Not As Bad As Brian
Roleplaying Log: Not As Bad As Brian
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Kitty and Warren discuss his recent brush with the Purifiers, Doug's Hydra past and the Guardians

Other Characters Referenced: Doug Ramsey, Peter Quill
IC Date: March 05, 2019
IC Location: Xavier's Institute
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Even in the midst of a substantially shifting world, there are some things which never seem to change at their core. Though most of the students have been sent away from the Institute, leaving only the older collegiate-levels behind who wanted to brave registration, the basic heart of the Xavier Institute has remained unchanged.

As ever, it remains a place of sanctuary, study, and self-exploration. In fact, it's even more peaceful these days now that the X-Men base of operations isn't right underneath it.

That fact, coupled with a very personal sense of deep nostalgia, keeps Warren hanging around the Institute more often than not these days, where once he had been absent from it for years. He'd been laid up there for the better part of a week while his wing recovered, and had afterwards gotten in the habit of lingering around. It's only about an hour's flight for him back and forth between here and the city, after all, and most of the work he does have to do can be done remotely.

Like this call, for instance.

The once-bustling staff corridors are quite a bit emptier now, as most of the faculty went west with the younger students. This has left more than a few offices sitting open and idle, and Warren has found them an ideal place in which to take calls. He is in one at the moment, turning around and around and around in someone's abandoned swivel chair (which is an interesting image given his broad white wings), and he is holding a presumed business conversation with someone in German.

…or arguing with someone in German. It's hard to tell, since it's German.

* * *

The Institute is a place Kitty continually and genuinely considers to be home. Her place with the Guardians is special to her, but so is the mansion. She knows many of the former students of Xavier's feel similarly.

Knowing this, Kitty takes a quick tour of the normal haunts of the mansion in her track down of one angel-winged and angel-faced member of the X-Men. It doesn't take her very long at all, it turns out. As she leaves her staff room she used to occupy quite more frequently, she can hear Warren speaking German on what she must assume is a business call. Or perhaps he's talking to Nightcrawler.

Quickly, she sees that he's on the phone and turning about in a chair idly. Leaning against the wall, she waits until his next orbit passes her and she gives him a bit of a wave. She can tell he's winding the call down and waits till the appropriate moment until she can properly greet him.

"I'd assume you'd have people to make all those calls for you," she grins.

* * *

One revolution of the chair is all it takes for Warren to notice Kitty, as she appears in the doorway. His blue eyes light up, he holds up one hand in a 'one moment' gesture, and he deftly winds the conversation to a full close. He tosses the phone carelessly to the desk's surface afterwards, and promptly rises to greet her with his usual mindful grace.

The school often seems like an unchanging place; so too do some of its everpresent figures seem to have a certain steady constancy. Ever since coming back to 'active duty' a few years ago, Warren has tried to be one of those people. He was sick of the wild and unstable life he was leading before, though that is a private sort of matter he speaks about to very few.

Kitty's thoughts on whether he should have people to make all those calls for him draws a faint smile. "I do," Warren answers, coming around the desk, "but when I let them do everything, it leaves me sitting around immensely bored. As I've been reminded, I do immensely foolish things when bored." His smile slants a little wicked. "Besides, I derive sadistic amusement from hearing everyone wake up when my voice comes on the line."

He leans forward, if she does not pull back, to drop an air kiss to her cheek in a casual greeting, before stepping back again to pull the chair out from behind the desk so they can sit on the same side of it. "How have you been? It's been… eventful." His wings twitch a little, in memory.

* * *

Kitty does not pull back. Instead, she warmly embraces him, matching the kiss on the cheek. Smiling, she drops into the chair provided for her and gives Warren a once over.

"Eventful, yes. That's generally the word for life threatening assholes trying to maim and kill people." Kitty's lips quirk upward just slightly in a grim smirk. Then, she turns far more serious. "It's good to see you up and about. How are you?"

Tucking her feet up into the chair, it swivels slightly and she automatically stretches out a hand against the desk to right herself and keep her attention back on Warren. "I'm sorry I haven't gotten a chance to come see you sooner. There's been quite a lot of…other drama. I'm not sure if you heard about Doug just yet. That's an entire tale of a different color."

  • * *

"After this long with the team, a bit of… understatement, when it comes to the bizarre things that happen, becomes habit," Warren says, settling into his own chair and arranging his wings over its armrests a little awkwardly. He leans his elbow on the desk beside him, jaw braced on his knuckles. index finger slanted up the high arch of his cheekbone. "Though I'm certain I don't need to tell you that." Her own inaugural year with the X-Men did contain at least one attempt on her life.

