Registry Hack
Roleplaying Log: Registry Hack
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Two rogue SHIELD meta assets and an other-dimensional vigilante form up for an act of domestic terrorism. Because comics.

Other Characters Referenced: Agent Peggy Carter
IC Date: April 16, 2019
IC Location: Governors Island, NYC
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Posted On: 17 Apr 2019 13:50
Rating & Warnings: R for some language and violence against computers
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NPC & GM Credits: Corvus
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Governors Island is a small island in the New York Harbor. The island, once a settlement and then a battery and fortress, fell into disrepair until it started to become a tourist attraction a few years ago. A place for concerts and bocce games, it remained mostly a curiosity to be preserved. Now, though, it has gone back to its roots as something of a government stronghold. The Department of Public Safety has started to take it over to use as its base. Perhaps taking the fall of the Triskelion to heart, it has modernized buildings and decided this is the best place to create their stronghold.

There is no civilian transport that is allowed nearby the island. Though not exactly bustling during business hours, the recently expanded members of the DPS are mostly gone at night. Those that remain are security, a few late night administrators and some responders who are ready to help out should a metahuman threat arise in the middle of the night. In other words: something of a skeleton crew.

Spring weather in New York is never certain. It has been raining for most of the day, but now the temperature has dropped and the sky is covered in a thick layer of clouds, blocking out most of the moon. It is a perfect night for infiltration.


The initial training had gone pretty well, all things considered. Whatever other talents she has, Daisy Johnson's a pretty good coach and Jen Hayden's a competent enough student. When she cares. Or can be bothered, anyway. With the more senior Agent's imagination it hadn't taken them long to conjure up a hard-light construct, a speedboat that could safely take three or four people across the bay with little trouble.

Things had gotten a little dicier when it was reported that there was an increased Coast Guard presence and cutters would be watching the island. A subtly glowing speedboat cresting the waves would definitely bring the wrong kind of attention.

"God this is so fucking stupid I can't believe I got talked into this," Jen hisses under her breath. Clammy perspiration clings to her brow. The nerves might have something to do with the mission… or that they're silently chugging along under the surface of the water in a cramped smuggler's submarine made entirely of her applied and focused willpower.

She tugs the black turtleneck she's wearing and adjusts the gear harness that's been adjusted as far down as possible onto her delicately petite frame. Even with a few extra pounds of muscle it required a lot of extra clipping, pinning, and taping to fit. "I think we're getting close," she says, fretting her lip. She puts an eye to the periscope they'd added after she'd run aground almost immediately during their first test run— though with the shimmering translucence of the construct it's not hard to see the murky, immediate waters nearby. "Yeah, definitely getting closer. A hundred feet, maybe?" she informs the others. Her eyes lid and with a focus of her willpower the submarine's nacelles adjust their trim and the vessel starts to angle towards the surface.


There's a whole lot of uncertainty which comes from this. 'Quake' as she's come to identify herself as had done what she could to learn more about the island and surrounding territory but since the DPS has taken over their renovations hadn't exactly become public information. Much like their own cyber security expert on site, she's working with outdated intel.

A few worthwhile points remain. The Hugh L. Carey Tunnel runs nearby and has four vent towers linked in. One of these towers is on Governors Island. It would be a long and awkward trek but this is her Plan B should they need to get out of there quickly. It's not likely that anything would chase after them inside the tunnel's air vents. At least she's hoping.

Tonight she's assembled her ragtag team of metas to pull off what could be a pointless and foolish move, but in her eyes? It's what has to be done. She's dressed all in black with a hood pulled over her head and a biker jacket tossed over it all for extra warmth. A courier bag keeps her assorted electronic gizmos close at hand.

Naturally they don't have access to fancy communicator tech so she settled on setting up what encryption she could on their phones and linked everyone in with bluetooth headsets. It's not totally secure but more secure than using CB radios.

As far as 'rules' go, she keeps them simple. Get in, get out. Stay out of sight. And whatever happens, -do not attack anyone.- If they get caught it's better to be written up for 'snooping around' rather than 'aggravated assault.'

