Attack on the Triskelion: Sleeper
Roleplaying Log: Attack on the Triskelion: Sleeper
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SHIELD is attacked by the Brotherhood. Metahumans are released from their holding cells and Mystique infiltrates.

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IC Date: March 24, 2019
IC Location: The Triskelion - Security and Labs
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Posted On: 24 Mar 2019 17:01
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It's evening. Sunday night in Manhattan is possibly the quietest the city that never sleeps gets. There are still people on the street, there are cars that loudly honk to let other cars know the light has changed. Every now and again, there's the sound of a siren. Whether ambulance, police, fire, it's hard to tell as they all tend to blend into each other.

Inside the Triskelion is also relatively quiet. Though Registration started right before the weekend, SHIELD is not directly involved in the state's organization of registration centers or security. They are more of the international presence, there to ensure no dangerous metahumans who may have slipped under registrations radar make their powers a problem for the international community. However, most members of SHIELD have been requested into the Triskelion should they need to help the Department of Public Safety with riots. Others have come to formally protest against the agency's involvement. Some are not even SHIELD Agents, but are in the building for their own reasons.

Either way, it's hard to tell when everyone realizes something is amiss. On the security level, an alarm pings. Perhaps it is malfunctioning, perhaps it is something else, however it certainly requires someone to look into it as it sounds as if a door is being released somewhere amongst the holding cells.

Peggy Carter, along with a few other Agents, are there to investigate when the emergency alarm sounds. Above them, metal starts to shift and locks move into place. The security level and the labs are located sublevel and this security breach has now shut off everyone out of the upper levels. It also means that no one from the upper levels can help them here.

Adding to that, emergency lighting snaps on. The main lights remain on, but now it is tinged with the soundless circle of angry red lighting that turns on and off. Then, the distinct sound of cell doors opening echo across the security floor.

* * *

Down in security there is one figure who stands out more than the others. A lone agent of SHIELD stands in the middle of the hall, looking entirely too calm given the alarms and the addition of emergency lighting. If anything, there's anticipation to be found within this man's eyes. While all of the other agents are soon to be rushing around like headless chicken this one looks relaxed while awaiting the opening of so many cell doors.

Needless to say this is not a typical agent. This one had no trouble passing through the Triskelion's layers of security, mainly because he could become whomever he wanted to.

The planning and preparations had gone blissfully well. It's incredible what a proper group effort can amount to! Now Mystique is a part of this grand assault upon SHIELD's headquarters, deep undercover compared to her allies whom have opted to make some noise and provide the distractions. Such as the ticked off metahumans now pouring out of those wide open cells, freed at last to seek some much desired revenge.

It had been surgically clean getting to this point, all leading into one giant massacre waiting to happen.

Mystique's first priority was to ensure that their toy soldiers had been properly removed from their boxes. Now that they're beginning to emerge she's free to branch off from the rest and slip away unnoticed so her real work may begin.

* * *

Eddie has pretty much been living at the Trike because, let's face it, the only real sleep she can get is when she occupies a pod. This past week, however, she's spent a great deal of time down in R&D being fitted with her very own set of dampeners. It's been a trial and error to get it right, setting the bracers that cover the majority of her forearms so that the visions remain at bay and she can remove them at will when she has need or want to use her power. It's made for a late night of testing tonight, and so she's in the depths of the Company compound when the klaxons start blaring and the emergency lights come on. With a hand on her sidearm but yet to draw, Morales aka Hashmark spills out into the hall to find out what in blazes is going on.

* * *

Tony Stark was annoyed.

He never agreed with the whole registration bit. But doing things with SHIELD and the Avengers means that he has to do things like this. Half support something stupid that is going to go wrong. Then get a bunch of people hurt if not worse. Then he'll have to help clean up again.

However Peggy had asked. Even if she wasn't the old woman that he remembered growing up. She was still the woman that won the trust of his father in the tumultuous times of SHIELD's birth and that at least meant that he wouldn't throw a /massive/ tantrum about it.

…he would just give his company and move a new one to Metropolis in protest.

Hey. For Tony that's pretty mild.

But on this day he had been asked to come down, planning on meeting Zatanna Zatara before or after to ask her to re-up the wards on his own enhancements because he likes to make sure defenses are in order.

…but then things seem to have happened.

"JARVIS?" As something subtly shifts in the air. "…everything all right?" Because that faint alarm is disturbing.

"Sir," JARVIS' voice crackles, interference making itself known. "Something is wrong, remodulating frequencies to try to compensate. May take a moment…" The AI that is practically in his head murmurs into his ear as Stark pauses.

"Yeah. Definitely not right…" As he gets ping of a message from Peggy herself.

Aunt Peg /never/ asks for help.

That combined with the faintly disturbing sound of cell doors opening in the distance echoing down the corridors.

"JARVIS," Punching up his own com system to try to compensate. "Send me the Mark 50 prototype, subterranean delivery. Going to need it yesterday!"

"Noted, Sir. On its way."

Only then Stark glances around, hand absently rubbing his wrist as he looks left and right down the corridor. Towards any agents might be around. "So!" He calls brightly. "This and end of the world scenario? I'm gonna guess all this noise is bad. Armory lockers? Panic rooms?" A pause. "Come on people get moving! Chop chop!"

That is about as inspiring as Stark gets in times of crisis ok.

* * *

The alarms start sounding, and one Phil Coulson's head snaps up. He was not, thankfully, on the upper level. He'd been headed down to Security for his own reasons when everything goes wrong at once.

He withdraws his ICER and goes racing down the halls, swiping cards and barking orders at agents. "Start creating choke points! Get that exit covered!" At one point he grabs a vest from a wall in passing and all but hurls it at an intern. Poor intern.

He ends up in the hall where the cells are opening. Where the too-calm Agent who looks like him stands.

"Well, I'll give you this, you're a handsome devil," he says, because really, that joke is bonafide Dad-Joke-in-a-Crisis material. Then he snaps a shot off at Mystique-Coulson.

* * *

She had been taking a bathroom break when the alarms go off.

Zatanna Zatara emerges from the doorway and moves back to where she had last seen Tony Stark. There had to be a reason why she's here, of course, and while she is a known entity to SHIELD thanks to a couple of off-the-books operations back in the days when the Winter Soldier debacle took over the news circuit, she does not regularly do business with the outfit. If nothing else, her connection with SHIELD was tangential at best through a variety of other contacts she has made in the last two years - Tony Stark, Phil Coulson, and Steve Rogers, specifically,

The former is the present reason why she's in the Triskelion in the first place, though the futurist has yet to tell her why he actually needed to see her today. Frowning, her brows furrowed, she falls a step next to Tony as he mutters into his comms.

"Hey, Tony, what's going on?" she wonders.

* * *

The doors open and angry metahumans start to step out of them. Peggy should have known when she realized what floor the alarms were sounding from what might be in store for her. Five metahumans who have been detained for in SHIELD holding for extreme violent crime and 'Coulson' stands amongst them all, eerily calm, standing admits them with a self satisfied smile on his face. The agents she's gathered with her quickly move into a defensive formation.

"Phil?" Her words are cautious, suspicious. Her gun raises up as one of metahuman turns to them.

The dark haired woman in a twists her hand a few times, stretching her muscles. She's dressed in a bright blue uniform that looks almost like scrubs. "Oh, little girls," she grins, raising a hand. "You're all in trouble now." And then a bright cascade of fire erupts from her fingers.

"Side!" Peggy orders, dodging into one of he opened cell doors and pulling whoever she can with her.

Coulson makes his way toward the klaxons and makes his orders as he does so. Agents fall into line as he tells them to form choke points, to get exits covered. One of those agents that he stumbles into is a disoriented Eddie Morales, who gets her answer as to what the blazes is going on almost literally as Coulson opens the doors to the security floor to see himself standing there. The door is open and on the side closest to the shooting Coulson grins. Without saying anything, an arc of lightning streaks forward in an attempt to electrocute Coulson and Eddie.

Upstairs, Tony has gotten the message of help from Peggy and it is possibly quite clear why when as he grabs at one of the Agents, he gasps. "They're too strong! Find an exit!" Around the corner, a group of individuals dressed as if they could be agents turn the corner. One has a bullet wound in his shoulder and his skin radiates just slightly with some strange sort of inner glow. Then, all of the sudden, they charge right toward Zatanna and Tony with malicious intent gleaming in their eyes.

* * *


The imposter Coulson knows the voice of Peggy Carter. He doesn't turn to face her when calling out a response. "Stay back. I know what I'm doing."

This might have worked better if not for a particular setback in the exact form and voice of himself standing further down the hall. See, this isn't supposed to happen. Mystique tries to avoid direct confrontations with copied individuals. With this operation being on short notice she had to cut a few corners. It's one of those 'Great Scott!' moments as the two Coulsons come to stare each other down, though while one levels an ICER the other one is giving an air-kiss.

