Attack on the Triskelion: Timed Drop
Roleplaying Log: Attack on the Triskelion: Timed Drop
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SHIELD is attacked by the Brotherhood. Frenzy and Neutron attack a Helicarrier.

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IC Date: March 24, 2019
IC Location: SHIELD Helicarrier
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It's evening. Sunday night in Manhattan is possibly the quietest the city that never sleeps gets. There are still people on the street, there are cars that loudly honk to let other cars know the light has changed. Every now and again, there's the sound of a siren. Whether ambulance, police, fire, it's hard to tell as they all tend to blend into each other.

Though Registration started last week, SHIELD itself has not been inundated. They are more of an international agency and the Department of Public Safety and Anvil has seen most of the overtime hours on the opening of that controversial event.

Above the clouds, a few specific SHIELD agents have been given the opportunity to tour one of SHIELD's prized newer pieces of technology: the helicarrier. It's a select group of agents that do not seem to have much in common at first glance: newer, older, standard bearers, pilots and mechanics.

The craft is something to behold, with four Quinjets parked on the flat black surface of the craft. Below them, the clouds drift lazily, obscuring the city below. They're somewhere over midtown. Inside the control room are computers and navigation systems. It's all a rather impressive display of technology and architecture.

Suddenly, though, the craft lurches as something impacts it at a high velocity. With the protest of metal and a sound like a crack of of sonic boom, the aircraft suddenly drops below the clouds, clearly in distress.

Everyone inside is tossed violently and left to wonder: what just happened?

* * *

For the Brotherhood everything about tonight is planned.


Everyone has their role to play.

For Neutron and Frenzy it's about maximum damage, maximum carnage.

While Frenzy, herself, isn't fond of letting the Twins out of her sight for any length of time she knows two things:

The first, they can take care of themselves.

The second, this is what they want. Their needs trump everything else.

And so, the Bruiser of the Brotherhood finds herself high in the sky, above that newly christened helicarrier, with Neutron. Very few words have been said by the First Lieutenant and it's only now, as her gaze lifts up and away from the helicarrier below that she finally speaks.

"I'll hit the flight deck. We make sure no one escapes."

Frenzy's eyes are on Neutron now, "Hit them hard."

And then once both women are ready, Frenzy gives the signal; lock, load and drop -

And once Earth's gravity has a hold of her Joanna Cargill drops like the heaviest rock out there. Were she normal she'd fear terminal velocity, but as it is the woman just streamlines herself out for maximum speed and offers a shout of pure joy as she drops. It doesn't take long before she hits that she flares out arms and legs out. Making herself a larger target and when she hits Things. Go. Boom.

Metal shrieks, explosions bloom to life and a massive crater appears within that once smooth and straight deck.

* * *

Eyes lock with Joanna in those final moments, and she thinks back to when she was found by Frenzy and the Twins. It was Pietro who made sure she had a purpose. Wanda who made sure she had her spirit. But it was Frenzy who made sure she had her skill. More than anything, she does not want to fail her, and more than anything, letting go of her teacher's hand is difficult, for more than anything she would like to land side by side with her and bring the battle to those who would have Mutantkind bow to Flatscan rule.

But she has a job to do, and so she lets go.

Even as Frenzy falls towards the deck of the Helicarrier, the fugue placed upon them by a Brotherhood ally fades, and the great flying fortress detects the intruders. Automated defenses turn to face the threat still in the sky, but by the time they do, Frenzy has hit the deck and is safe in her self-made crater.

The sound is not of this world, and crawls up the skin like nails on a chalkboard, vibrations that can be felt for half a mile in all directions as gravity warps around Neutron. This is what she has been training for, and she digs deep, pulling at every ounce of her power until it suddenly releases her like a slingshot from hell. Little more than a blur of motion, she hits the port aft turbine with a sudden flash of electromagnetic light. Klaxons stall, power flickers, and the force impact sends shrapnel raining across the deck in a thunderous cascade before the entire turbine proper explodes in an orange fireball and begins trailing acrid smoke.

As the world tilts on board the Helicarrier, Neutron struggles to gain purchase and control of herself in the air below, and through it all registers some small measure of satisfaction.

* * *

Come aboard! Come see the new face of SHIELD! It all seemed like such a good idea, though what Daisy saw was a chance to stay within range of SHIELD's servers without being stuck beneath the Triskelion's constant surveillance. Having an opportunity to tour the helicarrier gives her a little more breathing room at the expense of a stable work environment. Still, she has her tablet in hand wherever she goes and while she's moving about there are simulations running behind that blacked out screen.

She still had a job to do for Coulson. The program which she had created months ago then repaired from a horribly corrupted mess. It seemed like a crazy idea to run it from -inside of SHIELD- but that's what she had done. Let it run loose without a chance to run any of its destructive routines and take note of every step that it makes.

It's an odd bit of coincidence when something slams into the carrier that she immediately believes her program had somehow been responsible, yelping out and stumbling into the wall as Frenzy touches down. There's only a second to recover when the Neutron Bomb takes out one of the turbines and the carrier begins to list that much further.

"Oh God!"

A quick check proves that it isn't the program. It couldn't be, it's just a simulation! Daisy made sure it was properly 'declawed' before executing it! So what's going on, and should she be doing anything beyond holding on for dear life?

"I knew this was a terrible idea…"

* * *

The irony is that back in the day, Michael Carter would never have a duty shift like this. As a Level 4 agent that no one really trusts more than a Level 1, he's been tasked with standing guard outside one of the control rooms to make sure no one on the tour wanders where they're not supposed to. He's got his earpiece in, and is wearing a neat black suit, no tie, with a white button-up. He's trying not to feel like his potential is completely wasted, when the deck suddenly lurches beneath him.

The deck lurches and the spy reacts with superhuman speed. He grabs for the doorway and stops himself from topping down. "Christ," he mutters under his breath, then steadies himself and says into his radio, "This is Agent Wilkinson," the faux-name Peggy set him up with to register, and the name most rank-and-file SHIELD agents know him as. "Mid-deck. Status report?" He's already got his weapon in his hand, and his cybernetic eye is scanning for potential targets.

* * *

Jessica wasn't even supposed to be here today.

Agent Drew had meticilously been planning her last few weeks so she was on assignments that took her outside of New York City for two damn good reasons.

One there are aliens and they are pretty f-ing pissed at humanity so she has been hither and yon gathering lists of resources and pulling together project plans for a proposal for SWORD.

Two there is this completely assasnine registration matter that Jessica wants absolutely no part of.

Still when the brass at SHIELD told her she may be interested in checking out the New Helicarrier she postponed her trip to Metropolis to meet with Lexcorp to check it out on Sunday night. On the off chance these things could be useful for her SWORD proposal really. Not as useful as the space station she has been noodling with Stark but still potentially useful right.

Which leaves Jessica with an excellent view from the command deck where she was checking systems and trying to put together potential modifications that could bend this new beast to planetary defense.

