The Name Game
Roleplaying Log: The Name Game
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Daisy and Gwen talk about their upcoming plans. D takes on a codename.

Other Characters Referenced: Sloane Albright, Frenzy, Phil Coulson
IC Date: April 04, 2019
IC Location: Daisy's Apartment, NYC
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Posted On: 05 Apr 2019 15:20
Rating & Warnings: PG
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Spring weather is ever approaching. It's a lethargic transition but progress often is. Pigeons have taken perch upon the fire escape outside of a few of the studio's windows and the morning sun easily passes through the grimy glass, giving the whole dwelling a pleasant feeling of being properly open and spacious.

The smell of freshly brewed tea adds a little something more to the environment, providing a subtle lemony tang to the recirculated air. The lady responsible for this addition is already huddled up in front of her computer array with the heels of her feet resting on the edge of the chair and knees drawn close to shoulders. Daisy's injuries have been recovering from the helicarrier attack nicely, the worst part still being her one arm which is steadily mending back together. It still isn't seeing a lot of the action, resting off to the side while she pokes and darts around the keyboard with its neighbor.

She's been at this for over a week straight. Camped out in front of the screen, pouring over gods know what. Rarely has she left the apartment. What she's been up to has been no secret to Gwen. She's been hunting down the Brotherhood. It all started with cellphone video of the day when Sloane had been horribly attacked out in the streets. Daisy has compiled information from as many videos as she could find and cut stills from the footage of each one, all centered around just one woman.

The same woman that Daisy blasted out of the control room on the helicarrier.

"You can't hide from me forever, lady…" is softly said to herself with another flurry of one-handed typing.


Gwen hasn't been home much the last week, even though Daisy's gracious choice to let Gwen sleep on the bed has been probably the best thing in Gwen's life ever (not that the couch was bad, but it's not a bed). She actually crashed on the couch last night after coming in so late she didn't want to wake Daisy up. She's been blearily puttering around in the kitchen this morning, helping the only way she knows how: making breakfast. Beans on toast is about the best her brain power is up for right now, though.

"So what were this lady's powers again?" Gwen calls to Daisy as the beans begin to simmer.


"Like..super..everything," Daisy distractedly replies while leaning slightly forward and frowning at the screen. "She didn't do much but stand by and watch everyone else ripping into Sloane from what I can tell but I personally saw her go toe to toe with Captain America and not even flinch. She's a total powerhouse. She could have ripped Sloane in half, and yet she just ..stands there. Like some sort of bodyguard, but..there's no one there for her to guard."

The one hand departs from the keyboard and distractedly runs through her hair with a sigh. Legs uncurl and feet return to the floor, wheeling her away from the desk to stand and start walking toward the kitchenette. Her eyes are already getting tired from staring at the screens but there are other distractions to be found around the place.

While Gwen is cooking it's a simple matter to slip up behind the vigilante, Daisy's wounded wing gently drawing around Gwen's waist while her good hand rests upon the back of the blonde's shoulder. Daisy hasn't had much to smile about lately but Gwen's easily made the list of positives. "And how about -you,- Miss Spidery Person," she asks while leaning around Gwen's side to peer at her with a sleepy grin. "Pulling long shifts lately. Helping people avoid the DPS?"


Gwen's arm slides around the one on her waist in an odd but affectionate hug, and she smiles. "No, just been chasing down leads with Kara. We're close to getting the goober she needs, and once that's done… well, if you need a place to lie low, I know somewhere."


"Yah?" Daisy presses while giving Gwen an affectionate little shake. "C'mon, G. You can't say something like that and leave me hanging. Ever since those doofy machines were brought out by the DPS I've been looking for somewhere else we can hide out. New York's getting a little too questionable."

That, and she's never going to find the Brotherhood around here. If they're smart, and she's going to give them that considering they single-handedly assaulted all of SHIELD, then they'll be long gone by now.

"Even got a lead on a van. We'll be able to take this show on the road soon."


"I was making a joke about my world," Gwen explains, with the patiently pained expression of someone explaining a joke; a look that turns reflective. "Or, well, I guess I'm really joking. If it comes down to it, that can be our ace in the hole, but for right now it's not really on the table. Do you really need to cut and run?" she asks, stirring the beans absently. "If so, I know Nadia wants me to spend more time in Jersey City, which… well, we do need to talk to her anyway."


Daisy makes a bit of a face. "Oh right. That. Auuugh my mind has been in like a -billion- places this week," she groans then hides her face against the back of Gwen's shoulder.