The shot comes close but Coulstique saw it coming. Phil can admire his handsome visage leaping and twisting at a fairly extreme angle through the air later on if the security cameras manage to save anything from today. There is -no way- he should be able to move like that!

In exchange for the ICER shot a thin double-edged throwing knife sails through the air back at Coulson Prime.

Direct engagement isn't part of her plan. She needs to shed this unwanted weight and get back on target. Fortunately for her, there are metas aplenty coming to make a mess of -everything.- Mystique spins around to hide behind the biggest, burliest meta out of the five for no other reason than for cover. Her instruction to these metas is clear while pointing to herself:

"If you see this face, kill me."

By the time Coulstique turns around he's become someone else. This time it appears to be a metahuman whose ability involves active camouflage. It's one of those powers which she can easily mimic.

Coulson's persona will still serve her agenda today, but distance is paramount. There will be time to play later. All she has to do get past Carter and Company.

Insert malicious smirk here.

* * *

Well. Shit. Eddie barely has come to a skidding halt by the time she realizes the cell doors are opening. So much for failsafes. As Coulson is shooting at a version of himself, she has to do a bit of a double take between the pair. It's only by that benefit that she sees the movement nearby and has the time to give a warning about the arc of electricity. "Down!" She's diving to the side with her firearm drawn, firing her own ICER rounds towards the open cell door, hitting the floor and rolling before she can see if her shot hit home.

* * *


Eddie's timely cry saves Phil Coulson from two threats. The first is the electricity. He can smell the burn of hair he can ill-afford to lose as he hits the deck. One of Mystique's knives lands right beside his nose, sticking in the floor and vibrating there close enough for the cold metal to touch his skin. Hazel eyes go wide for a moment. It's his only real emotional response as he rolls to his belly so he can, for the moment, fire his weapon at Electricity, effectively losing track of his double.

Mystique has her instructions in: re people who look like him, Phil has his.

"Take down any Phil that isn't wearing a lanyard!"

Cause. Phil's definitely wearing his.

Gotta have a lanyard.

* * *

"I'm pretty sure the Trisket is being attacked and not by a bunch of kids with the munchies." Stark replies almost lazily as he lets the poor Agent stumble backwards and turns the face the onrushing 'agents'.

"…JARVIS that guy was glowing does that mean…"

"Yes, sir. EXTREMIS presence confirmed."

"Great, so!" Stark calls towards Zee as he reaches down to twist his watch. "We're under attack, those guys running at us are running that nasty Extremis techno-magic demon stuff in their veins so they may explode and I'm about to do something really stupid. That about sums everything up."

Armor twists out of the cuffs of his suit, sliding up his arms to just past his elbow. Light plates, thin but strong enough to deflect bullets. More armor pieces slide up his feet and legs to his knees, though the bits in between are a bit under armored.

There is only so much supertech you can sneak into SHIELD and he wasn't /planning/ on a full assault today!

…of course.

This is Tony Stark.

"JARVIS, juice me."

"…er, sir. We don't know what taking the limiters off the positive Extremis in you will do and miss Zatara will have to redo your wards afterwards…"

"Yeah. Noted. Juice me."

The AI sighs. "…yes, sir."

Oh this is going to be interesting.

But until JARVIS can release those limitations on his own systems well. Tony can at least keep the Extremis agents honest with a trio of repulsor blasts at the lead one.

* * *

"Wha— Tony, no. No. Are you serious?!"

Yes, he is, because he's doing it already.

Zatanna sighs. It is the sound of a long-suffering young woman who doesn't have it in her to argue back - not presently anyway because they don't have the time. They're being attacked.

"Wols," she says, directing the command towards the first wave of enemies, her pale fingers pointed towards them, reality shifting under her whim to slow down the approaching enemies to make it easier for Tony to punch them. To the other side and the next group of attackers, she turns upon them a different command:


An effort to put them to sleep.

* * *

From the floor of one of the open cells, Peggy pushes herself up and takes stock of the agents about her. Some are badly burned, others have minor wounds, others are completely injury free. 'I know what I'm doing' Coulson said. Peggy checks the entry way and by the time that she does, Mystique has already changed her visage. What she sees is still one Coulson, Eddie on the ground and a bunch of metahumans who seem intent on tearing the place apart. A knife is embedded in the ground by his face and the distinct smell of Ozone is in the air.

"Okay Coulson, what are you doing?" She yells out to him in an attempt to figure out what in the world is going on. She levels her gun and fires a precise round before ducking back into the safety of the cell. While Peggy's suspicions are on the actual Coulson, the door behind her automatically unlocks as if someone pushed in a pin code.

The metahumans take their rescuer's words to heart and with relish. The other three get into the battle royale.Another gout of fire blasts against the walls, superheating the floors and walls. A woman comes forward and reaches forward to grab Coulson with one hand. A man who looks as if he may be entirely made out of crystal snaps his fingers and the floors turn slippery with ice.

After a moment of taking stock, the man who threw lightning is slumped on the ground, seemingly under the influence of Eddie's ICER. Another man who didn't even get a chance to use his abilities is slumped, too.

The agents - confirmed to have EXTREMIS remain relentless in their pursuit of Tony and Zatanna. The lead man keeps moving forward, determined despite being slowed. The repulser blasts hit against him and he glows even brighter but seems no less intent in his target even with those charged blasts. One behind them falls asleep. Others the rest keep moving forward, slowed.

* * *

Close call… Way, -way- too close. Though the outcome seems to have worked out in Mystique's favor as now the Queen Bee known as Peggy Carter herself suspects that the actual Phil Coulson had been involved with this double-cross. That should keep them occupied for a little while longer.

The other five metahumans? They're only pawns in the grand scheme. They're like a thrown molotov in a street riot. It gets everyone fired up, keeps them focused somewhere else. With a bit of help from Silo the Unseen Hacker the metamorph is well on her way to the lab.

Once the coast is clear she shifts into another SHIELD agent. Not Coulson..this time. She needs to glide under the radar, on her way to…

The labs.

The door gets sealed closed behind her so she has a little more time to work. No one needs to see what she's up to, and it'd be best if no one disturbed her throughout this next task.

* * *

Fire. Ice. Those might seem like opposing forces, that one would cancel the other out but in the moment of being blasted by Metas they are both equal threats in their own right. Eddie throws up an arm to shield her face from the heat one moment, only to be unable to get solid footing the next. It would be amusing if it wasn't so deadly. What she needs is cover, and so she scrambles into the cell the Electrocuter was coming out of, using his unconscious form for purchase on the slippery floor before looking back and trying to give cover fire to those that remain in the hall.

* * *

Tony Stark was at one point a man in a can. A mortal among gods. Trying to recreate their power with his science. Racing the wind to stay ahead. Then he died. And now he's better. He's evolved, like things do.

Jury is still out weather its a good thing or not.

"Look, Zee!" He calls over his shoulder, planting himself between the EXTREMIS agents and the magic user. "It'll be fine! JARVIS and I have run at least like…what…a simulation about something like this." His eyes are close to glowing at this point. Is words faster than normal. Of course so are his movements as he leans into the leading EXTREMIS agent, tiny repulsor jets in the elbow of his half-suit ignite at the last second as he powers a punch into the man meant to knock him back down the hall.

"This is /stupid/ though! You can't assault SHIELD with some super agents and a jail break." A pause as he thinks out loud towards Zee. "This is gotta be more than this, JARVIS. What else is on this level?"

"This section is sealed off, sir. The only things here are the cells and the experimental labs."

"Great, Zee! I'm patching you into SHIELD coms." A tiny drone wizzes towards the witchy woman to drop a earpiece to her. "Phil! Pegster!" This into the coms of course. "You two at the labs or dancing with inmates?"

* * *

It'll be fine! Tony Stark says, as he repulsor-blasts a mook in the face.

"That's what you said the last time!" Zatanna cries. "Remember the last time?!"

The one attacker that drops, fast asleep, is spirited away by a portal that magically appears underneath him, whisking him away to safety. The rest of the slowed attackers? She starts to put to sleep as well.

"Well, you know me, spy stuff isn't usually my forte," she tells the inventor as she takes a few steps back, and calls up a barrier just in case they actually start shooting. "They could be after anything, though…I mean, this is SHIELD. Secrets are their currency. Do you want me to ask one of them?"

To the magician's credit, she would probably do just that, but backwards.

* * *

"I don't remember last time! I was in a coma!" Ah irony is lost on Tony Stark.

* * *

"What?" Coulson yells back at Peggy, because he didn't catch the original 'I know what I'm doing.' That was before he got there.

Coulson scrambles up on a floor made of ice. Hits the ground hard. His weapon spins across the floor. Swears just in time for his eyes to go wide as this woman's hand closes around his throat. One hand comes up to grip the wrist that's gripping him. But he's Coulson, and he keeps his cool. He digs in his pocket and brings out an honest-to-god tiny personal self-defense can of mace. He attempts to spray the woman who has him right in the eyes and mouth.

