Solar Powered vegan Girlfriend
Roleplaying Log: Solar Powered vegan Girlfriend
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Nico and Kori meet in the gym, and discuss problems related to solar powered alien girlfriends who are vegan, but not Vegan. Only a minimal amount of grave robbery was discussed.

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IC Date: February 23, 2019
IC Location: Titans Mall - Gym
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Posted On: 24 Feb 2019 08:32
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"Hey!" says Nico Minoru.

She is seated - slouched really - on a bench in the wide open space that was once a half-sized Planet Fitness and is now a training space, most of the surviving equipment having been consolidated in one area and the Lunk Alarm having been firmly relocated elsewhere. She has a towel around her shoulders and looks paler than usual, exhausted - she has no makeup on.

If her workout routine with Tim Dr- er- Red Robin has borne fruit, it is not yet fully apparent. But at least she is less wiped out now, after a recent event. She had, perhaps, wanted a shower, but an opportunity has arisen.

Rising to her feet, Nico says, "Hey - uh - Do you prefer Starfire or…? I am so glad you came by because I wanted to ask you… something? But it's kind of… awkward."

She pauses, and then says, "Do you have a routine here? Like I don't want to interrupt if you need to get in the zone…"

* * *

Starfire arrives wearing a colorful sports bra and yoga pants combo that makes her look like something out of a magazine special. She may have, in fact, actually modeled it for a magazine and gotten to keep the clothes!

Enviable not just for her physique, there is also the matter that she looks so damn cheerful, energetic, and downright /chipper/, even approaching this should-be arduous activity. Fortunately, her ever-plentiful positive energy is the sort of thing that rubs off on others, or at least, is very freely shared, and her smile brightens when she spots Nico.

"Hello Nico! Oh, Koriand'r is fine, or Kori! I still find the secret names rather strange. I took mine from a ship." There's a fact for you!

The eager alien then takes hold of the question and seems to ponder it, glancing around. "I have a routine. Stretching and some of the cardio - I prefer Okaaran battle kata - and then strength exercises. Of course the original human equipment is not of suitable use for me, so I make use of those." A gesture is made toward some ominous looking machinery, things Cyborg has installed for the more superhuman team members to employ.

"I do not mind company. Are you looking for assistance? I know Robin has the 'standardized regimen' he prefers. I hear him speaking of it often!"

* * *

Nico's outfit, though less sporty, is not dissimilar… though she has more abdominal coverage and is wearing shorts. Also it's dark blue because she would probably die and rot in the ground before she wore anything that brightly colored.

Or both.

"Sure," Nico says, "sure - yeah, I think they're kind of for children but I can see the, like, value? I guess Red Robin has something going on, like he's Batman's son or whatever and he doesn't want to get made. Whatever." She keeps walking closer.

I actually understand that now, Nico thinks as Kori explains. She does add, "What's Okaaran here?" Then blinking, she glances towards the INSANOFLEX of doom, and back to Kori. Shaking her head, she says, "No - no, though, maybe when I get to the weights you could spot me? You seem like you'd be less… judge-y…? No, though, uh, this is awkward."

She sucks on her teeth.

"So you said you're from Vega, right, or out towards Vega? Forgive me if I like, screw this up, I am absolutely ignorant of anything outside of Earth."

* * *

At first, Kori can't help but smile a little knowingly - and fondly - at mention of those particular bat motives. "Yes, they are fond of their secrets, although /some/ just a little more than others." Despite this humor, she continues more seriously: "Still, with everything that is occuring presently, I do understand the instinct for secrecy. Unfortunately I am not sure that giving a fake name and putting on a tiny mask would do me much good." This is offered with more good cheer and humor, even if it echoes a more serious and worrisome situation.

"Okaara is a planet," she then starts to explain, before rolling that answer into another. "Yes, in the Vega system. It has a large number of inhabited planets compared to this system. Mine is called Tamaran, but as youths, we travel to Okaara for matrial training. Their battle forms are sophisticated matters of both physical improvement and mental discipline and focus. Some of the words do not have direct translations, but I think some of the martial arts the Robins practice bear some similarities."

"I was ignorant of everything here when I first arrived, but everyone on the team was always kind to me. How could I be anything else in return?" she then finally declares, quite unworried about any etiquette. "I will assist you if you need!"

After this, she moves over to an area with some mats to begin her stretching. This, like many things, she does so more by rote immitation of the ritual she has seen others perform here than necessity: much of her actual stretching is done floating a couple feet off the ground, allowing a more impressive range of flexibility.

* * *

"Yeah," Nico says. "Yeah."

Though, she thinks to herself, Old Lace DID kind of suit the dinosaur, and they had to call her something. At least it wasn't 'spot'.

