The Abyss
Roleplaying Log: The Abyss
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Carol and Jessica share a moment while helping with rescue and recovery efforts

Other Characters Referenced: Brotherhood
IC Date: March 24, 2019
IC Location: Triskelion
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"No one?" Captain Marvel questions into her comms as she stands at the edge of what was once the Triskelion.
Now a vast hole in the ground, atomized from existence by a power that cannot be fathomed in scientific analysis and numbers. The entire zone is ringed by emergency personnel from every agency. From the Fire Department to Sanitation. Hundreds have come and hundreds are on the way.
Helicopters have begun to fill the skies from news organizations around the globe in addition to those of Federal agencies. Flood lights are being set up and illuminating the absense of the building below. Any one of a thousand utility lines having been severed by the eldritch forces that excised the SHIELD HQ from existence. Pouring in water, gas, sewage and sea water. Even as a hundred companies are working to shut off the valves and grid to what was the Triskelion, many rescuers are roping down below. Hoping to find someone.. Anyone.

Captain Danvers has spent the past hour at the site of the helicarrier crash at Liberty Island. Fishing dozens of individuals out of the Atlantic and directing search and rescue efforts before finally coming to the site of the Triskelion herself.

She refused to believe what they were telling her.. Until she saw it for herself.

Now.. Carol has reestablished some lines of communications with branch offices and other government agencies and begun the long process of seeing who's alive.
And who's not.
"No one from comms dispatch?" She quietly repeats. Distant. Numb.

* * *

Agent Drew stayed helping with the Helicarrier after stowing her prisoner.

Yeah she survived the crash into the Hudson relatively unscatched, made her way to the crash at Liberty Island, assisted there with Carol and other first respondors.

Drew has .. remarkably hearing and managed to help narrow down the search for survivors quite a bit.

When Carol said she was going to the Triskelion attack site next Jessica just sort of nodded and made her way there next. Tired. Bedraggled and her uniform way more damaged than her body by all appearances.

Really Jess has been pretty stoic and quiet this whole time. God she wants to tell someone I told you so, mostly out of anger, and also punch a Brotherhood mutant but there aren't any of those and she just stews in the I told you so right now.

When Jess comes up on Carol. "How did they … do this?" staring down at the big hole and sounding rough.

* * *

Marvel did not realize it was Drew who was in that Quinjet that went down. That whole situation with the helicarrier was all a blur and Carol spent most of it wedged into some bulkhead or another trying to get the blasted thing to not crash somewhere downtown.
That said, Carol felt a moment of relief seeing Jessica relatively unscathed and welcomed the help wholeheartedly. For the first few hours Danvers was working on pure shock and whatever serves for her as adrenaline. The need to find the next survivor and then the next one. Not letting herself feel the weight of finding another body instead.
Like a craftsman milling a stone, Captain Marvel is worn away with every passing minute and casualty. The exhaustion from the total effort just hours past beginning to wear on her and the emotional trauma is starting to hurt.

Rather than get visibly angry.. Carol grows cold. Her jaw setting with distant eyes staring over the pit that was once her place of work. Right now she does not know which of her friends are alive or dead. She understands that Iron Man was on sight along with several friendly metas, working hard to save as many as they could. She'd gotten word from a few friendly faces.. But only a few.

The problem of this kind of destruction.. There's hardly any bodies. Somehow the Triskelion was mostly disintegrated. Erased by some presumably mutant power unforeseen by anything SHIELD had prepared for. Right now the vast majority of SHIELD on-site is missing.. And some deaths may take days to confirm. Possibly never.

"Unknown." Carol tersely replies, not looking towards Jessica. Sounding much as she looks, covered in an eclectic mix of dirt, ash, grease and blood. None of which her own. "Everything is unknown right now.. Except the attackers."

* * *

The left lens of Jess's signature glasses is cracked and she can't get another pair from the Trisk and hasn't had time to go and change in her apartment. People might be dying and right now it is saving coworkers time not going home for a shower.

Showers will come later.

Jessica just stares in the hole and tilts her head listening very carefully for a long moment, soaking in the media, helicoptors, spill of utilities, and search and rescue. Her shoulders slump a little bit and she pops her neck letting her head loll. In a few minutes she knows she is going down into the hole and doing a search herself.

"The Brotherhood, same people who attacked Sloane." a small rock is kicked but not into the hole. "I saw the statement they released on my way here from Liberty Island. There is no way we built a weapon like that." she looks to Carol, not sure if she saw it, but also yeah she is waching Carol's reaction very closely.

