Demonic Picnic in the Park
Roleplaying Log: Demonic Picnic in the Park
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Exploding Goo Demons in Central Park are foiled by a band of heroes

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IC Date: March 16, 2019
IC Location: Central Park - NYC
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Posted On: 17 Mar 2019 05:29
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
NPC & GM Credits: Supergirl
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* * *

It's New York City. And it wouldn't be NYC if it wasn't attacked randomly by villains and other things. The place? Central Park. Of course. There's a horribleness that is brewing, a man has walked into Central Park and is broadcasting on the internet via some kind of live streaming, "I will not tolerate what this city has become. People, so many, too many, people!" The man is practically cackling, wide bloodshot eyes into his phone and sending it straight to the web.

"Witness, me, the destroyer of worlds, the ender of cities, I am the Demon Horde." The phone then blasts back, spiraling in the air, screams start happening from the phone even as it flies. Landing on the ground facing back where the man was moments ago… he's instead, just pieces of himself. He's exploded literally all over Central Park. But then his piecse start to form up, growing, each one of them, into demonic looking things. Horned beasts, of various sizes, some as small as children, others twice the size of a car. There's dozens of them, and they start chasing people even as other pieces start to grow into horrible looking disfigured beasts.

* * *

The Halo office nearby has sensors for this sort of thing. Dimensional incursion, energy surges, emergency channels flagging red. All of which, of course, results from whatever it was that just went kablooey in Central Park. Luckily for them, Spartan was doing a direct download schematic dump in the local server at the time. He informs the corporation that he intends to investigate.

Red, white and blue, his ginger hair swept back from his forehead above the cowl, Spartan flies in to get a look, his HUD working through infrared and ultraviolet spectrums as he assesses the threat.

* * *

Sometimes, one could simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Amelie wasn't here on a contract, nor was she doing recon. The French woman was simply taking a break. A day of being pampered, a meal at a little restaurant and a rather nice deal on some new firearms? She was simply taking some time strolling through the park on the way back to her hotel and the suite's promise of room service and a large bath.

Seems it was not to be. Her glasses are pulled from her face, revealing her unnatural amber eyes that take in the unfolding chaos far faster than a human might. There's actually a sigh on her lips before her hand snaps into her coat and comes out with her handgun, immediately opening fire at the first creature that rushes her way. The pistol was the largest thing she had without opening the rather illegal case she'd been carrying with her. Hopefully law enforcement and heroes alike would be a little more concerned with the whole demon invasion.

* * *

Why is Nadia in Manhattan?

Well for starters everyone she knows lives there while she squirrels herself away in her lab in Jersey. Which considering the stuff she works on sometimes is probably safer. Unless you live in Creskill. Actually she was heading in to catch up with friends. She likes making friends, and keeping them so tracking down Jeanne Foulcault is the plan. With a meeting point in Central Park.

So with coffee in hand and dressed in street clothes for the moment, Orange bomber jacket, way too tight but suprisingly warm bluejeans and wedge heeled hiking boots, the Russian girl waits for Finesse, an idle hand idly checking the little short pigtails atop her head. Just long enough now to tie up.

Enjoying the coffee while she waits however seems to be denied the super genius as a multitude of demony type things starts spawning around, going after just about every thing.

"Aww. This is so not cool." she sadly declares and starts lining up shots with her stingers at some of the demon things getting too close to other people. Hands crackling with bioelectricity as they discharge at her targets.

* * *

This fucking city.

Agent Drew was not here for fighting demons this weekend. She had returned from a very successful day .. evening.. morning.. in Metropolis and figured she would file a quick report, grab a nice dinner, and arrange to meet with the new management at Stark Industries.

What Jess did not want was for command to buzz her comm while she was leaving a Restaraunt near Central Park and explain there were DEMONS rampaging through the Park. AGAIN.

