Bounce House Blues
Roleplaying Log: Bounce House Blues
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Canary and Huntress are out searching for the Jackalope and boy do they find him.

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IC Date: March 13, 2019
IC Location: Gotham
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Posted On: 14 Mar 2019 07:52
Rating & Warnings: Warning: Huntress cusses. A lot.
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"You *sure* he's around here?"

Dinah turns a slow circle mid-stride, scanning the dark alley then the rooftops overhead. "I mean 'skinny, young, dark hair' isn't much to go on." She's eating lo mein from a takeout box, her leather jacket unzipped and revealing a navy blue Aerosmith t-shirt. "He's probably beat feet by now," she tells Huntress, a few paces behind the Italian bird.

She squints up at a flickering overhead street light. It's barely illuminating the alley for twenty feet in either direction. Her biker boots skiff against the old concrete of the narrow access road.

"It's possible. Dude was leaping like a damned human grasshopper. He could be halfway to Trenton by now."

Dressed in her MUCH better suited to the winter weather costume, Huntress is watching up and down the street from up on an adjacent fire escape. "But I'm betting not. He seemed like the type to want to stick around 'cause there're morons wandering the streets asking to get their asses kicked." Seriously, where did this guy go? She knows it's been at least a few hours since she was trying to get home from work and this cowpoke guy did his best hero imitation. Of course, she's not about to admit that to Canary. Because.

Honda would never let her live it down.


It sort of sounds like microphone feedback writ large, and it is DEFINITELY not the normal kind of sound in Gotham at night. Sirens, those are normal. Gunshots are… kind of normal. Alarms, definitely normal. Weird sounds from a KISS concert gone totally wrong? Not normal.

Also not normal is the shockwave that passes through the branches and bushes that line the road, picking up trash and flinging it several feet. That came from above, a couple buildings over and perhaps not coincidentally a man wearing a dark denim cold weather jacket, lower face concealed by some kind of clinging cloth and holding what looks like a three barreled winchester drops into view in the street in front of the alley. Hard. And awkward and tumbles a little like maybe he got picked up and carried by that shockwave.


He's only there for a couple of seconds though before people start shooting at him from both the building above and from the street, off to the left of what can be seen from the access road. The rifleman scrambles to his feet, leaps to the shop across the way, kicks off it and vanishes up onto the rooftops.

The shooting, that doesn't stop.

"What in the *shit*—" Dinah's moving for cover while speaking. She's been in the game long enough that she doesn't dither looking for gunshots. Also, she doesn't drop her lo mein. The last few bites are shoveled down and in a demonstration of her casual disregard for property crime laws, she litters with it.

"That sounded like a … bomb? Or a frickin' propane tank bursting."

She gawks when the pale man lands amidst a hail of gunfire and simply *vaults* onto the roof.

"Goddamnit," she swears, and gets a running start up the side of the building. It takes her a few seconds to parkour her way up to Huntress. "C'mon, let's get to the roofs. We can chase him along the rooflines if we hurry. I wanna see who's shooting at him."

The abrupt shockwave catches Helena completely by surprise and she's knocked onto her ass on the fire escape. Regaining her feet just in time to see the rifleman leap away, and then she's muttering choice curses. "That was him, Honda." She doesn't argue and follows Dinah toward the roof of the building whose fire escape they're on. Rooftop hopping she can do. It's not pleasant by any means, but she can do it.

By the time they've reached the rooftops the fight has spread out a bit. There are, from the looks of it, ten gunners. Three are on the street, another three on the building that Helena and Dinah have just come up onto. Two more are on the next building over. The last two are moving toward a place to jump over onto the even further one. That's possibly where the leaper is though at the moment the only thing clearly visible on it is the Air Conditioning unit.

Or, oops! Is it? Something dark and silhouetted against the orange back lighting shoots up from behind that distant aircon unit a good forty feet into the air.


The rifle sounds deeper than the handguns going off from the gangers and the two furthest out go down before the figure lands. And then… immediately has to scurry into cover again.

The good news is that no one has yet noticed the two heroines though… that will surely not last long.

Dinah hustles up the fire escape under the auditory cover of the gunshots going off. Guns are *loud* and they deafen the shooters. Even ones wearing protection have their ears rung for a moment. A hand signal is exchanged with Helena and Dinah steps forward quickly towards one of the gunmen. He stops to reload and she reaches around him for his weapon. It's pulled back over his head and the sling used as a temporary garrote. The villain collapses to the ground and Dinah digs a cable-type ziptie from her pocket to secure his wrist to a hard metal bracket.