* * *

Carol's expression is grave. Her smudged and dirty face is drained and fatigued but her eyes.. Those steel eyes glimmer with a chilling intensity.
She is distracted from Drew's commentary a moment as she listens to voices on her unseen comm unit, replying, "Yeah. We'll be down in a few. Yeah. Agents Kelly and Barkley made it? Good, set them up at the Boston site. Yeah. I don't care get them set up.."
She then regards Spiderwoman, only then as she mentions 'built a weapon' does she look to her. It's a look that has no sympathy whatsoever, "I don't begin to care what reason they have." In a tone that's strangled into patience. Returning her steel eyes to the abyss.
"They'd say anything to justify their agenda." Carol closes her eyes as Jessica reminds her. That's why the mutant taunted her. She said something about retribution. For the attack on the helicarrier she thought at the time.. An obvious ploy to keep her from the objective. The mutant wisely bugged out when Carol didn't take the bait.

Maybe that wasn't the retribution she meant.

"We're going to find them, Drew." She states evenly. "Even if we have to turn this city upside down we're going to find the mutants responsible for this."

* * *

Good enough for Jessica, she is a trained spy and well Carol isn't wrong about the potential to say anything to justify their actions.

Jess looks back at the crater and just shakes her head sighing. "Damnit." it is her word of the day. "Yeah we probably will. Still we probably can't stop whoever did this and those two on the Helicarrier. I mean maybe you can.. but the rest of us are severely out gunned here Danvers." there is a gesture to all of this. "We really need to pull in the Avengers and the Justice League or such if they are capable of this.. because last I saw before I ended up being knocked out of the sky was ICERs .. energy canons.. and regular munitions doing dick all do the one on the flight deck."

Yeah okay, they are both level 6 Agents and there isn't a gaggle of reporters or rank and file to try to keep morale up for right now, so Jessica is bleeding a bit raw in her analysis of this mess.

* * *

"No one is invincible, Drew." Captain Marvel states succinctly. Eyes drawing to a few tunnels that abruptly terminate into the pit. Likely underground transit routes that even she didn't know about. One section looked like something literally burrowed up from underneath.
Carol's tone never strays far from mono. A deliberateness to every spoken word, "There are few mutants who can stand up to a squad of trained, armed Agents. So far there's no evidence of Magneto but this was the best the Brotherhood could throw at us. They got the jump on us this time but we will learn from this and we'll have the element of surprise when we root them out. Wherever they're hiding."

After a moment, "They are not superior to us. They think they are but they aren't." Trying to shore up Jessica's resolve, "The moment we think we can't match them is the moment they win. That's all this is to them, trying to prove they can strike at us whenever they want."
Carol cricks her neck to the side, popping a few joints, "They're going to learn how mistaken they are."

* * *

It is a good question how much good that inspiring pep talk does to Jessica's resolve deep down. She doesn't snipe though nad say that is all easy for Captain Marvel to say, that would be petty. Sure the thought crosses her mind but she has enough self control to just keep it as an angry thought in the face of her family's home being destroyed.

Because that is really what SHIELD is to Agent Drew, it is her family. "We need to find a way to nuetralize their ability to hit us this hard." pauses "Without killing them all." she says very adamantly. "They need to be brought to justice for … this and all the people they killed and hurt today for sure Danvers. I know."

She may know this is all true, but god help her Jess still isn't really sure how they can manage it without another Captain Marvel or two.

Jessica also knows this will just prompt further escalations. "This is just going to cause Congress to take up the Registration Act…. I know it."

* * *

"It will." Carol agrees with assessment, "Which is just what the Brotherhood wants."
On the subject of not killing them all.. Carol does not speak. She lets Jessica's point stand as is. It's a good point, no need to bring up the fact that Carol very much hopes that the culprits try to resist arrest.
She tilts her head again, this time listening to more voices over comms, "Okay. Alright, we're enroute."
Then nodding to her fellow Agent she states, "Okay they have the K9 units in place. Ready to drop down?" Taking a step towards the precipice. She finds the movement harder to take than expected. Its difficult to not simply.. Stare.. At the enormity of it. The incongruity of the missing complex. SHIELD means almost as much to her as it does to Spiderwoman. Not hearing the familiar voices of her comms team at her ear.. Its haunting. She expects their voices to pick up at any moment. As time passes she's beginning to realize she'll never hear them again.
There's something pleasant about the word 'neutralize' right now. She focuses on it in her thoughts.. As opposed to the incredibly tempting 'killing them all' shadowing behind it.

* * *

"I don't understand why they would want this." Jessica murmurs to herself lost in thuoght for a moment.

When Carol asks if she is ready to drop down though she starts and then nods "Sure I'm ready…" and she moves to the edge and ends up stepping past Carol and looking back at her as she slows for a moment. "I should be able to hear anyone making noise and I'll tell you where we need to dig if I can't handle it." she can lift a whole lot but yeah Carol can clear more as needed.

Also Jessica doesn't fly but she does step off and angle down moving from bit to bit slowly, canvassing as she makes her way down one of the faces listening for anyone moving or crying for help.

Spiders are odd.

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