Space Space Wanna Go to Space
Roleplaying Log: Space Space Wanna Go to Space
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Jessica Drew pays Stark Industries a visit to discuss concerns and her ideas for SWORD with Pepper and Bart.

Other Characters Referenced: Tony Stark
IC Date: March 17, 2019
IC Location: Stark Industries, New York
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Posted On: 22 Mar 2019 22:06
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Agent Jessica Drew reached out through official SHIELD channels to Stark Industries, skipping a lot of the much lower levels of corporate bureaucracy.

She already had met with Tony about all of this in Metropolis but thought she should cover her bases and talk to the new owner of Stark Industries as well. It also meant she could put off meeting with Luthor for a bit longer too.

The contact while setting up the appointment indicated she wanted to discuss a new proposal and project. There was indication this wouldn't be military weapons contract but would be a series of government contracts if Stark Industries was on board and had the right technology.

Jess will ride the elevator up after being cleared by security, hmmming along with the music being played, seeming pretty calm about the whole affair. "Hmm hmmm mm mmm mMMm mm" and when the doors open she will step out probably into a waiting area, who knows. Stark technology is crazy, at this point she is ready for a little A.I. drone using repulsor technology.

The elevator lets out into what is clearly an executive lobby/waiting area, though the receptionist-like desk is currently empty. Instead, there is indeed a little AI drone hovering in the middle of the room who chirps and burbles in a manner that can only be interpreted as 'cheerfully', then bobs in the air and zips across the empty lobby.

Standing at the end of the lobby where the drone goes is Pepper herself, smiling and nodding a hello. "Agent Drew, welcome. If you'll follow us, please?" She leads the way back to her office with the little drone in her wake, where music is playing gently from hidden speakers and the small conference table to one side is mostly covered with trays of finger foods, a gently steaming cozied teapot, and empty cups.

The little drone zips past Pepper further into the room to start following orbiting Bart. This appears to be a common occurrence as Pepper simply gestures to the room. "Please, have a seat anywhere you like."

Was he supposed to dress more formally for this? Bart had decided on something more his usual business-casual niche that he'd adopted rather than the full three-piece suits he'd had to suffer through during interviews. And here he'd thought that business meetings were boring! Hearing people talk about themselves like that just made him want to slam his face into the table. Repeatedly.

He's wearing his classic hoodie and blazer combo with the nice jeans that at such a price point could have purchased several of another brand. Pants shouldn't ever have to be that expensive and not move by themselves. The shoes he isn't sure he'd complain about because they are pretty comfortable and what's more, he can run in them.

The moment Bart hears Pepper he sits up straight from where he'd been lounging and spinning in his chair, folding his hands over the table as he looks expectantly towards the door. Thankfully the finger food is still all there, save perhaps maybe missing a tiny sample from each tray where he figured wouldn't be missed. The rumors of the new owner of Stark Industries haven't been wrong; Bart looks fresh out of high school although somehow manages not to look completely out of place where he sits. He smiles brightly and waves at the drone before standing when Pepper leads their guest in.

Agent Drew is not wearing a SHIELD uniform.

Nope right now she has her usual uniform on, red boots, black pants, red jacket with the yellow, it looks like a spider symbol really, and yellow glasses.

"Miss Potts yes?" and then while she follows Pepper and the drone in she comments softly. "Interesting. The last one of those I saw had a dunce cap on it's head, I was surprised it didn't fall off when it zipped around."

At the invitation to settle in and sit anywhere she likes she will move to a spot across from Bart, looking him over thoughtfully and then the variety of finger foods. She carefully selects one of them and samples it. "You must be Bartholemew?" and she looks between you both. "Thank you for taking this meeting on relatively short notice." she unzips her jacket and pulls out a tablet and a small stark holoprojector, one of Tony's. "Do I need this one or can I use the one in the room?" she looks around. "I assume the room has a holoprojector?"

"Oh, you've met Dunce? How is he doing?" She also takes a seat near Bart, then uncovers the teapot and holds it up to offer Jessica a cup. "I'm glad that we had a free moment." She looks at the small holoprojector and quirks a small smile. "The room doesn't have a holoprojector. FRIDAY, if you would, please?"

"Tablet uplink established," the faintly Irish sounding AI replies.

