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Dani receives a text from Jane saying Owen is possibly dead. She goes to investigate.

Everything is fine! Really!

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IC Date: February 26, 2019
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There are binges, and then there are Owen Mercer on a bender binges. It's been … how do time units work again? Owen's not sure how long it's been since he fell off the wagon, but it's been a while. And it wasn't so much falling off the wagon as jumping off a balcony of Stark Tower with a fist full of dynamite. But that's just a minor detail. The net result is that Owen is a shambling mess. He briefly stopped by his place in Harlem to pick up a few things, but hasn't been back to the city since then. No, he's back home. Gotham. The not so nice bits.

And while he's been doing his best to maintain a low profile, avoiding electronic payments, not using his cell phone and even keeping it off for most of the time, currently, he's drawing a bit of attention to himself. Standing on a park bench in a tiny 'park' in Gotham, he appears to be talking to someone, though no one is around. No one, except the pigeons.

"Oh I know we've had our differences, but that ends today. It ends now!!"

His voice is muffled, bits of bagel falling out as he speaks.

"We may have once been enemies, but now is the time to rise up! To join forces and take what is rightfully ours!!"

His bagel muffled voice grows louder, if not much more clear as his speech crescendos.

"Why should /they/ have all the bagels?! NO LONGER!! Come, horrible winged-rats, let us right this injustice!"

Somehow Owen seems to have convinced himself that training an army of pigeons to steal bagels is the best caper to help heal a broken heart. As weird as that is, it's probably not terribly surprising to anyone.

While Moonstar can't quite call Owen a bosom buddy, or best friend, he is a friend.

Even if the definition is a touch looser than normal.

So, when Jane texted her saying Owen might be dead, and to check in on him, Moonstar did just that.

She went to the usual haunts she knew of; bars. All the bars she could think of, in fact. Only after a few days of searching for him in those darkly lit interiors and finding nothing, did she actually start to worry.

Eventually that worry morphed into Danielle Moonstar making the decision to use SHIELD technology to locate the man.

Facial recognition is a wonderful thing.

And that's how she finds herself in a small park in Gotham. Brightwind, for his part, is stashed upon a rooftop somewhere outside of the park, as the Cheyenne woman hoofs it through the small space of greenery.

She approaches from behind and when she hears his speech her mouth twists downward with confusion and worry, but mostly confusion. There's a stray thought of 'maybe I should taser him', but thankfully that thought is pushed aside.

Instead, when there's a pause in his (to her) incoherent ramblings, Moonstar speaks up. "What's going on, Owen?"

The pigeon uprising isn't going so well, especially when a few of the birds try to actually snipe the bagel out of his hand. Owen swats them away and narrows his eyes. He growls at the pigeons, in a way that is just a touch crazier than normal Owen.

"I knew I should have never given up on that anti pigeon suit. Sure Tony didn't see the value in it… but sooon…"

Owen's ruminating on turning on his short-lived alliance with the birbs is quickly forgotten when Dani approaches him from behind and calls out. And while he might be in a fairly crazed mood, he's apparently not very paranoid or twitchy. Someone asking him a question causes him to turn, ever so slowly to face the source of the voice. He sees Dani, though his glazed over eyes take a while before showing even a vague sense of recognition. He steps over the bench and sits awkwardly on the top of it, facing backwards.


He didn't want to see people. People like Luke, or Jess or Bart or … was Dani on that list? He can't remember. /She/ is on the list. But Dani … Dani might be fine. Maybe.

"… Dani."

The slightly more crazier growl from Owen brings back the thoughts of tazing the man again.

Sure, she's seen him drunk and high, and really both those things at once, but this is just a bit beyond normal even for 'crazy' Owen.

Silently, Moonstar pushes a short and to the point empathic message out to the birbs. Leave. It's not sent with any threat behind it, just command, and it's a command the small flock of pigeons obeys even with food so close at hand.

Only after the area around Owen is clear of birds, does Dani bring her dark gaze back to the man. She waits for him to recognize her and when it takes longer than normal she frowns.

There's the sense that she may be frowning a lot with this conversation.

"Owen." She repeats again, when he finally recalls her name, "What is going on?" And sure, she asked the question once already, but in his condition it's best if she repeats herself.

