Epic Debrief
Roleplaying Log: Epic Debrief
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Jessica finally gets Peggy cornered to debrief herself after all of the chaos of the last few weeks

Other Characters Referenced: Stark, Fury, Groot, Rocket
IC Date: April 10, 2019
IC Location: Roosevelt Island
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Posted On: 11 Apr 2019 04:45
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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Roosevelt Island.

The SHIELD base those that remain of the New York City branch of SHIELD have retreated to is not the most up to date of SHIELD branches. This one in particular was built in the late fifties and stopped being updated in the 80s. While structurally sound, it is not the most technologically advanced place SHIELD agents have ever worked. Everything is under ground. Above them is the ruins of an old smallpox hospital. The rookies, if they're skittish, wonder if the place is haunted.

The entire place is still in a state of repair as it has been years since any sort of attention was given to this space. Peggy Carter does not so much has an office as a room that she is attempting to make an office. It's still filled with dust and cobwebs and a strangely large tube TV for some reason. Peggy is making the most of it, however, she has invited Jessica Drew there for a debriefing on her parts of the event that brought them to this place. The sling is off, but her hands remain in bandages. While a woman from the past, she does not hold the healing powers of her other brethren from World War II. She's merely a woman displaced through time.

* * *

One way to make people feel old is to realize that this base was last used around the time of the Wargames Movie. Which was pretty much 36 years ago. Which means yes kids have had kids who are now about to go to college since the last time this place was used as an active SHIELD base.

Jessica may have crashed a quinjet into the Hudson and walked away with just equipment damage but thankfully she is both quite durable and does have some healing capabilities. Which is the long way of saying that she was mostly angry about ruining a leather jacket. The phone and tablet were easily waterproof because well SHIELD issue.

This new base though, well this is just really sad in Jessica's opinion. Very sad.

There is a knock on Peggy's open door and Jessica pokes her head in, wearing her red jacket not her shield color jacket this time. She peers at the vacuum tube "What is that… also we really need to get the wifi network and signal repeaters up and running soon." amusement in her tone.

* * *

If anyone is going to feel old it is Peggy Carter, who looked into this space as she was setting up SHIELD back in the 40s. However, she is not the woman who actually followed through, she is another one entirely, as she has seen multiple times over the years.

Instead, as the knock raps on her open door, she gestures easily and adds, "Come in." Not like it needed to be said. There's no secretary outside. This isn't like the formal spaces of the Triskelion, this is comparatively bureaucratic chaos.

"It's an old TV. It actually looks like something I could repair, which means it must be old." Gesturing in, she also asks for her to close the door. "You have a report?"

* * *

Jess kicks the door shut behind her and looks around. There is a sigh and she fishes out from her pockets her shield tablet, a starktech device, and a room scrambler. She sets the odd Stark device on the desk and then the room scrambler, turning them both on.

"Okay that should… and I say should prevent any eavesdropping.. god I hope it works Agent Carter but outside you, Fury, and Coulson I really can't trust anyone in this complex right now." there is a deep frown. "And I only hope I can trust the three of you at this point after the last couple of weeks."

* * *

An eyebrow is raised as Jessica puts a room scrambler on the table and then she smiles. Once it is on, Peggy nods. "That's a good instinct."

Looking at the device and then back at Agent Drew, she gives her something of a look. "I understand that sentiment. There has been quite a lot of distrust in the agency after what happened." Gesturing for her to continue, she repeats, "What do you have to report?"

* * *

Jessica moves to sit on the edge of the desk and taps her tablet a few times.

It is notable she keeps Peggy in her line of sight though while she works on this, watching her reactions. Not staring, it is subtle, and yes she absolutely is measuring Peggy.

"Okay first the horrible immediate stuff." there is a flick on the tablet and the Stark Tech lights up and a holographic display appears off to the side with a SHIELD File. An Agent Norman Rodenburg, Level 5 Mechanic assigned to the Helicarrier. Obsessed with Lola and always tinkering on Vintage mechanics. "I've got the quinjet pilot on lockdown at a safehouse, Agent Rodenburg is part of an organization that has infiltrated SHIELD. The goal was .. and is … to cripple SHIELD… his codename is Monkeywrench. The assignment with the quinjet was to distract us until the Brotherhood .. or his handler could destroy the Helicarrier."

