Leaps Tall Buildings
Roleplaying Log: Leaps Tall Buildings
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Jackalope is chasing some drug dealers. Impulse and Misfit help bust them and almost bust him.

Other Characters Referenced: Batman
IC Date: February 27, 2019
IC Location: NYC - Central Park
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Posted On: 28 Feb 2019 10:15
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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It is cold tonight in Central Park. Cold enough that even the usual evening crowd was rather thin. It's now well and truly into the night and the place is almost deserted, which gives the place an almost magical aspect. It looks like the kind of place one might run into a modern day fairy tale.

Truth is, though, you're far more likely to run into trouble. No one out here is doing anything good really, braving the night and the cold and Central Park's shadows provide many places do business best done away from prying eyes.


That's trouble. A group of four men in warm clothing come bursting through the brush off one of the jogging paths. Something, leaps in the shadows behind them.


The rearmost one cries and goes down, causing the lead to turn and point something really techy back toward the bursh and unleash a massive sonic blast wave.

The figure behind them - face behind some kind of bandanna just… leaps out of the way. But boy was that loud.

* * *

Screw the Registration Act. Those Fascists.

Misfit and Impulse out on patrol.

Keeping The Big Apple Safe.

Okay it isn't nearly as impressive as all that. Also the crime here is way less than Gotham even if super powered attacks are like 300+ a year. It is also the home to the densest population of Mutants and Metahuman heroes in the world.

Which means there are slow nights.

Tonight is not one of those nights it seems as the sonic blast wave echoes through Central Park and onto the streets around it.

Charlie pops her head up from the tablet she was scrolling through, listening to police bands in her ear. Right now she is in her full Misfit gear on top of one of the Park Ave buildings, the MoMA to be specific. "Hey Bart, I think I heard something big and boomy in the Park… uh near Belvadere Castle." pauses a moment. "Bouncing there now!" she isn't entirely sure where he is down on the streets, people can't even see Speedsters sometimes on patrol after all.

Charlie bounces to the castle in a slash of red smoke, standing on one of the tower tops and peering with her goggles to try to see what is going on. Oh hey someone just leapt pretty high and there seems to be guns. "Five bad guys with weapons it looks like running through the park." well four bad guys and Jackalope but still, she counts five."

* * *

March was just around the corner, but even with the Registration Act postponed, Impulse knew better than to hold his breath. Things would happen, and while he wasn't quite sure how they'd handle things once that shoe finally dropped (that's what people say, right?), they could and would still do their job now.

There are slow nights, and there are quiet nights. Tonight is apparently not the latter.

Moving someone from nearly being hit by an angry taxi to the opposite end of the crosswalk is about as common occurrence as anything most nights, and even though no one may quite figure out how they'd gotten where they were so fast, Impulse feels better helping some people avoid stupid accidents.

He perks at the voice in his ear then. "Belvadere Castle, Central Park. Got it," Impulse confirms over the Titans private comm, speeding sharply around a corner to adjust his course.

It's not seconds after Misfit's appeared and providing an overview of what she sees that Impulse responds. "I see 'em." Even though she nor anyone else might see him as he speeds on through. "Heh! You call that running?"

A red and white blur might be all the man at the head of the group might catch a glimpse of as an arm jerks out to try catching him across the neck.


* * *

The guy at the head, the guy with the sort of ray-gun type box, just goes down when Bart clotheslines him. "Ow…"


Another one of the runners goes down. There's no telltale sign of blood from either of the ones that have been… shot? Is it shot?

The leaper leaps into the light as the last remaining crim pulls a gun on him and shots… a second inhumanly quick bound sends him tumbling over his shoulder back into a crouch, light glinting off the apparently three barreled… winchester he's got?

"DROP IT!" The leaper's voice is distorted but he is still, seemingly, focused on the criminal and not the man who just clothslined into the gang.

The gang member… he does not drop it.

* * *

"HEY.. save one for me .. there are only like two left!" yeah Charlie is still counting Jackalope really at least for the moment.

There is a slash of crimson smoke behind the last criminal that did not take anyone's advice and drop it and a weighted blue glove strikes out hard and fast to hit him in the kidney. This is followed by a weighted boot striking out at the back of his knee to send him down to the ground hard. "Dark Vengeance!" she hssses a little and then toe taps the guy in the temple and faces off against the last one with the rifle, a bat-a-rang in her fist as she looks at Jackalope now. "Drop it!"

* * *

"Two-?" Impulse repeats, skidding to a halt some several meters after taking down the gang leader. From what he'd seen, there was a definite division between the small group and the one with the… "Huh." The speedster squints at the odd rifle that the last figure wields.

