When They Came for Mutant Town
Roleplaying Log: When They Came for Mutant Town
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The Department of Public Safety tries to bring Mutant Town into legal compliance with MRPSA.

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IC Date: March 30, 2019
IC Location: Mutant Town, NYC
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Posted On: 31 Mar 2019 03:36
Rating & Warnings: PG
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NPC & GM Credits: Ursa & Neutron - DPS Agents, Secret - Miscellaneous Mutant Town Residents
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The first MRPSA enforcement raid was a thing done in the wee hours of the morning. But that was a different borough. A different strategy.

This? Is Mutant Town. What experts would call a “target rich environment.” A different strategy is required.

Dark vans with very official state seals drive and park just inside the limits of the neighborhood at eight-fifteen sharp in the morning. So many dark vans. Roughly thirty. So many men in dark suits and body armor. So much firepower, tucked into trunks.

The day—today—has come. A day that the New York Department of Public Safety has awaited. Some have dreaded it. Some have thought about it at little as humanly possible. Some have done nothing other than practice the lines.

I am from the Department of Public Safety. I need to verify your metahuman registration, please.

The forces do not pour out of those vans, like SWAT teams in dramatic scenarios. They are slow, and methodical. They do not attempt to be stealthy or hide their presence. But they do pour out in large numbers, the crackle of their radios and staticky disembodied voices filling the streets.

They have their coverage areas. This is a door to door operation, and their orders are to bring in violators but also to keep things from becoming a full-scale riot. To keep things orderly.

A tall set of orders if ever there was one.

While Moonstar's place of employment is currently in shambles and in a state of flux, that doesn't stop Danielle Moonstar from hearing things. Officially and unofficially.

For tonight, however, she is here completely unofficially. No SHIELD badge, no SHIELD gun, no SHIELD uniform. She's here just as Danielle Moonstar, sometimes teacher at the Xavier Institute.

And while she is here unofficially that doesn't mean she's come alone. She's gathered those X-Types she could find, including one Douglas Ramsey former Hydra agent, and brought all of them to Mutant Town.

"We're not engaging unless needed. This operation is a legal one."

Which is all truth, but beneath those words are something more. Unspoken from the Cheyenne is 'but we'll be here to help if trouble starts'.

Also to note Dani is still favoring her left side, though she doesn't necessarily broadcast what's wrong.

The neighborhood knows. It's quiet, too quiet if you'll forgive the cliche. Suddenly a door bangs open, a child runs through the street. Young, a boy with a toy sword, tearing across the street heading for another house. He seems normal, the toy sword looks like plastic. Maybe four or five years old.

The other door opens as he approaches; an older woman with a steely expression ready to gather the child in hisses to hurry. Her eyes look up and down the street, staring at Captain Marvel for a moment. There's no welcome there.

Doug's prediction for today was grim. "This is going to get violent. I'm not letting you go out there alone, Dani." And he didn't. Which is why he's out here in Mutant Town, looking like the Unabomber, with a blue hoodie pulled up and a pair of tinted glasses on, so as to avoid being recognized, and to be fair, he can't ever really do SHADY.

"Look, there's Captain Marvel." He mutters. "Wonder how many kids and old people she'll put in jail today."

It's one of those moments in life where Domino has to follow her gut. There is no plan tonight. She has no endgame, no direction. But knowing that this is going down she can't just sit by and do nothing at all. Her conscience won't allow it. Even if all she ends up doing is providing these PSA goons with a bigger, more enticing target to chase after so they'll get the hell out of Mutant Town. That option is still on the table.

Whatever ends up happening, she needs some intel. There's a lot of people linked via comms. Having one of those would be quite useful. And so she lies in wait for the knock on the door which is soon to be coming.

She won't be the first one to pull the trigger tonight.

Fortunately, baseball bats don't have triggers.

The door opens and a flurry of motion ignites, the albino delivering wholesale beatdowns in record time upon the smaller squad until they're all put down to the floor. They're all hurt, certainly. But they're all alive. And now she has herself a headset.

Spring has recently sprung, and there are signs of it everywhere. Tiny peeking shoots of grass, yes, here and there, where the NYC people aren't keeping up things in this poor place full of disadvantaged individuals, but also cut flowers, newly refilled planters, heaped-up portable pots of shamrocks thrown into the heaps of garbage that pervade the city at the best of time.

And up in a SIXTH floor loft that has been marked (in this case, inaccurately) as infested and unsuited for human habitation, sits someone, not human, laying back on a salvaged leather couch as she looks at the two or three laptops surrounding her. They show consumer-grade security cameras pointing at key intersections and shop fronts, but for the woman on that couch, this is all just candy-coating on top of what she can feel down there.

It lurks beneath the surface.

"Better wait a minute," Ivy murmurs to herself. "Better hold the phone~."

She presses the knuckle of her thumb to her lips because she's already struggling to hold it in. But, she tells herself, wood listens. She can wait for them to get nicely tangled up first.

From somewhere in the neighborhood, there is a shout. Voices escalate. It might draw a protective eye sidelong, but it is a momentary distraction to compared to what happens next.

Two Registration enforcement officials are bowled over, knocked from a stoop by the shattering of a door. Two other figures dart sidelong from that building, as the recovering registration officials size up the singular figure who remains, stepping from the building to face them down.

There is terror. Recognition.

There is the one who helped bring SHIELD low, taking their castle in the sky and casting it down.

There is the one who speared Sloane Albright through and tossed her against a building that no longer exists due to her mentors.

There, in all her furious ire, is Neutron, her fists curled at her side and her eyes cast skyward.

She was in the wrong place at the wrong time: the running theme of Jane Foster's life, and probably the epitaph scrawled over wherever they bury her.

It runs true here: there's no alleviation for her chronic migraines, which seem to be worsening — debilitating Jane, and leaving her dry heaving, most days, over the bowl of her toilet. Her physician was no help past prescribing opiates, though one of the clinic's nurses — when finding Jane alone in the office — slipped her a name. A woman in the blocks of old ABC. They say she can treat, even heal, with her hands. Both unasked and unsaid: and is probably a mutant.

Despite her semi-famous face — paraded globally by the media during James Barnes's trial for the Winter Soldier's crimes — Jane is slight and typical enough to mesh with the crowd, dressed down, and little about her staged to stand out. She knows well here is not the smartest place to be in the smoking ashes of the fallen SHIELD, but she is both desperate… and entirely unsuspecting of what invisible guillotine hangs over Mutant Town.

Then enough of Something happens, movement slow, but trained enough that the implicit algorithm draws Jane's eye. She holds back, frosty, slipping a hand into her pocket to pull free her phone.

In an alley, a child is dragged out by one of the still-active officials. Visible cat's ears mark him, though he may be a bit young to be considered a threat. Clearly a mutant, he wails as he's picked up, his voice sounding vaguely feline.

"Felix!" a mother's voice calls, likely related. Just before an alley cat leaps into the official's path. The child speaks to it in hisses and spits, the cat spits back. Its back fur stands up, attempting to stand off the man with his friend in tow.

The explosion nearby, Neutron causes the man to flinch. And the cat is on him, a protective spirit as Felix shouts his approval! Largely in feral cat noises, apparently.

And this is likely not the strangest thing to happen tonight.

'Early hours of the morning' are relative; for some of the rauckus night joints in Mutant Town, its the tail-end of 'late' instead, just after last call. Laura isn't exactly what you'd call a regular at these places, at least not anymore, but that doesn't mean that people don't sort of vaguely know her from around. Some of them know things about her she'd prefer they didn't. So she's not an uncommon sight at the clubs, and fits in her tight, dark outfit. But for her, a night of revelery with the odd mix of Mutantown locals and mutant-fetish hipsters slumming things isn't fun: it's business.

The atmosphere had been one of of 'end of days' style revelry, people partying like it was the end of the world. And maybe it was. In some cases it was sad and in some, angry. Laura was there, in part, to keep tabs on the latter. She listens to the angry undertones, to the things people say when alcohol robs their discretion.

So far, just angry murmurs, empty threats. Mostly.

She 'stumbles' out with some of that crowd into the harsh morning light just as the vans are rolling up. But she's not impaired, and hardly tired. Her mission is to meet up with Dani's team, and as she approaches their rendezvous, she sniffs out the space to make sure there are no surprises. "Reporting," she announces, with her usual dry, near emotionless tone when she appears nearby. "Chatter levels have been slightly elevated, however I was unable to ascertain any credible-"

Her gaze snaps around as hell starts breaking loose. Well there's a threat for you. "Orders?"

