Tony Asked You on a Date, Didn't He?
Roleplaying Log: Tony Asked You on a Date, Didn't He?
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OR where Warren, Domino and Moonstar discuss how to tackle the Sentinel problem.

Other Characters Referenced: Doug, Warlock, SENTINELS, Tony Stark
IC Date: April 13, 2019
IC Location: One of Warren's MANY MANY estates.
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Posted On: 14 Apr 2019 23:40
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Though Warren and Domino have had a certain 'working relationship' for a while now, it's still one they would both probably rather keep under the radar, and the reason is a word that starts with R. It cuts down on where and when they can meet — it's not good PR, exactly, for a man like Warren to be known to hang around with mercenaries, and it's not good for Domino's career — or life — to get too close to the places he typically inhabits. Worthington Tower, the DPS offices, even the foundation he began with Alison… they're all places only a publicly-registered mutant can go safely, and Domino is anything but.

Even the Institute is a little iffy these days. Everyone knows it's a mutant school, now, and there are baleful eyes on it more often than not.

Such it is that when Warren messages Domino to meet him (the text of the message being a dry 'I have two presents for you, and I think you will at least like one-and-a-half of them'), the location he gives is in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Apparently he keeps a small waterfront condo there, though he had frankly forgotten about it himself up until he asked Kiff where the hell he could do this meeting since, quote, "I don't want to use the Fifth Avenue place and I certainly don't want to slog out to Centerport, Aunt Cecilia and my horrible cousin are squatting out there right now and I just don't want to deal with it."

The place works well for discretion, at the least; Sheepshead Bay is about as far as you can get from the busy center of Manhattan and still be in a reasonable borough (read: not Staten Island). The condo is small by the standards of someone like Warren, which is to say it's a duplex and has four bedrooms for no reason. He's waiting on the main floor, which is a rather bright and chic open-concept affair with one wall entirely taken up by expansive floor-to-ceiling windows offering what is, in fact, a very nice view of Sheepshead Bay.

He had sent a message for another to join them, as well. His message to Dani Moonstar, beyond the location details, was a brief, 'Let's talk to Domino, shall we?' Most of what they wish to say they've already discussed in person.

There's a balance that Dani currently juggles - or is that struggles - with in her life and it's between SHIELD and the Institute.

Right now, that balance leans more heavily towards the Institute versus SHIELD. There are definite reasons why that's such, which Warren and Ali know some of, but for the most part Danielle Moonstar tries to keep all of that under tight wraps. Her public face sometimes feels like it's always on even though there are definite times she'd like to show her more personal take on everything that's going on.

Either way, Moonstar received that text from Warren and so, here she is, standing nearby the winged man. However, it's those windows that have stolen most of her attention and idly the Cheyenne woman looks out at Sheepshead Bay.

"Warren." Dani states, her tone both dry and curious at the same time, "Just how many houses do you have?"

Where Domino used to get around in a somewhat beat up (and totally stolen) Toyota Camry, she's since had to swap out for an equally beat up (and also totally not stolen) Mitsubishi Lancer due to unexpected giant insect damages. It's been one of those weeks. The compact silver sedan zips up to nab like the -best- parking spot in a five mile radius and scopes out this unfamiliar part of town on foot. She's not much of a fan of not knowing things but it's more of an annoyance which she's otherwise learned to get used to.

"There's that lovely waterfront smell," she undertones while stepping to the condo in question. Warren already knows she's on her way so she doesn't bother wasting time with such trivial matters like 'knocking' and 'waiting to be let in.' Seriously, who has time for that?

"Heeey, someone order a Domino?" she calls out before coming around to see Warren. He's a difficult one to miss in any setting, though in a condo like this is she. The long coat and armored look has been swapped out for 'somewhat' more pedestrian black jeans, boots, and street biker jacket. And blue tinted shades which do nothing to hide the spot.