Misfit's arrival and subsequent takedown of the final gang member doesn't startle him as she'd been expected to drop in, but as she turns to face the rifle-person he waves his hands about as he runs over between them. Which may or may not be a good idea but he's not named Impulse for nothing.

* * *

Click. The bandanna masked rifleman works the lever and the barrels rotate to the left, bringing a new one on top. He swings his rifle onto Misfit as Bart interposes between the two of them.

At least he didn't shoot? Not that he'd likely have hit either of them… not that he knows that.

"You drop it!" That's… in the tone that's a bit like 'nuh uh'. None of the criminals, even the ones that were shot seem seriously injured. Although… none of them seem incliend to get up again.

His voice is definitely mechanically distorded. Something under the bandanna no doubt.

The leaper does seem to be waiting. Watching to see what will happen.

* * *

Charlie looks sidelong at her threatening bat-a-rang then back to the bandanna masked leaping rifleman and archs an eyebrow behind her goggles.

then Bart is in the way "What are you doing Impulse!" but to his credit she doesn't leap into action or vanish into another slash of smoke. Not yet. "That guy is shooting people with a gun in central park! That is a bad guy thing… or at best a punisher level anti-hero thing."

This is a good reminder that Misfit is dressed like a batling, a slightly skewed one, and Batman is not fond of guns at all.

Also the Teen Titans are fairly well media saturated, at least in the tri-state area. They may have gone to ground and left the giant Titan's tower and all… but they even have Merch.

* * *

Impulse glances over at the bandanna'd one, brow arching behind his goggles before he rolls his eyes at the retort. Does he believe the guy will shoot? He doesn't seem terribly worried either way.

To Misfit he simply points towards the men on the ground, or more importantly the one that he'd taken down first who had been holding a weapon.

"To be fair, they were shooting at each other," he shrugs, glancing from his friend to the stranger again. "Although it'd be nice if you put that thing away? I mean, there's easy way and there's hard way, which is actually kinda easy too but hey, options!"

* * *

The rifle lowers… slightly. An inch or so dip down from Bart, no longer directly pointed at anyone in particular now. The bandanna'd man looks over Impulse first and then Misfit. They can see his brows furrow.

"Isn't gotham usually more your thing?" That'd be because, yes Misfit is dressed like a bat but Bart is getting looked at like he's familiar. Well you know. PR. Merch. It does get out to places. Even out to the country and despite the distortion this guy does sound kind of… country.

"Did I step on your sting or something?"

Heroes right? These are hereos?

* * *

"Ugn… antiheroes…" is all Charlie says with exasperation. "Keep an eye on him Impulse… and yes Gotham is usually my thing but we are based out of New York. I can do both you know!"

With that she vanishes with a slash of smoke and … there are several fast teleports as she collects all the guns from the four downed villains. Dropping them in a pile. "Wait a second.."

Charlie teleports back to crouch by the guy that was shot, well one of the two and pokes him eliciting a GROAN from the bad guy. "He isn't bleeding…" zipties come out as she tries to figure out where he was shot, manhandling him and getting more groans.

* * *

With a thumbs up, Impulse points at his eyes to their rifle-bearing stranger and back again. Watching you.

He'd honestly be surprised if he was correctly identified over being called Kid Flash, since that seems to be the more popular branding. Folding his arms, he glances briefly over at Misfit as she takes care of the weapons, blinking as she makes her observation.

"That's good, right?" A curious look is cast towards Mister Bandanna, and in a heartbeat Impulse is suddenly right beside the guy as he tries to get a closer look at the triple-barreled rifle. "Nah, we just heard the commotion and came to check it out. So why were you after 'em? Or were they after you? Did you meet them or just come at a bad time hey what's your gun doIhearditgooffbutMisfitsaysthere'snoblood?"

* * *

"Whoashit." Despite being aware that mutants and metahumans and such are out there and that they have all kinds of strange and incredible powers, nothing prepares a jumpy (hah) rifleman for suddenly having someone right next to him. His lizard brain says to run. He doesn't… but just barely. His legs twitch as he almost comes out of the crouch. Bart might hear the wine of servos breifly near his legs.

"Uh… no. No they're not bleeding. Rubber bullets. If they're shot when the cops find 'em that just makes it more complicated."

The gun looks… really nice actually. Possibly hand crafted but quite sleek. Three barrels, a lever, magazines probably load down on the bottom. It looks like each barrel is attached to a separate chamber and if Bart knows anything about guns he might realize this means it loads different kinds of ammo, hence the multiple barrels. Or… he might just think it looks steampunky which it kind of does.