Of course, she hadn't anticpiated heightened Coast Guard patrols at night. Nor did she anticipate that Jen could make a submersible to cram them all into.

"Already this is feeling like a really bad idea," she mutters with one hand pressed to the top of their streamlined tube. "Just..get us there safely. We can do this."

And gods help them if they can't. Agent Carter probably isn't going to help her out of this one.


Gwen's hood is drawn up tight over her face against the prying eyes of the watchers above, but her mask is still down, for now, in a concession to how silly her paranoia is. She recognized Jen as that girl in the park Kara introduced her to, but on that topic said only, "Hey, nice to see you again," figuring this probably isn't the time for lengthy explanations. She shot Daisy an open 'tell you later' look and squeezed her hand reassuringly.

At the mention of being close, Gwen nods and finally tugs her mask down over her face. For all that she's nervous, she's also calm enough; she clearly has a lot of experience trusting superpowers. She sidles closer to Quake and says, "We probably want to get off this thing as soon as it breaches, right? So here." She scoops Daisy up into a carry, ready to do a big spider-jump once in open air. She glances apologetically (not that Jen can probably tell that through the mask) at their teammate, but otherwise says nothing; Jen is probably smart enough to figure out Gwen only has room for one passenger at a time.


They certainly are getting close. Under the water, it's hard to tell in a mostly moonless night, but there are shapes that remain solid, unmoving, but with the shift in water there is a glint of metal. Moments after those glints the green glowing sub hits land. However it's not so much land as a dock.

There are only a few places the sub could safely land, as the entire island is practically surround by rock or barrier. Here, though, is where the ferry that used to take people from Battery Park to the island landed. The sub noses right into one that dock and they can move themselves upward. So far, the island seems quiet. There is the sound of the waves hitting against island and dock, the night noises of the city that is behind them, and every now and again a boat that patrols by.

Otherwise, there does not seem to be anyone around.


The sub breaches and the hull's upper quadrant dissolves away. Stairs are manifested and a plank— sloppily rendered— curls up to the dock. Jen follows behind Gwen and Daisy as fast as her tiny feet allow, fairly scrambling along. She at least moves stealthily, her black winter beanie covering her wealth of tumbling green hair. The petite meta scampers up and promptly takes cover so that someone else is betweeen her and whatever's lurking nearby.

"Okay, we're on land. Now what?" she asks, trying to catch her breath. The new SHIELD fitness routine hasn't had a huge impact on her cardiovascular system yet….


Oh good! Jen and Gwen know each other! This makes it only marginally less awkward. Gwen's suspicion that they'll be wanting to bail as soon as they can is given a nod from Quake, though at being picked up so effortlessly by the Spider she suggests "Just don't toss me into one of the guards."

She's half joking.

If tonight hadn't been unnerving before it easily reaches such a point as soon as they make landfall. This here is restricted territory. They are now all in violation of the law. For Quake it's a lot easier to do these kinds of activities from behind the safety of a VPN and numerous firewalls.

But, this is what SHIELD does, right? If she wants to prove herself worthy of field work then this just might do the trick!

With a nod Spider and hacker spring forth onto soggy land. Jen isn't far behind. Tonight Quake gets something of a crash course in being a team leader.

"Okay, we need to start heading that way looking for Fort Jay. Remember it's made up of four smaller buildings shaped like a square, should be easy to spot. Stay low, stick to the shadows, keep out of sight. I'd rather abort this whole plan than risk anything happening to you guys. And make sure your phones are set to silent mode! If we get separated that's how we communicate."

Not yet forgetting who she's in the company with, Quake suggests "Jen, branch left. G, take right. Make sure the path is clear." They're both better at the physical sneaking than she is. It's probably best to cast her safety net a bit wide.


Gwen nods briskly, crouches, and leaps off into the darkness that, with her spider-vision, isn't quite as dark as it is for Jen and Daisy. She'd probably cover more ground swinging, but she doesn't quite dare risk leaving web lines around where people might spot them. Her spider-sense is silent on the topic, so she's pretty well relaxed ('oh, dammit,' she realizes, 'I should have been the only one to reconnoiter, ugh, why didn't I think of that') as she lands on whatever perches are available to her: the tops of lamp posts, the roofs of buildings, whatever. She does her best to stay high where possible. Even in a world of capes and spiders, people don't usually think to look up.