"Thank you." She offers Jessica a slightly sly smile. "The room IS one." Okay, she'll admit it but only to herself inside her own mind. That was kind of fun to say.

"I'm guessing as you arranged this meeting through SHIELD that this is a matter of no small importance. How can we help?"

"That's right," Bart says, smiling as he reaches out to offer a handshake before he'll sit back down again. "And just Bart's fine." Being called his full name just sounded weird to him for how little anyone really used it.

He reclaims his can of soda that he'd cracked open just before they'd come in, still not sold on the whole tea thing. Besides, sugar.

"So what's this all about?" he asks after nodding once Pepper helps set things up for Jessica to run her show.

There is a wry grin at Pepper and the A.I. FRIDAY's linking her up without her needing to use Tony's portable holoprojector. "Well that works too. That would make for an interesting training facility actually being able to use holograms for targets." with that Jess slips the holoprojector back into her inner coat pocket but keeps the tablet out.

"Dunce seemed fine, I met him on Friday actually up in Metropolis. Stark Unlimited is about what I expected really." and Jess will look for permission and then pour herself a cup of tea, it is a proper Japanese style pour and she will also pour a cup for Pepper.

"Well it seemed better to do it through official channels as this is official business and not ask Tony to. No need to muddy the communications up." and Jessica sips her tea.

"The following information is under the confidentiality and clearances Stark Industry has with the US Government. Everything should be considered Top secret." she fiddles with her tablet and displays a scene that could be right out of a Sci Fi Movie.

Aliens of all stripes and flavors gathered before a forceshield wall. Some of them look like workers. Some look like mercenaries. Others like guards. Inside the forceshield is a recreation of a human park, filled with a couple dozen humans. Wearing a variety of clothing ranging from Rikers Island prisoner uniforms, to civvie clothes, and a couple of SHIELD Agents.

Honestly it almost looks like an exhibit in some sort of space zoo.

Floating above it all is a platform with much more heavily armed guards and what looks like a lot of .. well Rich is Rich… Rich aliens surveying the exhibit.

"This was the scene in NoWhere, mining and pirate space station other side of the Galaxy. I mean the other side. This man." she zooms in on The Collector. "Kidnapped all of these humans for a zoo."

Well, now Pepper feels a bit lie a poor host. Watching Jessica's proper Japanese pour of the Indian black tea from a British style teapot into American made hand-thrown cups… well, maybe it IS appropriate after all. She accepts her cup with a murmur of thanks and takes a sip while the holoimage resolves. As her eyes sweep over the image and take in the details her expression grows serious then concerned, and her gaze sharpens on the man Jessica names The Collector.

Turmeric pauses in its little mid-air faffing about, chirps in a far less chipper tone, then with an almost frightened whine zips across the room to disappear through an open doorway leading to a washroom. It doesn't return.

"Please tell me that this Collector's ability to abduct more people from this planet has been neutralized."

The finer points of tea service are completely lost upon Bart who picks up his soda can for a swig or two. He sets it down as he gives his attention to Jessica, eyes widening as the entirety of the room becomes a private theater of sorts.

It's just too bad that the material in question is less than amusing entertainment.

At first he's not sure what he's seeing, save that it doesn't look good at all. His brow furrows, a frown tugging down at the corners of his lips. It only grows as he sees those who are apparently the ones enjoying the exhibition. They weren't human. Bart's experience of aliens is limited, his first not being at all pleasant, even though he only remembered most of such from what was told him. But this…

The drone's noise startles him out of his thoughts, his head turning off to where Tumeric had retreated, half tempted to go after it with the intention of comforting a frightened pet.

Instead he remains seated, although Pepper might have noticed him tense for a moment. He looks back up at the projection, nodding at Pepper's words, amber gaze shifting back towards Jessica.

Jessica doesn't seem to have any opinion on pouring the tea, it is just a habit from a lot of jobs in the East for SHIELD. She does though wince a little when the drone makes unhappy noises and goes to hide in the washroom. "Uh.. sorry for scaring your drone." she pivots the image there around The Collector.

"Unfortunately no, we managed to rescue almost everyone… I think the Rikers inmates probably joined one of the pirate of mercenary crews at this point but they used the chaos to escape the zoo and escape being brought back to face justice for their crimes." and Jessica sighs.

