Ohana Means Family
Roleplaying Log: Ohana Means Family
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Surge and Moonstar discuss registration and the impact it has upon their world.

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IC Date: April 15, 2019
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With registration now in full swing the hallowed halls of the Institute seem a much tenser place.

Quieter too.

The young students were moved some time ago, and while there are those that live within the Mansion, the student body is definitely not as robust as it once was.

For Danielle Moonstar, she has found herself lingering around the Mansion far more in the past few weeks, than what she typically has in the past several years. Pretty much all of it has to do with registration and the fall-out for herself (SHIELD) and mutants in general.

That doesn't mean she's idle. Instead the Cheyenne woman has put herself to work in the sprawling 'backyard' of the Institute. She's currently putting together a small obstacle course that she and Brightwind can use for training. Mostly it's a bunch of hay-bales stacked up to create various twists and turns for the two to navigate through.

Brightwind, for his part, is off to the side idly chomping at some of the new fresh bright green shoots of spring's grass. After a minute the winged-horse lifts his head to gaze at his rider and when he does Dani stops hefting a bale upward and looks over at him. "You know -" She says dryly to the horse, "You can help any time here. It'd go faster with the two of us."

Brightwind just snorts.

"Yeah, I thought so." Comes Dani's wry response, though there's obvious affectionate to her tone.

Noriko had certainly decided to stay. She was lucky, having just graduated, and earlier having passed all her exams in more dangerous realms to be a fully fledged X-Man. But that didn't make things any easier. Especially when, as frustrated as she was with the entire scenario, she had few outlets to burn herself out on. Drinking was out of the question, especially on school grounds, and given her past she didn't even want to think about drugs.

That's why there's a sudden streak of white-blue lightning sparks that sails past Dani and Brightwind at a good 200mph or so, before it suddenly stops, and skids, chewing up that grass, to a halt.

Noriko stares, and then runs at a slower, but still brisk pace back to the two. There's a sardonic, lopsided grin to the edge of her mouth. "Sorry," she says, half-apologetically. "Didn't even see you there. Needed to burn off some energy." She expels a breath, "This whole thing -sucks-."

That streak causes Brightwind to swing his head around, one vibrant blue-eye focusing upon the white-blue streak. It's only after that blur resolves itself into Noriko, does the winged-horse gives his head a quick shake.

There might also be a quiet snort as well. Then he's nosing back at the ground for more tasty blades of newly grown grass.

For Dani, she was just about to set a second hay bale atop the first when Noriko appears. That's enough to give the Cheyenne pause as her gaze swivels over to the blue-haired young woman. One supposes Dani could ask specifically what sucks for the young woman, but Moonstar is pretty sure she knows just what that might be.

And so, the black-haired woman says in total agreement, "It does." That second bale of hay is set atop the first, "And I understand the need to burn off the energy. How long have you been out here?" Asks Dani, as she brushes her hands free of the little pieces of hay that cling to the gloves she wears.

Noriko brushes her hair back in place with her hand, idly. "I don't know." She raises up her gauntlet to check the time on the tiny display. "An hour, I guess? It just." She clenches her jaw, and her fist, but she has nothing to punch. "Sucks. I had to register, because if I -didn't- and I got caught, … they'd send me back to Japan. And there's no way in hell I'm ever going back there."

She rests her weight on her backfoot, crosses her arms. "It's completely unfair. And we just have to sit back on our asses because if we -do- anything we're just giving them more ammunition."

It's a conversation she's had with others, here. And she'll likely have again. She sighs, "Sorry. How are you doing? I gotta guess it's not easy on you, either. Or Brightwind."

Moonstar settles a hand upon her hip as she listens to all of what Norkio states. There are definite moments where the black-haired woman nods, or where she offers a sympathetic look. She clearly empathizes with what Noriko says, what the other woman fears.

Because, in the end, don't they all fear that? Being sent away? Whether back 'home' or to 'jail'. They. All. Do.

"It is unfair." Agrees the elder woman, "But we all know the saying about life and fairness." She says wryly, "But -" And here the Cheyenne looks to Noriko, "That doesn't mean that we're forced to complete inaction. We don't just have to sit back and take it, we just need to be smart about how we fight back. Be aware of how our actions can help or hinder us. Be sneaky about things." The woman allows with a faint grin.

Her head tilts to the last of the hay bales that sit in random spots nearby, "You're welcome to help if you want. I'm just doubling them up now."

And whether Noriko helps or not, Dani continues to speak and move hay bales as she goes, "No need to be be sorry. We're all in a rough spot with registration and it's okay to feel the unfairness of this who crappy situation."

Noriko does feel like helping, expending some energy. And she still has plenty of it to expend. She begins assisting with the bales, following Dani's lead with a few grunts of exertion. Manual labor isn't her strong point, but the exercises in the Danger Room and combat training keep her fit enough. "There's a protest I heard about," she says. "IF the jerks show up, I figure I can 'accidentally' short out their loudspeakers and shut them up, at the very least." There's that curve of a smile again, impish. She frowns, then. "But, I don't want to happen at this one what happened at the last. That poor girl."