Once on the dock, things become a bit more tricky for the infiltrators. Since the island does not have to deal with residents, it's rather brightly lit on many sides to give those watching the best view of all points of entry. With the night being what it is, however, that leaves large dark pockets of shadows that Daisy, Gwen and Jen can move toward if they are careful.

There are buildings on either side and only a paved walkway moving up the center. Everything else is fenced off. A few yards up the paths diverge left and right and then there is a large empty field of unkempt grass. Fort Jay is forward beyond that grass, however is also brightly lit and most likely watched by armed guards.


Jen mutters and ducks her head low. She's clearly unenthused about breaking the party up (there's a rule about splitting the party, isn't there?). She isn't the graceful ninja that Gwen's powers afford her— but she's small and sneaky, and knows how to go un-noticed. She gets up as far as she dares (perhaps less than a more courageous agent would venture) and radios back to Gwen and Daisy. "I think I've got an approach here. Big building in my way. There's a bunch of people up here but they're screwing off playing cards or some shit," she whispers to the others.

"Uh, over."


Too much light. Way, way too much light. The cold and the wind aren't helping any but it's the sheer lack of places to hide which has Quake concerned. It'd be nice if she could remotely power down the lights but then everyone would be on alert. The next best option might be a diversion but that also runs the risk of making all of the guards more wary.

Maybe she can ask Jen to make some green lights float around in the sky later, or something… Look everyone, UFOs! Eugh, probably also a bad idea.

"Got a couple of guards here," she quietly reports back. "These guys do not look like they're messing around." She gives it some quick thought then says "Coming to you, Jen."

It's true, splitting up the band is a bad idea but in some situations it works in their favor. She won't keep them too spread out for any longer than necessary.

"How's your end, G? If you've got a window take it."


"No one move," Spider-Woman mutters into her phone. "Sniper spotted. Dealing with it." She pauses, then is unable to resist adding, "Won't be pretty. I'm the best I am at what I do, and what I do ain't nice. Snikt."

She actually says 'snikt.'

Nervous smartassery aside, Gwen's not dumb, and she doesn't assume yon sniper can see her. They surely aren't wearing nightvision goggles or anything like that, not in this blast of artificial light, but there's no point taking chances. She does her best ninja dash toward the sniper tower (she's pretty sure any building technically becomes a sniper tower once a sniper has set up on it) and, once at its base, feels much better about life in general, since the building will obscure her approach.

Spider-Woman climbs up rapidly, with long-practiced grace. She considers doing something to draw the shooter's attention, but decides no, surprise is a better ally when knocking someone out. She firms her fingertips' stickinessshe really doesn't have a better way to describe it than thatwhile releasing her toes, and she kicks up, swinging up foot first toward the sniper's chin.


The sniper goes down, senseless, and Spider-Woman lets the momentum of her kick vault her onto the roof. She hunkers down, folds the sniper's arm so each hand is on the opposite hip (hey, macarena), and rolls the sniper in a coccoon of webbing she carries and sticks to the side of the wall, in the shadows, where she hopes no one can see it.

"Got my problem taken care of," Spider-Woman mutters into her phone.


Jen plasters herself against the stonework and waits for Daisy to get close. Once the Agent approaches, Jen hovers in her orbit. Closer, really; any nearer and she'd practically be riding Daisy's shoulders. She sneaks along in Daisy's wake with a fretful look and more than once, treads on her bootheels.

She's quiet, though. Jen's visibly alarmed— face pale, drawn tight— but she's been in enough pinches that she doesn't out herself by fretting aloud to her co-conspirator.


Quake's blood runs cold at Gwen's sudden warning. It doesn't get any warmer when she says 'dealing with it.' At the peculiar quote (she isn't so familiar with Wolverine) those charcoal black eyes grow wide. In the next heartbeat she's hissing "No—! Don't do what I think you're going to do! Gwen!"