One … no scratch that two.. impacts on the flight deck. "Damnit." is all Jessica can think to say, those were not conventional explosives or ordinance. Those were .. well shit. The level 6 agent gestures to the bridge crew. "Full alarms, all hands on deck. We have hostiles on the flight deck.. or well under the flight deck. Break out the heavier ordinance and tell the Triskelion we likely need support as soon as they can dispatch it."

It is worth noting that Jessica Drew didn't lurch or slide or even have trouble keeping her feet, almost like she is attached to the deck when stuff goes awry. She steps closer to the window to get a better view now squinting against the smoke towards the craters. "Bring us down as controlled as you can as fast as you can. Aim for the Hudson or the waters off the city but get us clear of the city and take us down before the engines are disables and we fall out of the sky like a brick. Now!"

* * *

"And they call it Twitter, not The Twitter. Like how Facebook is now just called Facebook and not 'The Facebook'."

"No one ever called it 'The Twitter'. And we should be worried about what you call yourself. It seems @CaptainAmerica is taken. And @TrueCaptainAmerica. What about @SteveRogers-Wait, that's taken. @AmericanEagle? Wait, that's the clothing line."

"But I'm Steve Rogers, why is someone /else/ Captain America /and/ Steve Rogers? Isn't that identity theft?"


Steve's phone conversation with his helpful SHIELD agent (who is assigned with the simple yet painful job of managing Captain America's transition into the Age of Information and Social Media) is soon cut short.

"I'll call you back," Steve replies before hanging up, placing the phone within one of the many pouches on his Belt of America (given to him by Agent Liefeld). Thankfully in uniform for the tour of the new place, Steve moves to try and make his way toward the command deck, moving through the various hallways that he wandered semi-absent mindedly while on his telephone call. The proud shield is withdrawn with one hand while the other moves toward his helm to speak into the radio system.

"This is Captain America here, who do we have on deck? Any eyes on what did this?" he inquires, unaware that he's repeating Other Carter's request for information. While he doesn't say it, he wonders if the rest of SHIELD is doing alright, a sinking feeling in his gut at the idea of some sort of chain assault.

* * *

Lights switch on and an alarm sounds as the pair of Frenzy and Neutron drop down onto the deck. Agents scramble this way and that to obey orders or grab onto whatever the can hold. Some flee right toward the Quinjets: either to escape or to engage with this unexpected attack.

Metal groans in protest as the helicarrier starts to list to the side. Someone desperately attempts to steer the large aircraft toward the open water and away from Midtown. "We're missing one of the turbines!" The pilot cries out to explain what has been happening. The entire ship starts to tilt as one of the four stabilizers has been destroyed.

The response to Michael's inquiry gets static for a moment and then a reply: "Attack on the main deck and below! We've got a turbine out and no one can raise anyone in the Triskelion!" Steve is given the same information, as the speaker is in the command room with him.

Out on the deck a Quinjet rises up into the sky and turns. They're there to help, surely. It turns, deft in its movement and then fires: not at Frenzy on the deck or Neutron: but at those in command. Windows shatter as glass sprays toward Daisy, Jessica and Steve. Below deck, Michael can hear the rapport over the radio. Then, a reprieve to allow Frenzy and Neutron their own attacks.

* * *

It takes several decks for Frenzy's downward descent to stop and when it does there's silence for a tic of a heart.

Then the scream of metal begins again, as Frenzy literally pulls apart walls and steps through each and everyone one.

The last sound of dying metal heralds her arrival upon Michael Carter's deck. With one last great pull, the opposite wall from his position splits right on open and Frenzy steps through. Automatically her gaze moves up and down the hallway and when she spies Michael, the woman smiles. "This isn't going to be your day." And with those words, the Bruiser of the Brotherhood rips a gigantic piece of metal from the nearby wall and hurls it at Michael Carter. The tilt of the floor doesn't seem to bother her. She's heavy and with each step she leaves shallow footprints behind, telling the tale of just how much force she's stepping with.

Once the metal missile leaves her hands Frenzy simply walks toward the door Michael was guarding.

Knock knock. Someone is coming to visit.

* * *

It takes every ounce of her training and control to right herself, and when she does Lillian Lee looks up at her work and knows it's not finishes. She hears gunfire, hears sirens, and begins to accelerate once more towards the helicarrier. It's not with anywhere near as much force, clipping the edge of the other port turbine with a thunderous crash that culminates in a head over heels cannonball into the deck.


Twelve hundred pounds of supermassive mutant rise to look up at the control tower, and with a casual shove, she sends a fleeing technician tumbling from the flight deck and to screaming, aerial demise.

* * *

It's already unheard of that someone would attack SHIELD so brazenly as to start taking shots at the helicarrier. To think that someone had then gotten into a Quinjet and attacked them -again?- Daisy yells out and brings arms up to shield her face as glass peppers across her form, small enough to not cause major injuries but sharp enough to nick and scratch everything which they connect with. It's not fun!

While the other -proper- Agents are running to and fro (was that Captain America?) she's definitely the odd one out. Really it had been a surprise that she was allowed onto the carrier at all, but everything for a reason and all that.

Running the simulation had been a very questionable action. If she's going down with the ship then it's never going to be a better time to double down on restricted activities. She's been working on another side project, one which Coulson gave her the idea for.

After diving around a doorway for cover a USB cable comes out of a jacket pocket. One end hooks up to the tablet. The other hooks into a formerly hidden port within one of her gauntlets.

"Alright, screw this," she mutters while switching programs. She has to lean against the wall for support while fingers deftly poke at the tablet's screen. If there's anything left of her or SHIELD afterward then they'll be welcome to have some words with her about it later.

Given the sounds of shrieking metal nearby and the constant shuddering of the helicarrier at large she's not placing a lot of faith in their odds. Another impact rocks the flying fortress and with it comes another yelp from Daisy as the tablet very nearly falls out of her hands.

Hack faster, dammit!

* * *

Superhuman reflexes combined with a cybernetic implant that can predict angle of attack means that Michael moves a lot faster than he really should be able to, and out of the way of that tossed piece of metal. He drops into a roll, skidding to a stop against the bulkhead and bracing his foot against the angle of the listing helicarrier. He fires several shots at Frenzy with no hesitation and perfect aim.

Something tells him that won't do a damned thing, but you can't blame a guy for trying.

"Hostile on Deck Three. Metahuman, superstrength. Requesting backup," he says with surprising calm. If she keeps pressing forward, he's prepared to engage hand-to-hand, even if that is incredibly ill-advised.

* * *

Sometimes saving the day is all about being in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately at this moment Carol Danvers is neither.
As she spends a great chunk of her time doing these days outside of trying to wrangle support for Registration within and without SHIELD, Captain Marvel is doing work for NASA and other assorted international space programs on loan from the American agency. Currently hanging in space, head angled toward the pale blue dot as she listens to the translated Manchurian giving instructions for replacing a few circuit boards on the Chinese telecommunications satellite. Normally the Chinese would never let an American ex-military anywhere near even commercial satellites but the price was right. The price being a spoken thank you as opposed to hundreds of millions in American dollars the repairs would have cost otherwise.

Though the repairs will have to wait as her comms light up. Gently flying away from the satellite as she places a hand over her communicator, subvocalizing over the line, "This is Captain Marvel. Clear comms. I repeat, Clear Comms I can't hear wha-"

Emergency. Attack. Help.

