Reporting for Duty
Roleplaying Log: Reporting for Duty
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Agent Phil Coulson comes back to SHIELD at last. Agent Peggy Carter is there to greet him.

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IC Date: December 04, 2018
IC Location: The Triskelion, NYC
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The Triskelion is usually a bustle of activity. Such a large organization has many different people working for them that all have different purposes and different things to do. The administration wing, where many agents have offices and others work in cubicles holds one Agent Peggy Carter's office.

There has been quite a lot to deal with recently. Demons got into the Triskelion, registration is now the letter of the law in New York State and SHIELD is complying. There are millions of forms and contingencies and teams they now have to rework. Having a registered person on a covert op sort of defeats the purpose and so things must be rearranged.

Peggy herself has not made her personal feelings about any of this known. However, Phil Coulson may have some internal thoughts about how the woman out of time might feel about many of these developments, even in the face of SHIELD's own blanket decisions.

The woman has her door open as she goes through some paperwork, her forehead creased as she reads something and starts checking things off here and there.

* * *

To say it feels weird to be here would honestly be the understatement of the year.

Once, this was home. It fit him like a glove. Now Coulson feels out of step. Then again, who would understand that better than Peggy Carter, who had to deal with decades of changes in policy and procedure, with every face seeming new, and with a whole host of technology she'd never heard of or even dreamed of either.

And certainly, nothing but Phil Coulson's eyes betray any such thing. He moves through the halls listening to congratulations on being out of his "coma." He smoothly makes jokes about it as if that is all there was to it. Sure, he's dressed down from his usual. Instead of the suit he used to wear he's put on dark grey slacks, a dark blue t-shirt, and a brown leather jacket. It's not precisely inappropriate work attire: it's just field attire. Something in Phil is having trouble putting on the suit lately. Another subtle sign. But nobody else really comments on it. His Avuncular smile and quippy manner deflects all manner of things.

At any rate, the right person for him to check in with is Peggy Carter anyway, and so it is that he knocks lightly on the open door. "I can come back if it's not a good time," he says.

* * *

Peggy takes a moment, lost in a thought. It's not exactly like her to not be spatially aware, so that must mean there is a lot on her mind. It's a second later that her head turns in a quick gesture. It's not that she's startled so much as suddenly arrested out of thought. Blinking, she focuses in on Coulson outside of her door and blinks a few times. It's a little like his own seeming displacement. Right now he looks a little strange there in her doorway rather than on a dock on a lake.

"Phil." Peggy stands. "No, of course, please come in. I didn't realize you were coming in today, I would have cleared…" she looks at all the stacks that clutter her otherwise generally organized office. "…everything, really. Shut the door."

Unable to help herself, she assesses him in that doorway in his civvies. It's a quick once over, a general measure for a lifetime espionage agent. She waits until the door is closed before she moves to clear off the papers and folders from the chairs so he has a place to sit. "It's good to see you."

* * *

A lifetime of espionage will tell Peggy that he's stable, but there are definitely lingering markers of PTSD. He's got them under control, but they're there.

He closes the door as bidden, then spreads his hand. "The gears of the world's problems don't stop grinding for any man or woman," he says lightly. He sits down and says, "My office was untouched. That was kind of everyone. I expected to find it packed up, with its contents shoved somewhere inconvenient."

Even knowing they were working to revive him, he'd found that strange too. "And it's good to see you too. It seems like there's a lot on your plate right now. Since I am reporting for duty," and there is just the lightest undercurrent in his tone that indicates he'd thought twice and thrice about coming back to this institution at all, "how can I help?"

* * *

Peggy, having lived through World War II and a few years after it, certainly knows the markers when she sees them. This may be different, but she was already anticipating this.

"This is always true. Time and tide and the like." She knows the quotes. Setting the folders down on the floor by her desk, she moves to sit down in her own chair again. As for his office, she tells him with a bit of a smile, "From what I can tell, SHIELD doesn't give up on anything that they believe in."