Oh no.

It's over almost before it begins, which is good because she's holding her breath the entire time between Gwen's call-outs. "Oh my god, Gwen! What part of 'don't hurt anyone' did you not understand!" When that sniper comes do he's damn well going to know that someone was here who shouldn't have been here!

Okay, okay… Sniper's down. These three are safe. No alarm sounded. Now she has some extra incentive to see this through. "Alright, just..hang tight. We're moving in."

Maybe. -MAYBE- having one guy to report the suspicious activity after they have already left can work to her advantage. It'll give them a reason to look for anything out of the ordinary. Quake -did- want this to hit the news…

To Jen, she points out the guards Quake had seen so they're on the same page. Then they're on the move.

"Dammit—quit stepping on my heels, Jen!"


Spider-Woman hops down and lands next to Quake. "We'll be gone before they wake up," Spider-Woman says firmly, "and I'd say I'm sorry I went against your orders, but I'm not going to leave an active sniper aiming at you."

Not 'us;' 'you.'

"So let's hurry," she concludes.


As the group reconvenes, the way forward is brightly lit in front of them…quite literally. The patrols seem to be even and measured, the grass not quite mowed just yet. There's an outline of where the barricades of Fort Jay used to be erected. Now, they are mostly mounds of uneven terrain. Before them, though, are four buildings that are made of red brick and white roofs. It's where the DPS have started to create their administration building.

Any one of them could house the files they are here to extract. However, first they must get across the brightly lit opening in front of them that is currently being controlled. The buildings will, no doubt, also have security within them and have some sort of key code access.


There's a way around every electronic security measure. What it boils down to is how much time it'll take to bypass. Out in the open with exterior lights and roaming patrols, trying to get in through the front door may be an option..but it isn't a good one.

Quake has two more ideas in mind. One involves sending Spider-Woman up to the rooftops to see if there might be another way in, through a window or such. She has a USB dongle that culd get Quake remote access for the duration of this hack.

The other involves the island's resident computer security wizard who probably has no idea that she already hacked into his phone the other day. If he goes in or out of one of these buildings they might be able to catch the door before it closes. Thanks to a bit of stalkerware, she has a pretty good read on where he is tonight.

Hopefully he's actually on the island or that bit of prep work is all for nothing.

Before anything gets started they need to know which of the four buildings to concentrate on. While she did bring a micro drone there's something even better at their disposal.

"Gwen, you up for peering through some windows? We need to know where to go."


Gwen considers the approach skeptically. "I don't think there's a smart way to handle this from here. There aren't any lightposts I could jump to the top of to stay off the grass and in the dark, and no path we could follow. We could cut down on the tracks we leave if we could find where the patrollers entered the area from and walk in their footprints, but that would take a lot of backtracking, and I don't know how much time we have. What do you think? Direct approach and hope to get out before anyone notices, or circle around and hope no one sees us where we're trying to cut in?"


(How badly do you want to do this, Daisy?)

She may not have full-on SHIELD training. She may not have any idea what she's getting these three into. What she -does- know is that whenever something is rushed? Mistakes are made. As much as she wants to be done and get out of here, slow and steady seems like their best option.

"Either we have all night or until someone finds us. Let's circle around, maybe we'll find a better way inside."


"Right," Spider-Woman agrees. It sounds a little awkward from her, kind of terse, but it's hard to nod in the dark and be seen, so you gotta say SOMEthing. "I'll take the lead, and you two hang back twenty feet whenever there's twenty feet to give, okay?" Suggestion thus offered, Spider-Woman pads softly ahead, sticking to the shadows, heading back to the perimeter for a better route to find. She moves as quickly as she can, hopping up onto the sides of buildings where the option presents itself because wallcrawling is just quieter.


The perimeter is very well lit. Jen stays back to keep as watch, moving back toward a roof to make her vantage point all the better to let them know who or what is coming.

Daisy's plan is met with action. As Gwen move to the west, she finds a pedestrian pathway that is circular and meant as a tourist path for people to get a better idea of Fort Jay. As she moves backward, the bright lighting starts to thin. It seems like they have kept things very focused toward the water and as they move inward they may have assumed people would never be able to get there.

