Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly
Roleplaying Log: Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly
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Kurt falls into one of Mystique's traps, but they just talk. Odd.

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IC Date: March 18, 2019
IC Location: Mutant Town
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Posted On: 18 Mar 2019 18:55
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Not all is well in the Big Apple anymore. Not since the fifteenth when Registration came to pass and so many metahumans became criminals overnight. The NY DPS has been busy these last three days and their assault upon mutantkind has only gained traction since it began.

Tonight they're out on patrol, chasing after one mutant who is clearly not upon the registered list. Light lavender hued skin, red eyes, fin-shaped ears, and some unusual protrusions along the backs of her calves and forearms by the way the baggier clothes fit around her. She is a quick runner, though. Smaller, agile, light on her feet, but she's been running for some time and it's beginning to take its toll.

The streets are much too well guarded so she's had to stick to the alleys, though Mutant Town in particular is a confusing maze and sooner or later she runs straight into a dead end. Scared and out of breath she looks for another way out right as the DPS start to close in on the front of the alley…

* * *

Sadly, Mutant Town would be the first place that the DPS would go to hunt down 'unregistered mutants'. Maybe that's why, after learning about what was going down in New York regarding Registration, Kurt made it his first stop. He's put up his Image Inducer and, for all anyone knows, he's just another 20-something, hipster-type guy walking about the streets of Manhattan.

He's in the area, seemingly getting a late-night snack or coffee when he catches the commotion of the officers chasing the poor woman. He watches for a moment before stepping away from the shop and, with a burst of dark brimstone-laced smoke, he teleports away only to reappear on the fire-escape in the alley that the girl went into. There's another burst before he ends up next to the girl at the dead end. A seemingly five-fingered hand reaches out, and a distinctive, German-accented voice offers, "Your hand, meine Leibchen…" The hipster then gives a friendly smile hoping that she won't be too frightened by his sudden appearance to accept the offer of assistance.

* * *

It's a largely universal reaction when a teleporter simply appears out of thin air anywhere nearby a person who isn't used to it. A jump, a gasp, a wide-eyed look of what could be a mix of terror and awe. All of these reactions hold true to the Lavender Girl who is standing there with arms slightly raised as that look which Kurt has probably seen all too often plays through her eyes. Should she run from him?

To the credit of that unseen image inducer the man now standing before her certainly -looks- normal enough…

Another glance is sent back down the alley. Voices are getting closer. The beams of flashlights will be upon them both at any second.

A semi-webbed and purple-hued hand reaches out for Kurt's. Hipster Rescue Service is a go.

* * *

Once her hand is in his, Kurt flashes one more smile before he goes to teleport them to a nearby rooftop and, hopefully, within enough shadow to cover their escape. He lifts a finger to his mouth in a 'Shhh…' motion and turns to watch the officers in the alley below. After a few moments, he asks quietly, "Are you ok? They did not hurt you?" It's at least a chance for her to catch her breath.

* * *

There is no getting used to teleportation. Every form of it is just a little bit different, unique within its own way, and in a physical sense matter simply is not meant to instantaneously travel any amount of distance in such a fashion. Lavender looks somewhat unstable at first, wobbling upon her feet with their newer, higher vantage point. Mere seconds later the brilliant paths of those flashlights flood the now empty alley, complete with shouts of "Where'd it go?!" and "Search the area!" as is so frequently expected.

Higher up, the girl is giving Kurt a wide red-eyed stare. "You are like me, yet you look so normal? But…"

Having not let go of his hand yet, her other closes in atop of his. Something doesn't feel right. The skin is soft in ways which seem wholly unnatural, but the strangest part is how the fingers happen to feel…

Not that it matters. It's all still a game up to this point. She already knows who this man is. That look of stunned surprise melts away into something more resembling a shadowy smirk as the girl reaches up to lightly brush fingertips over the top of Kurt's ear, to where the image inducer will hide the elven taper only in appearance.

"Why, oh why, do you insist on hiding behind this ridiculous visage? Have they taught you nothing at that silly school?"

* * *

"Do not judge books by the cover is the saying, ja?" is offered with a grin and Kurt will give her hand another squeeze as if to offer reassurance. His own smile seems to fade even as Lavender's expression turns to a smirk. The touch to his ear has him taking a step back, closer to the edge of the building that he brought them to. "Was…" is begun in German before his human-looking eyes narrow some as he figures it out. "Mystique, ja? Why…You did not need rescuing, did you?" It's not quite an answer to her question.

