Late Night Snack
Roleplaying Log: Late Night Snack
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Tim's Smoothies! Sandsmark family Hot-Dogs and Beans! Star's dubious tacos, and a guest appearance by Silkie.

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IC Date: March 30, 2019
IC Location: Titan's Mall
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Posted On: 31 Mar 2019 05:33
Rating & Warnings: D for Delicious
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It's probably not surprising that for the past several days, Red Robin has been pretty focused on the fallout from the attack on the Triskelion.

He was no fan of SHIELD, but a building getting destroyed in the heart of Manhattan wasn't great any way you sliced it; people had lost their lives, and others would only become more fearful, more angry at metahumans after the actions of the Brotherhood there. And then there was the curious revelations made by the de facto leader of that pro-mutant terrorist organisation about the motivation behind the attack. It would be easy to dismiss that as the usual narcissistic terrorist drivel, but the information on that video about the substance, the 'terrigen', was fascinating, and…

Well anyway, the vigilante's been getting the way he often does when he's presented with a thorny or interesting problem: Focusing, fixating. Forgetting to eat.

Eventually, though, even Batman-trained super detectives have to obey the demands of their all-too-human bodies, which is what brings the Red Knight down to what used to be the food court of the abandoned mall, and has since been turned into the central social hub as well as the kitchen. Or several kitchens, as other disused food places have been refurbished over the past few months since the team secretly left the Tower and relocated here.

It's a Saturday night, sure, and the sort of night where young people should be out doing young people things, even if there was a major terrorist incident a week ago. Maybe that's where the others are, if they aren't out patrolling, or on duty in the operations room. Red Robin, though, with grim determination, is in the midst of dumping a variety of things into a blender. There's some veggies in there, some fruits. Some greet yogurt. Some kind of… Powders? It's not long after he turns it on, filling the food court with the distinctive angry whirr of a blender blending, that the contents take on a sickly green colour.

Honestly is there any wonder nobody else likes his smoothies?

What 'young people things' does Cassie Sandsmark generally get herself involved in? When it comes to the last couple of weeks it's been several sessions of 'nothing'. She hasn't even found time to do her secret breakfast cooking training that she usually does with Bart, mostly because she's either busy studying and reading about… Another project, or she's been dealing with being shaken up by the cruel actions of others.

Long story short she's a bit worn down mentally, but never worn down enough to pass up an opportunity to attempt to brighten someone else's day.

"Oh hey, you've finally come back to the land of the living!" Cassie's chipper voice is heard when the blender noise pauses for whatever moment it does. She's seriously dressed down, adorn in rose-print button down pajama shirt and pants and sneakers on her feet. Her hair's raised up in twintails, and as she hovers closer she takes note of what's inside, which she instantly recognizes. "Ooooh, Red's Famous Zombie Juice? Is there enough for two in there?"

Amidst the backdrop of Robin's search for late night nutrition (and perhaps at least somewhat muffled by the roar of the blender), there's a sound from inside one of the repurposed industrial walk-in fridges that serve the converted food court-slash Titan kitchen: first sudden clattering like that of toppled food containers followed by a more muted and yet larger-sounding THUD. What threat could penetrate the T-Mall's epic defenses? What dark danger could approach the young heroes? Could this be exactly what they've feared, some fallout from the recent attacks, come home to roost amidst the defiant teens?

And could even the ever-vigilant Red Robin fall prey as the blender's growl conceals the stalking approach from the bowels of the discontinued Taco bell?

All is revealed as another container falls over, this one actually out on the counter near where Robin had been working to prepare the meal. A bunch of kale rolls to the counter edge, tips and slowly falls… only to reveal the vicious maw of a great, mutant, insectoid menace!

Well, OK, not THAT great.

"Silkie! There you are my little bumgorf!" A moment after the strange larvae's appearance on the counter, Starfire flies into the food court, obviously just now concluding the search for her errant, beloved pet. She promptly swoops down and scoops him up.

"Oh, hello!" she then declares, with more delight than surprise as she discovers Cassie and Robin nearby. Then she notices the smoothie and leans closer to sniff at it. "Oh! This must have been what drew him! It smells most noxious!" She's dressed for evening relaxation, in what is a 'Gotham Academy' athletic tee that probably belongs to Dick, although the whole 'girlfriend in oversized t-shirt as nightwear' look fails somewhat when you're the taller one by a wide margin.

"Gnuuh," is the vigilante's response to Cassie's chipper words: Unlike her - and several of the other Titans who don't worry so much about the 'secret identity' thing - Red Robin is in his full costume. Yes, even the utility belt and the collapsed flight pack. Because you never know when you might come under attack from some kind of horrible alien menace, right? As a result of that, and of course years of having the idea of never letting people see him in a moment of weakness impressed upon him by his frankly terrifying mentor, he actually doesn't look anywhere near as sleep-deprived and underfed as he actually is.

