Batcave Strategy Session
Roleplaying Log: Batcave Strategy Session
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Batman gives Misfit advice and instructions concerning the Sentinels and related problems

Other Characters Referenced: Red Robin, Tony Stark, Impulse
IC Date: April 03, 2019
IC Location: Batcave
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Posted On: 04 Apr 2019 04:21
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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* * *

Charlie was definitely at the DPS Presser in New York City that turned into a Sentinel disaster.

In fact if you managed to find footage, which is made more difficult as the press had scattered with the panicked crowds, one could actually see Misfit appear out of thin air and touch a Sentinel causing them both to vanish in thin air.

Her suit tracker and all were in the South Pacific, vitals a bit erratic, but she was on the comms and assured people if inquired of tht she was okay.

Tonight though she finally gets her bounce back, and suddenly appears on the cave floor with a spill of crimson smoke, looking sunburned, sandy, and there is absolutely dried blood on her face that she mostly cleaned off with some utility belt bat wet-wipes (probable nose bleed). "ugn.. crud…" she taps her comm "Alfred?" pauses a moment then levers herself upright and squints around pushing her goggles up (oh yeah owl eyes from the sunburn, oddly not recovered from the teleporting like usually). There is a quickish scramble to a minifridge under one of the computers retrieving a water bottle and greedily guzzling it now.

* * *

The person who responds is not Alfred. As Misfit grabs a bottle from under the minifridge, a man steps out from the shadows. It should not startle Charlie, this is the way of the Batman, even if he is not wearing his suit in this moment.

"So. Did you enjoy yourself?" Bruce asks the question with no sense of condemnation or joy. He is asking a question. Of course, all of his questions come with the unspoken hint of judgement. The answer she gives will be measured, weighed, then answered or not.

Seeing the sunburn around her eyes, he raises an eyebrow and steps more into the glow of the computers. "Where did you take it?"

* * *

Charlie does not startle, if she spent her time around this house and cave freaking out at the ninja caliber stealth the inhabitants have she would probably be ill.

She does set her empty bottle of water by her to clean up later and selects another before shutting the fridge. "I did not enjoy myself but I don't regret it." she turns planting her back against one of the posts supporting the computer and starts to nurse this bottle much more slowly. Remembering the training about dehydration and not making herself ill by drinking too fast.

"I took it to a deserted island in the south pacific with an active volcano.. it has GPS coordinates but not a name on the map really. I dunked the thing head first and it's momentum did the rest…" there is a pause "It was very destroyed but I pushed myself way too far.. I almost ended up with it in the lava and couldn't teleport back until now." Charlie considers nursing another sip. "I should stow supplies on that island in case I get stuck there again.." she muses.

* * *

With a lob, Bruce perfectly tosses a bottle of aloe vera lotion at Misfit. How did he know she would be here and need something to soothe sunburnt skin? He's Batman.

"If you put an enemy on that island like that machine, I would not go back there. Find another place to stowaway." Whether lava or otherwise, he doesn't trust government funded machines and he's not sure what to make of Misfit's fight with one.

"Why were you there in the first place?"

* * *

Charlie catches the bottle, her reflexes aren't that dulled that she would miss. She set the water and aloe down and strips off the cowl and goggles fully now, gloves too.

"Good point… it was destroyed really fast but they could have tracked it to where it was destroyed. Not that they got there before I could bounce again thankfully." Charlie starts to rub the aloe in, though man she plans a shower after this debrief like no ones business.

"The Titans were there, well Spider-Man and Raven so I was running overwatch. I also had to see what would happen after the mess in Mutant Town with Captain Marvel." there is a deep frown from Charlie and it isn't from rubbing her sunburn, aloe or no aloe.

She will look up to Bruce now "I couldn't just not act when the Sentinels started shooting indiscriminately into the crowd of protesters… those things are.. monstrosities.. the law is a monstrosity really. I know Bell planned this. He planned the mutant town debacle and he incited that riot on purpose so he could roll out those robot death machines… he planned all of it."

* * *

Bruce takes all this information in and digests it. "I see."

New York City is out of his direct sphere of influence. He micro-manages Gotham and then also deals with the world as a whole. If New York City is going to implode, well, that is their own business. However, now that one of his wards is involved he has something of a stake there.