He hears Tony and manages a slightly choked off, "Dancing, definitely dancing…"

* * *

Past the chaos that she started in security, Mystique makes her way toward the labs. They are all on the sub levels and as she moves through the doors and the stairwells, each of them opens for her as if she has the highest level clearance she could want.

Knowing exactly where she is going, she is quick to find exactly what and who she is looking for - a mousy woman with tied back brown hair. Silo wears a SHIELD hoodie and a pair of jeans, but she is perched on a stool with quite a few monitors about her. Door shut or open as she manipulates codes and as the SHIELD agent enters, she raises an ICER toward the face that Mystique is wearing. "What are you doing here." It's both a question and a demand.

Peggy has been relying on the cover of the doorway to protect her. However, as it first superheats and then super cools, her shoulder leaning against it is first burned and then frostbitten. Dropping her gun in first pain and then annoyance, she is surprised when Eddie ducks right into her own cover. For a moment, she is wary, then, she notices that Eddie has a lanyard. Whatever that may mean.

The woman that Coulson maces was not at all expecting that. Rearing back in pain and anger, she smashes against the door behind him, doing a significant amount of damage to the metal there. "We have to get out of this kill box," she tells those around her. There is absolutely no tactical advantage here. "Head for the back door. Coulson! Use your clearance!" However, the door is still ajar, strangely. The metahumans remain focused on killing the person with Coulson's face.

Over the coms, Peggy hears first Tony and then Coulson. "I wouldn't consider this dancing," she replies with a strange sort of wryness to her voice despite the chaos that surrounds her and her team. "Where are you?"

Above, the slowed man with Extremis is hit again is hit with something and suddenly, the glow turns brighter, uncontrollable. The people behind him slow again, possibly leaning toward sleep. However, as if a chain reaction, an inner energy explodes out from within them, shattering against Tony and Zatanna.

* * *

Agent Mystique doesn't bother to raise hands. Instead solid yellow eyes momentarily flicker across her borrowed visage while she continues to approach Silo. "I am on retrieval, and it had best be ready for me. Time is not on our side."

Silo had been one hell of an asset for their mission thus far but if Mystique gets the impression that this other woman will at all get in the way of her objective then it will be an entirely brief setback.

As much as she would -like- the data to be ready for her to grab it and run, Silo's still working on it, which is ..irritating. The metamorph doesn't waste this time while waiting, looking for ways in which she might use the room to her advantage should SHIELD come knocking. The lab itself has to look untouched, nothing that would raise anyone's suspicion. But, if she happens to find something useful then she will definitely put it to use.

* * *

"S'up." Eddie says casually to Peggy as she uses the felled body of the Electro-metas as a brace for her elbows while she fires an ICER at the one producing fire. "I imagined meeting the boss lady would involve more martinis. They promised us martinis at orientation." I mean, what's the point of being a spy if you don't get to say 'stirred, not shaken because 007 was an idiot'? Nevermind the fact that Eddie isn't a baby Agent any more. "You're injured. Go, I'll provide cover fire."

* * *

"Yeah, where is the Pink Budgie when you need him." Tony tosses back to her comment on spy stuff before the Agents come diving towards him. He can match their speed though, at least for the moment. He's burning though his own energy fast at this point. "Actually, if you could that would be great." He adds towards Zee as he reaches out to grab one of the Agents by the throat and…

…and they start to glow.

"Hold that thought! Also fire in the hold!" He shouts as he does the most expideant thing he can do and fling the overloading Agent down the hallway as far as his own nanite-infused strength can. Backed up by the power armor. Which hopefully means far even, even as the others begin to chain react and…

"Oh that's not good…"

Turning to shield his eyes and Zee as much as he can. "We need to get two levels down to the labs!" A second one starts to overload as he braces himself. "If we survive this!"


Light. Pain. Heat. Impact against a wall. There are a lot of things that Tony Stark experiences in a short amount of time. The taste of his own blood. The strange buzzing of the Extremis in his skull. The odd sensation of flesh knitting itself back together as he pulls himself out of the near crater that the damnable blast left them.

"…my version of Extremis tastes like mangos."

…because of course that is the one thing he focuses on as he tries to figure out /if/ there is anything left to question.

* * *

One human agent against metahumans bent on killing him (again) and besmirching his good name while they're at it. Coulson ought to be concerned, maybe.

Indeed, even as the woman who had him by the throat drops him he finds himself sprawled on the floor again. Anyone sane would run through the open door to get some space without pausing for breath. But Coulson's sanity is more or less in question these days, and he's definitely not very afraid of death.

A tenser disc slips out of his sleeve. He hits the button, activates it, throws it down, and dives through the door that's ajar while some electricity of his own leaps up to try to zot the crap out of his own personal kill squad. Of course this could be real frying pan, fire stuff. But he takes his chances. Even if diving through this door might further besmirch his name, he doesn't really see another play.

It's gonna be real ironic if he ends up in cuffs before he breaks any laws.

* * *

"Who's that? A new superhero? Wow, he must be really secure."

But then Tony calls a warning, and she braces herself - the magical barrier around herself intensifies even as that sudden blast of energy sweeps towards them both. It sends Tony flying, but when the smoke clears, she pivots so she could race towards where he has landed, reaching down in an attempt to pull him up.

"These guys again," she grunts, remembering the Extremis plant that nearly took out the Titans Tower the last time. "Alright, cover me and I'll try to portal us down."

Her voice lowers, whispers a few words - a magical entryway opens up on the floor near them, giving them the space they need to drop down to where they need to be.

"Is there anyone left alive?" she wonders.

Well, it was a fair question, he did toss a human bomb down the hallway after all.

* * *

Mystique's eyes flash yellow and Silo's gun lowers. She was told to look for someone with Mystique's ability. "You folks don't mess around."

Seeing Mystique's borrowed face twist in annoyance, she rolls her eyes. "Look, even with what I have I don't have Level 10 clearance. I had to hack a lot. Theres no true samples here, it's all labelled 0-8-4 and stashed in some warehouse somewhere. We've got a diluted samples in these vials." She gestures at a stand that holds four test tubes of colors that are - frankly - disappointing in color. They look like variations of colors of light to neon blue.

"One sec." A button is pushed and it doesn't sound like anything, however all of the sudden to Zatanna, something shifts. A barrier snaps up, cutting herself out from the outside. Everywhere else? The main lights flicker and then turn off and all that remains is the red emergency lighting. Sirens start to sound not only on the security level, but everywhere.

Coulson tosses a tenser disc and it explodes, temporarily stunning everyone in the area. This includes some of the SHIELD agents…Peggy is one of them. She steps forward, prepared to be protected by Eddie's cover fire and suddenly is hit by paralysis.

Coulson is through the door and away from his attackers and Eddie is, luckily, out of the blast that Peggy is caught immediately in. She can follow. After recovery, Peggy contacts Tony again. "Tony…I hate to ask this…but if you've got any other help that can be under the radar? I think we may need it. This may be an all hands on deck situation."

The taste of mangos are strong as explosions ring out and Zatanna creates a barrier between floors. It's harder for her than it should be, however, they both drop onto a hallway that looks like the labs.

* * *

"Of course not. Now hurry up."

Something explodes overhead. It sounds like there's a few levels separating the metamorph and hacker from it but explosions like that are Not Good. It will be more difficult to finish their work if significant portions of the Triskelion begin to violently disappear.

Silo is lucky that she has the data ready when she does. Much longer and it likely would have cost the woman her life. Mystique doesn't much care whose form she has to steal in order to leave this place uncontested. Still, as soon as bodies are left behind then it all goes to Hell real fast.

As it turns out she still has need of Silo's skills. Somehow she engages a barrier around the labs. Mystique isn't asking questions. Instead she's looking at those vials with something of a grim expression.

"I was expecting more in the line of documentation," she laments while retrieving those few diluted samples. She's feeling like a sitting duck. This feeling does not agree with her. Another morph turns her into none other than Peggy Carter, someone which she can both reliably copy and have enough sway to order people out of the labs if they come storming in.

As for those vials? It's not a very comfortable experience but she can absorb the entire vessels right into herself, hidden beneath the skin of her legs. Barring any immense catastrophes the vials and her should both be safe, though only two of the four are hidden this way. The other two stay behind. It's a risk, but one which seems worth taking.

"Get me everything that you can, dear, Peggystique tells Silo. "I must be on my way."

* * *

There is a hiss of breath from Eddie as Peggy gets stunned by the tenser disk. Whoopsie. Blissfully unaffected herself, once it clears, she rushes forward and into the hall, putting herself between Peggy and any remaining threats, starting to back them both towards the gapped open doorway and Phil, providing cover fire as promised. This feels like a losing battle and it's time to retreat to somewhere safer and regroup.

