Wooden Houses and Plastic Chairs
Roleplaying Log: Wooden Houses and Plastic Chairs
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Betsy comes to visit Lorna in the safe house set up in the woods for her. The two chat about what to do moving forward now that Lorna has powers.

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IC Date: March 20, 2019
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* * *

There's the sound of the car outside the cabin. There's the sound of one door closing, then a second several moments later. There will be steps up to the door, before it will open. There's the purple haired telepath Lorna is likely heartily sick of, but in her arms and on her hip is a much more precious personage. Tiny little angel with her seafoam green hair. "Lorna, you've got a visitor!" Betsy will call out, and there's something like joy in her voice. "Come see them so I can get things out of the car!"

* * *

Lorna Dane had spent the last few weeks in a wooden cabin, without electricity—they had figured out the hard way her powers did bad things to any system at all that ran on electricity or had metal anywhere near it. It had been weeks before they could bring a car anywhere near her. Her control had been non-existent, mostly because her emotions, the very foundational base of who she was, had been broken.

The wooden cabin lacked all manner of metal, nails, screws, plumbing, furniture with staples to hold fabric together. Nothing. Not a cell phone, or landline either. The furniture was a mixture of wood and plastic. The fireplace the main source of heat, and candles had been the main source of light. For water and food, everything was stored in plastic in a large cupboard to the side.

There was so much metal in everything, in every day items and things… all of it had had to be removed — or found as soon as they realized it was there, floating in the air or ripping through walls under the green haired woman's distress, and removed.

Finally though, Lorna was having a better day. A more stable day. She hadn't broken down sobbing in the corner for the past week, and Besty's suggestion that Dawn and her adoptive mother visit had earned a reluctant 'okay'. Yet as soon as the sea foam toddler was in sight Lorna was rushing out the door and sweeping her daughter up in her arms into a tight embrace, sobbing softly as she pressed kisses against her daughter's forehead and cradled her against her chest.

* * *

Betsy can't quite help the smile, as she turns to head back to the car. Another bag of staples - MREs made for some sort of meals, no metal required, a heavier bag of drinkables like water, tea and sodas. A bag of books for Lorna to read to try and keep her mind busy - a mix of books on meditation and zen, self help, hobby books, and fiction of all flavors. A sketchbook and pencils, just in case Lorna wanted to doodle, and a wealth of candles and lighters - scented and plain, tapers, fat jars, all kinds. And an insulated bag with takeout in it.

TK will be used to shut the car door behind her, sliding past Lorna and Dawn to give mother a moment to hold her daughter. The telepath was thinking it might be good motivation to have the little girl visit, give Lorna even more determination and reason to try and forget what was to focus on what is and could be. She will set things down, moving to unpack food first. The rest won't go anywhere, and it won't spoil.

* * *

Lorna didn't try to use her powers to help move things, her control was unpredictable still and the main goal most days was not losing control. Never mind actually using her powers for now. She hugged her daughter close, tears still in her eyes as the little toddler spoke a million miles a minute, trying to catch her mother up on everything she had missed in Dawn's little world.

It was a relief to not hear news of the outside world at first interaction, but rather to just enjoy holding her daughter as she stepped back inside the cabin and back into its warmth after Betsy.

"Thank you for bringing her," Lorna rasped, her voice soft.

* * *

There's a glance of violet eyes over her shoulder as Betsy opens up huge carryout containers of various italian dishes. "She's a delight. We forget to see all the things around us as we get older, I think." There's a hint of a smile, before Betsy is moving to get herself a soda. "I figured some Italian would go good." Most kids like pasta, right?

"Besides, I figured you would like a break from just my face." She jokes. "Your adoptive mother will come next time. I think she's going to go take a long nap and enjoy a hot bath without a toddler around."

* * *

Lorna smiled as Dawn wrapped her arms tightly around her mother's neck, pressing her chubby toddler cheeks against Lorna's neck and burying her face against Lorna's shirt. The green haired woman patted her daughter's back, rubbing it in circles as she settled back into a wooden chair with a smile. "She'll eat whatever, she's not picky. More of a garbage disposal. And she's not even a teenager yet." Lorna murmured softly, glancing to the take out dishes. More plastic containers and utensils. She sighed.