"The Collector was humiliated, not harmed, and had what I am assured he viewed as his property stolen. The source of our information says he is a Elder of the Universe, basically ancient and extremely powerful. While he is a bit of a coward and likely would not come to earth himself he still possesses the teleportation technology he used against us, and is not above subcontracting vengeance."

Jessica pauses for effect there "Which leaves us in a situation where we just do not have enough useful information. That is why I came here today. Some people wanted to jump right to planetary defense systems.. but frankly we have no idea who all is out there, what would be capable of defending ourselves, and how to deploy defenses. My proposal is a lot more about gathering intelligence and I managed to get Director Fury to greenlight my assessing resources and putting together a proposal at least."

Jess messes with her tablet and a logo appears, a Sword incorporated in it. ~Sentient World Observation Response Department~ she clears her throat. "I'll admit I had fun making up the Acronym."

"No, no, it's fine. He does that every time I look even a little bit angry. We can blame Tony for that, I'm sure."

Jessica proceeds with her explanation, and Pepper nods slowly. She seems entirely unsurprised by the logo and the woman's admission about making up the acronym. "Let me guess. You'd like to access the Stark satellite network." She takes a longer sip of her tea at that point. It's almost like she had anticipated this happening sooner or later.

Bart hides a tiny smile at Pepper's direction of blame for Tumeric's behavior. He picks up his drink again, finishing it (already?!) in another gulp or two.

"Planetary defense seems kind of on the extreme," he says, leaning back in his chair as he folds his arms. "Wouldn't it just be easier to have someone sneak in and destroy the teleportation tech and the info to rebuild it?"

Easier, he says.

The proposition of a new department has him tilt his head. He studies the logo, grinning a little at the acronym. Pepper's input has him swinging his gaze her way again, blinking before he looks back at Jessica.

"Well, sort of. I hadn't actually thought of using the existing satellite network instead of launching new ones specially tasked for this. It isn't as much a looking at earth and earth stuff problem, they need to be pointed the other direction and focused on outward intelligence gathering." with that Jess fiddles with her tablet.

What is holoprojected next is an array of satellites but as she said pointed outwards not inwards, also an orbital space station, and modified quinjets. "Like I said at this stage I think a defense system is extreme." nodding to Bart. "We don't know what we are dealing with and I'd like to know more." she pauses "Also I got a bit of disturbing news that he isn't the only one with the technology like that, or interstellar ships. While getting back to NoWhere if we could manage it and taking out his gear might slow him down, it may not make us really safe." she spins up all the aliens and man they are all carrying a lot of energy weapons in NoWhere, a mining colony. "They seem very heavily armed and very diverse."

"So .. yeah defense grid. Bit extreme not knowing what we are dealing with. I also don't want to put tempting items in orbit .. it would be like honeypots for Hydra or AIM or any two bit villain wanting to hold the earth hostage or blow up the moon of all things… or hell write there name on it." there is a look to Pepper when she says that. Like maybe she is thinking of Tony.

"I've already gathered the data from NASA, DARPA, and Stark Unlimited to help me compile my proposal for this. I was hoping to enlist your aid and understand what Stark Industries could provide. These would of course be contracts with compensation for your company if my proposal goes through." of course she has already talked to Stark Unlimited, who is surprised.

Pepper ahs softly at the distinction: satellites aimed outward. That is something the current Stark satellite network doesn't do. "What sort of aid were you thinking of from Stark Industries?" She can imagine some of the options that Jessica might name. Modifications to the existing satellites to start listening outward, new satellites, engines for the modded quinjets, various and sundry for the proposed space station, and on and on.

"If you're willing to share the information you've gathered thus far, I can see how much of it lines up with current SI production lines." That's a good way to bring the company up to speed on supplying for this new SWORD entity without having to reinvent the wheel.. or the assembly line as the case may be.

Bart thought in terms of video games. Clearly the Collector was the boss, and if you couldn't outright take down the boss, you took down what the problem was, the advantage that he had. …so he may have gotten the idea from movies and shows and books as well, but all in all, the matter seemed, to him, a simple thing.

Hearing that others had that sort of capability just made it more complicated, which in turn makes him frown again. "Cheaters," he murmurs under his breath, looking almost petulant as he leans back in his seat again.

