Sundaes on Sunday
Roleplaying Log: Sundaes on Sunday
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Charlie, Bart, and Rachel gather upset about the events in Manhattan but leave with a plan and Sundaes.

Other Characters Referenced: Red Robin, Batman, Tony Stark, Brotherhood
IC Date: March 24, 2019
IC Location: Long Island - Titans Hideout - Interior
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Posted On: 25 Mar 2019 07:47
Rating & Warnings: PG
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* * *

charlie is out of uniform in the social hub, curled up on one of the couches. She is wearing Gotham Knight sweat pants, a t-shirt of a cartoon cat with a third eye floating above the fray with the words ~I can see through your bullshit~, and is absolutely glued to the monitors used for briefings and alerts.

They are playing the live news from Liberty Island where the Helicarrier crashed and also the site where the Triskelion was. Past Tense.

Both are disturbing but the footage of the Triskelion, well … Helicopters have begun to fill the skies from news organizations around the globe in addition to those of Federal agencies. Flood lights are being set up and illuminating the absence of the building below. Any one of a thousand utility lines having been severed by the eldritch forces that excised the SHIELD HQ from existence. Pouring in water, gas, sewage and sea water. Even as a hundred companies are working to shut off the valves and grid to what was the Triskelion, many rescuers are roping down below. Hoping to find someone.. Anyone.

Charlie is pretty upset and leaking, not happy, not angry, just worried and even a bit scared, very unusual Charlie emotions as she watches the various news feeds.

* * *

The news had been a surreal thing to absorb, Bart's first head's up about it being a ping from SIRIN during dinner at the Crandall residence in Manchester, Alabama. The meal was effectively put on pause the moment the younger resident speedster had vaulted over the couch and turned on the TV, and the next moments were spent in stunned silence as they watched whatever footage was being spliced in from the breaking news back in New York.

Bart's first instinct was to run; get up, change and race back to New York right then, help out, do something. Max's firm hand upon his shoulder had stopped him from acting on his codename, but neither of the two had said anything as they looked on. They both knew that what had happened was far from being salvageable, and New York's recently legalized Registration Law was guaranteed to twist things up even for those with good intentions. Still, it hadn't kept the twisting of emotions from spoiling the rest of dinner.

When he gets back to Titans' (new) headquarters it's in relative silence. The smoke had been clearly visible upon the city skyline, and even as he raced unnoticed through the streets he'd passed numbers of ambulances and other emergency vehicles either going to or from the site where the Triskelion had stood.

Tugging back the hood of his sweatjacket, Bart wanders over towards the open area of the mall that served as the common room, his eyes already drawn to the screens and the continual reports. He doesn't say a word, but he lets out a careful breath, brows knit in his own unease.

* * *

If there was peace, it felt like it wasn't been present within the past few weeks. New York had never been a quiet city, but the activity among its citizens had steadily climbed with the ebb and flow of events relating to the Registration laws, violently stirred once the official day came and went.

Although she had full control of her emotions, Raven couldn't ignore the swirl of outside emotion whenever she stepped outside of the Titans' headquarters. The emotional drain picked up speed the longer it went on, forcing her hand whenever it threatened to overwhelm her. Seclusion — or isolation, depending on how it's viewed — seemed to be the only way to grant her room to breathe and recover, barring most social connectivity at the same time.

Then, something changed.

Moments earlier, alone in the dark of her room, she feels the tension rise like white noise, peaking until it fills her head, every corner of her body with dread.

And at the precise second, this feeling shatters, resonating into the depths of her conscience.

Raven gasps, a cold sweat clinging to her skin as she quickly sits up. A pale hand pulls at the material of her sweater over her chest, trying to still the rapid beating of her heart.

It takes her some time to reassess where she is, but once she does, she senses the conscious stream of nearby feelings, brow furrowing the more she processes them. Eventually, and maybe ever so gradually, she comes out of hiding, drifting past the walls to see who it is these fresh feelings belong to.

