The Most Legendary Arm Wrestling Match
Roleplaying Log: The Most Legendary Arm Wrestling Match
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Hercules meets Cain Marko in a bar. They arm wrestle. Who will take the victory and claim the title of strongest?!

Other Characters Referenced: Thor, The Hulk
IC Date: February 27, 2019
IC Location: New York City - Manhattan - Midtown Manhattan
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Posted On: 27 Feb 2019 14:08
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 for high levels of testosterone.
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It has been some time since The Juggernaut has been seen in the area of New York. Was the news report of his arrival a false alarm? it really wasn't. He's just ..hasnt' -done- much.

An encounter with the superhero Firestorm lead to him having to fall back to avoid missing a rendevous point with those assigned to ferry him away from the mission he had been paid to do. Prior to that, those who knew him in his civilian guise had seen him lay low a young would be X-Man in a fight club that had sprung up in defiance of the recent lawmaking efforts around metahumans .. and of course there was the chance sighting that sent the local law agencies into a panic. Otherwise, nothing. He'd almost be insulted that the heroes haven't attempted to at least track him down but the truth is..they're probably deliberately avoiding doing so as long as he keeps quiet. His ego chalks this up to it being because..well..he -is- the freaking Juggernaut and that's likely as good enough reason as any. But why go hunting for trouble if you don't need to right? Right?

And so lately Cain Marko has been utterly and irreedembly bored. Jobs have dried up and he's been spending his evenings at strip clubs, bars..hell..even the movies..while waiting on his contacts to provide him with a target worth his time and value. And so this evening its more of the same.

He makes his way down the streets, heading towards one such bar that contains his favorite dancers. His approach is like a bulldozer rolling its way through a middle school campus such is his immensity compared to..everyone around him. Cytorrak's gifts means he can maintain some semblance of a civilian identity. SO sure he doesn't have pectoral muscles wider then of the front of a semi truck cab.

Just wider then the width of the average door..

Such immensity coupled with his dark glasses and a neutral almost T-800 like expression does much for people getting the hell out of his way as he nears his evenings entertainment looking downright like he's about to plow through the front entrance wihout stopping.

* * *

Hercules was NOT wearing casual clothes.

Instead, he was wearing his usual modern attire, with the military pants and the combat boots, with his Golden Mace and a steel sword on his back, a few pistols and a grenade or two on his belt. But most importantly?

He's shirtless. Showing off those too big for normal muscles but as he makes his way down? He enters a bar, and he looks immediately at Juggernaut.

Musclemen know Musclemen.

"Here for a drink, my fellow man?" Hercules orders a raw whiskey. Taking his seat at the bar.

"Tell me your name."

* * *


Juggernaut is not so immediately familiar with the latest costume changes, roster changes and team formations that he immediately recognizes all for who they are on sight. Even so, as he squints his eyes and studies Hercules curiously, he is keenly aware that the man is far bigger then anything the latest 'mortal' bodybuilder has to offer no matter how hard they work at it. His ice cold glare has all the buried aggression of one dominant bull trying to decide if it likes or will share space with the other. This could go wrong, very very wrong, very very quickly.

But his personal ennui settles him back again and prompted by Hercules open friendliness he simply raises an eyebrow and rumbles, "Cain.." with that deep grindy vaguelly brooklyn-esque accent of his.

He steps past the wide eyed bouncers and slowly approaches Hercules and the rest of the bar, while subtly rolling his shoulders and flaring his lats to create that sort of threatening jockish bodybuilder like walk that they do when their arms are to huge to rest at their sides.

"What about you? …. Little cold to be running around in cosplay isn't it? Or is there a bodybuilding contest someone forgot to tell me about…?"

* * *

Hercules then gets a giant mug of whiskey.

Is he a regular?

"I am Hercules! The God of Strength. I would be more than happy to share a drink with you, Cain." He pats the taller man on the back, before downing his drink like it's nothing. "Hah! I am a hero my friend, dating back to the glorious days of Greece!" another interesting piece of attire seems to be the lion skin hanging off one of his shoulders. He smiles widely at Juggernaut. "You seem rather strong!"

* * *

That..catches him off guard slightly. Thor he knows of. But this..? Is he serious?

"Hercules.." repeats Cain while leaning forward and actually deflating just abit as he looks on in surprise. "..You THE..Hercules? Not like the movie but…"

He looks over the outfit and then to the mace again and then considers the size of the man.

"..Huh. No foolin'.." he rumbles. Apparently he believes it. Didn't take much convincing. "..You are..a hero..?" he repeats before a slow, almost mischievious grin creaks across his narow mouth, "..Oh me? Well yeah.. I suppose I work out. I'm strong. I'm not the God of Strength though…"

* * *

Hercules seems to smile brightly at Cain, nodding. "The one and only! slayer of the Nemean Lion, encapturer of the Three Headed Cerberus, hunter of the Stymphalian Birds, and taker of the Girdle of Hyppolyta." clearly boasting 4 of his world-renowned 12 Labors.

But, he smiles as Cain admits that he's very strong. "Perhaps a test of strength is in order! Name your contest, Friend Cain. And I? I will meet it in eveyr term and condition." another whiskey is downed.

that's two empty mugs.