Minutes later there is a star above New York. One does not usually think of stars looking angry but this one does.
The pinpoint of light begins to grow a long gleaming tail and a wider contrail of raging cloud and flame as Captain Marvel re-enters at speeds that typically turn meteors her size to smoke and powder. This meteor has will and desire, neither of which abait as she blazes through the atmosphere with speeds the ancient men reserved for the Gods alone.
"This is Captain Marvel." A voice tries to fight over the dozens of screaming orders and confused cries across the entire SHIELD comms bandwidth, "This is Captain Marvel. I see the Helicarrier in distress. Respond? This is Captain Marvel." Trying to get someone, anyone.
She doesn't know why the Triskelion isn't responding but the closest to her is that listing Helicarrier. Instantly she knows she has to land that thing somewhere safe before it crashes into New York, everything else is now secondary.

* * *

Jessica keeps her feet when the glass sprays, yeah definitely stuck to the deck, though she does lift her arm to shield her eyes from the shrapnel. "Damnit" yeah she is saying tha a lot today. To the comms crew "Keep trying the Triskelion and broadcast the distress on SHIELD bands, we need support up here ASAP, priority alert it!"

She looks over to Captain America "Well.. Glad you are here!" and then she looks back to the pilots. "Seriously get us down, into the water, as fast as possible."

Trying to keep multitasking she looks back to Steve "Can you handle that hallway alert.. I need to get that quinjet somehow…" and with that Jessica looks towards the window lifting both hands and firing several venomblasts at the quinjet.

Which is right about when the whole damn hellicarrier lists again hard as Nuetron hits it, again. Which after a moment of thought Jessica uses to her advantage, she runs full tilt towards where the glass was and flings herself out of it leaping with superhuman agility and strength. The Arc carries her right onto the Quinjet where it was banking to compensate for the listing helicarrier, and she of course 'sticks' the landing.

The black, red, and yellow dressed agent scrambles to the pilots glass and slams her fist into it with the same superhuman strength and a venom blast, repeatively now.

Much faster then running around to the back and trying to figure out if the door has been disabled.

* * *

There is a slight grit of teeth as Steve gets the word of the damage on the turbine, but he doesn't have a moment to consider as the Quinjet moves into position to attack. Captain America only has one reaction that he can take, which is right now protecting those that have far more technical skill than himself. The red, white and blue are raised up as Steve leaps for where the aircraft seems to be firing on, deflecting bullets in an attempt to save as many as possible. He's only one man, but as he's learned many times over, one person can make a huge difference.

As the bullets fly, Steve holds his ground as Drew makes way toward the ship. He would move toward the hallway battle as requested, but first the bullets have to stop or he and more importantly those he's trying to protect may die. "I'll get there as soon as I can, Cart-Err, Agent person. Just give me ten seconds." Or in this case, Drew since she seems to be the one capable of halting the bullet onslaught.

* * *

The helicarrier jolts again as Neutron does even more damage. Daisy rattles, but keeps her tablet.

Glass and debris shift in the command tower as the Helicarrier keeps gliding, but it now seems to be on a rather terrible tilt as its own weight is too much for the few turbines it has left. The comms still remain crowded over Captain Marvel's channels. She can hear the panic and SOS message: "SHIELD Helicarrier under attack, requesting back up. Emergency." The message repeats, but there is no one answering in the Triskelion.

Steve's reprieve comes in the form of Jessica, as she launches herself out toward the Quinjet. It's quite far away, but with her strength and the added momentum of Neutron's attack, she manages to grab onto on of its wings with her hands. Dangling, the jet attempts to dislodge her with a quick roll, backing away from the Helicarrier and hoping to fling her out into the sky.

* * *

"Helicarrier this is Captain Marvel! Helicarrier!"

Scanning over comm channels she can hear any one of a hundred conflicting reports. Something is happening at the Triskelion but she has to ignore it for now. Way too many lives are at eminent risk. She only catches snippets of reports but even as she hears the word 'turbine' on comms its painfully obvious what the malfunction is.
Malfunction as in completely destroyed with a torrent of smoke billowing out where the massive turbine should be.

"Helicarrier I'm going to buy you air time." She can only hope navigation can hear her on the deck. She sees a Quinjet that seems to be turning rogue but she catches sight of what looks like an Agent, Agent Drew? Also a very familiar shield blocking its line of fire from the control deck. She could help.. But she has to have faith in her fellow SHIELD Agents. There is zero time to waste.

The gleaming comet streaks past the badly angled helicarrier. A few seconds later a technician that somehow fell overboard is thrown back up onto the flight deck, likely tumbling hard and breaking limbs but Carol has no time to be careful. She could only spare a few seconds of detour to pick that man up from a few hundred feet of falling.

Captain Marvel flies into the smoke of the destroyed turbine then. Squinting as she rips away bits and pieces of the destroyed turbine blocking her way to the super structure. Pushing half-melted metal and wiring until she presses her shoulder against the structure designed to hold onto an engine with tens of thousands of pounds of thrust.

A deep breath.

Carol grits her teeth. Eyes alighting with an aura of power rippling around her. She has not the physical strength alone that a Kryptonian might use to haul this carrier to safety but that is not the only power the Half-Kree can bring to bear.

From the smoke of the turbine a truly massive column of energy blazes out, like a thruster of a starship. Blasting away the blackness and illuminating the undercarriage of the entire ship. Possibly enough force to begin righting the entire helicarrier in concert with the other three engines. The structure was not designed for this and Carol can feel herself slowly being pushed -through- the structure of the Helicarrier like a nail in a board.. But for a few minutes..

"..Land.. Now.." Is all Captain Marvel can manage out from within a blazing torch of light.

* * *

The bullets hit and do nothing. Well, they do nothing to Frenzy. What happens to the bullets is rather simple, they flatten and drop down to the ground. "Good try." The Behemoth of the Brotherhood says with a mocking grin, and then she keeps on moving until she's at the door to mid-deck control.

With a solid punch the door goes flying inward and Frenzy's shadow darkens the doorway for a moment before she steps inside. Her gaze scans the various technicians and Agents and the Brotherhood's mouth takes on a twist downward, "You really aren't the ones I'm looking for, but you'll do."

And with those words, Frenzy grabs the nearest technician and hurls him at another. The computer banks and monitors, and all that can be found within the room are likewise smashed, torn and tossed.

Then Frenzy focuses her eyes upward at the ceiling. She flexes her legs and then leaps upward and very much like those old and somewhat dated Kool-Aid Man commercials, Joanna Cargill bursts through the floor and directly into the damaged central command.

Dust and debris are shaken free and her and with a quick glance around, Frenzy takes stock of the situation. It's the colors of red, white and blue that grab her attention now and when the woman spies the form of Captain America, Frenzy reaches for a terminal and rips it from the floor.

Now that hunk of metal is hurled at the man with his iconic shield.

"Status, Neutron." The woman subvocalizes over Brotherhood coms, even as she seemingly casually tosses the hunk of metal toward its target.