So many black vans. A lot of black vans.

And then one big RED one.

The Red Van is late and comes screeching to a halt near the other vans. The license plate says: RGSTRD. The guy driving the van is probably recognizable here in Mutant Town. He mostly drives a taxi but this time he's driving something different. Something with… a bullhorn on the top of it?

"Uh. Hello! Hey, is this thing on?" Uh oh. "Oh wow! I sound like Morgan Freeman with this thing." Oh no. "Hey God? It's me again, Margaret." There's some bullhorned laughter that comes with it but then that annoying and enhanced voice comes pouring out again. "Anyway! This is AGENT I DON'T HAVE A CODENAME YET. THIS ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD IS UNDER ARREST BY THE LAWS OF JURISDICTION OF THE UNITED REGISTRATION METAHUMAN INTOLERABLE ACTS OF JUSTICE AND LIGHT." What is even happening. "SHOW US YOUR PAPERWORK OR GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL. DO NOT COLLECT TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. DO NOT PASS GO. DO NOT TELEVISE THE REVOLUTION!"

The doors to the back of the van get kicked open and leaping out of the back is the Despicable Deadpool. Or, rather, as those he works with now know him: The Bub. He leaps out of the back of the RedVan with every weapon possible strapped to his red and black suit.

Every Nerf Weapon, that is.

DeadBub raises his Nerf Mega Thunderhawk up and cocks the useless weapon. "Let's Rock." #Bundyism

As Domino gets for herself that shiny headset, she will hear in quick order the verbal interpretation of those coverage areas.

"No one's here. Moving to next unit."

Another voice cuts in. "I hear someone inside, but they're not coming out. Orders?"

"Mark it. We'll swing back through on the way out."

And then… Then an explosion of chatter as the operation's command starts calling for a convergence on the point from nearby partnered pairs or anyone else who can get there fast, and for the heavier weaponry to make its appearance. But that will take time to arrive, won't it? Others are ordered to keep their checks moving. The pleases become more scarce in a hurry as adrenaline starts to flood veins.

Department of Public Safety. We need to verify your metahuman registration.

Captain Danvers sees a rush of movement in the corner of her eye and quickly turns in the air. She watches the child with the toy sword rush across the street with an exhale. Eyes moving to the police not far away to make damn sure they don't over react. She very briefly lock eyes with the older woman.. Surprisingly it is Carol who breaks contact first, looking away and communicating sub-vocally to this section commander to verify the 'clear' before moving on.
Always listening for any reports of danger from squads that might be out of her current line of sight..
.. Which seems to break out within minutes. Captain Marvel pauses in mid-air, "..Say again?" A hand moving to her ear. One or two disturbances so far.. One sounds serious and another-, "Confirmed. Enroute."
Brotherhood. Neutron. It seems Worthington's advice was proven wrong.. Which is odd. A typical Terrorist cell should go to ground after an attack, if they escape capture.
Arrogant.. Carol thinks. They can literally get away with murder.. Why run if they took out SHIELD?

It does not take long for that skyward glance from the Brotherhood terrorist to fill with the image of one radiant Captain Marvel, looming twenty feet high above with an aura of gleaming power. Seeing Neutron with her own eyes she calls onto comms, the frequency reserved for meta-combat enabled enforcement, "This is Captain Marvel. Eyes on Brotherhood terrorist. Repeat. Eyes on Brotherhood. Request backup."

She then lowers and yells out, "You have a LOT of nerve. Surrender immediately." The cold edge in her tone suggesting that will not be asked again.

Dani and Doug stand side by side and for a moment, Dani tries to interject some lightness here. It's with a sidelong glance at Douglas that she murmurs, "We really need to work on your disguises. Less … mad bomber, more kid on the street."

And then, like everyone knew it would, things happen. An explosion. It brings Moonstar's attention upward and around, a frown forms upon her features. That frown stays even as Laura joins and with a quick look at the black-haired young woman, Dani says, "We help where we can help. Try not to engage the Public Safety Officers. They are here legally. No killing."

A look transitions to Doug and she offers him an X-Men communicator. "Can you get into their feed? Give us ears on what they're saying?" Then to Laura, "Let's get some eyes up above - remember if you must engage non-lethal shots."

For the most part everything is good and quiet. There's a few sounds out in the street..including what sounds like a feral cat or some weird thing..but it's still pretty good and quiet until…

The Big Red Van and its loudspeaker arrive.

"Oh my god," Domino seethes under a breath.

Maybe Deadpool's arrival can work in her favor. He'll provide that big enticing target for the others to focus on, which seems to be meshing quite nicely with the call to bring in the heavier support.

Suddenly Dom has a plan.

Stay low, stick to the shadows, find these 'heavier weapons' and disable the hell out of them. If she cannot directly engage the 'enemy' in her preferred methods then she can at least deprive them of important resources.

Aw, frack. That voice on the comms sounds unsettlingly familiar. These guys brought their A Game tonight. All the more reason for someone like Dom to keep a low profile!

One door opens. A green lady wearing a loose shirt and jeans stands at the door, waiting. She seems young enough to have not been a mutant long, but it barely matters. Someone pulls her back inside, the door slams, and fighting can be heard inside.

"I'll just turn myself in, you'll be safe!"
"You'll do no such thing!"
"He's not even a real mutant, it's best if I do!"
"Not right NOW, it's not safe out there…"
"Mom, they can't hurt me."

The fear in the mother's voice is audible even through the slum walls. Poor, afraid, it seems to be a trend forming. It didn't need to be like this. The people are so scared they're not even letting willing participants out, in some cases.

Which is when the green lady slips out a window, seeming to melt her way out. Slime girl? Oh, that's gotta suck. But she stands, a teenage girl no matter her body, and bravely waits for registration. Strong kid. "I'm Limni, can I still register? I don't want any trouble."

Then she looks at Deadpool and seems to reconsider. Hrm. Maybe a different agent.

As Captain Marvel touches down, the eyes of Neutron follow her. Gritting her teeth, almost gnashing them for a fight, the call to surrender does not exactly have the desired effect.

Neutron turns and runs back into the building, or at the very least tries too.

Somewhere off to the side one of the other Registration officials looks at Deadpool with the utmost horror, and one of the security teams step up. "Who the f-"

But then a man steps out of the alley nearby him and cracks him over the head with a bat. It draws an immediate response from the rest of his team, who is set upon by several other men in black ski masks, clearly people who were ready for this day.

They don't have much by way of weapons, but they won't go down without a fight.

Poison Ivy slides off her couch as she hears the amplified voice of Captain God Damn Marvel over the… air. She's there. She's shouting like she's god, Ivy thinks. Ridiculous, Ivy thinks further, as she draws up a small glass dish where something that looks like a dandelion had been growing in aquatic suspension.

She rests the roots on her palm and kisses one of the leaves. "Darling," she tells it, as the oddly fat yellow head shades in timelapse speed into a familiar white puff. She pushes open the window, leans out, and sends out a vigorous puff of breath.

Then she pulls back into the building.

The seeds fly… many of them remain aloft. This isn't something too big to be concerned about in the grand scheme of things. It's not a very tactical evolution.

Four or five of those seeds pivot towards the Merc with a Mouth; most of the others, in so far as they are falling towards anything in general, seem to be angling towards the helmets of Law Enforcement Officers.

Two seeds land near each other on Deadpool's gun arm. They settle and then they abruptly bloat, distorting with shape as needle-fine roots slam into his body and siphon out water and nutrients. The foliage comes shortly after, eight rigid silica-enriched razor-edged leaves in a shape and size almost exactly like that of a Personal Pan Pizza. One of them, like a nature documentary's time-lapse footage, starts forming a second flower.

"Of course I can." Doug says. He takes it, and pulls back his hood enough to put the earpiece in. He fiddles with it, testing it, until he's satisfied he's got an ear on everything going on, and then he gives it back to Dani. "I'll follow orders." Then he frowns, and looks around, his eyes dilating faintly.

"Situation's degenerating by the minute, Dani. All it's going to take is somebody getting hurt and we'll be caught in the middle of a riot." And him not registered and of dubious status. He doesn't even have a legal living identity, only Dani to vouch for him. "I don't trust DPS to exercise restraint here—"

Then he pauses, and puts his finger over his mouth. "Dani." He grabs her arm. "*We need to take cover*."

