Power Rave
Roleplaying Log: Power Rave
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Daisy seeks out the Brotherhood. She finds a cold welcome.

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IC Date: April 07, 2019
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It's taken a lot of searching.

The day after the Triskelion fell Daisy was already back online from her apartment, bundled up in blankets and with one arm largely out of commission. There had been very little to work with but thanks to that fairly public message sent in Mutant Town so many weeks ago she had a starting point. An actual image of the other woman's face.

It didn't hurt that Metropolis with all of its fancy hi-tech glory has, like, -the best- city camera network.

Though imagine her surprise when this mystery woman turns out to be less in hiding..and more hanging around at an underground rave. It seems to be a pattern, nothing set in stone but a repeat haunt of hers. It's also quite a commute but Daisy's working on getting out of New York City as it is.

A new location. A new name. A new guise. Miss Johnson's vigilante undercover work begins today. Gone are the usual earthen tones of her wardrobe, replaced with straight-up black. Jeans, ankle boots, biker jacket, enough black eye shadow to look like she had survived a coal dust explosion, and a mess of nickel plated chains making up a complicated necklace. It isn't the first time she's done the bad girl routine but others have done it better.

Getting into the club is, fortunately, not too difficult. The difficult part will be looking for this woman. She's pretty tall though, that should help.

Metropolis is a big shiny ball of futuristic-seeming light.

Everything is clean. Everything gleams. Everything seems perfect.

Thank God, beneath that exterior it's not quite so perfect. Beneath the streets of Metropolis there are places to be found where things are more normal. Where people can go and feel less like a perfect automaton and more like real imperfect humans; since everyone is human, even the mutants.

For Frenzy herself, while typically she's adept at hiding within backgrounds, especially within large groups, for this instance tonight she finds herself awkward. Or perhaps not able to mimic the exuberance around her.

She's dressed in her typical dark clothing, favoring the severe black, and only a splash of dark blue can be seen thanks to a jacket that she wears over a fitted black top and slim black pants.

Currently Frenzy can be found at a high stand-only table, piled high with glow bracelets, and across from her a young woman animatedly speaks. Lots of big gestures. Lots of big facial expression. For Frenzy, she's much more reserved and only after the conversation starts to come to an end, does Frenzy slide over a glowing bracelet. Beneath that bracelet a nondescript card is hidden.

The young woman takes both.

It's one of those moments in life where one really starts to question their life choices. Daisy is feeling like that yappy little dog who finally caught the car and is wondering what on earth to do with the thing. The taller woman may not have noticed her yet but Frenzy's mere presence is enough to bring the hackerette to a standstill.

That's the lady who took on Captain America.

Who helped bring down a SHIELD helicarrier.

That's also the lady that Daisy somehow blasted through a wall and, at least THOUGHT, had knocked her clear off of the mortally injured carrier.

And now she's here with NO backup to speak of with the intention of having a conversation. It all sounded like a good plan in her head a week or two ago!

A deep breath is drawn and held before she starts moving closer, mustering what confidence she can. This is her show now. Either it's going to work or she could find herself the next metahuman the Brotherhood makes an example out of for all of the world to see.

Despite the concern flooding her system Daisy seems pretty casual in demeanor. Only her emotionally veiled eyes tell a more accurate story. She comes up to the bar, rests her good elbow upon the surface in a lean, and eyes the Brotherhood enforcer.

"Hey again."

The girl that took the card and the bracelet melts back into the crowd and for a moment Frenzy is alone with her thoughts.

Her expression turns contemplative for a few seconds. Her attention inward and whatever thoughts she currently has running through her head are her own.

It's only as movement, well movement headed in her particular direction, is sensed that Joanna Cargill's awareness returns back to the club and the gyrating people that can be found throughout.

Her next movement is like some great beast of a creature. A slow head turn in Daisy's direction. There's a sharpness to her brown eyes and while surprise might momentarily be felt at the sight of the SHIELD agent, it doesn't show. Nor is there a lack of recognition.

Jo remembers this one quite well.

It's only after Daisy sets her elbow (so casually) on the tabletop that Frenzy allows a hint of something to play across her features. A twitch of a smile and then it's gone.

However, her greeting might make that smile seem like a mirage, or a figment of someone's imagination, as Frenzy says bluntly and something of a taunt, "I hope you brought better back-up this time."

