College Days Re-Visited
Roleplaying Log: College Days Re-Visited
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Sloane is hanging at Xavier's and Dani checks in on her.

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IC Date: March 03, 2019
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It's weird being back in college. … A college, anyway, even if she isn't actually attending.

The Xavier Institute's been good for Sloane, in more ways than one: Rest, recuperation, a chance to decompress, and a chance to share. A chance to talk about all the things that have been bothering her, and what's been messing with her view of the world. New friends, and for the first time in awhile, like a shot in the dark landing true, a fresh feeling of hope.

Her guest room isn't hard to track down; a single dormitory room and rather comfortable to live in for now. Sloane's unfortunately lacking a lot of the personal touches right now; no guitars, no music collection, no instruments packed and spilling out of a closet. Right now it's everything she could fit into a duffel bag, crinkled and stuffed into the corner near the bed, and her personal laptop sitting on the desk, open wide while she plugs away at a web browser window.

Anyone hiring fish girls with NDA-laiden government jobs in their past?

The Institute is often seen as a safe haven, even to those former students.

Like Moonstar.

The last few days have been a whirlwind of things. So. Many. Things.

Those things haven't, however, stopped her from finally searching out Sloane. It's a quick trip up the stairs and down the hallway and when she comes across the room that's been earmarked as Sloane, Dani knocks.

There's a sense of deja vu almost, since the last time the two spoke, Dani was knocking on another door. An infirmary door.

This time, sadly, Moonstar does not bring any goodies. Just herself.

"Hey Sloane, it's Dani." She calls out as a just in case.

'Hey Sloane, it's Dani.'


Not for the reasons one would think, though — it's not because she doesn't want to talk to Dani. … Well, maybe. The last time they spoke, things were quite different; emotions were running high, and Sloane was fairly medicated on top of being fairly in a lot of pain.

When the door cracks open, slowly at first, the metahuman looks … surprisingly, much more like 'herself.' There are no dark circles under her eyes, there is no nigh-palpable stress in her gaze or bearing. She does, however, bite her lip, an exaggerated canine slipping into view as she looks on the form of Moonstar.

"Heyyy, Dani… um. You wanna come in?"

When the door opens Sloane will fine Dani in a casual enough stance.

Likewise instead of the very dark attire SHIELD agents typically wear, Moonstar is dressed far more down. Boots, jeans, a simple sweater and her hair done in her signature leather-wrapped braids.

Upon seeing Sloane, Dani offers a quick smile and a critical once-over as well. To see how the metahuman is doing. What she sees makes `her feel some relief, since their last visit was very high in emotions.

"Sure." And with that said, the Cheyenne steps inside. Automatically her gaze flicks around the room in a curiousness, before she looks back to Sloane. "You look better." Sure, she could have started off with 'how're you', but lately it seems that's all Dani has been asking the other woman.


Sloane strides across the room, opting to sit on the bed rather than back down in the desk chair, leaving it open — also indicating toward it in case Dani wants to plunk down. She sinks more than one would think, but Sloane's always weighed in a bit more than she actually looks. Drawing one leg up onto the edge, her fingers weave together, a bandaged right hand looking more mobile than before, too. Well enough to play music, if Dani's been keeping tabs.

"Rachel was using her powers to like, put me back together, kind of. I really don't know how it works, but I'm feeling better. A lot better. I've had a lot to think about," she says.

Her thumbs tap together, hands still at rest on her leg. "So did Coulson send you to look for me?"

The chair at the desk is given a thoughtful look and then Moonstar makes her way over to it. She settles down upon it with an economy of movement, as she listens to what Sloane says.

The mention of Rachel helping her to heal gives Dani pause, but only to say, "Yeah, I can't quite say how that works either, but I'm glad she's helping to speed you along so you aren't out of commission for too much longer."

However, at the mention of Coulson, that brings a flash of surprise to the Cheyenne's expression. "No." She begins, "In fact, I haven't spoken to Coulson in weeks." She frowns thoughtfully, as she tries to calculate just how long it's really been. "But no. I just came here to see how you were doing and how you were settling in here at the Institute."

"When I got your text -" When she went in hiding, Dani means, "I was worried about you."

"Oh." Weeks…

Sloane looks down at the floor, at that.

