Return to Mutant Town
Roleplaying Log: Return to Mutant Town
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Dani returns to mutant town to investigate a familiar presence.

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IC Date: April 06, 2019
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Returning to Mutant City is difficult. It would be for anyone involved in the bad evening; Danielle Moonstar is no exception and in many ways, more sensitive. Debriefing was rough. Living with what she had to see, no easier.

SHIELD let her go, eventually. She's a free person after all. And the one thing that she left out of her reports? That's the one loose end that she's here to track down. Besides, how do you write 'Felt kind of oogy' on an official document without getting laughed out of the room?

That feeling is here, though. Well, not here exactly. But this direction. She'll never forget it. Like someone walking over your grave when you're still alive, but meaning well when they do it. Like mother tucking you in at night, but at the same time like rot, an ending.

Death itself is in Mutant Town. Not a dying person, but actual Death. Like, the person.

Danielle Moonstar steps back into Mutant Town.

Before she saw this place for what it was; a place where mutants could potentially live.

Now all Danielle Moonstar can see it as is a bomb. A ticking time-bomb ready to explode and where both sides are in danger of being hurt by it.

Her expression is grim and closed down, but that doesn't stop her from walking down a depilated sidewalk. Her gaze strays left and right, up and down and then like a blood hound Moonstar's senses reach outward and beyond.

Now the Valkyrie exists in her place.

A woman who walks hand in hand with death on a daily basis. Who knows the signs, the sigils and the feeling. Who understands it to some degree.

Much like an arrow slicing through the air, Moonstar now moves with a purpose. She's following the trail that's laid out before her.

There is almost a scent in the air, though somehow it seems to smell 'brown'. Which is appropriate given the one that she's following, though still…somehow a bit illogical. But a trail there definitely is.

Eyes flicker from nearly-closed windows. Dani was not the most visible person the last time she was here, but she definitely stood out. Though to be fair, a good portion of that was the horse. She's a lot of wonderful things, but subtle is not one of them.

Noone seems to want that time bomb to go off again, or at least not yet, so the worst reaction thus far is a window being closed. Leaving Dani to her tracking.

Down the road, through the street, past the butcher shop that closed years ago, but which now holds a less savoury business. An alleyway. Because of course it would lead into the alleys. They're darkest. But the feeling that isn't quite right is in here.

Being a SHIELD agent Dani is definitely aware of those eyes, those looks. The watchfulness of the neighborhood.

She can't blame them. She understands.

That, however, doesn't stop her from her mission. Following that trail to wherever it leads her to. Down the road, past pock-marked buildings and to the opening of that alleyway. There Moonstar pauses her gaze moving down the street and then over a shoulder, before she turns brown eyes to the darkened alleyway. There's the thought of 'of course' and while that brings a twist to her lips, that doesn't stop Moonstar from taking one step into the darkened area.

"Show yourself." She calls out, her voice rising slightly to reach the furthest and darkest corners.

"I know you're here."

The light from the street works in strips here. Here, light, there no such luck. So it's difficult to see, but far from impossible. It would be easy to hide in a place like this. Easier to plan an ambush.

But her target isn't hiding. She happens to be sleeping; a little brown person, laying in an alleyway. Nothing special, nothing magickal. Just the sleep of exhaustion, curled up amidst trash and rats. In a corner, in the darkness.

The fact that the rats literally run right through her is a bit odd though. She's short, likely only four and a half feet if she were standing. Which she isn't. The fact that she looks almost ridiculously mundane might be disarming, but this is definitely the same figure. The one that touched the wounded girl's cheek so gently, not long ago at all.

Appears to be drooling on a bit of concrete and dirt.

When there's no response Moonstar continues to step further inside. What else can she do?

Not too much.

The beginnings of a frown tug at the corners of her mouth. Typically Death, because she has met Death a time or two, is far more talkative than just this oppressive silence.

It doesn't take Dani long to come upon the small - child? - laying upon the ground. The Valkyrie's eyebrows dip downward as she considers the young woman … ghost?

Something for sure, as the rats move through the young woman.

As for those rats, Moonstar sends a gentle nudge via her animal empathy. Something simply like - go home.

With that nudge sent towards the animals, Moonstar then returns her attention to the being drooling in her sleep. With careful movements Dani will crouch down, so she's more eye-level, "Hello."

There's no voice. At the same time, there absolutely is, but it's not really there. Without sound, not really telepathy, just kind of bypassing both to become a voice, there comes the most …human…thing ever. As the little lady bunches up her fists and pulls her hair over her face, and says, ~G'way, sleepy.~

Anyone used to dealing with someone who's not ready to get up yet has heard it. And it can't be feigned. Though there is a reaction afterward, as the kid…no, the young lady, pushes herself to her butt, hair over her face. And then pulls it aside.

