Heraldry of El
Roleplaying Log: Heraldry of El
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Captain Marvel confronts Supergirl about her active resistance to Registration.

Other Characters Referenced: Superman
IC Date: March 21, 2019
IC Location: 45,000 feet above NYC
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Posted On: 22 Mar 2019 05:15
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There's one thing about New York City. It's small compared to the world, and Supergirl is rather busy inside of it. Her blue uniform has been seen quite a lot in the last week since Registration went official. Sometimes it's at the scene of a big gun fight bank robbery. Other times she's been reported by the law enforcement trying to bring in those who haven't registered, because she's there. At a lot of those, an impossibly large amount of them, stopping them. Keeping them away like they are flies being held in a glass container. Weapons of Earthly origin doing nothing to the teenage blonde, even advanced anti-meta weaponry being proven ineffectual.

At this very moment Supergirl is hovering up at about 45,000 feet, eyes closed, staying above commercial airliner altitudes. She clearly doesn't need air, and with the wind up here whipping about her cape, skirt and hair, the remaining glints of sunlight reflecting off the gold in her costume, making her S one of the last things visible about her in any normal spectrum. This is, Supergirl in overwatch mode.

"Okay. That's enough."

A voice from on high calls out. A volume that would be impossible to pick out for the human ear at such altitude due to the raw windsheer within the jetstream. A yellow sun saturated Kryptonian would have absolutely no problem listening at all.
From an angled vector, one Captain Marvel lowers from cirrostratus clouds tinged with the first orange rays of sunset. Arms crossed over her starburst emblem with a very dissatisfied look on her face. A look that could be described as grumpy. Possibly even surly.
The brightly uniformed hero of SHIELD flies at a slow, deliberate pace, oriented vertically as if marching down steps without the effort. Her hair whipping about her unhelmed face for now.
"We need to talk, Superwoman."

Beyond the words of the Captain, an unusual number of jet engines can be heard far away over the horizon.
Well, hopefully Captain Marvel has similarly good ears. Supergirl turns her head a little, canting it to the side even before the woman makes a peep. She's aware of Captain Marvel at a good distance away, but the speed at which she can travel that's not a lot of time if Marvel wanted it to be quick.

"I am very busy." Says Supergirl at first, turning her head and opening her eyes. Looking at the expression on Marvel's face, she sighs a bit, and folds her arms over her chest. She knows that look, it's the look of a mom upset at the child who lit something on fire or broke something valuable in the house. "And… who are you?" There's a small pause as Supergirl turns her attention toward the city again to listen, mostly ignoring the new comer as a non-threat. "They do not call me that. It doesn't matter, the Super is the insulting part."

From what can be gathered, Captain Marvel quite probably arrived from space itself. Likely having directly flew down from a point where there isn't enough atmosphere to appreciably transmit sound at all.
While its possible they could have a conversation at range, Captain Marvel continues to close at an amiable speed before arriving at a conversational distance of a dozen paces. If there was ground to pace upon.
"I am Captain Marvel of SHIELD and you are very clearly fresh off the interstellar flight from Krypton." The stern woman cuts to the chase promptly, apparently in very little mood for playful banter.
Curiously enough, Captain Marvel is.. Opaque, even to a Kryptonian. Advanced visual spectra will note that the woman is very clearly not human. Higher wavelength radiation such as X-Rays and Gamma Rays somehow do not pass through her, leaving her frame something of a black hole while luminous on a surface level. As if flying in from outer space wasn't enough of a clue to her bizarre origin and possible potency.

"Alright. What do you prefer to be called?" The militant woman offers that much courtesy as she then continues, "You are very quickly burning through the goodwill that Superman worked his ass off to earn with the US Government. Over my better judgement I am willing to give you a chance and talk this over with you as.. Apparently no one has explained to you how our government works. Or what our Laws and customs are."

There's a squint, as Kara's not so long ago gained super powerful vision does little to illuminate anything about this 'Captain Marvel'. And she hrms and turns, while hovering to face the other woman, arms folded, hands on elbows, just under her chest keeping that symbol she wears very visible. "Captain." She gives a small nod of respect, or acknowledgement at the very least.

Then she sighs, "I am Kara Zor-El, of HOuse of El. Daughter of Zor-El and Alura." She states broadening her shoulders, as if to 'stand tall' and she mentions, "Whatever good will my cousin has earned it is because he understands and accepts your corruption, and subtle evils, your willingness to lie, to force. He is not like me, I was raised on Krypton. That -IS- my home. I have read your history, and I have seen this kind of registration this kind of separation of those who are different before. It is wrong. And I will stop it."

"Kara then." Captain Marvel picks out from the long list of titles and surnames.
Her eyes begin to narrow as the neophyte Kryptonian starts listing the noticed flaws of the human race and its governance in stark terms. Her jaw shifting as her eyes do not waiver for an instant from the powerful alien.
There is note taken as she mentions 'IS' her home, as Kal-El seemed very certain about the fate of his homeworld but that is quickly forgotten as she goes on about what unilateral action she'll be taking.