"I'm not even supposed to be here today." which is true she had planned to stay in Metropolis and work on the appointment with Starr and Luther not come back and deal with demons. Still Jess isn't about to let demonic monsters no matter where they are from eat people so she pulls her glasses out, zips up her leather coat and hoofs it towards the park, moving very fast, and cursing a lot under her breath.

* * *

#-1 ARGUMENT OUT OF RANGE is lucky for Jeanne that she keeps her costume and weapons compacted in the small compartment on her motorcycle. She had parked, and was heading into the park to meet with Nadia at the appointed time when her personal phone app, designed to alert her to crime - location - and threat level based off a smart web monitoring programming combined with police scanner technology goes off.

With all the screaming and chaos, she has time to change in an abandoned location quickly, stuff her streetclothes into a duffelbag and toss it into some brush for pickup later. Then she's running straight for the turmoil. The 'new' heroine who has dubbed herself Finesse appears on the scene, then, running towards one of the smaller horned creatures, twisting to level a punting kick to it to send it flying back and away from the civilian it was chasing and into one of the larger demons. She brandishes her escrima sticks, and charges towards both of them, confident by their patterns of attacks these creatures are not a threat to someone of her skill.

Her eyes? Her eyes stay alert, watching the demons, and those moving to combat them. She does not miss Nadia, or the girl firing into the mass of demonic creatures.

* * *

All over the Park are these demonic looking things. They aren't actual demons, if anyone is magical, they just look the part. The Demon Horde is a villain of a particular sort. If parts of him are separated from his body they would grow into a separate form and had basic instinctual pressures. It appears as though he had some kind of explosive device that made him explode and send his bits and pieces everywhere. For those who may have ran into this villain before, or have him documented in some of your information databases.

The demons start to spread, though the heroes who suddenly are available and working their unique powers against the demons they are starting to at least hold them back. Giving many people a chance to run screaming for their lives. A large demon tears a tree from the ground and then tosses it straight at a building. That's when Supergirl arrives, and she catches the tree in mid-flight, spinning around with it by the branches before sending it straight into the demon who threw it. And of course, crushing into the ground on the other side of the demon. A tree sized hole, and a small area of destruction around the demon is the end result, but at least it stops one of the bigger ones. "I will get the people out." She states, being one of the faster people present, she starts moving people one by one out of the park. Even at her speed though, it will keep her busy for a bit.

* * *

Spartan is more systematic in approach, descending not far from the tree-sized hole. His computerized brain begins to plot, tracking the locations of a half dozen of the nearest growths and offshoots, making a telemetry to mark their position on an internal map. Once properly graphed and gridded, he holds his hands out and, from the tips of his fingers, unleashes a charge of hot-pink lightning, raw bioplasmic energy transmitting in a net directed towards those specific points, intending to neutralize and paralyze anything they struck.

* * *

Amelie didn't have her figure-hugging combat suit on under her jacket…but that was probably for the best when the agents and -FREAKING KRYPTONIANS- turn up. She didn't need anyone managing to pick out her from description alone. Perhaps karma was on her side tonight, because she was simply a heavily armed citizen trying to stay alive and cover the innocent civillians in the process.

The sight of the Wasp and her stingers, as well as Jeanne with her sticks is indeed noted, but Amelie simply shrugs out of her coat and drops the magazine from her pistol, reloading with a superhuman deftness before she bends down to begin opening the case. It's a quick process, interupted only by the shock of sudden plasmic lightning taking down one of the creatures she'd been turning her pistol-bearing hand towards.

* * *

Spying familiar faces in the form of Spider-Woman and Finesse, the Russian brunette lifts her hand in a wave of greeting before she seems to disappear, a couple demons whipping their head around before Nadia makes herself known again. Now in costume, having taking the moment to change via the little steel pendant around her neck.

Wings at her back buzzing wildly as she keeps herself a foot off the ground. "So is this guy like making duplicates, by impact or something or just animating pieces of himself? Kinda trying to figure out the best way to deal with these things. Knocking one guy out and then the rest are done would be so efficient compared to coralling a bunch of thse things." the helmeted Wasp ponders while putting her helmet comms on a wide broadcast to try and get anyone able to hear her listening and talking back over radio.