Captain Marvel watches the superpowered terrorist turn and run back towards the building. Tactically she knows that building -must- be a trap. Other Brotherhood must be lying in wait. Oldest baiting trick in the book, Carol muses.
Captain Marvel indeed does not offer a standard 'stop or I'll shoot' the cops on TV would give. Punching a fist straight ahead a photon blast burns to life, streaking across the distance and attempting to blast at Neutron's back before she can make it completely through the doorway, or possibly through the door itself if she managed to close it. She knows Neutron's incredibly tough, having literally dropkicked entire multi-ton turbines off a helicarrier so Marvel calibrates the power just so. If it misses it will likely go straight through the building itself and downward into the pavement on the other side in a burrowing blast of rubble.

Deadpool takes aim with his Nerf Thunderhawk and just starts firing. Madly. Nerf bullets sail in the direction of all those that dare to stand in the path of this weapon. Which will do absolutely not a damn thing to anyone. BUT! It is the thought that counts.

See? Being Registered gets you NERF GUNS.

Deadpool runs out of bullets and swings that Nerf gun to smack someone random in the face. Good, Bad, Ugly? It doesn't matter. This is a moment of chaos and he loves that kind of thing. "Hey! Sure, Slimer Jr.!" Deadpool has no idea how to handle questions. "Just uh… go throw yourself into the back of one of those black vans, I think! A Plead the Ninth Commandment."

Deadpool gives a mighty salute and starts back to walking. He's got more metas to register, dammit! Deadpool snatches off his next weapon, the Nerf Infinus. He holds it up, cocks it back and gets ready to… what in the holy hell is that landing on his arm.

"What the basket of shit nuggets is this landing on my arm?"

And that's when the mutating plant of doom starts to take over his arm. The arrival of these Deadlyions in his arm is punctuated with the digging and ripping of his flesh, the leather of his outfit providing no protection as the blood splatters from such a vicious invasion!

Deadpool stares at this happening for a long moment. The Infinus being dropped to the ground. "OW!" Deadpool glares at the new growth that's happening on his arm and immediately goes into "GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! GET! IT! OFF!" mode, complete with running around and shaking wildly of the arm!


The situation is going pear-shaped faster than Domino can keep track. She's still largely in the clear until Captain Marvel cuts loose with an energy blast, an action which immediately causes the albino to take pause and glance in the direction of the attack.

This works out swell for one of the DPS agents to catch sight of her, the pale lady being all decked out in shiny black polycarbonate armor and weapons, and draw his own weapon up. "Hold it—!"

Anything else which he might have meant to say is lost to sudden shrill screaming as one of Poison Ivy's seeds touches down upon the man's helmet, caught up front by the visor. The path of least resistance is easily found..and incredibly unpleasant.

Right as Neena is spinning around to face the man his weapon lands neatly into her hands, thrown in his absolute panic to get free of the insidious plant. She's somewhat better armed now but stunned as hell. She's also witnessing the same fate falling upon Deadpool because with a mouth like that how can anyone NOT notice?

(Keep moving, Thurman!)

Above? Laura's head cocks and her gaze shifts up the side of a building toward the roof. Then she looks back to Dani and gives a quick, certain nod. "I have a cache prepared at an optimal vantage point several buildings over." Of course she does. One might doubt that there's anything terribly non-lethal in said cache, but… if the former Weapon-for-Hire seems reliable for anything, it's following orders.

Well, outside of certain unfortunate circumstances.

In any event, no sooner than Dani gives the request does she make to fill it, taking a standing leap up to a fire escape and then darting up it. From there, it's a b-line across the roof of the building, her rapid movement nonetheless maximizing coverage from air vents, billboards, maintenance sheds, and other such obstacles. It's second nature: they have Eyes in the Sky, she needs to maintain cover, although it's impossible to remain 100% unseen from above. Especially when she leaps alleys between buildings, although climbing up the brick side of another with her claws puts her out of sight again.

Eventually, she arrives at her destination, where a small hard case rests beneath the supporting structure of an old water tower. She pops it open, and begins assembly. Hopefuly X-23's not going all Clock Tower shooter, here.

"I'm in position," she eventually comes in to the team on their radio. "Have eyes on the main police force and the aerial meta; she is engaging." Maybe the last part is redundant since FLASHY PHOTON BEAMS are kinda obvious.

The photon blast powers through the air, sizzling with a blazing light that seems to bring the sun itself to the heart of Mutant Town. If Captain Marvel's arrival brought stares skyward, and her landing brought curious and fearful gazes to windows, this sudden blast of power draws the attention of the entire block. The men who had attacked the security forces even pause to shield there eyes. In a moment, threats of violence become immediate action.

The blast finds it's mark.


Neutron finds the sails towards the home she was running too, powered towards it by bone-crushing force. It crumples her, sends her tumbling, and in mid-tumble she begins to change.

Tall lines in a neat uniform fade away to the gangly form of a fourteen year old Eliza Marshall, dressed in basketball shorts and a raggedy old t-shirt. Before he even hits the ground and rolls to a thunderous stop against the steps, she is broken. Eyes wide and blood pouring in a choked cough, she looks up to Captain Marvel and pathetically tries to plea. To use her one, unbroken arm to move her still-smoking form backwards, fear and adrenaline turning to a terrible panic.

"C..can't take.. take my sister..won't.. please don't…"

And then she's gone, utterly still.

Blood spills down the front of her mouth, dripping onto the Captain America shield that takes up the front of her t-shirt.

Silence rushes in to fill the vacuum, and seconds tick by.




Silence is the only sound ticking away at the last few moments before the metaphorical bomb that is Mutant Town primes to explode.

"Thanks." Comes Dani's reply to Doug's quick ability to tap into the DPS' communication signal.

The feed that flows through her own earbud will be happily shared with the rest of the team via their comm gear.

Then she finds her arm being grabbed and tugged, and Dani automatically goes along with Doug's pull. "Cover is good." She agrees and with a glance toward the sky and then the ground - because Deadpool, you just have to look at all of *that* - Dani hot foots it off toward the side. And while they move more towards cover Monster takes a moment to listen into the chatter she hears over the comms.

"If worse comes to worse, Doug, we get everyone out we can." Mutants she means, "We'll figure out what to do once we have everyone to safety -"

Which is probably a moot point, as Dani isn't yet aware that the timer for this particular explosive situation has just completed its countdown to zero.

The meeting with Carol had not gone poorly — but it hadn't gone well, either. Captain Marvel's anger had been palpable, and her statement on wanting to avoid the worst, yet preparing for it…

Those facts certainly informed Warren's advisement to the rest of the team, on his return, that people start to keep an eye out on mutant populations and registration centers in the area. Mutant Town was the most obvious population at risk, of course, and so most people 'on duty' wound up doing rotations there sooner or later, keeping tabs on the pulse of the area.

Warren wasn't in Mutant Town when things first started to degenerate. But what Angel lacks in up-front firepower, he's always made up for in extreme mobility and sharp eyes. When Mutant Town starts to light up, he sees it even from where he is — drifting, wings spread, on a thermal two miles distant and fifteen hundred feet up — and it does not take him long to turn and close the distance, quite literally 'as the crow flies.'

He slips on his communicator once he reaches the borders of the neighborhood, dipping down to the level of the rooftops. He's heading towards that flash of light off Carol's photon blast. "Angel en route. Status on the ground?"

There is a moment of extreme satisfaction as the photon blast connects with that fleeing terrorist. Carol feels a surge of vindication and waits for that blasted monster to stop tumbling so she can fly over and-
-Captain Marvel's eyes widen in complete horror. Her outstretched fist unclenches spasmodically as her radiant aura flickers out completely. She does not respond to the comm chatter already beginning to erupt out of control. Something about attacking plants and a defended building but all of that fades out in her head.
Carol's Kree helmet dematerializes from her face, wide eyes staring at the body amid the rubble of her creation. She does not breath, not Carol nor Eliza. It is an odd moment suspended in disbelief. Her world faded to complete silence save for the ticking of her own thundering heart.