Again following Dinah's lead, Helena goes after the next gunman, using almost exactly the same takedown technique she did on the gangers in the park — she kicks the guy in the back of the knee and punches him in the side of the head HARD as he's going down. The advantage to this tactic: She doesn't have to use her left arm at all.

Presuming that Dinah will get the third guy on the rooftop with them, she promptly pulls her crossbow and aims for one of the gunmen down in the street. As much as she'd love to put them down for good, she just KNOWS Honda will bitch at her for it, and then tattle to Hoity Toity so she can get bitched at even more.

With the bitching potential in mind, she fires off a bolt at one gunman's arm. Most people don't really find it easy to hold up and fire a pistol when they've got a stick through their bicep.

Injuries frighten and stress people as well. Helena will know from experience that injured gangers are often useless in a fight. The ones that stick it out, staunch the bleeding and keep fighting are a rarity. And indeed the one crossbow bolt from above has not only the desired effect on the target, but causes the trio on the ground to stop shooting and scatter for cover.

If anyone were particularly paying attention to Dinah and Helena they might admire the almost military proficiency with which they deal with their targets. Of course not being watched and admired is kind of the point. On the further rooftop the pair hears 'Smoke 'em out!'

The two figures produce what look like homemade smoke bombs in beer bottles and throw them. They arc through the air and then…


Both bottles spin midair and abruptly direct back toward the throwers. Did they both get SHOT out of the air? That sounded like a single shot!

The returned smoke bombs cause the two further gang members to scamper back and dang it THAT's when they notice Helena and Dinah.

"Hey!" One of them points a device that looks like a gun, but on the end of it there's what really does appear to be a speaker.

"Skids! Get down!"

The third gunman Helena was hoping Dinah would deal with throws himself out of the way and then…



"Goddamnit, this is just like that bullshit Penguin case with the musical birds." Dinah exhales wearily at the sight of the speaker. It's not that hard to guess what that weapon does.

"Huntress, flashbang!" Language that the socialite would understand and react to instantly over a more complicated expression. Dinah dashes towards Helena and kicks up a spray of dirt when she skids to a halt. She grits her teeth against the screech of the horn and clamps her hands down over Helena's ear, hugging the woman close to protect her hearing. The other hand squeezes Helena's cheeks together like every terrible family aunt. It looks goofy, but it keeps the air pressure change from blowing out her eustachian canals.

Dinah takes a breath and screams. It's like no scream that's ever come from a human lung and it modulates with breathtaking speed. A harmony is found and then Dinah ululates, shifting the sine wave. Such a collision of force is sufficient not only to dampen out the overwhelming noise of the sonic weapon, but set up an acoustic feedback loop to tear the sound generator apart by dephasing the frequency of the weapon.

Flashbang? "Shit!" Huntress is just about to start looking for a place to take cover when Dinah rushes over and puts her in the most bizarre headlock EVER. She's so shocked by it that she flails for a second and succeeds in making her shoulder twinge painfully.

The spike of pain from her still healing shoulder succeeds in making her stay still at least, right? Thus, she doesn't even begin to try and struggle against whatever the fuck Dinah's trying to do until there's the shrieking combination of noises. Those elicit a gasp from Helena, and she squeezes her eyes closed in yet another show of trust. Damnit.

The sonic blaster sparks as the sound wave it's emitting desyncs, and then it rather dramatically catches fire. Dinah's scream saves the both of them from the worst effects of the pressure wave too. The one that, you know, had seemingly picked the leaper up and thrown him to the street.

"Scatter!" The call comes from below, possibly from the one that Helena shot. Gang members aren't soldiers. They won't stick in a fight they're clearly loosing. Cursing, the formerly sonically armed gang leader tosses his weapon away and… well he wants to run away but he really staggers. His ears are ringing and his vision is swimming. The one that dove out of the way - and was smart enough to cover his ears - DOES get up to try and bolt to the next rooftop and create some space.

Below, in the street, there's the sound of scrambling as people head in different directions.

One of those weird things about metahumans is secondary powers. Dinah's immune to the effects of her own screams, and by extension few sonic weapons are a real threat to her. So when everyone else is staggered by the air pressure bow wave and the explosion, she's already moving and operating. Dinah spins Helena smoothly towards the runner and gives her a nudge to get her momentum going before Dinah bull-rushes the disarmed leaper. She hits him with a flying scissor hold and bends her body backwards like a bow to flip the man with a move that would make a luchadore proud.