* * *

Maybe it is the bat training but Charlie seems to realize that Bart is over there, glancing at him, and then past him at Raven. She looks like she may have been crying a bit, her eyes puffy and red. She looks back to the monitors. "I .. dunno what to do. Part of me wants to grab my gear and go out and try to help look through wreckage but they will just try to arrest me…" she sounds so sad.

"What are we supposed to do…." and Charlie just trails off staring, eyes waterng up again.

* * *

"I…don't know."

It's not normal for him to sound so uncertain, and yet that's how he's feeling as amber eyes remain practically glued to the monitors as those terrible images continue to show, as though somewhere answers might present themselves within the flicker of a frame. Yet Bart continues to stare and there are no hidden messages. He swallows, finally pulling his eyes away, looking towards Charlie. The look on her face is like an extra punch in the gut. he hates feeling as helpless as she does, more so as he doesn't know what to say.

A pink furry mound has trailed after Raven, save that Clawmy has had to circle around and take doorways like normal people rather than cut through walls. She shoves her head against Raven's side, a rumbling purr in her wake as she brushes past to circle Bart's legs.

"Clawmy, hey girl…" he says, glad for the distraction, even if it nearly causes him to fall over. Stooping down, the speedster wraps his arms around the over-sized cat in a hug, his eyes trailing past the fuzzy pink shoulder to finally notice Raven.

"Ray…? You…okay?" he asks, if hesitantly, knowing how dumb a question it is. Already he's standing from dispensing cat hugs, drifting over. He remembers how stuff seems to affect her, but he's not sure how to fix that either…

* * *

Words fail to reach the surface once she gets a better view of Charlie, of Bart, and of the monitors set ablaze with the breaking news surrounding the Triskelion. Anger and sadness wash over her, running both hot and cold where she can't outrightly share shock. It distracts her, keeps her occupied as she listens to the words that blur into the background.

The bump from the overgrown house cat brings her back, letting her violet gaze drop down to see bright pink against black. Her fingertips barely trace lines into Clawmy's fur as she passes, curling and doing nothing to wipe away the hair that clings to her leggings.

"…You're not wrong," is the reply the Daughter of Darkness finally comes up with, never once displaying any change in her neutral expression. It glaringly contrasts with the news on-screen — calm, cool. Almost upsettingly indifferent against the different camera shots of the same area. But the dryness in her throat and the light trails of sweat plastering dark hair to her forehead is as clear as day once she approaches the other two.

"I…" Bart's question makes her a little more aware of how she looks, but she isn't sure how to respond. The pause extends, ending once she comes up with a default answer. "…I'll be all right."

* * *

Charlie shifts on the large couch and pulling her legs up so her knees are tucked in and then she just hugs herself as he watches the news continue to blue by, all but the big central monitor muted but showing different coverage and scenes. That monitor is turned down but not fully off.

"Why would anyone do this. This wasn't demons.. or space aliens… or invaders.. these were just …" she reaches for the remote and flips the screen, tuning the monitor to the Brotherhoods message to the nation, clicking it up a click and staring at the mutant Quicksilver and the 'evidence' being displayed to justify this.

"This is .. so bad guys." and Charlie twists to look at her friends, family really. "Everything is going to … this is … everything is going to be fifty times worse now… and not just in New York…"

* * *

Clawminator Destrucat Mk. II pads around the couch and hops up onto the end of it, plopping herself right beside Charlie, quickly filling up the gap between them as cats in their liquid state tend to.

Bart tugs at Raven's sleeve, the look on his face clearly dubious of her response, but he still hopes for the better as he leads her around to the other side of the couch so they can join Charlie there. "I don't know. I mean…there's been some weird stuff going on in SHIELD even back when the demons attacked, if I was reading right into what Conner was implying…"

He trails off, focusing on the familiar visage of the pale-haired speedster now on screen, brow furrowing, lips pressed tightly into a thin frown. "That's…" A lie? He wants to voice it, but he can't find himself absolutely certain that it isn't. Sinking down to sit at the other end of the couch, he continues to stare. "But why would SHIELD do something like that? I thought they were supposed to help keep people safe…" His words might sound incredibly naive, perhaps betraying his true age, but he'd always been one to be more trusting towards groups that seemed to share the same interests as they did, despite Red Robin's warnings and general caution.