She pulls up another file. A Level 7 Agent, again a Mechanic, ran the entire engineering for the Helicarrier. "This Agent… codename Crescent.. wrench.. god… I hate them… did not die on the Helicarrier in an engine room explosion from the brotherhood.. he rigged it to explode. The fact that he is a level 7 and this is maybe one cell of many makes me very uncomfortable Agent Carter. That and the fact they are willing to die for this."

* * *

As Jessica moves, Peggy counters. It's a bit of a dance. She can already tell the woman doesn't exactly trust her, but she was expecting this from everyone. The fact that she is being measured is taken with all due respect.

And then all the terrible information starts to filter down. There are names there she wanted to check out…one was just put in for a control and it turns out to be true.

"And you got this all from a Quinjet pilot?" She asks. The attack on the Triskelion is rather fuzzy in SHIELD terms. Not everything has been recorded or put together just yet.

"So we have, for a fact, that this was a coordinated effort, from within and without SHIELD." She looks a Drew. "And how do I know you're not also compromised?" It's a blunt question, but needs to be asked.

* * *

"I guess you don't Agent Carter. This could all be part of a plan to put me in the good graces of SHIELD Leadership.. tho I mean.. I thought I already was." there is a smirk from the fairly unconventional Agent. "Also I suppose I could ask you the same thing, and probably get the same answer. Added difficulty is you all trained me to pass polygraphs so I imagine that wouldn't work either to clear things up."

A pause and she adds "This isn't my flavor of treason. I go for little things like shielding a few people from Registration.. this… fuck. SHIELD is my family, has been ever since you all saved me from Hydra and gave me a home. I don't know anyone else and I have no where else to go Agent Carter."

She points to the holograms. "Monkeywrench… does not know much… but I he does know there were more cells and people. I have heard rumblings that there were other .. traitors during the attack on site at the Triskelion as well so that seems to play out. I have no idea how to do a spy purge in a spy agency that was this deeply compromised."

* * *

"From what you have just told me, at least one agent with higher graces than you was already part of this defection." Agent Carter raises an eyebrow and then simply sits in her chair. "Where anyone was before this seems to be in contention and everyone has been trained to lie to everyone else." With a soft laugh she shakes her head. "Apparently, we're all in something of a conundrum here."

As Carter watches Jessica talk, she makes a judgement call. In times like these, that's all there is sometimes. "SHIELD is my family, too." It is just as how Jessica has stated it: fact, perhaps even heartfelt. This organization means something to her and she will fight for it.

The hologram is looked at and she recognizes the person there. "There were certainly others. They couldn't have gotten into the Triskelion otherwise." Pausing, she adds: "On this mission I trust a handful of Agents." Those names will be disclosed later. Even with something masking their words, she doesn't trust. "Together, we'll figure this out. We have these names now and we can work outward toward their associates. How we spy purge a spy agency is the exact same way we would do toward anyone else."

* * *

I mean, it certainly doesn't hurt that Jessica killed Hydra Supreme and saved Fury's life during what was effectively her job interview when she broke free of Hydra brainwashing attempts. If this is a con it is a very in depth expensive long one on her part and whatever supposed organization she would be a part of that wasn't SHIELD.

"There are definitely others… and they knew the Brotherhood was going to attack which is the weird part in all this for me. I'm not saying they are aligned though… this may be the same group who leaked the crap about that Terigan stuff to the Brotherhood and probably manipulated them. Always layers with spys and organizations like ours, even with the ones that are our enemies. Hell in this case I bet they are screwing us both over."

"I also wish this was the only problem I ran into recently." Drew sounds frustrated and genuine there.

* * *

Jessica's resume certainly leads into Peggy's thoughts about the woman in front of her desk. However, there are people above her and below her who have managed to infiltrate. It's not a hard line to figure out who to trust.

"They're certainly aligned. There's no way the Brotherhood would have gotten where they were without someone inside. This all came from inside. Someone wanted to hit us where it hurt the most in this crisis."