But Doug does. He can see it. He can see the writing on the wall of just how bad, how violent, how bloody this is going to be. His expression is grim. "…Give me your phone." He says to Dani. "Getting people out through the streets isn't going to happen. Not now. Now, Mutant town is about to burn. But we can use the sewers. I just need a *map*." He holds his hand out. "…Please trust me." Then he looks up, at Captain Marvel, and says, "…She didn't want this." The antipathy he felt for the woman melts away, and is replaced with… not sympathy, but maybe pity. "…This genie is never going back in the bottle."

"Coordinate with Angel, Moonstar, and I'll figure out a route for getting people out of here safely. X-23… you should start locating people who need evac and getting them to us?" His mouth flattens into a thin line. "I hope Captain Marvel realizes this has just become a job for the X-Men."

Limni, the green slime girl, reacts to Deadpool the way everyone else reacts to Deadpool. With incredulity, with disbelief, and eventually with laughter. She's smiling as he fires nerf weapons, smiling as he gets his punch line in, and smiling as the falling spores ignore her entirely.

Then things go wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong, and someone throws a rock at Captain Marvel. Yes, someone threw a ROCK at her! Even the green girl backs off, uncertainty on her face. Maybe it -isn't- the best time to be turning oneself in after all. Huh, mom was right. Who'da thunk it?

Dani and Doug see something in an alley though. Odd, dark, a cloud of fog where there should be none. A face appears in it…a genie in a bottle might just have been prophetic after all. As little Felix pelts into the fog, then vanishes, his cat friend shortly afterward. Gone.

Someone's been hiding a secret or two…

Poison Ivy walks around the condemned apartment as she hears things escalate outwards. "Oh well," she says: "Not as long as I'd hoped." As she does this, she collects the laptops, pops out the battery packs, and takes them all into the sink, which is already stopped up. The computers are put there, and she inverts a bottle of lamp-grade kerosene to fill the sink.

"Hm hm~"

Her eyes turn towards the curtain-shut kitchen window. "Let's see… I suppose I ought to stir things up a LITTLE more."

DOWN AT THE STREET, the baneful effects of Poison Ivy's fell witchcraft become more apparant. The good news for the super-dandelions that are currently trying to devour Deadpool and which may be rooting happily in a cop's brainpan is that, within an hour, they will lose the frenetic motivation that is making them so perilous. They will still be viciously sharp in the leaf… but they will grow more or less as other dandelions do. An annoyance. Perhaps, at worst, a menace. Not a dire threat.

Of course that is an hour or so away. Right NOW Deadpool struggles with his arm, the roots struggling inside of his flesh but losing the battle. The downside is that that bright yellow flower starts to dry up and, before his very eyes, start changing to that oh so familiar white puffball. This may give even Wade some pause for alarm.

Or he could eat it. His call!

On the rooftop, though, as Laura recovers her cache, she can see something off on the edge of the roof. No bomb, no weapon. Just, it seems, some strewn potting soil and tiny growing shoots… which are growing very quickly and curling upwards. They are all set behind some kind of great rolled-up banner, and the brave green shoots are starting to push it forwards. In fifteen or twenty seconds they'll roll it over the side of the building, no doubt to display a message.

In the kitchen, Poison Ivy bites her thumb in delight as she feels the message growing. Just a little more, she tells herself, and I can set the incendiary and make my way out.

Doug asks for her phone. She hands it over with very little thought. "Don't do anything -" Stupid. She was going to say stupid. She doesn't want to see Doug get in trouble or hurt, but her words stop. A cold touch skitters up Dani's back, her neck, and it brings her head sharply around. She's like a hound sniffing for hidden prey and her senses point her in the right location and as soon as she lays eyes upon where Eliza lays, where Carol stands.


Then Warren's voice breaks through the communication channel and Dani gives one last look to Doug, then runs for where the girl lays.

"Angel we have wounded. Severely wounded. We need you down here ASAP."

Her next words are almost a whisper, "Hurry - Death is coming."


That's the sound of a rock bouncing off of Carol Danver's impervious head, thrown by who knows, just dozen's of feet away. Then another. A piece of cinderblock follows. Someone else steps from there home to throw a crowbar.


Somewhere behind them all, a sharp scream, as a mutant in custody stars wide-eyed at the display, and then suddenly snaps his bonds and turns to grip the face of the man escorting him.

That DPS Agent is atomized

A shotgun blast, halfway down the block.

A flare ignites, strapped to a gas can, and the contraption explodes against the front of one of the black vans.

Chaos enfolds in slow motion.

Blood begins to seep into the pavement.

It's turned into a warzone, though she knew it was building up to this moment. Domino's been in these situations before. Block wars, drug wars, militants, law enforcement, terrorists, it all boils down to the same damned end. She has her plan to stick to, just stay focused and keep on keeping on…

All it takes is one wrong turn. The chaos, the growing violence, the insane amounts of danger, and a group of well armed and terrified soldiers all looking for a common enemy. For this group the common enemy happens to have chalk white skin.

The psychological turn isn't just with the DPS soldiers. Anyone who has experienced it can fall victim to it. Something in the back of Neena's mind flicks back into engagement. A healthy mix of years' worth of programming and something more akin to PTSD. All of that 'no killing' nonsense is gone before her gloved hands fall upon the grips of two pistols.

The confrontation is over within seconds. Several more soldiers lying dead on the ground, blood oozing out of several expertly placed bullet wounds which neatly found their way past every layer of body armor. It had been less of a fight and more a breakdance of death, the empty shell casings glittering as they roll upon the pavement with the albino mercenary the only one left standing.

The situation has evolved. Now? This is proper war. And war is a language she is all too fluent in.

Warren hears Dani — but a moment later, he sees for himself what it is she's referring to. The shattered building is visible long before he reaches it.

What he sees lying on its ruined steps makes him pour on the speed, wings cutting the air as he races towards the site of the fallen mutant girl. There is one passing glance for Carol Danvers where she stands, enough to take in her expression, but Warren doesn't waste more time after that. 'Death is coming,' Dani warns, and Warren answers tersely, "Yeah. On my way."

He dives straight down once he's close enough, only unfolding his wings with a snap at the last moment to arrest his descent. His feathers strain as he brakes, slowing into a brief hover over the bleeding-out girl and Dani alike, heedless of the wind he's stirring up as a few more wingbeats settle him down to the rubble beside them both. He takes in the injury in a long glance, before he drops to a kneel beside the girl.

"Have you got a knife?" he asks Dani. "Actually — never mind." He snatches up a shard of broken glass from a blown-out window, yanks up his sleeve, and cuts his own left arm open. "Watch my back?" he says, as he leans down to let the blood pour into the ugly wound punched through the girl's midsection.

The first rock bounces harmlessly off of Captain Marvel, herself floating like an inanimate statue. She didn't even notice it. Only when the cinderblock crashes against her does she feel.. Something. The concrete powders against her but the sounds of reality and time are beginning to reassert themselves.

Carol's stupor is now shook as she sees Agent Moonstar run onto the scene. Her thoughts too addled to remember if Dani was supposed to be on this operation or not.
Her trembling hand slowly regains composure, fingertips pressing to her comms at the side of her neck. She forces her voice to steady, she can't think about what just happened. People are starting to die and she needs to do what she can to stop it.
"..We have engagement. Enact riot protocol, meta-power in play. Fall back and group up, riot protocol." She slowly floats in the direction of a rally point. She remains unresponsive to the thrown rocks, produce and insults hurled at her. Lives will be saved if she can get the DPS Agents to rally and group up rather than be picked apart by hostile elements in the town warrens and buildings.
"We need to-" Carol's voice hitches as she notices a flutter of large white wings heading towards the still child, a hand shaking over her comms before forcing her voice to continue, "-We need to rally. Riot Protocol."

Doug works quickly on the phone, riffling through until he gets what he needs — a detailed map of the city sewer system running underneath Mutant Town. Where did he get it? These are questions our narrative doesn't need to answer right now.

He glances behind him at Secret, and then says, "…You're a teleporter? We need to look for noncombatants. Children, the injured, people trying to get out of harm's way, and bring them in on our position. Can you do that? We can only help so many people but even a few people led out of this charnel house is better than none."

He looks to Dani, and says, "If you can coordinate up here, boss, I can guide them to safety down there. With a map, I can find the way."

"I wish we were hanging out under friendlier circumstances, Big Bird. You're senior X-Man here. I'm taking orders from you and Moonstar… do you have any suggestions?" He pushes his hood down, blond hair fluttering in the wind.

"I see everything is going well," Comes the voice of one Tony Stark over the coms of a few people there. Dani and Jane for two of them.

