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Eddie hits up a random techie to do some recon on Roy, only to realize who Daisy really is.

Other Characters Referenced: Shepherd, Benjamin Palmer
IC Date: March 09, 2019
IC Location: Triskelion
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Posted On: 10 Mar 2019 02:02
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* * *

Current events have not been sitting so well with Daisy. It's only been a day since the last major turn of events and she's still wondering if she had made the right choice or if it might all come back to haunt her. About the only upside is that whatever is going to happen? It's likely going to happen soon. She won't have to be a paranoid wreck for too much longer.

As far as silver linings go it's a pretty damn thin one.

Her task for Coulson has come to an end but she hasn't bothered to tell anyone about it yet. Ulysses knows more than anyone but he's been blessedly silent about it all. Phil's left in the dark. Peggy is -absolutely- left in the dark. Daisy's not sure what to do or where to run if the situation gets particularly dire. Not that there's anywhere she could run to.

For the moment she sits in front of her terminal and picks through the usual gauntlet of material that someone with a higher security clearance had dumped onto her to work through. It's boring and unfulfilling and she's getting really quite sick of it but the list of alternatives is an incredibly short one.

* * *

The list of alternatives is about to get at least one item longer, or more precisely, one person longer. Eddie, in the form of temporary distraction, enters the cubicle farm and starts navigating the stations like she knows precisely where she's headed despite not having a desk of her own down here. She falls into the 'Security' branch of the Company, though what she actually does is a little vague besides being assigned under Coulson's umbrella.

Rami's empty station is given a baleful glance as she passes by, eventually coming to the little box assigned to Daisy. "I don't know how you do it and not go all Office Space on the equipment." Eddie's substandard introduction is apparently to insult those she's about to ask a favor from, addressing the back of Daisy's head and lacking any recognition despite technically being assigned to the same team. "I need a triangulation on a cell phone, and my Handler is MIA. Congratulations."

* * *

Lost, bored, nervous, and alone, Daisy's world is one filled with screen after screen of code while tucked away within a little dark box. She may as well be lost to reality as a whole when suddenly—


—someone is standing behind her and saying something about Office Space.

When the hackerette turns around to see who just startled a couple of years off of her lifespan her hands are fully away from the keyboard as if in surrender, staring back at the somewhat scruffy looking woman hovering there.

"'Hi' works fine, thanks!" is snapped back while an effort is made to slow down her now racing pulse. She has no idea who Eddie is yet, though it's safe to assume that pretty much -everyone- in the Triskelion has higher security clearance than Daisy. Hands lower as she turns back to the keyboard, pushing her former pile of work aside. "Kinda underutilizing my abilities..but shoot."

* * *

Eddie's scruffy appearance isn't helped by the fact that she's pair her black tactical SHIELD pants with a long sleeve white thermal and a red and black checkered flannel. It makes the newly added blue streak to her hair stick out more than ever as a giant middle finger to anyone that would ask her to look 'professional'. Her eyes narrow at Daisy as she spins around in her chair, like trying to peer through the fog that clouds her memory, as if she should know the woman but can't place her.

"Hi." Eddie says flatly and then hands over a burner phone. "Does it make it more fun if I never received a phone call, only texts? Whatever. There are no small parts, only small actors. They're coming from somewhere in Gotham. I need to know approximately where."

* * *

"Now you're just quoting the brochure," Daisy deadpans while taking the phone and hooking it up to the terminal. One neat thing about working for the Division, they seem to have a program for anything and everything. All she has to do is fill in some blanks and wait for the magic to happen.

"I will say this, though," comes as a distracted afterthought, "it's nice to see someone around here that looks relatable. All of this business attire makes me want to shoot myself sometimes. You seem..a little more my speed…"

The phone is poked at a little. The keyboard is poked at a little. "You got a name, or should I just call you Blue?"

