Finagling with Finesse
Roleplaying Log: Finagling with Finesse
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Finesse goes looking for one Pym, finds another.

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IC Date: March 12, 2019
IC Location: Cresskill, New jersey
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Creskill, New Jersey. It's normally a nice and quiet place to live compared to most. Or it had been, while a few heroes make the place their home, one of the most notorious names in the area is Pym. The last one had a tendency to makea huge racket and almost blow up the area and it seems after a period of reprieve that the ruckus has returned.

All through the night, people reported flashing lights and the sound of way too much electrficity crackling about. There's also numerous shouts and cursing in Russian. Some neighbors more blase about it just shrug and get on with their own thing. They've probably seen who is occupying the house by now. And SHIELD certainly knows.

At least after a while things seem to settle down. But that might just be because even Nadia Pym needs to sleep at sometime after all that mad science. But also cause sometimes you can leave experiments running. So the house is still buzzing. At least the smell of ozone is being replaced by automated coffee brewing.

Jeanne was still new at this crime-fighting thing, and hadn't really yet found a way to find and locate the criminals she wished to engage, all part of her plan to learn more and more skills and refine her abilities. Exposure to new things. One of those methods is utilizing a police scanner, and the House of Pym comes up.

Normally such a thing might get ignored by Jeanne in lieu of something else - but, when one hears a phrase of 'the old Pym residence' it tends to grab someone's attention who might be scientifically minded.

Foregoing her costumed identity in favor of a simple pair of cargo pants, tennis shoes, and a close-fitting plain light-blue t-shirt, Jeanne Foulcalt is knocking at the front door, several successive and perfectly timed raps. Then, she waits, utterly unintimdated and unconcerned she's soliciting one of the greater minds of her time as casually as she might be asking to borrow a cup of sugar.

The knock at the door, the kinetic energy from a simple rapping of knuckles against the wooden door is via science used to power a rather loud door chime. Enough it startles the sleeping occupant up. Nadia bolting up, looks around and with a curious if sleepy expression then heads for the door. Cracking it open just enough that Jeanne can see a freckled young woman, barely into her late teens with a brown bob cut and curious brown eyes peeking past the edge. An old Pym Labs sweatshirt hanging off her shoulders more freckles visible where the wide neck droops and shows collarbone and shoulder, while she seems to be wobbling and hopping on the spot while looking around. Was there a pair of blue jeans in one hand.

"Umm, hello?" she greets curiously from behind said door to the other brunette. "If you're after Doctor Pym, he's not home I'm his daughter so I can take a message?" she offers. The knowledge Hank even had a daughter is pretty much known to maybe less than half a dozen people. Sounds like a load of hooey.

The information is certainly new, and unexpected, but Jeanne processes the information and utilizes it to her advantage instead of letting it buffet her away. Matter of factly, in the sort of observational way that someone might point out 'it's raining' Jeanne suggests, "You are conducting an experiement." If Hank isn't here, and his daughter is, and this is the Pym home, the logical deduction is extremely easy to come to.

"Do you wish either assistance, or a neutral observer to verify your conclusions and results?"

It's probably the least probably knock on the door that anyone might ever get. Offer to assist with science from a random girl on the street.

"Actually I'm prototyping." Nadia says with a big eager looking smile on her lips. Hopping backwards, the door opens enough to let the dark haired guest into the home. At least she isn't falling over while she pulls those jeans on. At least she remembered to wear pants when answering the door…

This time.

The living area is pretty much taken over by work benches, cabinets full of equipment and electrical cables. Among other things. A small pylon in the middle of the room, which seems to be the source of the smell of ozone. And a phone on a bench in arms length.

"I'm Nadia by the way!" she offers in introduction while stuffing her feet into a pair of fuzzy bee slippers.

"I recently made a phoce case that doubles as a power bank that draws power from static electricity built up by movement. The main problem is over charge, and while I've taken some measures to mitigate that such as apps that deliberately draw extra power, a taser built into the case for personal security. We can't all have Wasp bio electric stingers embedded in our hands." Nadia does seem to ramble.

"So I've been experimenting with remote charging, more accurately feeding energy back into a localised electrical grid. Got the idea from a friend. Been working on it since then. Pretty sweet!"

For her part, Jeanne does not comment on Nadia finishing pulling her jeans on one way or the other. She listens with an attentiveness that most people probably would not give Nadia when she broaches the complexities of science and starts to ramble. In fact, she has Jeanne's full measure of attention.

