Daemonites in the Park
Roleplaying Log: Daemonites in the Park
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Warblade runs into Daemonites in the park. Jessica gets dispatched by SHIELD when calls come in saying aliens.

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IC Date: March 27, 2019
IC Location: Manhattan Waterfront Park
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Posted On: 28 Mar 2019 05:24
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* * *

The waterfront, normally sedate this time of eveningwith the majority of its traffic consisting of industrial vessels headed to or from the harboris tonight a veritable warzone.

Pedestrians flee from the park screaming about some sort of monster. Emergency phone calls are equally incomprehensible.

"Somebody call Orkin!"
"Screw that! Somebody call SHIELD!"

In the park, a man with a green mohawk and wearing what appears to be Edward Scissorhands-esque finger-claws is flung into the SeaGlass Carousel, cracking one of the mounts.

The thing that threw said man lurches forward from the shadows into a light cast by a park streetlamp. It is roughly eight feet tall with slimy green-brown scales, an elongated head, and a mouth filled with razor-sharp fangs.

It barks something harsh and alien and then leaps toward its prey, saliva trailing from its maw.

* * *

Jessica is quite tired now, has been since Sunday when the Triskelion was destroyed.

There has been a lot of cleanup and recovery efforts. Regrouping at a secret base.

Still having to respond to emergencies like a potential Alien attack in a park down by the waterfront.

Sadly because of Jessica's recent fixation on aliens control shifts it her way and she makes her way quickly to the waterfront getting a lift in one of the remaining quinjets. Cursing mildly the whole way, even to the point where Jess flings herself out at relatively low altitude and lands on top of the Carousel. "Okay… that thing… that thing is ugly."

* * *

The green-haired man tussles with the alien-monster-thing for a moment, attempting to slash at the creature with his large metallic claws.

The creature responds by biting onto the man's forearm and twisting its head, pulling the man back and forth before a second set of arms appears from the alien and, with all four of its forelimbs, grabs the man and hurls him against the nearest streetlamp.

As the man slumps to the ground, the lamp groans and begins falling over.

The creature turns toward the newly arrived woman and stands tall, barking again in its harsh language.

Not far away, a pair of large men in park security uniforms jog forward, hands on their sidearms.

"Everything OK here?" one calls out.

* * *

Well damnit thinks Jess.

"Stay back, SHIELD!" calling to the park guards, because frankly that thing looks like it could bite a park security guard in half and not slow down to Jessica.

To make sure it stays focused on her, she lifts a hand and fires a couple of venom blasts at it even as she takes a running leap and tries to go well over the thing and land between it and the park guards.

* * *

The creature tenses as Jess lands between it and the guards. It hisses and then barks again, waving its larger pair of arms menacingly.

The guards nod at the SHIELD agent. "Understood," they call out in unison, and draw their weapons.

Then they begin firing—at her!

The green-haired man mutters something between bursts of gunfire and pushes himself to his feet. One of his hands transforms into something like a large axe.

"They're with /it/!" he shouts the obvious and somersaults toward the creature, slicing his arm horizontally at its leg.

The creature dodges and weaves, lunging teeth-first at Jess.

* * *

Well double damnit thinks Jess

Of course she is already moving and she twists to the side with superhuman reaction and reflexes moving to put a tree between her and the 'park guards' as they continue to fire at her. "Shapeshifters or mind control!?" she asks curious and then leans around and fires a two quick succession energy blasts at the two guards. The setting is humans being tazed right now though as she doesn't know what she is dealing with.

* * *

The creature's scales sizzle from where Jess' venom blasts have struck it, seemingly with no adverse effects.

"They're possessed! By daemons!" the green-haired man shouts, whirling his axe-shaped and clawed hands around himself to strike at the creature again. It slips out of the way, but one of the claws makes a glancing blow where one of the venom blasts had struck it.

In response, the creature stumbles and roars, a sound that does not at all resemble its earlier barks.

Then, the man's metallic body deflects several bullets fired by the guards, and he raises a hand to protect himself, the appendage widening into the shape of a shield.

One of the guards collapses backwards, the concussion blast catching him unaware in the side of the head.

The other guard groans, lurching forward, as a creature identical to the alien-monster-thing suddenly emerges from his head. The human body falls limp to the ground behind it.

"What did I tell you?!" the green-haired man calls.

* * *

Ah well progress thinks Jess. Now the alien have been booted out of the one guy she doesn't feel as bad using heavy force.

"Got it.. I just don't understand why demons don't stay hell where they belong.. is there an open portal or some warlock here?"

Honestly though she doesn't just stay behind the tree now though. She rolls away from it and then springs into action racing towards the demon that was exorcism from the park security guard. One really heavy duty venom blast to the face is her goal before she dives down trying to seize one of the bigger arms and throw it into a really sturdy tree.

* * *

"It's not that," the man begins, "so much as—"

His explanation is cut short as one of the creatures smashes shoulder-first into him, knocking him through the air and into a nearby set of trash cans.

As rubbish flies everywhere, the other creature gets on all fours (or all sixes, really) and gallops toward Jess even as she races toward it in turn. It opens its mouth, shrieking, its tongue whipping viciously about.

Jess' blast to its face hits the creature in the back of its open mouth. Its shriek becomes a guttural belch as its eyes roll back in its head and it drops unconscious, skidding along the asphalt a dozen feet before it comes to a stop.