Her face twists as she pitches another bale into a little bit of rage. "It pisses me off. They're manipulating everyone's emotions. And it's on purpose. So they can do it more. God."

She pauses in her 'work', and looks directly at Dani. "The quicker this gets repealed the better. Because if the rest of the nation picks this up? The rest of the world? We. Are. Screwed."

The mention of an upcoming protest brings a quick side-eye from Dani, as she moves another hay bale. "It doesn't surprise me that there's more and honestly it's what we need. People need to be seen protesting against registration. It'll bring others out and hopefully if we have a large enough base it could make the lawmakers take note. Swing key votes where we need it. Just be careful when you join the protests. It's a literal powder keg out there. Be prepared to run too, if you have to."

And while more could be said, Moonstar's words trail off when Noriko mentions the other 'protest'. Where Eliza Marshall died.

The Valkyrie's expression turns dark for a second, the emotion enough to bring Brightwind's head up again, though this time his attention is on Dani.

"That wasn't a protest." Remarks the woman quietly, "It was a bloodbath."

Now Dani takes a few minutes to chuck another hay bale atop another. Using that exertion to burn through whatever emotions she's currently feeling.

Only after that last hay bale is set aside does the woman finally address the rest of what Noriko spoke upon. "They are manipulating things. Making sure to show all of us in a terrible light. Fear is a strong motivator and they understand fear is what's going to keep them in power. So, they are definitely angling it to make us appear the aggressors."

It's only with Surge's last remarks, about the potential of the world picking it up, that Moonstar's expression turns grim again. She could sugar coat it for Surge, but she doesn't. Not with the young woman being in the X-Men now. "Agreed. If it comes to that - I'm not sure what we would do. It would be an all out war."

"I'll be careful," she assures Dani, sincerely. "I know I usually can be a hot-head, but - I also know what's on the line here. It's more more than just me, more than just what I can do. I'll leave if I need to. And I'll try to keep everyone's head level, no matter what."

She moves to Brightwind, and touches the regal animal's muzzle with her intricately made gauntlet fingerips, her expression stlil set. "I wish I was good at this subterfuge shit. But I'm not. I'm sure as hell not going to give them anything else to use against us, if I can help it, though."

At that, she exhales, turns to Dani. "But, I'm open to suggestion if you have any ideas. I can't just stand still." She never has been one to be able to sit. Maybe it's something to do with her 'marriage' to electricity, but patience and sitting on the sidelines has never been something Noriko has ever done well. "You've got a better perspective on this than any of us."

When Noriko mentions her intentions of leaving if needed, that allows for some of the tension to leave Dani's face. "Good. I know it's hard to run from a fight, but like you said - this is so much more than any of us."

Brightwind allows the touch upon his muzzle and he even offers a faint whuffle back. It's both encouragement and a greeting from the winged-horse.

"Better perspective." Remarks the woman somewhat ruefully, "Not sure I'd call it that, but -" And here Moonstar pulls the gloves she's wearing off and sets them atop the last stack of hay she put together. Now she walks over to Noriko and Brightwind, extending a hand to the Asgardian steed. "I think going to protests is good. It gives us some eyes and ears on the ground. We always need that. We don't want to be disconnected from what's really happening out there. Helping other mutants is good as well. If we can help get them out of the city we should."

The remark about not being able to just stand still causes Dani to slant a look over to Noriko now, "I know it's hard, but we have to bide our time. I think we all know that repealing this particular law likely isn't going to work. No matter how many lawyers are marching against it, so we have to be ready. To really be prepared I'd say let's start running the team through Danger Room sessions. Specifically against the Sentinels. I've a feeling that's where they're going to hit us hard."

Her head cants slightly to the side as she thoughtfully considers Surge, "Just how much electricity can you absorb in one go?"

Noriko nods, clearly not liking the answers Dani's providing to her inquiry but accepting them and understanding, appreciating, the truth they hold. It just solidfies things she already had guessed, felt, due to the buildup of everything.

The last gets a faint shiver from her. Sentinels. She's heard of them. She's seen images of them. She knows how goddamn scary they can be. "I'd rather face one in the Danger Room than out here," she agrees. "At least there, we can have on the safety settings. Turn it off, if it gets terrible. It's real, but not real."

The latter question? "I'm not certain," she answers, honestly. "To be honest, I'm not all that eager to find out. Even with these." She holds up the gauntlets. Her mouth works, "If these fry then …," she trailes off, uncertainly. "But, I've never reached a limit or a cap, at least with the gauntlets. Yet."

The idea, however, does get her thinking more strategically. "But those things have to have a power source. I could, at least, theoretically tap it. Or, overload it. Not sure /how/. But, well. Maybe a Danger Room session is a good idea. We can practice, see what works."

Yes, Dani can definitely get behind facing a Sentinel in the DR versus out there.

She definitely understands that sentiment.