How does he know? Spydrones. Because he /cheats/. So much cheating.

"Stay alive would you two. I'm dealing with a little something on a different conentant, but I'm on my way." There is the sound of a volley of repulsor blasts before contning. "Try not to let Warren die either. Bastard would be so smug if he died a hero like that." A beatpause. "And don't dare tell him I'm worried I'd never hear the end of it."

"I concur with analysis of the situation. A full scale riot is imminent," reports X-23 on the radio. However, Doug's suggestion isn't met with the same rapid acknowledgment that Dani's have been. Only one person is in command at a time! "Crowd control is not my specialty. Find an extraction route, and I will provide cover and rendezvous."

All of this is by-the-books for her, plotted out like any mission. Move people from point A to B, creating tactical distractions, engaging and degrading enemy forces and disabling their own logistics. Watching the scene unfold through her scope, she even begins lining up a shot on one of the police vehicles; she has confidence in her aim, that she can disable it without significant collateral injury. What is not by-the-books is a sudden case of insta-grow out of some random dirt on the roof next to her. It's actually the scent of it that catches her first, and causes Laura to pause and look away from the scope, her expression displaying a very uncharacteristic sense of confusion. She sniffs in more air, then glances at where the shoots are heading. "Hmm." A beat.

"Ignore last," Laura pops onto the radio again. "There is a very strange… I believe some third party intends to display propaganda from the building I am using. Possibly environmentalist? I am convinced it will be an effective distraction to the police, but it will compromise my position. Repositioning." The rifle is slung over her back, and she starts racing rooftops again, while scanning the air above, less focused on Captain Sparklefists as on any of the police air presence.

Has she got a knife. She sure does. It sits at her hip, but before she can pull it free Warren grabs that piece of glass.

As soon as he slashes his arm and asks her to watch his back, Moonstar does just that.

She watches for those that might attack the two, but also another figure. An Angel of Death, versus light. The iconography in this particular moment isn't lost on her -

Nor are Carol's words over the comms lost on her. It brings her gaze up to the other woman and Agent Moonstar stares at the other woman. Oh she heard what Doug said, that she didn't want this, but for Moonstar there's a hard light to her eyes. Blame can be found in her eyes.

That blame doesn't stop Moonstar from saying, "Don't engage. It'll make it worse if you do. It's a powder keg, just don't engage fall back and stay back."

Then her gaze cuts to Doug, "I can coordinate up here, yes. Start getting people away. At least until the ticking time bomb is calmer -"

And another voice comes in on the coms, it brings Moonstar's gaze upward automatically. Looking for Tony Stark even though she knows he's off to help with other things.

Now it's back to Warren and Eliza - her senses stretched out far and wide. Ready to fight Death should he come … And with her senses stretched so far there's a ping in that alleyway. It draws her gaze over for a split-second, up until Laura's voice grabs her attention. "Radio when you're in position. Be safe. No unnecessary risks."

The cloud doesn't answer Doug's questions. But Felix, the cat boy, is gone. Perhaps that's enough of an answer, when given so little choice in a situation like this. To take an opportunity when it's offered, though whoever or whatever is in the alley may be hostile, it doesn't FEEL hostile. And the child ran in willingly.

It's still there. Take that as a yes. Secret is willing to help. And for anyone who sees her, it's difficult not to think, this isn't evil. This won't harm you.

Though the eyes floating in the mist are a bit creepy.

Over by a van, a green slime girl lays on the ground. Nobody even knows how she got there, the green slime girl having bullets visibly in her head. A test of the theory, can she be killed by these people? Feeling safe, she tried, she really tried to keep things calm. To help. One person stepping forward to try and defuse, as much as she could.

With a bullet in her head. That nobody's even sure who fired, or from which gun. But she seems surprised, her face looking confused. And quiet.

As Captain Marvel calls for riot protocol, some of them listen. Taser batons and shields come out. Those mutants without powers who can level a building are beginning to get subdued. But some are fighting back with more deadly weapons.

"Agents down! Agents down!"

Someone finds the bodies Domino left behind. Someone else finds the men disabled by razor flowers.

In the arms of an Angel, Eliza is still, blood pouring into the gruesome wound that a hero made.

Somewhere down the street. The riot-coordinated group begins to shoot mutants with Tasers, to beat them down and rush a growing crowd with shields. Arrests are beginning, and two more larger, SWAT-style vehicles crash in from an alley to skid to a halt, deploying a pacification team that begins to light up the crowd with ICER rounds.

The tide of violence begins to turn.

The population of M-Town begins to lose this fight.

For the most part, Jane Foster can only watch in quiet, cold horror.

So much happens so fast, as it always goes. As it always will. The fact is: all of this is wrong.

There's a terrorist — no, a girl in her place — being shot down. A growing, out-of-control plant. A furious uprising of Mutant Town's inhabitants against this act of retaliation

And in the center of it, Jane can see, is Captain Danvers. She recognizes her, clear as day: does this mean SHIELD's coordinating with the DPS on this? Either way, it's bullshit. Bullshit about to get worse.

The explosion makes her jump, and Jane has seconds to act. A protocol in place — she taps a button on her phone to send a message to James Barnes (her coordinates, and a FYI: code red,) before checking the magnetic propulsion in her slipper-flats with taps of her heels.

Otherwise, her tech on-hand is sparse. Little things she's left in her handbag, and in the STUFF app of her phone. Hooking up an earpiece, she —

Hears Tony. "I'm here. It's bad, it's getting — god damnit." And that's the end of Jane on the comm.

Because she's hightailing it, fast, with some augment to her speed thanks to her flats, with her trajectory straight for Carol. "Captain Danvers!" snaps Jane's closing voice. She comes into sight, possibly a recognizable face, even — one of SHIELD's consultants and would-be, reluctant assets, who has very gingerly been sparing expertise over the years. Now, she is furious. "Get them out of here! What the hell is this!"

"Not friendly circumstances," is Warren's tense answer to Doug, "but familiar ones. Just another day in the life of, eh?"

Still bent over the girl, his own blood pouring out of his arm and into her wound, he listens to the inflow of information from the others — to the request for direction. "Whenever possible stop people from escalating against the DPS," is his first opinion on the matter, in agreement with Moonstar's own directives, a certain tension to his voice the only evidence of the pain radiating dully from his slashed arm. "Second priority is getting people out of here before this gets even worse. Cypher, if you can extrapolate the safest extraction route, do that. Get whoever moving that you can. Wounded first. If you get aggressed on, defend if you have to."

His eyes cross the scene. Thankfully HE CANNOT HEAR TONY STARK. "Third — if there's third-party interference, evaluate it and handle it if you think it's going to make the situation worse." A pause. "Nonlethal."

His voice is getting a little thin, though, his words somewhat spaced out. The girl is, for all intents and purposes, fresh-dead. He has never tried to bring back someone that far gone before. He pulls the girl closer as if that would speed up the transfer of his blood into her body, his wings mantling in an arc around them both. Maybe the white of them, like surrender flags, will be sufficient to prevent anyone from shooting at them both.

"Dani," he says. "If it takes too long, go join the others." His meaning is implied; staying too long to fight for the life of one girl, if his blood does not have an effect, might not be worth so many others.

In the sixth floor apartment, Poison Ivy very carefully lights a cigarette and rests it in the high piece of folding paper, leaving it to float in the inch or two of kerosene. That's enough. She steps quickly towards the exit, pausing only to pick up the head scarf under which she wraps all her red tresses.

The building is, unsurprisingly, pretty quiet. Ivy listens to the noise for a heartbeat or two and then makes towards the back, towards the duckboards between another condemned apartment and a neighboring building. The way out, long prepared. Going away from this.

Laura moves away from what is being unfurled. It keeps growing. It rolls forwards over and there is an enormous flap as if a great sail is being unfurled - because in a sense that's exactly what's happening! Sandbags on cheap twine anchor it to the bottom, but the huge piece of cheap canvas unfurls more or less on cue, occulding several fire escapes and fluttering in the wind.

Poison Ivy giggles into her hand again.

That great sign reads thus:

a question for EVERYONE:
What is the WORD for ARTILLERY
target chosen in advance?

hello darlings - mother is watching

Fortunately it is very flammable and not very heavily secured up top - unfortunately… all of those things are still true.

