Roleplaying Log: Falling
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Emotions are running pretty high after nearly dying from a crashing Helicarrier.

Other Characters Referenced: Jessica Drew, Captain America, Supergirl, Nadia Pym
IC Date: March 25, 2019
IC Location: Daisy's Apartment, NYC
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Posted On: 26 Mar 2019 14:26
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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Daisy didn't come home at her more usual range of hours. It's gotten to be later in the evening, the weather still cold and windy and not at all pleasant. The announcement of her arrival comes from a feeble tugging at the door, causing the metal bits to click together as they shift into position before the door can squeak slightly upon drifting open.

The girl who stumbles inside looks like death warmed over. Bruises and small cuts and scrapes are evident on her face. Her hair's a complete disaster. But it's the eyes which tell more of the story. She looks downright haunted.

The door is closed and locked, favoring her left arm through the motions. Her jacket is carefully shed and left as a pile upon the floor, heavy and colored dark from having absorbed quite a lot of moisture.

A single word is called out in a feeble, uneven voice. "Gwen..?"

Daisy pulls a blanket off the back of the couch and bundles herself into it for warmth, shivering from the cold.


Gwen had noticed Daisy running late, and decided it was worth spending .3 of the preloaded minutes on her burner phone to send a quick 'Hey, doing work stuff?' text. She got no response, so she had to assume the answer there was affirmative, not least because of how little access she has to news. Her burner isn't a smartphone, she doesn't own a computer to check news sites, and she isn't even sure the TV receives programming because really, who uses a TV for TV these days?

So it is she's blissfully ignorant of the greater world as she putters about in the kitchen, rolling beef and pork together to make homemade hot dogs which will tomorrow be dipped in cornmeal batter to show Daisy what a real corndog tastes like, when a key slides into the lock and the door opens. A big, gormless smile lights her face at that sound, and she draws in a breath to call out a greeting; in that second, Daisy whimpers her name, and Gwen immediately descends into a much more primal state. She spins around, spots Daisy, and gasps. She leaps over to Daisy (literally, clearing the kitchen island in one bound), landing next to her girl nearly silently despite the amount of force that kind of jump takes; even in her consternation, the spider-grace is at work. "Daisy, my god, are you okay?" she asks, hands flying to Daisy's shoulders because she's too concerned about Daisy's wounds to hug her just yet.


Daisy is more than content to close that last bit of distance and hug Gwen. Compared to her timidness from a few days ago there's a firmness to it, driven by the feeling of need. It's also done with just her left arm, the right staying limp at her side.

Just in case that isn't enough out of place she breaks down and sobs against Gwen's shoulder a heartbeat later.

"SHIELD's fallen" is all she can think to say at first, wrapping herself around the Spider a little further that her injured arm also tries to get involved. "The Triskelion, it's..it's a hole in the ground, and—and the Helicarrier… Oh God, Gwen. The carrier fell to pieces while I was on it."

That might explain why she's freezing cold and everything about her is damp and smells of the ocean. She had to have taken a plunge.

"I almost… Almost…" she croaks out before giving up, silent for a time as she shudders against what is quickly becoming a familiar presence in her life.

"It fell to pieces in the sky and -I was a part of it.-"

You know what's currently missing from Daisy's person?

Her gauntlets. They aren't on her arms anymore.


That Daisy's gauntlets are missing is a fact about as interesting to Gwen as the gross national product of Tibet. She just squeezes her girlfriend close, trying to share warmth through the blanket (though she knows that won't work for a long time) and comfort (which will probably also take a minute). "Daisy, I don't even know what to say. Do you want to talk about it? I've got you."


"The Brotherhood," is what comes out next. "They just..they went wholesale on it. Like it was nothing at all. Jessica jumped onto one of the jets after it fired on us all and Captain America was there and I hacked my way out of the gloves and ripped apart the entire bridge when I threw one of them out into the sky and then I just couldn't hold on and I fell—"

Breathe, Daisy.

Her voice croaks again long enough to say "I almost drowned."

A loud sniff follows as she starts to pull herself together but she's still not ready to relinquish her hold upon Gwen. This Spider is so much more than a roommate. She's been proving that much to Daisy since the first time they had met. Now is no exception. Daisy never realized how much her presence would mean until she needed it so badly as now.

"Before I shoved that lady out of the control room she made me an offer. She wanted me to join the Brotherhood, Gwen. And I've ..-got- to be out of my goddamned mind but I think I have to. They destroyed all of SHIELD in under an hour and they gave me a way into their cell."