She nods along with the rest of Kori's explanation, although from the wide look in her eyes this is still something she is digesting. Kori's probably seen it before when people have asked and she has answered. Her horizons are stretching, even after everything. "Alright," she says, before trailing off for a few seconds.

This is partly because of the stretching and partly to gather her thoughts.

"When I lived back West," Nico says, "One of our… One of the people in our group was the child of two people from space. She was born on Earth but she wasn't *earthling*, if, that makes sense? I don't know how I should put this. She was from somewhere called Majesdane."

After a second, Nico says, "She… was in an arranged marriage, and had to… leave. I was wondering if you knew anything about that planet. I know space is huge, but, like, she literally just ditched out on us all, and her parents were already dead, so I've just been wondering like, okay, where the did Karolina… GO."

"It's cool if you don't," Nico continues, "like, seriously, don't worry about it, but if you DO know anything about the place…"

* * *

Kori's all-angle stretching continues for a while, sometimes in what seem fairly normal poses merely recreated off the ground, others in stranger ones, or simply upside-down or in other odd configurations. None of this seems to distract her, as if she is quite used to carrying on conversations at such odd relative angles. Probably happens all the time in zero G!

"Yes, I understand the situation," Kori assures as it is laid out, and does not, by her reaction, seem to find it too strange. "I know I am hardly the first alien to arrive on this world, so it is not surprising such things might happen. Particularly of those fleeing political difficulty…" And, in a once in a blue moon occurence, some hint of sad familiarity does echo in her tone, "Earth is not an illogical destination. It is… and I do not mean offense, a fairly backwater planet, by the standards of most interstellar civilizations. A good hiding place."

Eventually, Starfire rights herself from her strange position, here only to shake her head. "I am saddened to answer that I have not heard of this world. As you say, space is… very large. Incomprehensibly so, to most who have never experienced it." There is a slight pause there, before a somewhat hope-instilling, "However…"

"… Depending on the nature of her world, perhaps it might be possible to do something to locate her? While some physical, chemical, and even biological properties tend to be consistent among worlds hosting sentient life, some are VERY different. Those traces might not be difficult to isolate, if they are exotic to this planet?"

* * *

"That… sounds right, yeah," Nico says. "Her parents were… not good people at all." Her lips purse then, and her arms fold, and her shoulders slump slightly. "Oh," she says. "That's cool."

She looks at her feet. "Uh."

"Well," she says, "I… I don't want to come off like I'm stalking her, or anything. Like if anything, I'm jealous of her, really, because while it absolutely sucks, from a certain perspective she's also lucky? She kind of got a happy ending after everything that happened."

Nico sweeps back a lock of her asymmetric hairstyle then, exhaling through her teeth. She forces herself to relax, to push through the formless morass of low-key anxieties that threaten to bubble up like scum in a soup pot. "But," she says, "I would, uh, I guess it'd be cool if I could write her a letter or something, just…"

Nico sags. "I don't know," she concludes. "She's probably over it anyway."

Her eyes finally look up. "… Does that pose… hurt? Like, your feet are… behind your neck. If you sneezed, would you break your neck?"

* * *

"Hmm. Were you not friends? Even if she is happy to be free of whatever troubles you all shared, I am certain she still cares for those she shared them with." It goes without saying that Kori has no real basis for any of this, yet her belief in the power of friendship that provides her great confidence. "It is not unlike those I once traveled with. We had all been enslaved together, and after our rebellion, even if our memories were sad ones, we had become a family."

Smiling warmly, she adds, "And that is still true, even if we now no longer travel-"

"-no, I am more sturdy than that, and it is good to stretch before strennuous exercise-"

"together." Grinning at the focus Nico brings to her, Kori unfurls herself from whatever pretezel pose so that her feet first hover just above, and then once more settle onto the floor beneath her.

"I am sure she would be happy to hear from you. But I am not sure how we would begin the search without knowing a little more about her. Do you have anything that belonged to her?" As she asks this, it seems to dawn on Starfire that she's overlooked the obvious. "Your magic does not let you seek her out?"

* * *

"Oh, I, uh," Nico falters.

"Okay like…" She takes a deep breath and lets it out.

"Not long before she left," Nico says, "she told me she… had… feelings, for me, and, I was scared and stupid, so I was like, no I don't have those same feelings, and she was really hurt by that? And I think that's why she left Earth. And, the thing is, /she was right/, I was just a coward?"

This is the first time I told anyone outright, Nico thinks, other than when I had that Pride shirt on around Spider-Man in the old building. I wonder if they're gonna be weird about it. (I wonder if she even understands it.) (Maybe, Nico thinks further, I should try to explain.) (Or, Nico thinks further, I could just jump in the river instead because I'm already gonna turn bright red.)

This, externally, seems like an uncomfortable pause for about three seconds, at which point Nico says with some relief, "Oh, that's good. I mean about your neck. I'm trying to do these drills so I'm kind of less, a squishy thing?"