He'll give one, after a moment's thought, however. "I do not wish to be pursued and taken into their custody. It is temporary until we can show them that not -all- mutants mean them harm." He knows of her reputation…at least some of it.

* * *

The Lavender Girl is grinning good and proper once Kurt figures out her ruse. "Is it that obvious?" Mystique asks as red eyes bleed away into solid yellow orbs. "Of course I didn't need rescuing but we both know that you're too 'good at heart' to not lend a hand when another is in need, and now that you have gone into hiding you are somewhat more challenging to find."

She did what she had to. It's his fault for concealing his true self! Fortunately, she still knew what to look for.

A hand, still lavender-hued, sweeps back to the alley where the men and women continue their search for what should have been easy prey. She's not even out of breath now that her identity is known, that had all been a part of the act. "And now that these creatures are actively hunting us down in numbers with assault rifles and a fancy new prison to carry us off to, the question -begs- to be asked…"

Here she turns fully toward Kurt, arms draping atop of his shoulders as she regards him with her head lolled off to one side. "Do you still believe they are worth protecting? That your hope they will one day come around is not misplaced?"

* * *

Nightcrawler tries to shrug the oh-so-casual arms off of his shoulders. He is definitely no longer smiling, but her question has him straightening some, "They are not all against us. Just because this government is saying the one thing does not mean all the people agree. I have known many humans who would not hurt me or turn me in to them." There is a glance to the officers below and only once they leave the area does he turn off the image inducer and settle into a more comfortable crouch.

"I will never give up hope that people will learn to see behind what is in front of them. Some may never learn, but we have seen so much progress in such a short time that a few cannot set us back for long."

* * *

Mystique goes so far as to sigh and hang her head forward, though Kurt won't so easily escape even such a light hold as she has upon him. "One would think after being chased down by an enraged village he would have a little more survival instinct," she darkly mutters before returning her attention to Kurt.

Now her arms depart from his shoulders, hands trailing down the length of his limbs until they stop at his forearms. It's not a restrictive hold. More one of affection, if anything…

"I am going to show you what it is that you are hiding from. The severity of our existence which you choose to disregard. Those soldiers in the alley, and they -are soldiers,- Nightcrawler, they are merely the beginning. If you do not see that they are ramping up their efforts to control and eradicate us then you are truly blinded by your Faith."

Now both of her hands are gently taking form around one of his wrists.

The wrist with the image inducer.

"Your faith in ideology…and your faith in -this.-"

The movement is sudden and targeted, deft fingers slipping the hidden inducer free then boldly stealing it away from Kurt. In a heartbeat she holds the device out between them both with a notable gap now separating the two where they stand. There will be no more hiding for this mutant. Not for the moment. Not until her point has been made abundantly clear.

"Tech like -this- is what will see to our very imprisonment, Kurt. You say they do not wish to change or convert us but you already do so for them! It's a -disgrace.- You insult our very species with this pathetic ruse."

The inducer is tossed back his way with a look of complete disapproval, though her tone has lost the edge and gone back to something much more melancholy. "I still hope that one day you will understand."

* * *

It isn't that he dislikes contact; not in the least. But Kurt knows of Mystique's exploits and where her loyalties seem to lie…and he doesn't like being forced into things…on either side. The affectionate touch on his arm and gentle holding of his wrists has him looking a bit confused until the 'Fitbit' is slipped from his wrist.

There is a quick glance to the officers below, but it's not really in fear. Instead, he's looking to see if they are noticed. There's a reason he chose a shadowy rooftop after all.

The look back to Mystique also isn't one of fear or, really, of concern. There's more an expression of irritation in his eyes and maybe even a little exasperation. "Do you think I am hiding from myself? Is that why you are doing this?" There's another nod to the inducer in her hand. "I have made peace with who and what I am a long time ago. I -like- who and what I am. I feel sad for the people who cannot see past what I look like but why is it such a bad thing to make it a little easier, at least at first? Do you not hide who you are so many times?"

* * *

"I don't do so to save my own skin," Mystique counters while reverting back into her true form. She stands there for a second before shifting again, voice and all, to perfectly copy one of the armed soldiers from the alley.

