Patience and Transfers
Roleplaying Log: Patience and Transfers
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Daisy asks Peggy for more trust and a transfer.

Other Characters Referenced: Phil Coulson
IC Date: March 04, 2019
IC Location: Peggy's Office - The Triskelion
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It was a few days ago that Daisy had put in a request to speak to Peggy Carter. Frankly she had expected to be waiting a while longer. Another 'work' day is well under way at the Triskelion when the word comes through to her workstation. In that instant she's uncertain whether to be excited or nervous. At least it isn't going to be a one on one with that Shepherd guy, he gives the hackerette the creeps in a big bad way.

With fingers crossed all the way that Shepherd -isn't- going to make another showing today, Daisy makes the long walk to Agent Carter's office. Fortunately enough she's been cleared through security though she can feel the eyes on her, both biological and electronic, as she wanders deeper into the Trisket. She's probably only a hair's width away from having an armed escort.

Outside of the door she takes a long breath and holds it before sweeping a gauntlet-covered arm at the scanner. She's a bit more relieved to see it turn green rather than red. Red just gets embarrassing. As if the door panel might suddenly change its mind she's almost swift in stepping through.

"Agent Carter..?"

* * *

Luckily for Daisy, when the door opens, it's only Agent Carter seated in her office. It's, strangely, a sort of organized mess. Nothing looks out of place, however, it is not a barren office. She has been here just long enough to put some touches on things. There are no photographs, but there are knick-knacks and things she generally uses put in their 'proper' place along with paperwork and books and other things that seem to be organized in a way that only Peggy Carter would be able to sort through.

Standing, the woman gestures for Daisy to step in and shut the door. "Yes, I've been waiting." This is not said in a derisive way, more as in a starting of conversation. "I heard word you would like to speak to me. I hope you're settling in with SHIELD has been going well?" There is a raised eyebrow there. It seems an invitation for her to speak.

* * *

The door is nudged closed then Daisy comes closer to take a seat. She has the look of someone who has quite a lot on her mind but isn't sure where to begin, or even what all should be said in front of the higher ranking Agent. At first her thoughts are kept aside while the room itself is looked over, partly a force of habit and partly as a means of buying herself some time. She's had days to figure this out yet with the moment upon her she's feeling more lost than ever!

"Yes..and no," comes her hesitant response while willing her line of sight back up to Peggy. "The other Agents are fine. Sitting in front of a screen doing ..whatever happens to be the job of the hour, fine. But I'm getting real tired of running around in circles. There are bigger forces at play here and I'm left ..warming the bench."

As she speaks the confidence starts to return, putting a slight edge in her words. One of her arms is brought up so she can point at the gauntlet.

"These are proof. -Everyone- knows there's a lot more going on here, and while I'm stuck in these things I can't even use my own phone. We have an idea of what happens when they're off, sure, but trying to sweep it under the rug isn't going to help."

Her arms fall back into her lap with another long breath. A glance down, a glance off to the side, then she's able to meet Peggy directly again. The edge has left her voice. "When we first talked you had made an offer to help me understand what I've become and to control whatever it is that I have. ..I'm ready for that step. I want out of these gloves."

If Peggy had dug into the other lady's file she might have noticed that Daisy had tried to work with other powered people in the past. Trying to 'turn them into the heroes that they were meant to be.' She's never had any success on that endeavor. The closest had been on February 15th when she actually -became- one of those heroes for a brief moment of time, helping to end a threat alongside a pink and white colored Spider-Woman and the blonde haired Black Widow. Under close watch Yelena had let her take the gloves off. For just long enough. The stunt had nearly cost her two broken arms alongside some internal hemorrhaging.

* * *

As Daisy enters and shuts the door, Peggy can recognize the stance and the expression that Daisy shows. Sitting back down, she picks up a pad of paper and starts to write. It's quick, but it's like she is taking notes in what it is exactly that Daisy is saying. Perhaps that is the thoroughness that many equate with the Agent Carter.

"Miss Johnson, you almost leveled a building due to a bad day. Why do you think SHIELD should let you out of the gloves? You have proved yourself certainly capable with them. You only caused minor collateral damage in your last outing, however that was one time. There are steps a process. Skipping over the beginning steps only makes the latter steps more difficult, no matter the enthusiasm. If you wish more rigorous training I would be glad to put you with a trainer. One that, perhaps, is not so forceful."