A small circular inlet pushes the closest to the fort that they have seen, the shadows bright toward the water and then growing more and more uniform as they move backward. The pathway continues toward the water, however the grassy field becomes darker as they move southeast.


Shadows! Blessed shadows. If Quake didn't know to keep an eye out for Spider-Woman she might have lost track of the nimble Gwen. This is where having allies really comes in handy, trying to get this far on her own would not have worked out so well.

"Okay, this looks better! Keep an eye out for another one of those locked doors, I don't think we're going to get any better chances than around here."

When Quake thinks about it this isn't a whole lot different from when she would hack an ATM in the city. There's people, cameras, lights, and an electronic lock to bypass. On this island there's also the benefit of a more predictable patrol. City streets are way too random.

With Gwen doing her scouting the hackerette brings up her phone and calls up the app to get a bead on the security man's location. Is he here tonight? Could they figure out what building to pursue based upon where he's hanging out? There's only one way to find out.


Spider-Woman nods at Daisy, a bit exaggeratedly rather than speaking, and scans the area for any cameras. They won't bother her much (oh mask, I love you, never leave me), but the rest of the group won't be so lucky. Spotting nothing she can't avoid, she makes her way to the nearest wall and starts working her way up toward the first human-sized vent she can see; thank god everyone on the team is petite. If she hesitates, it's only because this is the moment (of course it is) her brain picks to start asking her questions like, 'How long do you think you could hold out if they captured you, but Daisy got away, and they started asking who your accomplice was?'

Shut up, brain. You're not helping.


As Gwen makes a move toward the building closest toward the back, They both can hear something that sounds like a plane, however if the look up, it is nothing of the sort. A large metalloid creature flies above, its face frozen in a mask watchfulness. However, it passes over the entire island, head pivoting back and forth in its watchfulness.

For a moment it passes above without incident. As Daisy activates her app on the security man, she'll see that he is located in the southernmost building where they both are closest. The phone seems to be sitting still.

The vent that Gwen finds is able to be opened and Gwen squeezes through. Before her is a maze of metal.


Oh crap. Ohcrapohcrapohc—it doesn't see them does it.

It isn't the first time tonight that Quake has held her breath. Her heart's racing. Adrenaline is running high. And -just in case- she didn't have enough to worry about already..she also needs to keep her stress in check lest she cause another seismic event around here.

Once it's clear that the overhead flying thing isn't turning back around she finds a dark spot to camp out in and tries to focus on some simple meditation. It'll give Gwen a chance to look without being pressured any further and it'll keep Quake from going off of the rails. Y'know. Hopefully.

"Get a grip, girl…" she mutters before realizing that might come through the others' headsets.


"Security guy's south-side, we're almost on top of him. Keep in mind he might have set his phone down, no guarantees this will pinpoint him." Her voice cuts out for a moment before returning in a frustrated sound. "Wish I had more of their resources to get a current floorplan of this place. I feel useless out here."

…Hmm… She can't remotely access the registry database but there might be some other wifi links to be found. Maybe she -can- do something more out here? While Gwen gets her Spider Thing on, Quake's going to start sniffing around for digital signals.


Spider-Woman nods at her phone as if she thinks Quake can see her. "I won't speak after I move in. Vents echo. Do you want me to lift you in here where that guy can't see you? It'll take me some time to turn around, but I can get a webline down to you and pull you up."


"You're -way- more agile than I am, G. Keep doing what you're doing. If you find the server plug the drive in and we'll be good to go," Quake suggests.


The plan seems to be working at exactly as planned.

Gwen starts to move through the vents with the drive. The flying monolith above them does not seem to find them. However, then, from inside the building, the one that Gwen is crawling through the vents, there comes the loud sound of an alarm. It starts quite loudly and even Daisy, from the outside can hear it. It garners attention.

However, as Gwen moves through the ducts, she can make her way to the place where Daisy has told her to go. As she looks through the vents, she can see that there are three agents there that are at the computers. One is an elder man, another a younger woman, another an elder woman. As the alarms go off, they look toward the elder man quizzically and then go back to the computers.