Here she does manage to back away enough to look Gwen in the eyes.

"They can't get away with this…"


Gwen has so many questions swirling in her head that she decides for now to ask none of them. "C'mere," she says firmly, despite the fact that she's still hugging Daisy and there's literally nowhere the other woman can go. "Let's get to your room and get you into dry clothes before you freeze, then you can tell me more." She nearly scoops Daisy up to carry her, fighting off the impulse to do so only at the last moment: Daisy's the kind of person who'd want to walk on her own, to prove to herself she still has strength in her. Instead, Gwen takes a spot at Daisy's side, arm looped around Daisy's shoulders.

Just past the couch on the walk to the bedroom, a question occurs to Gwen. "Daisy, is it weird if I see you undress? You know I'm not going there; I just don't want to make a bad day worse by assuming, you know?"


Gwen is probably right about Daisy's desire for independence, though honestly, how cool is it to have a girlfriend who could carry her around like it was nothing? She had completely forgotten about how Gwen had leaped and swung across the rooftops while Daisy held on when they had first met. It already seems like a lifetime ago!

What Gwen gets for the moment is a nod. She really is freezing. It's also still very much cold in the city and the studio is pretty drafty at times.

At the question the hackerette pauses briefly. Considering the day she's just had? "You know what, I don't even care." Likewise she's not going to make any effort to pull the curtains aside which separate the 'bedroom' area from the rest of the apartment's open space. "Just..make with the dry towels and it's all good."

Well, not -all- good. She did break one arm pretty badly. While she's capable of walking unaided, getting free of the layers of clothing is going to be a problem.

"Aah—! Dammit! It'd be -real nice- if this would stop happening…"


Gwen nods. "Here, let me." She drops to a squat and lifts up the 'skirt' of Daisy's blanket, folding it to make a double-thick layer of fabric around Daisy's butt. "Sit," she suggests, guiding Daisy to sit on the edge of the bed with all the extra fabric beneath her to catch water dripping, so she doesn't ruin the bed. "Now, rest. I'll be back with towels and I'll get your shirt off. Has anyone seen about your arm yet?" she asks over her shoulder; she's already on the way to the bathroom to grab towels. She returns with three, sets them beside Daisy, and grips the cuff of Daisy's sleeve on her good left arm. She finds the collar and peels the sodden blouse down Daisy's good arm, to just below the elbow so Daisy can pull her arm out.

"It's surprising how hard it is to get out of a shirt when you're sitting, right?" Gwen asks lightly. A little banter might help.


There's a bit of a grump from Daisy but ultimately she accepts Gwen's help with a muttered "This is so embarrassing." It may be a suggestion to sit but it doesn't sound much like one. Still, Daisy sits. Then she sighs heavily. "Just briefly. It wasn't a mortal injury so I got pushed further down the line. God, Gwen, there were so many wounded. So many who didn't make it…"

When Gwen comes by to assist again it's met with minimal resistance and zero complaint beyond a gritting of teeth as she works around the fresh break in the other limb.

"Yeah..awkward as hell. Gwen..remember the other day when you were telling me that you might have a way to go home. That you might bounce between realities for a while?" she asks then follows through with a slow nod. "I think..I need to do something kinda similar. If I'm gonna be deserting SHIELD to sign on with the Brotherhood..?" She hesitates as the idea properly hits home within her own thoughts.

"If SHIELD finds me they could ruin everything I'm trying to do. They're gonna be looking for me. Maybe they'll be looking for you, also."


Gwen nods as she peels the sopping mess off Daisy's good arm, then murmurs, "This arm will be bad, babe. Brace yourself." She's gentle as only a spider can be, rolling it down Daisy's arm, talking to try to take Daisy's mind off it:

"So, you're not making any decisions while you're this messed up in the head. BUT! If we're going to go undercover, I do know a mad scientist who can probably hook up up with tech to disguise ourselves or make it look like we have different powers or whatever, so we have options on the table." Once the shirt is off, she slings one of the towels around Daisy's shoulders like a shawl, crossing over at the neck to keep it shut. Once her girlfriend is decently covered, Gwen unsnaps Daisy's bra and lets it drop to the ground, then wraps the smallest and thinnest of the three towels around Daisy's head to help dry her hair.

"Okay, think you can get your pants off one-handed?"


"Looking forward to it," is said with obvious sarcasm as the sleeve is eased off of the bad arm. There's some peculiar bruising going on along the limb, almost as if they exactly followed the larger veins up toward her shoulder. Though before Daisy can get a good look at it she sucks in a sharp breath and has to fight against the impulse to make a fist.