"Nice digs," she thinks aloud while looking around the open space. "What's up, Jailbird?"

Yep! She heard about that story. Someone actually let her into Xavier's, can you believe that?!

Upon seeing/hearing Moonstar in here the albino slowly comes to a halt, one hand gracefully tugging the shades away from her face as she openly stares from one to the other. "This isn't some sort of intervention or something, is it?" she cautiously asks.

Though Dani's question immediately resets the mood, causing Neena to quickly close the distance between them. "Yeah Warren, how many houses do you have?"

Warren certainly does have a way of demanding immediate attention just by his mere presence. He drew immediate eyes for his looks and presence even before he got a pair of huge white fuck-off wings to help with catching people's gazes. Tightly-folded as they are, they still stand out, especially given that Warren is currently standing. He's poking through the on-site liquor stash (because every place he has has an emergency liquor stash for entertaining purposes), frowning.

His wings flick a little as Domino arrives, in an acknowledgement he is aware of her presence. "Ah. Thank you both for coming. This — " he looks amused, "is not an intervention, you will be happy to know." So he claims — though he does regard Domino a moment, as if to gauge her mood, before returning his attention to the liquor cabinet. "Either of you want anything? I have… most of the essentials, here."

But both women immediately start asking the important questions — or, rather, important question, singular. Warren pauses visibly, his wings fluffing in a bit of surprise. He's clearly not thought about this in a while. "Um," he says, rubbing the back of his neck, looking uncomfortable with the topic. "I actually don't know? Many… most of these things are managed by the family." He does what appears to be some mental arithmetic. "Perhaps… four in New York? Fewer than that in California?" He is pensive. "I know there is at least one in Tokyo, I was there late last year. I couldn't tell you about the European ones. I don't know, ask Kiff." He looks more uncomfortable. "We don't usually talk about these things."

The manner in which Domino greets him, however, brings him to turn and lean his hip against the counter with a slight wince. "I've heard that nickname nonstop for the past two weeks," he says. "The media just won't take its teeth out of my throat about it. But this jailbird is very undeterred by his brief incarceration, he's happy to report." His expression sobers a little. "Though what I wanted to discuss was somewhat related to that. I'm sure you saw what happened with the Sentinels."

He glances sidelong at Dani. "Dani and I were talking about what we might do about that."

That call out from Domino, indicating her arrival, causes Moonstar to finally shift her attention off of the bay outside. Slowly the Cheyenne woman pivots upon heel so that when Domino arrives Dani now faces in her general direction.

The question about intervention brings a thoughtful look to Moonstar's features, but thankfully (for this meeting!) Warren immediately denies it. That causes Moonstar to slide a look towards the winged man, but she doesn't say anything to refute what he currently claims.

It's only when Domino follows-up with that last question of hers that Dani's expression relaxes slightly and moves back into something of a grin. Her head cants slightly to the side as she waits for the now puffed-up winged-man to answer their question, and when he does - a corner of Moonstar's mouth hitches even higher upward, something of a wry expression there. "Oh, sorry Warren, we didn't mean to ruffle feathers there." Listen the pun had to be said, it just had to, "Us bumpkins didn't realize the delicacy of that question. Apologies for that faux pas."

And while her apology is real there's also a touch of a tease from Moonstar with those words of hers.

Though as the topic of jail comes up and then Sentinels, Moonstar's expression loses most of its amusement. That sidelong glance from Warren is returned by the Cheyenne and then her eyes turn back to Domino.

"Yes, we want to steal one."

Sentinel, she means. They want to steal a Sentinel. It's said in all seriousness by the black-haired woman.

"You're right, I am happy to know that," Domino easily replies while flicking the sunglasses onto the top of her mop of hair. Hah. 'Either of you want anything' he asks while he's got his hand in the liquor cabinet. "Silly question. Dealer's choice."