When Surge answers that last question of hers honestly, the Cheyenne nods. There's still a look of calculation as she considers the rest of what Noriko states, even as Dani's brown eyes flick to the gauntlets that cover Noriko's hands and forearms. "I agree." Begins Dani, before she clarifies, "We definitely need to get you into the DR and do some practice runs. The Sentinels do have energy sources, and I think we should definitely do run-throughs of either trying to absorb as much energy as you can, or overloading them like you said. I'd imagine those beasts have a sophisticated system against power surges, what with how large they are, but power drains? There's possibly an avenue we can potentially exploit."

"I'll set up a Danger Room run for us soon. We can do something one on one and then also with the team."

And while her next words possibly don't need to be said, Moonstar adds, "This fight is going to be long, Noriko. Dangerous too. If there's ever a time that you want to head out of state you let us know."

Noriko gives a rueful smile, "And go where, Dani?" It's no secret that she left Japan and came her because her father disowned her. Or, where she was before she heard something about Xavier's, and showed up stinking of God Knows What, half-starved, and addled with the come down from drugs.

More directly, she states, "This is my home. I'm not going anywhere. No, I'm staying. However long this fight is going to take. Until we win. Because I think when we expose these /assholes/ for the jackasses that they are? Most of the world will get behind us. As long as the rest of the world, even one other city hasn't accepted this shit, we still have a chance. But the world is watching us. To figure it out. Letting us handle it, to see if it works or if it doesn't. And how much hell follows in the wake." There's a grim satisfaction to those words.

She moves over to Dani, then, and puts a cool metallic gauntleted hand on the other woman's shoulder. "You're struck with me. And all my impulsiveness, brashness, and other terrible flaws. Sorry, Dani."

Noriko's impassioned words prompt a nod from Moonstar. A nod of empathy, of understanding, pride and even some sadness.

Sadness that they have to even have this conversation. Where is this supposed better world they've been fighting for?

There are times that Dani sometimes doubts they'll ever achieve it.

"I believe that too." The Cheyenne says quietly, "They are letting us 'handle it', like you said. To see what we do and how we react to it all. Now we have to show them why we don't deserve such treatment. Why we're just as human as everyone else on this planet."

And there will be hell. Dani knows this. Death too, but those words are kept tucked away.

However, that last line causes the woman to finally break into a grin and chuckle. "I'm pretty sure we can all say that, Noriko. Most of us have similar flaws. It's probably why we get along so well. We can all see ourselves in each other."

Then with a touch more seriousness and a look at Noriko, "And we're family. All of us. Family doesn't leave family behind."

Noriko hugs Dani, impulsively, then. Simply because she has to. There goes that impulsiveness, again. She nods, as she squeezes, and lets go slowly, "No," she agrees. "We don't. Ever. So." She expels a long breath, letting more of the tension out. "Danger Room sessions. Me and you. The team. Yeah. I'm in. You just tell me when. And we'll see what I can do." Because she's certain there is /something/.

She pauses, "Just, …," she hesitates, "Have someone on hand in case we end up shorting these out." Afraid to take them off. Or have them break. Ever. That fear holds her for a few longer-than-it-seems seconds.

Then she forces a laugh, and the grin starts to come more naturally. "But if we figure this shit out? Imagine their faces when we start taking those huge monsters down."

The hug does take Dani by surprise, but then the elder woman returns it with a squeeze.

"Never." Agrees the Cheyenne.

And when Noriko reveals some of her worry, Moonstar looks at those gauntlets again, then back up to Noriko's face. "We'll make sure to have spares on hand. I promise."

Which rolls into the speak of bringing the Sentinels down. "I'd pay to see their expressions when we do." She emphasizes the /when we do/, "The shock alone would be worth it, but also them knowing we have an effective way to bring their monsters down?"

Well, it'd definitely be worth it.

Brightwind idly noses at Moonstar's arm a bit, as the two continue to chat, and here Moonstar asks the other woman, "Feeling better? If not you're welcome to race Brightwind and I through the obstacle course."

"Yeah. Feeling a bit better. Thanks." She means it, genuinely. "Think I'm going to head in, and get something to eat. Maybe go through come combat routines if someone wants to spar." She lifts her chin, "When you're ready to do some Danger Room, you know where to find me." A quick smile touches her lips, and she pets Brightwind's muzzle again, affectionately.

She tells the mythical horse, "Take good care of her, okay? She's pretty special people." She pats him, on the side of his neck, and looks back to Dani.

"Thanks," she says again.

The winged-horse whuffles a sound of amusement at Noriko's words and Dani says with a laugh, "He agrees."

"You're welcome. Glad talking helped. Sometimes waiting is the hardest part." States the woman with a quirk of a grin, "Brightwind and I are going to run through the course a few times, but if you're around when I come in we can definitely get a jump start on the Danger Room sessions."

And with that said, Moonstar hoists herself into the saddle and once settled comfortably, she adds, "Let me know if you need anything else. We're all here for each other."

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