* * *

As the heroes take action to try to stabilize the craft or steer it, Neutron's attention is drawn by the sudden appearance of the vaulting Spider-Woman. Eyes that lack much by way of emotion still manage to show some measure of awe in the grace she displays, a fraction of a second of distraction that is broken by the pitter patter of bullets flattening against her body, followed by a sudden high energy blast that knocks her on her ass.

They were told to break out the heavy ordinance, after all.

Rising again, Neutron reaches for the nearest weapon too her, another Quinn Jet. With a terrible ripping sound she removes a wing and tosses it towards the Agents of Shield, hitting the one with the high powered weapon and nearly cleaving him in two, while the others are sent scattering - some tumbling towards the edge of the now heavily listing craft.

With the rest of the Quinn Jet still in hand, she looks around for the best target, until finally her eyes tilt upwards.


And then Neutron pivots, swinging the mass of the jet around once before she lets it fly, right towards the other Quin Jet that seemed so intent on helping her, but unfortunately picked up a very tempting Jessica Drew shaped target along the way.

Then, the man she had so casually tossed overboard comes flying back onto the deck. Eyes narrow, and it draws her gaze from him and to the horizon, which is straightening out against the backdrop of clouds.

Amid the smoke, she sees a burgeoning light. She's seen it before, in the sky, and so wishes to run towards it.

"I do believe the one from the commercial is here. I suppose throwing her fish-puppet back at her wasn't message enough. She's interfering. I'll correct it."

And then Neutron promptly runs in the opposite direction from Carol.

As much as she wants to dive in, to throw her fists into the face of Shield's most prominent proponent of registration, she instead throws her impossible mass towards the starboard fore turbine, intent on cannonballing through it like she has done to two others already.

* * *

Seconds feel like an eternity before there's a *click* so subtle as to be completely lost to all of the other noise. Daisy can feel a notable loss of tension around her elbows and wrists. Wide eyes stare down at what amounts to a most successful hack, muttering a "Holy crap. I did it."

With a deep breath she puts the wire and tablet away and hurries down the canted hallway looking for somewhere, -anywhere- really that she might be able to help.

Drew is taking care of the Quinjet problem, last she saw. Where are they going to need reinforcements? Probably on the command deck? The hackerette sets off into a stumbly run. She can do this…

Finding the ragged hole in the floor with Frenzy throwing a console at Captain America immediately has her second-guessing the idea to jump in to lend a hand. That chick looks MEAN! At first sight of the Brotherhood Bruiser Daisy immediately swallows once on a throat gone dry. "Ah… Hey there. Is chance that I could maybe just ask you to stop?"

No? She was afraid of that.

Off come the gauntlets. Then the entire wounded helicarrier begins to hum like a massive tuning fork with the command deck acting as the epicentre. The sudden rush of power no longer being blocked leaves Daisy gasping and grabbing onto a nearby overhead pipe. One which immediately starts to rattle as bolts and fittings start to back their way out and pieces begin to fall away. Additional sparks burst outward from numerous junctions. Anything made of metal nearby is going to hurt to hold onto. At the very center of this seismic activity is one terrified looking Daisy.

"Oh no…"

* * *

"Bollocks," mutters Michael as his bullets do nothing to Frenzy. The way she was tearing apart the helicarrier, it's really not surprising. The spy darts in after, just in time to see her leaping up through the decks. He's pretty agile and fast, but he can't power leap up through a deck. So he runs out the long way, heading for the stairs, stumbling against the lurching bulkhead.

* * *

The pilot is trying his, or her, best to shake Jessica off the wing, and then as she sticky crawls to the cockpit, the whole quinjet. The thing about Spider-Woman is she is sticky when she wants to be and she can easily hold herself to a shaking, or even barrel rolling quinjet. She could probably stick a car to her hand and hold it over the edge of a helicarrier really.

Which is probably frustrating for the pilot as Jessica keeps smashing her way into the cockpit, intent on dealing with the traitor, or terrorist, whomever he, or she may be.

Of course then both their plans go to hell as Nuetron decides to use her three quarters of a quinjet as a missile at Jessica's quinjet. Agent Drew has exceptionally good ears and turns her head in time to see it coming right for them. Her eyes widening behind her yellow glasses. "Damnit!!" this time with the most feeling of this entire day as she scrambles to not be right where the two jets collide.

Collide they do, not with an epic explosion but as grinding of metal on metal as jets crumple and Jessica's ride gets severally damaged, spiralling off to the side and then vanishing beneath the helicarrier starting to crash towards the Hudson.

While Carol has her hands full to boot.

* * *

In this moment, the entire world is 'push' for Captain Marvel. She has no idea what's going on in the world beyond her column of pure thrust. She's vaguely aware that the structure she's pushing against is failing a few inches at a time. Maybe she's bending the metal? Maybe it's melting? A combination of the two?
Carol thinks she can see pieces of slag fall from the edges of the helicarrier her stellar-flame touches. Slowly burning herself through the frame in her stint as a nuclear-powered thruster.
Beyond that? She thinks people are speaking on her comms but she can't hear anything beyond the riot in her ears. Her gaze a combination of lights and swimming black flecks as she pushes herself harder than she can ever remember pushing before.
So this is what Atlas feels like?

She can only hope whomever is navigating this hulk is putting the ship down somewhere in a controlled landing. It feels.. Level? Maybe.

* * *

As the Quinjet is pulled away, Steve breathes a sigh of relief before the rush of battle wanes just enough to notice a painful graze in his foot. Thankfully, the deflected aircraft fire didn't land a direct hit or Steve might not be able to move using the limb. Ignoring the pain, he looks up just in time to see something coming into the command area. He turns to find the source, only to bring his trademark shield to protect him. His red boots slide oh so slightly from the force of the toss, but as expected, he holds his ground.

"I'd give you the order to stand down, but I figure we're past that point," Cap states darkly as he prepares to charge. He moves toward Frenzy, but then Daisy's accidental power use causes the ship to lurch. Captain America continues his attempting ramming effort toward the powerful woman, but his efforts to Shield Smash might be off center slightly.

"Can we get a read of who's where? If we don't get this ship figured out soon, we'll have a lot more problems than attackers!"

* * *

There's a voice behind her brave enough to speak up -

It causes Frenzy to turn and when she pivots upon heel and spies Daisy, the agent of Brotherhood frowns.

Words begin to form, but before they can be spoken the area around Frenzy begins to vibrate. It's enough of a curiousness to cause the Bruiser to pause. She looks all around herself and then her gaze cuts over to Daisy. "Are you doing this?" She asks, though the question is mostly rhetorical. "Why stay with these people? They won't help you, child. They'll only hurt you. Use you. Lock you up when they're through and kill you in the end. Come with me and I'll give you a place where you can belong with your own kind. Unafraid of what flatscans think of you, unafraid of what they'll do to you."

And as Daisy's power ramps up, and the helicarrier continues to list, Frenzy shifts her weight to roll as much and best as she can with the movements and shakes.

By this time Captain America starts his rush and there's enough of some internal warning (thanks to her days soldiering) that Frenzy begins to turn again - back to the oncoming Cap. Only there isn't enough time to do much beyond bracing for the impact of that shield.

