Over Discharge
Roleplaying Log: Over Discharge
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Gwen and Nadia go from discussing phone chargers to how tight pants can solve the energy crisis.

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IC Date: March 09, 2019
IC Location: Creskill, New Jersey
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Things Nadia has done since she got to America, meet new friends, repel possible extra dimensional invasions. Build new webshooters for one of those friends. Not blow up New Jersey.

Jersey being where Nadia currently is, having invited Gwen over to help work on some tech that might prolve useful for everyone down the track.

Having remembered pants before Gwen arrived, Nadia is hunched olver a soldering station and buzzing away in an old Pym Labs tank top and some comfy old blujejeans. The classic rock stylings of Amanda Strong who may or may not be Tony Stark's biological mother but is still an awesome musician is blasting out through the sound system Nadia cooked up.

"Okay Gwen, think you'll love this. I think I solved the issue olf excess energy build up." Nadia has been working on a phone case that wirelessly charges based on absorbing ambient static electricity from movements. Over charge had been an issue. As had been the cause of the fire in the living room last time Gwen came to visit.

"So I'm trying tgo reduice the power draw. I mean if we put this in someone's pocket and they move too fast too long the over charge will just goo whoosh and combust. I was thinking we create a delioberate outlet. Like build a taser into it. Make the streets safer for girls and women everywhere." the Russian, relaxed enough she can let her native accent be heard when Gwen is around. "Just wondering if you had any other ideas of what we can add to help keep things safe for the user?"

Gwen, who hasn't worn a lab coat since senior year of high school, is mildly disappointed this visit hasn't been a chance to do it again. Ah well, science is science, and this talk of energy sources has been good use to her. "Let me be sure I understand," she says cautiously; she's out of her depth with Nadia's knowledge. "You're talking about a mandatory discharge, right? The power has to go somewhere, so the user will have to spark it off every so often?"

Nadia nods her head. her bob cut just long enough now high set little pig tails are totally a style opion she is rocking. "Yeah. There are times it won't be an issue. Phones drain power pretty well after a while. Use from networking, media playback to headphones. They contribute but if they aren't being used and the phone is being constant charged, you effectively have two batteries that could potentially cause problems. So I'm trying to accomodate for people who don't want that stuff running. I mean why wouldn't they want to experience the world at their finger tips. That's why I'm asking you. You've totally got awesome problem solver chops." Nadia beams about one of the many virtues of Gwendolyn Stacy. She even makes sure Gwen has plenty of room to look at the schematic on the bench beside the soldering set and the current prototype.

Gwen, whose pink-tipped hair is long enough it needs to be pulled back into a ponytail in a work setting like this, leans over the phone and examines it like she thinks the solution will be written on the screen or something. "And you don't have a network or control over what software will be installed, so you can't regulate the battery charge that way? You need something hardware-related?"

Nadia taps the side of her nose. At least charades showed up in some of the period dramas she watched to practice her English speaking. At least she's not using body and hand gestures from some of the other cultures she learned the languages for. "Exactly. And becvause the charge mechanism is mechanical as well, you can't really shut it down there like with a normal charger plugged into the grid. I went static build up instead of a small magneto like with those self charging flashlights. Because weight would be an issue and that mechanism doesn't generate that much power. I mean I can figure out some uses for that sort of thing but not in this case! I'm just hitting a wall at the moment and all the best stuff is done in a team anyway. If I sell it, you're totally gonna get a big cut. I'm not really in it for the money but it is important in a bloated capitalist bog hole like America."

Gwen makes a confused face at 'bog hole,' but decides to let it slide. One of Nadia's weird foreignisms, no doubt. "Well, my first thought is we should be doing something positive with that power. What are the possibilities for using it as a wireless recharging station for other devices? Like, put a meter in it to make sure it doesn't drain below some minimum function amount for the battery, like eighty percent charge or something, and let it apply the rest to devices you keep in contact with it?"

"Well even current wireless recharging is pretty much just sitting the device on the charge plate. At range and multiple devices that could be potentially dangerous. Like a Tesla coil or Van de Graaf generator." Nadia hmms. "It'd work but you'd have to have the phones up close and personal. Just walking buy may zap someone. And if you're doing it for a personal area network so bluetooth headsets, watches, smart glasses. The discharge at distance is again still an issue." Nadia says. "I'm sory if I'm sounding pessimistic. But I've kinda experienced a lot of accidental electrical discharges. Just from my own stingers. They are good ideas if we can protect the devices and the users."

"Right," Gwen nods. "I mean devices you keep in physical contact, not network contact or whatever."

