause when you have done as much training in ballet, you can forget about wearing flat soles. There's also a necklace with stainless steel beads and a brooch slash locket with a set of insect wings embossed into it around her neck. Nice and casual and stylish for a young woman.

Nadia however does see the lightning in purple and in as much teenage enthusiasm as scientific curiosity takes her phone out to snap off a few shots of it.

"That's even better than Manhattanhenge. Wasit, did I leave an experiment running." she asks herself a little worriedly. Looking around she checks to see if she's not the only one that saw the unique phenomona.

* * *

It is pretty rude to be escorted out just because you didn't anticipate people with meta-metabolisms when you set up your all-you-can-eat business. Bart huffs, glancing back towards the restaurant, lowering his sunglasses (which he's wearing because it magically makes normal people incognito! ..doesn't it?).

"I could but then people will be wondering why the new owner of Stark Industries can put away a zillion steaks," he sighs, pocketing his sunglasses before reaching back to tug up the hood of his jacket over his head. "Not to mention it would probably put them out of business if we ate all the steaks, I guess." Thinking about consequences for a change? …a lot's happened this week. With a shrug, Bart bumps Misfit's shoulder with his own as he motions with his head towards the sidewalk, starting along. "Anyway, at least we ate a pretty good amount. That was some good steak."

His steps don't carry him far as he stops again, brow furrowing. Was that his imagination? "Did you see that..?" he starts to ask, craning his head skyward looking for storm clouds.

* * *

There is another crackle of purple lightning behind Charlotte in the middle of time square. Also is the sky starting to warp like it was swirling down a drain there.

"Ugggn responsibilities are so stupid….!" yes Charlie tends to act like she is twelve, maybe fifteen on a good day despite her real legal age. "I suppose we can't just buy the place and put them out of business." she grumps.

The shoulder bump seems to cheer her up and she muses "It was very good steak… I think the Picanha was my favorite… delicious sea salt…" she glances back at the restaurant "To bad we are banned." she notes mournfully.

.. .. .. "See what?" and Charlie looks around and then notices the warping of reality in the middle of time square. "Ooo… okay that does not at all look good… actually I have a bad feeling about this" and for some reason Charlie sounds worried, she never sounds worried, and she couldn't explain why she feels that way if asked.

Which is of course when there is a noise best described as Crasacaa Boom through Time Square, followed by a KraKoom.

Spires of Purple, Emerald, and Sapphire … gemstone? .. Spike into the ground as three armored individuals materialize. The Sapphire one is a blue skinned individual who seems to to be topless, skin pebbled, helmet with large horns, holding a war-hammer. The Purple one is an armored warrior with an energy weapon, with bayonet and armor with screaming faces on it, and the emerald, well she looks more akin to a wood nymph, androgynous really with four wings and balls of energy forming around her hands.

Charlie's eloquent response is "Holy crackers"

The Figure in Purple demands loudly. "By the Order of Lord Opal, you will surrender the scion of House Ruby immediately" to time square.

Of course cops are drawing their guns.

* * *

Well, it's not just lightning. "Definitely not my fault." To the police officers nearby Nadia watches them draw their guns and she facepalms. "That's probably not gonna do anything other than annoy them. You might wanna try just being crowd control. get people who can't help away from here." she says, in a flat Brit-ish accent."

Figuring now is as good a time as any she starts walking to the armored trio. A couple faint wooshes and she's in costume, red and black, bio mechanical wings unfurled behind her and flitterimg enough to lift her off the ground and with an almost soothing buzz, floats over to the crystalline trio.

"Hi there, I'm hoping we can work things out peacefully. Kinda need to know who whom this Scion of Ruby is? Why you want them back? Any details would be really helpful cause I'd like to avoid violence." To the wood nymph, Nadia the Wasp beams a smile. "I love your look by the way!" fashion sympatico hopefully. "Anyway, the more we know about your Scion, the faster we can arrange things and make sure they are willing to come back with you. There might be a very good reason they're hear and I'd hate to be the one to give you bad news." she calls out to the three.