* * *

"Well, Phil. If you're dancing I really hope you're in the lead. Cause it sounds like a hell of a party." A pause as he talks tot he SHILED agents. "Any other help? Well yeah…the baby triplets were visiting some of the upper decks. JARVIS! Call those three and get them moving. Tell Speed to make a mess of everything, and get Impulse too if he's in town." Stark replies towards Peggy even as the portal opens and they drop down a level. Away from the twisted bodies and the ruined hallway created by the explosion of multiple of what is in effect human bombs. Very tough human bombs. "…thanks for that sleep thing by the way." He adds back towards Zee. "Those bastards are hard to put down without magic…but….it is totally too quiet around here…" All the action is up above…tilting his head up he draws a deep breath.

"JARVIS? Just burn out a sub-module and get the prototype down here. I think I'll need it." He can apologize to people later as the delivery capsule takes the expedient path down and starts to simply burrow down to his level.

"Also I totally call Red Robin that." He adds again towards Zee, snapping between conversations at the speed of thought. "Come on, door should be this way. This being so quiet makes me nervous. All the distractions are on the upper levels." A pause again.

"Phil, Peggy, the hell do you keep in these labs. I think someone might be down here."

"…also," Back to Zee again. "Someone killed the lights." He has no idea about any barrier though. "That isn't good isn't it. JARVIS? See if you can crack whoever is in control."

* * *

"The jailbreak is a distraction," Coulson tells Tony through the comm, his jaw hard. He has no other evidence but field experience. Thirty years of watching patterns, analyzing them, planning ops, running ops, being in the field doing the ops.

The hallway leads out into a stairwell. It's the same instinct that has him asking himself what else is on this level. Labs. He comes to the conclusion a split second before Tony asks the question. "A lot," he tells him. "I'm heading up."

He turns to see if he has any back-up, but Eddie's advance is too slow for him. So he starts sprinting up the stairs alone, hitting security doors with his clearance card to bypass them fast. Pushing hard to get to the labs as of yesterday.

Once on that floor, Phil grabs his actual gun out of the holster under his jacket. He starts quickly opening lab doors and ducking in long enough to clear those rooms. He'll be back on Mystique and Silo in a matter of minutes. He can't narrow them down, at least. There's not a single one of these things that doesn't have something of interest in them.

* * *

It takes some doing, but they reach the hallway that Tony wants to reach, with its glaring red security lights flashing down the empty path.

"Oh, god, no wonder he sighs every time I mention you," Zatanna replies to Tony regarding 'Pink Budgie' as she follows him down the hall, rubbing her knuckles absently. "Anyway, all this is kind of weird, Tony…something's preventing me from using my magic as effectively as usual. Nothing I can't get around, but it's irritating….it feels like reality's turn to rubber when it's usually like clay to me."

All this quiet is making me nervous.

"Just means we've got the right thread to pull on, right?" she says, as always so willing to look at the brighter side of a situation. Her bootsteps sound damningly loud as she follows the tech billionaire to the door at the end of the hall, frowning as she looks around.

* * *

As Mystique absorbs the vials into her body, it feels more than just uncomfortable. In fact, it feels wrong and almost painful. Something within those vials was not meant to mix with mutants.

"I thought you guys wanted all documentation deleted." Silo frowns, but pulls out a USB key. Since we're in a hurry, this has all of it. I figured you wanted to smash it under your heel or something." She looks at Peggystique and frowns. "That's just downright creepy, you know that? You should get going. It's all purged from the SHIELD systems.."

Tony and Zatanna fall onto the lab floors and it is certainly just as creepy as it would have been above ground. The lights have turned off and it's only red lights and sirens now. Tony is certainly right, there is someone in the labs, though they cannot see nor hear them just yet.

Across the speaker system, a calm if somewhat robotic voice will sound. It's British, but not JARVIS: "All Agents, Emergency Protocol 0 - 0 - 1 - Alpha - Zulu." It will take a few more moments and then it will repeat again.

At least it is no longer quiet?

Tony and Zatanna practically run into Phil and then Eddie as they stalk the noises they hear.

* * *

Peggystique hisses inwardly at the feeling coming from those vials. They're sealed, she shouldn't be feeling -anything- from them! She's really starting to have second thoughts about taking them with her. Maybe a pocket would be a better option.

The matter is still being debated as she comes up behind Silo and places hands upon the hacker's shoulders, leaning in closer to peer over the other woman to the screen which she works on. "I would suggest that you have an air-tight alibi if you wish to survive this ordeal," is gently spoken into her ear.

Then the shapeshifter takes first the offered USB drive, then Silo's ICER. Silo won't need it. She's busy doing computery stuff.

Every minute that passes digs the mutant into a deeper hole she's going to have to think her way out of. There aren't enough key figures for her to copy and chances are quite good that the real Carter is still out there, alive and fighting. The option of subtlety is rapidly disappearing. She's going to have to move up to confusion tactics.

"Make absolutely certain that the data has been completely removed from SHIELD's possession," she presses. That part of the plan has not changed any. Then she's looking upward at the wall speakers with a humorless smirk. "And I do believe the fat lady is about to sing."

The ICER is given a quick check for a chambered round as she heads toward the door, ready to hit the ground running. ..Sort of. She's moving a bit more stiff than usual with the feeling of those vials and whatever chemical horrors they contain.

Bug-out time is go!

* * *

There is that unsettling sound as electricity turns off throughout a building, mainly the sudden absence of it. Even the subtle hum of the emergency lights doesn't seem to replace it. Eddie's face is cast in that ugly red color as she spills out onto the lab floor behind Coulson, splitting from him to check opposing rooms because there is no time to do a thorough team sweep of each, but she has an advantage. Even if it is one she's loathe to use. Instead of entering each room, Eddie is dialing down the frequency on her bracer and is prepared to touch each door in passing to find the one that was perhaps maliciously entered.

* * *

"I'm pretty sure the sigh is because I shared that gem with Owen, man has never forgotten." A longer pause. "Or maybe its because I build Impulse's cat a suit of armor. Who knows really. Could be a lot of things. We can figure it out once we find out who is down here and punch the truth out of them." A beatpause. "Or you just ask them nicely. Backwards."

A frown though as he hears that Zee's magic is being dampened. "Well JARVIS is telling me someone just initiated full evacuation and lockdown protocols. Which I'm pretty sure only higher level agents should be able to do but Peg and Phil haven't ye—"

Which is when he rounds the corner and nearly face first into said Phil and Eddie. "Ah! Speak of the devil etc etc. SO! You activate those bug out protocols? Cause JARVIS said it looks official which means either it is, or you've been hacked. At the kids in the movies say."

A longer pause.

"…wait. Reality turning into rubber?" A longer pause. "…please. /Please/ don't tell me we have a reality bender to deal with." A pause. "Because I just sent Wiccan to deal with whoever is doing that and oh man that is not going to end well. Especially since the only other reality warper I know is red and hangs out with her brother the asshole that ripped my heart out."

A pause.

"Right. So. One thing at a time! Lets get this lab open Phil and….Phil's intern?" A quirked eyebrow towards Eddie.

* * *

"I'm fine with asking whoever it is some very incisive questions backwards," Zatanna tells Tony as they head further down the spooky hallway, her frown deepening at the mention of lockdown protocols only someone with a high-level clearance can activate. "Maybe something else is happening on the other side of the Triskelion that's bad enough to warrant it— "

She stops short when Phil and Eddie come into view, though she doesn't throw a spell once she recognizes at least one of them. "Oh, hey Agent Coulson," she says. She hasn't seen the man since…well, Siberia, where he judged her for not being able to hold a gun properly.

Please don't tell me we have a reality bender to deal with.

"I'm not discounting that possibility," she murmurs, ice-blue eyes narrowing faintly. "And I know precisely who you're talking about." The last time Zatanna encountered the Scarlet Witch, it was during a Stark Industries gala. It went poorly for both women.

Though the mention of Wiccan has her shifting her glance to Tony. "Wait, who's Wiccan?"

But the call to get the lab open has the young witch taking a few steps back, just in case something savory jumps out the moment the doors slide open.

* * *

Why, out of all the people in the world, had Coulson been weird about going to see Tony, of all people?

The thought races across the elder spy's mind as he just says, "Tony, Zatanna," and gets them into the lab. "I haven't had a chance, no, but that's next." Time to deploy the erasure program. Only now instead of erasing only the data he wanted erased, it's time to erase just about everything he can get to. So he sprints to the nearest computer and puts his gun down beside it, plugging a drive in to follow the orders. He pulls up a command screen and starts rapid-fire typing into it.

* * *

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* * *

Silo watches Peggstique for a few more minutes, still a bit unnerved to see the mutant shift forms like that in front of her. Her eyes drift back to her computer screen, fingers still moving even as her eyes continually drift back to the other woman. When the ICER is taken, she protests: "Hey, that's mine." There's distrust there. Being a spy, she practically expects Mystique to turn on her. "The minute I see you leave the room, I'll hit the final clean that will erase it not only from the server, but there will not be any mentions of it on any digital record."