* * *

Well Crap thinks Agent Drew, aka Spider-Woman.

Those are definitely demons or something like them so as to not entirely matter to be fair. On the plus side no glowing rifts to some hell dimension or round portals. So there shouldn't be endless hordes of them. Good.

Also Crap is the fact Nadia is over there waving, still unregistered. Also that looked suspiciously like Supergirl flying around clearing civilians. Unregistered. She isn't entirely sure who the others are… and lightning, plasmic lighting. Great thinks Jess, just great.

Not that Jessica stopped running to do this whole surveying the lay of the land business, nah she leaps into the thick of it kicking a demonic monster into a tree hard enough for it to go CRUNCH and then venom blasts two other ones, set to kill not taze gently as the snap crackle pop biolelectric blasts fry them. "What guy?" yells Jess to Nadia, because the guy blew himself up.

* * *

Finesse, alas, does not have a radio. She's used to working solo. And it appears she seems to be on that same tangent, allowing the other heroes on site to do their own thing also. That isn't to say that her line of thinking isn't the same as Nadia's. She, too, notices the exactness of similiarities of contours, bone structure, facial features - even if size greatly differs here or there.

As another demonic entity charges her, Finesse slams her escrima stick into its throat, then follows up with a twist and side-slame to its temple to put it down to the ground as she makes her way through the masses of them. A second creature, as large as her finds itself leveled with an exact duplicate of Spider-Woman's kick, though not as powerful, it's still enough to send the ceature to the ground. She seems to be headed towards the center of the chaos, herself, the epicenter.

* * *

Flying in and out, Supergirl is moving people out of the park. Some of them look whisked pretty heavily by the time she settles them. That whole, not having yet mastered flying at the right speed not to completely disorient someone. She keeps going though, and there's a few demons that she grabs and drops onto other demons along her way. Mostly though she's dealing with the people rescue. She does stop for a moment and puts her hands on her hips, looking around, she smiles and nods. "Wow, all sorts of different heroes." Side-dodge one slamming fist that cracks ground beneath her, then another side-dodge. "Hey, you are in my way, I was watching that buzzing lady." And Supergirl's eyes light up, burning one of the demons till it is laying on the ground.

Something the more astute heroes may notice is that these things, as they die, they start to become goop again. Even if they would go 'unconscious' they become goop that starts to ooze it's way back together. "Oh, that's so gross!" Supergirl lets out as she watches some of the goopy parts sort of caterpillar their way to other pieces, and combining like slightly warm JELLO.

"Guuuyyys, I think… guys. I think we are going to have a really big problem here, really really soon!" As the goop combines it also is starting to grow rapidly, combining with other demons, crushing some of them, as it gets pretty massive pretty fast.

* * *

Spartan catches Wasp's signal, his even baritone voice cutting in her ear succinctly. "This is Codename: Spartan. I am currently engaging the creatures in combat. My scanners can track their location based on distinct energy signature. I will share you with the schematic. Your weapons seem very impressive. I look forward to working with you on this difficult task."

At Supergirl's call, he takes to the air again, coordinating with her to find himself looking at the coagulating tower of goopy demonicness. "This is unpleasant. I will scan its properties. Greetings to you, Supergirl. I have long admired your work," he says, his eyes glowing magenta as he scans the Demon Horde.

* * *

The case open, Amelie rather hastily stuffs a spare magazine into her waistband before she lifts the short barreled rifle from the case, loads in and pulls the charging handle back. All sorts of supers were in the field, but the French woman's abilities? They were a little more subtle than most. She twists, squeezing the trigger and sweeping the weapon across the crowd of monsters…every bullet of the extended burst finds its mark, many catching a 'demon' square between the eyes. Either she was a meta, or stupidly lucky.