Gee the Wasp can ramble but at least she's being nice about things first.

* * *


Bart points as another bolt of purple races down as though to prove to him that he had in fact not imagined the first. For all the noise exploding in tandem with the bizarre display in the skies as something touches down in Times Square, the speedster still wears an expression more fitting for one who's just walked into their surprise birthday party.

"Cool…" he gasps, overlapped by Charlie's own exclamation. "Is this like, a Final Fantasy promo? Mmmm on second thought probably not, these costumes look terrible." Pause. "-the effects are pretty cool though."

No wait, Charlie had been saying something earlier. Leave it to Bart to have been distracted, but that's par the course when stuff like this happens. He does glance at her now as the situation starts to lean more towards being an actual thing happening that possibly involves dangerous people. Stepping closer towards her, the speedster narrows his eyes as he looks to the colorfully adorned figures.

"Scion of House Ruby? What're they talking about? Not Pokemon, right? …uh, is that lady just walking over to talk to 'em?"

Because it sure looks like it. The winged costume is unfamiliar to him, but at least chances are the woman must know what she's doing. Right?

* * *

Well Charlie is definitely seeing what Bart is seeing as she stares at the three figures floating, flying, hard to say for sure. Maybe it is both. "I don't think this is a promo for anything Bart…" she mutters" and yeah Charlie looks a little green around the gills for some reason, pale and nauseous "I have a headache… and I don't feel very good." she sounds pained for some reason.

Meanwhile the the purple figure who made the proclamation lowers his staff, energy weapon to point it right at Nadia. "The Scion of House Ruby. Your guilt is sheltering her. By pain of death you will bring her to us and by Lord Opal's Demand we will have her and leave your pitiful Realm." yeah he is quite threatening.

The Floating Emerald Nymph points at the two cops that aimed their weapons, one which actually pulled the trigger and a beam of Emerald Light strikes them both, encasing them in gemstone, including the bullet in flight.

The Blue one with the war-hammer touches down and surveys the fleeing crowds. Lifting his Mace and muttering something a beam of Blue strikes flashes up into the sky and then down towards Charlie who seems speechless and stunned for the moment.

* * *

Threats of death, if it wasn't for her helmet, Nadia would be pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration. Just once would it be nice if extra dimensional beings didn't threaten death. It's why she kept her own crystal castle in the microverse as far away from anyone as possible. The neighbors always suck. Just like her place in Creskil.

It'd be nice to be able to save lives too. The threat made by purple punctuated by the others gets Nadia moving fast, letting a barrage of bio-electrical blasts from her hands while er flight takes a serpentine spiral pattern.

"Impatient much! Now I'm convinced they don't want to go back with you. If you're gonna be like this Imma have to ask you to leave until you can learn to follow correct diplomatic extradition protocols." Like the Wasp actually has any say in that kind of thing being probably in the exact same situation this Ruby Scion might be in.

* * *

"Yeeeah I'm beginning to think you're right…" Bart replies, nodding at Charlie's opinion on the matter. He blinks and glances at her, frowning. "Hey, what's wrong?" It's not some side-effect of her being stuck in demontown again, is it? But would that mean these guys are demons? Lord Opal's a super weird name for one, anyway.

He glances back towards the three fantasy-garbed beings just as the green one blasts the police. "Grife..! What was that?!" Frozen? No… Crystallized? It's enough to make bystanders panic and run for it, which while helping to get people to move out of the way doesn't always work out very well.

"Charlie, we needa- uh-oh."

Bart cranes his head back as he sees the blue light flash above, and he can see it slowly rocket downwards towards their position. A quick glance at his friend tells him that she's not even noticed, so fixated on everything else. Not waiting a moment longer, the speedster moves to scoop her up and carry her out of the way.

* * *

The purple armored gentleman misses with the shot of purple energy at Nadia as she fires off a burst of bio-electric blasts and spirals into flight. That last scores a jagged line of gemstone across the front of the Disney store and catches a mom and her child freezing them in gemstone.

