Call Me Maybe
Roleplaying Log: Call Me Maybe
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Domino steps into JoJo's gym, and JoJo tries to figure out just who's side she's on.

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IC Date: March 10, 2019
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Here's a fine example of the outside not matching the inside. From the street view this poor building looks ready to collapse upon itself. From the inside Domino can't help but keep looking upward as if expecting to see the ceiling itself warping and threatening to collapse. If the intention had been to keep a low profile from the exterior then they've done a damn good job with the place.

Stepping inside is one albino woman decked out in black as if it's the only color she knows. Combat boots and tactical attire hide beneath a winter coat, all done in matte materials so she really blends into those shadows. Despite it being a dreary winter day outside she still wore sunglasses, ones which are now being relocated to the top of her head.

She's hunting for something. Or someone. Wherever there is motion her eyes happen to wander, eliminating the numbers until she locates her mark. Steps are taken with purpose and command, crossing the gym's interior on her approach to a bulky mutant who looks like a cross between some manner of lizard and an ox. He never sees her coming.

A black-clad hand -slaps- down on the back of his shoulder as she comes around into his view. A few words are shared. Then the ghost of a lady reaches into her jacket..and removes a plain envelope. This she hands to the Loxard. With something of a grin.

Word may have gotten out about the patch-eyed ghost chick claiming some digs in a previously abandoned building. Furthermore, the Loxard had been going in and out of that building on several occasions since this acquisition. They're up to something, no doubt.

Hiding in plain sight. One supposes the gym is doing that.

Not that the owner of the gym really planned it that way. Mostly, she just doesn't care what the exterior looks like, so long as the interior is up to her specs.

And it is.

As to the owner, 'JoJo', is leaning casually against a wall that gives her a good view of the gym itself, as well as the main entrance. Her arms are loosely crossed as her brown eyes continuously survey the area before her. As such, when the door opens to admit Domino inside, Frenzy sees it. Her attention shifts from a young woman adding weights to a machine to the front door itself. Then idly Frenzy's eyes follow the pale-skinned woman's trajectory and mark. While she doesn't necessarily move a muscle, there's a new tightness to her lips as she considers Domino.

With her network on the streets she's heard the rumors and has even seen some of what's going on for herself, but overall Domino is an unknown to her.

And Frenzy hates unknowns.

But now that unknown is here in her domain and that thought is what causes the tall woman to straighten away from the wall.

Her own measured steps take her across the gym and toward Loxard and Domino.

Those that find themselves in her path quickly move out of the way, as the Behemoth of the Brotherhood comes to greet Domino.

"There a problem?"

(That was fast.)

Ghost lady stands upright but both of their heads turn toward Jo in the same moment. It's actually the Loxard who responds first. He's got a voice which loves to resonate within the ribcage, all bassy and deep. "None whatsoever, Jo." Then he turns toward the pale one, his voice only growing deeper in its attempt to be softer. "Watch out for this one."

"Yeah," Neena replies though it's left to question which of his statements she's agreeing with. Possibly both! "Eric and I were just catching up." With something of importance being involved. Though of bigger importance to the albino, she suddenly puts the pieces together.

This woman is Jo.

The name of the gym is 'JoJo's.'

And the thought keeps repeating itself in the back of her mind: Don't let this one hit you.

Neena's response to all of this? It starts with a grin.

"Now look at you, Tall, Dark, and Ornery. What time do you get off work?"

The act of Eric rolling his red eyes can almost be -heard,- grumbling a "Dooom…" in warning.

"What's life without a little danger, right?" is asked back at her contact before icy blue eyes lock onto fierce brown eyes. "And I'm getting the distinct impression that 'Jo' and danger are on a first name basis."

The lizard man is given a long look.

Whether he tried to soften his voice, or quiet it, she heard what he said. Does it offend her? Nah, but Frenzy still levels a look upon the man.

Then her attention shifts right back to Domino, just in time to catch that beginning grin of hers. That's enough to cause JoJo's eyes to narrow slightly. Most people don't grin at her. They really don't.

Most simply just try to get away.

And most assuredly they do not open up with a flirt, such as it is.

That's enough to actually cause Frenzy to do something possibly unexpected; she grins. Or, at the very least, a corner of her mouth twitches upward at Domino's boldness.

"Danger and I are old friends." States the Bruiser of the Brotherhood, "We go hand in hand just about everywhere." A look flicks over to Loxard, "Go find another machine to work out."

She waits until Loxard leaves, because he will leave whether under his own power, or Jo's, and when he's gone Frenzy looks back to Domino. "You're new around here."

Poor Eric looks like he could bench-press an armored bank truck yet even he whithers slightly at Jo's lingering gaze. He's almost grateful to be dismissed, as it were. Without a question he grabs his things and shuffles on elsewhere without so much as a glance or a 'good luck' to the albino. One who motions with her arms at the fleeing mutant. 'Really?'