His eyes drift back to the images that Jessica summons up, expression softening as he gets caught up in the display. He might be a bit distracted from the part where Jessica talks about them being heavily armed, his thoughts wrapped up in every sci-fi video game and movie he's been into. Okay sure, there are terrible aliens but there are other worlds out there and who knows what other cool stuff? Interstellar ships? Space???

Oh sorry, was there a business meeting going on here because in his mind he's running around in a space fantasy, pew-pewing and fsssst-vwoomvwooming with the best of them.

"I can do that. I need to still visit Lexcorp, Star Labs, and Karen Starr. Not in that order… I may save Luthor for last. He will of course be in as long as he can make money but I'd rather hit up the labs and companies that are a bit more.. civic minded vs. war profiteering first." Jessica pulls up and packages the information. She transfers it to FRIDAY.

"That should be everything I'm able to release around the various resources I've been able to line up at this point. Honestly if you think you can do any of it better, I'd like to entertain it." a shrug from Jessica. "The sooner we can get these eyes in the sky and the space station up the better. Tony offered to help with the orbital lift technology until we can swipe one of these teleporters…"

At that point Jess looks to Bart. "Want to go to space once we get the station operational CEO Bart?" yeah she is teasing him a little bit, she can recognize the signs of day dreaming easily enough.

Pepper nods at that. "Entirely fair. This sounds like the kind of venture that will require as many people to contribute as possible." She can already almost expect that SI's manufacturing plants will be turned to building designs coming out of Tony's new venture. She can't really say she's all that upset by the thought. It's better than someone like Luthor getting their hands on Tony's intellectual property.

"I think on the short term we can look into modifying our existing satellite network to collect data outward as well as inward." She'll just need to consult with Engineering about how to get that done.

"Can I?!"

Was that too quick a response? No sooner does the question leave his mouth does Bart clamp his lips shut, ducking his head with something of a sheepish look cast towards Pepper. It should probably have been expected. What kid didn't dream of going to space at some point?

As though trying to cover his earlier slip like it hadn't happened at all, Bart coughs into a fist as he straightens in his seat, once again resting his arms against the table before him.

"I'm sure there will be a lot of specifics to discuss when things come down to it, but the proposal sounds like a reasonable venture, especially with those concerns still fresh." He nods at Pepper's suggestion. Aw yeah. See, he can do this professional thing. It's like roleplay!

Just like roleplaying. Hell Jessica's whole job is just like roleplaying. She reaches out and touches a fingertip to the cup in front of her and then spins it slowly. The teacup is empty. It looks like the cup is sticking to her finger though.

"That would be extremely helpful. I need to still finish the last bits of putting the proposal together and get it approved by Director Fury." there is a shrug from Jessica and then she stops spinning the tea cup. "You certainly can." she grins to Bart. "Spaaace." and then looks amused.

"Thanks for taking the meeting and seeing the reasonableness of protecting the Earth." that part is to both of them.

Pepper looks over at Bart in amusement. "Not permanently, but someone will need to go oversee any SI proprietary installations. I don't see why you can't do that at least once or twice." She then turns her attention back to Jessica.

"Gladly, Agent Drew. After all, threats from beyond our solar system affect the entire planet, not just select individuals. It would be beyond irresponsible of us to refuse to assist." Though it's equally assholeish of people to offer to assist only because there's profit to be had. Not that she says that part aloud, heavens no.

Turmeric finally emerges from the washroom again, hovering at about waist height as if trying to go unnoticed.

It's a very near thing but Bart barely manages not to bounce in his seat, his glee barely contained behind the tight-lipped smile that pulls across his face. "Spaaaace," he whispers back, not very subtly at all. To Pepper he nods in complete understanding. But of course! All business and overseeing yadda-yadda… With any luck going a couple of times will get the whole space-excitement out of his system.


His eyes and attention have drifted to the teacup that Jessica toys with. That's a pretty neat trick. He has to wonder that there's more to it, managing to stay tipped so precisely as it's spun so slowly.

Rather than nod again in agreement with Pepper's statement, Bart remains still but attentive, at least until he catches the drone reemerging into the conference room. He can't help but glance over, holding a hand out, fingers wiggling at it as though beckoning a timid animal.

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