"…they shouldn't have gone that far."

It's said quietly, unclear as to whether he means S.H.I.E.L.D. or the Brotherhood, both, perhaps, but what he says is in response, begruding agreement with Charlie's prediction. He sees her movement out of the corner of his eye, slowly turning his head to look at both of his teammates.

* * *

Several words fills in the mental blank where Charlie drops off, right as Raven is led over to the couch with Bart's help, casually letting her eyes drift back toward the bright screens in passing.

'Human' comes up, settling into place once the images change to the silvery speedster's visage. People that look just like them — that live, breathe, and feel, just like they do.

Sitting down, she stays still, her posture straight and away from the backing. Despite watching the feed, she hears the tinge of naivete in Bart's quiet tone. Feels his disbelief.

What Charlie says can be an exaggeration. Yet Raven can believe her. It's a feeling no one wants to feel, one that no one wants to see as an option in the face and result of disaster.

"They wanted to make a statement." Her voice, albeit its monotone, sounds numb. "The action they chose is unfortunate, but…"

She can't placate their thoughts. What her friends are feeling begs for healing, but fixing two people alone will not heal every single person in New York. They know the current gravity of the situation; as Titans, they still need to be ready for the worst.

Drawing in a breath, her fingers curl into fists over her lap. "…We can't stop everyone from jumping to conclusions," she says. "It's still chaotic, but there are still people trying to figure out what to do now that this has happened."

* * *

Clawme has made themselves a target, Charlie just sort of leans and then melts against the Destrucat and wraps her arm around Clawminator letting out a low sad sigh as she stares at the screens.

"They definitely made a statement.. and it goes far beyond what should have been done." and Charlie gestures at the screens. "If they had all this evidence that SHIELD was up to something .. like… like that.. they could have just broadcast that everywhere and made a statement…"

Charlie looks over to Bart now "IF SHIELD had been .. doing that we don't even know if that stuff is real… god if it is this is all shades of horribly bad on every level.. but what about all the people working there that didn't do anything… like secretaries and cafeteria workers and stuff guys…" it's plainative.

"I hope T.. Red Robin knows what to do… maybe Batman will.. I just.. I don't know what we should do. This is actually worse than the demons." and so Charlie hugs a giant pink feline.

* * *

"I think the people trying to figure out what to do now includes us," Bart points out, glancing back at the screens, already getting sick of hearing the recaps and the responses. "We…can't stop what's already been done." That includes whether certain parties did have part in such things or not. What's done is done.

"…I dunno what Red Robin will suggest. I'd say we find out answers." That seems the most obvious thing. That seems to be what they're largely lacking in. He's got friends in S.H.I.E.L.D., he wants to know how they are. If he knew where to even find the Brotherhood he has half the mind to go and talk to Quicksilver directly.

Clawmy purrs and nuzzles into Charlie's embrace, her tail curling and uncurling in slow circuits. She may not understand the situation but she can sense the humans being upset, although not quite on the same level as Raven.

Bart sighs and flops back against the couch, practically lying flat across the wide cushion as he'd been perched at its edge. "Uggggh….it would've been so much easier to…do something without having to worry about getting in trouble for just wanting to help. Stupid law."

* * *

Raven only nods, agreeing with what Bart puts forth. Because they certainly have questions. Plenty of questions that need answers. In regards to Charlie, she can see she has good reason to be worried sick over the news. Lives have been involved; if the majority didn't know what was going on, then they were needlessly caught in the crossfire.

She seems to have thought about Red Robin as well, seeing as he has his connections and the skillset necessary to delve into the mess.

Her gaze then falls, glancing at a spot on the floor. Stupid law. Those words echo in her head, unspoken but mutually frustrated on a guarded level. But it soon passes, allowing the mystic to glance over at the two.

"…Do you think it would be possible to look into it without relying on our other personas?"

* * *

Charlie just hugs a cat and soaks in the purring.