Now she's left all alone with the Big Scary Jo.

"That obvious, huh," is her initial and flat reply before lowering her own voice and asking with a mock-wince "Did I come on too strong? I figured you could handle something a bit more direct," she suggests with a random gesturing of hands.

It's hard to tell if she's being serious or if this is all a part of some game! Again..quite possibly both. After all, it's only teasing until someone says 'yes.'

"For an open place of business you've sure got it locked down." A glance to one side then to the other. Eeeveryone else is keeping a very wide berth and Neena can -feel- their eyes upon them both. "A ship ruled by intimidation. You'd get a lot more business if you weren't so Doom and Gloom, y'know. Who pissed you off so badly?"

Come in like you own the joint, that's the sort of confidence and arrogance that Domino likes to live by.

There's silence from Jo as Domino begins to speak.

Then continues to speak.

Until finally the woman eventually ends on something of a question; even if it may have been mostly rhetorical.

Jo's shoulder vaguely roll followed by a crack of those joints. Her expression continues to stay very closed off, even as the silence lengthens.

Finally, to perhaps put everyone out of their misery, Jo says, "This is my ship." She agrees, "I can oversee it how I want. If you don't like it you can leave." She tilts her head toward the door, "Or if you have business here show some respect. That's all I ask of everyone. Respect and don't damage my shit purposely, otherwise you'll come face off with me."

Jo lets that hang there for a minute, before she shifts slightly and pivots upon foot. She motions for Domino to follow as she walks over to the mats, "All mutants are welcomed here in Mutant Town." She begins, "No matter what trouble *they* bring with them. That doesn't mean we don't check people out to see what's going on with them."

"It's the smart thing to do. I'm sure you've done the same."

Dom mouthes an 'ouch!' at the nonchalant cracking of joints from the taller woman. But then she's left waiting with silence falling between the two. Once more she glances off to the side then turns back to Jo with her arms held out somewhat. 'Well?' Jo's not giving her a lot to work with!

Once Jo does start to speak it's all Neena can do to not make some sarcastic motion toward the gym owner. Yes, finally! There it is! Though Jo's still doing the gruff and pissy act. Unfortunately for Dom..she happens to enjoy poking at these kinds of personalities.

Regarding the matter of respect, she counters with "Hey, I didn't come waltzing in here to stir up the nest. From where I'm standing the only disruption around here is you." Truthfully!

At the motion to follow Dom breathes a long sigh with a sagging of her shoulders..but she follows. Toward the mats. Don't think she hasn't noticed that detail.

"There's a whole lot of people to check out in this town. For being new around here, and all." Just twist that blade a little further… "But I'm guessing this means you've already done some digging of your own, huh. See anything you like?"

Twisting the blade further, or digging herself into a deeper hole? Or, maybe just trying her luck some more.

"Really." Frenzy says over a shoulder, "You didn't come here to rattle the cage?" There's definite disbelief in her voice, but there isn't anger there. More like sardonic amusement, "I find that hard to believe."

Once on the mats, Frenzy settles into something of a relaxed position, with her hands (for now) at her sides. "You remind me of a … " She pauses as she considers what word to use here, ".. fellow soldier I know. Always popping off at the mouth with the witty quips. Never knowing when to stop."

Only once Domino is settled on the mats and seems ready, does Jo raise her hands in the classic brawler pose.

"Whether I like what I see or not, Domino, isn't the question here. The question is are you an ally, or a threat?"

Then, "And I'll give you a one-up here, almost anything goes, just no guns, or injuring, or damaging the property with this spar session."

Neena actually looks puzzled by the first question. "Why would I do that?" From the outside the place already looks thoroughly rattled, and on the inside..? Well. It's a gym meant for -mutants.- This is the kind of joint where the strongest of the strong are going to gravitate toward. She's lucky, not stupid.


Now she's canting her head, standing upon the mat while trying to get a better read of Jo. A soldier. "You have that look about you," Domino points out in a lowered voice. The haircut, the expression, the hardened edge in the stare. "Seen some things in your time. I know it well."

Then comes the stance, which has the albino seeming a smidge concerned. Oh, and Jo knows the rest of her 'working' name. Before a response comes the rules are laid out. This time it's Dom's turn to hesitate. The 'no injuring' rule is a curious one considering from all angles it appears that Jo is looking to pound her into the floorboards.

Alright, then. Now her stare never falls away from Jo's while the coat falls away from her shoulders, tossed aside to not get in their way. It's almost funny how Jo already specified the no guns, no injuring clause because yes indeed, Whitey's packing. A pair of nine millimeter sidearms. A couple of blades. A regular girlscout, this lady.

"That depends upon a number of factors, Jo," is her level response while gauging her bigger and stronger opponent. "Mostly? It's the one to separate from the herd who gets picked off first."