When the host is done, Jeanne offers, "I am Jeanne." A brisk nod follows, and Jeanne looks over the pylon, the wires. Then, the short-haired young woman looks thoughtful, "So you are employing a static, vs. portable model then?" Another thought. "Depending on the amount of overcharge, feeding the energy back into the localised grid potentially could cause feedback, surges, in that grid if it's not prepared to handle it. I would suggest a secondary failsafe in the form of rechargable power packs, with a redunant system to disperse additional overcharge into the grid under the right conditions to not cause complications or bring unwarranted attention, fines, and problems. The rechargable packs could be utilized by other equipment, or distributed as you saw fit for profit or charity, though this would depend on the systems output."

She gets it, and Nadia is practically squeeing. "That was my thought. I mean feeding into power grids is easy to sort out. Like with houses with solar power. Any excess not going to the house batteries ends up going back into the municipal grid." Nadia goes on, following Jeane over to the pylon and circling around it and the mobile work bench she keeps her phone on. The young woman's movements rather smooth and graceful, Finesse could easily figure the amount of dance and gymnastic training Nadia might have gone though to earn that.

"The real kicker was moving the stored electrical energy to the pylon. And eventually devices with compatible power systems like headsets, watches, smart glasses, etcetera. The idea that we had was also communal charging. Not just going to pylons but also charging other devices other people use. But with that much electromagnetic radiation going out. All kinds of merry havoc could happen." Nadia beams and grins.

"So I found a safe, non EM band to broad cast to, created a converter to return it back to regular electrical charge. I'm hugging the heck outta my friend when I see her." she adds brightly. "So that's where I'm at now. If this all works and takes off, we could be looking at a huge cut in emissions gvlobally."

"Your largest opportunity would be with the lack of charging stations for electric vehicles. Given the regulgatory requirements and the limitations on automakers presently, I would suggest seeking a sponsorship or funding from them to assist the implementation of your network. But, you certainly have a sound scientific breakthrough towards the energy crisis," she agrees, "That solves both the issue of solar power in inclement weather and the public outcry of wind farms."

A thoughtful frown creases her features, "Have you considered safety features in the event of damage to the pylon? Such as vandalism, lightning strikes, tree damage, or car accidents?"

Still, Jeanne isn't looking at Nadia, she's studying the pylon with a critical, appreciative eye.

The somewhat shorter of the brunette's nods her head. "Being able to charge vehicles is definitely something to shoot for. Especially if the tech becomes widespread enough." Nadia agrees.

Durability concerns get Nadia grinning. "Well impact resistance can be dealt with easily enough. Lightning damage however… you might wanna take a step back." she says and backpedals a little herself with that easy sway in her hips. A hand extending and pointing at the pylon crackles with electricity. Said aforementioned stingers. She did say she was Hank Pym's daughter after all. A bolt of bioelectricity zaps from the Russian girl to the pylon. The top half of it, a translucent dome crackles internally while a metal electrode at the top of the dome catches the zap and feeds it to the internal battery.

"There's going to be limits to just how much punishment any constructed object can take. But I designed the energy converter to be able to handle most types of directible discharge. It just outputs a safe form for regular energy consumption by people." she says and shakes her hand out after using it to demonstrate.

"I so need coffee after that. " she adds cheerfully.

"I would have appreciated you as my laboratory partner at MIT," Jeanne says, matter-of-factly. Then, "We are quite similiar. You also would have done well in professional gymnastics. You move with capability." Another matter-of-fact statement. The young woman considers, knowing that while she might not be able to learn from Hank Pym himself, there is still quite a bit in applicable science which she can glean from Nadia, instead. "However, as it is we are speaking towards this prototype and to prove the science that encorporates it as both viable and repeatable, if you desire some assistance I would be willing to participate."

Jeanne is clearly no older than Nadia, but people her age aren't even going to MIT yet, usually, let alone already have taken classes of the sort of caliber that would let them understand these complex applications.

There's a moment when Nadia pauses and scrunches up her features thinking how cool it would have been. "I would have loved to have gone to MIT, but I ended up in the Red Room instead. So all my training was less about competition and more about being trained to kill people. There was not much fun to be had. But the science and at least the gymnastics and dancing were." the Russian girl says and shrugs her shoulder.