WaitWhat?? What's going on, what

"What tripped the alarm??" Quake hisses as her eyes go wide. They haven't even -gotten- to the system yet! Is there some sort of sensor? Did Gwen unknowingly trip something in the vents? What—

It doesn't really matter. They've been made.

"Okay! plan! G, if you can plug that stick in I should be able to access it from off of the island!"

How far away is she from the water? Jen can swing around with the glowy sub and pick them up, right? If the options are to either get caught or take a very VERY cold dip into the bay then she'll be going swimming tonight.

"This is not happening… -Dammit!-"

It's a little far-fetched to think that something else had tripped the alarm. Like..a pigeon, or something. …Wait. The alarm's only focused on the one building. Only Gwen's in immediate danger.

"Oh, god. Be careful!"


There are two assumptions Gwen can make: that the alarms are about her, or that they're not. She chooses the latter, if only because there's no help for it if the alarms are about her. She crawls forward in a pretty credible imitation of a military crawl, elbows out and feet sideways, except she's raised up on her toes and fingertips to make less noise as she slithers. She can't reply to Daisy, but that little moaned 'oh god' warms her heart even if it also makes her ache with vicarious fear. Still, her spider-sense has nothing to say about this yet, so she's pretty sure she's okay.

Spider-Woman looks down at the three techies, considering her options. She didn't mind knocking out the sniper because a sniper is literally an assassin, and because she can make sure no one knows it was her who did it because the sniper never saw her; but she can't knock out three people without one of them seeing her, even if she was willing to scramble the brains of the IT guys, which she isn't. Sure, they might be on the pro-eugenics side, but punching computer dorks when you have spider-strength just feels mean if they don't even have a gun or something.

Carefully, Gwen crawls along past the room. She'll find a hall soon enough, and where there's a hall, there's a fire alarm. She'll pull it, hop back into the vent, wait for the Geek Squad to leave, and head back in to do her thing.


As the alarms start, Daisy, from the outside can see the metal being that flew over in a leisurely manner fly backward and start to scan the area in a very much more distinct manner.

From Jen's place watching things happen, she can see that things are slowly but very methodically happen. There is what she can assume as a Sentinel fly over head. From the corners of the island people are making a pincer move to solve this issue.

Inside, Gwen watches as people start to stand up. They're not exactly evacuating, instead, moving away from the computers. Then, though, the fire alarm is pulled. Immediately, water starts to pour from the ceiling. It will soon ruin the computers, but there is a time period where the people have left the lab and Gwen can infiltrate.


They haven't found Quake yet but it won't be long before they do. At first she's motionless and hoping like hell that Gwen manages to get the drive in so they can all make a run for it. Any hopes of this are quickly dashed as the fire alarm is tripped. They'll all hear it over Gwen's phone.

Including what sounds like a fire suppression system.

Oh. -Hell.-

"G, they are -definitely- going to be looking at that building now. We have to abort, you aren't safe in there!"

NONE of them may be safe anymore! If they get rounded together she only has one crazy shot in the dark plan left but it is NOT ideal. Her hopes of getting into the Brotherhood could be over before they gain any traction.

This is a disaster.

"I don't suppose you have any bright ideas, Jen?" Pun maybe intended.


"Fuck you, you're the idea person!"

Jen hisses into her headset, nerves making her voice high and tense. She presses her palms against the edge of the roof and looks around as discreetly as she can. Movement. Pincering. Sentinel overhead. Things are going from bad to worse and the little anarchist is showing her yellow underbelly.

She considers the shoreline, then the sky. Perhaps envisioning a plane or glider that could get her out of there, back to safety. No way they could track her on land, not as slippery as a street rat as she can be.

"Oh god, I'm gonna die here," she mutters to no one in particular. Jen bites her lip hard enough to drive the blood from it and closes her eyes. Her head bows. She forces her breathing to be still, though even mentally refuses to express gratitude for the training she's falling back on.

"Gotta… gotta scare 'em."

