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Right after Tony asked you on a date log.

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'None of your damn business!'

That's the ringing endorsement Domino gives when Warren asks the all pertinent of whether Tony Stark asked her out on a date.

That comeback of Domino's is enough to pull a sigh from Danielle Moonstar.

And while there is that sound of soft exasperation from her that doesn't stop amusement from shadowing her gaze, or causing a corner of her mouth to quirk upward. "He definitely asked her on a date." Moonstar says dryly, and with that said the black-haired woman finishes what whiskey is left in her glass.

Only after does she finally ask the real question, the most important question, "So, how much trouble do you think those two will really get in? I'd say 'prep the lawyers', but I'm sure Stark has a whole gaggle of them on retainer."

For his part, that snappy rejoinder from Domino gets a chuckle from Warren. It's one of those 'I've heard THAT a lot before' sounds of amusement.

"At least I didn't get slapped this time," he muses, polishing off his own glass. "Really, I don't know why people are so coy."

Because he's bottomless and has a cheater's metabolism to go with his intense amounts of practice with heavy drinking, Warren tips the bottle and pours himself another few fingers. He offers the bottle to Dani afterwards, but won't be surprised if she refuses.

Her question raises his brows thoughtfully. "Mmmh," he vocalizes noncommittally, draping a white wing across the back of the sofa. "I don't imagine very much. Tony has been doing this for years, he knows the whole song and dance. They might have a little fun, show up in the gossip rags for a few minutes — if that — and then part ways." He talks as if he's familiar with all this from personal experience, an impression reinforced when he adds playfully, "In fact, you'd better stay away from the windows before they come out with 'Warren Worthington Dating Mystery Woman?!' all of a sudden. I'm no longer so fun a person to follow around as I was, but some people do long for the good old days."

He swirls his glass, frowning with a sudden thought. "They will be fine. Though if Tony ropes her into some other harebrained scheme of his, all bets are off."

"Hmm." Moonstar says with a purposely thoughtful tone to her voice, "I'm not sure Domino is a slapping type. More like shoot you in the face."

And while Warren professes his confusion over why people play coy, the Cheyenne can't help but turn another amused look over to the winged man. "Tell me again how many houses you own?" The offered bottle is considered, but if there's one thing Dani is it's responsible. Her time in SHIELD has only heightened that particular trait of hers. As such, the woman idly waves the offer of another drink away.

It's only at the mention of just how long Tony's been playing this particular game, speed-dating-lite, that Dani offers a soft snort of amusement. She turns away from the large picturesque window, as she now considers Warren for a moment, "Well, I do hope for his sake he knows what he's doing. I have a feeling Domino isn't necessarily like some of the starlets he's dated before. He might be surprised."

The playful warning of just how 'dangerous' it is to stand by the window is heeded, as Dani steps away. "Let me get out of sight then. I wouldn't want to stir up the rag-mags into a feeding frenzy. Gods know they already do that enough on their own."

And while there's another soft snort from Dani for that last line of his, about Tony and harebrained schemes, that's not necessarily what she remarks upon next. Instead she muses quietly, "The good old days. I kind of miss them too. Right now it feels like we're running headlong into a war and we have far fewer friends than just a few years ago."

"Same thing," Warren dismisses of the differences between slapping and shooting. "Or broadly enough so. Once a woman's mad, it doesn't make too much difference how." He lifts his brows at the renewed question about the specifics of his real estate ownings, however. "Now, that is not the same thing."

As far as Dani's concerns about Tony knowing what he's doing? Warren laughs into his drink. "He's ended up in bed with much worse, and he's no worse for the wear. I'm almost more worried about Domino, in this particular transaction." He shrugs. "Though honestly, I am not significantly worried even about that."

He takes a sip. "It's not as if this is anything long term. Not unless Tony wants to surprise me. That's one thing people like Tony and I don't much have the privilege of indulging." He lifts his wings in a shrug. "We have our fun, and then we part ways."