"Okay. So." The SHIELD hero uncrosses her arms, gesturing demonstratively as she keeps her outrage in check, "Pop quiz. How do Americans make Laws?" Rather than directly confronting the immovable object, the Captain takes a different route. After all, she seems to have all the time in the world to explain things.

"There is this The Congress. Which is part of your legislative branch. It is voted in by the people, though there is much disagreement as to the fairness or quality of those being elected." Kara comments, before she sighs out and thinks about it a moment, "There's another branch your enforcers, and then the ones who are in courts, and part of doling out punishments." Kara seems bored as she mentions, "I am not stupid. Do not treat me like your student, or your child. I am neither." She then sighs, "Even the idea that you call yourselves 'Americans' when you do not include your southern countries nor your northern ones. The very nature of isolationism your planet suffers from should be a grave indication for the direction you are headed."

She turns her head, "Should I slow down? Or are you able to follow along? This law, this Registration act, do you think that it upholds your Constitution, the very document that is supposed to protect the minority from the majority? Or what of your country's religion, that speaks of the meek and how they shall inherit your world at its predicted end times?"

While the Kryptonian professes her intellect, Captain Marvel is closely listening. What she knows of Supergirl seems to be in some dispute and she throws no scrap of detail away. The fact that this woman is not stupid or unlearned is a very good sign, heartening her to continue with the diplomacy.
"Good to know."
She then tilts her gaze forward as she adds, "You are a bully, actually."
She lets that sink in for a moment before continuing, "You accuse our government of forcing our citizens into something they don't want. I won't deny the Law is asking a lot of innocent people. But this Law was voted in by servants of the people. This wasn't written by a tyrant or a dictator, but the American people wanted this. You have every right to disagree with the Law. You can be as vocal and outspoken about it as you want. We believe in the freedom of speech."
Tilting her head then, she points downwards to the city far below, "What you don't have a right to do, is terrorize people. Those police officers you were stopping? The SHIELD agents? Those clerks at the Registration facilities? You do not have the authority or the right to get in their way. Just because you're far, FAR more powerful than them does NOT give you the right to tell them what to do!" Her tone increasing, anger beginning to simmer at the edges.
"You disagree with the Law? Fine! Do what others are doing. Convince the people to repeal the Law. Right now the people are scared to death that overpowered people like you and me are going to bully them into what to think. That's why they made the law, because they're afraid. Convince them they have nothing to be afraid of. That you aren't going to interfere with the Government JUST because you don't agree with it and think you know better!"

"The Hitler of your 'world war' two was afraid of the Jews. And servants of those people made that law as well. Many people were for it." Supergirl starts, "And yet your country helped to stop them, did not force those people into fighting for their basic …" A pause as she quotes the book or article she read, "Human rights." She is unfaltering from Captain Marvel's anger or attempt to call her a bully, "I did not hurt anyone. I did not destroy any equipment. I ended the ability for those very enforcers to treat innocent people as criminals."

Turning her attention to the anger growing woman, "You cannot stop me with your morals or your ideologies. They are flawed, they are wrong. They are evil. Your very country voted in, and kept, for how long the laws that enforced slavery? And why? BEcause people felt those individuals different. What later of your so-called civil rights? It is not because I think I know better, it is because you yourselves know better. There are people down there who are afraid, and they are being treated like they are criminals because they do not trust a government that makes them register when no one else has to." Kara speaks up louder, "Your people, your government is doing this to them. Innocents. And yet you come here, and you attempt to take the high ground. I am not the bully, I am not the one who needs to be stopped. You are." She closes her eyes and breathes. In and out, slowly.

Her voice softer again, sad in tone, "You are right now taking the side of isolating a group of people, not because of their actions, but because of who they are. You are saying to them, you are not free, you must bend to the will of the majority even if it is not right, is not good, is not just or fair. You. I am merely being their shield, because they do not have one anymore."

Captain Marvel makes a scoffing sound the instant the word 'Hitler' leaves Supergirl's lips. Shaking her head in disgust as her arms droop to her sides. An accusation that has been made more than once for the SHIELD agent and it does not seem to have appreciated with repetition. Ultimately she doesn't even bother with a counter argument to that.
To the next point her eyes return to their lock with Kara's, not appreciating having her beliefs and allegiances declared evil. After listening to the last saddened, softer commentary the Captain picks back up again with that same strained fury.

"Alright. So you've labeled me and the government an enemy of the people. Let's break down what that means." Marvel holds out her upraised fist.
Index finger, "We fight you. We have sworn oaths to enforce the Sovereignty and Laws of the United States. I have no doubt you will kill an awful lot of people and inflict untold destruction on this city and the people inside of it before we can arrest you, but we will do it."

