The Right To Rebel
Roleplaying Log: The Right To Rebel
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Captain Marvel reaches out to the biggest name she knows for help.

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IC Date: February 26, 2019
IC Location: StarrWare, Metropolis
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It's nearly seven o'clock in the evening. With a population of more than eleven million people downtown Metropolis is never truly quiet. However, the hour is such that most who commute in from the outlying boroughs have already begun their journeys home.

The City of Tomorrow never quite dims. The great architectural spires of the city glitter with tasteful lightning that traces the the surfaces of the skyscrapers and along the edges of the arching sky bridges that connect them. Never has a city seemed so welcoming of individuals who might fly amidst the towering structures that it would assure the dark heavenly corridors between buildings were lit along its edges like a garden-walk.

StarrWare is no different except that the one who might typically traverse the airways stands upon its east landing.

Superman, the Man of Tomorrow; He leans forward slightly with hands that casually grip the metal railing which is typically just above his waist. Right crimson boot crossed over left he seems intent upon the bay of Metropolis he seems utterly without concern as he watches boats float across the water more than a quarter-mile away.

He is here because he agreed to be. Superman had few concerns or questions about the nature of their meeting the conversation itself brief but unhurried asking only if she minded meeting him in Metropolis and that he knew a spot where they could chat and watch the ferry move across the bay.

For most in the metahuman community, there's only one question Captain Marvel has been asking.
Of course, there's always a chance at surprise. Beings such as they know this world to be full of more twists and turns than centuries worth of poets could conceive. It would be a surprise indeed if Captain Danvers asked Superman about anything other than the Registration act.

True to her word, she arrives on time. Descending from a cloudy winter sky like a meteor with the decency of yielding to Mother Earth. In truth she wanted to be early but her schedule just does not allow for it, not even for the legendary Man of Steel.

Descending directly from above StarrWare, she slows to a respectful approach, righting herself to a standing pose. Her colorful suit and blazon star belies the haunted expression on her features. Her hair seems a little longer than her latest posters would suggest.
"Superman." Speaking in a cordial tone, loud enough to hear over the relatively higher winds upon the tall buildings. Her own set of crimson boots touching down a dozen paces from him, her gloves outstretched in brisk greeting, "Thank you for meeting with me. I.." There's hesitation in her tone as she looks to him.
She feels insulting. This is the inspiration of the modern superhero. She, herself, was inspired by his example years ago and she's treating him like she's a busy, overworked politician?
Sadly, that's exactly what she's becoming in recent days and the fact strikes her at an inopportune moment. She swallows it down and straightens, her voice strengthening, "..The American government needs your help."

Superman seems to possess no awareness of her approach. Gaze fixed across the water it's only when she calls his moniker from above that Kal-El looks up and smiles. There's an unmistakable warmth and hospitality to his features as he pushes away from the railing and unhooks his feet to stand with straight posture but relaxed shoulders as he reaches outwards and waves her down with a gesture that seems to compliment his friendly mien.

"Thanks for taking the time to fly out the way out here to see me," he says and at her hesitation there's a look that's gently encouraging for her to continue. When she does there's slight tension to his brow as he knits together both her need and haunted expression.

Just beneath his eyes there is a flicker of strain. Can she feel him assess her? The pupils of his eyes dilating slightly as in a half-moment his vision shifts through every frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum and then he glances briefly upward to scan the sky.

He blinks then, twice, to wet his eyes from a labor so intense yet so visibly insignificant that he is reassured there is no immediate threat within his field of view at least as far out as the Kuiper belt.

And so his answer is plainspoken, "Call me Kal," Superman says, "and the American Government knows it can always count on me if there is some greater threat to our planet or to its people."

"What can I do to help?"

As Superman mentions 'taking the time to fly out here', Captain Marvel just laughs. It takes fliers as fast as they a matter of minutes to cross the tri-state area. Seconds in the case of an emergency and sound ordinances weren't on the table.
For someone with an extended visual range into the electromagnetic spectrum, Captain Marvel is.. Weird. To put it simply, the higher frequencies of radiation does not penetrate her readily. Only the hardest particles of gamma radiation that very occasionally passes through the Earth actually pierces her outer skin. What light that does reflect from her most people see as typical human faire, but beyond the borders of Roy G Biv she actually is colored an unusual radiance of colors a human mind cannot interpret. A dark body with flickering lumination, like lightning in a deep candescent storm, offering glimpses at a human skeleton beneath. She is very unique and most clearly not human. Are all Kree like this?

"Well, Kal. You can call me Carol." Captain Danvers does hearten at the warmth with a measure of gratitude. The burden in her eyes easing as he responds. Her eyes drift as she nods, "Well.. Nothing that grave." A momentary exhale, "At least not today."

She takes a step closer as she consolidates her thoughts and begins her pitch, "The Superhuman Registration Act comes into effect in a week, Kal. You saw the riots a few days ago. There are a lot of frightened people out there and there's a lot of people who're shooting down the Law before it's even started. We could really, really.." An emphasis, "Really use more endorsements from known metahumans. It would go a long way to calming things down."

"I heard about the riots," he confirms, "But then this is an ideological threat isn't it, Carol?" Kal-El clarifies and then adds without sounding as if he was judging her for having asked, "For me, that's a bit less cut-and-dry."

His brow creases slightly and lips press together in a moment of thought, "I'll be honest with you," the Man of Tomorrow begins, "I think that what you're doing takes courage. Great courage." There's a rustle of the cape against his back as he gestures with his right hand, "I saw your interview with Lois Lane. I admire your conviction to doing what you think is right — even when people push back against you."

The Man of Steel smiles there, earnest in his praise.