Just as abruptly as Dinah snagged her in the weirdest headlock ever and SCREAMED at the bad guys — yes, she could hear a bit of it, how could she not? — she lets Huntress go again. Sadly, Helena isn't as quick on the recovery as the blonde, and it does tae the nudge to get her moving after the runner. Okay, this she can handle.

Drawing her crossbow as she races after the gang member, she aims and fires a bolt at one of the man's calves.

See, Honda? She's TRYING.

Below there was the sound of scrambling as people head in different directions. Right.

Then there is the sound from one of those directions thee is a SMACK noise and a GURK Noise….

Then from one of the other directions there is a "Holy SHIT" and another noise, like someone being kicked in the head and falling into a bunch of trash cans.

Finally there is a noise from a third direction "DARK Vengeance!" and something that sounds like hsssing from.. someone… before a whole lot of thuds and smacking noises.

Some people will recognize Charlie's battle cry, it took maybe a few seconds between all those different noises too.

"AUGH!" That's a sound that Miss Dark Vengeance will hear quite clearly. It's the sound of someone getting speared in the leg by a crossbow bolt. He's not going anywhere. Nor is the one that Dinah tackled. He is winded, dazed and he is possibly juuuuuust smart enough to realize that if he gets up, he will very likely regret alllll of his live choices in short order.


That's the sound of a rifle being reloaded. The masked leaper comes out from behind cover to take a look at the goings on. That Dark Vengeance sounds quite… familiar.

"Well, that's one way to end a fight."

The accent that Helena heard earlier doesn't really come through the distortion caused somehow by that bandanna. That three barreled rifle is resting in the crook of his arm. Not threatening, not pointed at anyone.

Please don't shoot or dark vengeance me, he is thinking.

Dinah doesn't carry a gun, and once in a while she wants to slap herself for that decision. For the nth time, an argument for a little derringer flashes through her mind.

She contents herself with hooking her guy in a complex armbar behind his back using her leg to bend his arm painfully backwards. Keeps her hands free to rest behind her for balance.

"Is that a thank you I'm not hearing?" she asks the rifleman, with a wry and humorless grin. "Or are you reloading that to take us on for round two?"

"Yo, Italy! You alive back there?" she calls, not taking her eyes off the gunman. She hears Misfit, but doesn't 'out' her ally to the gunman. Not yet.

"Yeah, 'm fine," Huntress calls back. She sounds out of breath, but she's not. Really she's not. Don't even HINT that she might be. With the runner she'd shot at down, she walks over and puts a boot on his back between his shoulder blades then bends down to thre— talk to him.

"You're gonna lay here nice and still, right? I mean, I really don't wanna put another bolt in you." She leans a bit harder onto the foot on his back. "Who sicced you dumbasses on the jumping guy?"

"Official poll, new guy's name is Jumping Guy, all in favor say 'aye'!" Dinah raises her hand.

Charlie appears sitting on the fire escape above Jackalope and peers up towards the roof then down to the jumping guy. "How you doing Wabbit?"

Then she calls up to Dinah and Huntress "Do you guys need backup?" because Misfit is totes ready to provide backup of course if necessary.

"Wasn't plannin' on it. Do I need to change my plans?" Backup. For, you know, Huntress and Canary. Which would make it three on one. Which are not odds that the leaper would like even if he were inclined to be fighting other vigilantes. Which he isn't.

"Ma'am. Sorry, kind of had a spontaneous thing while I was here." He says to Misfit. "You here to give me the lecture?"

Lecture? Misfit?

"Ow ow ow ow! Stop that you crazy- I'm already shot!" The ganger that Helena is stepping on whines. "Boss didn't like him. Said he was gonna be bad for business. Said Higher Ups wanted him out of the way. We say him. We figured we'd get some of the action people have been putting on him. Word is, it's a few hundred G's."

Jumping Guy? Even from the distance they're at, Dinah can see the masked rifleman's brow quirk, Spock-like.

"Fuck me, three hundred grand for this guy?" Dinah whistles soundlessly and gives Jackal a look of… respect? "Best I ever got was a hundred and fifty when I busted up that drug ring. Who'd you cheese off?" She twists her hips a little when 'her' villain starts to squirm and fight back. He yelps and promptly thinks wiser of it. Dinah's clearly an expert at infighting from how effortlessly she's grappling him in a submission hold.