* * *

Cain's smile practically grows ear to ear at that. A near slasher grin as he considers Hercules. Deep within him, Cyttorak bubbles up in anticipation of violence and the use of his examplar's power in ways that are far from pretty or restrained and Cain's physique subtly swells, creaking and straining at his shirt as his muscles engorge with blood and b the seams of his sleeves begin splitting.

"Oh yeah..?" he rumbles. Hercules just gave him the keys to the kingdom there. He is after all the unstoppable force. But in the end he opts to keep it simple.

"Let's start with somethin' old fashioned like arm wrestlin'.." he offers though he then pauses and remembers to put at least -something- of an act back on.

"Course, I dunno how -well- you think I'd do and all, especially if you're tryin' to tell me all those labor stories are freakin' real and actually happened…"

* * *

Oh ho ho!

Hercules sees that smile plastered onto Cain's face and it was so god damn hard not to reciprocate it. White teeth shining, Hercules downs his third and final whiskey mug.

"Then the challenge is made! Something simple such as arm wrestling? Hah! Then let us begin!" And yes, this was the chance for Cain to claim deity…to ascend past what others expected of him.

Hercules moves to a table and plops down in a chair, his elbow planted sharply upon it and his thick handed raised and prepped for arm wrestling of epic proportions.

"I think you'd do your best! After all, I have yet to hear of your immense feats of strength!" A boisterous and infectious laugh then.

* * *

Cain Marko roll his shoulders and then lifts his arm up, stretching it out and loosening up the muscle. He then flaxes, sending a bicep seemingly the size of a buick brsting to life and bulking u like a boulder sewn under his arms, gorden hose sized veins standing out against his hairy flesh. His tee shirt gives up, splitting along the shoulder seam and rupturing along his chest where the image of Godzilla peers with an evil grin at whoever is looking right at him. He seems..a little bigger.

Indeed the entire bar shakes as he drops his immense weight down onto a seat in the form of a large stack of bricks that was brought out for him as he is a regular here and apparently there is some knowledge of his vast weight by those who frequent the club.

His elbow slams onto the table and he grins while straining and flexing his fingers. His knuckles pop like the sound of tree trunks splintering in a fire.

"Feats of strength eh?" he rumbles as if thinking while he curls his monstrous digits into Hercules hands with fingers like a huge tarantula seeing to engulf something about its legs.

* * *

Hercules seems impressed by the muscle mass of Cain! Though as his fingers wrap around Cain's hand, a competitive smile appears on Hercules's face, and everyone in the bar seems very on edge. Just….just how strong were these guys again?!

The Unstoppable Force vs. the Immovable Object.

one brave soul is courageous enough to put his hands on Hercules's and Cain's to make sure it's fair and steady before he counts them down. "3….."




the man gets the hell out of dodge, then Hercules brings it!!

the sheer force already making the bar crack and wane from the sheer strength.

* * *

The red haired brutes assumption was that Hercules figured he was toying with some jock and so was barely going to put any effort into it. When he feels the pressure of Hercules muscles begin he's forced to raise an eyebrow and quickly countermand the effort. In fact, that Hercules is using as much force as he is somewhat surprises Cain since it means that Hercule sis rightfully presuming that Cain is inhuman. Did the slap on his back and his appearence give -that- much away? The God of Strength is smarter then he gave him credit for. Then agai..he -is- the God of Strength. Perhaps he can just guess properly at such things.

But this -si- a game to The Juggernaut and the game isn't fun if he doesn't get to have his way and as such when Herc puts that much power into it, Cain's arm bulges but doesn't move and if there's one thing Juggernaut is good at - it's the art of the No Sell.

"Heeeeey…not bad! Actually bit more then I thought you'd do on the first go round. How'd you know you'd not rip my arm off with that much force." he grins, looking unphased, "..I got a feat of strength for you. How about that time I broke the God of Strength's arm…?"

* * *

a game of strength it is! though when Juggernaut suddenly stops Hercules's advance, he grins at the giant man. "Well, I would not be a God if I challenged a mortal I could easily defeat!" he laughs boisterously, as if he's not even applying serious pressure, his voice smooth and untainted by strain.

Hercules winks then. "That would certainly be a story to tell! but do you think you can manage it?"

Hercules does not apply any further pressure. He wanted to see what Cain's got, but his smile screams taht he was waiting for it. If there was a moment that screamed 'HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT' now was the time.

* * *

Cain's grin grows but internally he's growing annoyed. This isn't what he wants. Where's the shock? The complaining? The whining? Hercules seems like he -wants- this but Cain..Cain wans to be 'the bully' not someone just ltting someone else have a oood time. It's no good if Hercules is just -enjoying- himself. This flashes in his eyes if nowhere else and his jaw also tightens slightly.

"Listen pal, you don't want what I can bring." he warns Hercules, "That is if you want to kee this place from collapsing.."

As he speaks he continues upping the pressure, soon reaching a level of strength that would make Thing and then Colossus groan in strain but still Cain shows no sign of fatigue or effort.