There is a long sigh on the coms and then Jane and Dani can hear Tony talking to someone else. Someone who is likely also shooting at whatever HYDRA problems the Avengers are having. "BUCKY! JANE IS BEING HERSELF AGAIN!"

Then a sigh again. "Also on my way, it's just clean up here right now. But since I'm halfway across the planet I'll have to settle for getting creative." Which is when the spy drones in the air, launched from Stark Unlimited or Stark Industries. It's hard to tell which. The little round drones zip down, a half dozen of them. They can't do /much/ on their own of course, but they can knock people out of the way of Domino's bullets as well as supercharge their flight repulsors to try to land several blasts around her feet.

Mostly just a high tech light show, they aren't made for combat. However enough to get the woman's attention. "HEY!" Says one in the voice of one Tony Stark as it zips by her head. "Love the hair. But can you please stop whatever it is you think you're doing and put those guns away. Yeah? Thanks."

Over Tony's communicator, a distant and familiar voice can be heard shouting over the cheerful chatter of a firing squad automatic weapon, "SHE'S DOING WHAT?"

Bucky isn't going to be happy.

In the moment, Captain Marvel's thoughts become an emotionless autopilot. Years of military and SHIELD training have been drilled into her and she welcomes the tactical litany in her thoughts.
As it so happens, Captain Marvel is not in charge. She can only offer the DPS field commander advice on-site but her advice is coming fast and firm. As she hears Agent Moonstar's voice also splicing in, Carol quickly replaces fingers to her neck as she switches over to direct comm to her, "Agent evac now. Get Warren and whoever else and get out of there. Protocol is we break up th-"
A small Kiera Knightely look-alike running into the corner of her view straight at her, even as she remains hovering several feet off the ground and under continuous assault by thrown objects. She can barely hear her over the sound of the hundreds.. Possibly becoming thousands.. Of other protestors and burgeoning rioters streaming around her screaming similar messages of 'Go Away'. Carol squints as a moment of recognition dawns.
Doctor Foster?
"-Just get out!" Captain Marvel orders Moonstar as she breaks comms, returning to the DPS channels and actually breaks with her prior trajectory. She darts down into the crowd, causing more than a few to stumble away from her. A couple shatter bottles.. Even a wooden bat splinters and breaks over her head. Attempting to grab Jane by the scruff of her jacket and carry her away from the violence breaking out.

Moonstar's expression turns surprised again.

Seems like that's happening a lot this day.

"Jane?! Where -"

Oh there Jane is. Running. Straight for trouble.

"Jane!" Dani shouts out, an automatic reaction as she sees her friend run towards trouble.

Warren's words bring her back around, "Get yourself and the girl out of here. Doug and I will grab as many as we can and relocate to safety. We are not leaving people behind."

Marvel's orders to get out are met with a flash of a look, then Dani begins to move. The sign draws her attention and while it's read Moonstar doesn't stop to boggle at it. She's too intent on helping people now -

A flash of white plummets from the sky, a winged-horse. Brightwind. He slams down next to Warren and the girl, his own wings mantled protectively outward.

X-23 lands on the next rooftop, fleeing the last before the plants unleash whatever hell. She's made her calculation there, that anything that -isn't- the police is something the police will have to split their attention between. Indeed, crossing the alleys vs. the main street, she won't even get a good look at the message until later. But she has other things to worry about when the militarized vehicles start rolling down the streets. And she's had just about enough of observing, herself. So while everyone gawks at the pretty sign…

"Engaging in suppressive fire." They told her nonlethal. They didn't say not to shoot.

The scope settles first on one of the vehicles, and a moment later, there's a ringing, unmistakable retort as she puts an anti-armor round into the front grill; they're well armored, but she knows the model (of course she does) and its weak points.

She yanks the bolt, KA-CHUNK, and fires again. This time, it's into the ground near several police as they chase down a potential arrest.

KA-CHUNK. Boom. Another shot over the heads of some of the officers. Snipers are fucking scary, and she knows it. And then, with her position thoroughly compromised? She starts running again.

(Stay on target, soldier. Mission first. Don't let anything get in your wa—)

What the -hell- are those little flying orbs?!

They're shooting at her feet, whatever they are! As far as distractions go they're proving to be useful at keeping Domino occupied, though where they really come in handy is snapping her the hell out of full-on wartime mode.

Literally. An errant repulsor blast knocks a length of 2x4 around and smacks the albino in the back of the head. Just enough to snap her out of it. Because luck works in mysterious freaking ways.

It takes a second to recover then she's got both sidearms trained upon the one orb that's ..talking at her? And then the last piece falls into place.

This -is- all wrong…

Dom had made someone a promise. Tonight that promise has been broken. For a moment of time she had lost herself, the battle triggering old conditioning which may never fully go away. This isn't even her fight per se and she still managed to rack up a body count.

In this moment her mission has changed. She's become compromised. Because of this there's only one option left.

Get out. Get out -right now.-

Without a word her guns come away from the orb and out to the sides, a sort of surrender without actually bothering to disarm and lie on the pavement. There's a definite look in her eyes, one which is way less murdery and way more haunted. It's there and gone as she turns and starts to run -away- from the battle.

Anyone who's got access to the DPS team's chatter has got an ear full right now. Two vans full of suspected violators have already driven off. Numerous other vans are partway full as units continue to find pockets of those willing to surrender themselves over.

And then? Then the call comes. It's a sharp barking series of commands, and then a hot protest among those actually on the ground.

Higher ups are calling off the operation and insisting that forces collect up what violators and violent opposition they can, but to start working on getting out. No new engagements. Door knocking has, clearly, gone sideways.

The shot into the car? Yeah, they're shoving bodies into vans as quickly as they can, and more than one officer is actually helping to shield those in custody with their own armor-wrapped bodies, not knowing where the attack is coming from exactly.

They feel like they're coming from everywhere.

The radio chatter only gets more confused as officers try to get advice on clear routes out when they have people that they've already taken into custody and a long way to go between various points in the neighborhood and the vehicles that are DEFINITELY not coming any further in.

One might ask HOW Doug knew… well. About the cloud. Did he guess? Did he see something other people wouldn't? Who can tell with him, when all of his powers are *inside his head?* "Scaling it back. Sorry, I'm used to operating solo or in charge of a group of what are just a hair's breadth more disciplined than pirates. Pirates with ray guns." He positions himself at that sewer access, after grabbing a chunk of rebar from the rubble and using it to lever the manhole cover free.

Then he looks at the others, and ducks out into the crowd. He can navigate the worst of the fighting, see where it's surging and receding. He grabs a person here. A woman staggering with a cut on the head, he pushes her to a man, and gives them directions to the waiting escape. A teenage girl who's clinging to the body of her fallen friend, he gently gets her up and exhorts her to find others who need to get out, and go to the rendezvous. And on and on it goes.

Finally, he grabs the hand of a little boy with fins for ears and black shark's eyes, separared from his parents. "We'll find them for you." He promises. "But right now, you need to come with me. Okay?"

Then he looks up at Jane, and calls to Dani, "I'll keep her safe, Dani. I promise."

He goes after Jane, but is slowed down, as he tries to urge people to get to safety. "When you see the pegasus, you'll know you're in the right spot!" Yes, he's technically not a pegasus, yes, he'd be offended if he heard that. No, Doug doesn't care."

He looks up at the sign, and then mouths it to himself.

…Then he sees a familiar face. "Diverting, boss," He radios to Dani, "Unaccounted-for friendly."

Maybe it's Domino's power that brought her into his path, but he reaches out to grab her arm, lightly. "Hey! Hey. *Come with me if you want to live*." He delivers that line just the way Kyle Reese did. It's a good line. It gets people's attention.

Then he's going after Jane, still slowed down as he tries to urge people in need to the EZ.

The little talking orb tilts slightly to one side. Almost like someone head tilting at a suprising event. Which is what Stark is doing right now even as there is an aside of. 'Tell you later!' towards Bucky. "Ahem. So this is awkward. Asking for surrender usually doesn't work. I mean this might just be the first time…"

Which is of course when Domino books it.

"…ah. Running. Yeah. That one is familiar. Should have expected it. Yup. Tallyho! Or something!" And the done is off in pursuit. Though he recording of the odd haunted look on the woman's face is studied by the man on the other side of the holorig. That…isn't the look of a hardened killer.

Great. MORE levels of bs is happening. Of course.