Oh, my. Those eyes go on forever.

Not a metaphor. Her eyes are portals, they go so far it's impossible to see their depths. Anyone looking into them sees their own fate, their ultimate fate. But it's different for every person, and with Dani's senses…she can see so far.

Then the eyelids snap shut, and the voice comes again. ~I'm sorry!~ Well, apparently she's sorry. And kind of short. Looks about seventeen'ish, and even her SKIN is brown. Her irises were brown, her clothes, brown. Must be an Autumn.

That voice. It may hold an otherworldly sound to it, but that tone - that actually etches a brief smile upon Moonstar's face.

Only that smile doesn't last long. Not when Secret sits up and opens her eyes and Moonstar looks into them.

Then the color of earth swallows her whole. It spirals upward and downward. It's everywhere. That brown fades to black and against that black pinpricks of light can be seen.

Stars? Possibly stars.

When Moonstar's 'eyes' focus upon a singular 'star' she finds her vision filling with something more. Something else. A life. It starts at birth, continues to toddlerhood, the teenage years, adulthood, old age and death.

For this soul death is peaceful. In their sleep.

For Danielle it's still a slap in the face, or a slap against her senses. She wrenches her eyes away and while she tries not to look at another point of light she can't but catch one.

Her vision fills with another life. Another death.

It could continue onward like that; birth, life and death. But perhaps a higher power takes pity on Danielle Moonstar, Valkyrie. Those dots of light soon merge into a moving blurred mass. It spins and turns until finally Moonstar sees a wheel stretching before her brown-eyes.

That wheel continuously turns. Continuously moves.

Life and death working in concert. One light dims another brightens.

It could go on forever, like that, but it (thankfully) doesn't not when the connection is broken by Secret herself. The Cheyenne visibly sways, even crouched as she is and there's a shaky sound of breath as Moonstar inhales, "Spirits."

~I am so sorry,~ the 'voice' says, turning her head. She looks away, probably for the best. ~You're not supposed to see that. I didn't know anyone COULD see all that! Actually I wasn't quite sure of it myself…~ she trails off, her face looking a bit lost. Maybe thoughtful, confused. Then determined.

She stands up, looking at her legs. A random moment, she pauses to poke at her own thighs, as if they're doing something a bit strange, then the right one vanishes into smoke. Followed shortly by the left, as she nods and says, ~Oh good. Still working.~

She yawns, arms and fists stretching above her as her legs hover in and out of existence, keeping her gaze turned away. ~I think you might be a little too sensitive. I really am sorry.~

There's silence from Moonstar for a few long moments. She's trying to tuck all of what she saw away. Somewhere in a corner of her brain that will allow her to act somewhat normally. She succeed, but it definitely takes a minute.

Now, however, Moonstar's wits begin to return. "It's ok." She states, finding her voice finally, "It's ok." She echoes, this time more for herself than Secret.

Slowly the Cheyenne woman rises from her crouch and while it takes a minute to find her physical balance, she finds it faster than she did with her emotions. Carefully, Moonstar glances at Secret, though never near where the girl's eyes might be.

"It's ok." Comes the third reiteration of those two words and then more wryly, "Sensitive is definitely a word to be used for what that was."

"I'm Dani. Who are you?" She asks, even as her gaze drops to the young woman's legs that are now smoke.

~It is okay,~ the ghost says. There's almost a feeling of a hand on Dani's shoulder, though there definitely isn't one. ~That's the whole point. That it's okay. You'll realize it in a while, once you…I think you probably need a bit of distance for a bit. To process, y'know?~

The brown mist girl seems almost normal, if her voice wasn't a mystical construct and her body, transparent. ~I wish I knew,~ she says truthfully, letting her hands hook behind her back in as teenage a response as was ever given. Legs real for just a moment, they're hooking together, awkwardness incarnate. ~I'm not kidding, honest. Nobody seems to believe me. Pretty sure I'm dead, but I'd give good money to know who I was. I mean, before.~

She's clearly avoiding the elephant in the room. The eyes. But so is Dani, so that's fair. For now.

"It's - I'm fine." Moonstar says, her voice sounding much more certain - and yes, she was almost about to say 'it's ok' again, but she stopped herself.

The pressure upon her shoulder brings a vague twitch from the woman, but she stops herself from throwing side-eye that way. Instead, Danielle Moonstar says, "I've dealt with things like that before." Though perhaps not on such a grand scale, but that thought stays tucked firmly within her head.

