Titan's Planning Pizza Party
Roleplaying Log: Titan's Planning Pizza Party
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Charlie comes back from Gotham wanting to debrief with the team and propose her plan to Raven, Lilith, and Bart

Other Characters Referenced: Red Robin, Batman, Tony Stark, Warren Worthington
IC Date: April 05, 2019
IC Location: Titan's Secret HQ - Common Area
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Posted On: 06 Apr 2019 06:26
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* * *

Charlie vanished on Sunday with a Sentinel.

Her comms worked though and she totes told Raven she was going to be fine, but she sprained her bouncing muscle or something.

While she may have been back in this country on Wednesday she was in no shape to come to the tower. Staying back in Gotham with Bruce and Alfred for a couple of days to rest and rehydrate.

So much Lobster Thermadore.

Friday night she is feeling pretty human, or whatever she is, so she teleports from Gotham to the Titan's Common Area and looks around. Her gear cleaned up and much better than it was after two days stranded on an Island in the South Pacific.

"Heeeello… does anyone want to order pizza or something.. I can't deal with lobster for dinner again tonight and don't want to be alone." pause. "Also we should like.. debrief… man I am surprised Red Robin doesn't have us doing after action reports."

* * *

One of the last things Raven told Misfit during the chaos was not to worry about her and the others, telling her over the comms to take the time to recover before returning. But she should have realized how long it would take for the young woman to bounce back.

During the week, she tried to check in periodically to see if she was anywhere within New York. And trying was the operative term. Waiting was the other half of the process — something she had gotten used to doing over the course of her life.

"He's probably busy." Raven answers, already seated within the common area with takeout, succinct in her half-whispered tone. Her gaze lifts shortly afterward, meeting Charlie's whenever she sees her. "He probably expects us to do so without his prompting."

A pause. "Also, welcome back."

* * *

It had been a little frustrating waiting for someone to report back in after hearing about something like that. Bart only wished that there'd been directions or coordinates or something, but running across the ocean blind looking for secluded islands wasn't exactly a great idea, especially given that if he tired out, he had no idea how to swim.

Add into that the daily expectations of the working business world as he's still been treading his way around and the only thing he could do was trust that Misfit would be all right. And he did. She can take care of herself.

That still doesn't stop him from nearly tackling her over with a hug not long after she's announced her return.

"Ohman did it takeyouthatlongtochargeuporwhatever wait no rewind, startover — how are you, youokay? Youlookokay — debrief is such a weird word-"

* * *

Charlie wasn't incommunicado but yeah Batman has her GPS, and probably Tim knowing how spooky he is like that, but not everyone does. Also if no one asked her to ask DITTO where she was or get her lat/long she probably didn't think to hand it out.

"He is always busy Rae… and you are right… also I'm glad you're okaaa.."

And there is Bart and Charlie just laughs at his speed talking. She reaches out and just galumphs him into a hug and notes "Yeah I am okay…. Sentinel is not… I got back home in Gotham Wednesday night but was super dehydrated and needed to sleep really bad. I wasn't really up to bouncing until this afternoon."

Charlie also had to convince Alfred she didn't need to eat more lobster soup or drink more water, the man is an angel but very protective.

"I put the Sentinel head first into an active volcano.. which is the good news… bad news is I don't have any pieces of it for us to analyze."

* * *

"They're horrible," Lilith mutters quietly - though audibly, having literally just arrived from gods-know-where. She's been largely incommunicado - on assignment with WAND before the entire registration situation broke itself wide open. She's in her 'Omen' working robes, though her hood and mask are down, and she's peeling the gloves from her hands.

"They don't need to be studied they need to be dismantled, I still can't believe what's happening right now it's utterly vile and nonsensical."

And this is the *registered* one in the group!

"I'm glad you're all right," specifically to Charlie. Then Bart and Raven. "All of you." Though, the unspoken 'for now' hangs heavy.

* * *

Raven nods, but she doesn't get a chance to reply right away. When the speedster suddenly appears, she withholds a sigh, sitting patiently as he and Charlie share a hug.

"—It is good to see that you're doing better," she says after a time, setting her box of takeout to the side. This seems to overlap with Carlie's explanation of what happened and Omen's arrival, her own voice trailing off so that she can focus on the latter.