"As for the magic," Nico says, "I *could*, but I can literally only do it once. So if, say, she comes back to Earth two years later, and she's dying, I can't use the spell again, because I would have already spent it. So you see why I want to like, try normal ways first." After a beat, she says, "Her people… assuming she's typical, they had a kind of… rainbow glow aura. I think it was from solar energy. She wore a bracelet her parents gave her, which suppressed it, because otherwise oh wow NO WAY she could have been in society."

Nico considers a few moments longer.

"And they were vegans," Nico says, "and, maybe they *had* to be vegans?"

* * *

"— hold on, WHO did that to you?? Was that like, all of the old guard guys like Red Robin and Zee, or like — other people from your planet??"

* * *

With her feet once more planted, Starfire sheds just a touch of her obvious otherness, although other facets linger. For instance, she doesn't wear the contacts in the tower. So… glowy green eyes with no definition of white and pupil. They give her face a strangely guileless, innocent look, even as she smiles on at Nico's explaination-slash-admission.

"Maybe she was angry at the time, hurt, but… Mmm." A thoughtful pause, complete with a very feline tilting of her head. "I have been told I am bad at the relationship advice, because the rules on earth are very different from on Tamaran. Mostly there are a lot more of them, and sometimes it is most frustrating!" There's clear exasperation at this, even. "I am sure if she held you in her heart then, that she still cares for you, and would be happy to hear from you, no matter what comes of it."

As much as she may be familiar with cosmic oddity, magic is very much the opposite, and Kori nods along with the explanation - she would probably do so no matter what Nico offered. "Let us consider other methods, then."

Thus the alien woman listens closely to the description. "It seems there are many species that have some variety of solar metabolism - my own, the Kryptonians and hers as well?" And insert confused blinking. "Vegans? Oh, you mean in the dietary sense. I shall compare this description against galactic databases. Otherwise… If she was born here, her solar metabolism would probably have adapted to the local star, although perhaps her parents might have carried some unusual signatures?"

It sounds as if she is on the verge of some fairly jargon-heavy musing, although blessedly it remains internal, for the large part.

"I any case, I am happy to assist you however I can. With your search, or with this," and she adds a gesture around the room. "Robin's reasonings are sound, and it is wise to be able to defend yourself in situations where your powers might fail or prove ineffective. But he is very intense. Even more than Nightwing!"

With the last she not only smiles in a none-too-subtly dreamy way, but also shakes her head both at this description of 'the old days' and her past. "Neither of them was even on the team, then. I had escaped with, yes, some other Tamaraneans and other Vegan- the system not the food preference -species. We had overthrown our captors, called the Citadel, and taken their ship. As I was the more prized captive, I eventually departed, to spare them the danger of constant pursuit. I was followed to this world, and some of those who would form the team - Nightwing, Cyborg, Wally - helped me defeat my pursuers." Basically, Starfire is old, as Titans go!

* * *

This takes a couple of steps. But on the topic of this mystery girl in the stars…

"… Do you really think so?" Nico says, her voice very quiet.

Oh thank god, she thinks further, Kori got it. She nods along with what she says. "Maybe. Um. We could… I mean, her parents, uh…" She trails off, not wanting to finish the sentence, but she did seem to refer to those parents in the past tense previously, so perhaps this is artfully Suggesting a route.

Her hands fold behind her back.

"That," she says, "is horrible. I'm sorry - I wish… Well, I hope you don't have any regrets." The conclusion may be weak but that is from Nico feeling another burst of mortification at the thought that came to her mind, regarding the slave-takers.

"Thanks," she says then, "for listening. If you ever need anything, hit me up." Her hands come up. "Anything at all."

Nico smiles a little more widely, and slightly crookedly, then.

"You guys are all great."

* * *

"If you know someplace her parents stayed, or even better where they… may have used any powers they possess? This would be a good place to look," Kori immediately suggests, seizing on what seems to be some positive momentum in the whole thing. "Any radiation would itself vanish quickly. But discharges can cause reactions in nearby materials." Yadda yadda science! "If they come from a distant star, these could be distinct."

And if Nico is artfully suggesting some grave-robbing / alien autopsy-ing, THAT one goes right over the Tamaranean's head!

As for what sadness there may be in her story - and Kori never seems to discuss any matter without putting all the accompanying range of emotions on display - it is overwhelmed by the bright warmth with which she speaks of not just these founding Titans, but her once-crew of rebellious slaves. Regrets? "My life has had hardships, but it has brought me wonderful friends, people who I love most deeply. How could I ever regret it?"

"Everyone here is wonderful, and if you need their help in this, I am sure they will stand with you as they did with me." It is only then that she turns back fully to Nico's lingering worry, with warm reassurance: "And I am sure she will be happy when you do find her."

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