Its companion, initially approaching the green-haired man, glances over its shoulder and snarls. Then it begins running off into the darkness, trying to put distance between itself and the superheroine.

* * *

Jessica looks quite pleased at the venom blast inside those maw full of terror doing the trick so well. "Noted." she says with amusement to herself then looks around.

"Hey you okay?" curious about the man thrown into the rubbish bins, though to be honest she is already moving trying to find an angle to intercept the last of the demons. "Keep up!" Jess yells towards the rubbish in parting shot.

* * *

The man pushes himself to his feet. "Yeah," he begins, but looks around as the other hero is off chasing the remaining monster. "Aw, hell, Marlowe's gonna give me such sh…"

He begins sprinting after Jess and her prey.

The creature makes efficient use of its six limbs, leaping over thick underbrush and skittering along walls and tree trunks as it takes quick turns to try and throw its pursuers off its trail.

"Don't let it out of your sight!" the man calls, peeling off in another direction to triangulate the interception course that Jess is on. "And don't let it near you!"

The creature, as if in response, lands on the bottom of a staircase and then immediately backflips up and back toward Jess, its claws extended in an effort to grasp her head and shoulders in its hands.

* * *

"Wait… what?" that warning isn't ignored as Agent Drew skids to a halt and then bounds up against a wall and literally starts running up it. "Let me guess.. that whole demon possession thing…" she hurls a couple of venom blasts on high trying to keep it at bay now.

"Well.. get in here and do something then!" she doesn't take her eyes off the Daemonite though as she plays keep away and laser tag effectively at the same time.

* * *

Jess' impromptu ally launches over the stairs, diving forward with a pair of hands whose fingers are extended into dagger-length blades.

"On it!" he shouts, plunging said hands into the alien's chest, its scales weakened by the SHIELD agent's barrage of venom blasts.

The creature convulses, flailing its head back and forth as it howls in what sounds like four different octaves at once. Then it tips backwards, slamming into the ground with a wet thud.

The green-haired man keeps his hands dug into its torso, his teeth gritted, until the monster stops moving.

"Oh, thank God," he sighs, his knife-fingers retracting into the shape of normal human hands. He steps back and drops into a seated position on the stairs. "Those attacks of yours really did a number on their hides. I've been having a hell of a time recently," the man says wearily.

* * *

Jessica hops down off the wall landing smoothly and stretching a bit before looking over and kicking the deamonite in the side lightly, dead or not. "Well seeing I was putting enough juice to be basically focused little lightning bolts I would sure hope so."

She studies it a bit, turning it over with a light kick, well superhuman kick but not punting for a field goal. "So Okay… who are you then and where did these things come from. My name is Agent Drew, of SHIELD."

* * *

The man stands and grimaces. "I'd … really rather not." He sighs again. "I know—it's a jerk move right after you just helped me big time. It's just … it's a whole secret-wear-between-two-alien-races thing. One of them can possess people and look like horror movie monsters."

He nudges the alien corpse.

"Given that they can look like anybody, it tends to be prudent not to talk much about them. You never know who might be listening. Who might be watching." The man shrugs. "It's weird, but how often do most people ever have to deal with a secret invasion of green aliens?"

He puts his hands up, palms out, in front of himself. "Call me Warblade. Look—let me talk to my people. Find out what we might be willing to share. I don't want to make an enemy of SHIELD, but I don't really trust it, either. There's rogue factions and competitor organizations to worry about, too."

* * *

"Eh.. fine.. for the record you split whole I was putting down the last al…" and Jessica pauses "Son of a bitch… did you say secret invasion of aliens?" she kicks hte alien again harder this time, splurk. "Great just great." deep breath Agent Drew and let it out.

"I.. I'll give you a number you can reach me at then, I won't try to arrest you this time, but you need to give me a little more information, like how many of these things are there and what are they called?"

* * *

"They're daemons or daemonites," Warblade replies. "I have no idea how many of them there are. But they've been here on Earth for a long time. A /long/ time. And my associates and I are trying to rid the planet of them."

He scratches the back of his neck. "I'd recommend keeping word of this pretty hush-hush. Chances are highif not guaranteedthat SHIELD is compromised in some way by their presence. It just matters too much not to be of interest to them. Same goes for almost any major corporation, bureau, or community."

Warblade nods. "It's a real downer to hear. But that's why I need to find out how much more, if anything, I can share. It sounds like crazy conspiracy talk."

* * *

Jessica reaches down and haulss one of the alien bodies up and then gestures with it "Well I have a few alien bodies. I'm also on point for alien affairs with SHIELD right now really so I know who has clearance and who I can actually trust." she frowns looking you over. "These had better be aliens and not hell demons though or I'll be quite peeved." she looks at the thing. "I wonder if we can come up with a device to detect these things."

* * *

"If you can," Warblade says, "that would be pretty freakin' great. Our current setup mostly relies on exotic dancer technology." He immediately clears his throat. "Uh, don't ask. It's—never mind."

He takes a step back. "I need to check in with my people, actually. This whole showdown was supposed to take just a few minutes … against a single daemonite. I think I got set up and we need to look into who was doing the set-up."

"Thanks again, though," Warblade adds. "And good luck." Then he turns and begins off inland.

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