"I'm sorry I didn't really… I…" Her head lifts, then tilts one way and then the other. "I just was a total mess at the time. Everything was so fucked up, and then Captain Danvers came to see me and I just, like, snapped. I was already put in for sick leave, so I told them I was going home."

Sloane lifts her hand a little. "So… Tony Stark has a safehouse he let me and Rachel use during the hell invasion. We basically spent the majority of it together and used it as a base to operate out of. I never reported it to SHIELD because it really wasn't their business to know where it was. I… I was a real mess when they showed up. Rach helped me calm down and got me to actually sleep, and Tony got some food in me."

Looking around the room — as if to look at the entire Institute by proxy — Sloane draws in a deep breath and lets out only a small sigh through her nose. "I like it here. It's quiet. It's … I dunno, I've never actually been in a place like this, like … maybe other than the Shakedown. I don't feel like I have to cover up, or hide, and I feel good here. Relaxed."

Her mouth bends into a small frown. "It probably won't last, knowing my track record, but… I've had a lot to think about."

At the I'm sorry, Dani shakes her head, "You've nothing to be sorry for."

"Everything was fucked up for you and that's nothing something easy to handle, especially when injured. So, no apology is necessary."

With the mention of Tony Stark, Danielle Moonstar snorts softly. "He would have a safe house. If you see him again tell him he better not be putting anymore magical artifacts in cardboard boxes."

An obvious inside joke between Moonstar and Tony Stark, and it's quickly pushed away as Moonstar focuses on the rest of what Sloane says.

"I don't blame you for wanting to leave and take a break. I'd probably have done the same thing if I were in your place. I'm glad to hear you're doing so well here at the School. It's really why it was created. To help mutants find a place to be safe in. To be able to be their true selves and not always have to hide."

The last of what Sloane says, causes Dani to ask, "What have you decided to do?"

"He did wh—"

Sloane shakes her head, as if to dismiss the thought. "No. Wait. That sounds absolutely like him. Jesus."

Thinking on it a long moment, her hands shift from woven fingers, from tapping thumbs, to one hand clutching a balled-up fist. Talking to Meggan and Warren about it was easy enough, but this is different. This is /Dani/. It's like talking to your older sister who is probably going to be disappointed in your decisions.

But then, she's also trying to not assume as much, lately.

"I've learned some scary shit, Dani. On top of what you told me, and … on top of registration, on top of how things have gone, and how I got used and attacked, and … I can't be part of that anymore. I know I'm not cut out to be a spy, but I don't have to be party to all of that, as an agent. I shouldn't /have/ to be."

She takes a deep breath, as if bracing herself. "I think it's time for me to leave SHIELD."

"Right. Tell him Moonbeam said hello."

And that's probably the last light moment for Danielle, as Sloane reveals some of what she's decided.

The black-haired woman's expression turns solemn as she listens. She nods at several points - scary shit, agreed, registration, being used - it all causes Moonstar to nod.

However, the part about leaving SHIELD, that causes Moonstar's expression to shutter closed. She can't help but look away from Sloane for a few seconds and focus upon the door, before her gaze moves back to the woman on the bed.

"What will you do now?"

She motions to the room at large, "I'm sure you know you can stay at the Institute for as long as you want and need. There are also ways that we here at the school fight against registration and all the injustices against mutants."

"It's not just mutants, though. It's metas everywhere, regardless of where /we/ come from or where our /powers/ come from. We're /all/ gonna get screwed by this law if it goes into full effect. Yeah, the deadline got pushed back, but they seem intent on ramming this through as fast as they can. SHIELD seems to be all on-board for it."

Sloane's hand slips up to the back of her neck, fingers slipping across shiny blue scale. "Rach's been trying to get me to come here for ages. I feel bad it's taken me this long to take her up on it."

And then, her head tips forward, frowning. "I'm sorry. I know I'm letting you down."

"Metas and mutants." Agrees Dani, and then she offers a crooked smile to Sloane, "I often think of both groups as just one and toss everyone under mutant."

Though Moonstar does realize there's a difference.

"Don't feel bad, it's good you're here now." Agrees Dani, but then she's once again shaking her head.