There's a lot of ways to respond to such a comment. To Daisy's credit she doesn't fall apart and start pleading to not be turned into a floor stain. "Actually..I was hoping that -you- might be my backup."

A short hesitation follows, enough to give the thought time to set but hopefully not too long of a wait that she loses her moment before adding "You were right. About..all of it."

She can feel her heart racing through this exchange, unable to keep herself from glancing a time or two at Frenzy's arms. She hadn't been the only one of the Brotherhood's ranks on the carrier that day but Daisy knows they didn't have many of them pressing the attack. So much damage done by so few people…

That, and she had unintentionally -helped- their cause when she had really been trying to help SHIELD's. That was something of an oopsie.

Her words come quickly, both out of months' worth of genuine frustration and out of the current tension from this situation. "Those people forced me to register. Locked devices on my arms to stop my powers. They kept me in the dark the whole time, watched over me like I was some animal in a cage. They insisted that they knew what was best, that they would help me, but they couldn't even help themselves."

A sly glance is cast back out to the room as if making sure that no one might be overhearing what they're talking about. Then comes the reason for her being here. "That day you had made me an offer. Is it still on the table?"

The fact that Daisy doesn't melt into a puddle of anxiety brings a ticket of some emotion to Frenzy's expression. It only lasts a few short seconds before it's then gone. Tucked away behind the hard planes of her face.

When Daisy mentions that she hopes Frenzy is her back-up, that brings a flash of straight white teeth from the woman. Dark amusement can be seen now and heard too, as the woman rumbles, "Is that so." Her head cants to the side as she keeps her brown eyes locked upon the much smaller woman, and while there's a silent moment, it doesn't seem to bother the Bruiser much.

She has played this game for too many years now to show any discomfort.

It's only when Daisy picks up the thread of conversation again and states so boldly that Frenzy was right, about everything, that Jo cocks an eyebrow upward. Incredulity and suspicion heavily line that movement of hers, as well as her words. "You really are green, aren't you?" Because Frenzy isn't dumb enough to fall for that line of (what she thinks) is total bullshit.

Total bullshit that seems to continue as Daisy motors through the rest of what she has to say.

With each new word, however, said in such a rushed way, causes Joanna's expression to darken slightly. Oh, she's still distrusting of what Daisy has to say, but Frenzy's also not stupid enough to ignore all of what Daisy has to say.

She can hear the ring of truth in what Daisy describes as her treatment by SHIELD.

"Just like that." Frenzy states, "You walk in here and share your sob story and expect to be welcomed so quickly."

This is okay… Daisy didn't expect to be brought in with open arms without a fight. The Brotherhood are -terrorists- and ones who have just made themselves very well known. She had anticipated this resistance, and this woman out of all others is going to be a very hard sell with Daisy's known background. She'd like to think that she came prepared. As well as could be managed, anyway.

"I really don't," she pointedly admits. "I'm not looking for a hug and some 'we'll take care of you' speech," is said with a headshake. "What I -want- is a chance."

"You saw what I could do back there. They didn't know what to do with that kind of power so they buried it and tried to pretend that it didn't exist and I am -sick- to -death- of other people trying to dictate my life 'for my own good.' And you're right, I -am- green. I was never even a real agent. I was a 'metahuman asset,'" air-quotes, "And I've seen how they treat powers around there. I'm done. And you guys..you're just beginning. So give me a chance. Let me prove it to you."

"I have an idea to kick them while their pants are down, to regain some of that freedom they had taken away from me and so many others. They'll never see it coming."

At least there's some understanding here on Quake's part. It allows Frenzy to shift her gaze off the woman for a moment. To scan the crowd. It's an automatic gesture, one that speaks of long times spent in dangerous situation, warzones. It's done to keep a person alive. To allow the subconscious to help identify oddities and dangers.

For now nothing rings as trap and that's what causes Frenzy's gaze to settle back upon Daisy.

Give her a chance. Let her prove herself. How many times has Frenzy heard those words stated just so; though the other metas weren't exactly in the same situation Daisy finds herself now.

For the moment, nothing is said about Daisy proving herself. Instead, the Bruiser of the Brotherhood cocks her head to the side again. Idly the woman taps her fingers against the table, a signal to continue with the explanation of this idea. "Tell me more."

Another quick left-right glance comes from Daisy before she leans in closer, actually getting -closer- to this dangerous mutant who could probably break her with nothing more than an eyelash. It is interesting how from the outside she looks like a regular gym-goer, not someone who could do ..well.. ANY of the feats she's already proven to be more than capable of.

