Roleplaying Log: Acquisitions
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Domino and Dani chat with Warren about what they found.

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IC Date: March 07, 2019
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However the ladies would have intimated to Warren they wanted to meet in order to talk about the things they've found out, Warren would have insisted he set the location. Few things ensure absolute privacy more completely than exclusivity, and how you get exclusivity is with reams of money.

The set meeting place is, accordingly, a sharp new five-star luxury resort in the high-end Meatpacking District. 'New and fashionable' blares from its facade even from the first moment of approach, judging from the modern lettering and flourescent lighting picking out the place's name over the doors. The sleek, minimalistic lobby, low-lit and adorned primarily in shades of black and dark red, is bustling at this time of evening, ensuring a degree of cover and discretion for two ladies just trying to get in and out.

As Warren would have told them, all they need to do is give their names (or at least the ones they provided for use) to a lady at the front desk, who will immediately show them to a separate elevator which goes straight up to the hotel's rooftop lounge. One might expect it to be packed at this time of night, but when the doors slide open on the airy, glass-enclosed space, it is revealed to be completely empty except for the few staff on-duty, and the man who presumably reserved it for the evening. Sometimes the most secure places to talk are the most mundane (relatively speaking).

A sectional and a few stand-alone chairs are placed around a low table at the center of the space, with the black marble-topped bar close at hand. Warren is comfortably ensconced at the far end of the sectional in one of its corners, talking to a hostess, one wing folded at his side and the other slung over the back of the sectional the way most people might sling an arm over it.

There appears to be more seating outside, as well as what appears to be a rooftop pool, but nobody's going out there, it's 20 degrees out.

"You're kidding, right?" had been the first thought off of Neena's mind when she heard about their meeting location. For someone who is all cloak and dagger this is the exact opposite of keeping a low profile!

It also means that she has to change up her gameplan slightly. At least it's cold enough that she can still go for something a little more fitting without completely throwing away any chance of concealing a weapon or four. Modern fashion does provide for a little flexibility.

Figuratively speaking, at least. The full-on black leather business suit she shows up in isn't going to be offering a whole lot of flexibility, but it's comfortably warm against the winter air. It also hides a pair of compact sidearms like a frickin' boss. Plus she can completely avoid having to deal with heels!

A dash of blood red puts some color back onto her lips and matches a buttoned blouse, though nothing's going to dress up the dark spot slapped onto her face. Some things she just has to roll with. As for having to play dress-up, she has plans to get her revenge on Warren.

It can start with the waitress he's talking to by the couch. Domino eyes their winged ally and sides to Dani, "I've got this." Then she steps up behind the other woman to the point of hovering her chin over the server's shoulder, saying loudly enough for Warren to hear "Playtime's over, Princess."

For Moonstar her thoughts are heavy enough that she's relatively quiet on the way over. Only offering the occasional response to questions asked, before lapsing into pensive silence.

Now, however, with the two arriving at their destination Moonstar perks up. The luxury resort and its minimalistic lobby is given a quick look around, and idly the black haired woman is glad she decided to step her outfit up a notch as well.

While not dressed in all leather, Moonstar wears more than just jeans and a sweater. She's clothed in black slacks, low-rise black books and blue jewel-toned blouse. Her hair is pulled back into a singular herringbone braid, versus her typical two.

Up on the roof, the woman takes in the glass enclosed space, the seating, Warren his wing, and the waitress. She was just about to say something, a greeting most likely, but before she can raise a hand upward Domino speaks up. Her words bring a stray flicker of amusement to Moonstar's gaze and a quiet, "Good luck."

Her arrival is a touch more slow, as the Agent of SHIELD purposely slows her gait to see what Domino does.

The unlucky hostess has, frankly, been stammering her way through the conversation through the last few minutes. This may be part of why, when Domino pops up behind her so suddenly, she screams mid-sentence and jumps away; it is almost certainly part of the reason why afterwards, despite the shock to her system, she looks relieved. Rescued from — well. Playtime, as Domino so colorfully puts it.

Playtime's over, Princess.

Warren lifts his brows and points at his own chest in a profoundly innocent '…me?' gesture, clearly taking it personally. "You're killing me," he says, before he turns his head to the blushing hostess. "Give us the room, darling. No one comes up until after seven."

He waves a hand in an absent 'sit down' gesture. "Unfortunately that does mean if you want anything you'll have to mix it yourselves," he says, "or trust me to mix it for you. But that is the price of some privacy. This is blocked off as a business meeting, and in truth so it is. I find people are considerably less interested in trying to follow me to my ten thousand business meetings than they are in following me when I fly off to dark little corners."