If anything, she can sense the grimness weighing down the relief the veteran Titan carries with her. She lets her gaze drop, her face never once betraying any feelings she may have on the matter. Lilith and the others already have that going for them. "…All too true. It was far from a picnic in the park."

* * *

"Good riddance. I still can't believe that was real- at first I thought I'd tuned into some B-movie," Bart frowns, easing back from his welcome hugs. "Glad you're back in one piece though, Charlie. I can put in a pizza order and go grab 'em when they're ready."

He smiles briefly at Raven and then glances over when another voice speaks up, one he hasn't heard in a while, but his expression is bright. "Lilith! Hey! Where've you been?" He doesn't directly voice that he's glad to see she's all right too, but it's more than obvious in his tone.

The reaction from Raven doesn't go amiss by the speedster, although he's not quite sure what it's for. He wanders over to give her a hug too, because she'd also been at that awful press conference, before dashing over to give Lilith one as well as part of her welcome back.

* * *

For someone use to ninjas just appearing from shadows and Batman just always being there when she turns around, Lilith continues to make Charlie startle a bit. "I am also glad I am all right and doing better." she grins though not able to help it. She is pretty proud of destroying a Sentinel.

"I agree though they should all be dismantled, I think my mistake was trying to teleport it that far and that big.. I think I might be able to do shorter but not sure what else can destroy them that is closer." yeah Charlie has been considering it. "Stupid giant death robots…"

Charlie walks over to plop down by Raven, peeling off her cowl and goggles and gloves and making a pile by her on the couch. "That would be great Bart.. I can't deal with another lobster thermadore tonight." okay Charlie is a bit odd. "I have a mission idea but I think Red Robin might be the only one who can do it…unless Bart buys Trask Industries."

* * *

Lilith Clay gives Bart a quick hug when he offers, "Government work," she admits. Makes a face, even. "Not the kind that got anyone killed, thankfully. Nothing that involved giant death robots." GIANT DEATH ROBOTS?!

Once the hug is done, her robe comes off and she flings it aside over a chair, the black and green bodysuit beneath it as far as Lilith is going with *that*.

"I've been trying to locate other safehouses and pinpoint the most endangered new refugees, but the sheer psychic storm of anger, fear and frustration is making anything in-depth… difficult."

Yes, she's looking at Raven. She Knows.

"Tell us about your mission?" Lilith asks Charlie as she finally plops herself into a chair and eases her boots off her feet."

* * *

Hugs. It's still kind of a foreign concept to the half-demon at times, but she's fine with seeing it happen between other people. Bart (somehow) gets a special pass, though; she doesn't move to reciprocate, but she doesn't tense up at the touch. A ghost of a smile is given as he goes, fading off again as violet eyes lift to shake off those recent memories.

Upon meeting Omen's gaze, Raven immediately understands how that is. They both know. "Things usually are when emotions are running high. Both sides aren't helping the situation as it is, and I doubt it will calm down any time soon…"

As Misfit joins her on the couch, she also glances over, somewhat curious to hear what she has to say.

* * *

Hugs dispensed, Bart vanishes abruptly, likely to make good on his pizza offer. Ordering takes longer than he'd like because that has to be done at normal speed, waiting for things to go through. Internet why so sloooow!!

When he's done he's casually settling himself to perch on the couch's armrest, tucking his legs up under him in cross-legged fashion, hands stuffed into the front pocket of his hoodie.

"What about Trask?" he blinks, glancing at the others.

* * *

"Well Trask is making the giant robot death machines… since I stuffed mine into the volcano we can't learn about them or their weakness from that one. Based on the footage we don't want to try to take apart an active one." she muses and then sprawls back against the couch cushions.

"I was talking to Batman, I think it would be a good idea to break into the Sentinel Factory or Trask's R&D labs.. .but I bet they have metahuman detectors so we likely need someone who won't set them off to ninja it." the basic skeleton of a plan laid out Charlie looks to the others.

* * *

"I agree, I think you need Robin for this," Lilith finally decides out loud. "Hell, maybe Batman himself would help?"

She levitates pizza to herself, because no she is NOT getting up again, not yet. "Maybe he could hack it? He's good at that, right? Then nobody's physically in danger."

* * *

"Unless you like living on the edge, then it still stands as an option." Raven comments, remembering that there are those who like jumping headfirst into the fray without much of a plan to guide them. She also wonders if the others can read her lowkey sarcasm here, but the thought passes.

