Collision Inevitable
Roleplaying Log: Collision Inevitable
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Lesson of the day: don't walk and text. This is what Khalid and Ronnie failed to learn.

Other Characters Referenced: Professor Stein
IC Date: February 27, 2019
IC Location: Greenwich Village, New York
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Posted On: 27 Feb 2019 19:09
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School. Home. School. Study time. Home. More Studying.

More school. More studying. Tests.

Magic-related sessions.

One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn't belong.

If anything, it's all of the time spent on the phone outside of Khalid's classes. The phone is where half of his life is focused, serving many purposes all at once at the touch of a screen. Currently, it has a text window open, constantly bubbling up with words sent back and forth between him and his girlfriend, Shaya.

Which is fine and all, but Khalid really shouldn't be looking down at his phone every time the chime of the text notification goes off. He barely dodges a pedestrian with the latest message, eyes quickly darting upward to be sure he has room to maneuver.

As he lightly bites down on his tongue, he picks up the pace again, briefly looking around before glancing back down at his phone.

Where r u anyway

Greenwich today
Errands to run thats all

…Not exactly 'errands,' but that's all Khalid needs to say at the moment.


Home, working out, studying, heroing.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Ronnie Raymond finds it very unfair that he has to study even though he hasn't started his semester yet, but he's been smart enough not to voice those feelings, especially of late. That's mostly because, as much as he hates to admit it, his private tutoring sessions with Professor Stein have been actually useful, which really was the whole point. It doesn't make it any less annoying. Of all superpowers, why'd he have to get stuck with the one that he actually had to learn science??

As it so happens he's on his way to meet with the professor now. Rather than frequent one place or the library, they've decided that a change of scenery was welcome and made things a little less monotonous. Today's venue, a cafe that the professor was happy to say had been there since he'd last been going to school, which made it ancient by Ronnie's standards but at the same time must be good to have survived the hipster revolution that's blended with the Bohemian atmosphere. Or were they the same thing?

omw prof

What does that even mean, Ronald?

sorry on my way
prof u r the only one i kno who txts in cmplete sentences

There's no reason to be sloppy. Do I have to tutor you in English too?

Ronnie lets out a groan as he thumbs the screen up to scroll through the messages, a Snickers bar in his mouth as he jogs along and around the corner. He's tapping out another reply just as he catches movement out of the corner of his eye, but by then it's probably too late.

Professor Stein would say it's a prime example of the laws of physics. Or at least, Ronnie thinks he might.

He opens his mouth. His candy bar begins to succumb to gravity.



sure thats not an excuse?

An excuse? Khalid almost squinted at the reply, wondering if Shaya was catching onto the fact he had been way too busy to meet up with her of late. He almost missed that one specific holiday everyone talks about for the first half of February and she still hadn't let it go long after President's Day passed.

To his credit, both school and magic mentoring kicked into high gear simultaneously. It wasn't a fun time.

Even now, it really isn't fun. But was it ever supposed to be? Rhetorical question aside, he needs to get to the Sanctum Sanctorum sooner rather than later. But not without fighting — and subsequently losing — the urge to immediately type a few words back.

Ill chat w u 2nite

That would have been a great end to the current round of messages, sent and everything. And it did send, no mistake on his part there.

He just looks up too late.

"Oh sh— "

Collision: inevitable.

…Khalid blinks, looking up at the sky. He isn't even sure how the impact went down, let alone know if he blacked out for a few seconds while trying to figure out what just happened. "…Ugh."


Newton's third law of motion in progress.

It all happens rather quickly and not quite painlessly.

Phones clatter. Bodies thud. Ronnie's sitting up, having managed to catch himself from completely falling backwards, however it still hadn't been the softest of landings. Wincing, the young football player glances over at the less fortunate of their collision. They don't seem differ by too much in height, but Ronnie had been jogging, and the man on the ground probably isn't very sporty.