"Hmm, who says the discharge to the devices has to be electrical? I mean there are other ways to charge a power supply. And convert energy to somethig safe. I swear I thought I saw notes on this back in the Red Room!" Nadia ponders and hops herself up her denim clad butt is parked on the bench and she can face Gwen while they brainstorm. "There's gotta be a high power energy type that can charge a devive but be safe for people on the street. And other incompatible devices. Cause no blowing things up."

Gwen raises her eyebrows in surprise. "Wait, you're talking about ditching electricity as a power source?" she asks, stumped. "I mean… what else is there, except for steam and fire?"

"No no, it's still electric. In the end it's always electric. Even Tony Stark probably hasn't figured how to get around that." Nadia's brain firing and the expression is positively manic. "I mean you're taking static electricity pulled from movements and ambient sources. Then moving it without a cable to another device. I'm thinking we convert the energy from stored electricity to move it to the phone or other devices. Preferably with a compatible means of receiving it. then converting back into electricity to power the devices and at range charge any other compatible devices. There can also be hot spots where the energy is discharged and maybe fed back into the city power grid. Just need to find the energy wavelength for that." big eager grin on Nadia's lips.

Understanding and something like relief crosses Gwen's face. "Okay, now I'm back with you. Sorry, I thought you were trying to defeat the energy lost to conversion by using some new kind of power directly. So you're thinking of turning every pair of pants in the world into part of the power grid? That would help energy reliance a lot."

There's more eager nodding. "Every time we wear tight comfy butt hugging jeans…" Such as the pair flattering Nadia's. "We can reduce the heck out of our carbon footprint. I mean why do things small. If we can make the tech cheap enough that millions can afford it. Then the reliance on non renewable sources can start reducing. And maybe the Fashion industry can be a leader in global environmental recovery."

Gwen doesn't lean back against anything. She seems to prefer standing. "So the big holdup to this plan would be getting power companies to sign on to it, to make the facilities that could use the charge the devices generate. I don't know if I think they would allow you to without a law forcing them to do it, since that kind of would pretty much force them to lower prices. Maybe a back-up plan would be smaller scale generators a person could buy for their own home, that the device could charge instead of the city itself? If enough people buy those, power companies would see a big enough reduction in their sales that they'd then be incentivized to try new models in order to compete with the energy people generate at home, right?" she asks, again cautiously. Her knowledge of how business works is thin at best.

"Well as it is. People with solar pwer plugged into the grid get paid by their power company instead of the other way around." Nadia sayhs and leans forward while bech sat, hands either side of that backside to hang onto the edge and not fall off. Like she would. Any more graceful and you;d be a spider-woman in ballet slippers. "At a large enough scale of people feeding excess charge back into the grid after powering their homes. Which I doubt would actually be enough. In the home you wouldn't be keeping a phone in your pocket. I can't even remember where mine is…" she says and swivels her head around the living area lab curiously before settling brown eyes back on the blonde's blue. "Anyway, at a large enough scale. I'd imagine there'd be enough that the city it's set up in would be using plenty. Most of the money the power company would make would be other corproations and building owners that would use way more power than the average person would. Look at Times Square or Broadway. The power consumption there is massive and twenty four seven."

Gwen follows this as best she can, and asks, "So you're talking about some way to either track each phone's contribution so the owner can get credited, or… regional hotspots that apply the credit as an average to the serviced area?"

That freckled face scrunches up. "Well I wasn't before. But I figure again what gets used to power the devices and goes into power homes might not be as great as I expect. I may also be over selling how much capacity our baby…" she reaches aside and pats the prototype. The waggles fingers cause it's still kinda hot to touch. "When not at home, maybe yeah, have the phone use an app that tracks how much is generated and discharged into the grid at these hotspots. Apply a discount to their own usage bill if it's not enough to be paid outright." the Russian considers.

"I wonder what kind of secondary effect that'll have on power consumption," Gwen muses, gaze abstract. "If people start getting paid for walking, in terms of energy bill credits, will they stay at home less and use less power?"

"I think power consumption will probably still even out as other technologies that require electricity. Cars, Public Transport. All those damn lights in New York. How does anyone sleep like that…" says the girl who spends most nights doing science in a brightly lit lab space. "People forget about ambient appliences still drawing even reduced power like fridges. televisions. Computers. It might however help the obesity epidemic they go on about in the news. Get fit and get paid."

"Something to think about, anyway." Gwen paces the room some, circling the table that is currently most of the lab. "So the next step is to make a prototype, right?"

"Yeah. I mean for proof of concept I probably can make sure the over charge and discharge is small enough it's like a steady buzz like when you put yoour arm against an old TV when it's turned off. But that's just testing until discharge stations can be built along with a compatible phoneor two. One to hook up to the charge case. And the other to receive power ambiently." Nadia explains. "It will also need a name and probably a better design look so it can be pretty Form is as important as function here!"