Looking up from her writing, she makes sure that Daisy is settled in a chair and then offer her a glass of water or tea. "I understand that you wish to help people, Daisy. Believe me, I do. Many of the people who joined SHIELD wish the exact same when they started, believe it or not. It's why I started my career in the SSR."

Leaning forward, she folds her hands over the writing, and looks to Daisy. "I do believe you want to control what you have. I can talk to R&D, give you something that controls rather than restricts your powers. However, this is a commitment."

* * *

Belatedly to the offer of tea, Daisy relents. It might seem like an odd addition to the discussion at hand but it also might help settle her nerves somewhat.

"Look, I—" she starts in then quickly cuts herself off with another downward cast to her gaze. With her growing frustration it's easy to overlook the matter that the woman across the table from her holds quite a lot of power, including whether or not Daisy lives in those gloves for a very long time. Let's try this one over.

"We both know what's going on here. SHIELD isn't going to let me walk. Either you'll find some way to make sure that I'm never going to cause another problem due to these powers ever again, or you're going to turn me into an asset and teach me how I might be able to do something useful with them. I'm -scared-..of what I'm apparently capable of, but by not confronting the matter head-on it'll become a much bigger problem if something bad were to happen. An equipment failure, or..or something else, I don't know, but…"

When Daisy looks back to Peggy there's an almost desperate look about her. "Please don't keep me stuck behind a desk. That incident on February seventh, that..wasn't me. I've been doing some research, and go ahead and check my user logs if you want to, but… There was an article in the Daily Bugle, February twentieth, where -several- metahumans weren't acting under their own control. Some guy named 'Kraven' somehow took over their minds and gained the use of their powers. I'm willing to bet that he was behind what happened to me on the seventh. That wasn't me," is repeated.

* * *

Peggy sets the cup down in front of Daisy. There's a gently jingle of muffled ceramic as she does so.

"I, of course, understand your concerns, Miss Johnson. I will assure you that we have no plans or ability to make you unable to use your powers." That includes lethal force, as far as she is concerned. "I do not wish to scare you, truly. We…and also I, am hoping that these technological advancements will help you in growing your powers. I understand that you're scared, but please believe we are here to help you."

As for keeping her stuck behind a desk, she gives Daisy a bit of a smile. "There is nothing wrong with desk work. Many people would be unable to do their job without the research provided by those who stay in the office."

To the mention of the article, she nods. "Yes, I believe we are aware of Kraven. However, the very fact that Metahumans can be manipulated as such is a worry of SHIELD."

Peggy gives Daisy a bit of a sympathetic look. "I am sure that wasn't you. However, the fact of the matter is that much damage was done in a very unsympathetic time for such matters. I sincerely would like to help you, however, we have to be careful in these times. You understand, yes?"

* * *

So much for calming her nerves. For the moment the tea seems to go unnoticed with Daisy hanging onto Peggy's every word.

The part about there being 'nothing wrong with desk work' earns Miss Carter a look of 'are you serious?' That excuse might have worked before Daisy turned into a localized seismic event. The stakes are a bit higher now!

Before long a hand reaches up to pinch the bridge of her nose. The girl's mind is working in overtime, that same intellect which can crack highly complex code within moments now attempting to process a different sort of challenge. To be kept under lock and key..what, because of the whole Registration matter? The very same subject that Daisy herself had been rallying against this entire time?

"Then turn it around," she suddenly decides while dropping her hand back into her lap. "You're worried about us doing more damage and getting the country more worked up over the subject. Why not show them the other side? Show everyone that metas can do -good- things for the world? There's already ..god knows how many superheroes running around out there," she motions off to one side at random. "They've been doing good things for some time!"

She's running out of ideas and it's starting to show with her head dipping forward long enough to run fingertips through dark hair. "This can't be where my life stops…" is muttered in a defeated tone. "I can't be stuck like this forever. There -has- to be something more than this."

* * *

Peggy watches Daisy and raises an eyebrow. "This is not where your life stops, Miss Johnson. This is where it begins. You must be willing to put in the work. I applaud your desire to help people but it is at the cost of a lot of government property. SHIELD is, after all, a government agency."

Shaking her head, Peggy raises an eyebrow. "I should hope you are not looking to make headlines, because this is not the agency for that. We are mostly espionage based, though we do some public work. The superheroes in New York will have to abide by these rules as well."