"No, Sloane, you're not letting me down." A note of fierceness enters the Valkyrie's voice, "If I were in your shoes I'd do the same thing." Now Dani rises from her seat and paces just a few steps, "You have to do what's right for you. What's best. And I agree I think this is best for you as well." A look then to the woman, "So, no, you really haven't let me down."

"More like SHIELD has let you -" And all powered individuals, "- down."

Sloane looks up, a crooked finger dabbing at the corner of her eye. "Thanks, Dani," she says, fighting hard to put a smile on her face.

"I have to put in my resignation still, and I'm probably gonna have to go down to the city to do that. … And pick up my stuff, at least what I can haul back up in a trip. I don't know how everyone's gonna react. I want to talk to Coulson, too, but I haven't heard from him since before I got hurt." But then, there's a lot going on in SHIELD — and some of it, she actually understands…

"So for now, I guess, I'll be here. I don't know if I'm supposed to be a student or what."

Put in her registration still. That brings a scowl to Dani's expression, but she doesn't do much beyond that.

They all understand registration.

"I think Coulson will understand too." Dani says, that fierce tone turning to something more gentle. "If I see him I'll try to give him the message that you and he need to chat. Off the books."

The question of what Sloane will do now, whether student, or not, brings a faint grin to Moonstar's features. "Student? No, Sloane, I think you should probably look into possibly being part of the faculty if you want something to do. You have a variety of skills that you can teach to others."

"Thanks again, Dani."

Being … part of the faculty? Sloane's brow creases, trying and /failing/ to not laugh at the idea, shifting her weight on the bed to sit a little straighter, both feet on the floor. "I'd have to see where I'd be useful, I guess. I mean, I'm betting they don't need someone to show them how to field-strip weapons or like, how to hot-drop into an urban zone and lay out a dozen insurgents."

"I'm not sure who else to talk to, here. It's so weird, just … 'cause, like … I'm here, right? And I'm all for it? But after awhile you get so used to everything being so compartmentalized and rigidly structured. It's gonna be a hell of an adjustment."

A corner of Dani's mouth hitches upward in a slight smile, when Sloane laughs.

As she lists off what she can potentially teach, the Cheyenne woman just cants her head slightly to the side. "Depending on how things go, Sloane, we may need that sort of knowledge here at the Institute."

A solemn thought.

"Yes, it's far different here than at SHIELD HQ. Sure, there are those of us that aren't big talkers, or are very private, but still everything here is kind of like highschool." Those words of hers bring a true flash of a smile from the woman, "Sometimes with the same level of gossiping as well."

"But seriously, talk with everyone. Take time and figure out what you want to do. Take time to finish healing. Take time to decide what next steps you want to take. Then once you decide we can help."

/That/ is a thought that drags Sloane's joking attitude down from the grin to the solemn flat line, then tipping her head down and actually saying, "Oh."

Well, that's … that'd be unfortunate.

"Oh god. Not the /cliques/," Sloane says, voice dripping with sarcasm and-or faux dread.

Rising from the bed — with only a small amount of effort — the metahuman's thumbs hook into the pockets of her jeans. "I'll do that, Dani. Soon, too. Thanks. I'm still gonna probably head down to the city soon and take care of a few things. Hopefully I don't end up on SHIELD's radar while I'm down there."

Her hand lifts, rolling in a vague gesture. "Or if they don't already know I'm here, I mean."

"Yes, cliques." Jokes Dani with another quirk of a grin, "So many of them."

"I don't think they do." Dani offers, "At least, from what I can see, but my level wasn't too far above yours so -"

There's probably stuff the two of them are missing. Probably a lot of stuff.

"But I'll see if I can keep an ear to the ground and listen for your name. Make sure nothing bad comes your way, which I don't think will. You still have a lot of supporters in SHIELD." Meaning herself, Coulson, and likewise Sharon Carter.

"I'll get out of your hair and let you rest, but I'm glad to see you're doing good. Let me know if you need anything?"

"I appreciate it."

The support, the warnings, and the allowance for her to get some more rest. Sloane's going a little stir-crazy, to be honest; being in bed for the majority of the last few weeks is finally wearing a bit thin. And it isn't like she isn't going to go do something silly at the first opportunity, like punch an alien with her bad hand.

"Anything at all and I'll come calling. I've still got your number on my personal phone," she says, pulling a thumb toward the phone and laptop on the desk.

"I'll see you soon — one way or another."

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