He looks first to Dani, the quantity he knows much better, with a faint look of question. "Didn't have any trouble?" It's a question with a few layers.

Domino grins a wicked little grin at the other lady's reaction, watching her step away with a cheerful "Bye now!" from the albino.

Then it's Warren's turn. 'You're killing me.' "Seems like you're doing a pretty good job of that on your own, Warren."

An offer to have a seat is immediately overruled by the thought of drinks. Who needs something mixed? She's good with something straight from the bottle, and a party like this has -got- to have some premium offerings. And Neena's going to go find herself one. "Somehow I'll survive."

With the question being asked to Dani, Dom turns on a heel enough to gauge the Cheyenne's reaction with a slightly raised brow making up her own. That's a mighty good question, right there. How will Moonstar respond to it? She has a moment to work out her answer while the albino finds two different bottles to bring back to the other mutants. One of them might even be to share!

"This should prove to be a fun evening," she thinks aloud while flipping an expensive bottle of bourbon around in a hand before setting it down on the table, first come first serve. "I'll let Miss Intel here take point."

That poor hostess. She probably never anticipated being frightened to such a degree.

It's enough to garner a slight head shake from Moonstar, then the woman finds a seat upon the sectional when Warren motions for the two to join. "I sure do hope you're leaving her a large tip, Warren."

Domino's look is returned soberly by Dani, before she turns her attention to Warren as she answers. "Nothing crazy or unexpected." Which is a likewise layered response to his, and then it's onward as Domino allows her to take point in this particular meeting.

"I was able to trace the phone numbers Domino sent me." Her head tilts slightly as she slides a bit of side-eye to Domino, "At least, to a point. The first number belongs to a guard by the name of Thomas Adler that works at Rikers. The second I wasn't able to fully uncover."

"Though that may not matter, not with what we found out when we placed Mr. Adler under surveillance." Here Moonstar pauses a moment to marshal her thoughts, perhaps even compose herself, "At first glance most would probably write Thomas Adler off as a person of interest. He's a very regimented sort of person. Work, church, eat, sleep. Rinse, wash, repeat, ad nauseam. Most probably wouldn't have looked beyond that, but thankfully Domino and I are the dogged untrusting sort. When we had a chance we were able to get a peek inside his apartment, where we found some interesting things. Namely his calendar."

A third look is sent to Domino now, one that silently offers the other woman to take the thread up if she'd like.

"I am not," Warren objects, to Domino's observation, though his outrage seems more playful than genuine. He folds in his stretched wing rather huffily. "Not anymore. That's at least four years behind me. Nowadays everyone else is doing a good job of trying to kill me."

His gaze follows her beeline towards the drinks, half a smile haunting his features, before he turns considerably more sober as Dani comes in to take a seat. Her comment about the tip draws an inclination of his head. "Enough both to compensate her for the unpleasantness of dealing with me, and for her discretion," he says bluntly. "Same with the young lady with whom I told you both to speak, downstairs."

The bar is everything Neena might hope it to be. The likes of Macallan 18 is just an average offering on the shelf. Warren appears to have already started in with a glass of 25, though it's currently sitting half-empty and untouched on the table in front of him as he listens intently to the results of Dani's trace. The news that she wasn't fully able to uncover the second number draws a shake of his head.

"We'll have to do a deeper dig on that one, somehow," he says, though he seems concerned that even SHIELD resources didn't turn up much in that regard.

As for the tale of Adler, and Dani and Neena's persistence to surveil him? "Exactly why I had faith in you both," he says dryly, though he doesn't interrupt much more than that.

At Warren's mock-outburst Neena grins and winks at the winged man.

And take the thread up Dom does, now that Moonstar has gotten them kicked off and Neena's gotten herself a couple straight hits from that bottle of scotch. Warren won't be getting that bottle back.

"As luck would have it we picked the right day to pay him a visit. Turns out our pal Adler had himself a private date with one William Stryker on his way to a parole hearing. It was convenient having those two chuckleheads alone in the same place at the same time. We're not likely to get another shot like that."

Here she passes a meaningful look Dani's way on the sly.

"They had a little catching up to do. Moonie was fortunate enough to have the right tool for the job." Taking a seat with the others, she then gets to the -real- good stuff. Besides the drinks.

"Someone by the name of 'Tennant' apparently owes Stryker something. In addition, some operation under the name 'M-Tec' has been supplying someone in New York but it's a bit iffy these days with the way things have been playing out lately."

"Dollars to donuts they're responsible for arming your Purifier buddies. A name like M-Tec doesn't leave much to the imagination," she concludes with a bemused smirk. Then she points Warren's way around the bottle of Macallan. "I will bet you my last flashbang that M-Tec's dipping into select-fire M4 territory these days." It's followed by a muttered "Along with ten thousand other wanna-be's" before she takes another drink.