"I do so—"

Then she's shifting into an exact copy of Kurt, himself. Tail, ears, hands, voice, the total experience.

"in defense of"

Next she's morphing into the form of the late Charles Xavier, mimicked as perfectly as if the genuine article were now standing upon a rooftop in Mutant Town.

"-our entire kind."

The last shift sees her back to her own form, one hand held loosely along the side of her jaw with the other supporting its elbow as she gives Kurt a more thoughtful stare. "I am not anyone because I do not wish to be myself. I am anyone because it permits me to infiltrate their ranks and uncover their dirty secrets, and I am not ashamed of what I do."

* * *

"And I am not ashamed of who I am. I use that so that I may walk among others and -help- our kind…" like he did for 'Lavender', even though it was just a trap. "I use that to get to know people and show them that we are not to be feared for how we look or what we can do. How is it so different than what you do?"

He mirrors her pose even as he straightens from his crouch. "If you are trying to teach me that humans as a whole are evil, you will not succeed. Maybe it -is- my Faith and maybe it is what I have seen. But Evil and Good not limited to just humans or just mutants."

* * *

Mystique's solid-hued eyes narrow while Kurt speaks, though in the end? She's smiling. Smiling in a way which a proud parent might happen to express their feelings. "My, but you have grown. Standing up for yourself. This is an improvement." Because apparently -everything- is a test with the metamorph.

Kurt has earned himself a respite from her harsher approach.

"Of course it is not limited to one side or the other. The difference is that they have forced our hand. We are only seen as 'evil' because we do what we must to survive. Tell me, Nightcrawler. What had your crime been when you were chased out of that village so many years ago?" Nevermind how she happens to know about that moment in his history.

* * *

"Grown?" But Kurt has always known of her as an adult…or has he? She's able to shift into so many forms. Her second question has his own golden eyes narrowing some, "How did you know about that?" He isn't giving an answer to the question but not many know what exactly prompted him leaving Europe.

* * *

That formerly proud expression silently drifts into a humorless smirk as Kurt presses a question of his own. "Still not particularly astute, however," Mystique offhandedly remarks. "I have my ways. have yours…" she dismissively waves toward the image inducer. "And with them I shall give you something else to place some of that immense faith which you possess. But for now, your lesson is one of patience."

Her attitude shifts once more, something bordering upon the friendly while remaining quite guarded. "It was good to see you again, Kurt. The real you, of course. Should you find me at your door I simply ask that you do not turn me away."

It's not as easy to get someone else to listen when it's preceded by some breaking and entering.

* * *

It's Nightcrawler's turn to give a little ghost of a smirk. "Patience is something I am always working on…but I think I have shown a great deal of it today." He could have just teleported off but he did stay to converse with her. It could be part of his whole idea that 'not everyone is evil'.

"I would not turn anyone away as long as they come to me meaning no harm." He may not be as good at this game as she is, but he is beginning to learn the rules.

* * *

The metamorph eyes the teleporter for a moment. Yellow eyes to yellow eyes. When Mystique comes forward to close the gap between them there is no malice in her stride nor wickedness to her demeanor. She moves up close. Personally close. If Kurt should try to retreat she will easily follow along with the goal of gently holding the sides of his face between her palms.

"I'd like to think that we've moved beyond that point," is softly spoken in response.

Whatever the heck -that's- supposed to mean.

As her hands lower she declares "The truth always finds a way. Make sure they are taking proper care of you in Westchester."

Again she backs away, this time toward the edge of the building. The soldiers have largely dissipated, searching through the nearby structures for any sign of their lost mark. This makes it easier for her to simply fall backwards off of the rooftop. Before she hits the alley below she's morphed a pair of wings and caught her descent in a glide.

Maybe this time she's imitating Batman.

* * *

This time, Kurt doesn't move away when she reaches out to touch him. There's that look of confusion again when she cups his face in her hands and she speaks about moving beyond certain points of…acquaintanceship? That confusion grows when she mentions his well-being. "Why…" he starts, but then she is backing away and falling from the edge of the building. There's a scramble to the ledge to make sure that she's not a splatter on the ground, but he can easily spot the bird taking flight.

A three-fingered hand lifts to scratch at his head…what a confusing meeting!

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