* * *

"That depends. Are you hitting on me?" Eddie asks in response to being asked if she has a name or should Daisy make up her own. The question comes with a completely emotionless expression save the slight raise of an eyebrow with no indication of which answer will earn Daisy a proper introduction. "When you tend to be the 'away' team, they get lax about what you need to wear. They can't require you to spend a bunch of dough on dress shirts when you have to toss them after every Op because of the blood stains." Kidding? Hard to tell.

* * *

"Maybe," Daisy distractedly replies. Following this is a partial shrug. "Hard not to like a bad girl. I'd have gone a bit more wild if ..if I could have," she thinks aloud then decides to stop talking about that particular subject.

Besides, there's something else of interest. Mention of the 'away' team. That earns Eddie a quick over the shoulder glance. "Yah? And how does one go from warming the bench to being where the excitement is? If this is where the rest of my days are going to be spent then I really am going to request that bullet. All of this sitting still really sucks."

Here she pushes her chair off to the side and motions to the screen with both gauntlet-covered hands. Power inhibitors. With security bracelets worked over the top of them. Speaking of the whole 'bad girl' idea, it would appear that Daisy's gone and gotten herself into a bit of trouble with the Division. But, she also has an address up on the screen.

"Godspeed, or whatever it is they say around here."

* * *

Eddie seems more interested in Daisy now that she's providing results and she steps further into the woman's cubicle. Gloved hands grip the edge of the desk. "Now cross reference that with local garages and elementary schools, both private and public and see what we get within a five mile radius. Eddie Morales. Codename Hashmark." The last presumably an introduction that she's earned somehow.

"As for getting out of here, you gotta work your ass off, gain the trust of the team lead, and then try not to fuck it up. In other words, don't base your career trajectory off me. What are those, Wonder Bracers?"

* * *

Alriiighty, then… A lone eyebrow hooks upward when Eddie mentions 'local garages' and 'elementary schools' in the same sentence. "There's two places generally not associated with one another. Got a problem with adolescents running a chop shop?" Back to the keyboard she goes, sending out another task to the mainframe.

"Okay, with a name like 'Hashmark' I'd figure you could do something as rudimentary as this on your own," Daisy remarks while passing another quick glance back to the other woman. "But hey, I'm not about to judge."

As for the Wonder Bracers remark, "More of a 'wonder' to everyone who isn't me, I suppose. I'm a recently discovered metahuman. They keep me from causing more problems." She pauses and grimaces -just- a little when she adds "And they prevent me from using anything electronic which isn't SHIELD branded. Life's been amazing this year."

The sarcasm runs deep with this one.

* * *

"Could. Deign to? Different story." Eddie explains, though it seems pretty shallow as if there is another reason behind her actions that she isn't keen on sharing. There is a delayed snort of amusement, "Adolescent Chop Shop. Nice one." Her eyes remained glued to the screen as she waits impatiently for the results, a booted toe tapping with some sort of barely restrained anxiety.

It's the last bit that has Morales far more interested in Daisy now than her work product, and she turns to hitch her rump on the edge of the desk. "Wait. So, those things keep you from using your powers, or…?"

* * *

Daisy is just about to make some remark about Eddie's clear and present impatience when the other woman is suddenly taking a seat upon the desk beside her, causing the probationary hackerette to shift her wheeled chair a little further away because -personal space.-

A hand comes up to brush some hair off to one side. Fingerless gloves always seem to be in fashion somewhere though these ones have a glossy metallic fiber mesh which extends well beyond the wrist. For the moment there are no words from Daisy, only a look of defeat as she pulls back a sleeve to show that these gloves run all the way out to her elbows. All smooth and all black save for a single silver band around the wrist and another out at the elbow end.

"Or to prevent them from activating because I don't yet know how to control them," is admitted at length.

* * *

Something about Eddie's expression darkens, like a cloud has passed over her already dubious mood. "And that's SHIELD tech?" Despite having a reputation for someone who doesn't like to touch others, Eddie is making a 'gimme' motion for Daisy's arm so she can closer inspect the gauntlets. "Who designed them? Who programmed them? You have the name of the Squint?" Forget the computer search, this takes precedent.