The monsters were merging? Amelie actually curses under her breath, but Supergirl's call for concern has the woman calling back. "I did not bring anything bigger than this!" Could she hear the radio channel? Oddly enough, the watch at her wrist beeps at an intercepted transmission, but she doesn't have an earpiece to listen in.

* * *

"There was a guy. he blew up, yeah. But then there's these things. So I'm trying to figure out the fastest way to handle them." Ms Wasp states and decides to experiment. This means getting up close to some of the smaller ones, and with some careful aim, soccer kicks one into it's nearest cohort. Just to see what it does. At speed enough to knock both targets down.

And as the outcold things go goopy and start merging together Nadia grins under her helmet. "Okay, one big thing. We can do that." the freckled young woman in black and red says even as Wasp finds herself being shadowed over by the increasingly large demon thingy. Even as it grows.

Nadia is really not that impressed by the size.

Over the comms, and loudly to any in aubible range. Nadia hmms and in a cheery tone of voice. Way too cheery considering the growing issue. "He started small, made lots of things, then got big. Logic says he can get small again. We just need to contain the thing till he does. I can't shrink him but I can probably hold him down till we can better restrain him." she offers as a start of a plan.

Which is when the Wasp starts growing herself. Increasing her own size and mass to match the larger demon. Occasionally shifting her feet so she doesn't step on anything or any one. At least untill she's in a fighting stance. "I so hope he isn't as fast as the smaller versions." she mutters. It's hard to be quiet when your voice booms.

* * *

Well Shit, thinks Jess as Supergirl calls her attention to the bigger problem that is happening. The Agent drops the demons she just smacked hard into a tree and watches as they go goo and satrt to slither away to the same destination. She shocks the hell out of them several times, cooking them pretty effectively now.

"I think we have to at this juncture hope that Supergirl can arm wrestle whatever they are forming into… I mean yes everyone should help but for gods sake… I hate demons." still operating on what she is seeing having missed the guy blowing up after all Jess keeps on blasting demons.

When Nadia grows though Jess actually runs that way and parkours off a tree and lands on her back using her as the high ground as she starts blasting the forming bigger demon.

* * *

"The mass is at least in part liquid. All liquid has a freezing point," Finesse states, stressing her voice without shouting so that Nadia, at least - along with Supergirl (and probably everyone else) can hear her. "Do any of you have a means to freeze the substance and lock it down?" She hopes so, as she levels one of the last remaining branch-offs of the horde, clearly wanting to take the entire army down in one go, rather than let even one of these little creatures get away.

She makes for the ever-growing Nadia, then, grabbing onto the growing-girl's hand and nimbly twisting and climbing her way up to the other's shoulder, to get to the higher ground as well. So what if she is using another hero for a vantage point and launching pad for an attack?

"I have not dealt with creatures of this sort before," she admits.

* * *

Hovering now, Supergirl is approached by Spartan and he offers her some kind words. She smiles a bit, and it's never too busy to accept a compliment. "Thank yoooou, so much. I am afraid I don't know who you are, but we do have some demon goop to deal with." She looks over at Amelie as she calls out, and to others as they radio out. "I can freeze it." She calls back to Finesse, "And then everyone hit it with everything they've got?"

Her voice doesn't carry over radio waves, but it is booming across the Central Park area where all the fighting is happening. Though her head starts tilting upwards as Nadia just grows and grows and grows. "That's… cool." Still not moving yet, she does turn her head and rays of intense heat shoot from her eyes to pierce through a tree and one of the smaller demons that was hiding falls down, turns to goo, and joins the rest of the party. And then she's sucking in air, and then her cheeks puff out as a gust of powerful wind starts to exit from her. It's a torrent of air, and it is cold, super cold. Starting to slow the goop around the feet, and then locking it down with ice that starts to form around it. Supergirl hovers off to the back of the monster so as to freeze it from the opposite side of Nadia. Slowly working her breath up, and wow, she must have some powerful lungs because it just keeps going. Slowly freezing the big giant demon goop.