Him reporting for duty is met with a nod. "We'd be glad to have you back if you are ready, Agent Coulson." Though he has asked her to call him Phil, this is a pointed use of agent. "Registration has put us all in a mode of restructure for the New York office. We are not strictly involved in the day to day of the law, however we are available should a particularly strong character escape custody." Her tone is very neutral, fact giving, when she speaks.
"And, of course, there was the breach of demons during that event. We are attempting to look into how they could have gotten in past our wards."

* * *

Coulson's eyes tighten at the mention of registration. "Well, SHIELD was always in the business of taking down particularly strong characters. We never needed data on those who are not threats before to get the job done, but the world does change."

The argument, before he'd died, with Nick Fury, had been epic. Spilling out into the halls. Coulson did not approve. He loudly did not approve. He did not get a chance to get out in public and say so.

"As for the breach of demons, considering we were seeing security holes left and right before then, is there any evidence someone took them down?"

Maybe he's a little more blunt than he used to be too, though that bluntness is tempered with an edge of weariness.

* * *

There's a look at the door at Coulson's opinions are brought to light. And there is a small raised eyebrow from Peggy. She doesn't necessarily disagree, but they are within SHIELD's halls right now. "SHIELD has never had an extensive security breach," she says as if stating a very rehearsed public line. However, the notion is clear as far as she is concerned: something is wrong and she is not sure how deep it goes. For someone to have disrupted these wards and allowed the demons in? It would have had to be someone higher in the echelon.

"SHIELD is committed with working with governments. We will abide by the rules of the country we are in." As long as it suits them, is the untold addition. "I'm sure Fury has his reasons." Though it's not immediately clear to her what those reasons are. She also sounds a bit weary of the registration talk.

"We are, as ever, SHIELD."

* * *

Coulson looks…briefly impatient. It is a look that has never before graced his face. He doesn't seem to care if he's in SHIELD's Halls. He seems to be out of steam to give a damn about bucking popular opinion. And so he just cuts right to it. "You don't agree either," he says, just laying it right out there. "Or you don't agree 100. One of the two. That was so British-sarcastic I think I saw a scone stop, drop, and roll."

It's a gentle tease, accompanied by a quick quirk of his mouth, but it perhaps softens that uncharacteristic edge that plays out in in the briefest of microexpressions.

* * *

"How dare you talk of scones with such disrespect, Agent Coulson. I should have you demoted for such talk." Peggy smirks at that but ruffles her hair just a bit at the mention of what she agrees or does not agree with. "I don't…entirely agree," she allows. "However, there are dangerous people in the world with dangerous abilities. This organization was founded to help people against those threats." she shakes her head. Standing, she stands and turns on a fan. "Sorry, there's no circulation in here, I need a bit of air," she tells him. Then, she waits a few moments and lets the papers start to flutter, making a perfect dead noise for them to talk. Then she sits down again. Coulson will have to lean forward and she talks in her normal voice so if anyone is attempting to record her, they will only get the fluttering of papers and mutterings.

"Every once in awhile talk about something in a few words loudly so it sounds like we're talking over the papers. But, no, I think the policy makes sense if applied like a felony. A blanket registration is terrible and does no one a service. I have no idea what Fury is doing in agreeing with it."

* * *

Coulson thinks about it, frowning thoughtfully. He nods to her comment about the fan. He probably should get back in the habit of caring about being reported in his own organization, after all.

"Well, Fury plays the long game," he says at last. "It doesn't seem like him, but there could be any number of factors. Including the problems in our organization. Let's take a turn towards that one. What new information has come to light since the incident at Warehouse 13?"

Because he knows something has to have happened besides the demons getting into the Triskelion. Which is bad enough. "And…where did the demons get into the Triskelion? What has the investigation of those specific entry points turned up?"

* * *

"We have members in custody that seemed to have some knowledge. I think…" Peggy looks to the fan. "One of them was killed in the demon attack. I think that demon attack was pointed. It was only because there was a very resilient guard posted that they both weren't lost. The man who stabbed you hasn't resurfaced in any sort of manner. Believe me, we have been looking."