Warren's mention of digging deeper earns a slight head tilt of agreement from Dani, "I'll give you what I've found, and the other few tidbits to go along with it, in case your deeper pockets can help reveal who's behind that second one."

Here she quiets as Domino reveals the rest of the information the two found. At the name of William Stryker, Moonstar can't stop herself from turning a pointed look to Warren.

That doesn't stop her from catching sight of Domino's meaningful look or likewise sending one right on back to Domino. Outright murder still BAD.

As for that Moonie, Dani can't quite stop the wince that flickers briefly over her features at that acquired nickname. "We were very lucky." Agrees the black-haired woman, "And Domino is correct. Adler and Stryker were definitely 'catching up' about a whole host of things. Adler mentioned to Stryker that 'membership' was up and just from the way Adler spoke he is definitely hard core anti-mutant and pro-registration."

The rest of what Domino says about M-Tec and Tennant earns a nod of agreement from Moonstar, "That's about all of what we found so far. I've a mind to visit the church Adler goes to, see what we can possibly find there."

"We'll see," Warren nods to Dani, when she mentions giving him the information they've found so far on that number. "I imagine your hands are a little more tied than usual, anyway, given what's going on." He doesn't quite reference SHIELD's troubles out loud, but Dani would know.

Warren doesn't seem too troubled by the fact that Neena is intent on looting the bottle. Assuredly he's already factored it into the cost of this particular evening. He has always been able to afford being generous, even a little extravagant, with the people around him, and so long as he continues to like a person he'll most likely continue spoiling them by his mere proximity.

He isn't really all softness and luxury, though.

That one name turns Warren's head. The gesture is sharply aquiline in a demeanor that has been heretofore relaxed and accommodating. His gaze has lost its playfulness; though the look in his eyes is more alarmed and pensive than hostile, it might be hard to tell the difference.In moods like this, Warren often forgets to blink, and he has a stare like the raptors with whom he shares so many other traits, wings being only the most visible.

"Parole," he repeats, quietly. He seems to remember himself, and finally blinks, turning his eyes back to Dani. He catches the meaningful look that flashes back and forth between the women, and a distinct frown crosses his features. "Nobody is getting shot," he says. "But he can't be paroled, either. He clearly wants to get straight back to heading up the Purifiers. You think you have enough evidence to stop that, maybe put Adler away?" His blue eyes shade with thought. "Though, if you want to leave him in place a little longer so you can get more information…?"

That last piece — M-Tec — narrows Warren's eyes again. "Sounds like a firearms manufacturer," he agrees. "And most likely where they're getting a good amount of their armaments. You didn't catch where it was?"

"Can't say the idea of crashing a church is remotely appealing," Domino sort of grumbles with a peculiar twitch of her expression. Could the subject somehow be hitting a little close to home..?

Hmm. Something sure struck a nerve with ol' Worthington, there. The change is, in a word, unsettling. Before he had always appeared to be a man with a pair of wings but in this instant he's looking a whole lot like a pissed off emu in a human-skinned package. "I take it the name means something to Warren, then," she quietly remarks.

It's very quickly followed with a dramatic rolling of Neena's eyes with an "Oh, come -oooon.-" Why is everyone so against people getting shot?!

"Not unless we could bust his nut on transporting a convict to the edge of a quiet parking lot for some fresh air. Pretty sure that wasn't an official stop." Definitely not enough to get him put away for serious time.

That last question from Warren, though… Leave it up to the dark and twisted mind of one Neena Thurman to dig into the shadows of a weapons manufacturer to figure out what secret bunker they're conducting their business out of.

"Florida," she says, hesitantly, with something of a grim expression. "I checked their website," is added with a slight shrug. "Frankly I would have expected better, it looks like it was designed by somebody's cousin. Got a street number…" she trails off while glancing between the two.

Warren's exclamation about people getting shot causes a corner of Moonstar's mouth to twitch upward. Almost she throws a triumphant look over to Domino, something of a 'I told you so', but the conversation at hand is a touch too deep.

The grumble about churches brings Moonstar's attention over to Domino, just in time to catch the twitch of the other woman's expression.

"Domino is right, he can get busted for that unsanctioned stop, but it won't get him put away for any real length of time. Honestly, I'd rather keep him out and in place, and maybe if we can amass some more evidence against him we can take down this particular cell."

Whereas Neena may find Warren's change in demeanor startling, Dani can't quite say it is. She's been around the Mansion long enough to catch the various moods of just about everyone there.