It hits her with the a terrible force and causes her to fly through the air. She smashes against one wall and through it, leaving a hole in the exaggerated shape of her body.

It might seem like she's down, but really she's not. After a few seconds the woman rises back to her feet and with a snarl, leaps right on back through that wall and toward Captain America.

She intends to drop down upon him, her hands clasped together into a fist, intending to smash him into the ground with all her hundred ton strength.

* * *


The sound of Neutron powering through another turbine is amplified by the sudden seismic power that ripples through the ship, and then Carol will feel a lurch when that side of the ship seems to lighten. But only because she is one of two remaining forces left acting on the ship, and the rest of it is not as powerful as she. The final turbine ramps power up, as if to compensate, whining as the ship threatens to shake itself apart from seismic energy, before the ship begins to tilt again. To fall.

To dive.

A stubborn Quin Jet stays bolted to the deck. Almost everything else begins to tumble from it, a long, battering roll towards that aerial oblivion.

Down below Michael will see lighted paths, and the sudden panic of crew, some of who can still move and walk, trying to make it to the nearest functional life raft.

The underside of the hull trembles, but not from Daisy's power. Instead, it is the still smoking, furious rush of Neutron as she rounds the underside of the ship, intending to full-body tackle Carol Danvers from her desperate position as a make-shift turbine.

* * *

Today on 'Seconds from Disaster' a young Miss Johnson faces down a Frenzy while Captain America keeps the wicked villainess occupied! First Daisy -lets go- of the pipe before she vibrates the entire bridge apart, but then?

Then Frenzy goes into a sales pitch..and Daisy hesitates with her mouth hanging open slightly. the middle of everything they have done to this ship and its crew could this lady stand there and try to recruit one of SHIELD's own?

Well… Not yet a proper Agent, but still. The offer has Daisy seriously struggling to process the offer even as Captain America smashes Frenzy into the wall. That's enough to pull her out of the momentary daze.

Good people -do not- do what these monsters are now doing to this helicarrier. Except..that maybe she might have been making the situation worse with her barely controlled power, but…

"Get OFF of this SHIP!"

Both of Daisy's hands sweep toward Frenzy and everything caught at arm's length immediately ruptures or crumples from some immesurable force. Barely visible pulses of energy radiate outward from those arms as debris is sent flying and the helicarrier's superstructure gives a sudden groan of protest. Lights, gauges, and console screens shatter. Captain America will be lucky if he isn't thrown off of his feet.

Then there's Frenzy. The entire exterior wall behind her shatters outward into fine particulate matter. Before the outside wind has a chance to rush into the helicarrier's bridge a significant amount of that seismic energy is sent -straight into Frenzy- as she's leaping toward the air at Steve.

It all happens in less than a second, like Daisy had just dropped the mother of Fus Ro Dahs. Also, somewhere in there was a wet snap as one of her forearms fractures from the strain. The pained howl which comes next from her is still rather insignificant by comparison.

* * *

Michael Carter is not used to feeling useless. But his strength lies in espionage, subterfuge, extractions. Sneaky stuff. A helicarrier coming down around his ears and superstrong mutants tearing it apart like tissue paper? Not his bailiwick. On his way to trying to find the stairwell up a deck, he hears a noise in the machine room and goes to investigate.

* * *

The sales pitch of the Brotherhood 'of Evil' given, Captain America stands to full height in the wake of his attack, getting ready to state something in response when he finds himself dealing with another attack. Understanding the woman's strength is far greater than his own, he slides into his usual tactic: fighting defensively, whittle down, and take advantage of any creative opportunities when they present themselves. In this case, it means bringing up the trademark symbol of protection once more.

Whether or not Frenzy hits before or after Quake does her thing, Steve stands up in the wake of it slowly, having been staggered rather badly by the light show.

Making the grand assumption that Frenzy is out of the fight, Cap looks to those that remain. "Keep this thing flying, I'll see about the other one!" he calls out before he starts to race his way toward Michael in the hopes of getting to him to who he was fighting, not knowing that the original report was not on Neutron but Frenzy.

* * *

Without warning Captain Marvel feels the resistance to her shoving suddenly stop.
No. This isn't a good thing at all.
Without the countering thrust of the opposite remaining engine, the Kree Warrior may well flip the entire Helicarrier over like a flapjack. Sending the whole mess in a pivot-spin on its way down.

In an instant she knows this ship is lost. Something must have happened to the other turbines and Carol cannot hold this shift aloft alone. Even if she did manage to put together enough thrust to counter this metal beasts weight, she would likely just punch through it the moment she tried.
Sometimes military pilots have to make split-second, life or death situations. The brutal calculus is easy. Likely everyone on the helicarrier is going to die without a controlled landing. She cannot risk the civilians on the ground. She needs to just push now and push hard. Push the crash as far into the Atlantic as she can manage to minimize the risk to New York. She can't think about everyone who's about to die, only about who she can save.

There is a brief sputter of light as Captain Marvel reorients herself in a moment of free-fall, preparing now to push against the Helicarrier horizontal and East.
Carol blasts on all commlines, "All hands abandon ship! Abandon shi-"

Captain Marvel blurts the word out as a Neutronium battering ram tackles into her with more than enough force to send them both away from the falling behemoth. Flipping over each other end over end as they're pushed nearly a half mile away from the raw impact force alone!

* * *

Carol's push of the Helicarrier has moved it across the skies of Manhattan. Engines scream, metal buckles as Neutron continues to tear things apart in an effort to ensure that this ship goes down and never fly again. Jolting again, it the ship slowly starts to descend, much like Jessica wanted, but this is certainly not under their own power.

The fight continues between the Agents of SHIELD and the two Brotherhood attackers. Michael's enhanced senses and tactics lead him toward the machine room. The smell of smoke is thick in the air and as he can feel heat, even as he approaches. Then, from inside the machine room, a darting figure, opening valves, pushing the mechanics of this room to its breaking point. Even more worrying, he can identify explosives linked together. Then, shots ring out, toward him and the door.

Then, all of the sudden, Neutron tackles Carol. With that support gone, the Helicarrier drops suddenly careening for moments that feel like they stretch forever. The hole blown into the wall by Daisy howls and pulls at Daisy, Frenzy and Steve as the ship gives the impression of weightlessness. Then, the last remaining engines valiantly level it. Though still aloft and high in the sky, it descends far more rapidly in a diagonal. The cold outside air still rushes through that hole, pulling papers and even monitors out it.

Below them, Midtown is visible.Plumes of smoke rising from where the Triskelion stands. It's cracked and knit together in scarlet energy and green, pulling itself apart and collapsing in on itself. Carol and Neutron can easily see it in the sky. Through the hole that Daisy has made, the glow is visible but obscured.

* * *

Frenzy is on tract to slam her fists into that raised shield. She can see it, feel it even, but does she connect?

Sadly, no.

Daisy's blast of seismic energy hits Frenzy full on and the woman lets out with a surprised shout! Then she's literally thrust outside of the ship and while jarred and shaken, she's not hurt. Her durability sees to that.