"Hang tight for a minute, Misfit, I'll buy you a danish after we're done," she promises the other heroine. "I'm still waiting for Jumping Guy to make with the introductions."

A few hundred? Damn, for that much money, Helena would consider taking the guy down herself. No, no she wouldn't. But she WOULD offer to split that with him in exchange for /pretending/ to turn him in, getting the money, and THEN beating the crap out of the morons who put the price on his head.

"Well, rest assured, dumbass, you'll never see a penny of it." She pulls a small bundle of zip ties from her belt and trusses the guy up, leaving the bolt in his leg because it's probably not worth trying to see if it's in good enough condition to reuse.

She actually knows a bit more about 'Jumping Guy' than she's letting on, mostly because she's not about to give away that whole mess in the park. Honda didn't see it happen, it didn't happen. Speaking of…

"Honda, you want some zip ties, or are you gonna keep getting handsy with that mook?"

"They call me Jackalope. Guess I'll stick with that." The rifleman says. He shifts his rifle slightly and flicks something on it so that it seems to compact up to the size of a sawed off shotgun. He holsters it at his side.

"Not sure who I cheesed off though. Someone with enough connections and money to hand out stuff like that blaster to Nine to Five thugs like these guys. Not exactly supervillain material, you know what I mean?"

He seems content to let them tie the thugs up and hey! The ones he shot aren't bleeding. And are alive. Will wonders never cease.


"Huh? Oh, yeah." Dinah lays back and extends her hands towards Helena to catch a thrown ziptie. They're the good plastic ones, pick-proof and extremely durable. She binds the man up and takes the added precaution of looping the ties through his belt so he can't easily wriggle free.

Dinah hauls him to his feet and moves him over near the other captives, hog tying each in turn. She's a professional, every one of them is on their face, admonished not to look at the women, and in a position where surreptitious escape isn't possible.

"I'm Black Canary. This is Huntress." Dinah tilts her head at her raven-haired companion. "Can't say I've heard of you. You new?"

Huntress follows after Dinah, helping her gather up and truss up the baddies. She's favoring that left shoulder still, though she's really trying to not let on in front of Jackalope that she's in any pain. She knows Honda knows, and that's bad enough.

"Run of the mill mooks, all right. But if someone with pockets deep enough to put that kinda hit out on you really did, this kinda shit is just gonna keep happening, and getting worse, too." And that usually means there will eventually be civilian casualties, and that will attract Bat attention. More than the WonkyBat who was apparently only here for a few moments.

Jackalope watches the proceedings with a mix between professional interest and mild amusement. Not amusement at the ladies, but it's nice to see people who were shooting at you trussed up and hogtied.

"Nice to meet you both, though." Huntress is of course masked and Jackalope doesn't twig to the fact that he's seen her before, thankfully.

"Newish? Been doin' this for about a year but not here. Carved a trail through the Gulf and then up the coast. Following clues." Which would explain why Dinah hasn't heard of him. If he's local and taking on relative small timers, well relative to REAL supervillains, then it might not get chattered about too much. But then as she notes, three hundred grand is a hell of a hit.

"Worse sorta already has happened. These guys were just opportunists. I've had a few run ins with better equipped professionals. I expect that'll happen again too."

THAT probably will get the attention of the Bats.

There's a short pause. "Why Honda? Are you… sponsored or somethin'?"

Huntress gets a flickering glance from Dinah. It's a meaningful one, acknowledging the woman's pain but not pressing the issue. She's keeping an eye on her… friend? Helena's upper arm is given a quick brush of Dinah's palm and then the blonde looks back up at Jackalope, unzipping her leather jacket. Beneath it is a faded Mucous Membrane tour t-shirt. Her light loadout looks a lot like repurposed motocross gear, but done with a little flair for style points.

At Jackalope's question, Dinah snorts. "I wish. But it's actually pronounced 'Black Canary', or 'Canary' if we start getting buddy-buddy. She's the only one who gets to call me Honda," she says, wiggling a thumb at Huntress.

"I'd say if you've got a third of a mil out on your head, you're kicking up rocks faster than you can dodge the ants. These guys are clearly buying overkill in bulk. You're not gonna outrun this sort of heat. I think it's time to start investigating who's got the hate-on for you."

Huntress nearly explains to Jackalope WHY she calls Canary Honda, but stops herself. He's not earned it yet so far as Huntress is concerned, though Helena would be much more likely to tell him. Damnit, secret identity bullshit is bullshit sometimes.