"M-Tec has some ties to that second number. Or perhaps the number has ties to M-tec. There was a text message sent from the second phone to someone in M-Tec."

Warren glances sidelong at Domino at the twitch of her expression regarding churches. He glances at Dani a moment later, head tilted a little in a 'you saw that?' gesture. Not something to pry into right now, though, especially not with a relative stranger.

As far as his reaction to the name of Stryker? Warren seems to realize his own reaction only from Domino's response, and his expression flickers before he brings it back under control, the usual mask slipping back into place over — whatever that was. Some wellspring of anger a lot more raw than the usual carelessness he puts on. "He began the Purifiers," he says quietly. "Years ago. His leadership of them was put to an end when he tried to put a bullet in a sixteen year-old girl's face." His tone implies that he was there and it was in front of his own face. And now…?

The news there probably isn't quite enough yet to put Adler away for any serious time, nor keep Stryker firmly behind bars, grits his jaw. He listens to Dani's assessment, and he listens to Neena's further remarks on M-Tec, but his thoughts seem abstracted. Though not so abstracted he doesn't hear Domino's distinct reluctance about Florida. A glance slants her way, though he says nothing at first. Especially when Dani adds that M-Tec has some ties to the mysterious second number.

"A little longer," Warren eventually says. A muscle in his jaw flickers. "Yeah, we can leave it all in place a little longer. But not too long. These people are running around with firearms, and the next people they hit may not be as resilient as me. I want, at least, to disarm them now we know who's supplying."

Most X-Men might have formed a battle plan, or started drawing up attack vectors, or something. Warren Worthington's equivalent is to take out his phone, dial a number, and tell whoever's on the other end, "Hey. No, I know it's late. I want you to start an acquisitions process."

Neena feigns scratching an itch on the side of her face with a middle finger for Dani's benefit.

Just in case she isn't already feeling grumpy enough, the natural progression of this conversation is leading her into a place which is even more uncomfortable than the thought of setting foot inside of another church. Warren outright confirms it when he talks about disarming the Purifiers now that they know where the gear is coming from. She is all geared up and prepared to find some excuse, some means of backing out of that particular job when Warren goes for his phone and—

—makes a call about buying the freaking place out..?

Dom looks completely dumbstruck when she turns to Dani and hooks a thumb back Warren's way as if silently asking 'can you believe this guy?!' For her 'disarmament' involves roadtrips, theft, a couple of set charges and a rock-solid alibi. Here she had been anticipating being told to go down to the Gulf and torch the factory but instead Prettyboy Worthington is going to buy the bastards out from underneath their feet?

Okay… Reassessment: Neena is DEFINITELY working for the right mutant. Cha-friggin-ching!

So..there's nothing left for her to do but kick back and enjoy someone else's Scotch. That's a copy, Blonde Leader. Mission is a go.

"Productive meeting," she says to Dani with a light grin.

There's an answering flick of Dani's eyes to that unspoken question of Warren's.

Yup, she definitely saw it.

Her own expression shifts when Warren gives some background information on the Purifiers and Stryker himself. By the end of those few short sentences, Moonstar's expression is quite grim.

"Not too long." She echoes in agreement and at the mention of his own natural resilience, Moonstar automatically turns a look towards his wings. A reaction that she can't quite stop herself from doing, obviously remembering just what damage the feathered appendage healed from.

Of course, when Warren takes his phone out Dani is likewise curious and while her question is soon answered by the word acquisition, that doesn't stop her from glancing aside to Domino. She catches that dumbstruck look and the jerk of a thumb and all Moonstar can do is smile slightly. That smile only widens with Domino's last words, as the Cheyenne says, "Yes, it usually is with Warren."

It's hard to say whether Warren notices Neena's discomfort, and even harder to say if he can intuit the connection between that discomfort and 'going to Florida.' There's no real indication that he does, not outwardly, but the fact his next action neatly spares her having to take a field trip down somewhere she plainly doesn't like is pretty convenient.

Hard to say, too, whether he takes the meaning of Dani's pointed look at his wings, though he does give her a rather cheeky look as he waits for the person on the other end of the line to pick up. The cheekiness only increases at Domino's frank incredulity.

"Yeah," Warren says, clearly accustomed to just making phone calls while people sit around. It seems to be the prerogative of men like him. "No, keep it stealthy for now, use a shell or something. Whenever we're ready to bust them, then we can tell whoever's in charge to expect me, at my convenience. OK. Thanks."

He hangs up. "That should give you enough leeway to look into things a little further before people get spooked," he tells Dani. "Starts the process, though. These things take some time."

He inclines his head. "Thanks for finding all this out, so far. At the least, if we hamstring their supply, they'll be set back while finding somewhere else to get their gear."

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