On a bright note the blasts do stagger the armored invader back several steps before he brings his bladed energy weapon up in a guard making a purple energy shield appear in front of him to stop further blasts from Nadia for the moment.

There is a crash of Blue and a spire of Sapphire gemstone right where Charlie was standing before Bart scooped her into his arms and moved her with super speed out of the way. There is no mistaking the target really and it is just further confirmed as the Blue horned helm individual screams to the others "There!" where Charlie and Bart where and then twirls the war-hammer and fires several blasts after the blur of super speed leaving several jagged spires of sapphire in Bart's wake.

"Baart…. " Charlie squeaks as she is jerked and carried away there to safety by Bart. "We have to .. I… set me down…" she almost sounds like she is going to throw up.

The Emerald Nymph looks over at the trail of destruction Sapphire is causing. Then turns her attention and spirals her hands creating ten glowing green orbs and sends them zinging at Nadia, like heat seeking missiles.

* * *

In Nadia's flight path, she watches the mother and child get caught as collateral damage. Now it's her fault and there's no other words for what Nadia starts feeling is cold rage Coming in closer range, she sees the blasts aren't getting to their target and takes her helmet off, throwing it hard at Purple Guy.

And with another blast, this time the shrink ray of her gauntlets she's increasing the size and mass of the thrown head gear, till it's both as big as squad car with the mass to match, and the short conical point at the top pointed right at the barrier.

Another glance and Wasp see's bart zipping Charlotte out of the way at speed and calls out to him. "You, you're Earth local? Get the civilians out of here then get yourself a run up and deck someone!" Tactical, and still very angry.

* * *

"Wow, what's up with that guy?" Bart mutters as he glances over his shoulder, watching blue crystal sprout up behind them. He rounds a corner, looking at Charlie before skidding to a halt. "Have to what? Do you know what's going on? Who are those guys? Either way, we can't just let 'em zap everyone."

Hearing the winged woman's shout he nods, looking back and about for her before turning towards Charlie again. "She's right. Look, if you're not feeling good, stay put. I gotta make sure no one else gets turned into a fossil." He smiles briefly at her, giving her shoulder a squeeze before darting off.

When next he slows into visibility the speedster's dressed in his usual attire trademark of the name Impulse, and not Kid Flash like people mistake him for more often than not. A white and red blur, if even that, he moves to shunt people out of the way, hauling them bodily, startled tourists, business people and families alike finding themselves suddenly a block or two away from the mayhem.

* * *

Well even other-dimensional or even other worldly invaders do not expect someones helmet t actually increase to the size of a car and crash into them. There is a yell of alarm and pain as the Opal armored individual goes down hard under the car, at least for the moment.

When Charlie is set down she wobbles "Fuck" okay she never cusses. "Go.. go…" and Charlie vanishes in a slash of crimson smoke. Milliseconds later she is throwing up hard in the Batcave in Gotham before staggering up to her feet to grab her costume from the rack and tugging it on through the pain lancing through her brain meat.

The Sapphire Blue gentleman with the war-hammer stops it's spin "The Scion has Escaped we need to…. By the gods!" and shifts his stance, having looked back to his compatriots who .. well one has a helmet on him…. So the brute does what brutes do and charges at Nadia now hammer raised to the sky.

The Emerald Nymph fires off two more globes of Energy at the fast moving Wasp, before turning it's attention to Bart. Honestly the job is not well done as she misses even as Bart starts to ferry people to safety.

There are many surprises noises from fleeing people as they suddenly find themselves well clear of the danger zone.

* * *

Fun fact, speedy wings combined with Red Room training in dance and acrobatics means super fast dodging when other energy blasts are leveled her way.

With Opal kept under Wasp's lid. It's the Charging Sappire that gets the chillingly furious young woman's attention. There's no blasts this time or spiralling maneuvers once Emerald is distracted by a very snazzily dressed speedster.