"They're… part of a group I'm dealing with. That sonic blaster the leader was using…" He nods toward the boxy gun thing the leader had. "… sort of weird for a street gang to have that right? Or… drug runners, which these guys are. Something I've seen in a lot of cities now. Tells me I'm on the right trail."

Finally he does sigh and offer up the gun for Bart to look at. "I'm gonna want that back."

* * *

Misfit is definitely listening as she steps along and zipties all of the criminals, getting all four of them. "Huh.. rubber bullets… okay that isn't as bad…" she still seems pretty leery of the gun thing but well she isn't shooting glares back now.

Once she has them all cinched up and gift wrapped she ruffles through their pockets and checks their IDs, and if they are packing drugs. The IDs may help track down who else they are working with. Maybe the high tech guns that the rifleman just mentioned. Logging them all with her goggles.

As Charlie finishes tucking the last wallet away she bounces >pinkurple> and is still crouched but examining the sonic cannon and picks it up turning it over in her hands. "So you are out stopping drug dealers that are armed with high tech cannons of some sort… it is a bit boxy… like who would want to point this at someone… so this made that big baawooom noise her heard?" she shakes it slightly which may not be good and healthy for anyone really.

"So I'm Misfit and that is Impulse." she isn't sure if the guy needs to be introduced to them but well she is talkative, just not as fast as Bart is talking. "What's your name jumpy?"

* * *

Rubber bullets? Well that makes sense. Impulse eyes the guy as he shifts, head tilting. What was that? He'd seen the guy move- was he part robot like Cyborg?? Or maybe he had longfall boots. Or maybe… Oh. Right. Personal space.

The speedster eases back just a little once he realizes he might be crowding the gun-toting stranger, but he still has a good look at the weapon as he can. He can guess at a bunch of possibilities as to why the thing has three barrels rather than two, but the thought that it looks super steampunky is definitely floating about in there as his colorful hyperactive imagination conjures up Wildwest scenarios mixed in with stereotypical Victorianesque-dressed steampunk themes.

His eyes practically light up when he finds the rifle being offered to him for closer inspection. "Sweet," he says, handling it somewhat awkwardly at first before he sets the stock against his shoulder like he'd seen the guy do, aside from in countless videogames he's played. "Pew-pew. Wait, no, wrong sound." Oh, right. He was supposed to be checking the thing out, not play with it.

* * *

This is hand crafted, the rifle that Impulse now has. It won't take him too long to find the switch that makes it fold inward and compact itself down to something not really any longer than a man's thigh. That explains the empty holster at the jumping man's side. Everything about it is just a little bit clever if one knows the finer points of gunsmithing. And if not, well, it's still a nify rifle that switches barrels.

"Jackalope." That's probably not a name they've heard. It's been in media but not in local media. The last time it was really a thing was in Atlanta. Big gunfight during a thunderstorm in the city. That was months ago.

"Misfit. Impulse. Nice to meet you. Thanks for not clothslining me. Or… hitting me with a bat shaped throwing knife."

Batarang. Not a word he's heard apparently.

The goggles log a serial number on the sonic blaster and of course the ID's. Some of them are fake - the misspelled 'Ilinois' is a giveaway - but the others will turn up criminal histories. Might right now depending on what sorts of resources Misfit has backing those goggles.

"One of 'em should have a thumb drive or something. That's what I was trying to get when they made me." Ah yes. There it is. Odd… kind of logo on it. Like two outward facing cescent moons.

* * *

Misfit gives that sonic blaster another shake there and notes wryly "Bat-a-rang" bat shaped throwing knives would look totally different than the bat shaped bat-a-rangs… well okay maybe not.

"Huh these guys are packing fake IDs..well two of them and bad fakes. Also that one has two outstanding warrants." she points to the leader that is all trussed up and clotheslined out cold on the park grass. Charlie's goggles, well they have feeds to the Titan's equipment but more importantly the Bat computer. Srs Biznizz.

"Oh this…?" Misfit examines the flash drive there turning it over and logging the logo on it. "Hmm like two scythes or moons .. is this scythes… " she walks instead of teleporting back to Jackalope and Impulse carrying the sonic blaster and the zip drive. "Hey Ditto, look up Jackalope, image search this dude." as she looks him over. "Also why no antlers?"

* * *

If one really knew the way Impulse's mind worked then they would have appreciated how hard he's working at resisting the urge to do anything more than inspect the rifle. And while he's really no gun expert, he can still appreciate how nice and elegant the thing looks.

His finger's toggling the switch on the weapon before he can stop himself, but he's pleased to find that it doesn't trigger anything more than a way to compact the gun to something more portable. "Cool."