What surprises her isn't about the injury or how much it hurts. No, that would all be thanks to Gwen mentioning them -both- going undercover and that she knows a 'mad scientist.' "Wait, -seriously?-" she suddenly barks out in surprise. "Okay, I'm really starting to worry about the kinds of people you seem to be hanging out with, Gwen!" Still. "Although that could come in handy…" she hesitantly admits while staring out across the smaller sectioned off 'room.'

It also serves as a good distraction. Gwen moves swiftly and with a delicate touch. Maybe it's another one of those Spider traits. When it comes to the matter of her pants, Daisy grumbles "I think I'll figure it out, thanks."

She definitely hasn't lost her sarcasm. She'll be fine.


Gwen nods. "Alright. I'm on standby." She pauses, then impulsively leans in to kiss Daisy. "I'm so glad you're okay, Skye." She bumps her forehead affectionately against her girlfriend's, then excuses herself to give Daisy some privacy.

"So, this mad scientist," she calls through the curtain. "Her name is Nadia Pym. I didn't tell you about her because I think she's bipolar, and she has, like, no social cues at all; and I stay away from her a little bit because she keeps trying to flirt with me in weird ways. She means well, though, and she'd help us just for the challenge of it if no other reason. She's connected to SHIELD because she's a Russian superspy trying to get American citizenship, so that might be a problem, but we'll figure it out.

"But if you want to lie low, the first thing we need to do is - get your arm fixed, actually. Then we get in touch with Supergirl, do what we have to do to find her spaceship. That might even be a good way to develop Brotherhood cred; you'll have to tell me about it. But she's the key to getting home right now." She pauses, and her face lights up even as her voice gets a little nervous amid the joy. "I can introduce you to my dad."


There's a name which she hasn't heard spoken much. 'Skye.' Her internet alias, first brought into service many years back. That Gwen seems to have adopted it for her own use brings a soft smile to Daisy's formerly grim expression. Strange how something as simple as this could have such a calming effect, and yet… It does the trick.

When Gwen moves in for that forehead bump Daisy's good arm reaches out for another pseudo-hug in return. "Thanks, G."

From behind the curtain there's some struggling going on but no early admission of defeat. She's listening to what Gwen has to share, quite possibly more focused on the discussion than having to deal with stubborn wet jeans.

"If she's already connected to the Division that could definitely be a problem, but if there's ..I don't know, like -any- chance that she could figure out a means that I don't tear myself apart every time I use my powers, that'd be cool. I'm really going to need to have some better control over them or I'm likely going to kill myself before I get anywhere with this plan."

Okay, wait, WHAT?

"Supergirl, again like -the- Supergirl who was openly talking against Registration on the news? That's..that's not very subtle, Gwen. Though she might still be useful, ah—whoa. Whoa. You want to take me..to see your dad? Like -in another dimension- dad?"

She's quiet for a moment before she sort of mumbles "I was just thinking about buying another van to live out of…"


"Sorry, am I going too fast?" Gwen asks, anxiety in her voice as well as a smile: it's nice you're as nervous at the thought as she is. "But yeah, that Supergirl. Her ship has the thing she thinks will help get me home, and if it turns out to be a two-way trip… I'd like to bring you," she concludes shyly.


"Yah..'fast' as in 'let's hop realities together' rather than 'let me show you my family' kinda fast," Daisy calls back. Here Gwen can probably -hear- the hackerette pinching her eyes shut at the thought. "Didn't you -just- tell me that I'm not making any decisions while my head's messed up? I'm starting to think you're emotionally compromised, or..something."

Not to be too quick to dismiss the offer and hurt Gwen's feelings, she quickly takes a deep breath and fires back with "I'm not saying no, just… You're right. I'm not in a good way right now. I need—"

Her phone suddenly starts to buzz.

"Oh, look what finally decided to start working again," she darkly mutters. It's very soon followed with a growl. Then her thought is continued. "I need something which is -not.- -This.-"

Gwen would see a dark shadow flying toward the curtain before striking the hanging fabric, momentarily deforming it and sending it into a gentle flutter as the phone strikes home then slides down to the floor with a thunk.


"Well duh," Gwen shoots back companionably, no offense taken. "I just started dating my first girlfriend and she's all beat up! Of course I'm compromised. But we can wait. Also, I'm gonna spy on your phone now." She reaches under the curtain to steal the device and check its screen.