Tall target means go low. Jo's got her arms ready, she'll probably start with a punch. Move fast, close the gap, feign high then make a grab for Jo's arm in the retaliation. Dom wants to put a little backward pressure on Jo's elbow long enough to drop her onto the mat. Move fast, anticipate, and -do not- let Jo land a direct hit!

Why would do that.

Frenzy has an answer for that question, but she doesn't give it. Not yet. Instead she flicks a look to Domino at the mention of having seen some things, "We've all seen some things." She agrees, "We all have our stories, our worries, our hurts."

"Same as you."

When Domino's jacket falls away, Frenzy can't help but eye the weaponry beneath. It garners the faintest flashes of approval in the woman's dark eyes, before she locks her expression down and readies herself for getting down to business.

"There aren't too many factors to consider." Jo answers back, "You're either here to help our kind gain freedom within this world -" Now comes the first feint in this particular discussion and exercise, and as Domino feigns a strike high Frenzy reacts to it. She brings her guard up and strikes out with a straight punch which allows Domino to easily latch onto that arm.


Or so it seems, up until that movement doesn't produce the results Domino is likely looking for. While her arm moves a smidgen from that applied pressure, Jo stops herself from being tossed to the mat. Her strength is such that she's like some great concrete pillar; able to withstand immense force and still stay upright.

Now Domino will find herself on the receiving end of a retaliation attack. With a quickness that her large frame possibly belies, Frenzy lifts her arm and flings it forward, intending to toss Domino away.

"- Or you're not."

There's something about the way Jo explains the situation which immediately has Domino questioning something. The 'either with us or against us' mentality is hardly new but around here the writing has been on the walls. -Literally- spraypainted on the walls. There's Brotherhood tags on almost every flat surface within M-Town. Dom also knows what it's like to be a soldier without a war. Add the pieces together aaand—


Neena has all of a moment to get the single word of thought out when she goes to take Jo down and winds up with a giant double nothingburger with extra nope sauce. What happens when someone has one of the Brotherhood's strongarms in a strong hold which has just epically failed?

Simple. You fly.

Jo must be holding back as the albino still lands upon the mats, starting with an awkward impact but ending in a much more smooth roll and flip back to her feet. No wonder Eric had shied away from the gym owner! It's going to take a LOT more than some common leverage to drop this tower of fury. She could go for the legs but that almost seems too obvious. Instead Dom does the one thing you are never supposed to do in a fight:

She charges at Jo.

Be unpredictable, but know your opponent. Jo's going to make a move. Domino intends to use that moment as something of a stepstool, to climb up onto Jo's shoulders, get a proper leg lock around her neck and shoulders then use all of that momentum to throw them -both- down to the mat. Let's find out if the brawler sees this one coming.

Domino's response isn't necessarily the one Frenzy was looking for.

More like she was looking for a 'I'm with you!' versus an expletive from Domino. And while she puzzles over that 'shit' response, Jo watches the pale-skinned and dark-haired woman fly towards the other side of the mats. She watches as Domino crashes down upon the pad (and yes, she was definitely holding back) and then flip and roll with far more elegance than initially seen.

Between that flip and roll, Frenzy finally makes her own move, words (for now) tucked behind a closed mouth.

Even as Frenzy starts her own charge toward Domino, so too does the Merc, and while Frenzy has the momentary thought of 'dumb move', she doesn't try to stop Domino from figuratively banging her head against the wall.

That confidence and also Domino's own brand of luck, is what brings the Bruiser down. It's what allows Domino to climb up Frenzy, like some crazy squirrel, and actually get a lock around her neck and shoulders. Then with a well-placed toss, Frenzy topples, like some great tree felled by the small saws of a lumberjack. Her expression twists from stoic indifference to one of supreme surprise. She hadn't expected the other woman to really get one over on her. Nope, not at all.

When Frenzy hits the ground there's an actual tremor to the mats and the floors, as her inherent strength pushes all that kinetic energy down into the ground.

There it is! That very action which Jo was not expecting is exactly the reaction that Domino had been gunning for. The resulting feeling is more of toppling over a medium-sized brownstown building than taking down another person. As the mat slams back against them both Neena knows she's found her mark, but the entire floor shakes with the landing! Good thing Neena wasn't under the other woman!

Jo did specify no guns. Which is why it isn't the barrel of a pistol now being held against the top of Jo's head. It's two fingers, held in the shape of a pistol. "Bang."

Dom untangles herself and hops upright before offering Jo a hand. If she wants it. The albino is properly braced for it. Or so she's hoping. Don't make a fool of yourself now, girl!

"My game is one of survival. Trouble -is- coming. We all know it. The humans will make the first move. The only way we're going to survive this is by being united."

Her discarded coat is next to be retrieved. Best to get out now before Jo calls for a rematch. Though as the mercenary is walking toward the door she spins about on a heel and holds up a hand in imitation of a phone while mouthing a 'call me!' back to Jo.

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