The Lex and I
Roleplaying Log: The Lex and I
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Help me find my pod!

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Gotham Bay.

Not exactly a place where the likes of Lex Luthor would frequent. However, he's been in a bit of a mood tonight. A mood where he's felt as though he should take a bit of a ride. The expensive vehicle of choice is parked off to the side. Both Hope and Mercy are standing next to the town car. They look as intimidating as they possibly can to make sure anyone else that decides to run up on the richest individual in mankind's history thinks twice. They don't look around. They don't keep their eyes on the environment. Instead, they both watch Mr. Luthor. Like a pair of hawks.

Lex Luthor stands at the edge of a pier leading out into Gotham Bay. He's taking in the fresh air and keeping a very close eye on the water. His hands are in the pockets of his oversized and overexpensive coat that he's wearing to fight the evening chill. He raises a single eyebrow and looks up at the stars that he can see already. He looks up. Up. And away.

* * *

Traveling back to the scene of the … well, crash. Supergirl is coming all this way to attempt to find her pod. She's on a mission and flying high in the sky, far higher than planes or most other superheroes since they still need to breathe or suffer from extreme cold. Not Kara. And that's when she turns downward.

Quickly approaching the water, and hovering above it for a moment, way out into the water. Looking around she spots some people looking off into the water itself.

Coming to land on the pier then is Supergirl. She looks at the man, his fancy car, at Gotham Bay, the two women, and she wonders, "Are you out for a drive Citizen? This neighborhood is not the safest. Do you need assistance?" She asks as she walks over to the group a moment, no need to look around. She's hear a threat coming from literally miles and miles away.

* * *

The only movement that happens from both Hope and Mercy is that they straighten up. A bit. Either to show off their Amazonian size or to just be ready to fight should things come to that. Their employer will give the signal if he needs it their aid.

Lex's eyes narrow as he spots the hovering super powered person over the water. He just watches her for a moment in awe and… something else. When she approaches, though, his face has returned to its neutralic expression. "Hm?" Lex looks as though he's not at all affected by the previous display of flying prowess. "Ah, yes, well." Lex looks around for just a moment before bringing his eyes back to the one that started this conversation. "I dare say that my presence here has made this neighborhood exponentially more safe." Either because of himself or the women that keep him alive. "Assistance will not be necessary. I have all the assistance I need." Yup. Definitely means his bodyguards.

Once again, Lex looks at her as though she's not from around here. But in a subtle and worried way. Inquisitive, even.

* * *

There's literally nothing on Earth that has yet even come close to being able to stand up to Kara. Not yet, at least. Though she's still just a teenager who's only somewhat recently developed her near-godliness so the two women get a kind of look. "Very good." Supergirl tries to stand taller something, pulling her shoulders back to broaden them some as she looks to the bodyguard women and their posture.

"By chance, Citizen, have you seen a pod removed from the water?" Supergirl mentions as she makes some hand gestures, and walks around in a small circle to show the rough dimensions of the pod. "I am in search of it and looking. Do you work on these docks?" She questions a bit as she starts moving up towards the wealthy man and his amazonian body guards, "It would've been pulled from the ocean in that direction." A hand comes up and she points in pretty much the exact location where the body had buried itself into the bottom of the bay. She knows the precise location from looking, and then sighs out, slumping her shoulders some. "I'm missing it, and need it back, to help a friend. Any information you could provide would help greatly."

* * *

"Me? Work here? You have no idea who I am, do you?"

Lex shifts his weight a bit as if wanting to rub his hands together but instead he keeps them in his pockets.

"I'm afraid that I haven't worked at docks like these in a long time. I work in Metropolis. A bit of a drive from here but I'm sure you've seen the Big Apricot in your…" Lex motions to the sky above with a nod his bald head. "… travels." He offers even a slight grin.

"If you're missing something, I'd be more than happy to assist you in finding it. I have, shall we say, resources available. I have people that specialize in finding things that have gone missing when we need them the most."

Lex takes a step towards the girl that's worried about this pod. "What exactly is this… pod?"

* * *

"How could I know every passing stranger?" Questions Supergirl as her rebuttal for not knowing someone incredibly famous. And then the conversation shifts to booooring, and Supergirl starts looking around for someone more useful.

At the next little bit of conversation though, she smiles and turns her attention to Lex again. "Yes. I am missing something, and normally I would be able to find it… but it seems to have… completely gone missing. I was hoping to follow some of it's trailing signals but it is very faint."

The blonde super hero looks around and adds, "Plus, this world is very large. Oh, the pod is how I traveled to this place. Initially." Her words come out without a skip in the conversation. No hiding, no ulterior motive, just pure unadultered honesty. "It may have information on it about advanced technologies that could really help out my friend. Since you will help me, how do we start?" Canting her head a little bit to the side, as she walks up to a more casual distance. "And Metropolis is not very far from here, if you needed a lift I could get you there a lot faster than your… car."

* * *

"Patience, my flying friend." Lex finally reveals his gloved hands and holds them up for a bit of showing that he doesn't have any weapons but is also attempting to show just how much this speedy person is needs to relax. "I am sure that I can find your… pod. I know a lot of people. A lot of people that would kill to get their hands on something different. I'm assuming your pod and yourself are alien in origin, of course."

Lex offers a grin. "Give me 24 hours. I need to make some calls. You can come find me in Metropolis and I can guarantee you that I'll have found your transport." Lex steps closer and extends a gloved hand for shaking purposes.

"Do we have a deal?" Lex's trustworthy grin is almost too trustworthy.

* * *

There's a pause and Supergirl looks over at Lex before she raises a hand up to her chin, her eyes stare off toward the ground for a moment. "24 hours, one day. That does mean I could be off fighting against this registration stuff. Or, saving people, for a whole day instead of looking for the pod." And then she beams and reaches out her head, holding it toward Lex. "Deal." And she takes the hand and starts shaking it with a kind of rigid outstretched arm.

"I am Supergirl. Though you probably already know that if you are from Metropolis." There's a bit of a roll of her eyes, in a not so hidden form of humble bragging. And then she wonders, "What was your name?"

* * *

There's a huge grin that appears on the face of the bald man as he shakes the strong grip of the one called Supergirl.

"Nice to meet you, Supergirl." He lets the handshake linger for just a moment before finally pulling away.

"I'm Lex Luthor."

With that said, he offers her a half-hearted and playful salute.

"If you'll excuse me, I'm going to let you go save the world and start making those calls. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, Supergirl." Lex turns to head back in the direction of his bodyguards and the car.

* * *

A smile goes out to Lex, "Really nice meeting you as well Lex Luthor. Where ever you are, just call my name, and I will come to where you are in a few minutes." Offers the woman of steel. And then she gives a small happy wave to the women who accompany Lex, "You as well, and you. Both of you Misses Luthors." Clearly not understanding why they are here or their role in this before she crouches just slightly and rockets up into the sky.

Apparently she's still learning how to do this without causing a bit of a blow back. Wind, and enough force to actually make most people stagger a few steps, bursts away from where she takes off into the air. And she's up, up and away, smiling big. She's gone another step in the right direction.

* * *

Lex turns to look at Supergirl fly off by the time he makes it to the car. Hope is already in the driver's seat and Mercy's holding the door open for him. "Call Alice. Tell her to meet us at the office."

Lex sits in the vehicle and pulls off his gloves, the shimmering green stone of his class ring visible for just a moment.

"… and find out where Morgan Edge is staying these days. That… pod thief." The door is slammed shut after Mercy's, "Yes, Mr. Luthor." and as soon as she's in the car as well, it pulls off in the direction of Metropolis.

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