Daisy's eyes snap wide open with a skip in her pulse. "No—wait!"

So she did kind of have those soggy jeans off. Partly. But not enough to prevent them from getting tangled and dropping her to the floor as she tries to make a lunge for the stolen phone. There's a quick "Wagh!" followed by the telltale *Whump!* and a pained "I'm okay—! Really, I'm just..peachy…Dammit…"

Leave it to someone with Skye's background to be cryptic and vague about pretty much everything. The caller ID simply comes up as 'J'.


Gwen shoves the curtain aside to barge in and grab Daisy. "Whoa, Daisy, I'm so sorry. I didn't - this is my fault. I'm sorry. Here." She kneels beside her girlfriend and finishes the job, tugging the wet pants off to toss them aside. They splat when they land. Gwen ignores this as she gets an arm around Daisy to help her up. "Are you alright? How's your arm?"


Daisy has to roll her eyes. "Gwen… Look, I may be named after a flower but I -promise- you I'm not some delicate little thing. You don't have to be soRrgh!apologetic."

The collection of towels are carefully resituated as she eases into a sitting position. To the question about her arm comes a sardonic "I think it might be broken."

Then she has a sudden change of demeanor. While Gwen had been so careful and thoughtful when she had walked through the door a sorry broken mess not even twenty minutes ago, Daisy is suddenly patting a spot right on the floor beside her with "Come here. Park it."


"It's not that you're weak," Gwen protests, "it's that I need to own up to my part in it, that's all." But she obeys, parking it where directed, face openly curious.


Naturally, Daisy had Gwen sit on the side of her good arm. She reaches up to lightly catch the back of Gwen's neck, though only to give a playful back and forth push to the other girl.


That same arm then comes up to catch Gwen's far shoulder, drawing the Spider close enough that Daisy's head can rest on the nearer shoulder. "You're not gonna scare me away, or ..piss me off that I kick you out. I'm not about to hold a grudge, either. Just..relax a little. Okay?"


"I can't relax! You just gave me shaken baby syndrome!" Gwen complains unconvincingly. "I have a concussion now!"


Daisy sort of rolls her head toward Gwen with a clear '-Really?-' expression going on.

"I just fell out of a crashing Helicarrier. I don't wanna hear it."


"Tough. It's part of the package." Gwen slips an arm around Daisy's shoulder and, awkward though it is sitting beside one another on the floor, hugs her chilly, damp girlfriend as close as their relative postures will allow.

"I'm so sorry about the attack. What do you want to do? Are you ready for a hot shower, or is water not your friend right now?"


Brown eyes fall closed with a groaned "Arrrrgh…" despite the two hugging it out. Also despite her comment of "You're killin' me here, G," there's a thin smirk present upon her.

The next question has her stuck in thought. "Honestly I hadn't thought ahead beyond 'latch onto Gwen' and 'try to get warm.' Kinda wish I had a bathtub now."

Another long breath is released as she sort of huddles toward the Spider for warmth. "Exhaustion'll probably catch up any second. I should probably try to rest. This may be the last time I get to enjoy sleeping in my own bed for a while."

Once more she hesitates, lost within thought for a breath or two. Then her head lifts away from Gwen's shoulder, seeking out the other girl's eyes. Compared to a moment ago her voice is soft enough to be close to a whisper. "You can stay..if you'd like. Just..under one condition."

Her good hand comes around, palm held upward.

"I want my phone back."



Gwen carefully hands over the phone. "I'd… I'd like that a lot, Skye." Her cheeks and ears are flushed pink. "And I won't try anything while you have a broken arm, but… we can keep you warm, at least."

Shut UP, Gwen.

"Are you dry enough yet? Do you need a hand getting into your pajamas?"


"Well, now I know why you're the Pink Spider," Daisy teases at Gwen's obvious blushing. "And here I thought I was the shy one."

Now with phone in hand she holds it up as if to gesture for Gwen to stop that train of thought. "Look, I know you're not gonna press the advantage. I fell from the sky and nearly drowned and now I'm -freezing my butt off- and it kinda -maybe- put things into perspective just a little bit. Also my space heater stopped working like..three years ago, so just…"

Gwen may have been thinking it.

Skye goes ahead and says it.

"Shut up, Gwen."


"Make me," Gwen murmurs, a line that surprises even herself into a giggle as she leans in to Daisy, leading with her slightly parted lips. Her eyes are closed trustingly and somehow, strangely, obediently as she presses a small taste test to Skye's lips.

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