One can't imagine how hard it is for him to resist declaring his name. It's almost a rule for him after all and much of his attempt at fun has been under the pretense of trying to humble a so called 'hero' as an unamed civilian. No sense in breaking the masquarade to quickly.

"Last warning, chum." he rumbles with a grin.

* * *

Hercules? Bullied?


THe last person who bullied Hercules was beaten to death with a lute. Okay yes, it was a mortal and yes it was his music instructor, but same point!

Hercules just smiles then as he keeps up with Cain's pace..they're quickly reaching the class 90 range and the table is clearly losing it's durability. "If you wish to surrender, you could always just say so."

The God of Strength is taking this all in stride, as if he's not intimidated by Cain. "Give me your best, Cain. Prove your worth in the field of strength, and I might yet sing your praises." Herc was having a great time.

Cain shouldn't take it personally though, he was laughing when he fought the hydra.

* * *

"you think I'm gonna give up to some jock daddy's boy?" sneers Cain, his annoyance now dripping into his icy voice and his eyes narrowing dangerously. The irony of his comment is purely lost on him as well but The Juggernaut usually isn't one for paying attention to such things.

"Fine. You want me, you got me.." he grins and then it's off to the races as he begins clocking back the various levels of restraints he self imposes on himself as the exemplar of physical power and avatar of the force of pure destruction.

His shirt begins shredding as Cyttorak's energy surges through him, inflating his physique a touch more as he raches Class 100 and goes roaring past it off to the races.

"I make Thor look like a 90 lb weakling, chum. The Hulk's a blade of grass." he warns as the ground egins shaking from the pressure exerted by the two titans. Cain grins, hoping for intimidation again, "How long can you hold out?"

* * *

Cain Marko arrives from Grand Central.

* * *

Hercules really starts to flex now as he's using more and more of his raw power. Though The god of strength seems incredibly surprised by Cain's brute strength. "Oh! you have some grit!"

Hercules has held up the heavens in the place of Atlas without breaking a sweat. This guy was nothing yet. Though as Hercules feels the might of Cain, Hercules pushes far past class 100 to possibly start breaking the tie!

"Hah! Thor is strong, but not nearly as strong as I. The Hulk is a rabid beast. I am superior to both!"

God. of. Strength.

* * *

Possibly…but it doesn't. As strong as Hercules may be..the age of heroes (and villains) has wrought some wonders to surprise any such newcomers to this era and the well of Cain's power runs deep..deep enough to a being that is known as an 'Elder God' in many circles..not merely a god. A being all to willing to let the power of The Juggernaut rage and as Hercules pours on the strength..Cain's arm doesn't budge. In fact..the bruiser begins grinning now, that real slasher grin, as the ground starts shaking violently and the area begins clearing out. Seismometers elsewhere in the city are probably going off now.

"Hoho..! You're really going for it!" he declares as the seat under him ruptures and he's forced to stand though leaning up abit.

"Is this it? Hn..alright.. time to change it up abit.."

And with that, he cheats. Because God of Strength or no - and who knows when that contest will end ..and end it would … Cain Marko's full well of strength displays its immensity in other ways as well. He's Unstoppable. Not simply as an epiteth - but quite literally so.

So he cheats. He begins pressing forward, agains HErcules..bearing his weight and his unstoppable strength against the godling. Now its no longer about moving the arms from side to side - but rather the momentum of the man..which cannot be stopped. The ground starts sundering as people rightfully run for their lives.
"You -are- new around here. I'M THE JUGGERNAUT! There aint no winning this!"

* * *

Sone grit might well be an understatement!

Hercules certainly lives up to the 'Herculean Strength' that legend always sang praises of.

But of course the Juggernaut is cheating, and suddenly Hercules is pushed to the higher echelon of his power! But…his feet slowly start dragging back, but the sheer power exertedby both men make the entire building shake and shatter as if by an earthquake, which the city might very well be feeling, but Herc and Cain's arm wrestling match is brutally interrupted by the building crashing down on top of them!

* * *

Indeed. It is cheating in the sense of asking a paradox or telling math not to work. Juggernaut is unstoppable and the physical exemplar of strength. It is not only gods that have supreme power tehse days and he grins darkly as Hercules begins to give way before him.

Sadly his gloating is short lived as he stops and looks up just as the building lights go out and the structure comes crashing down - sending a plume of debris and smoke plying sky high. Between that and the earthquakes..there's no telling who is on the way.

Not exactly how he envisioned his night.

He emerges quickly though. Unstoppable and all.

"Bah! That wasn't satisfying." he grumbles. Mostly disappointed that Herc didn't yield and they got interrupted. Now one of his favorite places is demolished.

Quickly, he turns an begins plowing his way out of hte debris field and then sets off intoa jog towards one of hte back alleys. He'll have to settle up properly with Hercules another time…

* * *

A few seconds after Juggernaut emerges, so does Herc in all of his unmovable glory and he is unscathed. "Curse the builders who created such a building. I was going to win it too." Or so Hercules believed. Nonetheless he'd rather not tarry here any longer, lest the police try and arrest him. So, it is with a leap that the God of Strength makes his exit.

But the real question is….

When is round 2?

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