While she falls, that doesn't stop Frenzy from arresting her hasty descent with a few grabs against the side of the Helicarrier. She digs her fingers deep into the skin of the ship and brings herself to a stop. With heavy kicks the woman anchors her feet into the side as well, even as she cranes her neck around.

"Neutron, report!" She calls out over comms, her voice raised upward to fight against the wind that whistles rapidly past her.

The sight below automatically brings Frenzy's attention downward, to stare at the plumes of smoke rising. A smile twists her mouth upward at the sight of red and the obvious damage belches those dark trails of smoke.

* * *

That act of desperate force from Carol proves to be enough - enough to get the ship going in the right direction, sliding away from the city, but Neutron doesn't care. Her mission was simple: Let gravity win, and as momentum fades she pushes off of Carol with a shove before using her own fairly new powers of flight to stabilize herself, to look past Carol to see red and green reflected against them both as the Trisk bristles on the verge of destruction.

Her look is cold, stoic, a flat effect that permeates her very being.

Neutron, report!

It buzzes in her ear. But she can't help herself. Her head tilts at Carol, like she were watching the most dangerous bug in the world.

"This part wasn't in the mission, so you'll have to excuse my improv, Captain. I've so been wanting to meet you, but I understand that I'm no match for you at all. But I promise, I can make it take awhile. I guess you'll just have to make a choice… you could probably still save some people on that ship. Or you could watch them all die, while trying to make me pay."

Everything about her expression brims with cold conflict, and her pupils dilate as she stares at one of the Earth's mightiest heroes.

"Come on now, don't disappoint me…"

Her fingers curl into fists at her side.

Every inch of her is daring Carol to waste another moment.

"I have such high fucking hopes for you."

* * *

Completely stunned, Daisy looks at the gaping hole where Frenzy had stood a moment ago and says the first thing which comes to mind: "No ticket."

Just like that Captain America is barking out another order on his way out. She doesn't have it in her for a 'you're welcome!' but she had kind of hoped, maybe even was counting on, some glimmer of recognition from the guy. Not so much as a thank you to be had.

Her thoughts shift back to what Frenzy had -just- been telling her when the helicarrier begins to tilt again. This one's bad. Like -bad- bad. It's serious enough that she doesn't feel an urge to put the gauntlets back on. The damage has already been done. much had she contributed to this..?

As the ship starts its barely controlled descent and the cold wind starts pulling at her and everything else not thoroughly bolted into place she hunkers down to the ground and grabs on. The floor grates are set rattling about like kernels of popcorn bouncing around on a pan thanks to that unrestrained power of hers.

This was a mistake. She never should have tried to help. The carrier and everyone on it are going down and she helped to send all of these people to their graves. Somehow an 'oops' or 'I'm sorry' doesn't feel sufficient. That recognition she had been hoping to get from the great heroes is not deserved.

..Wait. Was..was that the Triskelion falling to ruin down there..?

It's a helluva way to end but at least it'll be a memorable one for many of SHIELD.

* * *

Michael has to grab on to the bulkhhead and grip onto railings to keep his footing as the helicarrier lurches under his feet on the way to the engine room. It's because he's having trouble keeping his footing that he nearly gets pinged with a bullet for his trouble. He ducks behind. His skin mesh can deflect most bullets, but now is not the time to tempt fate on the off-chance those are armor piercing rounds.

He tries to get a look into the engine room, his HUD scanning, locating shapes and matching it to known explosives - and more importantly, how to disarm them. It's then that the deck dips out beneath him. Rather than be thrown by it, he takes it as an opportunity. He darts into the engine room, moving low and scanning with his cybernetic eye for movement. If he spots any, he'll put his deadeye skills to work.

His voice crackles over the radio of anyone still listening. He says simply, "Code 426." Which is old shorthand that not everyone listening would get. He's assuming their comms are compromised. The code he's referring to translates to 'live explosives' from old school spy codes. He's betting that either Steve will grok to it, or there's some spy history buffs among the SHIELD agents.

* * *

Cheer up, Daisy, maybe Cap will remember you or something later on! …Okay, likely not, but who knows, if they somehow survive this thing, it could be a miracles in a set of three or something.

Speaking of said miracles, Steve does finally make his way toward Michael soon after he makes his declaration of something amiss. As Steve hears the bullet fire, he moves to see the situation in the machine room before calling out the brother of the incredibly attractive and wonderful Peggy Carter. "I'll cover you if you think you have it handled!" he calls out before he races in, planning on using his shield to deflect any fire and if given the chance, maybe even do one of those trademark shield tosses.

But the important thing Steve is doing is that he's making sure that Michael is okay. Because he's a vital SHIELD agent. Not at all because he is related to anyone really cool and important in his life. Really.

* * *

Carol pulls out of her tumbling as Neutron does. Glowing eyes remain on the prize, even as the Brotherhood soldier takes a moment out of her busy schedule to give her the classic sadistic choice.
Only a few seconds are spared to look down toward the Triskelion. The strange energies causing it to somehow twist and implode.
There is no time. Every second, every moment counts. Every moment is a new decision made, a choice between someone living and someone dying. Her friends and coworkers in that building are secondary. God help her she cannot think about that right now so she does not. All that matters now is keeping the Helicarrier from crashing into New York City and pushing it out to the ocean as hard as she can before impact.

Not one of those seconds is allotted to telling this terrorist what a waste of space she is.
Captain Marvel does not even look in Neutron's direction or say a word to her. Instead the moment she regains orientation she flings her arms out wide, creating a burst of energy in the mutant's general direction. Not as an attack really, only a pure thrust of force. To push Carol and the mutant away from each other and dart away at many times the speed of sound. A halo of broken air snaps away from her. She makes a long-shot guess that the mutant flier isn't as fast as her and they're some distance away. The difference could give her another minute or two of effort to shove the helicarrier out to sea. Following a wide angle she then slows only a few mach to strike into the helicarrier from a western direction hard. Going through the armored siding of the falling hulk like an armor piercing bullet.
Captain Marvel's only hope now is that she hits the skeleton structure of the helicarrier and lodges herself there. Both to hide herself somewhat from Neutron easily finding her within the mass and also to give her a hardpoint to push from once again. No longer trying to keep the ship up.. Only get it away.

* * *

From high above it's hard to tell what exactly is happening to the Triskelion at the moment. It's a strange twist of energies that is both hard to watch and hard to take their eyes off of. As Daisy watches, the green energy snaps off and in front of her eyes, she can see the building collapse in on itself and sideways. Despite the violence of the movement, all she can hear is the loud rush of air cascading past her from the hole that helped save her life from Frenzy's intense onslaught against her and Steve. Her attacker is nowhere to be seen right now, as Frenzy clings to the side of the Helicarrier. Instead, below her she can see a singular Quinjet, still somehow miraculously on the cratered and buckling surface.

Inside, Michael can see the bombs all linked together and pressed against the walls and engines like a terrible snake that is primed to explode. As he scans them, it looks as if they are made to chain explode, one after another, the mechanism to disarm them not readily visible, though it seems that each has a detonator. Over the horrible din of the engines and the sound of the falling helicarrier, he can hear a laugh. Another round of shots fire out, one pinging directly at Steve's shield, the other nearby. Then, the shadowy figure darts forward and back, dancing away from the intruders and something is flung a them: a grenade.