When Secret speaks again, Moonstar's attention shifts back to the young woman. Though still, with eyes canted enough to not catch a stray look from the other woman.

The mention of being dead brings a faint pinched expression from Moonstar. She stands there a moment and considers the ghostly girl across from her. "You are." Confirms the Valkyrie, her voice gentle with that honesty of hers. "I can tell."

And while that could end in awkwardness, Dani pushes forward, especially when Secret speaks of not remembering who she is. "You don't remember anything at all?"

Fading into nothingness for a moment, there's only a mist to speak to. It seems that there are times when the girl is more 'here' than others. But in honesty, it seems more like something else. Something that Dani would remember from her youth. Some people like to talk, but there were some who simply felt more comfortable with silence. They spoke when they had thought things through, and somehow, it felt deep.

The mist girl isn't gone. She's still there, but the silence feels like that. Like thinking, making sure you know before you speak. Like having enough time to do so. Death has given her time, she's using it. To think.

~You and I have things in common,~ she says, moving past the last question to one that wasn't asked. ~I'm not her,~ she says, smiling in profile as she appears once again. ~Death. She hired me, in the darkness, when I was alone. I'm just a doorway. For those in need of some help. You're the first one to tell me that I really was alive, to know for certain. I can't remember.~

She sounds lonely. Well, she would be. But there's the strangest thing then, of a list of strange things. Her voice.

Not the one you can feel. Her lips, her actual voice. One word comes out, and it doesn't match the thoughts. You can actually hear it, as she says her one thing.


And nothing more. Creepy.

"I know." Moonstar says, when Secret admits to not being Death, "I've met Death a few times." And when Secret smiles, Moonstar mirrors that expression back to her.

They do have things in common, much like Secret stated.

The explanation of just what Secret is, however, brings a slight nod from Dani. "Doorway, yeah, that makes sense." Here she considers her next words carefully, "I can say I'm something similar, though I consider myself more of a guardian than doorway. Though likewise here to help."

Whether that means in life or death.

That admission of not remembering brings another frown to Moonstar's features. She opens her mouth to ask another question, perhaps, but before that question can be spoken aloud that one word is heard.


"What's a secret?" She hedges carefully with that last question, perhaps understanding that there was something different with that. Something special and not just because it was physically said by the young woman.

She looks up, blinking. Not that Dani would see her eyes, but the confusion on the mist girl's face is obvious. ~What?~ she asks in return, her hands vanishing as she loses cohesion for a moment. ~Um…all of it, probably. I didn't say anything was, though,~ she says, her voice sounding truthful. Her aura feeling honest. Her soul easy to read. She isn't lying.

Someone else said that, with her lips.

"Secret," she repeats. Then the girl puts her hands over her mouth, shrinking.

~Oh. Um…we might want to listen to that. I don't think it's a hint.~ Oh. Just when you think you're talking to her, there's a reminder. This is not just a ghost. And she's never alone.

~Someone called me that once. They thought it was my name, I didn't know what they were talking about. It's not a bad name. Little creepy though.~

Speculation might be seen in Dani's eyes as she considers just who might be talking through the young woman.

Or what.

Moonstar has her suspicions, but those suspicions aren't spoken aloud. Not right now.

Instead the Cheyenne nods slowly, "I'm listening."

Those words said Secret's benefit, but also to anyone else that might be 'here' with them. To Secret, however, Moonstar asks, "Do you want me to call you Secret then too?" A faint note of humor enters her words with her next words, "Otherwise I might have to resort to a bunch of 'hey you' and that's not exactly polite."

~It think it's what SHIELD calls me already, according to my files,~ the girl says, betraying an ASTOUNDING knowledge of what's going on behind the scenes, as well as a sense of humour. She's drifting though, and smiling. ~I'd like that. Though politeness is overrated.~ Then she's gone, without any more warning.

Really gone. Dani would know. Where she went? Who knows? Though to say it's a Secret…kind of cliche, wouldn't you say?

Didn't even say goodbye though.

SHIELD has a file on her. That brings a slight widening to Moonstar's eyes - surprise for sure.

She hadn't expect to hear SHIELD had a file on the little dead girl. But now that she knows there is one, guess what Dani will be doing later tonight?

That's right, some reading.

Before she can agree to calling her Secret, the young woman disappears and the Valkyrie can tell she's gone completely and not just hiding invisibly in the ether. It brings a frown to the woman's features again, but soon enough the Valkyrie steps out of the alleyway and looks upward to the sky. There's a sharp whistle and a white spot starts to plummet downward from the sky.

Brightwind here to take Moonstar home and throughout the whole ride back, Dani only finds more and more questions popping up.

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