She curls her hands into tiny fists and her body goes rigid. It shakes with effort as she tries to envision her goal with all the focus she can muster, fighting past fear and uncertainty and a deep-set cowardly streak.

Speaker systems appear all around the building. The island. And a voice comes across them, a distorted basso version of the words leaving Jen's lips.

"PLEASE EVACUATE THE ISLAND IMMEDIATELY. AN UNCONTROLLED CHEMICAL FIRE HAS STARTED IN THE MAIN BUILDING. EMERGENCY SERVICES ARE ON THE WAY. PLEASE EVACUATE THE ISLAND IMMEDIATELY." She makes a twisting gesture near her lips as if tying off the words and the speakers repeat them over and over, an earsplitting loop possibly loud enough to be heard at the shoreline!


Stealth is no longer terribly useful, but as Spider-Woman is trying to not get caught, she doesn't abandon it completely. She leaps back into her vent and crawls as quickly as she can back to the computer room, then drops down. She can't stop the sprinklers, but she can and does give each one a good hard kick to break the heads off the things, so at least the water is only coming pouring straight down rather than fanning out over the computers. It's not the best, but it's the best she can do, and she doesn't waste time worrying about what comes next. There's no time for that.

Spider-Woman drops off the ceiling and slaps the goober into the nearest terminal. "Plugged in," she snaps into her phone, though she's already on the move to the door, not to flee but to lock it and block it with a desk. It won't stop anyone who's determined, but she's fighting for every second, now, and she doesn't want to web the door shut if there's any chance she can do this without getting caught. "How much time do you need?"


Things are starting to go to hell on the island. Security is alerted, alarms start to go off on the island, however there are enough people there that distractions and other things are happening.

Jen's voice resonates and many people heading toward the building Gwen is in and Daisy is nearby start to make their way toward the docks. The fact that this place may hold hazardous materials they need to run away from? Not something they think is off base. From the outside, many people are running to evacuate the island.

As this happen, Gwen is able to plug in the drive and as she does so, Daisy has almost unlimited access to the entire DPS network. On her connection, she can see the registration files, the security codes to Governors Island, so many things.

Through the doorway Gwen can see people running down the hallway and security starting security everything else. She has minutes.


Quake just about jumps out of her skin when the PA system kicks in! Though upon hearing the first words of 'please' and 'evacuate' she can quickly conclude that it isn't part of the alarm they had somehow tripped..but Jen doing something incredible.

"How did you do that..?" she asks with a bit of awe in her voice. "That's..that's really good thinking." She would have preferred subtle but they're so far beyond that point! Jen had the guts to go loud and dangerous, something which Quake couldn't have managed.

Gwen's back with 'how much time do you need' and all Quake can reply with is "Longer than we have to spare! Unless Jen's plan works we need to bolt -right now,- I'll do what I can when we're safe!"

Then she remembers the vent tower. Jen's submersible might still be an option but she won't get any signal strength underwater. She might still get it in the vents. Maybe stay close enough to finish what they came here for then make the long and dirty trek back to the city proper.

Then her miracle happens. Gwen plugs in the stick and the keys to the kingdom are within her grasp. It's all she can do not to drop her system while pulling it out and frantically getting to the registration files in particular. There's probably a lot more secrets here but one thing at a time! Rather than copy then delete she sets up the entire database to move from their system onto hers, she'll take as much as she can get while they figure out their exit strategy.

"Everyone else is heading to the docks, we should go to the vent tower!" It's a big, obvious target. It seems like the right move.


"Well it was either that or set something on fire, and that seemed a little extreme," Jen says with a wry tone that belies her breathless, giddy excitement. She looks shocked that it worked, too.

"Right, up, vent tower, I'm on my way," Jen remarks. She starts looking around for a way towards it, then rolls her eyes at herself.

"God I suck at this," she mumbles to no one in particular. Her brow furrows and she fixes her focus on the distant building. A giant grappling hook that looks like it came from an Acme catalogue pops into existence. A harpoon's fired at the intervening distance, trailing a rope. Jen reaches up to grab a zipline harness that appears in her hands and with a scream of delighted terror, starts *buzzing* down the rope towards the rendezvous point.