At least she wasn't going to be overwhelmed with sensing everything around her… The cart outside there blared like a bonfire to her mind's eye.

"Mom will hate anything to do with the fact that I have powers now.. It puts me and Dawn at risk. Makes me vulnerable to be like this.."

* * *

"Then don't have her out. I have no problem playing baby shuttle." Betsy responds evenly, taking up a seat on the floor on some pillows like she often does when she spends time here. " But you needed some of the life you know, and not just my visits." She is silent a long moment. "The two of you could come live in my townhouse. No one would know you're there, I live alone. I can severance the servants, they were all through a service anyhow." The model sits in the lotus position after she takes her boots off, stretching. "I brought more books, a sketchbook, more candles, blah blah blah. I'm sure you're sick of my voice."

* * *

Lorna settled her daughter on her lap, flashing the other woman a smile as she let Dawn go to reach for the pasta and bits of garlic bread. She coo'ed at Dawn, handing her daughter a broken off piece of bread as she reached for her own foam take out container. The offer that Betsy made had Lorna hesitating, turning green eyes back to the telepath. Her smile faded and she shook her head once.

"I appreciate the offer Betsy, but I can't. I'm not safe to be around anything like that. I can't go back to a city, a town… are you kidding me? There's no possible way. I'd destroy everything. I.. I can't do that. My powers.. you don't get it. I.. There's so much to them that I can feel and it.. it's too much." She whispered, licking her lips.

"I can't go back to a place filled with metal and people…"

* * *

"I didn't say right this second, Lorna." Betsy will say softly, violet eyes meeting green. "You're doing very well. Soon you'll get traction, and then you'll master it more and more." She sound so confident in Lorna's potential, her future control. "I know it can be overwhelming. I've seen it before."

Her eyes will shift to Dawn, a softening to the telepath's face. "Just know that when you're ready, it's an open offer." It's not that the model has become fond of Lorna or anything like that, nooooo.

She will sip at her soda, toying with the label before she'll bring something up. "Do you still trust me?"

* * *

Lorna smiled as Dawn made a face at the pasta, and tried to reach for the garlic bread again instead. "No, sweetie, you gotta have some pasta. See? It's good.. Mmmm, yummy." She made a show of eating some herself, before trying once more to convince her daughter to try it again. But Dawn fussed and made a face, shaking her head. A roll of Lorna's eyes followed and she passed the whiny toddler another chunk of bread.

Her focus returning to Betsy. "No… we're being Registered or turned into criminals. I can't do this… the powers… any of it. I can't do that, Betsy. I just cant'.." Her voice broke and she struggled to rein in the impossible tide of her emotions.

A pause followed the other woman's question about trust and Lorna pursed her lips. "Did you know that I would have powers like this? Did you really? Did you think or stop to think that my powers were locked up for a reason?"

* * *

"I am not going to make you register. I will keep my promise to get to Canada, or wherever you want, if that's what you want." Betsy lifts her gaze, looking at Lorna straight on. "You can do it. You can do anything you want to, Lorna. That's what I'm saying to you."

That purple tressed head will tip ever so slightly to the left, looking at the other woman. "Did I know you would have powers? Something in me did, yes. Something I couldn't ignore. Did I imagine anything on this scale? No. I had no idea that anyone other than a couple of people I've met or heard of in this world, could lock up powers like that. I certainly didn't imagine the immensity of what you're going through."

* * *

Lorna sighed, her gaze tearing away from the purple haired woman before her back to her daughter. She couldn't stop running her fingers through Dawn's soft hair repeatedly, a nervous gesture that spoke of how badly Lorna had handled being separated from her daughter. How much she had needed to see her daughter safe. Her lips pursed together and she shook her head. "I can't go where ever I want.. It's not safe Betsy. Not for me, not for others. I won't risk losing control around others and hurting them. I won't be that mutant that triggers laws that move from Registration to something worse.." She swallowed the dry spot that formed at the back of her throat.

There was only one other infamous person she knew off the top of her head that had powers like her's… and her losing control in a populated area couldn't help mutant's public image at all..