MEANWHILE! Other drones zip back into the air, the birds eye view available suddenly linking into the coms of the DPS. Well less coms and more GPS systems really as Stark tries to forward them safer routes out of the mess they have found themselves in.

"What?!" is all Jane has the mind to bark back, incredulous, as Carol tells her to Get Out.

Some debris thrown at Carol ricochets off Jane; she lifts one arm to protect her face, but refuses to retreat. There's too much she needs to say, right now, even in the wake of the incited violence. "What is this?! Is SHIELD coordinating with the DPS? What the hell did you EXPECT—!"

Jane's snarled words cut off to hear her name. She glances over, fixing Dani with a surprised look, but it doesn't last long — her fury is back on Carol. She pleads: "Danvers, you can stop this! Make them get the hell out of —"

This is not the reaction Jane wants, getting grabbed, corralled out of the front line of the riot, Carol focusing on her rather than hapless civilians caught in this — "Capt— STOP! Make them —!"

With a snarl, Jane activates her own superpower: being the tiniest person alive. She slips out of her scruffed coat, aiming to leave it, and Carol behind, because if she isn't going to stop this 1984 going on — fine. Jane will.

Her flats, helped with a boost of magnetic propulsion, gives her some lift to converge down the street, taking note of tasers and goddamned ICERs being used on mutant residents. The banner unfurls as well — Jane sees that too, disturbed, but has no time. No time for much more — even thought — than to pull a small, disc-shaped device from one of her jean pockets. She activates a button, and throws it toward the more violent of those riot-geared officers, sliding along the concrete among their feet.

It doesn't do much. Lights up. Emits a beep. But there's a quantum disruption: meant to reboot every synapse in their brain, and drop them unconscious.

Silence from Stark for a moment as he witnesses Jane and then another comment comes under his breath. "…really good thing we know a good lawyer."

Just a pouf. A puff of smoke, a path through the darkness, but Doug's efforts do not go to waste. All those people that he sent into the alley are gone, that puff taking them away. Where? It'd be rude to ask, and not much use. Because the smoke is gone as well, the mist, vanished. To where? It's a secret.

But they're safe.

And a girl made of slime crawls back to her home, the bullets falling out. To her mother and her brother, who can make dots appear on walls with his mind. Some mutants are stronger than others. Like the boy in the corner, born without hands. Who gets by with a prosthetic. Like little Levi, who loves his toy sword. Felix, who can talk to cats. And is allergic. Bonnie, Toric, Minn…they have names. They watch from the windows.

They live. People, not 'metas'. In their home.

Carol is thankful to hear that Bell isn't pressing this engagement, echoing the calls of herself, Dani and others to get out of Mutant Town. She's so confident that she has Doctor Foster in tow she doesn't even bother to look as she lifts off into the air with that jacket firmly in hand, "I have one bystander in hand. Bringing her to evac to-" A glance. Jacket arms flapping empty in the breeze, "-Nevermind. In pursuit."
Tossing the Jacket haphazardly to the crowd she looks around quickly, trying to figure out where that woman went before she hears the cry of 'Sniper!' ring out over comms. In a moment of exhale she quickly makes another decision, breaking off pursuit of Foster to deal with a far more deadly situation
Or so she thought in the moment.
"Captain Marvel. Engaging sniper." Carol replies, her Kree helmet snapping back into place to feed her HUD information from DPS dispatch as they otherwise retreat in full. She better cover their exit by dealing with that sniper..
Captain Marvel flies from the crowd like a bullet, heading straight for the rooftop where X-23 is roosted. On the way she glances over to the massive sprawling sign. A riddle? What the Hell? No time to think about that now..

The world works in mysterious ways. As Domino is running from one of Iron Man's drones she comes to find herself in Doug's company..imitating Kyle Reese. Doug happens to be someone -else- whom she had made a promise to, and gotten something of one in return. Maybe it's a little late for him to make good on their arrangement this time around but it seems almost like fate that he's the one to have found her immediately after coming down from the combat high.

The drone is still in pursuit.

Neena still has her sidearms out.

Once more she snaps one up toward the drone, the gesture plenty meaningful but not followed through. A warning rather than a call to arms, coupled with that troubled look yet buried within her icy blue stare.

"-Back off.-"

It's more than a threat if the machine continues to follow her, follow THEM now. With those two words said she holsters her guns as if to prove she's now out of this fight. The drone need not continue giving chase. Hopefully it has some other fire to go help put out.

Then she slaps Doug on the back of the shoulder, "I'm with you."

Riot Agents suddenly freeze in place as a quantum disruptor rips through their nervous system, and then they all fall over, unconscious, like broken toy soldiers.

"What the fuck!"

"Did she fucking kill them?! Holy shit! Take her down!"

Two ICER rounds skip off the ground by Jane's magnetically charged feet.

Then a mass hits her from the side, a taser-baton jammed towards her mid-section as hands latch onto her and prepare to subdue her for a very short trip towards one of the vans.

A protective circle of retreating Riot Agents retreat, batons replaced with ranged, non-lethal alternatives to give them a way out of this mess.

If you asked her, Laura would no doubt offer a pretty thorough lecture on principles of psychological warfare, or likely regurgitate verbatim the newest white paper on, say, 'The Principles of Terror in Modern Urban Combat'; suffice it to say, she knows exactly what she's doing. For most the riot is fear and chaos, for her it is an operational environment. Albeit a dangerous one. But a few shots are enough. They've felt death close up, even if they're spared it. The damaged vehicle is no longer a rolling fortress, but a heavy obstacle, and its fearful crew no longer on the offense. She's done her job.

And yes, she did it loudly.

As X-23 leaps the next alley, she's not as careful about the cover as when she first moved into position. It's not careless, or a mistake done out of haste. Its a cliche, but she really doesn't make mistakes. Well, not THAT kind, anyway.

"I've got the air support on me."

Her rooftop course spanning only lasts one more building. When she jumps the next street, she doesn't make it: or rather she leaps INTO the alley, dropping like a rock, back into the winding chaos of the back alleys. Claws catch the wall on the far side to slow her descent, although only barely. She'll hit just about as hard as she can take, and then keeps running, her plan to meld back into the urban maze like a shadow.

Doug looks up, and then he frowns, and says, "…Pom." The closest word to what he wants to say is 'Dysentery' in Klingon.

"Dani, they took her down. I can't extract her. We're retreating."

He tugs Domino's arm, and then looks at the drone… and then he takes out Dani's phone, and a moment later, whatever transmission signal is going on between the drone and its rigger, he pops up in a little chat window, raising an eyebrow. "…*Nice* drone. Friend or foe? Or who can tell anymore?" …Did he just do that? To a piece of Tony Stark's technology? Using an iPhone 10? He did. How did he do it? It'd require being able to read some of the world's most complex computer code like 'Hop on Pop'.

"Listen, if you're a friendly, I need you to do me a favor. You obviously have access to communications tech that right now, I absolutely do not. There are still people here who are literally getting trampled out there. He transmits data, a map of the area pinging up. "These are choke-points where there's going to be maximum physical trauma based on extrapolated patterns of human movement. Get EMTs and rescue personell *there*. *Please.* There will be casualties."

Then his little webcam disappears, as he lowers the phone and escorts Domino back toward the escape route. "What a frellin' MESS."

Get yourself and the girl out of here, Dani says, and Brightwind descends from the sky to help with just that. Warren's wings are trembling a little, but he doesn't move. "Just a little more," he insists, looking down into the girl's still face. "She's not stable enough to move just yet."

Brightwind's added protection is sure appreciated, though.

His gaze lifts again, scanning across the chaos, trying to pick out where everyone is. He sees Doug, moving through the crowd; he sees Laura's suppressive fire. He sees, too, Domino in the distance, and the look on her face.

He only looks back down when he feels something change. The blue flush of death on the girl's face recedes as her heart feebly restarts, and her eyes blink open. A gasp convulses through her as life comes surging back into her body. "Oh good," Warren says. "I can stop bleeding now…"

He staggers to his feet, soaked in blood, carrying the girl in his arms. It is probably his thrust-out registration license, held out in front of him like a shield, that keeps him from being fired on when he pushes the girl into the care of a few DPS agents. "Get her medical assistance," he says, turning his back on their exclamations. "Clean up your mess…"

He only just makes it onto Brightwind's back before the massive blood drain blacks him out. Outright unconsciousness is probably the only condition under which he would EVER consent to let anything else do his flying for him. Fortunately, blood is one of the fastest things he regenerates. He'll probably be fine after an overnight with an IV.