He'd say more, but he's actually caught by surprise when a container falls over on the counter, and out emerges a terrifying monstrosity.

It actually makes Red Robin jump, just a little bit. Batman would be disappointed.

Fortunately, though, Starfire swoops in to pick up her terrifying pet, and at that point, despite himself, the vigilante starts to laugh quietly, scrubbing a gauntleted hand over his face.

"It's not that bad," he says, once he's turned off the blender; as though it were actively trying to contradict him, the beverage(?) within bubbles ominously. "But yeah, Cassie, there's plenty. Did you want some, Kory?" Who knows how the carefully calibrated Batman Diet might interact with her alien physiology? It might be the greatest threat she's ever faced on her adopted planet.

But Red Robin is already getting out three glasses.

Even the utility belt. Not that Cassie is the least bit surprised on that front, but rest assured it isn't her following his example wearing her bracers under the sleeves of her jammies. She quickly turns her head the exact moment that he jumps, to catch sight of their invader then yelps in surprise with a step back.

"'Silkie'?!" the demi-goddess sputters with a bewildered expression, though she turns to look to Tim with even greater surprise when he chuckles. "What? Oh! No, it isn't called that because it's bad; it's because you shuffle out here like the undead, consume the matter then return to the underground. I'd call it 'Brain Juice' but it's like, you know, green instead of grey. ANYWAY!" she turns to Starfire with a grin, "Hey there!" a pause, then she scritches her cheek. "Uhhh, what.. Is a bumgorf again?"

"I am certain it is most nutritious," Kori answers, either diplomatically or… well, maybe noxious is actually a compliment for her? The alien woman eats some strange things, after all. Indeed, as her glowy-eyed gaze turns predictably toward the industrial-size mustard dispenser further along the counter, she admits: "I was planning on making myself something, but I will partake of your strange mixture." She is very much a 'I will try any Earth custom once' kind of gal.

As she stands and awaits the completion of the green liquid, Silkie is craddled to her chest, one hand stroking the… well, rather strange, rubbery, on occasion slimy exterior of the creature. Of course, Cassie's curiousity prompts an almost immediate offer, arms outstrtched, of the strange larvae for her to hold.

"Oh. The word does not translate exactly into Earth English. It is similar to child, pupil, or protege? Someone that is beloved, looked out and cared for." Having said this, it may take Star a moment to realize that this isn't precisely what Cassie might have been MOST interested in. "Oh! Silkie is a mutated moth pupa." Because that is normal! "Is he not most adorable?" Naturally Silkie's drooling maw looks less than cute in the moment.

"It's only killed one Robin so far," the domino mask-wearing vigilante says as he pours out three glasses of the precisely calibrated for maximum nutritional value with no consideration whatsoever for taste smoothie; there's nothing in his tone that betrays that he's kidding, but surely he is, right? There isn't some missing, forgotten Boy Wonder between the deceased Jason Todd and himself, killed by a weird bubbling nutrient drink… Right?

Though with Starfire talking about making something probably more food-like, his body reminds him - with a low, rumbling protest in his belly - that a smoothie isn't a real replacement for an actual meal, especially if you haven't eaten any actual meals in two days.

"One advantage of the mall over Titans Tower, there's more floor space for the pets to run around," Red Robin remarks, although that was never a big concern before. But once Bart's kitten kept growing well beyond the usual size for a house cat, well… It's probably good to have more space for the animals or torn up slippers would be the least of their worries.

Thank goodness Nico didn't keep that invincible lion.

'It's only killed one Robin so far'

"Come again?" Cassie replies with a raised brow. Going two for two in unexpected responses, she's actually starting to worry that he may be losing more of his mind than she was afraid of. It's difficult to come to a proper conclusion when Starfire holds up her precious creature toward her and she instinctivly leans back with a twitching smile and her hands quickly raised to her shoulders in surrender, "Whoa!! Um.. Ahhaha, he's.. Um.. Yes, very.. adorable-ish?" she manages to fumble out as she certainly doesn't want to come off as insensitive. "Is he really safe to touch? I dunno what it is but I've probably been bitten by every pet at least once."

Another glance is given toward Tim when his stomach rumbles. ".. Oh. Because it wasn't enough to actually serve as a meal. Well, sounds like it's time for a *real* late night dinner! What were you going to make, Kori?"