At least she's used to being around super intelligent girls her age. "Well when I start my own lab proper. You are definitely on the list of people I want to work with Jeanne!" she says with a very perky tone. Brown eyes big and bright as her smile. "Girl geniuses should totally stick together, show everyone we can be just as good if not better than anyone!" she declares and points at the ceiling with one hand and the other on her hip.

"You know, if you want, we can probably outfit you with some tech. With your obvious smarts I bet you'd make an awesome hero! How's your hand to hand?" she asks.

"I will confess a suit with material made from nano-fiber or a similiar durable weave to withstand impact damage and lessen lethal damage is something I've been unable to obtain on my own, so far. Presently my skills more lay in Engineering, Computer Sciences, and Programming as far as laboratory work," Jeanne answers, as if she had already started being a hero without blatantly outing herself.

"I am familiar with a variety of forms of martial arts," she tells Nadia, further, in the same tone that someone else might say 'I collect stamps'; it comes off as arrogant and stuffy, … at least, if someone didn't grow up in Nadia's enviornment. "I'm a Polymath. I learn new skills and abilities at an accelerted rate beyond most people's ability to comprehend. I am often mistaken as a meta, or mutant - which is why I left competition in the Olympics several years ago. Neither my teammates or our opponents could understand the perfection I was able to repeat, without fault or error." She shrugs, indifferently.

"I'm pretty certain we can kit you out with something. And maybe design it to fit your personal tastes. Function toll go with form. I'm trying to learn fashion design myself. Personal style was one thing in the Red Room, how to dress and look good to infiltrate and get close to your target. But that's just how to pick stuff off the shelf. And being the wardrobe upstairs is pretty much Janet Van Dyne's it's not really fair." the girl admits with a bouncy shrug of her shoulders.

The rattling off of Jeanne's abilities gets a big smile from the Russian. "Awesome. I bet you're better than me up close. Not that I want to find out the hard way. I'll just assume you can probably beat me up cleanly. But learning new things like you say. That's awesome! I'm pretty certain my intelligence is genetic but my powers are all based on existing technology. I just had to reverse engineer all olf it from the Pym Particles, to the Wasp stingers and the wings. Installing those in my back was such a pain before I realised I could automate it. handy for the stingers, even if I am ambidexterous." Nadia says and reaches behind her back with a twist in her tiny waist to imitate trying to reach between her shoulder blades. Flexibility might be high but there are some things a human can't get at no matter how bendy she might be.

"So one of the things I wanna do with my own lab. Give you and anyone else I recruit a place to work and research and invent. No point hoarding knowledge if you can't put it to use!" the freckled brunette declares.

Jeanne nods, appeciative even if her slightly blank expression doesn't convey it. "That would be welcome. I wish to learn everything I can. That is why I approached you this evening," she states with pure honesty. "It would be suitable as well to meet other people of equal caliber, to share skill sets, and ideas." She admits, "It is a worthy goal. I am pleased to have met you tonight, Nadia."

She adds, "If you want improvement with your own combat skills, I would be happy to compensate for your offer to join your proposed scientific commune. Or, for that matter, assist with development and implementation of technology and operation of your suit."

Jeanne takes out her phone, and offers, "I would be happy to exchange contact information with you, in the interim."

The phone Nadia owns is on the wheeled workbench and grabbed with a little bend at the hips. Despite wearing flat soled slippers the whole time, mostly because it's probably not a good idea to walk barefoot in an active science lab, the Russian ex-assassin seems to consstantly walk on her toes. The dance training showing through. She could probably get a good turn of speed running in high heels if she wanted.

"Well you've already got my address. Definitely happy to get a girl's phone number!" Nadia says and exchanges contact details with Finesse. "You don't have to think of it as compensation. Friends do things for friends! I'd be happy to occasionally be your punching bag. It's like having a milestone to work towards. Keeps us both from letting things get stagnant!"

Jeanne's face crinkles, thoughtfully. "Friends," she repeats, as if it were a foreign concept to her, an unknown word. But, she nods, "Yes," she seems to agree. "We can be friends. I have not had a friend before. It will be interesting," she concludes. There's no emotional connection to this statement at all, clearly no regret as to her stated situation. "Thank you," she states then because it seems to be socially appropriate. "I appreciate your willingness to show me your experiment. We shall speak again soon, Nadia."

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