Peggy's face is serious on that. "You're more than welcome to interrogate the surviving member or stand in while someone else interrogates. He was a member of my brother's organization, so whatever is happening with us he is also involved in.?"

There is a shake of her head. "Something is happening and it is big. My brother is somehow involved. I hate that this all happening."

* * *

"I will interrogate him myself," Phil decides.

Something flickers over his face at the mention of Benjamin. He looks away. Then says, "It doesn't matter. He'll turn up again. He's part of it. Do you think your brother getting disavowed was part of all this, Peggy?"

Because now he's looking for patterns. For bigger picture. Even though he finds he can barely remember what he had before. Emma Frost has put Humpty Dumpty together again, but some bits of egg yolk were still left drying on the grass. Unavoidable. No help for it. And one of those bits of egg yolk is that he can't quite recall how it all went down before. It all seems to have coalesced into that bright, scarlet moment where he got stabbed.

He looks back at her, saying, "Has your brother been able to turn up any new information? Or is he still reeling from all that?" He doesn't sound judgmental if Michael is still reeling. It's a lot to reel from, suddenly losing one's entire career, everything one has given his life to.

* * *

"Not yet. He

* * *

"That works for me. He's not very talkative and has been a member of a spy agency for years, so he is certainly a nut to crack." Peggy shakes her haed, putting a few papers under paperweights. "Not yet. He's had a bit of a history." A head is tilted. "Warhorse will?" She looks generally confused at his assertion.

"Michael's had a bit of a thing lately. We're still discussing. Maybe you can talk to him. He's…Well, registration is not sitting well with him and he thinks I do not trust him."

* * *

"You didn't mention a Warhorse," Coulson says. Not by name. "I mean Benjamin will turn up. Like a bad penny. Probably with a smug line or two. And that I'd interrogate this other guy you had in custody. My apologies. I wasn't clear. I'm trying to think about too many things at once. So you've got a former MI6.5 guy in custody, codenamed Warhorse, who isn't giving up anything in the way of intel, but just to be clear, we know helped let demons into the Triskelion and who may be part of a larger plot to take two clandestine organziations down?"

* * *

"You're more than welcome to interrogate Warhorse. I haven't actually met Benjamin, but I look forward to the day I can give him a very decisive display." Peggy thinks. "I'm not sure if the demons were MI6.5. They were after Warhorse, too. It seemed like they were there to get rid of evidence. But, I definitely think he's part of a larger plot. I"m just not sure what is motivations are just yet"

* * *

Coulson leans back thoughtfully and says, "I think I'm going to organize a list of things I'd like to get done on this and get back to you. I need to review some files, and some other things. Then I'll be ready to start wading into the investigation, I think. And try to touch base with the members of the team I know I can trust.

* * *

Coulson leans back thoughtfully and says, "I think I'm going to organize a list of things I'd like to get done on this and get back to you. I need to review some files, and some other things. Then I'll be ready to start wading into the investigation, I think. And try to touch base with the members of the team I know I can trust. That we both can trust."

If he's scrambled, he'll just have to get organized. That's all there is to it. "What kind of evidence did they target?" Because that bit interests him as well. Demons, being sent in to get rid of evidence? "That seems like a messy way to get that job done."

* * *

"Of course. Please get me an entire roster and R&D request. I will be sure that it is fulfilled. Welcome back to SHIELD, Agent Coulson. We are very glad to have you back." Peggy stands at that, as if to salute Phil, however, she does not. Instead, she reaches out a hand for him to shake, even though it is a closed fist that she offers him.

Then, as their hands connect, the hand spreads out into a shake. He'll feel something hard, cold and metal pressed into his hand in that handshake.

Peggy makes no gesture, no change of face. Instead, she tells him, "I look forward to working with you again."

Then, she pulls away from him, leaving the small, circular and metal object left in his palm. Then, she goes to turn off the fan. When Coulson looks into his palm he'll find one half of the SSR pins he returned to Peggy Carter a year ago - the eagle proudly presenting on its circle.

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