His demeanor sobers a little, to match hers, at the more serious question. "Back to normal," he says, fanning his left wing carefully in demonstration. It absolutely does not fit in the room, so he doesn't extend it far before folding it back. "Though it was a close thing. My wing came close to being permanently weakened. I was told later you were my knight in shining armor that night, so you are more than forgiven for being a little late on the visit."

He pauses. "You have been busy. We all have been."

One of the things with which she's been busy soon enough comes up. Warren's gaze lowers thoughtfully, long lashes briefly veiling his eyes. "I did," he says. "I actually spoke with him, yesterday, in fact. " His first question: "What's your take? I don't know what Hydra had him doing, but the lack of significant reclamation efforts so far makes me nervous."

* * *

"I wouldn't call myself a knight in shining armor. More like a random ghost that got to take you on a ride." Kitty shrugs her shoulders. "I wish I could have done more, honestly." Seeing him stretch his wings, she lets out a bit of breath, happy to see he's getting back to normal. "I'm glad you're healing well." She doesn't need the full extension to see that he can still use his wings. "I just hope those people are processed through the fullest extent of the law."

As for him speaking with Doug, she tilts her head an raises an eyebrow. "Did you? I haven't spoken with him in awhile. I put him in with the Guardians to try and protect him from Hydra, but he slipped out and the Guardians themselves didn't do much to stop him." She sighs and shakes her head at that.

"I was worried that he might have more things implanted. But, if he's been cleared by Jean and Rachel, then I trust them. Otherwise? I'm not sure. He's been through quite a lot. I worry if Hydra does still have plans for him."

* * *

"Took me on a ride out of those bindings," Warren says, before making a slight 'oh, that sounded weird' face. Moving on. "That's more than enough for me. I healed as quick as I did because I wasn't left strung up too long, I'm sure."

As for the prosecution of the people responsible? "They're all in lockup, so far as I know, except the three mutant girls they had with them. Rachel's tracking them," Warren says. "Most of them will get transferred down to more secure facilities soon enough, I think. The Purifiers…" Warren's blue eyes narrow faintly. "I think we have a few leads on who was directing them and where they were getting their weapons."

Indolent though his posture might be, there's a sharpness to his narrowed eyes. "If they're not pursued to the law's fullest extent, then they'll be pursued to my fullest extent."

His head lifts from its lean against his hand as Kitty speaks further on Doug. His arm drapes down over the surface of the desk. "He got an examination from Jean, Rachel, and Betsy, so I understand," he says. "Rachel says he's 'in remission,' so cautious still seems warranted. He seemed coherent enough from my conversation with him, but by his own admission he's had good days — and bad ones. And I can't imagine Hydra letting something go easily…"

His head tilts a little when Kitty sighs about the failure of the 'Guardians' to stop him from slipping away. "I'm concerned that they didn't try to stop him," he says. "They seem… a little cavalier. You…" He makes a vague gesture with one hand, turning it over and fanning long fingers in a way that could mean anything from 'tell me if I'm intruding' to 'Kitty, what the hell?' "Are you still a thing with…"

* * *

There is a firm nod to Warren's sharpness. If they law does not pursue them? They will. It's a thing she is certainly behind, especially after what they did to him. "I'm with you on that." There is no need to add on the 'of course' or the 'whatever that means'. Warren is an X-Team, he's family. She will do what it takes to make sure he's safe and that the people who attacked him will not do this to other people.

"Yes, I heard a little of that. Though, I don't trust Nazis and Hydra is well known for their saying that if you cut one head…" two more will take its place. The last thing she wants is more Nazis.

The description of the Guardians is a met with a tilt of her head. "They're…" she pauses. "They're roguish, yes. Their heart is in the right place. They wish to help. However, apparently space may be a little more cutthroat than Earth." And also has more explosions, possibly. As for his continued trail off about her being a 'thing' with the leader of the Guardians? She grins. "Yes, Peter and I are still dating." She raises an eyebrow. "Is that a problem?"

* * *

Kitty's remarks on Hydra sober Warren's expression. "They do seem rather indifferent to their losses, at times," he admits. "That motto and all. Well, we'll just have to start cauterizing."

As far as the Guardians? Warren absorbs the description of them in silence, though mention of things being 'more cutthroat in space' draws a vague wince. Warren has not had good experiences with space, and things which come from space, on the whole. "Yes, that's been my own experience with space," he says dryly. "There's an odd… abundance of ritual combat to the death out there. Well, as long as they mean well and can adapt to how we do things here… though perhaps keeping an eye on people isn't their best application."

And then the inevitable topic: Peter Quill. Still dating, Kitty confirms. Is that a problem?

"N…o," Warren says, though he covers his mouth with his hand afterwards and gives Kitty a rather pensive look. "Not a problem," he eventually amends, shifting to rest his chin atop his knuckles. He has that concerned uncle look. His feathers are even ruffling up a little. Kitty can practically hear the 'Quill, really?' she feared. "How exactly did you meet again?"