At the question about cutting and running she slips around Gwen's side and leans against the counter, the elbow of her good arm propped upon the surface so she can get a better look at the Spider. "I'm not saying we have to abandon this place but it would be a really good idea to take anything of value and go mobile. Or ..'go to ground' or whatever those spy types like to say," she thinks aloud with a wobbling of a hand.

"Look, I may be registered but I'm -pretty sure- you aren't. Far as I can tell my mystery lady has fled to Metropolis. Jersey is that direction, but if you have an idea I'm open to suggestions. Coulson gave me a lot of money which I am about to use for purposes which he is not likely to approve of but it's gonna go pretty fast."


Gwen sets the spoon down and nods seriously at Daisy. "I'm with you, Skye," she says simply, taking Daisy's hand in her own and squeezing it. "Does it make problems for you if I go as Spider-Woman? Do I need to hide the costume for a while?"


Here's something which Daisy hadn't considered. Her mouth opens then closes. Bright brown eyes are cast downward. "That's a really good question," she half mumbles. "This whole 'not flying solo' deal kinda messes with things sometimes."

Looking back to Gwen, "I'm not about to ask you to hang up the uniform and be all incognito but we should probably be careful about how we do this. If the Brotherhood finds out I'm living with a vigie I might be able to convince them that I'm trying to sway you toward their cause but if that doesn't work..?" She takes a long breath and glances back to the counter for a moment. "These are strong metas, Gwen. I don't want to get hurt, but I'm not about to let -you- get hurt either."

The way it's said might suggest that she'd put herself in harm's way if it meant keeping the Spider safe.


"Hey," Gwen soothes, setting the beans off the range even as she steps closer to Daisy. "I can take care of myself, and I'm not stupid… except for all the times I'm stupid, but shut up, don't interrupt my inspirational speech with your knowledge of my history, okay? Point is, we got this."

"And anyway, that's part of why I wanted us to talk to Nadia. She can give me tech so I can pretend to be someone other than Spider-Woman, something that will give me a new shtick or something, so I can go undercover as someone new. Other than that, we just be honest that we're together and we're in this together. Keep it simple, right?"


It doesn't take long for Daisy to roll her eyes and smirk but she lets Gwen say her piece. It's complete with a dip of her head and a showing of hands, she won't interfere.

"Simple," she repeats with a downward glance and a gentle head-bob. "What a novel concept. Once again a frown slips into place as it's given consideration, followed by a wider-eyed look of 'what the hell' and a partial shrug. "Alright. Though as far as going undercover there's something else I wanted to ask you."

Something which is important enough to merit changing from leaning upon the counter to sitting upon it, apparently. It's a little more tricky with a bad arm but she makes it work.

"These 'Brotherhood' guys seem to work in codenames and if I'm going to be working behind SHIELD's back then I think it's time for something new. Meta codenames are all the rage, right?" is asked with a smirk. "'Spider-Woman.' Nice and direct in its description. Was thinking of 'Tremors' but that feels insensitive to people dealing with Parkinson's."


Gwen nods. "Yeah, I feel like you can only get away with that if your power is to create giant subterranean worms. I… huh." The toast pops up; Gwen absently grabs and plates it before sprinkling shredded cheddar atop it. Her eyes are far away as she thinks. "People like these would probably want a threatening name, but nothing too try-hard… How do you like Quake?"


Once again Daisy hangs her head with a groan, "Auuh I didn't even -think- of that movie! That's so embarrassing." Up comes her head, hands sliding down across her face as the matter is given more thought. "Yah, and 'Seismic' definitely fits the 'not sounding threatening' category. Can't be too scientific-sounding."

At the suggestion she blinks once then looks to Gwen with one brow hooked higher than the other. "..I..kinda want to say something against that suggestion but nothing is coming to mind."

Arms fold together as she looks over to the fresh toast while her mind pours into the name. "'Quuuake…'" she tries saying it with some emphasis. "That..could actually work. And if they ask me to demonstrate making the ground shake is kinda my specialty lately, too, so…" she trails off while bobbing her head. "Yah. Quake."


Gwen grins. "Glad you like it, Skye." The cheese doesn't have much time to melt; even fresh from the toaster, bread doesn't really hold heat that long. Still, it at least gets tacky and forms a suitable bed for a can of hickory-smoked baked beans, which are now much harder to slop around. She passes a plate to Daisy and asks, "You just have to help me come up with a name for whoever I'll pretend to be during the infiltration, okay?"


The plate is accepted without a word, though there is a light smile present and a mouthed 'thank you.' Times like this Daisy is reminded of how much more work she's been able to get done since she hasn't had to worry about feeding herself. "That's a big ten-four, Gwennie. Let me know what's up with Nadia. I'll be looking at the van later today, we should be in good shape to roll real soon."

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