In regards to the housing situation she sliiides up to the counter and leans on an elbow so she can face Warren. Look at her, all smiles and freaking sunshine! "So..what. Would you say..I don't know," she makes a face and half-shrugs while aimlessly gesturing with her hands, "somewhere around ..oh, thirty, globally?" Here is a matter which will not be allowed to rest just yet. Only the gods may know why. "Give it some thought."

As for the nickname she turns away and makes a show of snapping half-gloved fingers, "Knew I shoulda gone with the frozen turkey approach. This is why we don't go for the low hanging fruit, Dom."

She's quick to gently clear her throat and completely regain her composure when Warren mentions -Sentinels.- This brings both eyebrows up a few noteworthy degrees. "Yeah? Those Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots look like tough nuts to crack. Whatcha thinking?"

It's probably a good thing that Dom wasn't drinking at the time that Dani mentions what their intentions are. It's still grounds for an absolute double-take, though this is immediately followed by cackling laughter! It goes on for a few seconds before she gets another look at Dani's determined expression and sobers up with a "Oh shit, you're serious."

Both hands are held upward with a "Look, I've boosted my share of vehicles." Just look at what she drove here today! "But I don't know a damn thing about hotwiring a purple murderbot. Since I'm pretty certain we can't ride one out Iron Giant style..what the hell do you propose?" She's already trying to work out all of the logistics in her head. Not getting killed, deactivating one without damaging it, maybe trucking it out on a flatbed..?

"I'm forseeing a whole lot of 'ifs' and 'maybes' incoming."

"You are forgiven," Warren says to Dani, very magnanimously. "You couldn't know." …Is he playing this straight in order to be funny, or is he seriously just playing this straight? The world may never know. The discomfort, though, perhaps wasn't faked; old money, like Warren Worthington, is raised to Never Talk Money. Not straight-out, anyway.

But Domino is very insistent on knowing. Very insistent. In fact — "…Are you two betting on this?" he says, a little severely, slanting a sharp blue eye over his shoulder. "Oh, well, I would say me personally… perhaps twenty? I cannot speak too accurately for the overall family totals, however. I try to keep on top of what everyone is up to, but it's too much for any one person." A sigh. "The lawyers would know."

Discomfited as he is, however, he does remember his manners enough to play host and get drinks. Dealer's choice, Dom says, and Warren picks thoughtfully through bottles. "Hibiki 17, then," he says. "I'm in a certain mood. It's being temporarily discontinued, so you'll have a harder time finding it for the foreseeable future." He pours for Domino, for Dani if she shows interest, and himself, though he is listening to the conversation even as he slides glasses over.

Dani, as usual, cuts straight to the chase.

"You might not," he says, "but we've got some people with convenient powers. You recall Doug Ramsey? He'll be able to read its source code like English if he gets close to one. And he's got a friend who can perfectly emulate a Sentinel in appearance. If they can get in, they can hijack one so we can begin to study how the hell it works. Send it to Tony. So on." He takes a sip. "Of course, they have to get in and get close without getting killed. That's where people with more… physical expertise come in. Not just you, of course, but…"


That earns a calculated look from Dani to Warren, and then a silent promise to herself to try and figure out just how HE really meant that.

As for that accusation!, that just causes Moonstar to consider what the best option to answer with is. Yes seems a little uncouth now and no is an outright lie, so Dani goes with a shrugged, "Possibly."

Which really means yes. Yes, they are.

In fact, when he answers with the possibility of twenty houses, Moonstar's gaze twitches right over to Domino. There might be a note of triumph to her gaze, but then it's tucked away.

There are so many more important things to be said right now.

She steps over to where the other two are and nods to that offered drink. They're probably going to need all the whiskey for the rest of this conversation, especially when Domino laughs so freely at the idea.

Thankfully, Warren expands further upon the idea and Moonstar nods along with all he says, adding when he finishes speaking, "We envision a small strike-force to quickly get in and just as quickly get out. As much as Doug and Warlock's abilities are powerful in their own right, Warren is correct, we need people with more aggressive skillsets. I think the three of us understand just how easily these types of situations can go downhill pretty fast. We need people who can handle when the shit literally hits the fan."