Carol crashes against the ship and it lurches again, though the rapid descent slows with her glowing display of strength. Slowly and determinedly the ship starts to make its way toward the tip of the island and toward the ocean that will mean it will not crash into a populated area.

* * *

Frenzy continues to hold tight to the side of the ship, even as the course changes under the might of Captain Marvel.

At the sight of the Trisk below starting to actually collapse the Bruiser of the Brotherhood makes her move once again. With a slight heave and a shove, the woman pushes herself away from the dying helicarrier.

Their job here is done. Now it's time to make sure all is well with the others.

"Neutron." States Frenzy casually, even as she starts to free-fall again, "I've disembarked. Tell me you're good to go."

* * *

Really, Neutron has difficulty even expressing disappointment anymore. But she does feel it as she's pushed away in a head over heel tumble that takes a moment or two to recover from.

Frenzy's words buzz in her ear, and she responds. "Ready. Ms. Fingers? Two for transport."

A moment later a purple hand is on Frenzy's shoulder, another on Neutron's, and they're pulled through a inky abyss to the fallback site as the helicarrier continues it's inevitable plunge.

* * *

From the control room Daisy hangs on for dear life while vibrating the bulkhead apart and questioning the various decisions she's made along the way.

There may or may not also be a terrified yell from her direction when Danvers shoulder-checks the entire fucking helicarrier.

* * *

It doesn't take Michael too long to do the mental math. "Captain, we need to get out of here. This bird is dying, and disarming these explosives isn't going to stop it from going down." He scans the darkness and tries to squeeze off a shot at the figure, mindful of the location of the bombs.

His motion tracker in his HUD locks on the grenade. He flips his sidearm around in his hand, then swings at the grenade with the butt of his weapon with enough force to send it pinging back the way it came. He slaps Steve's arm. "Come on," and then he's darting out, mounting stairs up to the deck, compensating every second step by the bucking of the helicarrier, searching around for a means of escape. They better hope one of the Quinjets survived, or it's going to be a very unpleasant swim.

* * *

There is a moment where Steve is forced to consider the situation. He looks to the explosives, hears the reports from various SHIELD agents. The wheels turn as he tries to consider what he could do. Some sort of wonderous thing he could say or do to turn this all around… to make this all better. But it doesn't come. The genius doesn't work out and Steve is forced to give a nod to Carter in his acute wisdom.

"This is Captain America," he calls out, understanding that there is little he can do than to ensure that there aren't there that try and consider the same problem he did and came up with a faulty solution. "The carrier is done for, all SHIELD agents secure who you can and leave the ship. Captain Marvel is doing all she can to ensure we don't hurt anyone else but ourselves in this. You all fought hard for this ship. But it doesn't mean things are over. Not by a long shot."

That said, Steve books it after the bionic-enhanced agent in the hopes he has a better idea how to get out than his usual plan. 'Sides, Peggy would get really made if he tried to drive it into the ocean.

* * *

Captain Marvel has not the mental bandwidth to register that mutant's face or powers. Somehow recollection tickles the back of her mind but right now she does not care. All that matters is getting this gigantic metal leviathan to -move-.

Carol has crushed three stored fighter jets like a stack of aluminum cans within the internal hanger. Shoved them straight into a thick structural internal support of the helicarrier that, itself, buckles but does not give. She has no time to check to see if anyone is behind her towards the relatively smaller hole of entry before she lets out a roar and turns the heat on once more.

Once again the living starship lightspeed thruster alights, this time blasting out the side of the helicarrier like a blazing wound. Pushing the ship slowly but surely towards the tip of the land with what must be a heroic scramble of the crews. By her limited engineering reckoning this ship should have crashed three times over but whoever built this scow is a damned genius. As well as whatever miracle workers in engineering keeping this thing from exploding mid-air, let alone whatever passes for a landing it must be headed for.

She cannot see from the mashed alloys she's forced herself into. The Mutants must see the powerful energy she's projecting so she has to assume they're on the way. She resolves to just keep pushing, no matter how hard of a hit they're winding up on her she has to keep at it. No idea if she's near or far to succeeding all that matters is to keep it up until the planet itself forces her to stop.

* * *

Behind Michael, he hears that laugh again. They charge back the way they came to find a blown open door. Then, the helicarrier rocks again violently as one of the explosives below them explodes. Then another and another. The ship starts split and shriek, large cracks appear in the side and metal rends itself apart. The halves remain attached by a welded together middle that is Carol Danvers. Daisy will again have to find more purchase as she hears the voice of Steve Rogers over the coms telling everyone to secure themselves and make a quick exit.

Below her, she will see said Captain America and Michael Carter burst out of the middle of the ship and onto the cracked and drunkenly listing part of the ship. A Quinjet remains there, though it looks to be slowly starting to slip off toward the edge.

With a push of powerful energy, the sky lights up as Carol uses both technology and her own might to shove the Helicarrier past Battery Park and just past land toward the cold waters of the ocean.

The Brotherhood are gone now, it seems and it is now the work of the SHIELD agents to save what they can from this wreckage.

* * *

Just hanging on for a world record rough landing is one thing. Through all of this Daisy has something else to contend with. As her stress grows her power gets more pronounced. It doesn't seem to care about the fracture in her arm or that it might make everything that much worse.

All that she is aware of is that one heart-stopping moment when the panel which she had been hanging onto vibrates right out of the floor, giving way with an acute series of *pings!*

Eyes snap wide open as she has enough time to hiss out "SH—"

As the helicarrier continues to hemmorage bits and pieces of the control deck there are now several more panels being flung out into the open air.

And with them is one Miss Johnson.

* * *

Michael bolts up onto the deck, trying to make sense of the chaos and crashing happening around them. "Can you fly a Quinjet, Captain?" he calls back. He leaps over a sliding piece of debris and is nearly caught by it. He bolts up the ramp, then calls out over the radio, "Anyone left in one piece, we've a Quinjet on the deck. Get here now."

* * *

As Carter points out the possible way out, Steve Rogers races toward the Quinjet. The question is given about whether or not he can pilot. An awkward pause lingers before Steve gets a nod with a warm smile. "Yeah."

This may or may not be a warning sign that Steve is not the greatest pilot. But at least he knows what needs to be done. With a larger than life leap, Steve makes his way toward the vehicle, placing his shield behind him as he moves to seat himself. "This is not good and… and-" There is a long pause as Captain America watches Quake fly out of the ship.

"Agent Macy!" he exclaims with concern. He would try and take the ship to her, but well, not sure what he could do with that. After all, he's no Hawkeye when it comes to piloting.

Yes, Captain America wishes he was as good as Clint as something. Savor this moment in time.