She looks up meaningfully at Mystique. "Once you're gone." Or as much as she can assume Mystique is gone. It's entirely possible the shapeshifter would simply change faces and double back. However, there's only so many precautions she can take. As soon as Mystique is gone, she hits enter on the last string of code. Still typing away, Silo pulls out her own USB key from the back of one of her monitors and slips it into her pocket.

Above them, it's hard to tell what is going on. That barrier remains for the time being, making it difficult for Zatanna to cast. Above them, they start to hear crashing, something possibly breaking through the reinforced floors.

As Eddie touches the door handles, she'll see and feel the flashes of terrified lab techs fleeing the premises minutes before. Was that only minutes ago?

Coulson opens the nearest door, apparently not on the pursuit just yet. He has other plans. The drive plugs in and he types in all the commands correctly. Shortly, a terminal pops up and strings of code starts to roll downward as it searches through servers and then starts to erase them.

* * *

"I need it more," Mystique tells Silo about the 'borrowing' of her ICER. "Now stay focused on your task." As soon as she leaves the room? Very well. She'd best get on with it, then.

Her plans have changed somewhat now that the building-wide alert has been triggered. The blue mutant has what she came for, now she has to get out of here without raising suspicion. Having two Peggy Carters running around is no longer the winning strategy. Before the door to the labs can open she morphs into Random SHIELD Tech #127. Or so she tries to.

The inclusion of those two hidden vials suddenly has her hand darting out to the wall for support as she bites back a sudden urge to yelp. What should have been a simple, thoughtless, nearly instantaneous shift into another form has become difficult, complicated, and bizarrely painful.

She needs to get out of here, -fast,- so those vials can be put somewhere other than upon her own person.

A hard edge of determination settles into place as the color of her hair blends into a darker brown. It almost robbed the mutant of her breath! Either this form has to see her mission to completion or those vials are going to have to go, because she won't be able to keep this up.

Though, this does seem to confirm the rumors about those vials and the research she now possesses. SHIELD has been developing a weapon which targets mutants.

And for that..they will burn.

The door to the lab opens and one more glance is passed back to Silo. Her work had best be done to perfection or Silo will become Mystique's next target.

* * *

"So that's what we're calling it these days." Morales responds sardonically to Tony calling her 'intern', "Hot damn. Iron Man. We really are screwed." She reflects. "Sorry, no time to fangirl. Taking my panties off to throw would waste precious time." As she touches another door, Eddie feels the strange tingle that typically leaves her with an immediate headache. She winces, expecting the worst, knowing that she can't afford to go catatonic with her visions, but with the help of the dampeners she blissfully can keep moving. Instead of seeing what's in front of her, she's getting flashes of the past interspersed with reality, so the repeating robotic voice giving the bug out warning is overlaying the image of fleeing techs. "C'mon…c'mon…"

* * *

"Fine then, Fangirl."

…and with those words, Eddie's fate is sealed.

There is a tilt of his head as he hears those crashes above him. A wide and wicked smile that spreads accross his face. "Hey Phil, I'd say tell Fury I'm sorry for this. But…you know…I'm really not."

Which is when the ceiling above and to the left of them flashes to a sudden white hot state and then runs into liquid as it falls. A slash of faint sunlight crosses the floor as a red and gold metal /thing/ melts though the concrete.

Looking up there might be able to see the faint bit of sunlight and possibly the faces of a few agents wondering just what the hell happened. The strange cylinder like piece of metal arcs towards Tony's back, impacting there and causing him to stagger just slightly before he smirks.

"And panty throwing can begin in three…two…"

The armor piece doesn't so much as unfold as others have. It doesn't clamshell out to envelop him as most of the older versions. No, it nearly seems to flow like liquid over the man, first silver looking almost like a muscle system before moments later the silver hardens to that familiar red and gold armor of his.

It flows up his neck, closing over his face as the man throws his glasses over his shoulder, eclipsing the smirk that can be heard if not seen now as the eyes light up with power, flashing in the dim red emergency alarms.

"You like it?" He asks Zee and Phil. "Trying something new. Anyway. Wiccan is the new kid on the Avengers, you'd like him. He wiggles fingers and things happen. Runs around with this kid named Speed who lives up to his name." A pause. "You know they remind me of…" A longer pause. "…yeah no not gonna think on that now or ever. Anyway! They are upstairs helping. I think…" A pause. "Well Wiccan is helping. Speed might be trying to impress a girl. Not that I can fault him for that."

One hand is raised towards the lab door.

"Hey, Fangirl. Mind stepping back, I think I'll be using the universal key here."

* * *

Phil Coulson watches line after line after line. And starts when he realizes….

Some is already gone.

He has his guesses as to what.

And has a very strange moment, really, where he realizes he and the Brotherhood, briefly, 100% had the same goal. His plan was a lot less…messy and murdery and scary people getting out and alarms sounding and crashes and God-knows-what-all, but he had definitely planned to get rid of this very data.

He narrows his eyes thoughtfully. There is more data to get, though. Data they can't get. Maybe he can. Legally. Without exposing Daisy or Ulysses. Which. Would be nice.

He calls Nick Fury. And growls when he gets voicemail. That would have been a quick, easy, straight shot to destroying the last of it.

And then Tony's blowing holes in the place. "Yes, it's wonderful, Tony," he says, a little sourly. "I'm not throwing my boxers at you either."

* * *

The reason Phil's call goes straight to voicemail is made clear. After a few more cycles of the British voice calling for emergency protocol, Fury's own cuts it off: "This is Director Fury. Forget Emergency Protocol. Agents, look around you. Whoever's got the highest level clearance is your new team leader. I don't care if they're the mail carriers or coffee fetchers. Team leaders, congratulations on the promotion, get your team out. Be smart, leave the superheroing for the Avengers and regroup at outpost Fife Sierra Papa."

As the second the door opens, Silo instinctively ducks, but then sees an anonymous lab tech that still has that tone of voice that Peggystique had. "It's done," she confirms. Standing, she starts to shut down her laptop and then shoves all the monitors and other equipment to the ground, shattering them. "The timer's ticking. For all of us." Her timing is impeccable because as she says that, a blast flings the main door to the lab open.

Eddie pulls her hand back from the main door and as she does so, she catches a quick vision of Peggy Carter moving through this door. Recently. Wasn't she still in security? Then, as she steps back, Tony blows the door open.

In front of the team, is another hallway. There are more doorways, some remain ajar. A few sheets of paper lay scattered. The vibe is like they have suddenly found themselves in a creepy apocalypse aftermath.

* * *

The Triskelion is going to Hell very quickly. As far as Mystique is concerned, this is a good look for SHIELD! Disorganized. Ruined. In a panic state. Oh, and now she's heard Fury's own voice on the intercoms… The Director has said -plenty.- Here's one more form she can get a much more accurate copy of. Thanks for that!

Then something suitably big and nasty blasts open the main lab door, prompting Agent Mysti to duck and cover. ..So. There's an exit. She only has to get around whatever's waiting on the other si—

That's freaking Iron Man. And guests. Finding a lower level agent to simulate was definitely the right call, this could have led to some very awkward questions with one of the heavy-hitters on site.

Upon finding out who's behind blowing open the doors she lowers her ICER. "Welcome to the party. C'mon, we've gotta get moving!"

Act like you belong here and most people will believe it to be true. Just another freaked out agent trying to run to safety, nothing to see here!

* * *

Fangirl. Sure. Why not. "I'm not trying to open them, I'm trying to…" You know what, she's not going to argue, not with a newly besuited Avenger who has more fire power in his little pinky's hangnail than she does in that side arm of hers. She backs away from the door with hands raised in capitulation as the blast goes off, entering the hallway before she turns her attention to the walls, running fingers along the surface as she continues trying to find at least where the target was. Calling back, "You get us out of this, you can have all the panties of ever. I'll never wear underwear again."

Then, "Phil, does Agent Carter frequent the labs?" Because if it wasn't an emotionally charged instance, it shouldn't have been so clear and she's already seen two Coulson's today. There is a growl of frustration from the Hashmark aka Fangirl as she passes the Mystiqued Agent, ignoring the panicked warning. Fury said Phil's in charge of the immediate area, even if he weren't her CO already, that's all that matters to Eddie.

* * *

"JARVIS? Peggy still in the cell block?" Asks Iron Man as he steps forwards into the breach he just made. Because he heard the newly dubbed Fangirl just asking about that. One hand glows as he sweeps it around the first hallway, seeing only a frightened Agent.

"Yeah well, I am moving. Anyone else left alive in here?" He asks as he takes a few more steps into the lab, looking for survivors.