"But, we also understand this type of request isn't something to be taken lightly. You can decline this mission and there's nothing wrong with that."

"Just curious," Domino smiles back to Warren's question regarding the housing matter. Though it would seem that 'perhaps twenty' is enough accuracy to sate her curiosity. A flicker of a pained grimace crosses her monochromed features, slowly turning away from the two as she seethes a faint "Goddammit" under her next breath.

Limited edition booze helps to sweeten the moment just a -tiny- bit. Truthfully, she has little to no knowledge about the kinds of upper shelf drinks which Warren is accustomed to. If it can be set on fire then chances are she'll try it if it's put in front of her. If it can't be set on fire..she'll still probably try it.

"Doug?" she repeats with a look up to Warren. "Yeah, I know the kid." He's one of the only Xavier natives who she DOES know, in fact. "Good trick." Though not as good as his friend's. "For real? We have someone who can -emulate a Sentinel?-" Blink. "Jeezus. Kids are gettin' the craziest powers lately, I swear."

The next half of Warren's strategy is met with a dismissive wave around a bowed head. "That's the part of this insane plan which makes sense to me."

"What I -don't- know if we can trust -Tony Freaking Stark- with this kind of tech," she presses with an inquisitive stare leveled at Warren. "Once the Starkman gets hold of these secrets the cat's forever out of the bag. There's no undoing it. Be certain on this one, Hot Wings. If we actually do manage to get one of these Sentinels there won't be a lot of opportunity to suddenly change up the dropoff location."

To Dani's benefit Dom looks almost annoyed when saying "Stop offering me a way out, Moonie. I'm in." A matter like this affects them -all.- This is exactly why she had decided to come back to the U.S. and connect with these mutants. Not that THEY need to know that.

"It'll come with a catch," she starts to explain while standing upright only to turn around and lean back against the counter. "I'm gonna go on a limb here and say that you want to keep this all murder-free," spoken with a splay of one hand, "which means I'm going to need some new toys to play with. I have options but they're limited, dated, and awful, so. If you want to avoid the red kroovy then that's what needs to be done. Get me the gear and I'll give those kids their guardian angel. …Erm," she pauses and looks back to Warren, borderline apologetic. "Figure of speech."

Warren's sharp eyes track back and forth between Dani and Domino, taking in the subtle triumph of the one and the disappointment of the other. "You were betting," he accuses. "Well, that's not new."

But there are in fact more important things to be discussed, and as the trio get down to business, Warren takes his glass and crosses back to the sofa set in the middle of the front room, settling in and crossing an ankle up over his opposite knee. He nods to Dani's explanation of how people competent to handle 'shit hitting the fan' are needed for backup, though a faint smile does cross his features at Domino's reaction to Warlock's abilities. A faint smile — and a hint of ruefulness. "Warlock is an alien," he says, "so yes — the powers are a little crazy."

As for Stark? "I've known Tony nearly a decade," he says simply, because of course the two of them are good friends. Maybe it does make Warren a little biased, but… "I trust him. At the very least, I trust him to be invested in seeing 'purple murder bots' taken off the table. The worst I think he might do is get excited and make his own Stark-tinel fleet." He looks pensive. "What are you concerned he'll do with it?"

As for Domino's last request. Warren chuckles, swirling his whisky absently in his glass. "First off, no offense taken. I've been hearing it for ages. Second off, you read my mind before I could get to it myself. I told you I had two presents for you. That's one of them."

He glances at Dani, perhaps gauging her reaction, before his gaze returns to Domino. "I know you have operating costs," he says, the playful dilettante vanishing into keen-eyed, blunt-voiced business. "So I won't ask you to do this for free. And on top of that, I'll fund whatever gear you need to pick out to keep the body count as close to zero as you can. Sentinels, though…" He shrugs. "No pilot. No problem. And you'll need firepower if one of those notices you.