"You all right, dude?" he asks as he slowly leans himself forward, pulling a knee beneath him to try getting a headstart in standing. He reaches back to dust himself off as he does so before scooping up his phone and stuffing it into a pocket after checking to see that it hadn't gotten busted. Then he'll offer a hand-up. If Khalid is feeling up to it.


That would explain why Khalid feels like he ran into a wall. The ground is cold and he shouldn't be lying there.

"We'll see in a sec," he replies while half-groaning, propping himself up on an elbow as he checks his head for any bumps. "I think so. Mostly." After the short self-assessment, he gets into a half-seated position, glancing off to either side of him to see where his phone is. Good thing is it isn't too far away, allowing him to stretch out and grab it before getting helped to his feet by the young jock.

His bag, at least, is still mostly attached to him, even if it has slipped off of his shoulder. "Yeah, sorry about that," Khalid apologizes. "I didn't see you there."


Khalid's just lucky that Ronnie hadn't been coming at him at full-speed and with intent. The poor med-student might have gotten a concussion. As it is now, even the uncertain response he gets from Khalid is enough to make him grimace a little in apology, but upon results being given and everything seeming…mostly in order, Ronnie releases a sigh in relief.

"Good to hear. And yeah, no. Kinda guilty there too," he admits, grinning sheepishly as he hauls the other up, even as he straightens to stand himself.


A dry chuckle slips at that. "Those opinion pieces about the woes of technology may be onto something," Khalid says with a bit of sarcasm, waving his phone in hand before giving it one last swipe at the screen. The lopsided grin he sports is a good sign, though; they're both on the same page about the whole thing, at least.

As he rolls his shoulders back, the phone is then pocketed, safely stowed away for later. "What about you, are you okay?" He asks this even if Ronnie doesn't seem to be out of sorts. It's out of consideration and it would be rude if he didn't ask at all.


"I guess…" Ronnie says in that exaggerated sort of manner of one reluctant to admit to something despite facts pointing to truth. "On the bright side, at least we weren't driving?" Not that he'd want to drive in New York.

With them both upright and both feet on the ground, he busies himself with straightening his jacket and fixing his hair, as though the fall had threatened it to fall out of place. He blinks almost quizzically at the other young man before laughing and waving a hand.

"Oh, I'm fine. I've had worse, believe me," he says, raising his hands to either side of him in a shrug.


"Oh man, driving. Driving would've been much worse." Khalid knows. Khalid has been on the roads during peak hours around Brooklyn.

If that even counts as driving, anyway.

But he is glad to hear that Ronnie is okay. "Hah, same," the med student nods, like they're sharing an inside joke.

It's the shrug of his backpack that reminds him he has somewhere to be, leaving him some space to react. "—Shoot, I forgot. Errands." He points off in the direction he's supposed to be heading. He doesn't know why he's using 'errands' as a code word now, but he is. "Lots of them."


The shared understanding of being stuck in a car in the city's traffic is proof of a fellow local. Ronnie laughs. "I know, right?"

Thank goodness for being able to fly at supersonic speeds! …when it counts, anyway.

Khalid's response is mildly surprising to hear, and for a moment Ronnie wonders if he's pulling his leg. Then again, who knows, in this crazy city? His grin broadens, but he asks no more. But then it seems that the guy's got things to do, which in turn reminds Ronnie that he does too.

"Crap," he starts, simultaneously as the med student points opposite him. "Yeah, I gotta get moving before Prof has a chance to complain about me being late again." Already he begins to move around Khalid to be on his way, giving the guy a sound pat on the shoulder in passing.

"Laters, man. Sorry again!"


Yes, flying is a bonus. Very useful when one is dealing with a time crunch.

Khalid laughs, shaking his head. "No problem! No problem, get going!" Having been there, he can understand how that feels. The pat on the shoulder jostles him, but he stays on his feet, moving forward as he shifts his bag strap back into place. "And thanks!"

Nice guy. It's only after he's gone a ways away that Khalid realizes he didn't catch the other man's name. After a beat, he shrugs, breaking into a jog down the street. With any luck, they'll both be able to make it to their destinations in due time…

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