Before Nadia can level a punch though, her arm even swinging like she's leveling a hay-maker, she's gone. To the untrained eye she's gone, or probably invisible. Instead she's shrunken to almost microscopic size and up inside the blue clad warrior's own helmet. In his auditory canal specifically. The buzzing of her wings would be really loud in there. Let alone what she further adds. Oh so many of her wasp stings.

Right inside Sapphire's head.

Using quantity since quality is reduced by her size.

* * *

"That— " Zoom "was a- " Zoop! "— pretty cool trick..!" Impulse says as he pops in and out of his mad dashes, grinning from ear to ear as one of the gem trio gets stuck. He's turning and registering the green one's attention shifting towards him along with her own energy blasts, practically vanishing himself as he speeds well away from being caught up by it.

"Hey, over here!" he shouts, 'appearing' some ways from the Emerald Nymph, hands waving about wildly. He'll move again as soon as she tries to take her shot. "No, over here!"

Making himself a target is one habit he hasn't quite kicked, but in this case he has a plan as he tries to keep Greeny firing blindly at him enough that she won't think twice when he stops in front of ol' blue-boy.

Although where'd that winged lady go? Huh.

* * *

The helmet rocks back and forth several times. Then there is a brilliant flash of Opal energy and the visor blows outwards in a shower of sparks. The skull armored terrorist leaps out landing back in the open.

The Sapphire blue individual loses track of Wasp, skidding to a stop, the war-hammer wavering in the air. "The Flying Piskie has vanished oo.. we must pursue the Sciio!ACCKerl!" his words violently going to gibberish as he gets stung in the ear like that. Staggering to the left and right, keening in pain as Nadia unloads on a very vulnerable part of him.

This is about when the Emerald Warrior blasts the Sapphire War-hammer welder trying to hit Bart. Crystal forms over him and threatens to trap Nadia in his ear if she isn't fast with her reaction.

Back at the cave Charlie is swearing profusely, but still pulls her cowl on and goggles down. Her head is thundering. She feels like she may hurl again. Still she isn't going to leave Bart and whoever that winged lady was to fight those colorful assholes by themselves. She vanishes from the cave in a slash of Crimson Smoke. Appearing by one of the Sapphire pillars where Bart dropped her off in a reciprocal slash of smoke. Trying to figure out what she missed.

The Ruby color of the smoke catches Emerald's attention though and a ball of Emerald energy flashes towards Charlie who manages to meet if with a flying Bat-a-Rang.. .which crashes near her coated in emerald.

A flash of crimson smoke later and Charlie is up above the Emerald Invader planting a weighted booted foot solidly into the side of the Nymphs head.

* * *

Nadia's exit, it's through the ear, into the sinuses and out Sapphire's nose, blasting the whole way through as she exits via a nostril. She can be grossed out later.

Tt's only a moment longer that Nadia stays in front of Sapphire before the currently miniature maiden zooms over the warriors already zapped head.

That buzzing of wings. It gets louder a moment and most certainly not soothing anymore. Well that's subjective. The reason for that is instead of shrinking more, or even returning to her normal size, Sapphire is hammered by a big black leather clad fist. The Wasp having grown now to at least fifty feet, settling her knuckles down hard on Sapphire as he's encased in friendly crystal fire.

Right now she might be a big target but she's also looking right down in the recovering Opal with a very, very vicious looking expression. The other hand is aimed at the apparent leader as she kneels down. Pinning Sapphire down and charging another Bio-electric blast at the purple terrorist. "I can shrink faster than you can attack. And after what I just did to your blue boy, you can imagine what my blasts can do at this size. I warn you now because keeping this up will just get worse." Nadia's cold voice booms as she speaks. Brown eyes looking down very intently on Opal.

"You will face powers that eclipse my own by magnitudes greater. Leave this world and don't come back. Or the suffering we will inflict will only just be starting."

Nadia's fist charging, the bio-electricity looking like her fist is surrounded by lightning.