* * *

"And possibly razing." Kitty is not exactly the most violent person, but she has her limits.

The topic switches to the Guardians and she can't help but be slightly defensive about them. She knows exactly how the X-Men may judge them. She's been thinking about this and has argued with them in her head about them quite a few times. "Yes. There's a reason I hate space," she agrees. Weird for a woman taking up with a spaceman.

As for Quill, she raises an eyebrow. The drawn out 'no' is all that she needs. She can hear in his voice the 'Quill, really?' she already feared and she didn't even get any Hamilton tickets out of it.

"Warren," she gives him a look of something like a warning. "Peter's a good guy. He looks at things differently than the X-Men, but so do a lot of people. We met because I was trapped in a gem that the Guardians somehow got a hold of and then me and Jessica Jones were rescued from it." Pause. "If I hear Stockholm Syndrome leave your lips I will phase you through the floor."

* * *

The Guardians are an interesting lot, certainly, and Warren is — curious about these people who have become such a part of Kitty's life in the past few years. He has not actually interfaced with them in any substantial way beyond — well — hearing about them second or thirdhand, what with being busy with his own affairs until rather recently.

What he has heard is very interesting.

What he has seen is even more interesting yet.

Warren's eyes narrow slightly. It is worth pausing to note, at this juncture, that his eyes can focus in on small details from over two miles distant.

"Well, I'm sure he's a good guy," he says, placatingly, his wings lifting a little in the avian equivalent of hands raised for peace. "And I'm glad that they picked up your space gem and not, well, some other less palatable types. And I'm sure you're not Stockholmed — that'd imply they kept you captive in the gem a while, which, I'm pretty sure they didn't." There's a 'but' coming. Kitty can feel it in the air.

Warren pauses.

"You might want to ask him to wear clothing when he's sliding around the Institute kitchen," he remarks delicately. "The socks do not count, and the boxer-briefs will be poor armor against any… mishaps."

* * *

Kitty's expression is one first of amusement and then of acute embarrassment. Her cheeks flush. "They did not," she tells Warren as she's not sure if he's joking about whether the guardians just kept her in the gem for fun. However, a part of her does wonder about that for a moment. They had no idea she was in there.

The 'but' she was waiting to hear for minutes. As for his kitchen exploits, she frowns and sighs. "Look, okay, I know. He grew up with space pirates! They didn't care about that sort of thing! I am taking him trying to cook things in the kitchen as a good thing. He's trying to be thoughtful."

Deciding to shift things, she crosses her arms. "Are you jealous about other shirtless people walking about the Institute?" She raises an eyebrow.

* * *

"I'm not sure he was trying to… cook anything, on those occasions," Warren says, frowning faintly. "I mean, you could tell he was raised by space pirates. He looted the hell out of the milk." A pause. "Now, if you're training him to cook, then I commend your efforts."

And then, to get Warren's judgment off her ass, Kitty goes for the jugular.

Warren's brows shoot straight up, his head lifting. His expression is one of instant, affronted disdain that Kitty would even contemplate he would ever feel challenged by the likes of Peter Quill. His feathers even lift in ruffled outrage, rustling audibly.

"Katherine Pryde," he says, from his lofty perch as Fairest One of All, "I have never seen anything that would warrant any jealousy from me in my life." His eyes narrow. "I'm merely concerned about the virgin eyes of the children." Never mind that his own eyes certainly weren't virgin when he was their age.

His wings rattle a little in affront, though his faux(?) outrage doesn't last long before he relents. "Well, I suppose so long as he treats you well," he says. Though he remains somewhat skeptical, he seems apt to wait and see on the matter of Peter Quill.

At least he's not Brian Braddock.

* * *

Kitty certainly got the reaction she wanted out of Warren in order to get him to stop judging her boyfriend. That's enough for her. Unable to stop herself, she starts laughing at his reaction.

"The kids are all gone, Warren. Their virgin eyes are incredibly safe in California."

As soon as he relents, Kitty is quick to settle down into her chair, feeling a bit the victor. "Hey, you know there's still a ton of gourmet food downstairs. Xavier planned like the apocalypse was around every corner and he hated cheap solutions. Let's grab something, open a bottle of wine."

* * *

"For given values of 'safe,'" Warren grumps, because not even he can really justify trying to argue the remaining kids, eighteen and older, as having virgin… anything, anymore. He especially cannot justify that. "Well, if you're not concerned about them, at least think of Scott Summers."

Scott's reaction to naked Peter Quill is not anything anyone wants to see.

That's a worry for another day, however, and Kitty's peace offering is well-taken. "Hell, I hate cheap solutions too, I'm going to keep up that tradition," he says. "Let's go find the caviar room."

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