"I understand," he says to Misfit's need to help. However, his tone is not exactly comforting so much as said as a rote response. He logically knows and understands why she did what she did.

An eyebrow is raised and he moves toward the computers and Misfit herself. "Oh? And why is that?" This is a hypothesis that Misfit has posited: she must prove it.

* * *

Charlie should have seen that coming, she inhales and then exhales slowly gathering her thoughts as she rubs aloe into her face. It'll probably be very absorbed before she gets to that shower. She also had a lot of time to think on her island 'vacation'.

"No hard evidence yet on Amon Bell's complicity. One could justify having the Sentinels in the water in case the Brotherhood attacked again." there is a shrug. "That said… his speech was fine tuned."

Bottle of aloe set aside. "Either he was tone deaf to a surprising degree or he choose his words and executed them with the intent to incite the riot." she looks back up to Bruce once more. "I reviewed his speech off my recording many times since Sunday and also isolated his expression when everything went south. Unless I forgot everything I've been taught about reading intent and expressions in other people.. he was happy. He let it show once all the cameras of the press were off him and scattered by the Sentinels and the riot. He had that self satisfied expression of a scheme having come together."

* * *

Bruce waits. For all the things that can be said about the Bat, he is patient.

"It is possible to be both tone deaf and wish things to have happened while not being a part of them." Bruce gives this lecture and it holds for about a second. "I truly do not believe Captain Marvel is not involved to expand the state's power. Her reactions were too genuine. This means that Bell is using the tragedy of that event for his own gain and was possibly simply waiting for something like this to happen. I think he was happy for any excuse to use those machines."

He frowns. "I would certainly believe that people have perhaps decided to move to New York. The extreme growth suggests that Ivy is involved somehow, even if she is supposed to be on the Raft."

* * *

"The Raft might not be as tight as people might think." Charlie sips some more water, spacing it out like a pro at this point. She does pause to wiggle out of her jacket leaving her in her t-shirt, a Gotham Knights shirt.

"I agree with you though, I don't think Captain Marvel is in on it. I think it was opportunistic but the powder keg they wee loading up. It was bound to go off eventually. If not her and so high visibility it would have been something else. He and unknown others want to roll these Sentinels out." there is a sigh from Charlie.

"I have no idea why the Brotherhood thought this would be a good idea.. the Triskelion attack. It just escalates it to all out war and maybe nationalizes the registration. There is no way congress isn't on top of a national version or green lighting more Sentinels now." she just shakes her head.

"Other than keeping my teammates safe, do you have any instructions or advice on this mess now Bruce?" she looks up hopeful. Bruce does tend to have good advice.

* * *

"You don't understand?" Bruce raises an eyebrow. "Do you not believe their broadcast about the Terrigen?" The broadcast that Quicksilver did involved the research they uncovered and while not every person watching has a multitude of computers or DVRs or the like, Bruce Wayne does. And so he paused and pulled apart the research that was briefly put up on the screen.

"Whatever Quicksilver put up on that screen does have a component that is deadly to mutants. If they knew about that, I can imagine a terrorist group would act with violence. Perhaps it was a statement, but I believe it was merely a way to destroy evidence while also doubling as a statement. If they were successful in destroying it, as they claim, I imagine that was reason enough for them."

As for instructions, he frowns. "SHIELD means nothing to us. They could be a useful ally, but it is best for us to steer clear. These new machines, though. It would be interesting to know more about how they tick. That one you put into lava, could you bring it back? We could study it."

* * *

Charlie listens closely then nods. "I believe the Brotherhood believe it and I believe that junk is likely lethal to mutants. I'm not sure that is was being weaponized by SHIELD though I have no reason to believe otherwise. I could see a scenario where someone leaked that to the Brotherhood to help ramp them up to make a statement or attack SHIELD." there is a small shrug "I just think the whole situation is a tangle of deceit that bears close scrutiny."

As to the question about the Sentinel. "I am pretty sure it was totally destroyed in the heart of that Volcano all one ring style." that does have her considering. "I can double check once I get some rest. I do think it might be easier to penetrate Trask Industries and get the schematics than it is to fish that Sentinel out of the lava though?"

