All You Can Do
Roleplaying Log: All You Can Do
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Firestorm comes across Batgirl during a late night flyby and stops for a chat.

Other Characters Referenced: Batman, Constantine
IC Date: April 09, 2019
IC Location: Gotham City
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Posted On: 10 Apr 2019 06:25
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It is late — very late. At this hour, it could be late at night or very early in the morning. Batgirl maintains a perch over this block of Red Hook. She has a knee hooked up to her chest, balancing on the corner of a rooftop edge. She looks out over the city with steady blue eyes. She has one earbud tucked into her ear, and the wireless connection supplies her with some casual tunes. Her head bobs slightly, and her lifted foot tapping a bit.

It's probably a bad idea to be out this late, but Ronnie wouldn't have even considered it on a school night if he hadn't been feeling so restless. Oddly enough he'd found Professor Stein sympathetic to his not wanting to just lie around in bed waiting for sleep to come. There's been a lot on both their minds this past week.

Perhaps it says a lot that they've come out to Gotham to clear their heads. But it's quiet, almost nice, even. From high up a city just looks like any other city, but now he can't even do that in his hometown without being extra careful, not with giant robots unleashed to further enforce registration.

Firestorm's only too happy to put it out of his mind for now, dipping down from the night sky, closer to the rooftops below. He knows it's Bat-territory out here, but a part of him holds out on the chance to actually meet the elusive Leaguer, if not at headquarters, then on the job.

Batgirl blinks as she spots that streaking sight in the skies. She tilts her head slightly as she watches the familiar streaking sight, and she slowly stands from her perch. She grips onto the edges of a gargoyle, maintaining her balance on her yellow boots.

It takes her just a second longer to realize who she is observing, and then she lifts a hand to offer a slight wave as if Ronnie might see her from her rooftop perch.

At this height it's easier to make out things than at street level, and it doesn't hurt that Batgirl dresses a bit more on the colorful side than the Bat himself. The movement first comes to attention by his unseen mental passenger, a smile touching his face once he comes in close enough to recognize who it is.

"Heeeey~!" he calls as he swoops down and then up, hovering there in front of Batgirl's gargoyle. "Long time no see, huh?"

Batman doesn't do colormatching. It really is a flaw.

Batgirl resumes her lean into the statue of the gargoyle, and she flashes him a wide smile once he hovers on in. She tilts her head slightly. "I haven't ventured out of Gotham lately. You know. there's demons about… trying to kill me. And my roommate." Then she offers a soft laugh, but it has no real mirth. "How're things up in New York?"

"Demons, really? I thought that was taken care of already. Or did they just move to Gotham?" Firestorm folds an arm across his chest, the other propped against it as he fingers his chin, head tilted. "Um. At least it looks like they haven't managed! Need any help with that? -not that I've had any experience with getting rid of demons myself, but couldn't hurt to offer, right?"

His half smile fades with her inquiry on his end of things, and he actually sighs. "Wouldn't be surprised if you've caught something on the news. It hasn't been pretty since that law rolled around. SHIELD got attacked. Everyone's angry or scared or both. And now the DPS has brought in some honest to goodness giant robots. It's like they want to go to war." He shakes his head.

"Are demons ever really taken care of?" Batgirl's words are almost exhaled before a little smile tugs at the corners of her lips. "No. Not according to Constantine. He thinks that this is bigger than just Gotham, but… I don't know what that means either. So, don't ask." She crosses her arms at her chest as she remains easily balanced against the gargoyle.

Her mouth settles into a darker frown, and she nods slightly. "Yeah." Her voice is a bit tight. "I know… it… it's only a matter of time before it all comes to Gotham, too." She ducks her chin a bit, searching the streets, and her own thoughts. "You think that maybe that's the goal?" She looks up then. "To go to war?"

A shrug follows Batgirl's question of demons, rhetorical or not. "I sure hope it won't be like what happened in New York before. Although hey, maybe if it did happen again, it'd be something else to focus on than…all this registration crap."

A frown pulls across his face at the thought of such a law being spread further than New York, along with all the animosity that would inevitably go with it. "If it were, what would be the point of it? I don't see how sparking a conflict against metahumans will make anything better. I can't see how anyone would think that using force like they've been is actually a good thing."

Firestorm circles around to set foot on the roof's ledge beside Batgirl's gargoyle perch, tossing his arms up over his head to stretch out a bit before dropping them at his sides with another sigh. "It's all so stupid."

"I'll send my demons to New York just for that." Batgirl sounds a bit sharper than she intends. She catches it a moment too late before she breathes out a sharp breath, and her shoulders slump slightly as she maintains her lean against the gargoyle.

Then she tilts her head, blue eyes watching him as he makes his landing. She presses out of her lean, turning toward him fully with a tip of her bat-eared head. "If there's conflict, it is easier to rally people to your side… the metahumans react in violence, a good politician would use that to tell baseliners that metahumans are violent, look how they are trying to spark conflict, all we did — " Then she stops and she shakes her head before she looks back up at Firestorm.

He'd caught that edge in her voice, casting a slight glance over his shoulder, but at the Professor's suggestion, lets the matter of demons slip for the moment.

"That sure sounds like how things have been going," Firestorm replies sullenly after Batgirl resumes on other matters. "And in the meantime lives are getting messed up, people are getting hurt or killed or jailed, and I feel like I can't even do anything to help."

Shaking his head again, he forces a rueful smile as he looks back towards her. "Sorry. I was kind of hoping to avoid the subject coming out here but I guess there's no help for it."

"Yeah." Batgirl sounds almost sorrowful at that. She looks back down at the streets, staring into the gloom of the dark. She then looks up at him with another tilt of her head, and her smile takes on a sad edge. "All you can do is protect who you can, Firestorm… and take celebration in the small victories. Otherwise the bigger losses will just… destroy you. They will."

Then she ducks her chin a bit and hums with mirthless laughter. "I don't know if there's anywhere but… maybe the moon?"

There's no arguing that advice. Firestorm nods slowly, his smile while not quite convincing still enough to suggest that he's taking those words to heart. It's little enough, and pretty much underlines the caution that he's been exercising whenever he's in his neighborhood.

"The moon, hah! Maybe space in general." His grin comes more easier then, a chuckle helping to ease it in fully as he turns a look skyward, thoughtfully.

No Ronald, I'm not certain that we can fly in space and I don't know that we should try without at least proper safety measures, Professor Stein suggests.

"…yeah, maybe not a great idea," Ronnie reluctantly agrees.

Batgirl's smile softens again, and then she shakes her head slightly. "I know." The words are soft as she looks back out of at the city. "You're always welcomed to find refuge and safety here, Firestorm." She looks back up to him.

Then she steps down from the ledge, alighting on the roof. "I should continue my patrol." She hesitates before she gives his arm a gentle touch — or near-so. "We will get through this… we all will."

"-thanks, Batgirl. Glad to know that." And he means it, genuine as his smile is, if a little sad at the same time. New York's been home forever, after all. While it's nice to know there are places to go, he didn't just want to run from any problems.

Firestorm watches as Batgirl gets up, giving her a nod. Whether she makes contact or not, he offers likewise in the form of a fistbump. "I don't see the other way being an option," he says, lips quirking. He needed to get going as well, but talking had helped a little, and he's glad for the chance.

"See you around."

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