"Phil! You know what they were looking for?" A pause. "I mean I know its spystuff so you don't have to tell me but as long as you know I can just find out later."

He totally will find out later. Just so everyone knows.

Just in case though the eyes of the suit suddenly gleam as it goes into full scan mode, looking for any inconsistency out of place. As well as other people alive in here. He doesn't want to get ambushed while trying to rescue people.

…that happens way too often.

Those scanning systems rest on the form of Agent Mysti for a moment before they pass on to the rest of the room, the AI in the suit running the calculations at lightning speed.

* * *

"Agent Carter frequents whatever the Hell Agent Carter wants to frequent," Phil says absently, as he yanks the thumbdrive out. "She's Agent freaking Carter." From anyone else these would have been vehement words. From Phil they're calm, measured, sort of like a guy reporting on when the pizza delivery guy is expected to arrive. He nods to the young Random Agent he doesn't recognize and says, "You're okay now. You're with us. Let's go. If we spot any survivors on our way through we stop to pull them out. Otherwise, keep moving."

Only the barest of microexpressions, the barest shadow flickering across his eyes, reacts to the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the building that has served as a representation of everything that is home, family, and meaning to him. His jaw firms, goes stubborn and stoic.

Without a word, and with definitely no more banter, with little more than gestures and action, Agent Coulson encourages the group to keep moving. Tony asks if he knows, and he nods shortly. "Now is not the time to discuss it, however," he says.

* * *

Silo steps out of the lab shortly after the 'lower level agent'. She heard the explosion and exits, SHIELD hoodie pulled about her. Agent Bradbury, as some may know her, looks scared and also confused. She works in the labs in the computer department. "I-Iron Man? Agent Coulson?" What are they doing here? Her very tone drips fear and confusion. "What's going on?"

Tony can hear in his helmet: "Yes, sir, from what I can tell, Agent Carter is in the Security levels."

Above them something shifts. Zatanna can feel the magic shield that has been keeping everything hard for her to cast suddenly just dissipate as if it was never there. Through the crashed flooring Iron Man's suit made, there is the distinct sound of far away screaming.

The Mystique Agent seems quite easily absorbed into the group.

Then, after a moment, the flooring shudders. Above them the unmistakeable sound of support beams shrieking in protest can be heard.

* * *

"Just one!" the faux Agent calls back to Iron Man while hooking a thumb over her shoulder. For as much as Mystique is hyped up on getting out of the labs she has to hesitate when the glowing eyes of that armored suit fall upon her. She even tries to make light of the moment with a world-class Poker face.

"Not the time to be checking me out, pal."

The others accompanying the Avenger are noted one at a time through her hasty retreat. Or..would-be hasty retreat. There's that Coulson guy again! He's got a higher security clearance, which means keeping up the act requires her taking orders from the man she had first copied, then attempted to frame, then attempted to kill.

This is getting to be rather exciting!

A simple nod is given to Coulson, ready to follow his lead.

A slight stiffness has settled into her motions, however. Her performance masks the worst of it but the tension within her jaw isn't due to anger or grief. It's because she's constantly having to fight the acidic-like burn aching within her legs like two bad muscle cramps which only threaten to grow worse.

This is going to hurt if she has to make a run for it. Though maybe it won't hurt as much as having the entire building collapsing on top of them all. They should really have done a better job with reinforcing this building!

* * *

As the floor vibrates, Eddie momentarily stops moving, hands outspread as if she's waiting to see if the ground is going to give out beneath her. Time's up. From Phil's response, he seems to know what was being sought after and therefore Eddie can make a good guess. Which means she's failed. Lips thinned out into a flat expression, Morales stops seeking answers with her Psychometry and just falls in line to GTFO.

* * *

"Sorry darling," Stark almost lazily replies towards the agent. "I have a rep to uphold and all." Then Silo comes stumbling out and Stark just shakes his head. "Phil why do you always hide the ladies from me. As for what's going on? Nothing good."

The groan of structural systems from above echos down the corridors and the readouts inside the suit scream warnings of iminante collapse into his ears. "Right someone is bringing the house down, so its time to get out of the damn pool. Zee!" He raises his voice as he starts to retreat. "I really hope you have one of those portals left in you! I can buy you some time but…"

There is a jeark of a armored head towards the hole in the ceiling.

"Otherwise get climbing!"

* * *

Get climbing? For the moment Phil looks skeptical. That floor is awfully high. Unsure if Zee does have a new portal in her, he just sighs and finds some rubble to climb atop. Then he offers a hand to Agent Mystique. "Come on, I'll give you a boost. Tony, we're probably better served by you flying as many of these fine people with us here out than we are by you trying to hold up the building or whatever madness you've got planned. I don't know that they can climb this fast enough."

* * *

Everyone starts to climb. Phil is quick to get Agent Mystique up into the next floor, but his assessment is quite correct. This will take far too much time to get them all safely out. There are more than a dozen floors to traverse like this and everyone boosting each other up will take quite a bit more time than it seems the structure will allow.

The hole through the floors show an Agent Peggy Carter below them with another team of Agents moving similarly. Above them, others are curiously looking about to try and figure exactly what has happened that blew a hole through their floors like this. There are quite a few more people trying to escape than just those in the lab.

Above them, colors start to form: silver, magenta, green. Everything is starting to shake and rock. The foundation is no longer steady.

* * *

Oho, this is rich! He'll probably be kicking himself until the end of eternity if he ever comes to realize that he's helping the spy to escape first! Until then, Agent Mystique holsters the ICER and takes Coulson's offered hand.

How many levels did they have to climb through to get outside, again..? Ugh, GOD her legs are going to be unhappy with this!

Once helped up to the next level she actually sticks around to help the rest of SHIELD's finest to escape. Trying to make a run for it now would so not end well for her, so… "Hang on!"

Oh hey, and there's Agent Carter as well! The gang's all coming together. The changing colors is ..unnerving. Mystique isn't sure just what might be causing that! It isn't going to matter if they (she) don't (doesn't) get out in time. "We need a faster route, this isn't going to work!" Calling to Iron Man, she suggests "Can't you just blow a hole in the wall?"

* * *

In order to climb, Eddie must stow her weapon. Reluctantly it gets shoved in the holster at her hip and out of habit her gloves are pulled back on in hasty tugs. Climb. So climb she does, accepting a hand when necessary despite her normal distaste for physical contact. "Never…" She throws a leg over the upper floor and finishes hoisting herself up. "..thought I'd say this, but I'd give my left nut for a zip line." And never thought she'd be thinking about an archer in Gotham at a time like this.

* * *

"If you're going to go around giving up your nuts you don't settle for a zipline. You go rocket backpack," Phil grunts, as he goes to help Silo up next.

* * *

As Coulson and the others manage to climb up a floor, a large coil of rope abruptly falls from above and lands near Mystique and the others. There's more than enough there to reach down past where Peggy is, and a moment later two more similarly sized coils — though one seems to be CAT6 cabling and not actual rope — follow.

"Coulson," a possibly familiar voice calls down through the holes in the floors, "I've jerry rigged a pulley system. Can't promise, but it might make climbing fast…" Agent May's voice cuts off abruptly, and then a few smaller pieces of debris fall from above as if kicked. Then after a couple more seconds, her voice returns. "Still have hostiles up here," she yells down again, sounding a bit strained.

* * *

"Yeah well, I can't do a zipline but…" Stark…whistles. A high pitched sharp sound and…

And little drones suddenly come zipping down the hole. Only about half a dozen of them, basketball sized little hovering things. "Grab on! They should be able to get people out while…I…"

Why is the light above turning different colors?

"Oh great. Now the world thinks its Christmas. Dammit world that's Luke's thing. Don't take it from him.

But suddenly cabling is spooling down the hole. "Ace! Go help May, the rest of you help people climb!" He shouts as drones zip on to work.

Stark though? He doesn't move. At least not yet. Instead he raises a hand towards the ceiling as his armor flows almost like water up to brace and reinforce this floor.

"May if that's you I could kiss you if I didn't think you'd shoot me for it!" He calls up as he acts as an anchor to try to keep things stable enough for the moment to get those below out.

* * *

"I wouldn't shoot you, Stark. I'd just put a knife in your ribs." May calls back at the inventor.

* * *

Phil grabs onto a drone, because he can't climb and shoot, but he can zip up on a drone and shoot. And as soon as he is up there and sees what hostiles May is talking about? He's going to try to ruthlessly drop one, one arm slung over the drone, the other holding his sidearm. "Agent May," he says. "Excellent timing as always."

Lights everywhere.

"This seems fine."

* * *

Above them, the structure shakes even more. Tony stays behind to keep up the floor between the lower and the upper. Even as he does so, he can feel the structure starting to collapse around him. This is a losing battle. This building is coming down. The fact that it is still standing right now is something of a miracle.