The pursuing drone stops short as Neena gives her warning. Then, because it is what Tony's drones do, it does a barrel roll at her. While burbling quietly in her direction.

"Right. So. Don't want to get this drone shot. I like him. I might give him a name. Might give you a name too, Casper." A pause. "Yeah I know. Uninspired. But you aren't giving me a lot to work with here."

Still the drone doesn't follow any more. Instead it just records…

As its owner, far away on the way there just hangs his head as he notes what just is happening on the Jane front.

"…great. Just great."

Of course then he gets hacked and he frowns. Still more recording. Then a deep breath. "You know. I have no idea who you are. But first off I know. Second off if you don't know Dani and you have her phone I'll track you down and break your arms. K? NOW that the threats are out of the way. They already /are/ on the way. You know this isn't my first rodeo, right kid?"

Captain Marvel darts above the rooftop of the reported sniper. Noticing a streak of movement just over the lip of the alleyway, she continues in pursuit. Crossing the distance quickly to look down and..
..Nothing. She only catches glances at strange blade-marks along the walls and further down. She thinks.. Maybe she could get off a shot at something moving down there but.. No. She can't will her fists to ignite. Not.. Not now. She does not take the shot.
"Sniper rabbited. No longer in play, possibly displacing. Keep eyes out while evac."
Carol breathes a moment as she flies to the edge of the rooftop to look down on the DPS troops in full retreat, escaping the riotous throngs. Her eyes then move to Moonstar's group having circled their wagons about a pair of spread wings over.. Something. Right in front of the trench Captain Marvel dug with photonic fury.
The man rises with.. Is she moving? Carol's heart lurches in her chest, completely forgetting her role in the op as she commands her Kree helm to zoom in. Quickly moving to the girl in Warren's arms. Sees her fit and move, even drenched in blood as they both are. As he hands the girl over to waiting DPS emergency crews Carol's eyes squeeze closed. The killing hand clenching tightly beneath her chin even as comms' demands for her attention grow louder and louder.
By the time she opens her eyes she can see that miraculous and familiar horse carrying its winged passenger away, "Marvel here. Continue evac, will cover."

Close to death. Eliza, the wounded one, needs help. She needs more help than this, and she needs it now. Even with Warren's help, she's still too close to death. So close she can see it coming.

Which ironically is what saves her. Because Death is actually here, though only Dani might know it.

It's something so very odd, even in this evening with all of its strangeness. Smoke rises up around the wounded girl, brown smoke seeming to come from nowhere. Then what appears to be a brown girl with brown hair, brown skin and brown eyes is there, touching her on her cheek with a gentle hand.

Then both of them are gone. Just…gone. Not picked up and moved, but as if they were never there, the brown smoke vanishing with them.

Eliza reappears in a hospital, Death having decided not to gather her today. Death, however, collapses in a corner, out cold. Because reasons. Also exhaustion.

Furious, anti-authority Jane can only abide so much.

Landing soundlessly, then rebounding, Jane Foster lets artifice after artifice go. Belying all her abject tininess and civilian airs, she reveals within seconds she is trained — and trained well. She moves quickly enough to evade the initial of those ICER rounds — her dark eyes cast them with a disgusted look, because they remind her of Coulson, and he would never abide any of this — and propels to pit herself in between the fallen officers and targeted mutant civilians.

"Get," she warns, desperate, turned back at the civilians, "OUT of — "

The taser hits true. Jane at least knows well enough not to bite on her own tongue, before the shock contracts every muscle in her body. She can't even breathe; all thought is just to bear the pain.

Reality registers moments too late, running thick like a gravy — only calcifying by the cold lock of restraints around her wrists. Her migraine is back, throbbing, and it takes her everything not to throw up.

"…Assholes," Jane expels out instead, as she's dragged away. More constructive.

"There are a few matters which could have been handled better," Domino replies in a dead level tone. Hopefully no one saw her little slip-up back there. Other than the drones, anyway. That..might come around to kick her ass one of these days. Another problem for another time.

Oh, and Doug's attempting to -make friends- with the drone. This could possibly work in her favor! Doug's got her by the arm and he's telling the drone how to help SAVE people. So..y'know. Maybe ol' Whitey here isn't such a terrible person after all.

At the drone's mention of 'Casper' her flat voice returns with "Been called worse." Is it wrong that she's having trouble taking her eyes off of the little machine as it barrel-rolls about like that? It's..kinda mesmerizing…

Dani? There's a spark of proper recognition in Neena's eyes now as the drone mentions Moonstar by first name. Dom points at the drone, this time with her finger, with the question "You know Moonstar?"

Common ground. Aces.

Except that they don't have time to be talking about this. Dani can probably link them together later. or Doug, since he's gone and done his techie thing.

To Doug, she quickly asks "Do you have an evac route set up for the civvies?" Of -course- he would have something figured out by now, that's kinda what he does isn't it? "I can help get them to safety."

Doug says, "Know her? I once took a particle-beam cannon shot to the chest for her. That hurt like *hell* by the way, not an experience I recommend."

"…No, I *didn't* know that you were already on top of it. Thank you! And since there's maybe… seven people on Earth who could code the programming for a cutting-edge drone like this and I'm one of them, I'm going to throw a dart based on the fact that you know Dani and can do advanced logistics and guess that you're Tony Stark."

"I always wanted to meet you. Too bad I died before I got the chance. Let's fix that sometime. My callsign is Cypher. Extrapolate what you will from that."

He looks up at Domino, and wipes his forehead with the back of his hand. "I do." He looks Domino over, then grabs her phone, and rather brusquely transfers the escape route to her. "Follow that route through the sewers and it'll lead to a place where we can arrange evac."

Everything is going quickly now. It's what happens in these types of situations. Things flash by at alarming speeds.

The DPS agents go down, shots are fired and things spiral.

Moonstar was running for Jane, much like Doug, but before she can help her friend the DPS agents jump in. Seeing that, Moonstar swears, "Dammit, no!" And when Jane is struck by the tazer baton and the area around Moonstar turns cold, bristling with unseen ice crystals. That cold reaches out with slender fingers towards anything around Moonstar, and while Dani wants to help it's clear right now is not the time. Not yet. She'll help in other ways. Like front up some bail money.

So much bail money.

"Everyone get out!" Moonstar yells over the x-comms, then she pivots upon foot and runs back to Brightwind and his current burden; the collapsed Warren Worthington. "Come on fly boy we're getting out of here."

With a quick jump, Moonstar is up in the saddle and arranging Warren so she can hold onto him for the flight out.

Once everyone is situated Brightwind launches himself into the air, the burden of his rider and the wounded barely slowing him down.

Tear gas begins to fly, the last act of the retreating Agents as they pile into vans and heavier vehicles, committing fully to the retreat as they make a hasty exit from Mutant Town. The crowds do disperse, forced to do so as the air turns foul and assaults them.

Few can see the glory of wing on wing action as Warren flys away on Brightwing.


Eliza disappears in a sudden wisp of brown smoke, materializing at a hospital nearby, but certainly not in custody.

Cellphone footage of the incident from many angles, in many places, begins to make its way online in the hours to come.

In the aftermath of the evacuation, at the designated rally point at a police station some distance from Mutant Town, Captain Marvel lands in front of a cluster of DPS officers and captains who turn to her with mixed expressions.
"Alright." Gloved hands moving to her helmet, this time removing the Kree helm in full and holding it before her in both hands, "Captain Carol Danvers of SHIELD. I formally turn myself in for conduct review by the state of New York." Her steel eyes staring straight ahead as she waits for the assembled men to order for her to be taken away to confinement to very possibly await prosecution.

"Yeah, I extropolate from the name that I need a better security protocol." Stark shoots back towards Doug as the pair of him and Neena. "Just get the hell out of here. Both of you. As I once again have to deal with this crap." And apparently Jane getting arrested.

Emergency services are getting contacted even as they talk. Assist units from Avenger's mansion to help where they can.

"This is going to be a mess." Comes the murmur. though even as the pair make their escape.

"…Bucky is going to be so pissed."

In the background: "Pissed about what?!" Bucky already sounds pissed that he still doesn't know what he's supposed to be pissed about.

He'll find out.

"Don't worry buddy, they just used tasers!" Tony is so helping.

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