* * *

Even over the strain of her own burning forces Captain Marvel can hear the horrible groan of the helicarrier's spine being broken. Though she praised the marvel of engineering it can only take so much of the forces it was never truly designed to endure. Her entire metallic world of broken hanger and super-structure starts to shake and diminish. To be sure, there's no way can push the entire ship on her own, or at least not as far. She can only imagine the SHIELD agents somewhere in engineering even as the carrier starts to rip apart doing what they can in complete blindness as their world tears and explodes around them.
She thinks she hears something on comms but she can't make it out. She can only hope its someone echoing the order to abandon ship. As it so happens, Captains are supposed to go down with the ship. How fitting it is then that Carol continues shoving until finally there's a sound of forty five thousand pounds of shrieking, burning metal hitting the ocean. The structure against her shoulder finally gives way and snaps. Gravity seems to heave upside down and everything around Carol erupts into dancing chaos and darkness.

* * *

Daisy loses her grip on the Helicarrier and tumbles out into open air. Careening this way and that, it's hard for a few moments to actually tell which way is up or down. And then she is free falling, almost at the same rate as the ship she was just flung from.

A few other Agents that have not been flung from the wreckage or found their own escapes toss themselves toward the back opening of the Quinjet behind Steve and Michael. It takes Steve a little while to find the proper controls, but shortly the lights all come on and they can hear the ship powering up underneath them. Shakily it starts to lift off.

A few minutes later, the ship lurches almost upward as Carol is the first to hit the water and then the Helicarrier itself does. An enormous wave of salt water explodes upward as it impacts. Though Carol has softened the blow considerably, it's still a large object. It continues forward against the water as it starts to sink. It doesn't travel too far, as the ocean pushes back and absorbs quite a lot of its momentum. Finally it crashes into a small island and comes to a stop, slowly slowly sinking into he waters, other pieces of it floating and bobbing in the waters.

Carol, above it can see a few others that have made their way through. There are quite a few agents in the waters, being buffeted by waves this way and that, others that clearly did not make it or are injured likewise drifting.

* * *

There isn't much further to fall, though as far as silver linings go that's all Daisy has left to work with. It's even more windy, it's extremely cold, and she's well on her way to meeting the bay at terminal velocity.

A lot of thoughts rush through her head in a short amount of time. Not a single one of them does anything to help in the moment.

Instead it's instinct which takes over, her one good arm put to use as a channel is punched into the water's surface, as if a whirlpool had suddenly appeared in a spray of saltwater.

Just as quickly the falling metahuman disappears from sight and the water swallows her whole.

* * *

As the question of Steve flying the Quinjet comes to play, he is able to get it into the air, having it avoid the same fate of the watery landing. However, he doesn't keep it dry for long. His blue eyes take in Daisy as he moves to bring in the craft. As she splashes into the water, the Quinjet crashes alongside. With the plane on the water, Steve doesn't really check to see if this thing is meant to float (if not, well, people can bail out in a semi-desperate manner).

"The ship is yours," Cap tells Carter before the Man Out of Time attempts to dive in after Johnson's dramatic splash down to ensure her safety. After all, saving people who fell from the water after landing outside of a crashed helicarrier… It just seems like something Cap would want if the situation was reversed.

* * *

Spitting out beach sand is not what Captain Marvel expected to be doing.
Carol finds herself under a few hundred tons of broken, twisted metal. Mostly jammed into the side of rocks and sand. She has no immediate idea of where this is, she can only hope the helicarrier made it far enough out that no one was crushed in the crash. At least, non-SHIELD personnel.

"Triskelion.. Ptha! Triskelion!" Captain Marvel repeats into static-riven comms, "This is.. Rgn.. Captain Marvel. Triskelion Helicarrier Down.."
Trying to get the headquarters to respond. Some kind of interference? What was that bizarre energy seeming to turn the building inside out?

Once again Captain Marvel has a terrible choice as she begins to pry and dig herself out from the tremendous wreckage. She could blast her way out and immediately bolt for the Triskelion to reinforce.. And leave whomever survived the crash but needs help to die. Not to mention if she blasted her way out it would likely resettle the wreck and kill more people trapped inside at best. Already thoughts of what fuel must be leaking into the waters. The fuel and munitions of the aircraft and the helicarrier itself. The whole ship could still go up if it isn't already burning out of control.
What if that strange power spreads to the rest of New York, not stopping at the Triskelion? Maybe blowing up the rest of the Helicarrier is worth getting there as fast as she can.
No, she can't chance it. She can only hope to get someone from mainland on comms to figure out what the hell is going on. Without SHIELD dispatch she can't even transfer to other homeland offices like the Police or the FBI. No. Unless she gets word from Fury himself she'll just have to move slowly and carefully, save as many people as she can.

There's also the fact that.. She's beginning to feel the effects of exhaustion. She burned through a lot, a -lot- of energy. Without whatever serves as adrenaline in her exotic system she's feeling the edges of her endurance. She may not be able to move that quickly even if she wanted to. For now she can only keep grunting over comms and hope.

"Triskelion?.. Hrgn! Triskelion do you copy? Anyone?"

* * *

Everything now is strangely quiet after the roar of the engines, the horrible cacophony of the crash and the rush of air past their ears. After awhile, sound can become background noise. Now, though, there's only the lapping of he water and the groan of metal hitting against metal as debris is pushed up onto the island. Strangely, there is concrete here and wet grass. Rising behind them is Statue of Liberty: drenched, but fine.

Int he water, Daisy again has the same sensation of not knowing up or down. The water is cold and dark and debris smashes into he waves above her.

Steve manages to pilot the quintet right into the water. It's a bit of a bumpy landing, but it remains floating, if a bit lopsided. Agents soaked and injured make their way toward it: a lifeboat in a horrible moment.

Carol is completely unable to raise the Triskelion on the coms. It is just silence. There is no screaming, no static…nothing. As if there no one at all on the end of that line. In the distance, around where Midtown is, she can see a column of smoke angrily rising, framed by the lights of Manhattan.

* * *

As far as rescues go Captain America gets there with -just- enough time to spare. Between the speed, the channel Daisy had bored into the water and that one of her arms is pretty well useless, Steve has to dive uncomfortably far to fish her out of that cold dark place.

Johnson is pretty battered. Cut up and bruised. Freezing cold. But most definitely alive, if the sudden coughing is any indication!

When dark brown eyes come back into focus the first sight they catch hold of happens to be none other than Steve Rogers.

A weary smile plays across her face. "Guess I can cross this moment off of my bucket list."

* * *

In the wake of pulling Daisy up, Steve Rogers offers a small smile to see that she's regained consciousness. "Just returning the favor. After all, I should be the one thanking you. Good work up there," he offers, finally giving the words of encouragement a little late.

As one of the agents tell Steve that they are unable to get to the SHIELD HQ on the line, Steve's smile swiftly fades. "I need to get there."

But it's clear that the Quinjet and the supplies there are needed for the inquired present. But Peggy is there.

So that in mind, Captain America does something both heroic and foolish. After giving Daisy and Michael a simple "Stay safe, keep me appraised of what's going on here" a glance is given toward Captain Marvel. "I'm heading toward the the Traskelion." And he dives into the water and begins to swim.

Wait, what? That's right, unless stopped he'll be taking off like an Olympic swimmer with an epic breaststroke, not stopping until he gets to dry land and makes sure that Peggy's safe.

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