* * *

Spartan watches as Supergirl's breath begins to freeze and stabilize the structure of the demon goop as it starts to crystallize under the onslaught of cold. "Kryptonian lung capacity is quite impressive," he says. His own body starts to radiate a low level glow as he builds up a bioplasma charge as a just in case, making the air around him crackle with ozone and a bit of that red hair stand up on his head.

"It is not important that you know who I am. You may call me Spartan. I am not famous."

* * *

There's an exclaimation of suprise from the assassin-turned-impromptu heroine. That freezing trick was…something else. It reminded her of the time Firestorm had encased her in cement…not fun. Still, the plan isn't the worst of ideas and as her gun clicks empty, Amelie reloads once more. The rifle was about as heavy as she could hit right now, perhaps she needed to look into whatever it was Nadia was using for a weapon!

Then Nadia is growing and Amelie's eyes go wide. Alright, perhaps she'd hold off on any new contracts in New York for a while.

* * *

A Spider-Woman on her back earns Jessica a grin. "Hi! Hopefully he doesn't go smoosh and make a mess when we do this. Or we're back to square one." Wasp says as the super-sized teenager tries to grab her equally size opponent's arm and step inside to jam the heel of her boot into what passes for a knee joint, aiming for the inside. To those hitching a ride she warns. "Hang on tight." she's not that fast but then most of her strength is going to keeping her up and moving. Thank goodness she's not using her stinger. At that scale the power consumption would be very, very bad on Nadia's body. Bad enough she's wearing herself out by the second.

"You should visit Tokyo, they farm giant monsters there." Nadia half jokes badly, she's seen the files. Right as she works to hobble and restrain the demon with an arm bar so Kara can get to work freezing it and making it inert, shifting around to avoid getting iced up herself. At least existing ice is easier to hold onto with her gloves on. And she's moving less so everyone climbing on her or on the ground and in the air can steadily do their thing and not hit her either.

* * *

Jessica just sort of sticks to Nadia's back making her way quickly to her shoulder. She is Agent Spider-Woman after all. She eyes the freeze as it builds up and then when it seems prety well frozen she cuts loose with her bio-electric venom blasts, both hands full power now. That is the plan right. Jess is going to feel bad if she messed up this stage.

* * *

"Good." Finesse looks satisfied as Kara seems to be able to initate her idea of Super-freezing the forming monster after an approving nod to the Kryptonian she hasn't officially met yet, something she would have been unable to accomplish - afterall she has no utility belt or fancy weapons. She assures Nadia, "I have a stable position. You can call me Finesse," she introduces herself to both Nadia, as well as Spider-Woman. However, she remains poised, if needed, to continue to fight. By the way she's regarding Nadia and her position, she's already working multiple ways down the immense figure if she needs to descend. "I suspect SHIELD will have a contingency plan to contain the creature and deal with it from here." She uses her high-point to ensure there are no further splinter-parts that might make a get-away, surveying the area.

"We should maintain vigilence to make sure none of the smaller portions escape, and that this one remains contained until they arrive." She is unaware, it seems, that Spider-Woman is part of SHIELD. Likely, as most people probably are.

* * *

Continuing to let out a long stream of cold breath, Supergirl is hovering ever higher up. Eventually getting to the very head of the demon. And he is completely frozen over with visible ice everywhere. It is the first time she breathes in and lets out in a loudish voice, "Everyone, go?" She shrugs her shoulders a bit and lets everyone attack this thing with whatever they've got. "I'll cover any additional pieces trying to move with ice." And then she looks to Finesse, "Oh? We're just freezing it? Got it. Okay."

* * *

Spartan nods, "Keeping it frozen is probably the best bet. Shattering it could result in some portions escaping and thawing out to cause fresh havoc. And havoc we already have aplenty."

He tunes into the Halo specific frequency, communicating sub-vocally with the office. "We're going to need clean-up, press liaisons and see if Mr. Marlowe would like the entity's location tracked for extraction or materials analysis. Contacts established with local superhuman populace."