His head tilts back, Warren regarding Domino through his long lashes. "I'm liquidating that firearms manufacturer we busted a while back, and I'm sure no one would notice some inventory going missing in the mix. They've got some nice pieces. From sidearms on up to SAWs."

Domino's mention of Tony Stark brings Moonstar's gaze up sharply; a question there. Probably something like 'you know, Tony?', but then that question morphs into something else. A kneejerk reaction to jump to the man's defense, especially when Domino expresses her distrust of giving the tech to him.

And while Warren jumps to his friend's defense, Moonstar's expression turns thoughtful. Her attention is on the conversation at hand, but now a corner of her mouth pulls downward. She has no worries about Tony's intentions, none, but she knows Tony too and his knack for getting into trouble. That frown upon her lips only worsens when Warren mentions Stark-tinels.

What an absolutely terrifying thought that is.

Domino's nickname of Moonie brings her out of those musings and Dani says, "I just wanted to make sure."

And while Dani stays standing for this particular conversation, she makes sure to stay within ease of earshot of both Domino and Warren.

Domino's explanation of just what the catch is brings an automatic nod from Danielle, Agent of SHIELD. "We definitely need casualties kept at a minimum. There's too much at stake here and we have enough being used against us."

And while Domino's remark about guardian angel causes a faint smile to appear, the glance from Warren earns a slight rise of Moonstar's eyebrows. A silent question there, though soon enough that question is answered by Warren himself. 'Missing inventory'. That just prompts an immediate frown from Dani, but thankfully her sigh is completely internal. "I am so not hearing this." Remarks the Agent wryly, "Only Dani Moonstar, persecuted mutant standing here."

'Warlock is an alien.' "Bloody fantastic," Dom quietly sighs while pinching the bridge of her nose. "Never thought that wearing all black would lead me to -become- a Woman in Black." Another upward flick of a hand and a "Whatever" seems to seal the deal and confirm Dani's notion about wanting to make sure. Human, mutant, -ALIEN,- doesn't matter, right? A job's a job.

As for Stark and what she's concerned about, she starts with a 'hell-ooo!' gesture while following Warren over to the comfier part of the room. "I'm concerned with -anyone- who has that much cash and brainpower getting hold of fancy stuff they didn't already have. No one should have too much power, Warren. Even if he is a straight-shooter with us he's still a prime target for anyone in the market for power. What happens if his security gets breached? Too many eggs in one basket?"

She pauses while giving Warren another level stare. "That one might have been intentional."

And here comes present number two. Neena finally takes a seat though there's nothing lady-like about it. Compared to Warren she's a complete slouch but at least she doesn't have any trouble with making herself at home! The glass rests on a denimed thigh as all of her attention hovers upon Warren. She just about holds up a hand and starts ticking points of interest off one at a time as he goes through the list.

Getting paid.
Free gear.
First dibs on a freshly acquired arms manufacturer's inventory.

A glance back to the discontinued drink brings about a barely perceptible shrug as she mentally ticks off Point of Interest #4.

"I know, I know…" Neena warily and automatically tells Dani about keeping the kill count to a minimum. She might have broken her promise to Piotr but if she's actively working a mission with or for the X-Men then it helps to keep her head in the game. What happened in M-Town was ..a little less focused. A little too force of habit.

"M-Tek, was it?" she asks Warren with a slight nod. "Going by their website alone there's some pretty tempting morsels in that pantry. Think they'll have anything capable of putting down a Bot? I mean we still don't know what they're made of..right? That's why you want to secure one? I'm not sure if I should be looking at anti-materiel rifles, RPG's, or a goddamn airstrike."

"But..who knows," she starts in while bringing the glass up toward her lips and idly swirling the amber-hued liquid around. "I'll take inventory, hand-select a couple of options, and hey. Maybe we'll get lucky," she concludes with a sly smirk and another hit of the whiskey.