It seems that even the often literally minded, or at least English-idiom deficient Tamaranean is not SO far gone as to take Robin's remark for anything but a joke. Surely Dick would have told her if one of his successors had died to a poisonous smoothie! And so Koriand'r instead smiles at this statement and moves to accepts the green beverage without reservation. Except that first, she has to hand off Silkie!

"Oh, he is perfectly safe. Especially because he has just eaten!" Confidence inspiring, to be sure! Starfire continues to hold the creature out for a moment longer, though if Cassie ultimately demures, she sets him on a nearby counter instead, so that perhaps the Wonderous Girl can engage at a more comfortable range. Then it is time for the green juice!

"It is… not unpleasant." The judgment is offered with a certain thoughtfulness. "But it does lack in flavor. We have many delicious ingredients here, would it not benefit from adding a few?" You know she'd put mustard in there if you let her. Which dovetails back well with talk of food. Kori gets to cook? Joy!

Well, almost-joy. "Sadly, there is no more fungus," she admits with deep (if possibly not widely-shared) regret. "But I have been practicing the 'tacos.' It is wonderful how many different ingredients you are permitted to place within them!"

The interplay over whether or not Silkie is safe for touching by people who aren't Koriand'r herself draws out more wry amusement from Red Robin, at least.

"C'mon, Cass, surely you've handled weirder animals," the vigilante says by way of a verbal nudge. Maybe because it's true and every pet has bitten the demigoddess except this one and they might as well go for the full set. It can't be worse than getting bitten by Krypto, can it? Sure, it's a giant mutant moth larvae that eats basically everything, but at least it's not a Kryptonian one. "Besides, you're invulnerable-adjacent, right? It can't be worse than getting shot."

His own glass of extremely healthy but not even remotely in the same solar system as tasty smoothie, the Red Knight downs quickly - better to get it over with - licking a bit of green from the corner of his mouth as he sets the glass back down on the counter. He turns to look at Starfire while she offers her assessment, which is practically glowing in comparison to the things Bart, Zee and Spider-Man have all said in the past about the alleged beverage.

"Flavoring might mess with the nutritional balance, see, it's precisely calibrated for maximum…" This part is extremely boring, so let's move along. "…plus I tried adding honey once, and I was sick for two days."

So he's just gotten used to it.

As one does.

"Tacos are good," he agrees, glad for the change of subject. "What have you been putting in yours, Kory?"

Cassie finally keeps her eyes locked on Silkie, at least for a moment, to comprehend exactly what she's dealing with here- Curious as she may be, she's certainly no zooologist! Her hands reach forward, then draw back a little each time, as if trying to puzzle out how to even hold the thing! "You're not helping!" she quickly responds to Tim's nudge, until she, eventually takes the creature into her hands and almost instantly goes pale.

Hmn.. Yes, this was actually a lot more disgusting than she thought it would be.

Guess she'll be having her shake later! "'Tacos'? Wait a minute, have you been talking to Zee?" she then asks as she furrows her brows. "Then again, this is a day I'm willing to accept that, so you can add me for a 'Yay' vote." A quick series of nods follows Tim's questioning of Kori's preferred ingredients, when something suddenly clicks. Fungus? Wait, is this actually a good idea?

It is true that Silkie has a reputation for trying to consume many things around the Tower, and now the mall- really, eating and exploration are two sides of a coin for the strange mutant bug-baby. Yet he is rather docile as Cassie picks him up. He's a big squishy… thing, and indeed might be somewhat huggable if it wasn't for the, well, gooey texture.

Also he does bite her, completing Cassie's set!

Except in this case, it really proves more of that explorative kind of instinct, as he rather slowly expands his mouth to engulf some of her hand, although all he really seems to do is suck on it. If 'mutated moth larvae' actually get things like teeth, if he actually has some ability to devour anything you put in front of him, Silkie seems to keep that power to himself at the moment. The weird suckling is actually sort of affectionate.

If still thoroughly slimy and gross.

Starfire naturally beams brightly as she observes this act of bonding between creatures. "Oh, you will be wonderful friends, it seems!" Satisfied with this conclsuion, her attention turns to the meal, and she rises to fly off back toward the pantry while listing off ingredients to Tim. "Oh, various things. I am told that the ground bovine is traditional, or the chicken, or the fish but 'only if you're some kind of west coast hippie,' whatever that means. I have also tried the hotdogs, and the various fruit garnishes, as well as a variety of sauces!" If Cassie hadn't caught on yet: No, letting Kori cook is not a good idea, despite how often it seems to happen!

You're not helping!

Red Robin looks as innocent as a guy in a domino mask and a red and black superhero suit can… Which is not very, if we're being honest here, but at least he's trying.