He shifts it to full-length and back a couple more times as he's found something new to interest him, but looks up when the young man offers a name. "That's…not your real name, right?" he asks, certain that he's heard or read it somewhere, although not necessarily in correspondence with whatever name that Jackalope's made for himself. It's only when Misfit mentions antlers that he snap-points.

"Anyway, it looked like you were the one outnumbered at the time. …even if you were doing the chasing." That does make Bart reconsider his actions, but it's kind of late for that. And at least Jackalope doesn't seem like a bad guy. He looks down at the compacted rifle he's still got in hand before holding it out to its owner as though just remembering it.

"Sooo…" He glances at Misfit and then back at the gang-pile, and then to Jackalope again. "That all you needed from them? We can just tip off the police and let them do the rest."

* * *

"Atlers? Oh. Yeah, no I haven't found anything that goes with the bandanna. Plus they'd get caught on trees… and… telephone lines." That'd be a bummer. And also probably lethal. For Jackalope that is.

"No, not my real name. Though you know. Took inspiration from it a bit. And the hoppers I've got." Ah so that is some kind of a device or machine on his legs.

Misfit's returns give her two things. The first is a string of minor news stories from the Gulf Coast and the South mentioning a 'Jackalope'. First mention is in New Orleans after a big fire at the port which resulted in the arrest of a high profile sneak theif. There's several others, moving up steadily toward New York. Looks like he's been working his way up this way for a while.

The second is that bandanna. It gets another hit. A known hitman named Sidewinder. Though from the image Misfit gets, it's clearly not the same guy.

Though it might be the same bandanna.

"That's kind of all I need from them yeah. I wasn't going to take the blaster. Too boxy and the cops might need the evidence. They've got a hide out down by the Hudson that I was going to help myself to, see if they had any information I was looking for."

And hey if these two want to tip off the cops, so much the better for him.

Jackalope switches his rifle back to compact and holsters it, looking at the other two. They've not tried to arrest him which makes them better then the Trenton PD in his book.

"I do appreciate the, help, though. I was chasing 'em yeah but there's no gaurentee it was going to end quite that cleaning for me." Oh yeah, Jackalope's been on the recieving end of a bad fight or four.

* * *

Misfit looks through the feed in the HUD in her goggles and then makes a judgement call and offers up the flash drive to Jackalope. "He seems to be legit Impulse… stopped crime from New Orleans all the way up here." her head slowly tilts to the right examining the bandanna "Though that belonged to a two bit hitman named Sidewinder, but he is definitely not him." okay the kid's information is pretty impressive, blame Batman. Or maybe don't that doesn't sound healthy.

The sonic blaster gets tossed back onto the pile of guns from the other thugs and Charlie comments. "I still think Antlers would be good.. or at least a cowboy hat with that whole motif you got going on there Jackalope." she grins "Maybe a puffy tail." okay now she is just being a brat.

"We will call it in though and keep an eye on them to make sure the cops actually pick them up." though probably not anywhere close to them. "You going to be in New York Long?" she pauses "The whole registration thing is delayed a couple weeks but this is about to get really complicated." charlie sounds exasperated, but not at Jackalope or Impulse.

* * *

"Sidewinder? Wow. Please tell me he wears a cowboy hat." And that they have duels at high noon. And…and…


"I guess Jackalope sounds way better than Rabbit or Kangaroo, in any case," Impulse says, grinning lopsidedly. As Misfit brings up the impending registration the speedster nods.

"Yeah. Don't know if you've heard about it, but if you're doing stuff with fancy gear and you come across the cops, they'll probably try to arrest you unless you're registered." His nose wrinkles a little as he scowls at the whole matter. "It's gonna be a big headache once things roll around."

There was something else he'd wanted to ask but the distraction of having to warn the guy makes him lose track. Eh well. It'll come back to him eventually.

"Anyway, like Misfit said. We'll shoot the police the info so you won't have to worry about these guys." And the sooner they get gone, the better too.

* * *

"Thanks…" Jackalope takes the drive. These two seem pretty reasonable which is again not something he can say for everyone he's run into. Not that he's had occasion to really run into 'superheroes' but not all of the law enforcement folks are this… appreciative of his hard work.

Not that he does it for them.

"And yes, Sidewinder does wear a cowboy hat." Or did. And this bandanna. Which is REALLY useful.

"Can't register. Don't like it and anyway if I do I'm a dead man." The rifle toting vigilante nods to the other two. "Thanks for taking these guys. Have a good night now, y'hear." And then he turns and LEAPS. It's a good 30-40 meters he goes, and then another and another off into the night.

That's how he got the name, clearly.

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