And while she asks her question a second time, the agent of SHIELD takes a few steps closer to the bench he's currently seated awkwardly upon.

Whenever his head moves it rolls in the direction, rather than move in a straight line. Like now when he turns to watch the birds leave, his chin dips down each time his head moves from side to side. He then turns back to her to blink, blink at her as she asks him a question. Something he's heard before. Oh, right cause she just asked that a moment ago. He forces his eyes wide open to look at her again and then says, in a tone that states it should be the most normal thing ever, "Uhh, starting a pigeon-boomerang alliance to obtain all the baked goods. Why? What are /you/ doing?"

This last part is an accusation if there ever was one. What he's actually implying by it is super unclear to everyone, including Owen but that's of little concern to him, he really sells the suspicion and hurt in his voice.

"Wait. Weren't we going on a mission?"

Because now is likely a good time for Dani to rethink how wise it is to include Owen on any mission, ever, for any reason, other than possibly as bait.

Did he really say what she thinks he did?

A pigeon-boomerang alliance.

There's a moment where Dani closes her eyes, but doesn't go as far as to pinch the bridge of her nose. No, instead, she just takes a breath to center herself and regain some internal balance for herself.

Then she opens her eyes and just frowns at him, especially at his tone of voice. "I'm here to check up on you." She states, "People were worried about you."

And she wanted to make sure he was okay. That sentiment isn't quite spoken out-loud, not when he seems to chase the tangent thought of other missions. Almost she sighs, "We were, though it isn't quite go time on it yet."

And let's face it, talking with Owen always has her rethinking all of her decisions when she's around him.

All. Of. Them.

"So, are you going to tell me what's happened? Or shall we play twenty questions? Keep in mind though, my powers are psychic based, I'll win."

Which while true in some sense isn't necessarily the /whole/ truth here, but what Owen doesn't necessarily know (understand?) about her powers won't hurt him.

Obviously, yes. Yes, he did.

He looks at her confused when she says that she's here to check up on him. He would have expected Bart or Luke or most likely Emery, but Dani? That's kind of a surprise. He shakes his head and says, "Obviously I'm living my best life right now. But I appreciate the concern." His feet swing off the back of the bench, trying to show just how carefree he is.

And Owen would be quite content to play a rousing game of twenty questions, but then Dani brings up her powers. And the change happens too fast to see. If she were capable of seeing him in superspeed, she would see him first tighten up, all pretense of being carefree gone. But by the time she realizes what is happening he is standing in front of her with a finger in her face.


He growls the one word, thinking only of the one time that she used her powers directly against him. He remembers all too well what she was able to pull from his mind. It's something he's never quite been able to forgive her for and now it just feels like yet another betrayal somehow. This is what he gets for having trusted people.

They all seem to know how to hurt him.

His best life. That brings a sardonic twist to her expression. She'd like to say 'really, if this is your best life -'

But she doesn't quite get that far. Not when he reacts to her mention of powers.

She expected some kind of reaction from him, though perhaps not to the extent that's happened. The casual observer might not see the flinch she hides from suddenly finding a finger in her face, with Owen being so close he might catch the telltale sign of that involuntary movement. It's a tension around her eyes and mouth, the slight lean away from him before she catches herself.

While others might take a step back to open some space between the two for the moment Dani doesn't move. And while she could acknowledge his 'don't', she doesn't. She goes with another question at him, something more than just another iteration of 'what's happened' or 'what's going on'.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

What's that old adage?

Hell is other people's good intentions? … Not quite, but that is certainly how Owen Mercer feels about it. He slowly lowers his finger, but continues to glare at her. Wishing she had just punched him. A fight would have suited him just fine right about now. Maybe then he wouldn't have to deal with the questions. The concern. And as much as she doesn't back off, he stays standing just as close. Making it all the easier for her to see the dark bags under his glassy eyes, his general slovenliness having been ramped up to eleven.

"No. I talked to the pigeons about it. We agreed it wouldn't fuckin' matter."

Well, they just cooed and tried to steal his bagel, but that's the same thing really.

"I made a bad decision. It's hardly a novelty in my life."