"I don't really have another persona… I mean I do.. like I have an ID and all with Charlotte on it but she hasn't done anything since I started doing all of this and has no connections." there is a big breath in and sigh out, hugging the cat seems to be helping Charlie's emotional equilibrium a whole lot more than words or tears. "I'll talk to Batman though, I bet he knows all about what is really going on or can find out… he has connections absolutely everywhere." she looks to the two of you. "Can't you ask Stark about it Bart?"

* * *

"…yeah, I was thinking about that. I mean, he was working with SHIELD kind of…" And then there's the whole Avengers thing. Yeah, starting with his pseudo-father seems a good place to start with all this, and having an identifiable starting point helps give him a focal point.

Raven would be able to feel the shift in his emotions, as smooth and at the same time abrupt as a shifting gears on a car. It might not be so readily identifiable as his usual cheer, but the lack of heaviness from his earlier upset has definitely lifted. It all happens in the time he swings himself up to sit again, like someone awakening from a bad dream.

"Okay, yeah. We can do this. Great idea, Raven!" Bart looks at the two girls, and while he isn't exactly smiling, there seems to be but the slightest degree separating such an expression from the mostly neutral one he wears now. "For now, it's something, right? It's…not as direct, but I guess we gotta switch up our usual game plans now that things in this city are…well, lots more complicated." Sigh. "Thanks for that, Brotherhood," he mutters under his breath, his exhalation causing his bangs to flutter up briefly.

* * *

Where words fail to comfort one Titan, it uplifts the spirits of the other. But to see both of them thinking it through makes Raven feel a little more relaxed, shifting the atmosphere of the room while easing the tension she's been holding between her shoulders.

"Yes," she replies softly. "This is something." Fingers loosen, flexing as one hand moves to brush magenta-tinged hair away from her face. "And it's more than what we had earlier."

* * *

Charlie finally straightens covered in pink cat fur and then stretches a bit. She hits the remote and just turns all of the monitors off in one fell swoop. It isn't like they are doing anything but play the same footage and talk to people who really don't know anything conclusively yet. "Okay .. enough disaster pron." yeah she mispronounces it on purpose.

Charlie looks to Bart and then to Raven. "We do got this. We do what Raven said.. work those connections.. sic Red Robin on it… Zee… we have stuff we can do without swooping in and getting arrested." she slips up to her feet.

"Bart you should probably be very careful speeding around New York right now, with that jerk speedster giving you all a bad name." and then Charlie ruffles Clawme's ears. "In the meantime though. We should get Sundaes." yup it is Sunday after all. "Then tomorrow morning we can hit our sources… well like not really hit but you know what I mean." cat power recharged Charlie in action.

* * *

At least they have something they can do, which is infinitely better than sitting on their hands at a loss. Red Robin should be proud that they aren't opting to go crashing headfirst into something!

Bart hops onto his feet, circling his arms a couple of times as he throws a scowl at the monitors just before Charlie turns them off, bad news and all. His nose stays wrinkled in distaste at her added suggestion of being careful where he speeds. "Ugh. Right," he groans before cheering up slightly. "Well hey, so long as they can't see me when I do it, it won't be a problem, right?"

Clawmy meows plaintively as everyone starts to move, perhaps in complaint of the lack of attention she's no longer getting. She shakes her head briskly at the ear ruffling before shoving her head against Charlie's head for one last scritching. As soon as they all vacate the couch one can bet she'll stretch out and take up the space as she can.

Bart reaches over to add in some pettings of his own. Such a good kitty. "Sundaes sound good. I think we definitely need something to kick this mood. Raven?"

* * *

And just like that, the images disappear in a bip of a flat void, revealing vague reflections of the four against the black.

Having nothing to focus on visually gives Raven a chance to distance herself from the trouble to a certain degree, silently repeating mantras to refocus. As Bart and Charlie get to their feet first, she stays seated, staring at the blank monitor for a while longer. She then looks at them, not exactly answering them verbally, but the slight shift in her features reveals a brief smile.

"I'm good with Sundaes on a Sunday," she agrees, remembering the last time Spider-Man chattered on about having Sundaes on days that aren't Sunday. It's a strange thought, but it helps get her mind off of things.

They're starting small. They'll work their way up. This, for now, is a good plan.

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