Below, agents start to climb up the large coil of rope tossed down by Agent May. Many are injured, it's clear that many of them tangled with the metahumans below. The others that climb up are in the bright blue uniforms given to those that were in holding. For now, it seems they are cooperating. Not until all of them have started to climb does Peggy follow behind them. "Keep climbing!" She calls out. She's not sure what is going on above them, but it doesn't sound good.

Above, May tosses down the cable and then is immediately met with a SHIELD agent tossed at her - the hostile she's fighting clearly wanting to toss him into the hole and down the multiple floors down the basement.

Half a dozen floors above the cabling May has tossed down them is the hallway that leads to the Atrium. The building groans again in protest. Through the hole things start to careen downward: desks, marble, concrete, office supplies.

* * *

The timely yet unexpected addition of a rope dropped from above will help with climbing, alright. It will also make for a positively -miserable- metamorph. This is also why you never skip leg day.

Or..y'know. She could catch a drone. Because apparently that's also a thing now. Taking a drone is way easier, so a drone it is. Coulson has the right idea in having a hand free for a gun, too.

"Nothing to worry about at all," she seconds while making note of 'May,' her voice, and her appearance. One never knows when these details might come in handy!

In return she does something which could be taken as a thoughtful gesture, albeit a bit late due to the travel time involved. It appears that someone has it in for May and as it turns out Mystique will have a pretty good chance to take an ICER shot or two at the guy while she takes the express elevator up to the Atrium.

Mysti has been surrounded by threats since the moment she had set foot through the front doors. May's doing the mutant a favor by giving her something she can shoot at without compromising her cover!

* * *

May risks a glance down at them, and she looks mostly intact — just a bit of blood at her left temple and lots of dust on her dark outfit. When the other agent is flung in her direction, she catches the unfortunate person by one arm and uses their momentum with a bit of modified Aikido to redirect him back away from the hole between the floors and also away from the badguy that tossed him. The poor guy's likely still not going to have a soft landing, but at least he won't be FALLING.

May then calls down again. "Tell the climbers to hang on." Then she says something less distinct, and from the level she's on, the ropes (and cabling) start getting pulled up, making the climb hopefully faster. It's not super fast, but it should help. Hopefully.

She disappears from the edge of the hole again as the people taking the drone express get to her level, and she's charging towarda man who is flinging heavy objects like toys and glowing like he's got hot coals under his skin.

* * *

"Rocket pack. Noted. I wonder what the going rate for a tit is." Eddie grips one of the dangling ropes, hooking her feet into it and pinching it there until she gets her bearings and she can start climbing. Just like gym class. She hated gym class. "Scratch the underwear, Stark." She comments as she sees a drone zip by, letting those that are more injured use it as need be. "You get all the undergarments now. Garters. Bras.." Grunting, she occupies her brain with naming things off as she climbs, pausing at the next floor to help another escapee onto the rope above her. "Corsets…HEADS UP!" She calls as a desk tips over the edge, bracing her foot against a broken girder and giving heavy shove to send them hopefully swinging out of the way.

* * *

"You know Fangirl," Stark says with a growl as he pushes his suit to the limit to try to maintain at least a moment of stability. "You should be careful what you promise. I might hold you to it!" One of the smaller reactors set into the leg of the suit flickers and dies as Stark curses under his breath.

"Sir," JARVIS sounds worried. "The suit was not meant to stand up to this kind of stress…"

"Yeah that is why they call it a stress test buddy, just tell me when we get everyone out of that hole." Stark shoots back as he watches the fracture points of his armor start. "Link my personal reactor to the suit and boost generation output by ten percent. Should give them another minute or two…"

He'll figure out how to get out of here himself after that.

"Peg! Get going! JARVIS says the whole damn building is coming down!"

* * *

Phil stops shooting. A rain of objects makes shooting a bad plan. He could hit a friendly. So he shoves the gun back in its holster and observes everything with a grim cast to his mouth.

He makes for a strange sight, an older man on a drone headed up through a rain of crap. He fails to dodge a rather massive coffee cup in time and it sort of shatters on his head. He winces, closing on eye. Seriously, who needs a coffee cup roughly the size of a bowling ball?

But the real oddity is how utterly unafraid he looks. He's got concerned-eyes going on for agents down below, but for his part he just looks irritated, like he wishes this drone would hurry up, and thoughtful. Going back over everything he knows, everything he's seen. Since there's nothing else he can do right now (except perhaps speculate on whether a tit would have been good for a teleportation device, which seems legit to him, at least), he starts moving puzzle pieces around in his mind as he looks upwards towards the evacuation route, cool hazel eyes lighting with some consideration on everyone he knows to have been working on the science level.

* * *

Silo is lifted upward by Coulson and she takes a firm grip on that dropped down cord. "Thanks!" She breathlessly tells him even as she starts the climb upward.

The people below them are making slow progress upward on the cable. Those climbing stop their ascent to merely hold on and those attached quickly ascend toward May's level. The cable starts to pull up past Peggy. A hand reaches out toward the cable, but she doesn't yet grab it. "I'll leave when you do!" She calls out to him, stubborn till the end. "You can't keep the whole building up yourself! You'll kill yourself! We'll go together! I'm not going to leave you behind."

Mystique takes the express elevator in the form of Tony's helpful drone up toward the Atrium where chaos reins. This is what she wanted: the organization is certainly going to be punished.

Supplies continue to crash downward on those, but for those attached to the cables make their way up to May's level. There, two 'agent's dressed as if they belong glow brightly and attempt to stymie May's rescue attempts. The agent she tosses back onto the ground lands with a pained huff, but he's alive. May charges toward the man and he takes it like a padded wall and then glows all the brighter. He roars, looking ready to explode.

As Eddie makes her way upward, she can start to feel things even through her bracers and not even needing to touch things. There is extreme emotion flooding all about these upper levels. The floors, the debris, the air itself is filled with it: pain, anger, rage.

* * *

This is Mystique's cue to exit stage left. All of the others are caught up in fighting, rescuing, or keeping the building from collapsing. The drone got her where she needs to be faster than most of the others.

And so long as Coulson's attention remains focused elsewhere she won't have to shoot him on her way out the door. Tempting as it may be. (He did shoot first!)

There's no salute, no sarcastic gesture or remark offered. She simply disappears back into the world with some pretty damning evidence many people are going to one day wish she did not possess.

* * *

Great. Now her bracers are malfunctioning - or at least she assumes. That's all Eddie needs as she rolls onto the next level, having to abandon climbing as a hand flies to her head, grinding a gloved palm into her eye as if that can alleviate the sensation of getting hit with all those feelings at once. It's almost debilitating, causing her to struggle to get to her feet. "He's…he's gonna blow.." She tries to warn those around her of the glowing man, but her voice comes out far less forceful and far more meek than she meant.

* * *

May watches the roaring Extremis-goon with narrowed eyes for a second, then breaks as if to make a run for it. Instead, she skids to a stop a few feet away and scoops up a Class B&C fire extinguisher. For a second, it looks like she's going to throw it, but then she sets it off in Mr. Firebrand's face. Fingers crossed it'll drop his temperature enough that he be less at risk of exploding.

At the same time, she shouts at the agents working the pulleys and whoever else can contribute (the drones? Ace?), "Get those pulleys up top! Now!"

* * *

"I'm fine!" Tony shouts back as yet another of the smaller reactors flickers and dies. This time with a long plume of black smoke and a few sparks. "It's supposed to do that!" More cracks in the arm of that suit of his. "And that. It's fine! Everything is fine!"

The floor under him cracks.


"Sir…full structural failure of the lower levels in less than thirty seconds."

"FINE!" He finally says towards Peggy. "But I'm totally princess carrying you out of here!"

Because he's the worst.

"PHIL!" This over the coms. "MAY! FANGIRL! WHOEVER ELSE CAN HEAR! You got less than sixty to get clear before this place comes down!"

And he abandons his post, armor flowing back into its more standard form as he turns to charge towards Peggy, fully intent on scooping her up on the way out.

* * *

Phil's eyes briefly flicker at Silo, and he gives her an easy smile. "Not a problem," he says.

And then Tony is shouting, and some guy is about to explode. He actually hauls Silo up into the crook of his arm, then looks around the drone. C'mon, there's gotta be like a booster button…Tony always adds the goddamn extra booster button…There! "Hang on," he tells the agent. Then he hits the button and hangs on himself, even as he leans as he zooms by to grab one of those pully ropes. Letting the momentum and the weight of himself and the drone and Silo do the job of hauling whomever is on the end of those straight up. Fast.

* * *

"It doesn't sound like everything is fine, Tony!" Peggy yells back across the crumbling building around them, through the scrambling of the agents trying to make their way up to the Atrium. She's going to save everyone she can from here. That includes Tony despite his mission to keep an entire building standing.

As Tony flies down and scoops her up, she adjusts herself and tells him, confident. "Fine! But just so you are aware, I was the one that allowed this to happen." Her accent is prim, but also thankful.