* * *

"Blaaaaah!" Impulse stretches his mouth out wide on either side with his fingers hooked at each corner, sticking his tongue out before skipping out of the way as the green blast fires again. "Nice shot!" he congratulates the Nymph, tossing a thumbs up.

Already it seems that the green one's lost interest in him however, and he looks back to see who's drawn her attention. "Misfit!" he shouts, both surprised and concerned. She hadn't looked so good earlier, but it seems she's pushing through it as she appears and gives Emerald a boot to the head.

Then that leaves…

"Oh." The speedster glances over where the other gem warrior had broken out of the helmet imprisonment and grins. "Back for more? I wonder where wing-lady went. Maybe she's getting more helmehhhh- oh never mind, there she is!"

Nadia's sudden explosion in size has him gaping up and up. He shrugs and looks back over towards the Opal guy, cupping his hands around his mouth as he calls out, "I think you should listen to her!"

* * *

Despite being encased in green though, the blue warrior struggles, the gem prison cracks and slowly dust falls around it, green dust.

The green nymph lands hard on the ground from the nearly superhuman kick to the head. Moments later Misfit lands hard with her boots on the Emerald Sorceress's back. The Misfit's knees slam on her arms pinning them and gloved hands grab her head and bash her face into the cement. "I'LL KILL YOU" is what Charlie screams, her whole body shaking, her voice all out of character and sorts. It should startle Bart really. Then she bashes the Emerald's head into the pavement again and doesn't look like she is going to stop herself.

About then the Emerald prison around Sapphire sprays apart in the air.

Opal Guardsman stares up at Nadia. "I…" pause a very long pause. "We have made our demands clear! We will…" pause "Return to our realm and await your answer." edging towards Sapphire, that gun pointed towards Nadia as he side steps.r

* * *

Nadia's fist pinning own Sapphire lifts long enough to flick her fingers and lob him towards Opal. Her own blast staying charged and crackling through the gloved hand. Of course at this size, while half knelt into a squat she;s just have to drop said knee. There's probably about a half dozen other ways the Wasp could make it painful for the pair. "Thank you, I'm sure our worlds leaders will be in touch. In the mean time, if you can release those you have encased in crystal. It would help things in your favor. You wouldn't want us endangering your people were the reverse to happen." she says in a very serious warning. Her voice remains even but at least any venom and anger has long since gone.

That's when Nadia reduces herself to her preferred size of five and a half feet. Not her actual size since that's way sorter and even someone as good looking as Nadia has body image issues. She does however keep all the mass she accumulated as a giant.

A solid well aimed punch condensed now could shatter quite a lot. But she's satisfied with the attackers decision to leave for now.

* * *

"Misfit, no!"

The horror in his tone is evident as Impulse hears his teammate's threat. He can hardly believe his own ears, but seeing her begin to ram the Emerald one's head into the ground he shakes himself out of his shock and races over—

A hand moves to grasp Misfit's wrist, his other arm wrapping around her to try holding her back. "We don't do that," he says softly. "That's not us." Beat. "That's not you."

Speeding about hadn't winded him, but right now his heart's thudding hard against his chest and his breath is slow and deliberate. He's hardly paying attention to the retorts of the Guardsman and Nadia's diplomatic gesture as he's more concerned about Charlie going over the edge. Behind his yellow goggles, an older style over the mono-visor he'd been accustomed to wearing before (that one had an accident), his eyes flick from the prone form beneath Misfit's knee to the one remaining gem stranger still capable of speaking.

If she allows him to, he'll ease Misfit back and away from the Emerald Nymph, all the while watching the Opal Guardsman, distrustful of whether they're really going to leave, but he won't stop them if they do.

* * *

Bart catches Charlie's wrist and stops her from bashing the Ruby warrior's head into the pavement again. Two bounces is all she got in there before Bart intervened.

The Opal gunslinger catches his Sapphire friend when he is flicked by the giant towards him. He swiftly shifts him to under one arm and brings the butt of his energy rifle to the ground. "We Leave!" he announces with command, if a bit shaken by the resistance they ran into.