So naturally, Silkie tries to put Cassie's hand in its mouth. But it doesn't seem like it's trying to actually eat the demigoddess, and Starfire is reacting like this is great, so the Titans' leader figures there's not much point to panicking about it. It's probably just like… Gumming at her. It's harmless, surely. Surely.

Being even more helpful, he gives the blonde a double thumbs up in encouragement.

"She does like tacos," he agrees when Cassie mentions Zatanna. "Though they have to be fish, she doesn't eat meat otherwise." Which is exactly the sort of weird distinction only humans would make, only being okay with this one specific kind of meat: Tim Drake, however, is in no position to question Zatanna's stance on acceptable foods, for various reasons.

Still, how weird can one really get with tacos, all things considered?

And… Nobody died from eating the bloat worm, at least…?

As long as Silkie doesn't end up in her room, there probably isn't going to be a problem as far as Cassie is concerned. And it figures that she looks away for only a moment before she instinctivly replies, "Ow!" … ".. Oh. Uh.. Hmn. Well, I'm going to say this one counts. Seriously what is *with* this? Animals love Diana and I get stuck with some sort of.. I don't know, anti-animal affinity??" she mutters with obvious annoyance. However she does adjust to it rather quickly, gross an act as it is.

'You'll be wonderful friends!' ".. Uh." she glance to Tim's thumbs up, and her eyes end up half-lidding. "I guess."

"Though now that you mention it, I don't think I've actually *tried* fish tacos before." And yes, the longer she listens to Kori, it is apparent that no amount of open-mindedness could prepare her for Kori's tastes. And while Cassie is not culinary genius herself, she's pretty good with basic things. But first, "Hey! *I'm* from the West Coast! Anyway I think since you like hotdogs, I'm gonna share a classic with you all! Wait until you try the authentic Sandsmark Hot-Dogs and Beans! It's pretty fast to cook, too!"

That's when she makes an effort to remove her hand. Hopefully it isn't too difficult.

"Yes, Zatanna introduced me to them for the first time. I thought they were delicious! I do not understand why some regions are prejudiced against this ingredient. Is this sort of factionalism common in human cuisine?" When your bar is set at 'nonlethal to humans', regional taste preferences can be a rather arcane matter to decipher! But so long as she doesn't have any of her strange alien ingredients on hand, it tends to be reliable that the things Kori makes are at least technically edible! It's just that her dishes don't exactly conform to typical rules regarding flavor profiles.

Starfire's excursion to the pantry doesn't take too long, and she returns with an armful of things, including some fish fillets, since these exotic tacos have taken up so much of their discussion. Of course, she also brings barbeque, honey mustard, and /chocolate/ sauce, so who knows how this is all going to turn out! Helpfully, the alien lands near Cassie and reaches a hand out to Silkie, who finally relinquishes his squishy grasp so he can crawl back down the alien's arm.

"Oh, perhaps we can each make a dish then," she suggests to Cassie, whose mention of anything hot-dog related seems to strike a chord with the Tamaranean, her featureless green eyes nonetheless widening a bit. "After all, Robin has already shared his healthful green beverage."

"Well, that's human nature for you," Red Robin says, as for cuisine factionalism. "We're really good at finding ways to create out-groups. Some people will get really mad if you eat a pizza the wrong way, or steak… There's even people who get really invested in the right way to cut a sandwich." Honestly it's not really a surprise they haven't figured out the whole 'world peace' thing yet, huh? No wonder the other civilisations of the universe look down on them so much. The Kree probably don't fight each other over how they eat pizza.

Although they probably don't even have pizza, so what's so great about the Kree?

Behind the featureless white lenses of his domino mask, the vigilante's eyes widen a bit as he picks out the chocolate sauce among Starfire's taco fixins - he could maybe sort of see the barbeque sauce or honey mustard as a seasoning?? - and he glances towards Cassie, who tries to come to the culinary rescue, but instead…

"Well," he says, carefully hiding resignation behind a tone of confidence. Surely this is going to turn out all right. "If you guys are gonna do that, I'll have to make more smoothie for us to go with it."

It seems likely the other Titans won't regret missing this collaboration.

"Prejudiced against an ingredient.." Cassie lets the phrasing sink in a bit and she can't help but chuckle. The final comment is what really grabs her attention though, and she raises her hands in the air in excitement, "Awesome idea! This should be pretty fun!" even if she is a little wary about what Starfire will pull together, it does sound like it's going to be a positive experience overall. A group activity always brings people closer together, right? Bonding is always worth it, even at the risk of potential stomach cramping and nightmares.

Also, she's heard of a Choco Taco, and it doesn't match Kori's ingredients quite right.

"All right sounds like we have ourselves a plan! I'm just.." she wiggles her slightly slimes fingers, "Going to wash my hands first."

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