The remark is delivered lightly, but the words suggest a rather lonely existence, and the tone has a brief melancholy to it. It passes quickly enough into another joke, and then even that dissolves into seriousness. "The old days were a war, too," he says. "Just a different one."

Perhaps there should be worry for both Domino and Tony at this point, but for Dani that worry shifts slightly at the mention of having fun and parting ways.

She gazes at the winged man a moment and then the Cheyenne considers her next words carefully. "For Tony, perhaps."

And while Moonstar has other things she could say on the subject of relationships and longevity - specifically in regards to Warren and Alison - she doesn't quite broach that particular subject.

"It was a different one." Agrees the black-haired woman, and now she begins to idly pace, "But this time around the stakes seem higher. Perhaps because we're older now? Or maybe less naive? Whatever the case may be I just can't shake the feeling that this time around the darkness is nearly upon us."

"Though if we can obtain a Sentinel and suss out its secrets our chances at fighting effectively back raise considerably. When I get back to the Mansion I'm going to talk with Laura as well. Between her and Domino the two make a fairly effective strike force against whatever resistance they could possibly find."

Human resistance, at least.

"Especially with all the new toys you're totally 'legally' obtaining for her."

For Tony, perhaps.

The meaning of that isn't missed… or at least, what Warren interprets the meaning to be. His expression turns a little wistful. "Yes… I said don't much have the privilege. Alison is different — and rare," he says, broaching the subject himself. "She understands the dance. A lot of the same bullshit still happens with her — the rumor-mongering, the lack of privacy, the outright attacks — but we skip past all of it because she has experienced it herself." He folds in his wing. "Living under the public eye is hard. It takes a certain set of skills." And a thick skin.

He moves on after that. Dani's remarks bring his wings to lift slightly, feathers fanning in… some sort of avian body language, maybe thoughtfulness or a simple desire to embody the hopeful imagery that his appearance connotes. "The stakes always seem highest in the midst of whatever present-day crisis of the moment," he says. "I think because the crises of the past have already been surmounted, and so we know afterwards that we can survive them… and because the crises of the future are not things which we can picture."

He flicks a wing. "Be wary, but not dispirited."

He nods slowly, at the least, to her musings about the Sentinel and her intentions to throw Laura and Domino together as a strike force. "Yes… I mean, that said, these are dangerous times. We may find ourselves considering things we never had to before." Which is, really, a neat segue into Dani's chide about him arming Domino.

Warren's expression shows no particular emotion, his glass dangling easily from his long fingers. "Do you know how utterly difficult it is to do things fair and square at my level?" he eventually bemoans, letting his golden head fall back in mock despair. "The system is practically set up so everything I do is cheating. At any rate, they did illegal things first." 'They,' presumably, being M-Tec. He looks back down at Dani. "I have no qualms about repurposing their nonsense to something actually useful. And if they get noticed by any Sentinels, they will need the firepower."

His clarification about Alison and himself pulls a faint smile from the woman. "Not that you need or want my approval, but I'm glad you two found each other." And while she could make a joke about weddings at this point, Dani doesn't. That's a jest for another day. When the conversation isn't quite so heavy.


That brings Dani's gaze back over to the man with his wings fanned just so. Almost idly her gaze flicks upward to a point just above Warren's head and then, after a second or two, her gaze returns to his face. "Wary always. Dispirited, not quite. Perhaps anxious is a better word for it. The uncertainty of it all - never knowing what you'll wake up to, or potentially see. It can be exhausting -"

And those words of hers just cause her to shake her head, not caring to finish that particular thought just now.

Thankfully, Warren's bemoaning of just how *hard* it is to stay on the right side of law immediately pulls a response from the Agent of SHIELD. "Warren." Begins Dani, an almost mother-hen like tone entering her voice now, "Just because you *can* do something doesn't mean that you have to *do* it. Nor does it make it right just because they were the ones doing the illegal things first."