Then to Dani with smirk remaining intact, Dom asks "I'm guessing you're not getting involved with this gig either, Miss Plausible Deniability?"

I am so not hearing this, bemoans Dani. "No, you are not," Warren says, smiling slyly into his glass. He even looks beautiful doing that. "You heard absolutely nothing I just said. Even if you did, what's a little fraud? Far below a SHIELD agent's pay grade, is what. There are other institutions to handle that, my darling."

As for Domino's reaction to Warlock? "He's very nice," is Warren's endorsement. "Not like some aliens I could name."

Domino's concerns about Stark, however, sober Warren's expression to something more thoughtful. "He is high-profile," Warren admits. "But because of that I'd venture no one has stronger security than he does. Especially after all the hits he's taken recently. Tony always did respond to setbacks by, ah… going twice as hard afterwards. I doubt anyone will get through him now. As for him having too much power…" He tilts his head back and forth in a weighing manner. "True. But he also tends to be more responsible than the average person with that much power. Or at least — he attempts to do the right thing."

A pause. "If you have other suggestions, however, we could consider. Plenty of other hyperintelligent people who could reverse-engineer a Sentinel."

But as conversation moves on, Warren… watches Neena rather carefully as she does her 'I knowww' routine with regard to killing. There's a beat of silence that goes on a little too long. They're all thinking about that M-Town raid right now, though it doesn't come up. "Well, they're mostly made of ceramics and metal, we know that much," he says. "The composition isn't in question so much as how they're networked, how they're controlled, and their full capabilities now that they've been upgraded a bit since the last time we saw them in the field." He thinks. "I'd wager anti-materiel would be effective, .50 would probably punch through. RPG would be even safer." He smiles faintly. "They have grenade launchers. That ought to suffice."

He dips into his pocket. "Of course, that was present one." He flicks something through the air towards Neena, and once she catches it it will be revealed to be a set of car keys. "Come up to the Institute sometime for the other one. It's in mothballs." There's no way this is possibly a trap. Right?

Neena can't help but griiin at the exchange between Dani and Warren. "Don't feel bad, Moonie. Sometimes you need the flashlight. Other times, the dagger." It's perhaps a quite literal interpretation of 'light versus dark' but it should get her point across.

Oh, and apparently Warren knows more than one alien. Great!

Back to Stark, she offers a flummoxed expression for a moment's time. "I hope you're right, Warren. That call's gonna be on your shoulders." She's said her piece here. Time to move on.


"When you put it THAT way…Nope," she concludes. "Look, the only person I know at -all- who fits such a description is Stark and it's still way too early to get a proper read on the guy. If you both vouch for himdon't think I missed that before, Danithen you've got point on this decision. It's not my op."

Then Warren properly surprises the albino, curling a brow skyward as she regards the Winged One under a new light.

Warren knows guns..?

-Warren Knows Guns.-

"RPG's are easier to carry," she concludes. "Though grenade launchers are also fun."

Whup—incoming key! A black and white hand darts out and snatches the keys out of the air, easily twisting them about in her hand to hook the ring around her middle finger and palm the keys for closer inspection.

Yes. It's totally a trap. But it's -really freaking enticing bait.-

Warren is studied for a moment. A nice..long..moment. She doesn't take her eyes off of the guy before finishing off her glass and setting it aside. She's still looking at him when she stands up.

"It's a date."

"You kids stay safe. I'll be in touch."

All this is well and good — but then Warren suddenly realizes something. Something important about why Neena is probably so squirrelly about Tony Stark.

"…Tony asked you on a date, didn't he?" This is asked with the fond exasperation of someone who 1) is best friends with the guy 2) knows, because he's done the same thing a lot over the years.

Neena calls back "None of your damn business!"

At this point Dani just sighs, because really. REALLY.

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