Sighing, she looks at Daisy. "There is more to your life. See beyond this moment. There is more to this. Believe me."

* * *

Daisy absently nods to Peggy's reassurance while releasing a long breath, holding hands together in front of her face for a few seconds more. Only then does she reach for the cup of tea, now that she's seeming ready to settle down.

"I feel like I'm stuck. Like I'm going to be kept in these gloves forever. Like I'm going to be another insignificant cog within a larger machine. Like I'm never going to have my own life or even my own phone back. I don't know what you guys are doing during all of this time but I'm being kept out of the loop. Be a shadow organization all that you like but this is my life here, it'd be nice to have some sort of clue as to what's going on."

Once more Daisy pauses, looking down at the cup in her hands now as she continues to work through her thoughts. The next subject to emerge is a whole lot more specific.

"Also I'd like to work under Agent Coulson."

* * *

"You have had the gloves for a month. That is less time than a water filter, I am told." Peggy shakes her head. "If you want your phone and your life back, you have to play a bit of ball. You almost killed people, Daisy. We take that very seriously. And, as I said, we are an intelligence agency. You will often be kept in the dark on many things."

Anything else she would like to say is brought to a bit of a halt. "You would?" She blinks a few times. "Alright. I am not saying I will approve the transfer, but may I ask why?"

* * *

"A month feels like a really long time when you're the one stuck in them," Daisy suggests with a thin smile. As for playing ball, she had been hoping that everything she had said up to this point would help her get that point across. She's ready, alright. All that is needed is to be told what to do.

"Because he seems like a nice guy. I hear that he's more understanding of Inhumans. And he took Ulysses and I out to lunch on one of my first days here, which certainly counts for something. He's been one of the few people around the Trisket who treated me like..a normal person. Agent Drew was the other, and I'm sure that if allowed she would be happy to train more with me, but…"

She pauses for a moment then lightly rolls her shoulders. "I felt comfortable around him."

* * *

"I understand, however, in the grand scheme of things, that's not a long time."

As for Coulson, she pauses for a moment and then nods. "I see. Agent Coulson is in quite a bit of contention with the upper management. I am sure you know that, but felt the need to point it out to you."

Pausing, she sighs. "If you'd like him to be your point of contact, however, that is well within your rights. If you'd like to make Coulson your mentor in SHIELD, we can make that happen."

A head tilt. "He took you out to lunch? May I ask why?"

* * *

As far as the 'bit of contention' is concerned Daisy wavers a hand a little. "Honestly I'd rather not get too involved with the local politics." She's heard enough, however. That must fit into her request in some fashion…

The part which surprises her is that she's being given an actual choice on what happens. Up to this point it felt like everything had been outside of her control. Hearing Peggy say this gives Daisy a little nugget of hope to hold onto. Maybe she -can- help steer her own future within the Division?

Rather than mention any of this she drinks some tea, instead.

"Probably because I was new and was having a hell of a time getting settled," she suggests. "I was a wreck when I first got here. You saw it, yourself."

* * *

Peggy smirks and nods. "I see."

Then, she looks down at her notes. "Well." There could be a lot of things to say here, there could be a lot of ways for her block this. However, she pulls up a few more documents. "I see," she reports. "I will sign these transfer papers for you to be under Agent Coulson's watch. However, I remain as your supervisor. Coulson has recently shown himself to not be a team player and therefore I must sign off on things.

As for her being a wreck, her expression softens. "I remember. I hope this new accommodation helps."

* * *

What Daisy is thinking is 'it's a start,' though what she happens to say is "Thank you" with a slight dip of her head. A matter as simple as choosing to be placed elsewhere within the Division feels like a large undertaking but in this matter it somehow felt like the right move to make.

"I guess..that's all I had for you today, we're clear on this. I am ready to 'play some ball.'" Sitting still doesn't tend to agree with her so well, whether in a figurative or a literal sense. Any motion feels like good motion.

* * *

Peggy smirks. "I see. Well, I am glad you considered me." However, she doesn't disagree or agree with it. "Well, then I would consider this a productive meeting. Wouldn't you think? You should report to Agent Coulson and give him this." Peggy hands over a folder that as Daisy's file in it.

"We'll see what kind of ball you like to play, Miss Johnson. I think Agent Coulson will be quite good in regulating that." With a smile, she stands. "Have a nice day!"

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