Now that Charlie lays out the broader aspects of her plan, the half-demon's brow furrows thoughtfully. "…That is…a plan." Because they do have the means to break in and 'borrow' property. And Lilith's addendum just resolves the problem about theoretical metahuman security. "I doubt it will go smoothly, but that's an expectation and a component that never changes."

* * *

"I guess teleporting each one into a volcano isn't a practical option, especially after how much of a strain it took on you," Bart says with half a smile, one that slips away not long after. This business with giant metahuman-hunting robots isn't exactly pleasant news.

"…hmm. Ugh, if there's a way to detect metahumans- wait, how does that even work?" He frowns, shaking his head. If there was a way for that to be found out, then he'd have to be extra careful even playing at owner of Stark Industries. The thought's pretty unsettling.

"Doing things from a distance seems a safer bet, but Raven's right too- I doubt their network security's going to be flimsy." He pauses, tapping a finger against his chin. "…did Batman say anything about your plan proposal?"

* * *

"Yeah what we really need is either a closer volcano.. or equivalent means of destruction.. or smaller death robots. Either works." okay she is definitely recovered from the ordeal, humor is a go from Charlie, the grin gives it away.

"They were scanning the crowd and blasting unregistered metahumans.. so either they were guessing or they were detecting. We definitely need more intel on these things. Like can they just detect the metahuman thing or can they detect magic. IF they can't detect magic we might be able to magic the snot out of them." yes giant robots don't have snot but still.

"He encouraged me to talk to Red Robin about it actually, thought it had merit." yeah Charlie preens a touch. "Also said you should pump Stark for more intel on the Sentinels now not just the Terrigen."

* * *

"Facial recognition; registering gives the government not just your vitals but also your picture and probably some measure of biometric. If the robots are scanning crowds and targeting only unregistered metahumans… they have to have some way of determining metahuman status?"

Lilith frowns, gnawing thoughtfully on a crust, "How do they do that without a sample?"

* * *

Gathering intel is a skill Raven needs to hone, but they can at least work at that while trying to get to the meat of the problem.

"That sounds just as complicated as explaining magic." She recalls the scanning amidst the flying and the amount of lasers cutting through the crowds. "Yet it's still a possibility the technology can be that advanced."

She can explain that part either, but the gut feeling is there. It just happens.

* * *

Bart makes a face. "So I guess there's either the hard way or the hard way when it comes down to finding out what we need," he grumbles. "It'd make more sense if they were just using internal information but how'd they get that info in the first place..?" He nods at Lilith's own question. If they'd known all along that people were metahumans and unregistered… "It's like when the DPS first went out and arrested people, right? Were they known metas..?"

Complicated is right. Bart can feel a headache coming on just from the questions that crop up with each question asked. He groans and lets himself tip over onto the couch from his armrest perch, burying his face against the cushions for a moment.

"You make it sound like Tony knows about these things already," he says, his words slightly muffled until he turns his head outward. "…hm. Well, I guess either way, couldn't hurt." A slight frown touches his face. "Wait, why'd Batman say that? Can't he just talk to Tony himself? I mean, he showed up at the Tower back when the Joker broke in."

* * *

"The old man is mysterious and hard to predict like that Bart… there are probably a dozen reasons if we wanted to brainstorm why he thinks it is easier for you to get information from Stark." there is a shrug from Charlie there. I mean it might just be a rivalry but she can't go into that.

"I don't think Tony knows about the Sentinels already but if anyone's big brain can figure out how they are scanning for metas and adapting like that.. I mean he is a genius right and knows technology. Good resource for us to tap into right." there is a smile from Charlie "Also.. this technology is stupid advanced if it is doing all that." she shakes her head "I'm totes open to other ideas though…"

* * *

"He should also have other connections in that department," Raven adds, regarding Tony Stark. The more leads, the more they can branch out. After a beat, she then shakes her head. "As for anything more, I'm afraid I have nothing more to offer at the moment."

* * *

As he listens Bart squirms about on the couch so he can toss his feet over the back, essentially sprawled upside-down. He still continues to frown, but after a while he shrugs. "Well, I guess I'll see." Either way it sounds like something to talk to Tony about. Maybe even Mister Worthington, seeing as how the man had even been there at the scene.

Still in his awkward yet strangely comfortable position, Bart shrugs. "Yeah, aside from fishing for info I don't have much else to suggest."


"Except for pizza."

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