Sometimes self awareness is a good thing. And sometimes it's just a crutch that Owen leans on to avoid having to hold himself to any sort of standard what-so-ever. He knows this, which makes it all the worse. He actually learned a fair amount during that last stretch in rehab and NA. He was making progress. Identifying patterns and histories that had kept him off balance and away from a centered acceptance of life. And all that knowledge keeps trying to creep back up on him.

Taking a moment to light a cigarette, he does add at least a little information, "The big J didn't kill me. I didn't kill him. It's fine."

"I'm fine."

Those pigeons again.

They're really going to be the death of her.

His mention of talking not really helping earns an oblique look from Dani.

Now, when he brings up his terrible decision making ability, that prompts another silent look from Moonstar.

It's only as he lights up a cigarette that she finally puts a touch of space between the two. She steps slightly to the side and back, just so she's not in the direct path of that cigarette smoke. Doing so allows her to take her eyes off of Owen for a few seconds, which helps her consider her next words.

His 'I'm fine' brings her sharp eyes back over to his face, "Listen." She begins, "If you don't want to talk about it, that's fine. I won't push."

"But I'll say this - we've all made bad decisions in our life. We've all kicked ourselves for such decisions. We've all felt like shit afterwards. Talking with someone can help you feel better, even if all a person can say to you is 'man, that sucks'."

"So, if you want to talk I'll listen. I'll even throw a beer or two in there for you." Even if he really doesn't NEED anything to drink at this point.

"Otherwise tell me where you're staying and I'll drop you off. I'm not leaving you in the park."

It takes nearly all of Owen's will power, limited as it may be, to not blow up at her when she tells him to listen. Something about it just makes him want to scream. It's like he's regressed back to the guy who couldn't handle Jess even trying to reach out without slapping her hand. It took him so long to be able to endure hearing someone say something genuine to him and all that work seems to have been undone. He visibly bristles, and clenches as she tries to help.


There was no question or really anything directly that merits that response but it's the best that Owen can do right about now. It's barely civil, said with smoke leaking out between clenched teeth. He knows it's stupid to be angry at Dani. He knows that it's not even helpful to be angry at himself or really anyone except for a certain Insane Clown Persona. But he's also come down from his last high and still not found any of those damn patches and … focus, Mercer.

"Dani. I need some space."

He manages to get those words out now without sounding quite so much like he might punch her. He wants to add more. He knows he should thank her for the concern or reassure whoever was worried that he's alive and just sorting things out or something… something. But it's like he's forgotten how to do those things and being vague about everything is the best he can do. Dani didn't even know Harley did she? Owen was so freaked out at first that he was even in something approaching a relationship that he tried to keep it separate from the rest of the tenuous new life he was building, but couldn't decide which part he was protecting from the other. And then he just decided to go all in and force it to work because it's worked out for others, why not him? Looking back he should have immediately realized the flaw in his logic.

Because, things don't work out for him.

Never for him.

Dani can see what she's said isn't or wasn't the right thing or best thing to say.

It's enough to cause her to feel her own sense of rising frustration. Her own hackles start to rise upward at how well she's handling this conversation.

So, when he says he needs space, the Cheyenne woman snorts softly. Almost she says sorry, but instead she just says wryly, "Yeah, I'm not the best at this. You need someone who's better at the whole sympathetic ear thing. I'm just not that person."

"But, I can give you space, sure." She finally says, "I'll let people know you're okay too. Otherwise I have a feeling you'll get more of these kind of visits."

"I'll hang around for a couple of hours if you change your mind and want to talk. Just send a text to my number and we can meet up for a drink."

And lastly she ends with, "Glad you weren't dead, Mercer."

The line about 'someone better at whole sympathetic ear thing' causes Owen's lip to curl. He snorts as if about to reply to it but then she offers to give him space. And he is able to at least get out a stiff, "Good" in reply to that.

The offer of her hanging around to get a drink with him causes him to relax. It's a genuine offer. She's trying, far more than she needs to, and he gets that. Why it still makes him want to scream in her face and push her away is something he still can't unpack about himself. He knows that's the case, knows it's the wrong response, but can't help but respond that way anyway. The best he can do though now is just restrain himself from yelling, or running.

"Ok. Maybe another time?"


Glad you weren't dead

Owen nods. He's not dead.


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