* * *

Before Daisy had been looking off-put by having to talk about her situation. Now she's looking puzzled at Eddie's sudden interest in them. "As far as I know," she hesitantly replies before relinquishing one of her arms with similar hesitation.

"Agent Shepherd ordered the trackers, but it didn't stop me from ..having issues. So these were ordered up instead. Where they came from or who made them I have no idea. They were handed to me and I was told to put them on, and that's where they stay. I guess it takes some pretty high clearance to unlock them."

Why is Daisy indulging this chick..? Hope for a way out, perhaps?

* * *

Eddie takes Daisy's arm, turning it this way and that roughly as she examines the gauntlets with a distrusting squint, as if she can find a maker's mark or riddle out where the juju comes from. "Who told you to put them on?" As if that would be any of Eddie's business, but that doesn't stop her from asking.

* * *

Daisy's mouth opens as if to respond but nothing comes out at first. She's having a hard time with this, not in the sense of being ashamed so much as feeling like she's being peered at through a microscope. "You know what, I don't even know. Obviously someone with higher clearance than me because I'm at ground level here. I—"

With a quick frown she turns back to the keyboard, now typing one-handed while Eddie picks over the other one.

"Okay, now I have to ask if you're hitting on -me.- Kinda feeling like an exhibit here! What's got you so interested? You don't interrogate all of the probies like this, do you?"

* * *

"I hit on people that could be of some use to me, so it sounds like I need to be flirting with the boys and girls down in Research and Development." Eddie finally releases Daisy's arm with a newly formed scowl etching its way deep into her features and overly expressive mouth, currently circumventing any answer as to why she would be interested in the tech. "In that thread, this is totally not a line, but I feel like I recognize you from somewhere and it's been driving me batty."

* * *

"Noted," Daisy says without enthusiasm. "Don't let me hold you back." Finding some R&D techs to flirt with has got to be more engaging than waiting for a list of addresses to pop up, although that wait soon comes to an end. The results are in and she's ready to tell Eddie as much, eeexcept that Eddie is distracted with something else now.

Something..relating to Miss Johnson.

Her arm is withdrawn, both ending up in her lap. "You might have heard about the minor seismic activity. Two different coffee shops within the city? One worse than the other. I wouldn't be surprised if people were talking about me behind my back, I mean I just show up one day without any context. Rumor mills are never silent for long."

Anything..? Nothing? No glimmer of recognition? "I'm Daisy Johnson. By the way." Also Cory Sutter in the real world and '5kye' within the online realms, though only those whom have read her file are likely to be familiar with those two aliases.

* * *

Eddie's head tilts slightly as if shifting the angle will somehow spark some memory in the depths of her brain meat, coupled with the story Daisy is painting about her exploits in Metadom. "No, that's not it. I mean the rumor mill is actually a great source of intel if you know how to parse it out - That JibJab video? Totally me - but, nah…maybe it was…"

Then it hits her like a strike of lightening. This is the woman in her vision. The one responsible for providing the thumb drive to Benjamin Palmer. "Whatever." Eddie quickly says, hopping off Daisy's desk and turning to look at the screen again, "Zap this information over to my phone. The number is in the directory."

* * *

Mention of the video gets an immediate reaction from Daisy. That doofy video of Coulson's mug on a dancing elf has been something of a key component in everything that's happened to her since she got here and she can't help but snicker as it's brought back to mind. She had been showing that clip to people all around the Triskelion in her first two weeks here, after she had 'recovered' it from a USB drive…

Eddie's demeanor changes in an instant, which takes the amusement clean off of Daisy's face. At the 'whatever' she's left sitting there stunned. Confused. At a total loss. "Yah… Sure..okay," is offered in a dumbstruck reply.

What the hell just happened?

* * *

"Sorry, kiddo. Don't have time to sit and chat." Though that's effectively what Eddie's been doing since she got here and she's probably not that much older than Daisy. "I'll make sure you get a gold star on your chore chart. One more for the month and they give you an extra hour of TV time." And just as abruptly as Eddie breezed into Daisy's cubicle, she's exiting the same way.

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