It's kinda like the feeling one must have before putting their head into a lion's mouth. Although in this instance there's more at stake than Frenzy's wrath. Daisy's about to pull her first -major- crime. There's quite a few different lions to choose from.

"I'm gonna hack the DPS. Every registered meta, every entry within their precious little database. It's all going to disappear."

If she hadn't shown any real confidence before she's moving to a different beat with this subject. She's downright unwavering in her surety that she can make this happen.

The revelation of just what Daisy wants to do brings a stillness from Frenzy.

This day the First Lieutenant of the Brotherhood is surprised.

And while she is surprised it (once again) doesn't show in her face; it only shows in that stillness and her straight-backed stance.

Thankfully, that surprise doesn't last long. Frenzy tucks it away and angles herself slightly closer as well. That movement perhaps the only tell that this has DEFINITELY caught her attention. Completely. Unwaveringly.

"And then when you supposedly wipe this data clean SHIELD and DPS will rush in to round us all up and lock us up tight?" Queries the woman with an edge to her voice, "Though they'll find that particular move will bring forth a blood bath. They should reconsider this particular trap they're setting out for the Brotherhood. We're not stupid and we're no longer taking prisoners."

"Tell your superiors they should stop playing a game they don't understand. They need to focus on making amends for what they've done against the mutant race instead."

Closer. Ever closer. Still not there. When the enforcer moves closer there's a thought in the back of Daisy's mind that she'll suddenly find a steel-firm hand at her throat. These guys took out SHIELD in broad freaking daylight, what's a minor scuffle in some underground club?

So far this encounter still hasn't gone physical. Even so it's been taking some considerable effort to keep herself calm and level-headed. No power inhibitors and next to no control means that she's walking through a minefield all day -every- day.

Yoga has been particularly helpful.

"Do you really think they want another bloodbath after the way you guys creamed them?" Daisy counters in verbal challenge. "They've got more than enough problems trying to pick up those pieces. Meanwhile, think of how liberating it would be to all of these metas being free and clear now that the DPS has brought their killer robots onto the streets. Whether you let me in or not, if this starts another fight I -know- which side I'll be backing."

'Tell your superiors.'

"I'd tell them where they can stuff their inhibitors if I ever see them again," Daisy promises in a level tone while (gingerly) folding arms and matching Frenzy's stare. SHIELD may not have been nearly as bad as she's now making it out to be but she -really- did not enjoy being stuck in those gauntlets.

"Like you said before. I'm green. Either I fall hard and you don't have to worry about cleaning up the mess..or…"

Do they want another bloodbath. That brings a dry look from the Bruiser. "They need a win now. More so than ever before. Yes, if they knew they could win a particular bloodbath they would take it. Then they'd spin it to the public to show just how good it is for the mutants to be locked up tight. Better yet, dead."

And of course, at the mentions of Sentinels the woman actually bares her teeth in outright anger. "Yes, their robots. We will destroy them all."

Realizing, however, that Frenzy is loosing some of her cool the woman shifts her stance slightly. Turns her eyes away from Daisy and composes herself. It's only a couple of seconds, but it's enough to allow Frenzy to cool herself down, to reign in her obvious anger. When she returns her attention back to Daisy it's the soldier again. The cold killer.

Her flat gaze takes in the rest of what Daisy has to say and nothing can be read from her expression or body language. "Then you'll fall." Comes her last harsh and glacial words.

The glowing bracelets, cover for her operation here, are pulled from the table and with a look the woman turns sharply and presents Daisy with a view of her retreating back.

Then she walks resolutely away.

Before she can say anything else to counter Frenzy's parting words the powerful woman is turning about and walking away. Hmmh. It's not exactly a 'hook, line and sinker' victory, but considering the alternatives Daisy will take what she can get. Though this is probably for the best. Daisy managed to say something which got under the Brotherhoodite's skin and it was getting a -little- more intimidating at this here counter…

She doesn't have to leave empty-handed, either.

Glancing down to the bar she sees a single card left behind with a phone number on the bottom of it. This she quietly slips into a jacket pocket, still leaning against the counter for a moment longer while the results of their encounter settles into place.

Quake's really going to do this. This is the tipping point between 'annoying hacker' and 'domestic terrorist' without the benefit of a safety net.

Gods help her if this doesn't work out.

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