* * *

"Possible," Bruce agrees as to the Brotherhood's motives. "Either way, SHIELD Is not our concern. Though, if Ivy has placed herself amongst the Brotherhood, we should keep a close eye on that. We're dealing with terrorists and spies on that mark, so basically think of them all like the League of Shadows."

Infiltrating Trask Industries is met with a nod. "That could certainly be a way forward. However, we do not wish those things to turn their attention to Gotham. We have a certain leeway in our privilege. We can investigate and then come back to Gotham."

While he has his own ideas, he asks, "And should you infiltrate and get the schematics you wish, what do you intend to do with them?"

* * *

Charlie swishes her bottle of water and shakes her head there. "We definitely don't want these things in Gotham or really anywhere outside of New York." she pauses "Heck not even there… they are way too powerful."

"I'm not the scientist or engineer, if I got a bunch of data on them I would bring it back for you. I might give it to Stark through Impulse to see what he could make of it if you approved of that." a crooked smile for a moment. "As for getting it, well I imagine if they have sensors for metahumans like they claim in this thing, it may be better for me to talk to Tim and see if we can get an operation with people that won't set off the door alarms."

* * *

Bruce smirks and nods. "Involving Tim certainly sounds like a plan. As long as I get a reading of those plans, too." As for involving Stark and Impulse, he wrinkles his nose for a moment. "Maybe." There seems to be some contention there. "I could certainly use the information as well as Stark."

Ahem. Then, after a nod, he adds, "Whatever can be found about these things is a good idea. You're right, the fact that the came from the river like Moses is highly suspicious. The fact that Ivy is now working over there is even more so. Let's find out more."

* * *

"Well you get first dibs over Stark of course on everything Bruce." there is a broader grin, she wasn't made Stark's ward. That would be her best friend Impulse. She winces a bit as she moves to get up off the floor gathering her empty bottle, the aloe, and her half full bottle now. The floor isn't probably the best place to sit.

"I'll talk to Tim and see what kind of plan we can come up with on this, we definitely need more and better information." which reminds her. "Oh I know SHIELD isn't our problem, but we did get intel from Stark. The Terrigan, it isn't from earth at all. It basically causes rapid evolution in some people, kills mutants, can give some people super powers. Crystal in form. There is concern that a lot more than SHIELD may have had samples of it."

* * *

"We didn't need Stark for that." Bruce stands up a little bit straighter at the fact that Tony may have come to a conclusion before he did. However, he does not dispute the information that was found. "Yes, do. If you need resources, I'll be glad to help. As long is it does not link back to Gotham."

Moving toward the computer, he pulls up his own research, which also confirms what she learned from Tony. "Yes, I can confirm his hypothesis. If we find any Terrigen, we should isolate it." The last thing Batman wants is people to be exposed to this and possibly turn into another Two-Face or Joker.

* * *

Charlie walks over to peer at the computer and the brought up information nodding. She isn't as trained or naturally brilliant as Bruce or Tony but she has been learning all she can. "Weaponized would be a disaster in a major population center." she muses sadly.

Stepping away she grabs her jacket, cowl, and gloves not about to leave them in a pile by the minifridge, she will rack them all for cleaning later, or perhaps let Alfred show how he cares and help her with it. "I'll be sure to keep a look out for that as well, and make sure Impulse feeds me anything Stark figures out." yeah Charlie isn't shy about having no reservations using all the info her team can get and making sure it all goes back to the Batcomputer and Bruce.

* * *

Bruce will also let Alfred clean everything else, letting Charlie move upstairs past him and toward the Mansion itself. He still has more work to do, always has more work to do. As for Misfit using Impulse to get more information on Stark Industries? He smirks. "Good." He can't help it. That's a mission well done. "Do what you can. Get cleaned up. I'm sure Alfred has some supper for you in the fridge."

* * *

"That man is an angel…" mutters Charlie and means it too. She smiles to Bruce then heads up after stowing her gear for later and for Alfred. Really she needs cleaned up, food, and sleep on something that isn't lava rock in her gear. Also the electrolyte tabs to help kick start rehydration.

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