May's retreat and dousing of the man in extinguishing fluid gives those on the floor enough time to back up and grab onto the cable that is now being pulled upward by Coulson and Stark's drone. It slows down the process and his glowing is either obscured or otherwise tempered by the flame retardant substance. As May moves backward, she steps right next to Eddie, crouched down by the strong psychic powers that are permeating even through her dampeners. The other agent warns May about the danger. Nevertheless, that danger falls to his knees and from underneath the foam, cracks. With a muffled roar, his body explodes with energy, blasting out energy and foam.

Coulson, holding onto both Silo and the pulleys, bring the cables up the rest of the floors. Once upward, things are anchored, but around them everything is also changed.

After the chaos and the mad dash up to the Atrium, one might think their plight over. However, as they climb up into the hallway and out in the open three story lobby that used to be the Triskelion's atrium, they are met with something of a sight. All around them is color, light and distraction. The emergency lights continue their flash of red. It reflects off the marble in a distracting way that also clashes with the bright scarlet that now washes over the entire structure, crawling across the building in spreading clouds of red light led by periodic tendrils. Here and there, an eye blinks open and closed at the end of a tendril, as if to guide the overall march of the creeping scarlet. Around them is the building they know, but it is coming apart at the seams, matter disintegrating beneath the scarlet wherever it happens to pass. Around them, the tiles split apart and then split apart again and again and again, peeled down into atoms. A SHIELD logo deconstructs in front of them in what seems to be both slow and rapid motion.

Tendrils of green reach down here, trying to hold together the pillars of this building, each one tilting on their sides, slashed cleanly in half by some sort of force that must have been both immense and precise as it looks as if someone simply pulled a wire through the beams that held the entire building of the Triskelion aloft.

* * *

Eddie throws an arm over her head, shielding her face from the blast of foam and man and that's her cue to fight through the throb of feelings that aren't even manifesting as visions anymore, but it is a handy excuse to take the express route. As the tail end of a rope whips past her thanks to the robo-boost, she dives for it and manages a shoulder jarring grip that whips her up to the Atrium. An Atrium that is like being a psychedelic kaleidoscope. "Everyone else is seeing this, right?"

* * *

"Yup. Definitely reality warping going on!" Stark shouts as he rockets out of the hole with Peggy in his arms. "Don't stop to sightsee! Run! The whole place has been cut down to size, and try not to get hit by anything red! Since. You know. It might rearrange you in new and not interesting ways!"

Franticly he tries to get a message though to the other Avengers as he starts towards the exit to the Atrium, setting Peggy down so she can flee properly. Also because he can switch weapons to ice systems and spin around, trying to freeze parts of the building and give it enough stability for the rest of them to make a panicked run for the exit.

Or not panicked. Who knows. He's not judging either way.

He backs away though, freezing what he can, blasting away debris when he can't freeze it.

* * *

"Come on!" Phil grabs Silo by the arm and runs, shoves several Agents ahead of him. "Everybody move!"

He's just going to join Tony on beating that get out of dodge drum. No time to sightsee, indeed. Nope. It's booking time.

* * *

"Move," May tells Eddie, reaching to grab her by one arm to get her to her feet and moving toward the ropes going up to the atrium. She's going to have to take that route up herself. She shields the other woman when the Extremis badguy explodes and then pushing her on before wrapping one arm around the nearest rope herself.
Not one to be complacent, though, she starts climbing the rope even as it's being pulled up, using a technique that anyone familiar with Cirque du Soleil might recognize.

* * *

Peggy is stopped by this display around her. As Tony sets her down to discuss exit strategies, she acts much like Coulson did for a moment downstairs: she takes stock of this building that she put much her life and time into. Perhaps even two lifetimes and she can see it all unraveling around her in a strange scarlet dance. Even though Tony tells her not linger, how can she not watch as she watches reality unweave itself around her?

There is a blast of ice as Tony bursts open the sealed outside doors. Without the magic wards protecting them it is easy for him to do so. Glass cascades outward onto the sidewalk and he is through. As he attempts to reach the other Avengers the connection is scratchy, strange, as if trying to reach Earth from outer space.

The Agents all tumble out the door and then keep moving. Just because they are on the sidewalk means little. The entire building is coming down around their heads. They'll need to get a few blocks away to ensure safety. Phil grabs Silo firmly by the arm to ensure her safety. Once they are outside, she attempts to jerk out of his hold, but it is the hold of a dad figure with intent purpose. Seeing she is not going to get out of this, she allows Phil to lead her.

May and Eddie make their way upstairs and it certainly seems that they all see the same things. Some agents look upward with awe and terror, unable to move. Others run right through the doors. As Eddie makes her way up to the lobby, the sensations get more intense. It's that scarlet light that effects her so strongly. It's filled with emotion, with chaos, with memory.

* * *

Move, May tells her. And Eddie would love to, really, but there is fear clenching at her stomach and sadness making her eyes sting with blinding tears. Anxiety is making her lungs choke and seize, and it's all she can do to keep her legs moving. It's as if the Triskelion is giving up all its memories in a single sighing exhale as it crumbles down to the foundation. So once more, Eddie is forced to do the unthinkable. "Help." She croaks at the blur of someone passing by her, making a stumbling step towards the person and throwing an arm around their shoulders, weight slumping against them in utter blind trust they'll help her out.

* * *

As soon as she's in the Atrium, May adds her voice to the others making sure everyone is evacuating. She hears someone say help and is turning to find that person when Eddie throws an arm around her and immediately goes deadweight.

Okay then.

Without hesitation though maybe with a mental eyeroll, May shoulders the younger woman's weight and all but drags her toward the exit as fast as both of their feet will carry them.

* * *

"Can't get any of the other Avengers on coms. Someone playing Tetris with reality will do that I suppose." Stark calls over the sound of his blasters taking out falling debris. "Keep running!" He encourages the others even as he calls every emergency service he can think of to help with this.

Except for Batman. That guy would just be /so/ smug about it.

"May? You need some help there?" Not that he can help much, the debris is raining down even more and he /really/ doesn't like how those building shadows are getting bigger…

…man. he /hates/ getting hit by buildings. It sucks.

* * *

Once they are outside, and well clear of the falling building, Phil looks down at this woman he's been holding.

He's got that smile on. That mild, mild smile. The softer version of the easygoing one he'd shot her when she'd thanked him for saving her.

At first it looks reassuring. It looks like a 'well, we survived that' smile. Of course, it's off. On his face. It's off, because the Triskelion is being destroyed. It's off because chaos continues to reign all around them, and he shouldn't be smiling.

And then it turns almost vulpine. Hard, as that Dad grip becomes something else entirely. Something hard and painful under Silo's arm as he drags her in close. He leans down to her ear, and he's not being at all pleasant when he says, ever so softly, "Agent Bradbury."

The puzzle is neat, clean, and assembled in his mind. That one is, anyway. But there are other puzzles. Other pieces.

"Let's go have a chat."

* * *

"No, Stark," May says brusquely. She keeps on dragging Eddie well clear, then lets the younger woman settle to the ground once they're in a safe zone and turns around to see who all is where before yelling to get all agents over a particular security level to converge on her. Whoever responds, she starts delegating tasks.

Triage wounded.
Mind the prisoners they got out.
Try to get a signal out to anyone. Things like that.

And yet, through all of that she stays within easy arm's reach of Eddie to the point of standing almost directly over her while delegating tasks.

Anyone getting the mamabear vibe over here?

* * *

At least Eddie can keep her feet somewhat beneath her, aiding May what little she can where she can with her weight. Once outside and released by May, Eddie collapses in a heap of Agent and gasps for oxygen like her lungs were screaming for it. Even though the feelings she was being inundated with start to fade with each breath, Morales is left shaking as if she was exposed to some chemical attack the others were spared from. Still, she coughs up at May: "Rendezvous point." Because as soon as she gets her wits about her, shit will need to be done.

* * *

May glances at Eddie, then delegates further to get transport vehicles — anything that can carry people safely — to their location.

Their destination: Outpost Fife Sierra Papa.

* * *

"That Outpost Fifa Simeira Pupa better serve so much coffee!" Stark shouts as he backs up further still, last one out as his repulsors lance out in a half dozen directions at once. They seem to be able to be projected from multiple points now, or Stark is just changing the armor on the fly so it can do that.

Which no one would put it past him.

"Because I'm pretty sure the lunch room here is toast!" A longer pause. "Oh man, I hope Galaga Guy made it. I liked him."

He never met him. But he liked him.

Further back, towards the vehicles as he throws up the last few blasts to deflect the larger chunks away from the fleeing agents.

There is a glance out of the corner of his eye towards Phil and his 'guest'. That smile of 'oh this is going to be bad for you' on the other mans face makes Tony smirk. That is not a good look for whoever that is in his hand.

And he totally isn't going to blame him.

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