As Bart eases Charlie off the Ruby sorceress, the gem sorcerer scrambles back now towards the Opal guardsman. A portal rips open in reality around he Opal guardsman at the slam of his rifle to the ground. If they aren't stopped the purple lightning will wrap around all three figures and they will vanish.

Charlie looks to Bart, her iris actually crimson, ruby red, "Bart?" and then she swoons into his arms once the portal closes. Not complete out but knocked off her feet for certain.

* * *

Nadia Pym certainly has no problem letting the attackers leave before more damage is done and more people's lives are at risk. There's a shift in stance so the Wasp can face them to keep her brown eyes on the trio. The maintained extra mass from having been in giant mode cracking the pavement under those wedge heeled boots.

With the three assailants gone in another flash of purple lightning, the excess mass is let go from Nadia's body and with the exertion from it all, the brunette is landing on her butt. "The civilians caught in the blasts, did they get freed?" she says very worriedly and tiredly while her head swivels around to see but it's most likely she can't because Impulse did his job and got people safe.

"And between us. It was a bluff. At that size, a blast like that doesn't scale. It would have probably just stood hair on end. Just being that size wipes me out, and just generating so many blasts at all sizes wipes you."

leaning back with knees bent and her back slumped and hands propping her up, the wasp throws her head back.

"Once we get the people blasted sorted out. I'm going to need a box of donuts and a long, long soak in a bathtub. Trying to averting a war is even more tiring."

* * *

It's only once the three have vanished that Impulse heaves a sigh in relief. Well, that's one problem down, anyway. He blinks at Charlie, his own eyes widening slightly at the sight of her's, but he doesn't have time to be properly startled as she faints. Thankfully he'd already been holding onto her that it's not too difficult to shift her into an easier position to prop up as he kneels with her in his arms.

"Bluff, huh?" It's just a flicker of a grin that touches his face as he looks over towards Nadia, now back to her regular size. "Don't worry, secret's safe with me. Nice job though," the speedster says. "Not sure about what happens with the people that got stuck, but if those guys could break out of it, then maybe they can too. I don't think too many were caught in the blasts at least."

Even as he speaks he's looking around to size up the damage, wondering if vibrating through the crystal will do the job.

"Donuts sound great. Figure the rest out later." Good plan. "I needa take Misfit back, but I won't be long. And then we can see about cleaning this up."

* * *

Chaos is really swirling all around time-square. There are a hell of a lot more sirens in the distance approaching. People are still fleeing in all directions, except for the few encased in gemstone.

Damage Control Inc. will be very busy downtown later today. Vibrating through the gemstones may actually make cleanup much easier. Honestly Bart could probably clean up all on his own.

Charlie blinks up and stares at Bart "What happened." her iris back to normal now, though she still seems totally out of it.

* * *

Clean up will happen. And for the people that may be trapped still, Nadia will probably throw in some nift super science. There's some pretty harsh self guilt going on there and at least this time she can help fix it.

"I'm Wasp by the way. i'll refrain from real names while we're all rocking out costumes." she offers in greeting tiredly from her spot planting her shapely behind down on the pavement.

Eventually she'll get up and start getting to work. Looks like she might have gotted stuck with SHIELD explanations this time.

* * *

"Nice working with you, Wasp. I'm Impulse," the speedster nods, his smile crooked but genuine. "Some time you'll have to tell me how you manage to grow so huge."

Hearing Misfit speak up, Impulse looks down at her with relief. "I'm not entirely sure. You kinda went nuts on one of those attackers and then fainted. Wasp managed to convince them to leave though."

He helps her sit up if she's able to. "You all right? I was gonna take you back to base and then come back to help out here."

* * *

Charlie is pretty unaware of all the chaos at the moment. Let alone Nadia. She just nods and closes her eyes letting Impulse take her back to base and then return to help Nadia with cleanup.

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