"It should be named for your company, of course," Gwen says, still circling the table at a casual saunter. "So you can get credit for it."

"Well I gotta get citizenship first. Then a company. And oh wow. I should really be checking patents and stuff. Cause who knows if all this stuff ikks already invented. Sooo much clerical stuff. I just wanna build it and we can be awesome tech geniuses." Nadia says in a pout as she follows Gwen's circling the table, half bending backwards to follow the movements, like a slow moving mosh. She almost does with the music playing in the background.

Gwen thinks about it. "I'm… not sure how this works. I don't think you need to be a company to sell things, but maybe if you're not a company, you're legally responsible for what goes wrong, or something like that? So you need to be a company in case your phones start blowing up, so you can't go to jail for it?"

"It's iffy and I'm not really sure but I think yeah. By being a corporate entity I can shunt liability in case of catastrophic failure. That said I wouldn't put out a product until I know it's completely safe. Along with standard Assassin training. Infiltration through stealth, social engineering. seduction. The science was intened to be used to destabilise whole countries and super powered people. I learned enough about how some companies work so I could better get my foot in the door. Actually running one kinda is out of my league. Like fighting the Hulk when he's not in the mood for a hug."

"Everything's safe until it gets into people's hands," Gwen reminds Nadia. "Plastic bags can't kill someone until you put it over someone's head, and now bags have warnings on them not to do that. Don't take chances, is all." She thinks a little more, and wonders, "Will your nationality make it hard for you to get loans or contracts, especially on the scale of altering a city's power grid with a smartphone?"

"Something tells me if I make a really good go of this. Loans probably won't come from banks. And I think being a teen age girl and the daughter of Henry Pym maker of evil robots might bite me more than being Russian. I'm still trying to locate Hank, or even just Janet Van Dyne. I think I want to meet her just as badly as him. I'd be happy to even let Pym Labs themselves own the tech if it gets out there if they fund things. I think technically they are but only in an I'm a Russian Hobo girl illegaly squatting in her father's house without permission."

"Yeah, meeting Janet Van Dyne would be amazing," Gwen agrees wistfully, looking up at the ceiling as she paces, dislodged from the topic at hand by the thought of it.

The ceiling would totally be plenty of space for someone who could walk upside down on it. "She's like all kinds of awesome. Even if she's not the science genius your's is. She's plenty smart and courageous and beautiful. And doen't put up with any poo. And. You know if you want to get inverted it's fine. I think it's a comfort thing for spider people. I seet it on the news a lot. Spider-Person hanging upside down. I always wonderd if your equilibrium is gyro stabilized. Like even upside down, it doesn't invert and just feels normal as standing like we are now!" Nadia says playfully and gives a thumbs up to the blonde. "Just take your shoes off so I don't have to explain foot prints up there. And be comfy Gwen!" the Russian further reccommends.

"Huh? No, people just look up when they're imagining things. I forget why. Something about neurology. But, I mean, if you want to do some experiments some time, that's fine. I just don't want to do it in your house. Most residential ceilings aren't made of material that can easily support a grown woman's weight." Gwen clears her throat a little and doesn't mention how she knows that.

"This iks Henry Pym's house. I'm pretty certain he'd have rebuilt this place sturdier. A petite woman with probably less weight then she thinks on her perfect bnody hanging off the ceiling would be fine. He's probably done a few size incrreases on the floor above and tested the increase mass. Spider-Man. The first one could probably break dance up there." Nadia reassures warmly and again gestures to tyhe ceiling invitingly. "And as an assassin. I can say that that is probably the only reason people look up. It's never to check for blondes crawling up there."

Gwen changes the subject slightly. "What kinds of tests are you imagining?"

"It's Hank Pym so it'd probably be weight and structrual impact tests. Jumping jacks stguff like that!" Nadia ponders curiously. "And propbaly hitting his head on the ceiling itself. I must have a few time testing out the growth side of my powers. And one time I took off too fast with my wings and really should have done it outside." Nadia answers and rubs her head like she's still got a lump there. "I think it explains the conical shape of the helmet. If you take off too fast and go through something, the shape allows a smoother pass through. Debris hits the big shoulder pads and helps mitigate damage to the body."

"Oh, sure, but I meant on my balance."

"Oh, that. I'm thinking mostly just scanning your head when you're doing flips. Try and see what the fluids in your inner ears do. Whether there's any change of position if their inverted really fast. Nothing invasive. I wouldn't even shrink and crawl around iun there because that might crate an adverse affect.

Nadia also adds with a grin. "Having done it one to a bad guy. I can emphatically say crawling through sinuses is soooo gross."

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