She had yet to approach the why her powers had been locked up. Not verbally, and not beyond the strangled, choked sobs that she'd killed her mother. That it had been her fault…

Never mind that both Jean and Betsy had to have recognized the figure in her memories. Had to have put that connected with the red metal M shaped disk she'd gotten as a child..

"It's better for everyone if I just stay like this.. away from everyone and everything."

* * *

"It's not safe now. It will be. I know it seems impossible, Lorna. But you will get a grasp on your powers. I know this. I've seen.. I've seen a girl who couldn't touch, for fear of killing people. She's managing a nice life for herself now. We'll find a way to get your through it too." Betsy is almost annoying in that confidence, she's sure. "I will do whatever it takes." In that single sentence, Lorna will get a chance to see what the telepath has been hiding that that day they unlocked Lorna's power : Guilt. She had never imagined this for Lorna, nothing anything close to this level, this isolation, this hurt.

"I'm not going to let you stay in isolation forever. That's why I was asking you if you could still trust me. I.. i've been looking into building levels into your power. Sort of put up walls so you can take smaller steps."

* * *

A protest came to Lorna's lips and died briefly as Betsy spoke, her promises seeming to find little to no purchase with the green haired woman. Not since her powers had first claimed full run of her mind's eye, since her memories had been freed. Lorna had had bad days growing up, low days in being Bipolar.. But this? This was far beyond that and it left her reeling for weeks. Her confidence, her belief that she could handle whatever she had to.. to support her daughter was shattered.

The guilt that came to life in Betsy's gaze rattled something in Lorna and she looked away quickly at the raw emotion there. Rather, she turned her focus back to her daughter and spooning bits of pasta onto chunks of bread to try to tempt the toddler into eating them.

Even as Betsy spoke of trusting her again, on putting levels into her powers.. Putting up walls again. Lorna glanced back toward the purple haired woman again, her lips pursed into a thin line. "After everything I've been going through for the past few weeks… you think putting in blocks again will help me… what? Adjust?" Her eyebrows furrowed sharply and she exhaled a breath.

"No… I'm sorry. But I can't.. Not after everything. I don't want anyone in my head again. Not even you or Jean. I'm done with that.."

* * *

"Not walls. Hurdles or stairs may be be the better words for it. Something you can only get over once you've mastered the level. Achievement unlocked, as the gaming boys say." Betsy tried to explain. "There's other kinds of pasta, you can see if she'd like those better. I'm not hungry." Probably because that guilt is crashing around inside her head…again.

"Lorna, I know this is my fault. I only know so many ways to try and help make better what I've fucked up."

* * *

A slow shake of her head followed and Lorna slowly coaxed the squirming toddler into eating something other than garlic bread slathered with butter. Though immediately after Dawn wriggled off her mother's lap to toddle about under the table. Which earned a curse from Lorna under her breath as she ducked down to snatch the now rather unhappy toddler that whined and fussed again. Lorna sighed, rolling her eyes to the sky as if with everything else going wrong in her life… Dawn was still a fussy toddler.

"Two more bites of pasta and you can go." She chided the little girl, shooting Betsy a look.

"No, she has to learn to eat what's on her plate. She might not always have access to what she wants in life. It's best she figures that out now." She murmured softly, spooning another bread and pasta combo together.

"It's not your fault. You didn't seal my powers away in the first place and left me like this. You didn't …" Her voice tightened and there was a sudden, but brief pressure in the room as her powers spiked and the sounds of the car outside against the gravel scraped back before it halted as she squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head.

"I can't do this right now Betsy. Please." She whispered, "I just want to spend an evening with my daughter and my friend."

* * *

"Lorna, she's just a little girl. There's a lot of time, and ways, to teach her." Though Betsy may already be toying with the idea of a trust fund for the little green haired toddler. Not that she can tell Lorna that right now. "I know I didn't, but there was something beating inside my head to convince you to try to let them out. I could have left it alone." Except that primal voice had saved lives, before.

"Of course. I didn't bring her here to get you stirred up. I'm sorry." But there's that fleeting glimmer of surprise at being called Lorna's friend.

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