Though with saying that Dani's expression turns both sour and rueful at the same time, "Not that I can talk much. Not with what SHIELD was dipping into." There's a shrug then, before she rolls back to the subject of weaponry, "Not that you aren't right. They'll likely need all the firepower you can get them. I'm going to discuss with Doug on whether there's the possibility that he and Kitty could potentially create some type of cloaking device. Or perhaps something that could possibly scramble the Sentinel's sensors, even if it's just for a few minutes. Any sort of advantage, even a small one, could mean the difference between life and death."

It is a good thing Dani doesn't try to bring up marriage. That's a topic Warren Worthington certainly is not ready for.

But the other topics they have to discuss are grim, and it brings Warren to check on Dani — just a bit — to be as his appearance suggests he should be, and nudge at dark thoughts. His gaze doesn't miss the direction of her own eyes — his gaze doesn't miss much — but he doesn't comment. "It can be," he says, of the exhausting quality of anxiety. "But we go on."

That distinct chiding tone that enters Dani's voice at his… flexibility in business matters, however, brings him to tilt his head, letting his hair fall fetchingly into his blue eyes with a crooked smile. The distinctly cavalier expression is the look he wears when he's trying to charm his way out of someone poking him into a corner. "I know, I know," he says. "I don't always do things just because I can. For one thing, I would be doing quite a lot of things if that were the case — more than I could ever keep up with — and for another, I do things because I can and they are necessary, not just because I can."

His expression sobers at mention of SHIELD and cloaking devices, however. "Their detection capabilities are one of our biggest problems right now, yeah," he says. "Pick even someone like Doug out of a crowd with those. I'm sure they've expanded to handling other kinds of metahumans too. Not just the X-Gene."

But we go on.

Her head tilts in his general direction.

"The wheel always turns." She murmurs softly in agreement, and while there's still some kind of emotion there within her it's soon tucked away. Set aside for another day.

His gentle push back brings a rueful expression to her features, and the woman splays a hand outward in something of an apology. "I know you do things when it's necessary, Warren and not just because can. It's not like we all haven't bent the rules at times when needed to. It feels as if we all -" Meaning mutants and metas, "- need to walk on eggshells concerning all of our actions. I swear this kind of worry is what's going to push us into inaction." Comes her pessimistic musings, "Paralyzed by all the potential what-ifs."

A the mention of the Sentinel's detection capabilities Dani nods, "I agree. Whether you're technically a mutant or not, I'm sure they can scan and identify for both scenarios. I've often wondered if that includes the magical type of powers. Would they show up as an anomaly or nothing at all?"

"Either way, I'm going to discuss with Doug and Kitty if there's anything we can possibly do to avoid their sensors for a little bit. If not let's hope our luck holds out for us. We get in and out and Warlock and Doug are able to procure a Sentinel for Stark."

"Between Stark, Doug and Kitty, I know we'd be able to crack the code on those damn robots and counter the massive advantages they have against us." Her head tilts slightly to the side, "Once everyone is in place and we have a mission date I'll let you know. I figure the two of us could be on stand-by in case anything happens. Between your blood and my senses, the team should be covered."

The flicker of emotion is not missed. Warren has a raptor's sight, able to smoothly track much quicker movements than the eyes of a normal human. A necessity when you are capable of flight. His blue eyes skim Dani's expression and the way it changes, but he holds his tongue.

Instead he tries, smilingly, to weasel his way out of Dani's disapproval with regards to his minor case of fraud. Dani capitulates a little, though her reminder that they all need to be careful of their actions wipes the amusement off his face. "I know," he says again, with the weariness of someone perhaps already hearing grumbling about how he's running things in the wake of registration. From both the company, and the family. "But I've always hated inaction. I'd rather do something and find out it was wrong than do nothing at all."

A pause. "And I really don't feel bad. Those guns were going to be used to kill us. Now they'll be put to better use."

He sighs. "Because really — we don't know enough about the capabilities of the Sentinels as they might be now. The magic question is unanswered. Among others. Getting one should help with that."

Setting aside his glass, he nods to her assessment of their plan going forward. "Yeah, give me a heads-up when we have a date. I won't be so much use on the actual run, but I will be there for any healing needed on extraction. In the meantime?"

His expression softens. "Take care of yourself, Dani."

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