* * *

It wasn't going anywhere, that in itself was relief. While the others circle and exchange introduction or instructions? Amelie bends down with a sigh to stow the rifle once more and begin a far less fun activity: picking up all the casings from the gun fire laying around. If SHIELD had the gun on file after this, she'd have to be very selective about the work she could use it for. Hopefully they had bigger concerns, but she does cast her gaze over towards the heroines, agents and…whatever Spartan was. "Nice work," she offers in accented tones. "Unfortunate for him so many others were around."

* * *

Nadia eventually lets go of the demon as he's frozen solid. A tap of her fingernail against the ice making sure it's gonna hold. Having been semi gelatinous from the start, it should be a long while before the thing thaws out in the tail end of a New York winter.

"I think we're good." she says to the impromptu team and pokes at the iced demon again. "Also, folks might wanna climb down." the Wasp warns, sounding very, very tired. Enough that she starts shrinking down steadily to her default height, or at least what she thinks is herd default height of just under four and a half feet.

Once shrunk down enough the women on her can jump down safely, Nadia flomps down on her backside. A biig big yawm leaving her lips. "I gotta work on getting in better shape when I'm that big." Wasp says and sprawls on her back.

* * *

Jessica will just leap off and land like an Gymnast, no issues, planting that landing.

"All right… " she taps the comm in her ear. "Goo Demon Invasion of Central Park contained. Please send some sort of containtment unit that can get this thing taken out of the park before it thaws." pause "YES I said before it thaws.. a Kryptonian is here." Agent Drew's eyes roll behind her glasses. "I don't know if she was registered. I was fighting a giant Goo Demon and everyone split as soon as it was taken down. So I'm hear babbysitting a demonic ice sculpture until backup arrives." and she taps her comm again.

"Everyone split before SHIELD arrived." a little louder this time with Jess looking at Nadia mostly.

* * *

As Nadia begins to shrink down, Finesse drops down when she's about half her 'large' size, moving with atheletic grace and nimbleness to not cause the least amount of discomfort to the shrinking giantess. "You are a competent marksmen," Finesse states to Amelie and Spartan, both. The curious plasma rifle that Spartan has gets a considered look from Finesse - those you don't often see in the hands of people unless they're robbing something or murdering someone, afterall. Generally, not in the defending heroes hands.

She considers Jessica, then, as Drew speaks and comments after the comm is tapped and the other end of communication ceased, "Very well. I will contact you another time, then." SHe looks at Nadia, "We can depart this way. Come with me." And, Finesse offers her hand to the keeled-over girl to both aid her in getting to her feet, as well as assisting with an escape route.

* * *

Supergirl looks over everyone present, and she smiles. "Glad that I could help." And she is lowering herself down to the ground and lands nearby Nadia. A concerned look goes to the woman, "Are you okay? Do you need assistance, citizen?" There's a bit of a question there, and then she's looking up at Jessica. "Oh, I am not registered. If, that was a question to me?" And she then nods her head a few times, "I suppose we should all go. That was really cool though, right? Very amazing. We took down a giant demon!" A quick clenching of her fists, and Supergirl does a quick cheer, raising her hands, "We did it! Saved the day. And minimal damage to the city…"

* * *

Nadia shuts her comms off so it doesn't overlap with Jess' chat with SHIELD dispatch and nods her head. Supergirl gets a smile and a wave showing she's relatively fine. "I should just register so I can doze off here and now. Just soooo worn out. Nothing a hot bath, a nap, and some donuts won't fix. My powers are brutal on my metabolism. I'm Wasp by the way." she says with a tired cheerfulness to the others Picking herself up onn the ground to smile at Jess and then to the others before shrinking a little more and very slowly flying like she's hanging from the wings in the same direction Finesse is heading.

* * *

Jess just facepalms at Kara's chipper helpfulness dragging her gloved hand down her face for a moment. "Yay us." she mutters muffled by her glove. "Now get!" making shooing motions towards Supergirl and anyone else still standing there in the park with her.

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