"That, or keep moving up the coast. Gotham's enough of a shitshow without people turning the fan up another notch." Okay, that was a mangled metaphor. She almost manages to not roll her eyes at herself, and she can't help but think that the ibuprofen just isn't cutting it.

"The investigation kinda IS why I've got all this heat. Lookin' into why someone close to me disappeared. Pretty sure bet that the disappearance and the price on my head are from the same folks, I'm thinkin'."

Jackalope slowly makes his way over toward the bound thugs in a manner meant to communicate to the angry crossbow woman and the one with the voice that can shatter glass that he doesn't want any trouble?

"May I?" He says gesturing, asking if he can search the thugs.

"Anyway…" He continues. "All my leads are in this area. Gotham, New York, some in Jersey. I'll bounce around. Try not to make things too much worse here. I hear that there's a Bat who doesn't like folks horning in on his action. Or that's what Misfit said anyway. Not especially eager to upset him. Or, uh, you two for that matter."

As the leaper moves there's a distinct whine on servos and… does he move a little stiffly? Just a bit? He kind of seems to.


"Knock yourself out, I ain't the cops," Dinah says with that sassy Gotham drawl she adopts in uniform. "Watch yourself in Gotham. Batman's…" She grimaces, running fingers through her hair and finding a knot. "Complicated. He's not gonna run up and be all buddy buddy. Hates seeing people operate in 'his' turf." Her eyes roll. "But particularly has a problem with metas."

She looks from Jackalope to Huntress. Dinah's feeling creaky herself. She walks towards him, one hand in her pocket, and hands the guy a phone card. "Burner card. Redirects out of… the Seychelles, or something. Goes to my super CanaryPhone. The callback system burns out after a few calls, so don't call me looking for a ride home from the bar. But I think this shit's gonna get worse before it gets better, and you need some help."

Helena watches Dinah offer the man her phone number. She'd feel miffed about not being offered a phone number but, well, Honda's done far more for her than offer a phone number including putting stitches into her back. So, she's not gonna fuss. Well, not in front of the new guy, at least.

She moves as if to cross her arms, then a bit awkwardly aborts that movement and tries to make it look like she meant to hook her hands into her belt. Yeah, that's it.


"Uh thanks." Jackalope takes the card and tucks it into a pocket. Then he kneels down to start searching pockets.

"I wouldn't mind help truth be told." Clearly he hasn't been doing this long enough to have serious trust issues. Or maybe it's that he's been doing this alone so long that he's willing to take what's on offer without questioning it too much. Or maybe it's that the Bats don't sound that friendly and this is a welcome change.

"If you have a radio that can do VLF signals, I can pick you up on, uh…" He gestures to… his bandanna? Well, whatever mask he's wearing. It does cling to his lower face and neck so it's clearly not JUST cloth.

"Ah. Here it is." A phone. The leader had two phones on him. One looks like a regular run of the mill personal phone but the other is clearly more high tech. And beefier. Maybe a… satcom?

"So do Black Canary and Huntress work together a lot? Should I figure on finding one of you wherever I find the other?"

"Yeah, that's us. We're a stage act. Thought going big-time. We even ride the same bike to work together," Dinah says. Her brows move behind her slim domino mask, but there's some humor in her teasing tone to blunt the edges of it.

She moves back to Helena's side, hands resting in the pockets of her biker jacket. "Phone's better, trust me. I got a friend hooks those up for me." Dinah looks to Helena, and tilts her head minutely away from the crime scene. A subtle motion of her brows turns it into an interrogative. She can see how much Helena's hurting and how she's maintaining despite the pain.

Helena goes from seeming to just be quiet and on the sidelines to flat out glaring at Dinah when she says they ride the same bike, even though for the past few weeks that's been more true than not. And boy does it rankle. Of course, compliments would likely rankle right now. Huntress is grouchy when she's in pain.

At Honda's wordless question, Huntress watches Jackalope for a moment before looking back to the blonde and nodding slightly. "You might want to get moving soon. GCPD might not have the best response times, but they WILL respond to all the noise we made. And you really are best off not being here when they show up."

"Stage act huh?" That's a joke right? Maybe it's a joke. Gotham vigilantes can be weird he hears. But hey they did him a solid so he's not going to press it. He takes the phone he's gotten and nods to the other two.

"Well you're not wrong there. Thanks for the help. You two stay safe, y'hear?"

And then he's off, running to the edge of the rooftop before leaping across the street. And then again to the roof after that. And… yeah, that's why they call him Jackalope.


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