"The problem for you, right now, is that I don't see registration as a moral imperative. We all have the opportunity to cast our votes for our policymakers. When they make a decision that's controversial, I think that it's a disservice to the electorate to step in and try to use my celebrity to advocate in anyway except for what I honestly believe. And I would only do that when I think the policy I'm endorsing can be proven as effective in valuing the life of every human."

"I think that, if you asked most people in this city, they would say that when you look to Superman for help it's because there's a problem."

"I admire you for doing what you feel is your moral obligation — but let me ask you this …," Kal-El tilts his head just slightly to one side, inquisitive, "If you could fly around the Earth so quickly that you could roll back time what do you think could have been done different to make registration more palatable for everyone involved in the riots?"

Carol quickly mentions, "This is a clear and present threat. People have already died over this." With some urgency she offers the correction.

As Superman offers the honest assessment of bravery, Captain Marvel inclines her head in a nod of acknowledgement. Thankful for the praise but it feels.. Hollow somehow. Not due to Kal, she can feel the sincerity in his words. As a fighter pilot for the US Armed Forces she's dedicated her life to courage. Personal affirmations aren't what she's after.
Affirmations of beliefs on the other hand?
She plants her hands on her waist as she settles to listen. Tilting her head just so, her blonde bangs whipping about in the high breeze. Her expression tightening until a question is asked.
"Well.." Unable to stop lyrics from Cher's 'If I Could Turn Back Time' rattling away in her head. It forces a wistful smile out of her before she shakes it off, "Oh boy. Well.. Who isn't loaded with regrets when we wear a costume." More of a statement than a question, finishing the digression as she answers more fully.
"For that one thing? If I could tell everyone that they'll be safe if they just calmed down. Try to get ahead of the mob hysteria. Reassure people with better examples. Would it have stopped the Riots?"
She has to offer a light shrug, gaze drifting off, "Maybe, maybe not. But I think informing people, educating people is our best bet."

Superman inhales slowly the 'S' sigil upon his powerful chest swelling as he gives a long sigh. Then he too seems saddened at the discussion of those that have died, "It's hard," he admits, "and you're right — I know that I have plenty of regrets."

"It's a tenuous balance - the desire to help shape the world into a global society that seeks to encourage each person to live the most meaningful existence possible but to also understand the specter of tyranny that looms behind trying to bend the unwilling into that shape."

"The right to rebel against your government is the bedrock of this country — and besides, this isn't a federal issue yet. The power to remedy this entire situation rests in the hands of the individuals elected to serve the people of New York — meta-human or otherwise — not in mine."

He nods gently to her words, "Education, exactly."

"I think everyone whose passions have been inflamed by this should realize that this whole situation seems to have been created by a climate of distrust."

"Just between you and me; I think that New York would have been smarter to address the concerns by regulation and education rather than criminalization. There are people in that state who can do phenomenal things but they have no clear pathway into how to use their abilities in a way to benefit others.."

He gives her a pained expression as if realizing the hypocrisy of what he is about to say, "And so they wind up putting on a costume. There are people in poverty who awaken one day realizing they can tear open a bank vault — and so that is what they do."

"Think of the other applications of that power. What if there was a clear path to education and to work? That same individual could be appropriately educated by his peers and licensed to perform meaningful work in public alongside others. Metahumanity should be viewed as a gift for what it means for you and for others but instead I think oftentimes people are made to feel as if they're subhuman and now they're being told that because of the color or their skin or their ability to fly they're somehow inherently dangerous."

"I don't meant to seem overly preachy," he says in mild apology and with a twinge of frustration, "I just honestly feel like everyone is worried about what they think registration means to them in the next two days rather than what they could have done to solve for a problem that has been centuries in the making over the next few decades."

"All that to say; I'm sorry, Carol. I can't help you. One way or the other New York has the ability to stop the riots. I know that seems callous of me but let them know that if both sides want to sit down to talk to work out a plan that everyone can live with I volunteer to mediate the discussion to a peaceful end."

There is no slow evolution of dejection that plays over Carol's features as Kal-El waxes philosophical. As he mentions the 'right to rebel against government' she has to lower her gaze and nod in acceptance of that. For the rest of it she listens patiently. Occasionally she shifts her weight or wrings out her wrist, but she hears out what he has to say. Occasionally she offers vocalized murmurs of understanding or urging, letting him know she is listening and paying attention.

And then, the final note of rejection. By Carol's expression she is not surprised. If anything there's a nod of resignation and she sniffs the night air, brushing beneath her nose with a finger.
"Yeah. Well. I understand. Your right, this all could have been handled better. But the trick is we need to do the best we can with what we got. Wishing for better is.." She lets the notion hang as she then scrounges up a smile as she looks up to him.
"Hopefully we'll work things out but .. One thing." Lifting a hand, pointing index finger forward in warning as she furthers, "There's going to be a lot of people leaving New York City and coming to Metropolis. Stark's already all but pulled up his stakes and settled in here. There's going to be a big power shift as the city absorbs metahumans. If you see anything you need help on.. Just let us know."
With that she rises effortlessly into the air, "Thank you for your time, Kal-El. With luck.." Her voice trails once more, jaw working out as she mulls her souring thoughts as she just offers.
"We're going to need luck."

Superman gives an understanding nod for all of the good that 'wishing' will do. He does understand that in choosing to largely step back from politics for ideological reasons that his opinion is largely just lofty words and that the burden of change rests largely upon the shoulders of others, like Carol.

When she raises a finger, his brows arc slightly and he gives her an appreciative smile, "Thank you, Carol. I'll certainly keep you in mind."

"And you're welcome. I know I wasn't able to help you today but I'm still here for you. It doesn't have to be the end of the world. Sometimes its hard for people to understand what burdens comes with this," he points to the 'S' on his chest and then to the starburst on hers, "and so if you ever just want to talk I'm happy to listen."

"Good luck."

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