Then, Peggy frowns. "What else have you run into?"

* * *

Jessica fiddles with her tablet. "I still think they used the brotherhood like planting a bomb, not aligned that close with them. That is just my gut on this one though."

The next image is really ugly, and very dead. It looks like some sort of horror show CGI monster, but it obviously a high resolution photo. Multiple arms, spikes, tail, snout.


"Okay so there was a dispatch call in the week after the Triskelion was taken down, someone intercepted a lot of police chatter about an alien attack in a park…. and some wise ass routed it to me because I am getting all the UFO jokes due to my SWORD project." hell she doesn't know if she told Peggy what she was calling it yet, the proposal hasn't been filed yet due to disaster. "So .. yeah when I got there I ended up fighting for my life with a metahuman against three of these things. They have a power that lets them possess and infiltrate .. look like humans because they are inside humans. The guy freaked out not wanting them to touch me when they were fighting me… and also not wanting me to tell anyone because the Government is compromised.. which.. just great…." there is a sigh.

"I have the three bodies on ice and I have a way of getting in touch with the metahuman… but I figured filing a report on this … if he is right.. means more bullshit compromised alien invasion drama.

Drew pauses "I doubt these are related, which is .. just great."

* * *

"SWORD sounds like something we should have," Peggy tells Jess immediately. "However, right now I'm not sure howe we could present it. We need to put our image right before people can accept us in space. Or, if we go in space, people can't know about it for at least five years."

Peggy tilts her head. "You have the bodies on ice? Has there been any science done?" If there is more alien stuff to come, that leads a lot to be desired. There's Terrigen, Jessica's bodies, the Guardians, there is a lot to explore. "Yeah, great." Peggy sighs. "We've got a magic division. Let's look into a space one. Let's just keep it silent for now. Fury will have to sign off on it once he comes back up for air."

* * *

Not to mention the collector.

"I don't know who to trust in the science division right now with horrible aliens that can possess people… but yeah I think we need SWORD.. also yeah no one can know until we come green out of this… well except Stark and some of the others I am borrowing Tech from to make it happen."

"So is that a greenlight into starting to move from plans to groundwork?" she flicks her tablet and a series of .. schematics and resources start to appear on the holoscreens, more than one now.

It is a comprehensive list of what she has compiled from NASA, DARPA, Stark Industries, Stark Unlimited.

"I need to still pillage Starr and Lexcorp but … I figure we can move forward on the sattelites for detection, all pointed outwards not inwards in case someone does get wind.. I think.. well SWORD…" she flashes the logo. "The O is observation.. I don't want to put up any orbital weapons someone could actually hijack from the inside.. or the outside. This thing is pure intel and reconniescance." a beat pause "I'd also like to be cleared to talk to our resident aliens." she doesn't mention Rocket and Groot, but yeah she is talking about them.

* * *

"We'll have to keep this under the hood as he last thing we need right now is for people to think we are the agency that is regulating people from space, but there are a lot of things that are happening in space that we should be prepared to intercept or allow."

As for pillaging outside sources, Peggy frowns for a moment. "Let's not use outside funding for now. WE can get satellites up, but I think we need more of SHIELD figuring out SHIELD rather than bringing in other things." She pauses. "But let's still keep up the relationship there. If we need private funding, we should keep our options open."

While Jessica does not talk about Rocket or Groot, Peggy broaches the subject yourself. "If you're talking about the resident aliens that were here an recently vacated, that seems logical and cleared."

Standing, Peggy gives Jessica a smile. "Once you find more information I hope we will me again and debrief."

* * *

Jessica scoops up the holodevice and pockets it putting away her tablet. "definitely Agent Carter." about debriefing. "Also I wasn't talking funding I was talking borrowing or acquiring Stark and Avengers technology to bootstrap it.. but with your clearance I'll just.. mm keep it consulty with Tony and use our own resources." mostly sorta mostly.

"Let me know if and when we need to move on the first part of the debrief. I feel a need to kick some traitors off a helicarrier." mostly because she crashed off one in a quinjet, also they destroyed her home.

She does take the room scrambler before she ducks out.

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