After Gwen plugs in the stick, she makes her way out while there are alarms going off and other problems happening.

From the outskirts, things start to solidify. As soon as Gwen plugs in the drive, Daisy can quickly and easily move through the files, deleting and wreaking havoc at will. She has mere moments to do what she wishes to do before other things happen about her.

Daisy and Jen have an exit. Above them large metal creature looks down, very intent on what is happening. Jen's bright green thread propels them forward, though, and they leap forward toward the vent tower. As they do so, though, the flying creature looks down, focusing very directly on Daisy. An oppressive feeling overwhelms her for a moment and then she slumps forward, seemingly passed out.


It's happening.

This is actually -freaking happening.-

The data is transmitting. The USB stick is doing its job. It'll be evidence left behind but overall pretty minor. Maybe she can erase her tracks after the transfer is complete but the main goal here?'s been a success. Everything else is left on the Governors Island database, intact and untouched, but anything regarding Registration?

Quake now owns the only known copy In The World.

She'll try to be responsible. She'll make sure that it's returned unmodified. She'll…



Jen better have a good hold on the hackerette because the lights are suddenly out and she's nothing more than dead freaking weight.

Skye has just bluescreened.


Jen drops under Daisy's sudden weight. Daisy's not a particularly large-framed woman, but Jen's comparatively quite petite. The increased mass drags her to her knees and she slams her patella into the ground, eliciting a high-pitched cry of pain.

"Get off me!" she howls, kicking at Daisy's unmoving form. Her eyes go wide in outrage, then shock when she realizes Daisy's fainted.

"Oh you bitch don't you dare! Get up!" She grabs Daisy's wrist and tries to tug her, in vain. Tears spill against her cheekbones. "God don't *leave* me here!" she wails, looking terrified. She just doesn't have the strength to move Daisy. The looming skull-like visage glaring down at her only drives her panic to further heights.

She takes a half-step back. Nothing definitive. But thinking about a running retreat. Back to the ocean, to the sub, to dry land, then disappear into the darkest hole in New York for a few months. Vanish.

Abandon Daisy.

"Gah!" she shouts in conflicted frustration, and throws herself atop Daisy to protect her. One hand lifts, delicate fingers splaying skywards, and for lack of anything more clever she creates a solid hemisphere of green light that covers both women like a tortoise shell.


Above them, the metal creature starts to descend. Jen is protecting Daisy by her body. The bright green dome covers them and it makes a proper barrier. However, like a nightmare the metal creature descends. It reaches a hand down and hits against the green dome. Something sparks against it and it pulls backward. It rises upward. For a moment it shudders and it shifts from metal to purple to green and then it shudders again, frozen.


There's a flash of light from the apex of the shield. It bends, flexes, and explodes upwards like an over-wound spring. The leading point hardens into a hardened spike with an infinitely sharp tip and heavy protruding barbs extending from the shaft with positive and negative angles. Those barbs become enveloping, claw-tipped legs and a spider the size of a fire station starts grappling the mighty robot menacing the girls.

Jen's got Daisy in a wheelbarrow. A literal garden wheelbarrow, bright green and with two wheels. With what little strength her skinny arms has, she makes a mad dash for the beach. The wheels immediately bog down on the sand, and then she converts them into ski flats.

"Spider-Girl!" she shouts, voice on the edge of hysterics. "We're out! Get on the sub or get left behind!" she screams, and with absolutely zero regard for Daisy's comfort, literally drops her from the wheelbarrow off the dock and into the belly of the open submarine hatch. She drums her heels on the 'deck' with a frightened expression, waiting as long as her nerves permit for Spider-Woman to make a dramatic last-second arrival for their dramatic escape.


Multiple things happen at once. The drives are transferred to Daisy and he seamlessly finds what she needs before a backfire hits her and the others. Gwen is saved from it and can swing herself outward.

On he outside, Jen ensures the safety of Daisy Johnson. There are quite a few twists and turns on this job. They all swing or crash forward. The three of them are saved by the green submarine, however, the DPS are now looking out for people like them. Especially as this group has managed to wipe out the digital Registration database.

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