Middle finger, "Then everyone will point at you. They will say the fact that you tried to overthrow the US Government as proof positive that Kryptonians are an enemy of the Earth and we then go to war with everyone else in your 'family'. And all the thousands of people who're going to die in the attempt."
Ring finger, "Then after that horror is done everyone will think the Law was a damned good idea because it turns out everyone SHOULD be afraid of meta-humans and then they do exactly what you're so afraid of with concentration camps or worse."
Little finger, "By forcing our hand you force the US Government to go to War with the Kryptonians and everyone who dies in that fight is going to be on your Goddamn hands because you do NOT know how to fight your problems with anything other than your superpowers and fists."
"OR we stop all that RIGHT here and right now." Captain finishes, exasperated, "You go back to Metropolis. You campaign against the Law to your heart's content and within the rules."

The words come out of Captain Marvel's mouth and she counts on her fingers, she disregards arguments, and Supergirl listens. "You are wrong. I have never, and I will never kill." She speaks more softly still, moving closer to Captain Marvel, "You have a choice you get to make. Do you know why that is? Your choice is to come up here, because you have belief in the place that you call home. You have strength derived from it, you know deep down, in that very dense center of yours, that right now you speak from what is right and true and good." She taps her self on the chest, "This is what remains of my home. My people. There is no war that would happen. Kal would never strike up against you and I… I am just a stupid girl to you. You would fight me, and maybe… just maybe you would win because you are willing to do what I am not."

Waving a hand in the direction of the Earth below, New York City in particular. "This place, right now cries out in division. This law does not solve that problem. This law exaggerates the lines that have been drawn." With that she adds, "The so-called S that you see on my chest, the crest with the S on my cape. On Kal's. Earth believes it to mean the S that starts Super." She laughs softly, but sniffles, wiping her eyes on her sleeve, "It is the symbol of my family, a family he never got to know, a family that stands for all of the things you feel. Truth, honesty, hope." She turns, "If someone were to come to you and tell you that what you believe is right, is good, is something you ought to do from a distance. Would you? Would you leave?"

She clasps her hands together, and looks pleadingly at Captain Marvel, "You and I are not different. My father taught that power, strength is needed for hope to exist. That it defends the space where hope lives, that is why we need it. Is it your hope that racism, and bigotry will slide away and this law will go away before people are hurt by it? Trapped? Criminalized unfairly? I am not from here, but it does not mean I am blind. It is my hope, truly, that your people will realize what they have done. Know it to be flawed, and unjust, and I am merely giving those people who might be hurt by it the time, the space, to live without fear of persecution. I cannot go home, Captain Marvel. My home no longer exists, but that does not mean it's lessons died along with it."

Then she kind of hovers back some and mentions, "You can fight, I will not. You are a hero, we are on the same side. Attack me, I will not throw a punch. Imprison me, I will break free. Work with me… help me create space once again for hope. And then you do not need to ever start counting on your fingers."

Marvel listens.
She does not dismiss Kara's words as readily as her own is thrown aside. The fact that the Daughter of Zor-El is swearing to never kill anyone is absolutely heartening. It's a detail that is always appreciated, especially by beings of incredible power. Its enough to stay her anger, at least in part. Her eyes follow the gestures to the Heraldry of El then back to the woman's pleading, tearful expression.
One difference between them is clear, Captain Marvel is a soldier. Her expression never strays far from the boundaries of professional and laconic but this is not to say she is incapable of warmth.

She nods once then, hovering away a few feet, "See?" She adds, "You're doing far more good for your cause with your words. You say that to the American people. That exact same thing. If you move people like you're moving me right now, maybe you can make a real difference."

She points a gloved hand to Kara as she begins to descend towards New York City slowly, "I don't want to fight you either. Kal-El worked really hard to convince people that symbol means exactly what you said. Sounds like you believe it too. That's good."
Her hand returns to her side as she replies one last time, her expression having been soothed from outrage to cautiously neutral once again, "Understand we've been very patient with you. We've bent our own Laws because we trust Superman that much. Go to Metropolis. Get an interview with Lois Lane and tell everyone what you believe. You will do a lot more good than forcing us to drag you to a prison designed to hold things a lot stronger than a Kryptonian. Trust me, we have them."
Captain Marvel's helm then materializes about her crown, her body briefly rippling with illumination, "Consider this your last warning."
With a turn, she darts down through the lower clouds to the city far below.

Kara calls out after Captain Marvel as she's starting to move away, "I have made your people a promise already. And I am working on… Lois?" She questions a little bit, "Thank you!" She shouts back, more excitedly, and then zips off in the opposite direction. Her speed exceedingly fast, as she causes turbulence in the air. A rush, an idea, it's quick and she's moving fast. Though it's pretty clear where she's headed. Metropolis…

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